she will still look flawless though

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) Part 13

Here, have some: scooby doo, innuendos, drunk feysand sexytimes + nessian and if you squint there’s rhycien

so with that. this chapter is NSFW. enjoy.

bonus points if you correctly count how many times i wrote ‘fuck’ or a variation of it in this chapter. no ragrets x

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Only two weeks ago, had Azriel sat at his Birthday dinner sipping whiskey and being treated like a King.

Now? He had really drawn the short straw with this one.

The Senior Halloween party was taking place at Helion’s house in the suburbs, and it was absolutely essential that you wore a costume, otherwise you just wouldn’t be allowed entry. Even Amren was participating, though, she was most definitely not participating in the group costume that was organised.

“We’re just missing Velma,” said Ines, already taking a horrifically large amount of photos that made Azriel want to die.

Cassian patted Azriels’ head, “Oh liven up, Scooby.”

Azriel resisted the urge to bite Shaggy’s hand off.

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ilovemesomekillianjones  asked:

Just read Unnecessary Wetness, it was so delightfully detailed. Any chance you would write some Florida vacation, later that evening CS smut as a follow up? Will David be forced to listen to the headboard next door banging up against the wall?

completely (un)necessary

well, this took a lot longer than expected…but it totally ran away from me. (I hope that’s not a bad thing!!) but here it finally is: the smutty sequel to necessary protection and unnecessary wetness. (and a continuation of my self-indulgent on/around-birthday fic-posting tradition) big huge thank-you to @xpumpkindumplingx, the best red velvet cupcake around, for beta’ing and finding that amazing graphic! 2.3k words.

In hindsight, booking a vacation with her parents maybe wasn’t the wisest choice. Even if they were sort of the same age, Emma didn’t need to know what they did behind closed doors, the same as she was sure David would stab Killian again if he knew the things the pirate did to his princess.

So when Snow called for her husband, citing her need for him inside their rented vacation house right after the boys’ entertaining game of catch, Emma made a point to stay in the backyard by the pool. Killian was lounging in the far end, arms spread across the edge and head tilted back, enjoying the last of the setting sun’s rays on his face.

God, he was beautiful. She couldn’t help but admire him and the way the fading sunlight painted all his perfect edges; he was a goddamn work of art.

“I can feel you staring,” he called out. She rolled her eyes, but he continued to taunt. “Come look a bit closer.”

Chuckling, she stood up from her lounge chair and slowly stalked across the yard, rounding the curve of the oval pool to where he reclined. Carefully, she sat next to the pool, tucking her legs under her, and took advantage of the angle to appreciate his amazing profile.

“Now, isn’t that better?” He hadn’t even opened his eyes, but that cocky brow was teasingly arched and he wore a self-satisfied smirk. She couldn’t help the hum of agreement that followed, though, and brushed a still-damp tendril of hair off that flawless face.

He sighed and leaned into her hand as she combed her fingers through his coif, so she kept at it, his contentedness eliciting the same feeling in her until she couldn’t take it anymore, gripped his tresses just a bit tighter to rotate his face to her, and leaned down to kiss him.

His mouth was always warm and inviting, but moreso in the Florida heat, and she soon got lost in the feel of his lips and tongue tangling with hers. She became vaguely aware of his hand in her hair and his wrist at her waist, and suddenly the entire world was moving around her—or was she moving?

“Ahh!” she yelped just before splashing into the pool. Of course, he was laughing when she surfaced, and the happy, relaxed look on his face that she saw once clearing her hair from her own made it impossible for her to be mad at him. She waded through the warm water to him, pressing herself close and enjoying how he felt even more heated than the pool.

He didn’t waste a moment, wrapping his arms around her and reaffixing his lips to hers. Emma’s hands found his chest, fingers dragging through the coarse hair plastered to his skin as their mouths began to dance again. Being stomach-to-stomach and skin-to-skin was a sensation she’d hardly ever felt outside the bedroom, and just that simple contact was enough to send her thoughts—and nerves, and heart—racing with possibilities, filled with a scandalous kind of thrill.

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prongsno  asked:

prompt: we're neighbours/live in the same flat? and it's raining and you've left your clothes out on the line and its CHUCKING it down

Thanks for the prompt! :)
It got away from me a bit and ended up twice as long as I planned for it to be, but that’s really not much of a surprise!

It’s just something that I want to do

“For fuck sake, not again!” Lily shouted and aimed a well-placed kick at her dryer, which had apparently decided to crap out for the fifth time this month, and promptly collapsed to the ground clutching at her throbbing foot which was probably broken now. It would be just her luck and it would perfectly top off the shittiest day imaginable.

It had even started off terribly, which most of her shitty days did not – usually it was the type of awful that crept up on you, the kind you didn’t see coming, that hid behind a normal, every day morning, and then hit you quite suddenly and left you reeling. That was what had happened the day her parents had announced their divorce when she was fifteen. It was even how she had felt when her sister had sent her that nasty text telling her that she was no longer welcome in her wedding party because she had disagreed with Petunia’s fiancé. Fucking Brexiters.

No, today had started out terribly. Today, Lily had woken up late for work for the first time ever, had arrived over an hour late without even being able to stop for coffee on her way in, and had to listen to her god-awful cow of an editor berate her for something which, admittedly, was actually her fault for once.

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Shattered Part II

Hey guys, here is the sequel to Shattered! Hope you don’t hate me.

Shawn and Jo have no kids in this one. It’s separate from the other imagines.

Are you prepared, as you follow the path of Marriage, to love and honor each other for as long as you both shall live?  

He knows he shouldn’t do this but he can’t stop. His fingertips slide over the wedding photos Josiah took three years ago.

She looked beautiful.
His bride.
Flowers in her hair, a smile on her lips.

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I can’t find the words to describe her…
She isn’t pretty, and oh god she’s isn’t just beautiful; those words don’t describe her kind brown eyes, her melodic laugh or her shy smile. They don’t come close to illustrating the way she subconsciously plays with her hair when she’s nervous, or even depict how perfect she looks when she’s doing anything.
This girl isn’t just nice. “Nice” won’t ever describe the way she’ll go out of her way for strangers, nor would it describe the way she’d always be so giving.
To say she’s flawless wouldn’t be correct either, it’s because she has flaws is what makes me love her even more. I’m left speechless because she hides her scars even though they say what she’s been through, I’m at a loss for words because even though she mumbles when she speaks, her words are still just as powerful.
I didn’t want to fall in love, but when I looked at her; I realized I blew it.
—  a poem by someone who once loved me…
Mama Bear: Liam Dunbar

Here you go anon! Hope its what you wanted and that you like it! Enjoy!

“Lydia, for the last time we are not watching The Notebook again!” Stiles huffed as he quickly grabbed the DVD and held it as far away from the red head as he could.

“Well fine!” Lydia pouted, “You guys don’t know what you’re missing!”

“Lydia, sweetheart, we’ve seen this movie so many times we can literally quote it.” I tell her and everyone laughs.

We were having one of our monthly pack movie marathons, with everyone piled into Scott’s none too spacious living room.

“What about you babe?” Scott asked me leaning over too grab a handful of popcorn. Looking at Lydia’s pouty face I cave, grabbing the movie from Stiles’ hand I sigh, “Fine!”

Lydia smirks, leaning back into her cave of blankets, winking at Stiles.

“Kill me.” Stiles pleaded to Liam who grinned, squashing his way beside Kira and Stiles. “Don’t tempt me.” He laughs which was responded by an affection ruffle of the hair from Stiles.

Half way through the movie and everyone was asleep. Even Lydia, despite the fact her favourite scene hadn’t even came up yet.

I sat up yawning, fumbling for the remote to switch off the TV. The whole room was instantly dark and suddenly a wave of panic, that wasn’t mine washed over me.

I looked around, less sleepy now as the panic was mixed with fear. It was coming from Liam.

“Liam?” I whispered towards the younger boy, who I could see literally shaking with fear.

“Liam what’s wrong?” I asked, feeling my way towards him, as it was very dark.

“I can’t sleep.” He replied, his voice shaking. “Why?” I ask again, my hand grasping his arm and my whole body shuddered from the amount of terror rolling off of him.

“I have nightmares.” He told me, his voice cracking and I thought my heart was breaking.

“Come here.” I whispered, tugging gently on his arm.

Carefully he clambered over Stiles and wedged himself between the two of us.

“I’m just so scared. All the time.” He whimpered and I thought my heart my burst.

“Come here.” I whispered, pulling him into my arms. Instinctively he buried his head into my neck and I felt his tear stained face on my throat.

“Shhh,” I soothe, running my hand through his hair. “I’m here, its okay, I’ve got you.”

He nods, sighing contently as he wraps me into a tight hug. “Go to sleep.” I shush and his panic levels go right down, replaced with a new feeling. Comfort.

I smile to myself as I drift off as well.

I woke up to laughing. My eyes flutter open slowly, not enjoying the bright light just streaming through the crack in the curtain.

“I think he’s stole your girl.” Stiles teases, stretching from his mountain of pillows.

Scott rolls his eyes, throwing a cushion straight at Stiles smug face. He didn’t miss.

“Hey!” I scold, quietly though as Liam was still sleeping, his hair tickling my neck. “Leave him alone.” Scott smiles fondly at me. “Leave my baby alone.” I pat obviously on Liam’s shoulder and everyone but Scott cracks up. Scott chose to take the more mature road and stick his tongue out at me.

“Mama Bear’s getting protective.” Lydia giggles running her hand through her flawless hair. Of course she never gets bed head. Malia sniggers next to her, whose hair looks like it was combed with a fire work.

“Heck yeah I am.” I pout, pulling the fallen blanket back up over Liam. “If I don’t look after him, who will!”

mockingbird-22  asked:

Clex and Smallville were before my time but oh man looking those those gifs like how were they not a couple???

The shipping was strong in those times, lemme tell ya. 

Also, the first like 3 seasons are near flawless. My husband and I (back when we were still just friends) were both huge fans. 

The biggest issue for me was Lana, so I eventually stopped watching, but once she left the show, I went back and really enjoyed ALL of the other characters. It wasn’t the same once there was no Lex though, and it should have ended several seasons sooner, lol.

But oh Clex, oh my. I mean, it’s a similar dynamic as ColdFlash, which makes so much sense to me given my love for THAT, except they START as friends, and Lex STARTS wanting to be more than his father and slowly declines, instead of Len who starts at odds with Barry and slowly works closer to being more like him. So it’s more tragic than hopeful, but that’s what fic is for!

I have this very weird collection of Clex fics saved in Word, but the one I always think back on, which is completely AU and hilarious crack, and everyone should read it regardless of knowing anything about Smallville, I actually just found on AO3.

Earth Boys Are Easy. 

The fact this has like no kudos or comments is a crime. 

anonymous asked:

#4 & #10 drake x mc

Here you go.

It Doesn’t Matter
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I don’t own any of them, I’m just borrowing them for a while and will return them.

Author’s Notes- So I do not ship Drake and MC. They are pretty low down on my list, but I got a request for a fic with the prompts “What do you want from me?” “The truth.” and “What about us?” “I don’t know” and decided to try my hand at an angst fic. One change here from my other Royal Romance fics is that I use a different name for my MC as I can’t imagine Eleanor Sloane in love with anyone other than Liam, so the MC for this fic (and any other Drake fics I might write in the future) is Amelia Grant.

Pairing- Drake/MC, minor Liam/MC

Rating- PG

Summary- After Liam makes his choice, his bride-to-be confronts the man she loves.

Words- 1026

“I am pleased to announce that I have chosen Lady Amelia, of the House Beaumont, as my bride.”

Even though I had been expecting them, the words still catch me off guard. The next thing I know, Liam is offering me a flawless diamond and slipping it on my hand and then people are swarming us, eager to offer their congratulations.

I accept them all with a smile that I hope doesn’t look too forced, all the while trying not to panic. He chose me, he actually chose me.

Across the room, I noticed a familiar figure in a gray suit slip out to the patio. “Liam, I need some air,” I whispered, “do you mind if I slip out?”

He smiled indulgently. “Go ahead. I wish I could go with you, but it’d probably be too suspicious if we both disappeared. But don’t be too long.”

“I won’t,” I promised, squeezing hand before I crossed the room and exited the patio doors.  “Drake?”

He was standing with his back to me, but he turned at the sound of my voice. “What are you doing here, Grant?” He asked harshly, “you should be with Liam, your place is at his side.”

“I needed some air,” I told him honestly, “and I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“I’m fine,” he said shortly, “why wouldn’t I be?”

Maybe because an hour ago he had been kissing me desperately? Because we both knew that we weren’t friends. Because love had bloomed during my time in Cordonia, but not between me and my fiancé.


What do you want from me, Grant?” He demanded.

“The truth,” I said angrily, “is that too much to ask?”

“What, you want me to tell you that it felt like my heart was being ripped in two when Liam said your name?” He demanded, “that I have no idea how I’m going to stand up at your wedding with a smile? That I want to take you in my arms right now and kiss you like there’s no tomorrow?”


“Is that what you wanted to hear, Amelia?” My first name sounded odd on his lips and the anger in his voice didn’t help. “How about the fact that it doesn’t matter? What I feel doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re going to marry Liam.”

“I… I don’t have to,” I said weakly, but even I knew it was too late for that. The time for that would have been before Liam placed a giant rock on my finger. “I can tell him…”

“Tell him what, that you changed your mind?” Drake demanded. “You can’t do that and we both know it. It’s too late. You made your decisions months ago, now you have to live with it.”

I knew he was right, but it didn’t make it any easier. “It seemed so simple back in New York,” I said wistfully, “it was like something out of a fairytale. A chance to live someone else’s life for a while. I never thought he’d actually choose me and I never imagined that I’d fall in love with someone else.”

“Don’t say that,” Drake begged and I could see the pain on his face, “please don’t say that.”

“But it’s the truth,” I told him, needing him to know how I feel, “I love you.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

I flinched. “You don’t mean that.”

“I do,” he said coldly, “I refuse to let Liam get screwed over by someone else falling in love for the second time.”

“You mean his brother,” I said softly. I didn’t know a lot about the former crown prince, except that he had abdicated and that it involved a woman.

“Yes,” Drake said with a scowl, “Leo was never much of a crown prince. He hated palace life and he would disappear for weeks at a time, leaving Liam to pick up the slack. During one of his many escapes, he met a woman, an American tourist, despite the fact that he was betrothed to Madeline and within weeks he was abdicating to be with her and leaving Liam to clean up his mess.”

It’s funny, I had been thinking it was romantic, that Prince Leo had given up everything for love, but there was nothing romantic about the way Drake told the story.

“Liam never once criticized his brother,” Drake continued, “in the last few years, I’ve never heard him say one bad word about him. He was honestly happy for him because that’s the kind of guy Liam is. He always puts everyone else first and that’s why I won’t do anything that will jeopardize his happiness. He loves you, Amelia. I’ve never seen him happier than when he announced that you were to be his bride.”

What about us?” I pressed, “don’t we deserve to be happy.”

I don’t know,” he said with a shrug, “maybe not. At least not in that way. You won’t be unhappy with Liam, he’s a good man and he’ll make you a great husband. Plus, you were so starry-eyed when you came here, you have to feel something for him.”

“I was attracted to him,” I admitted, “I still am, but my feelings never deepened beyond attraction and friendship. As I said, I never expected him to pick me.”

“But he did,” Drake reminded me, “Whatever your expectations, you came here for Liam. You went through all the steps and the silly rituals required to become his wife, knowing very well that he could choose you. It’s been obvious for weeks that he’d pick you, if you had really wanted to leave, you should have done it then, but you didn’t.”

Because I’d selfishly hoped that Liam would choose someone else and I’d be free to follow my heart. I’d kept clinging to that hope until it was too late to do anything but nod and accept the prince’s proposal.

“it doesn’t matter why you stayed,” Drake said before I could respond, “all that matters is that you did and now you have to live with the consequences. Congratulations, Lady Grant, you’re going to make a wonderful queen.”

-          End


Summary: A set of circumstances leads to Blanche having their nails done by both Candela and Noire. This really shouldn’t lead to any problems but as Blanche is tired and doesn’t want to be here and Spark is an airhead the twins end up having some feelings they wish they didn’t.
Also included:

Sleep deprivation
Eevees are cute

Don’t hit natu
Tiny shiny eevees


To an outsider the scene probably looked quite endearing: Blanche sitting on a fancy couch with a slight pout, flanked by Candela and Noire, both of whom worked on Blanche’s nails in deep concentration. If you added the fact that all three were dressed to kill you could take the scene for some elaborate photoshoot. You had to know the leaders well for your reaction to be…

‘What the hell is happening?’

Amelie turned her head slowly from the scene she was observing and saw Go, whose face mirrored the slight horror present in his voice and was so pale it created a nice contrast with the smart black suit he was wearing.

‘What do you think is going on?’ Amelie gestured with the glass she was holding; the ice clinked in the yet untouched drink - she was holding off until she was sure there would be no bloodspill. ‘Blanche is getting a manicure from Candela and Noire.’

'Is… is this safe?’ he asked.

'Well, a metal nail file is a pretty good murder weapon and they’re both using one.’ Amelie couldn’t help but smile a little seeing the uttermost dread on Go’s face.

'Yes, it’s definitely those small pieces of metal that make them lethally dangerous.’ Carl had no qualms about drinking and was already on his second glass. This wasn’t an achievement of any kind, but given that the red carpet was still going and the actual event wasn’t supposed to start for another half an hour it gave him a pretty good head-start.

Go swallowed audibly.

'How… did this happen?’

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What if we dance tonight?

this is such a mess and it’s probably third version of it, but whatever xD

this is for my yaz @unteventful bc ily

i hope you guys like it

other ficweek fics

Day 4: “You noticed me standing off to the side instead of dancing, and I told you that I can’t dance but you just gave me the flirtiest smile and said that you’d teach me, and who am I to refuse?”

What if we dance tonight? 

Luna has learned to love faculty parties with time since she started her studies. Her friends keep dragging her there every single time one is organized so she doesn’t really have any other way out of this except attending them and enjoying as much as it’s possible. If it’s not for Simón or Ámbar (who always crash with her, but not today, today they are on a date), it’s for Luna’s group friends, because all of them got a plan to set her with someone finally. She usually doesn’t mind; it’s silly in this cute way even if she gets absolutely nothing except guys wanting to talk between classes next few days.

The only thing she does mind is when her friends make her drink with them just to dare her to do stupid things like getting free drinks from older students.

Today though they did beat their own records when someone (Luna doesn’t remember who now since she was too outraged by this at first) told her that no matter what she wouldn’t go to Matteo Balsano and talk without making a fool out of herself.

And who is she to say no after those three or four drinks she has already had?

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things my mum told me when she found out i've been starving myself

•she still loves me more than anything
•she’s sad that i don’t love myself
•she wants me to see myself the way she sees me
•she thinks i’m beautiful and perfect and flawless
•she thinks i’m special and important
•she looks up to me a lot
•she wishes she were like me when she was my age
•i am loyal and compassionate and even though more than half my friend emotionally abuse me, i still stand by them and continue to love them, even if they don’t deserve it
•i don’t know how to hate someone because i am so caring and loving
•i’m the kindest, most humble person she’s ever met
•i am worthy

and then she went to the store and bought me my favorite cereal



I couldn’t believe this moment had finally happened. After months of imaging all the different ways this encounter could happen, it did in the simplest ways of all. It was personal and that’s all I really wanted from him; I just wanted him and now that he’s here, I don’t know what to do with myself. After years of wondering if I’d ever get the chance to hear from him to finally communicating with letters back and forth to this moment now felt like everything. I was at peace knowing that he was within arm’s reach. Although his presence did bring a little bit of anxiety to my life, knowing that at any minute this could blow up in our faces – it calmed me at the same time knowing that he was out of hell. That everything we had once talked about came to fruition. After last night, we both decided to stay inside and reconnect. I ordered something off of Uber Eats and had it delivered. I didn’t want to get into the thick of everything so soon so we settled on light conversation. It was hard to contain ourselves and not try to talk about that particular situation. I wanted him to know that I didn’t resent him for his actions nor hated him but I didn’t want our first night to be sour either, reliving an old situation.

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Tom x POC Actress: Zendaya and Tom’s Photo shoot

The reader is with Tom on his photo hoot with Zendaya. 

***I honestly didn’t plan on making it these long, lol!

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff, sexual innuendos, JEALOUSY, and other stuff


You walked into the studio with Tom hand in hand. Harrison walked behind the both of you, on his phone making sure everything was on schedule. You all were greeted warmly by the staff and they led you guys into Tom’s room.

You walked over to the clothes rack, “Plaid, I like!” You said turning to look back a Tom.

He was sleepy and really didn’t want to be here. He was such a big baby. You walked over to him and grabbed his hand to sit him in the make up chair.

“Do you need coffee babe?” You asked. “No, I just want to lay in bed with you. I’m bloody tired!”

You rolled your eyes and walked out of the room to go get him a cup of coffee. While turning the corner to the kitchen you bumped into a tall figure.

“Dammit Y/N!” You heard Zendaya say.

You laughed and apologized, “Sorry girl!”

“No prob hon. I was actually on my way to the kitchen too.”

You guys linked arms and walked to the marble counter, “Tom is being such a baby! He has the opportunity to do this amazing shoot and is worried about laying in bed.”

Zen snickered and poured coffee into two cups, “Men.”

“So are you excited?” You said pouring 2 creams and 2 sugars in the cup, just how Tom always liked it.

“Super. Have you seen the set?”

You shook your head and followed her out of the kitchen, with the hot coffee in hand.

She led you to the stage that was meant to be for her and Tom. “Wow, I love it.”
“Well, let me get this to Spider-man. See ya soon boo!”

“Bye love!” You walked you separate ways.

“Here.” You said plainly, shoving the hot beverage in his hand. He groaned and sipped. “Zendaya is here. It’s great to see someone is excited about this.”

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Hair Color - Pt. 10

Requested: yes, the idea came from this love

Pairing: Michael x Reader

A/N: so… I have something. This was the tenth part of Hair Color and I am going to put the series on the shelve for a while. It’s not over since I have so many ideas, I just need it to be paused for a moment. So enjoy the tenth part while I’ll be writing my Halloween imagines.

Description: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair colour. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.


You gasped slightly at Calum hitting the floor. He wasn’t unconscious for a long time, but a couple of minutes were still enough to freak everybody out.

“Carlos! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” The stripper yelled, jumping down from the platform and stepped around Calum, like everybody else. The enormous man, named Carlos, shrugged at her words and crossed his arms.

“What was I supposed to do, Andrea? These people can’t just walk in here after closing time! I’m ready to knock out another one if they don’t leave soon!” Carlos said and stepped towards Michael with a little arm swing, but the stripper Andrea pulled him back and squatted down to try and wake up Calum.

“I am so sorry, sir, but the dog couldn’t just be out there in the rain. And we’re lost and…”

“Where you from?” Carlos interrupted Ashton with a seriously mad mime as Ashton coughed and looked at his passed out friend having a stripper above him, trying to wake him up.

“Australia, sir. But she’s not. She’s from here, I think.” Ashton pointed at you as you did a little smile-thingy to Carlos but instantly regretted it as you were meet by a frown. Andrea looked up from her seat on the floor and you finally noticed her brown eyes under that big, black hair.

“Don’t I know you?” She asked, looking at Luke with confused eyes. “Have you been here before?”

Luke instantly started panicking, “No… no, no, no-no-no-no-no, NO!” he yelled when he noticed Michael and you cracking up at the incident.

“Oh wait, I know! You’re the singer from that one band who sung about underwear!” Michael stopped laughing as your stomach hurt more and more from cracking up. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Luke’s face getting red while nodding, as Ashton looked scary and innocent at the same time.

“That’s not the only song we did,” Ashton mumbled, glancing at you. Your smile grew wider, but the laughing stopped as soon as a small murmur came from the floor. Everybody looked down to see Calum squinting his eyes and looking up. What a sight it must have been. His bandmates, you, a stripper and the stranger that knocked him out were all leaning over his face.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled as the stripper looked up. You wondered how she managed to squat in those heels and still look flawless.

“Carlos.” Andrea the stripper whispered as a hint for Carlos to apologise.

“Sorry.” Carlos murmured so quiet that Calum didn’t he hear. “You can stay if you want.”

“Thanks,” Ashton mumbled and helped Calum get on his feet again. Calum closed his eyes as he swung side to side by standing up.

“Where’s the dog?” Calum mumbled and Luke’s eyes grew wide. He whistled multiple times before the Golden Retriever came running towards the small group of humans and jumped on Luke.

“You have to clean up, though. We haven’t cleaned since last year and we were supposed to do it tonight before you asses came barging in.” Carlos said as Andrea was heading away from the group and what seemed like a “backstage” room. You nodded as Michael sighed deeply. As soon as you got handed cloths, soap and stuff like that, everybody got started.

Andrea came out again, this time in an oversized, beige sweater and black sweatpants with huge, fuzzy socks. Her hair was pulled into a bun and Michael hit you and pointed towards Ashton who was pretty much drooling over the hot stripper. You chuckled and returned to scraping the gum of the table while Michael was washing the floor next to your chair.  

Carlos was standing behind the bar, drinking whisky. Andrea didn’t do much before she walked over to you and sat down beside you. The awkward silence started as soon as her ass hit the cold leather.

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anonymous asked:

Looking at that pic with Sid hanging over the boards at his hockey camp makes me think of dad!Geno dropping off his daughter, seeing the glorious Crosby ass up in the air, and promptly walking into a wall.


“Oh shit, man.”

Son of a—” Zhenya just manages to catch himself in time, swallowing the curse on his tongue even if Irina is the only one who’d understand if he’d let it slip anyway. He’s not sending her back to her mother’s with a new swear in her repertoire no matter how bad his nose is smarting. Not again.

“Dude, are you okay? Crap! You’re bleeding!” Zhenya waves away where Nathan MacKinnon is flitting around him anxiously, steadfastly ignoring his questions of “Are you sure you’re okay?” and “What even happened?” because Zhenya is not okay and it’s all Sidney Crosby’s fault and mostly Sidney Crosby’s ass’ fault and Zhenya would really rather like to keep that to himself.

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  1. jerk or jolt (someone or something) suddenly, typically so as to cause injury.

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Chapter Nine

This is the best dream ever. How do I know it’s a dream, you ask? Because Niall is still in my bed and it’s morning time and I’m pretty sure I just heard him call me his girlfriend. I’m just about to kiss him when the phone buzzes and my Niall filled bed fades away into my actual empty bed. I groan and roll over my hand outstretched and reaching. What a way to wake up. My fingers curl around it and I smile because even though he’s not in my bed, he is on my phone. I stretch and sigh as I open this early morning text.

‘Morning, sunshine ! Ready for tonight ? It’s gona be fun !’

The fact that he can never spell 'gonna’ correctly makes me chuckle as does his inability to use punctuation correctly. He does all these stupid little things that I find absolutely endearing. It will someday kill me, I sure of it. I’m smiling as I type out a response to him.

'Why are you up so early?’

His next text makes me laugh out loud.

'It’s a big day ! Why aren’t you excited ? Be excited !’

I’m about to answer him, but my phone rings with him on the line instead.

My voice is full of laughter as I say, “Hello?”

“What are ya playing at, Harps? I know yer excited! Remember, I was there when ya opened the tickets…” His voice trails off as if he’s distracted.

“Niall, of course I’m excited but it is 7:30 in the morning and I did just wake up. From a pretty great dream I might add. Which you interrupted.”

His voice is full of cocky grin. I can hear it in his words. “Oh yea, was it about me? Were ya dreamin’ about me, sunshine?”

I lie through my teeth. “As much as you wish my brain did nothing but think of you sometimes it finds other sources of entertainment.”

Yeah, right. My brain has been in Niall mode every second of every day since the day I met him. It’s quite annoying really.

Niall gets quiet for a second and I think I’ve offended him, but then I realize he’s just around other people and probably not paying great attention to my words. He is easily distracted sometimes like a dog who sees a squirrel. But before I can say anything else, he’s back.  "I’m excited to see you tonight. I think you’re gonna look beautiful.“ I hear someone call his name in the background. "I gotta go, babe. I’m sending a car for you tonight.” I open my mouth to argue he doesn’t have to do that, but he knows me well, it seems. “Don’t argue. It’ll be at your place tonight at 4:30. Dinners at 5:30 and the show actually starts at 7. Can’t wait to see ya! I’ll talk to you later.”

A second later and he is gone. I set my phone down and lay back on my pillows, exhaling a soft murmur of contentment. What a day this is going to be. I glance over at my dress hanging from a hook outside my closet. I want to look so good tonight. I want to look perfect. I want Niall to see me and I want his mouth to water. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’m sure as hell going to try. I lay in bed for a while longer just thinking about all that is going to happen tonight. I have no idea what it’s going to be like seeing Niall in his element, but I am filled with anticipation. I sigh to myself and sit up in bed, throwing the covers off. Time for the first step, a shower.

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Super duper short drabble for the win!




Tenten runs a hand against her bangs, her brows creasing in concentration. Groaning, she grumbles. “What’s another word for flawless?”

Neji tilts his head slightly. “Hm?”

“I’m answering this crossword puzzle and I’m stuck on this one!” The bun-haired girl releases a tired groan. “Got any suggestions?”

“May I see it?”

“Oh sure. Here you go.” Tenten quickly hands the newspaper to her teammate, who examines the puzzle critically. “It’s got two e’s in there… Maybe you know what it is.”

“Ah.” Neji grabs her pencil as well and begins scribbling. He gives the paper back to her. “Done.”

Tenten scrutinizes his answer and gives him a scowl. Neji raises a brow at her.

“Ha-ha. Very funny, Neji.”

“Is there something wrong?”

Tenten taps his answer on the paper. “This,” she says sharply. “You wrote TENTEN? Are you serious?”

Neji glances at the paper, and then at her scowling face. “You said you needed another word for flawless. I merely helped.” He smirks at the pink dusting her cheeks. Tenten is quick to look away.

“Whatever,” she mumbles, eyes still focusing on anything but him. She completely ignores his widened simper. “You missed a box though. It’s a seven-lettered word, not six.”  

Neji remains indifferent. “Then ignore that last box.”



Tenten turns red.

“I swear, if you don’t stop being so arrogant, I will hit your perfect face with–” she suddenly stops, mouth hanging. She screams. “That’s it! Perfect! It’s the answer!”

“So I did help.”

“Oh shush, Neji!”

Neji sidles closer to her, smile smug.

“So you think my face is perfect?”

“I said shush, Neji!”

He chuckles when she refuses to meet his eyes again, her cheeks turning beet red as he slowly closes the gap between them.

 “Well, I think you’re flawless.”

“Goddamnit! You’re making me lose my concentration!” She feels her patience slipping as Neji only answers her with a kiss to the tip of her nose. “Alright, that’s it! You’re going down, Hyuuga!”

The Man With the Case - Chapter 2


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You woke to an embarrassing trail of drool leaking onto your pillow through your parted lips. What time was it? A glance out the window revealed that the sun was up, so it had to be later than when you usually woke up.

A delightful aroma traveled up from the kitchen, and you suspected that Queenie, the thoughtful witch that she was, had made breakfast for you and your peculiar guest; a glance to your right revealed that Newt was still fast asleep, completely covered head to toe in your bedspread. Could he even breathe under there? The steady rise and fall of the long lump on the bed answered your question.

Careful not to wake the man next to you, you tip-toed out of the bedroom, easing the door shut behind you. As you suspected, Queenie was seated at the dining room with a plate full of fresh pastries, though they didn’t look like the ones she usually made. These ones were…funny looking. You noticed that they resembled the magical creatures you remembered briefly studying at Ilvermorny, decorated with white frosting and powdered sugar.

“What’s with the baked goods?” You asked, having a seat next to Queenie.

Queenie laughed warmly. “Oh, these aren’t my own creations. I actually picked them up at a bakery. They’re darling, aren’t they?” She admired the creations, though there was a twinge of sadness in her eyes.

“Yeah…they’re cute.” You admitted.

Just then, you heard the creak of a floorboard behind you. A glance back revealed that the cause of the noise was none other than Newt Scamander himself, displaying an awful case of bedhead and the cutest pair of matching striped pyjamas you’d ever seen.

“She likes your pyjamas,” Queenie chirped at him.

Newts eyes widened a little in embarrassment and flattery, glancing down at his pants. “I-I, well, I…t-thank you, I l-like yours t-too.” He seemed to have trouble getting the sentence out, and wouldn’t look you in the eye as he spoke.

“So, did you two sleep well?” The blonde asked, the hint of a mischievous smile on her lips.

“Well, y-yes, actually.” Newt said, fiddling with the tablecloth in his fingers. “I tend to have a bit of trouble sleeping, but last night–”

“That’s because I slipped a bit of (Y/N)’s famous sleeping draught in your tea.” Queenie confessed, looking between the two of you with a grin stretched across her face. One of her eyes fluttered shut, winking in your direction.

It made perfect sense. You had been amazed that you’d managed to fall asleep as quickly as you had. Now that she mentioned it, you recognized the familiar effects of the dormitive concoction you had perfected so many years ago. The potion prolonged periods of REM sleep, creating pleasant dreams, and providing a refreshing feeling upon the drinker’s awakening.

“Queenie–you know that stuff’s expensive to make.” You scolded, though you were a little thankful for her intervention.

“You’re a potioneer?!” Newt exclaimed suddenly, a look of pure excitement on his face. It was the first time you’d seen him that bold before; you liked it. The fact that his excitement was directed at you made you like it even more, and his joy reawakened the butterflies residing in your abdomen.

“Well, I…yes. I am.” You said, feeling a bit bashful.

The brightness in Newts eyes made your heart swell.

“That’s perfect!” He exclaimed, grabbing your hand and pulling you up from your seat. He had not initiated voluntary physical contact with you before then. That meant that you had to be making at least some progress with the British wizard…right? Of course, you still weren’t sure if Tina had feelings for him, which made you feel a bit guilty about your sudden blossoming affection. Queenie took a sip from her cup of coffee, giving you a knowing look, causing color to rise to your cheeks. “Get out of my head!” You mentally reprimanded her for the invasion of your privacy.

“You know I can’t help it,” She pouted, setting her mug down.

Newt seemed to be too preoccupied with thoughts of potions to notice Queenie’s most recent comment.

“(Y/N), come on, we’ve got to go! I really am short on time and, see, Annie, my Occamy–she isn’t getting any better. I’ve got her in quarantine, which I feel utterly terrible about, but–”

“Newt.” You stopped him dead in his tracks, trying to ignore the fact that his hand was still clamped over yours. “We’re in our pyjamas.”

The man paused, mortified at both his outburst and carelessness regarding his attire. He let go of your hand, leaving the skin he had held feeling completely electrified.

“R-right.” He mumbled, looking away from you. “I’m s-sorry.”

You noticed that his stutter had returned, though only moments ago his speaking pattern had been flawless. Why? What was different?

“I’ll go change into something more…appropriate for the day,” You explained. “And then we can head down to my workshop to take care of Annie’s problem. Okay?” You sounded the tiniest bit more condescending than you had intended, which you deeply regretted.

Newt, nodding in understanding, scuttled away from the table and towards your bedroom. Just as you were about to follow him, Queenie grabbed you by your hand.

“Please don’t flirt with him…for Tina’s sake.” She pleaded.

This startled you. So, your suspicions were correct. Tina and Newt had feelings for each other. How could you disrespect those feelings, after Tina and Queenie had taken you into their own home? You nodded curtly and began to pull away from her hold on you, but she held you back with light force. 

“(Y/N), it’d break her heart.” She whispered.

Seeing the overwhelming concern for her sister’s wellbeing etched on Queenie’s face was enough to break you.

“Okay.” You replied, with a genuine intention to keep your word, hard as it would be.

Queenie smiled. “Thank you. Truly.”

A wave of your wand tamed your hair and transformed your lavender nightgown into your work uniform; a black blouse, grey pleated skirt, white necktie, and leather kitten heels. Grabbing your favorite cloche and coat off the hat rack, you waited patiently by the door for Newt. When he finally did appear, he was in the same outfit he had arrived in last night. You wondered if he owned another set of clothing at all.

“Ready?” You asked, keeping Queenie’s request in mind as you suppressed the butterflies in your stomach.


“Hold on tight,” You instructed.

Newt grabbed his suitcase, (What the hell did he keep in there?!), awkwardly took hold of your shoulder, and you apparated into the dusty potion shop where you worked.

You hadn’t been employed there very long–a month, at most–but you had gotten to know the building well during the late nights you’d spent there. You had nearly memorized where all the ingredients were kept in the basement—goat’s kidney was kept next to the fresh basil, and whatnot.


You winced at the sound of your boss’s voice, and Newt removed his hand from where it was resting on your shoulder.

“God, you’re late!” The corpulent woman gasped, tottering towards you. She was a mess, with black dust smeared across her forehead and her smoky grey hair sticking up on one side.

“Sorry, Lianne.” You grimaced.

Madame Lianne Delevaux had been the only shopkeeper willing to hire a somewhat-inexperienced young witch fresh off the train. She was a funny woman who was easily flustered and wasn’t great at dealing with customers, but lord, did she know a lot about potions. More than you did, which was saying something, seeing as you had studied with some of the best potion masters in the wizarding world.

“I can’t believe you left me to fend for the shop on my own–get in here!” She cried, her voice riddled with panic.

“Sorry,” You apologized to Newt. “I’ll be right back–let me just speak to a few customers, then we’ll get you sorted out.” You gave him a reassuring smile, tied on your ‘Madame Delevaux’s Potion Emporium’ apron, and scurried to your boss’s aid.

Well, “a few customers” turned into ten, and ten turned into twenty, which eventually became fifty. Before you knew it, the sun was setting.

“Ma’am, Polyjuice Potions are highly illegal in the United States. May I interest you in something else instead?” You sighed, wiping the sweat from your brow while you dealt  with a particularly infuriating customer. (A middle-aged woman intent on impersonating her husband’s mistress.)

“No, no–I know that you have some stored in the back, you’ve got to–” The woman’s shrill voice was interrupted by a loud banging sound coming from your office.

“Newt!” You blanched, remembering the timid wizard you had abandoned in the back room. “Shit!”

“Just a moment, ma’am.” You left the customer and scurried to the source of the noise.

Poking your head through the cracked door, you searched for the freckled man. “Newt!” You whisper-yelled.

To your surprise, the office was completely empty, save Mr. Scamander’s curious case, which was propped open next to your desk.

“Newt?” You asked, a little louder, as you fully entered the room. Cautiously, you approached the case, leaning down to peer inside…

“Down here!” Newt’s voice reached your ears just as his head popped out of the case, colliding with your own.

The force of the collision caused you to fall back, landing on your rear with an “Oomph!” You rubbed your sore forehead and looked down at the man in the case, who was massaging the top of his own bumped head.

He smiled apologetically. “S-sorry, (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened at the realization of why Newt kept his case so close to his side. “An undetectable extension charm,” You observed.

“Right.” He responded.

You just stared at one-another for a minute. Another precious moment of eye contact. His eyes really were gorgeous, the most stunning shade of green you’d ever seen. His freckles were adorable, they kind of reminded you of the poppy seeds adorning your favorite lemon muffins. Or maybe they were more like the stars? And his nose–you’d never admired anybody’s nose before, but Newt certainly had a nice–

He cleared his throat. “W-would you…like to come in?” He asked, lifting his eyes off yours and pointing them firmly on the ceiling.

“Well, my shift’s not over yet, but…” You looked between the door and Newt. “What the hell, right?” You finally decided, and held out your hand.

Heated Cheeks

could you write an imagine when you’re really shy and isaac is constantly flirting with you but you secretly have feelings for him so the whole pack is teasing/bothering you about it? thank u!

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Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word count: 1130 words

Warnings: friendly teasing from the pack, fluffy

a/n: i smile whenever i see this gif of isaac, like its so cute aw. anyway, i hope you like this! :-)

“Hey (Y/N), you coming to the game tonight?” Isaac asked you, leaning against the locker next to yours. You felt your cheeks heat up.

“Uh… yeah,” you smiled at him. You shut your locker and turned to face him. “Why?”

“I wanted to know if I should look for your pretty face in the crowd,” he brushed a piece of your hair behind your ear and you shuddered at the feeling of his fingers so close to you.

“O-of course I’ll be there.” You gulped, your cheeks still hot.

“I’ll see you later,” he waved to you before walking off in the other direction. You were working on cooling down your cheeks when Scott and Stiles appeared either side of you.

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