she will lead the defense soon

Frightful Forest Fight

Haunted by fragmented shadows thought forgotten in fermenting hatred, the Sapphire Stronghold fell under horrific incursion. Mutant creatures of putrid flesh and sharpened claw flood into the Hamlet, bloodthirsty and acting upon pure primal instinct. Beathas, being proficient with her training in the arcane, took to crowd control as she aided the Redsteel Honor Guard in evacuating the area of civilians. Gregory stood against the raid of tainted wildlife, purging the leading brutish monsters with Holy Light and pushing the rest out of his home and into the green of the forest. Though successful in causing a retreat, he stood alone and soon, found himself surrounded.

           The nightmarish beasts made no hesitation in their attacks. Razor-like nails and gnawing maw raked with terrifying enthusiasm. Fighting with the will of the righteous crusader, Gregory held the monsters at bay, though his defenses quickly began to wane as the foe attacked with Barbaric savagery. Desperation claimed the young paladin and with options running thin, he called to the Light for its blessing. Heeding its servant’s call, the Light bolsters Gregory’s strength, protecting him in a shield of Holy energy and repelling any attack against him. Temporary salvation from the unrelenting force of these monsters. However, it is only temporary. Soon the blessing will subside and Gregory will meet his end.

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