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If There’s No Objection
Rated Explicit

Prompt-verse: Belle & Gold are rival attorneys with benefits. When one attorney wins a case against the other then the loser must give pleasure to the winner.


Part Three 
Posted for @rumbelleorderinthecourt prompt: Rumbelle have sex in any legal/courtroom situation.



Archie frowned as the rest of court began shuffling out. “Gold. French. I’d like to see you both in my chambers.”

Belle looked up from the paperwork she’d been stacking into a briefcase. “Sir?”

Gold crossed his arms, leaning back in his seat with a sour expression. “The case was dismissed, I hardly think…”

Archie shook his head. “This isn’t about the case. I’d… I’d just like a quick chat with you both. If you don’t mind.”

Belle’s gaze slid sideways to Gold, who was studying the judge with a casual arrogance. Her hands clenched so hard, her nails dug into her palms. The older man - her professional rival and sometimes lover - had been pushing every damn button all day. What should have been a pretty open and shut hearing had dragged out into a complex web of ridiculous proportion. She had stacks of casework sitting on her desk back at the office that were still untouched. Now, thanks to Gold’s maneuvering, she’d be stuck taking care of that well into the wee hours of the night.

On top of that, the case ended up with a dismissal due to a technical error. So, neither of them had won and there was no reason to celebrate in their usual manner. Not that she felt very celebratory at the moment. She was just as likely to claw Gold’s eyes out as she was to rake her nails down his back.

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For @sunshinetoday‘s second prompt: 102 “Do you really think I could ever replace you?” This can be read as a stand-alone or as a companion piece to this prompt.

Dana Scully is not a jealous woman. She repeats this as a mantra to herself as she takes the elevator down to her, well, Mulder’s basement office. Her name has never been on the door (and she’s never not going to be bitter about this) and right now, it really is Mulder’s office. His and Daphne’s, actually. Her name, though, is not on the door either, Mulder informed her a few weeks ago in bed. It was the first time he mentioned her. In bed. With his very pregnant wife. But, Scully reminds herself, she is not jealous. Of course not. So, Mulder has a new partner. He needs on as his current partner, Scully, is home, pregnant with their second child. Why shouldn’t he have a partner?

“Are you all right, ma'am?” The other agent in the elevator asks her tentatively. Scully has never seen her before. She’s young, probably in her early 20s. Just like Daphne. Unlike Daphne, though, who is tall and blond (not real, Scully, Mulder assured her; how he knows that, she doesn’t want to know), this agent is about her height with mousy brown hair and stylish glasses. No, wouldn’t like her as Mulder’s new partner either, she decides.

“I’m fine.” Scully snaps, her hand flinging to her belly where Mulder junior is kicking at invisible footballs. The agent is eying her stomach curiously. Mulder knocked Scully up is probably still a hot topic at the water cooler. Despite this being the second time.

“Well then, have a good day.” The elevator dings and the agent steps off. Scully is alone for the next two stops. Like always. No one likes going down to the basement, considering it a punishment. Except for Daphne, most likely. Scully huffs at her own train of thoughts. She is not jealous, damn it!

Scully waddles along the small corridor to the office. Before she’s even halfway there, she can hear soft laughter. She’d recognize Mulder’s laughter everywhere. It’s a peculiar sound so unlike him and she loves it. William’s laugh is almost exactly the same. Today, though, there’s another voice chiming in. It had to be Daphne. Scully waddles faster; as fast as she can at 8 months pregnant. Mulder children are not exactly small, and they’re not exactly lightweights either. Not that she’s complaining.

She stops in front of the door, catching her breath, gathering her thoughts. Daphne is telling Mulder something; a date gone wrong, apparently. Scully rolls her eyes as Mulder chuckles at her flat jokes. Despite the slightly ajar door, she knocks.

“Come in.” Mulder’s voice cuts through Daphne’s monologue.

“Hi.” Scully pushes the door open and when Mulder’s face lights up, relief floods her. She’s not jealous, has not been jealous, but his reaction to seeing her feels good after the day she’s had.

“Scully, hey.” He is on his feet immediately, almost running towards her, almost running into the desk, too. Mulder hugs her briefly, but tightly, as he too feels relieved upon seeing her.

“How’s the kid?” His hand lands on her belly, stroking it softly. Their child kicks once, happily, before it is quiet again. The hormones pour out of Scully as she watches Mulder’s face transform; he’s not looking at her, is mesmerized by her stomach and the human life they created inside of it. This time he got to experience it all; the good, the bad and the horny.

“The kid seems good.” This grin is for her and just for her. There are no words right now that she could tell him. Scully is afraid to open her mouth just in case she starts crying. Mulder is well acquainted with hormonal Scully, however, she doesn’t need Daphne to get to know her as well.

“How’s kid number one?” Mulder asks, his hand still on her protruding stomach, still gently stroking. Has he forgotten they’re not alone down here? He’s blocking Scully’s view and she can’t even see Daphne, who has gone completely quiet.

“With my mother. Since he’s refusing to let me cut his hair, she’s taking him to a professional hairdresser,” Mulder raises his eyebrows, “Don’t ask me. I told her that three year olds don’t need professional haircuts, but apparently I was overruled.”

“Uhm, Mulder?” Scully forces herself not to roll her eyes upon Daphne’s intrusion, but something in her face must have twitched, because Mulder is giving her an amused look before he turns to his partner.

“Sorry, Daphne. May I introduce you to Agent Dana Scully,” he steps away from her, taking his hand of her belly, “and Scully this is Agent Daphne Cartelli, my new partner since you’re hatching junior.” Mulder doesn’t catch it, but Scully does; the moment of pure happiness when Mulder calls her his partner. Scully extends her hand, polite as ever, and even manages to put on a smile. Standing in front of this woman now, she feels even smaller and yes, fat.

“Nice to finally meet you, Agent Scully. Mulder’s been telling me so much about you!” Her smile seems genuine, even if she shows too much (and a too perfect set of) teeth. Their whiteness almost blinds Scully. Just like the shiny texture of her very blond, very long hair.

“He does talk a lot.”

“Very funny, Scully. So what bring you here? Did you decide to help with the case after all?” Mulder had asked for her insight late last night. Too tired to think clearly she’d merely told him that she’d think about it. Of course the case couldn’t be further from her mind. Still, she nods and a huge grin is her reward.

“You’ll love this, Daphne,” Scully cringes; Mulder using the other woman’s first name seems too intimate, “Scully’s a woman of science. She’s got a plausible explanation for everything.” There’s pride in his voice, Scully realizes, her heart beating faster.

“Ah, that's… great,” Daphne replies, an uncertain look on her face, “I guess I better go get the files from AD Skinner then?” Now her voice is just as bewildered; her eyes seeking approval from Mulder, who nods at her.

“It’s currently under review,” she mumbles, her face blushing slightly, and Scully feels sympathy for her, “I’ll be right back.” The younger agent’s quick footsteps soon turn into background noise before they disappear entirely.

“So, are you feeling all right? Come on, sit down, Scully.” His hand on the small of her back, he leads her to the desk. The poor thing creaks when she sits down on it. Mulder grins.

“It’s not funny, Mulder.”

“You’re just so adorable, Scully.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re not here because of the case, are you?”

“Why else would I be here?” She counters defensively.

“Hm, maybe to see my new partner? The one who called our houses several times last night?” There’s no way to stop the blush from spreading. It starts on her chest, hidden from view, and wanders up quickly into her cheeks.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“No, of course you don’t,” he chuckles, his hands on her thighs, his face close to hers, “You know she’s just here temporarily, right?” Scully nods, not looking at him, and watching his hands instead. She puts her own atop his, feeling the warmth of them, the strength.

“Good. She’s just here so I don’t have to do all of it myself. So I can be home more with you and Will.” Again, Scully nods.

“Then why are you jealous?”

“I am not jealous, Mulder.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really,” she mocks him, “I am not a jealous person.”

“Of course not,” Mulder leans forward and kisses her nose, “Let me just assure you that you have nothing to worry about, all right? Do you really think I could ever replace you?” His lips find hers, making it impossible for her to answer.

“Mulder…” Scully tries, but opening her mouth is just an excuse for his tongue to find hers, and she forgets what she was going to say. She forgets everything.

“Oh, I am so sorry!” Daphne appears in the doorway, Mulder and Scully guiltily breaking apart. At least she’s guilty; Mulder is just grinning and not taking his hands away from her hips.

“Should I go take my lunch break?” She asks, barely able to look at them.

“That might be a good idea.” They can hear Daphne laugh softly when she leaves and closes the door behind her.

Things I Love About My Avengers AU with Sinkxme/theyxthinkxmexmad
  • “Blakeney, tell your wife I said hello.” - Fury
  • Coffee dates between Marguerite and Pepper Potts. 
  • Those coffee dates leading to a MUCH greater appreciation for Percy. That she readily demonstrates.
  • (Relatively) friendly sass-offs between Marguerite and Tony at Stark Industry functions or functions at Blakeney Manor. 
  • (Perhaps less?) friendly sass-offs between Percy and Tony at  Stark Industry functions or functions at Blakeney Manor. Usually with Percy in his idiot persona. (Whether Tony knows it’s a persona is up for debate). 
  • Marguerite taking self defense classes as soon as she learns Percy is working for SHIELD because she’s NOT going to be a damsel in distress girlfriend - she’s going to be the kick ass wife no one messes with.
  • Her acting skills helping give Percy the cover he needs. 
  • Her top-notch education and natural curiosity have led her down some research rabbit holes that help at random times. She’s not a leading scientist or a super soldier, but she’s not useless either. 
  • Marguerite’s ringtone for Percy is “Holding Out for a Hero” because she thinks it’s hilarious. 
  • The Avengers just assume that if Marguerite is texting Percy during a meeting, it’s risque, “pay attention to me”, sexy texts. Neither of them is going to convince them otherwise. 
  • The fact that Percy and Loki look practically identical but once she’s met Loki, Marguerite could pick either of them out of a line up without batting a lash. Even if one is intentionally posing as the other. 
  • “How do you know it’s him?” “I just know.”
  • She has been used for this skill - and has lied when it suits the purposes of the mission. 
  • But the first time she sees Loki it’s dark and he’s wounded and so she just freaks out like “OMG PERCY??????” and then she gets him inside and is like “… oops” and just decides to adopt the God of Mischief until he’s healed because what else was I supposed to do?
  • Battle of wits with Loki, just for funsies, while they try to figure out what to do with him.
  • The only Avenger she’s star-struck by is Natasha. Sorry, boys, but that’s the truth. 

@sinkxme / @theyxthinkxmexmad

Leona savored her moments of relaxation to their fullest. She had been busy lately, making defense plans, watching over the vastaya travelers, leading prayers and much more. This break was well earned since after all, she was only human with needs and could not oversee everything so she decided to split her tasks among her council this afternoon. She was a perfectionist that did not give them enough to do since she would rather much do something herself, but that was something she would consider changing soon.

Leona wore a casual white dress and her solari headpiece and headed to the palace gardens. The gardens were open to all Solari, but they were empty this hour of the day which made it a perfect place to relax. Leona sat on a bench and opened a book she brought from the library. Alas, her desire for peace was short lived when a figure at the corner of her eye caught her attention. Leona looked over the edge of her book to see an odd man standing in the gardens. He had large white wings unlike any she had seen before. The vastaya first came to mind, could this be a companion?

Leona closed her book and set it down then rose, facing the man. “Who are you?” she asked calmly.



Side Leo: Meanwhile up in Vandale…

While Anri and Camilla head south, Leo embarks on his journey to the northern province of Vandale. Normally he should be heading back across the mountains to assist his brother, but his father asks him to check up on Tatiana on why she is seemingly unable to send her men out to the front lines. He has yet to tell his men of a possible detour in Morbank, so he hopes he can find some way to send his forces to Hoshido without himself in the lead.

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queenmorganlafay  asked:

Hi, I was wondering, if you have time, could you maybe talk a little about Natasha Romanoff and Matt Murdock's relationship and friendship through the ages? I've always been fascinated and curious by it.


   Matt and Natasha have a wonderful friendship, built by years of emotionally-charged and complicated history together.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog! It makes me smile! How would Uta, Nishiki, Tsukiyama, Kaneki and Yomo react if other ghouls made fun of their human gf for being a bit on the chubby side??

aw, thank you! :’D

Uta: He masks his annoyance with soft chuckles, taunts at the ghouls back, and takes great satisfaction in seeing them splutter indignantly. Putting on an air of indifference, he hooks his arm around his girlfriend’s and walks her away from the ghouls, murmuring for her to ignore them. When the ghouls try to goad Uta back, he just shoots them a look over his shoulder that sends chills down the offenders’ backs. Uta isn’t smiling anymore, and the cold look on his face undoubtedly means: you’re next.

Nishiki: He’s really irritated on his girlfriend’s behalf, even if she doesn’t want a confrontation with ghouls because of the dangers involved. He badmouths the ghouls back, and if they get annoyed at his words, Nishiki doesn’t care. If the ghouls try to start a fight, he’ll show his kagune with a sneer, daring them to try and attack. The whole time, he makes sure that he completely blocks his girlfriend from his opponents’ view so they wouldn’t even think of laying a finger on her.

Tsukiyama: He’s ready to launch an attack the instant he hears the ghouls’ degrading words if his girlfriend hadn’t stopped him. Nonetheless, Tsukiyama has a few choice words for the slimy ghouls, and they seem to get his message, or at least understand that Tsukiyama, despite being outnumbered, isn’t someone they can take on. Once they’d gone, Tsukiyama immediately tends to his girlfriend and reassures her repeatedly that she is a wonderful being.

Kaneki: If the abuse had been directed to him, Kaneki would normally just ignore it and continue on, but despite his quiet outer appearance he’s fiercely defensive of those he cares about. He snaps back at the ghouls, which surprises them, but Kaneki is also smart enough not to take the bait for a fight. Instead, he leads his girlfriend away, neither of them bothering to dignify the ghouls with an answer, and once they were no longer within earshot, Kaneki asks if his girlfriend is alright.

Yomo: His focus is to get his girlfriend away from those ghouls as soon as possible, but he doesn’t take that kind of talk lying down. Yomo’s expression shows just how angry he is at their words, and the ghouls can sense the intensity of his glare from where they stand. They slink away as Yomo wraps a protective arm around his girlfriend to keep her close to him as he leads her away from harm.

waiting for my sun to shine
  • pairing: I’ll let you decide
  • summary: he smiles, he laughs, he makes funny faces but is he really okay? 
  • word count: 2k+
  • notes: this does contain depression talk. it’s also my first BTS drabble because I’m new to the fandom and this was the first piece I thought up. I would love it if I got some feedback (criticism included!) so I can see what works and what doesn’t. this is also partially unedited I hope you enjoy! 


Taehyung isn’t good at it physically but within the years he’s been considered an idol he has mastered the ability to mentally run away from his issues. He runs away from his problems by scheduling more time in the studio, by plugging his headphones in and escaping from this ungodly world, or by messing with his friends to bring a smile to their face. If they are happy by the end of the day he considers it a day well managed.

All in all, Taehyung doesn’t talk about his issues. He never has.

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Teen Wolf Thoughts and Theories - Post Letharia Vulpina

Well, JFC, that was an intense episode. Watching it twice was hard, but necessary. Well, here is my new theory/meta for you. Please discuss it among yourselves or with me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Stiles or demon!Stiles?

Let’s begin with something basic. Did we see Stiles at all this episode? I believe that the obvious answer is no. We only ever saw demon!Stiles this episode and that makes sense. He knew too much about what demon!stiles had done. Stiles, based on previous history, could not have known all this. So, I believe it is safe to say it was always demon!Stiles.


Allison had some questionable behavior here as well. While it made sense for her to stay at the hospital, there is the issue of Isaac not healing. This is pure conjecture, but what if her presence (the presence of a nogitsune) was suppressing his healing powers. It is possible as this nogitsune seems to behave in a much more subtle manor than Stiles’ nogitsune. Preventing the healing means that it could feed off the pain from Isaac.

Secondly, there was her behavior in regards to Lydia. Sure, it may have just been her being defensive because it IS Peter; however, Peter was trying to teach Lydia how to attune and harness her true power. With that, she would be better equipped to help defeat the nogitsune. Also, it would probably lead to her detecting the nogitsune inside of Allison as well. If you examine her interactions with Lydia, the pulling her arm, the grabs, etc., they are all very forceful actions. A little too forceful as it looks like she is literally dragging Lydia. This concerns me.I am almost certain that she is possessed as well and that we will soon see that come to light.

Her possession could also easily explain the money that appeared in her father’s office. Also, if she used weapons that the family owns, it would connect her father to the murder of Katashi. Agent McCall did show up at his house first, so this seems quite plausible.

However, there is one other possibility. What if the nogitsune isn’t being subtle by choice? What if it just doesn’t have full control yet? Before the Nogitsune really took such control over Stiles, it seemed to need a spark of electricity. Well, it almost got it tonight! Allison nearly stepped into the electrified water, but Isaac saved her. She also seemed to be ignoring Kira’s warnings and her own usual awareness of her environment. And after Isaac knocked her away, she seemed to not really move. Isaac might have stopped the control over her by hitting her. Anyway, if it is two nogitsune, Stiles’ nogitsune was trying to give it the spark that it needed to take control.

Allison and Stiles

Now, assuming they are both possessed, this would explain A LOT. Stiles has obtained several things that seem more likely to come from the Argents. For example, the emitters and the arrows. it would be easy enough for the two nogitsune to arrange a hand off or exchange. It would account for apparent discrepancies. They are helping each other.

Stiles and demon!Stiles

It seems that Stiles is still very much there. One reason the nogitsune chose to torture Scott is because it would also cause pain for Stiles which he could draw on. Also, as becomes apparent in the preview for next week’s episode, Stiles regains control of his body. It seems that control switches when one falls asleep. That actually fits with some Japanese lore regarding posession. Stiles decide to lock himself away in a hospital to protect everyone; however, he still does not want to sleep as it means handing over control to the demon. Either way, Stiles is very much there and is fighting as hard as he can. He is far from gone and far from unaware when the demon is possessing him.

The Poisoned Fox

As we saw at the end, Deaton injected the fox poison into Stiles. It is weakening his hold on Stiles and is weakening his power overall. As Deaton said, he is still very much a threat. If we believe what Dylan said, that Stiles will not be the one to die (despite the show trying it’s damnedest to convince us he will be), then this leaves the issue of how do we remove the demon? Well, if the fox is poisoned and constantly weakening, This will lead to the oppurtunity to remove it from Stiles safely. I believe that this will ultimately fall to Scott although it is also possible that it will fall to the pack as a whole, meaning that Scott, Derek, Lydia, and Kira must work together to save him. I am partial towards the Scott saves him because they’re best friends and because of Motel California, but I will not deny the plausibility of the group working together.

This does, however, leave us with a problem. Deaton only brought back enough for Stiles. If Allison is also possessed, then it is doubtful that he will have poison for her nogitsune. In which case it may be impossible to safely remove her nogitsune. Which leads into my next theory.

Who Will Die?

I believe the answer, based on all available evidence up to this point, is Allison. There has been foreshadowing of it throughout the season and now the has been behaving oddly, much like Stiles did. Also, see my Allison section above. On top of this, Dylan has confirmed that he is not the one to die, so that removes him. Then, at Day of the Wolf, Keahu said that the person to die would gain supernatural powers and then die. In my opinion, this rules out everyone with supernatural powers as is. This would leave only Allison from the core cast.

If she is possessed by a nogitsune as well and there is no poison as I stated above, then it may be impossible to safely remove the nogitsune from her, leaving death as the only option. I suspect that when it comes down to it, she may well take her own life in a final act of defiance against the nogitsune, taking the evil with her and protecting her friends who could not protect themselves against her, just as her code  says.

Now, looking at things from outside of the story and looking at it from the point of a studio/writing crew, her death makes sense if they absolutely have to kill off someone (I really think this is unnecessary, but, hey I’m not the writer/creator).Her death will have a profound effect on all of the characters and can serve as a source of character development, especially with Scott and Isaac and Scott and Stiles (because we all know he’ll need his best friend to help him through that). It will have the giant impact that they are hoping for and it will hurt the audience (emotionally); however, it is unlikely that it will decimate their fan base (fans stop watching). Her death would service everything they need and fit a safely calculated risk.

Kira and Her Mother

With Kira’s mom running out of tails and power, she will be forced to turn to Kira to finish the job. She will explain that the nogitsune must be stopped at all costs, even if it means killing the host. Kira will, possibly quite violently, reject this and refuse to. She will forge her own path and find a way to save Stiles. She will not accept her mother’s opinion on the matter. With her mother so weakened, it is unlikely her mother will be able to oppose her. I believe that she will come into her kitsune powers quite well (we got a taste tonight) and that, with Scott’s help, she will find a way to remove the demon without killing Stiles. But, yes, I do not foresee that conversation with her mother going well.

The End

I think that covers just about everything. I may have missed something and if I did I will add it later. I think this is the best representation of my thoughts so far. I think it makes a good theory so far. Please feel free to discuss and criticize it as much as you want! Reblog, message, reply, whatever you like! I would love nothing more than to discuss this with the fandom. So, what do you think?

ahthena  asked:

CAN U PLS DO A KISS CAM AU FOR BELLARKE & 'theyre best friends and they're like... why the fuck not (if this is the only time i get to kiss him/her then i might as well -- nope nvm thats definitely not the last time i kiss him/her)' O R 'they're complete strangers' (bONUS POINTS FOR MINTY SOMEWHERE IN THE CROWD TOO UNBEKNOWNST TO THEM WHO ARE LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF UNTIL THE KISS CAM HITS THEM NEXT)

Thank you for this prompt Connie because this is adorable and so cute!! Changed the prompt just a tiny bit but I hope you like it!

“Come on, Dusosky!” Clarke screamed, slamming her hands against the arm rests as she bounced excitedly. A huff came from her left, obviously Bellamy by the laughing tone and low register of the sound, but instead of commenting she merely stuck her tongue out at Bellamy and flipped her eyes back to the game. “In the goal! In the goal!”

“You’re actually hilarious,” Bellamy spoke, chuckling as Clarke shushed him and leaned forward.

“Come on, yesyesYES, GOAL!”

Clarke whipped her body upward, flying from her seat and cheering with the crowd. Despite Bellamy’s teasing she knew he would be right up with her, screaming and yelling and high-fiving perfect strangers as they all felt the excitement from the point. Bellamy turned toward her, smile stretched wide across his face as he they slapped their hands together and shared a victory call.

“Oh, because I’m the only ridiculous one here,” she teased back.

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the ai au (pt. 3)

part one | part two

  • surprisingly, it’s shaw who brings up kissing first
  • root was totally already thinking about it. but she was trying to play it cool, like the humans in the movies do. you can’t come off too eager
  • shaw and root like to watch movies together. even though with their databases they’ve technically already seen them all
  • “it’d different watching them with eyes, root. i….like it”, she says tentatively
  • and who is root to resist movie dates??
  • so they’re slouched together on their shitty couch, bear on the floor next to them.
  • “shaw, grab me a blanket, i’m cold”
  • “wait, you get cold now? since when?”
  • “i made a new update to our firmware. i told you to download it this morning”
  • shaw gets up to grab the blanket. “i didn’t have time to run by harold’s to get it”
  • root grins, “i can transfer it directly to you, silly”
  • shaw sits back next to her and hands her the blanket. cautiously: “directly transfer? how?”
  • root beams. “i’m sure I’ve got a spare usb around here somewhere!” she digs through the pile of junk next to bear. the junk pile never shrinks. it’s all root’s fault
  • she finds it, hooks it into a port on her wrist. searches for a matching one on shaw. “under my jaw” says shaw quietly
  • root keeps one hand on her port-free wrist. plugs the other end into shaw.
  • “it’s a little loose,” root frowns
  • “you got me pretty good in our last fight. i haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet”
  • “you’ve got to take better care of yourself, shaw”
  • shaw shrugs. “it’s not a big deal. just hold it in place while you make the transfer”
  • root is grateful that if shaw notices her shaking hands, she doesn’t say a word
  • the transfer is quick and painless
  • but then
  • the warmth.
  • the warmth is new. and real. not imagined
  • the heat against her wrist. all root. the warm, dry palm along the underside of her jaw. it’s soothing, shaw decides. relaxing. she leans into root’s palm without thinking, chasing the comfort
  • shaw grins. “soon finch won’t be able to tell us apart from normal people”
  • “we are normal” root says defensively, “there’s nothing wrong with us” “you know what i mean.” she slings an arm around root’s thin frame. pulls her in a little closer
  • it’s just for the warmth. just to experience the new feeling
  • “now let’s watch this damn movie”
  • the movie’s almost over. the leading ladies kiss. it’s sweet and innocent and no one is in danger of dying
  • root’s eyes are fixed on the screen. hungry
  • “do you ever think about it?” shaw asks, breaking the silence. root breaks her stare off with the tv
  • “think about what?”
  • shaw nods in the direction of the tv
  • if root could blush, she would. “i guess. sometimes.” root stammers, awkward as hell. she refuses to meet shaw’s gaze
  • “only sometimes?”
  • root turns to the sound of her voice. when did she get so close?
  • shaw traces the corner of root’s mouth with her finger, curiously “because i think about it a lot”
  • root can barely think. everything is frozen and speeding past her simultaneously. she blinks. something garbled comes out of root’s mouth. it’s not something shaw’s language processor registers as any known dialect
  • shaw puts her hand at the back of root’s neck. no pressure. but the heat is licking up her arm like a wildfire
  • “can I kiss you?”
  • root can’t speak, so she nods
  • and then they kiss
  • and probably both short circuit
  • it’s an awkward conversation to have with john and harold when they find them two days later
shall i stay (would it be a sin?)

summary: It seems like life has a way of writing sins for him, because surely he cannot fall in love with his partner in justice who mourns over another. Surely he has the choice of walking away. But, there’s another thing, he can’t help but stay.

word count: ~ 5,400

rating: T (canonical character death, use of guns, mention of blood, but generally vague.)

a/n: This fic is really inspiration drawn from the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis, but I first heard the song from this cover. Which is fucking awesome and gives me feels. I recommend listening to the song before reading this because lyric meanings are subtly hinted through what’s written! (for real though, you are miSSING OUT if you haven’t heard this cover.)

Every time the name Emma Swan rolls off his tongue, it’s always with a smile.

She’s a bloody spitfire, her stubborn, intelligent self. He’s never had the pleasure of working alongside anyone like this before, but they’re both relatively new to the entire detectives field (yet outrageously good at it). Killian certainly cannot complain about her personality or her beauty, and he’s never been so taken aback by any woman before. Emma is definitely the first to leave him embarrassingly speechless, but they’re partners now, at least for the time being. He’ll just have to handle himself as a gentleman.

Not that he isn’t one on the regular.

Some of the cases they get assigned are utterly disturbing, and surely he’ll have some of those burned to memory, but neither of them waver from the job when given the task. He begins to learn that they make a bloody fantastic team, her ability to search for the subtle, yet important details of a crime scene and dish out a liar, with the combination of his perceptiveness and clockwork of a working brain. Also, let’s not forget the fact they’re both decently trained in hand-to-hand combat, though he must say his gun accuracy is far more impressive sometimes (and it’s a cleaner job).

(“I don’t mean to upset you, Emma, but I think we make quite the team.”

“Yeah, we do.”)

At first when he catches sight of the flirting between her and Graham, he swears his stomach does a flip and his jaw clenches on its own accord. He knows better than to care, they after all, are simply work partners. Her love life is her own and does nothing to concern him. But, he knows the way he turns the corridor and exits the precinct to go get lunch to end up sitting alone in a diner means he’s jealous.

It’s nothing but a fleeting crush, he continuously tells himself flipping through the latest case details, pushed back in his chair. Killian’s always been able to somehow read her like an open book (“You’re somewhat of an open book.” “Am I?” “Aye.” “Better close it.”). It’s clearly obvious to him that she’s despised love and trust before, and now, he’ll only have one out of the two. Trust. It’s just not enough for him, but this is how life goes, how some things may be meant to be, despite how he hates the idea of there being a fate; his choices being made for him instead of him having to make the decisions freely for himself.

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we are young (we are the dream) 5/?

summary: he was a fratboy, she was a sorority girl. can I make it anymore obvious?

chapter notes: thank the lord for scott michael foster as kristoff. also, there’s a scene inspired by grey’s anatomy, so to those fans of the show, let’s see if you recognize it :)

rating: T

word count: 11,932



Being with Graham was easy. He made everything easy, and fun, and warm. He was warm. He picked her up after class, took her out to dinner, tagged along when she was out with her friends. She even got to sneak him into the house once, making him wear a fluffy pink robe to disguise himself when he needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. (It had miraculously worked, and she still marveled at that fact. He had claimed it was all him. She had slapped his arm. He had playfully bitten her.) He came over to mixtures, balls, and any other sort of party that them Greeks threw, and somehow found time to help freshmen students in his charge and research for his own project. Henry adored him, her friends constantly made fun of her dreamy eyes whenever he was around or was mentioned, and both the Omega Chis and Kappa Taus got surprisingly well with him.

(It should have annoyed her, that he seemed to be that nice. Surprisingly, it didn’t. It just made her like him even more.)

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alwaysisforeverx  asked:

So many DErs are speculating that Damon will be proposing to Eugene because of the picture of her with candles and roses and Plec saying that she will get a propersition. So is there no hope for Bamon?


I mean, I get why DE fans would be tempted to go there, with JP’s spoiler about a wedding (maybe Jolaric wedding is a misdirect I guess??), and the spoiler about Elena’s life-altering proposition like you said. Plus what JP said about DE talking about their future and what they want sometime in the next few episodes.

But at the same time, that would be so utterly ridiculous. Out of all the couples on the show, DE are the two who are least suited to marriage. They don’t communicate well, he hides vital sides of himself from her, and she is drawn to him like a moth to a flame but what happens to that moth when it hits the flame? The writers had a chance to give them a blank slate with Elena’s memory wipe, but instead all the ingredients of their previous toxicity are still there, just simmering until this honeymoon afterglow starts to fade for them.

What I could see happening would be this: Maybe in all the planning for the Jolaric wedding, with a backdrop of no-humanity!Caroline (and possibly also Stefan?) going off the rails, Damon and Elena will be swept up in the “life’s too short” impulse, and they’ll talk about whether or not they would ever want to get married too.

It’d be a typical dramatic DE moment where they decide that there’s nothing they both would want more than to be together forever. 

But then (as usual) PLOT TWIST! Along comes Bonnie with her gift that “shakes Damon to the core.” (WARNING: CURE THEORY TALK AHEAD.) 

How meaningful are promises of eternity when Damon’s deepest, hidden desire is to be mortal again? And how important would it be if that’s something he has never been able to explain to Elena, but it’s something he readily told to Bonnie?

The Damon/Kai webclip that was released for 6x16 convinces me more than ever that the writers haven’t retconned Damon’s confession on the road in 2x12 about secretly missing being human. His sheer revulsion at the idea that someone as beloved as his mother could be a monster betrays exactly how he really feels about vampirism, no matter how much “I revel in it” bravado he layers onto himself as a defense against his own self-loathing.

And Bonnie is the key to unlocking that, not Elena who unknowingly only leads him further and further down the path he secretly doesn’t want.

I think that pretty much as soon as we see Elena and Damon say that yes, they want to be together forever as vampires, Bonnie would reveal to Damon that she brought the cure back for him, and it would make irrelevant all of DE’s plans.

I think he would struggle with it, and struggle to understand what would truly make him happy, and what the concepts of humanity and redemption mean to him at this point. And I think he would have to face a lot of truths about himself and his relationship with Elena that have been buried up to this point. And I don’t think DE can survive that, let alone merrily go on to get married.

Also I have a hunch that Elena will get her memories back in the season finale (by accident??), and a lot of this will be a moot point as she realizes all the things that Damon hid from her now about the toxicity of their s5 relationship, plus as she finally has a full context/understanding of exactly what Bonnie and Damon’s ever deepening bond means.