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I'm about to get my first corn snake, but I keep seeing conflicting instructions on their care. If I need to take them out of the tank to feed, but can't handle them for 48 hrs after feeding them, where do I put them? Should I get a separate feeding tank or can I handle the snake briefly to put it back in its tank?

Hi there!

There are differing opinions on how best to feed a corn snake and I certainly understand feeling a little overwhelmed when you’re trying to decipher what’s critical and what’s opinion.
Really what we’re trying to prevent is any kind of stress that would make your snake feel unsafe with a full tummy and cause them to regurgitate their meal so that it’s not slowing them down in the event they make need to make a speedy getaway. 

You don’t have to feed in a separate enclosure if you’d rather not. There’s really no reason to do so unless there is a legitimate concern that your snake might eat substrate or might refuse food.
For example: Kitty Junior, my lavender corn snake lady, won’t eat unless she and her meal are completely alone and she feels totally safe, so I pop her into a paper lunch bag for dinnertime. After she eats, I tip the bag over and she slithers out and goes to her favorite basking spot.

You can prevent your snake eating substrate without moving them by offering food on a tray or in a bowl or a deli cup or in a specific hide in their enclosure. I’ve used plastic grass mats from the dollar store, linoleum samples, doll dishes, cardboard tubes, and sauce cups as snake plates with great success. Exo Terra even sells a $14 bowl that looks like a hollow rock that your snake can eat in if you like spending money.

If you choose to feed outside of the enclosure, which again you certainly do not have to do, you can handle the snake briefly while you put them back into their enclosure. A few seconds of contact isn’t going to stress an established snake, especially if they already know you and have had an opportunity to recognize you as the warm creature that brings food and lets them have adventures and makes the poo go away. 

Just make sure they have the chance to rest and digest for 48 hours with limited interruptions once they’re back in their home.

Oh Maison - Misha Collins x Reader (Oh Westy - Part 3)

Title: Oh Maison

Pairing: Misha Collins x Reader

Word count: 2,457

Warnings: None

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A/N: I know Misha is married but for the purpose of this he’s divorced because, yeah, no way he would cheat on his wife. Just to make it clear, Misha, West and Maison are used in this just like characters, just like I would use Dean, Sam or Castiel on others. So if anyone is bothered you ’re free to not read it. This is just a story after all.

Enjoy~! xx’

“Vicki?” you breathed out, finding it almost impossible to believe that she was standing in front of you.

“Hey (Y/n)” he said with a warm smile that made you feel a little bit more at ease.

“How are you?” she asked again after of course giving you a hug. She was always so friendly to you, even though you didn’t know her all that well. At least compared to Misha that was your best friend, of course. You did know her for a long time, of course, even before the divorce and you could say that you went along really well.

“Wha- Uh well, yeah I’m fine. Good, really, thanks” you breathed out stuttering, finding yourself actually lost as to what to say “How are you?” you tried to smile but it came off as awkward.

“Good, good. Thank you” she said and you couldn’t help but shift a little bit uncomfortably when you felt her eyes linger on you, examining you from head to toes. She was looking at you with a curious look in her eyes, as if she was trying to read you, her eyes roaming your figure and that’s when you realized why she actually was.

You were wearing nothing but one of Mish'as shirts and boxers. Oh.

“So, is Misha here?” she asked with an almost… pleased smirk?

“Uh yeah, of course. Come in.” you motioned for her to come in and she did.

“I thought you were going to leave the kids to Misha for two weeks?” you asked with a small frown, wondering why she was already here and fearing that she might take the kids. You actually loved them as if they were yours and you wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

“Yeah, yeah of course I am. That’s what we decided after all. But I just needed to make sure they are ok and having fun, something I don’t doubt even in the slightest when it comes to Misha.” she said and you both chuckled.

“I guess I can’t disagree with you on that” you said with a smile that only widened when you and Vicki entered the kitchen and saw Misha making funny faces while trying to feed Maison her food, and West giggling at his father.

“Daddy what are you doing?!” West exclaimed through laughter.

“Well, whatever it is, he’s clearly failing” you said with a chuckle.

“I’m doing my best, ok?” he said without glancing at you.

“And failing may I point out” Vicki spoke up this time and made both Misha and West turn to look at her.

“Mommy!” West exclaimed getting up from his chair and running towards Vicki, hugging her legs tightly.

“Hey sweetie” she smiled and bent down to kiss him.

“Vicki? What are you doing here? I though we’d agreed-” Misha started speaking but she cut him off.

“I know, I know. I just needed to make sure that the kids are both fine and I was kind of bored at home, so yeah.” she shrugged “But I would have been less worried if I actually knew that (Y/n) would be here” she added with a smile.

Misha groaned and rolled his eyes “Why do you both think I am not able of taking care of two kids on my own? My kids especially!”

“Uh well…” you looked at Vicki who was chuckling and then back at him “Because you are not? Hey, do I need remind you the situation or more like mess I found this place in when I first came? And you had the kids for just one day at that time!” you said matter-of-factly.

“Whatever” he rolled his eyes at you.

“Oh dear I can only imagine it!” Vicki shook her head and laughed at the same time “But no worries, since I came here I think about staying all day, hm? How does that sound? If you don’t have a problem that is, Misha.” she asked and Misha only looked at you, biting his lip; contemplating on whether he should say yes or no.

“Yes yes yes!” West’s excited voice broke the silence that had surrounded you “And we are going to play and watch movies and eat pop corn!” he exclaimed happily and you couldn’t help but smile, although anyone could clearly see that it was a bittersweet one.

“Alright alright. We’ll see about that, now let’s eat because I don’t know about you but I am starving and (Y/n)-” he turned to look at you “-I am eating the half of that omelette you made ‘cause honestly it smells amazing” he said and you just nodded, not really paying attention to what he said.

You opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by Vicki.

“Ok then, give me that-” she said and took the spoon and plate with Maison’s food in her hands “-I think you’ve not really succeeded in feeding her.” she chuckled and proceeded to feed Maison. Something that you… really wished you could do.

For the past days, and whenever you would visit him to help him with the kids, you always were the one to take care of them in the way Vicki did right now. Of course Misha got to spend time with them, just like a good father would, but you always were there too. Taking care of them, playing with them, spending as much time as possible with them. Acting just like a good… mother would. And the thought of it made you cringe, now.

You were not their mother. And nothing could change that.

Vicki was their mother and even though you would never take her place in their hearts (hell you would never want that) you knew that you were not going to mean as much as she meant to them. You knew that even if it happened, West was never going to call you 'mom’ with the same sparkle in his eyes that he had when it came to Vicki, and Maison was not going to ever look at you the way she did at Vicki, and Misha… oh Misha.

He was the reason to all of this. You wanted to all of this to be true because of him. You wanted so much to be… a family. All of you. A family. Even if you weren’t really going to be a real family you wanted his children to love you like they did with Vicki. You wanted all of you to be like that but… you knew that Misha was never going to see you like that.

You and him were just friends and that was not going to change. You would never mean that much to him. He was never going to think of you in that way. You and him would never-

“(Y/n)?” Misha’s voice broke your trail of thoughts.

You looked up from your pancakes that you’ve be playing around with your fork and looked at him frowning “Yeah?”

“Are you ok? Is everything alright?” he asked with a deep frown looking deeply in your eyes and put a hand on top of yours; and you would be lying if you said that it didn’t send goosebumps all over your skin.

“Yeah, yeah I just-” you glanced at all of them once and then looked back at your hands “I think I feel a headache coming up. I’m- I’m just going to take a shower, ok?” you said with a small and forced smile and got up from your chair without giving the chance to Misha to speak.

You heard a whimper behind you and you thought you heard West say your name but you payed no attention to, the tears that were welling up in your eyes were making your vision all the more blurry.

“Misha…?” Vicki trailed off looking at him with a forming smile.

Misha averted his eyes from where you’d left and turned to look at the expecting look face Vicki had. He just shook his head “No, Vicki. No.” he sighed and looked down at his food.

“Oh” she said with a small frown.

~Time skip to a couple hours~

You sighed rubbing your eyes with your hand. You had taken a really long shower, trying to relax and push away every thought but of course failing miserably. You decided to stay in your room - or more like Misha’s - after that for a while thinking that giving the 'family’ some time alone together would be better than to just stand in the middle.  

You were dressed in your clothes now, Misha’s clothes lay on his bed and you would be lying if you said that even though they didn’t cover as much skin as yours now did they didn’t make you feel more warm than any other clothing ever did.

You got out of the room, closing the door softly behind you and making your way slowly towards the stairs.

You walked down the stairs and slowly walked into the living room to find them all there together. West’s laughter could be heard clearly as Vicki had him down on the floor tickling him nonstop. West of course pleading for her to stop while Maison was with Misha both of them playing with her toys, smiles on both their faces; a movie playing on the TV but obviously long ago forgotten.

You felt a pang in your chest and your heart tighten in your chest. You felt really happy to see them like this, the smiles on their faces really proved to the pure happiness they felt as well. It was like no other way before and even if it made you seem selfish you felt sad to not be part of that. The smile on Misha’s face was what hurt the most and you bit your lip really hard to keep the tears from rolling. This is how he truly was happy. This is how they all were truly happy. Without you. Without you there. This was the most happy they were and if that was without you, then… you might as well leave.

“No mom, please! Mommy please stop!” West’s laughter could be heard as you made your way out of the living room, not bothering to be quiet because you knew that none of them would pay attention to you being there.

What you were unaware of, though, was the blue orbs that followed your every movement even as you walked out of the living room. Misha watching with a deep frown, ready to open his mouth to speak to you and tell you to join them but immediately stopping when he saw the tear that ran down your cheek and you immediately brushing it off. He pursed his lips, taking in deep breaths, his heart actually aching to see you like that.

You bit your trembling lip as you made your way inside the kitchen, a total mess obviously present. You laughed, even through your tears, shaking your head at seeing the absolute chaos in front of you which only meant that West and Misha had been cooking. You chuckled remembering all the times you had helped those Collins. And of course having to be the one to clean all the mess afterwards. But definitely dragging Misha to help you fix things.

“Those Collins” you muttered under our breath with a chuckle, shaking your head as you tried to clean the counter.

“Hey what can we say, cooking is in our DNA” Misha’s voice, followed by a chuckle, was heard behind you.

You stiffened when you heard Misha but, taking in a deep breath and making sure your cheeks were free of any tears (or that at least he wouldn’t realize that you had been crying), you cleared your throat and putting on a fake smile turned to look at him.

“Yeah but cleaning is not in mine so you are definitely helping in cleaning this up” you said throwing him a napkin which he caught with one hand, while the other was holding Maison close to him.

“Give me Maison, and start on cleaning the table” you told him taking the little girl from his hands, setting her on her chair and proceeding to clean the mess that he and West had made. Luckily this time it didn’t take you as much as it always did and you were finished in no time. Maybe it was because Vicki and West had come to help, that made you finish earlier, anyway.

“Well now I realize what you had to go through every time after joining these two in cooking” Vicki said slumping on a chair next to Maison.

“You tell me.” you said and rolled your eyes.

“Yeah right, as if you don’t have fun every time!” Misha pointed out.

“I had fun because it was not you cooking but West!” you retorted and he narrowed his eyes at you.

“Fine, you win this round. But I’m going to get you back, mind my words” he pointed a finger at you and then you both chuckled.

“Come on West” he said picking up West “Let’s go get you cleaned and ready for a nap, we can continue playing later when you wake up” he said and West nodded, resting his head on the crook of Misha’s neck his eyes half closed. He smiled at you and waved with his small hand.

“Uh I’ll better go take a nap too, I definitely think I need it” you mumbled finding it hard to hide how tired both physically and emotional you were. You turned to make your way out of the kitchen and to the stairs but you stopped dead in your trucks when you heard a baby voice speak - or more like struggle to.

“M- M- Mom. Mom.” was heard and despite how you were feeling you felt yourself smiling.

“Mom!” Maison’s voice said and you couldn’t help but laugh from happiness, Vicki doing the same, as you both heard her speak… for the first time.

“Her first word!” Vicki said laughing, completely excited to hear her daughter speak.

“Mom!” you heard Maison exclaim again followed by a giggle.

You laughed too and turned to look at her but soon the smile faded from your face.

“Mom!” the little girl said with happiness again, Vicki smiling widely next to her and kissing her cheek completely happy to hear her speak.

The smile was no longer on your face as you saw the little girl look directly at you, a smile on her face and hands extended towards you as if she was asking for you to pick her up; just like Misha had previously done with West.

'Oh Maison’ you thought.

Wrong House - Rap Mon, angst.

anon requested

You hummed your favorite song while walking up the stairs to their room; chuckling slightly, knowing their reactions would be funny when you surprised them. You knocked on one of the rooms, but it was not Namjoon’s, because you decided to surprise him later. A few seconds later, Jimin opened his door. A gasp escaped his lips. “Y/N?!” he yelled, catching V and J-Hope’s attention. 

“Y/N?” they both yelled too, walking towards you with rush. “I thought you were in Singapore?” Taehyung’s surprised voice echoed, so you hushed him. “I came without telling, I wanted to surprise Namjoon– so be a little quiet, guys. Please.” you replied, rolling your eyes. But when you mentioned his name, they looked away– as if they’re hiding something. “Hyung’s not here, Y/N, you better go home, sorry, we miss you tho!” you furrowed your eye-brows, “not here?”

“He’s going out for awhile, I’m– We’re sorry.” J-Hope continued, sighing heavily. You knew something was not right, that tone Hoseok used– it was not usual, the last time you heard that was like a year ago, when Namjoon got really sick and Hoseok got worried. “Someone’s wrong,” you muttered, taking out your phone. You dialed Namjoon’s number as the three guys gulped. 

You heard a ring at his room. “He’s away, huh?” you questioned, mockingly. You looked at those three boys as you tried to keep negative things away– but you can’t. “Guys,” you sighed, trying to hide your disappointment, hanging up the phone. “You guys don’t like me hanging out with Namjoon, is it?” their eyes widened as they screamed, “No!” Jimin sighed, “Y/N, you’re like a sister to me, I don’t hate you– We don’t hate you. But there’s something–” 

You heard a moan from his room– but not his moan, it was a girl’s moan. You and the three boys froze. “What’s that sound coming from his room? I-Is he–?” you never finished your sentence when you heard Jungkook groaned and walked out of the room, “They did it again! Every fucking day! Every fucking–” he paused when he saw you, looking at him, as if you wanted him to continue. “Y/N-Noona?” you saw a glint of guilt in his eyes. “Wh-What are you doing here?” you chuckled forcefully, “I, myself, don’t know why too, Jungkook.”

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Chapter 4


“Adrienne. Adrienne!”. I snapped out of my daydreaming state and looked up at my assistant. “Yes yes I’m sorry”. She gave a small smile handing me my folder of the summer line for Members Club. I was working late since August has Adri, and as you can see I’m not getting much done. “You ok?”. She questioned. I nodded, looking through the folder, circling potential items that could be used. “Just missing my baby girl”. She nodded, sitting in the black chair in front of my desk. “I figured, this is her first time away from you right?”. I nodded, leaning back in chair, rubbing my temples. I got a lot of work done today, I also met with my new co-host partners for my new and upcoming talk show, which I might add I am excited about. But today had been rough. I haven’t heard my baby’s voice since this morning. “Well Stac, I’m out for the night, before you leave, call up Alexander Wang, let it be known that my deadline to collab with him for the summer line is approaching. I need a yes or no by next Wednesday. Oh and don’t forget to lock up”. She missed, handing me my purse and keys. I got on the elevator heading to my car. As soon as I got my keys out my phone started ringing. I got in the car smiling at  picture that popped up.

“Hi baby!!”

There was rustling on the other end of the line before her soft voice rang through my ear.

“Hi mommy”

“How are you baby, I miss you”

Her small baby laugh made me smile. 

“I miss you tooo mommy. Dada got me nuggets”

I laughed shaking my head. I hate her eating fast food but she’s with daddy.

“Really is it good”

She mumbled a “mhm” before she said her I and handed the phone to August. ” I miss he so much ” he laughed aww’ing to me. ” has she asked about me ” “you want the truth or a lie” I laughed shaking my head. She was slowly but surly turning into a daddy’s girl. “Nah but you can come through, we about to do a movie with pop corn and candy”. As tempting as that sounded, this was his day with her. “No it’s fine, it’s your time with he-” “don’t argue ma, just come through. I said it was straight”. I bit my bottom lip and exhaled. “alright alright fine, I’ll see you in a few.


“Daddy color with me” Adri yelled. I exhaled hopping of the couch, laying out on the floor and coloring with her. I have to give Adrienne her props, this has be the most trying day I have ever done, I’m still getting use to having a 2 year old with so much energy. I really need to consider finding a new spot, I wanted to make sure she had own room. “Dada, I see my nana tomorrow”. I nodded, going her color in her Doc McStuffins book. Tomorrow is my family reunion, we had to be out of New York  lil early but worth it because Adri gets to see all the family. “Yep baby, we gonna leave early abs come back at night”. She shook her head and held her arms. “I spen the night daddy”. I laughed, pulling her to me and kissing her forehead. About a couple minutes later, there was a knock at my door, I already knew who it was but Adri didn’t. “Go get door Adri”. She got up, struggling to open the door but finally got it. As soon as she opened the door, she screamed running into Adrienne. “It my mommy Dada” I laughed looking at Adrienne and smiling. “I know baby, mommy gonna watch a movie with us”. She nodded, looking Adrienne all around the house, showing her everything sight. “Ok baby watch the movie now"Adrienne asked. They both made their way to the couch beside me as I pushed past on the remote. This felt right, I actually don’t know how I  was feeling because I’ve never experienced it, but I know it feels right. As the movie started, we all got comfortable, even me and I’m even use to watching Disney musical animation cartoons.


"August…. August….. Alsina” I shot up to see Adrienne giggle, holding a sleeping Adri. I exhaled looking at my watch to see it read 2 am. “I’m gonna go”. She whispered, trying to have me Adri. I gently grabbed her wrist, shaking my head. “Nah you can spend the night, it’s straight”. She exhaled finally giving in. “Y’all can sleep in bed, I’ll sleep on the couch. "Is your house”.I laughed. “I know but it’s straight”. I got up, showing her to the room, watching her lay down with Adri. I parked beside the dude she laying on, starting at her. Realizing all over again, that I fucked up.

“Adrienne I gotta ask you some shit. Keep it 100 with me ok?”

She nodded, giving me get undivided attention

“His ol boy putting his hands on you”

“No, he’s aggressive but no”

“Adrienne I’m trying ….. if he’s putting his hands on you. Leave his ass before I have to fuck him up, real talk”

She exhaled nodding. I decided to  topic since I could see it was making her feel a certain type of way. I just had to let it be known.

“Besides that shit, my family reunion is tomorrow. Our a family gathering. We leaving at 8. You should come”

She shook her head, fixing her ponytail.

“Nah, that’s you and Adri’ s family”

I laughed shrugging my shoulder.

“So, just come. Ma Dukes be asking about you still to this day”.

She laughed, exhaling in process.

“Alright, I’ll come”. I noted, getting up and heading to living room. 

Telegrams and Lemongrass

Summary: A telegram for Korra makes the Airbending family’s dinnertime slightly chaotic. 
Rating: K
Words: 1700

“Lost footage” scene fitting in between A Leaf in the Wind and The Revelation. Because it’s pulled from a larger piece of writing, it kind of lacks a direction but… maybe you’ll like it anyway. First draft–forgive my errors. Kudos to lariren-shadow for putting up with my long IM’s.


It wasn’t until after Ikki had finished the dinner blessing that Korra’s eye caught the yellow of the envelope. Her hand suspended over her chopsticks, she moved her fingers to sliding it over the edge of the table for an easy pick up.

 “What’s this?”

“A telegram, apparently,“ Pema offered, not in the least distracted by ladling hot broth into Meelo’s soup bowl.

Not much of a revelation. Ah, well–no better way to find out than by opening it. Korra had a hunch who it was from, though. Her fingers made quick work of tearing the seals and unfolding the slightly-smudged ink.

Practice. 6 AM gym. Bring bkfast & brain. -Mako

She was right. And it didn’t help bring down her fury at the apparent return of his attitude. She could practically feel the temperature in her face competing with the heat of steam coming off her dinner. ’& brain?’ After saving his decidedly kicked butt from disqualification, ’& brain?!’ She turned violently against the offending paper.

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