she will be perfect

honestly it’s baffling to me how the entire party can be So Bad at reading vex outside of percy and pike (if she’s there) like even vax is extremely hit or miss on saying what vex wants or needs to hear and as a whole vm just. likes to dismiss a lot of vex’s more serious feelings as jokes.

Leave! Noora! Alone!

I honestly don’t understand all of the noora hate, I get that some people might think she gets too much screen time but the actual criticism of her character this season has been so random? Like when she kissed yousef the reaction was so horrible people called her a bitch, said she was vindictive and out to hurt Sana when she has NO IDEA Sana liked yousef and you know she didn’t so why are you blaming her and not your angel yousef who not only strung Sana along but knew that Sana and noora were close because he’s seen them hanging together (at the party too smfh)

And now she drops out the bus to help Sana and people are still annoyed? She’s being a good friend, she did more than Eva and Chris did in the text yesterday and they got so much love for it but when her text supporting Sana takes up 20 seconds of screen time people are still pissed? Why?

Btw she had every right to be annoyed at Sana for not telling her about William, she deserved to know and not have secrets kept from her (which even Sana knew because she said as much to Eva but then decided to keep her mouth shut) and when people say why is she only angry at Sana like how do you know wasn’t annoyed at the others? She could’ve literally just found out from them, got pissed off and thought nvm let me go talk to Sana rn she’ll cheer me up and then Sana was in on it to and she got annoyed again like that’s a normal reaction and people want NOORA to apologise to SANA for being upset? Ridiculous

The only thing I’m missing that makes me adequate for a relationship…
—  I cut her off. There’s nothing about her that isn’t perfect.
She hates rain and is affected by the smallest type of cold, yet she refuses to use an umbrella or coat.
She does the most hilarious dances to any song, but I swear my heart dances with her.
She decided to go vegan, but gets closer to giving up every day because her mom makes amazing non vegan food.
She loves soccer and works her butt off to get better.
She likes to kick me awake from my nap so that I can be on time to whatever I have to do.
She gets genuinely concerned about anyone she cares about.
She isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but rather she fights her way through life with a smile.
There’s nothing she’s missing. Not in my eyes.


all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*