she will be love

Hey, listen up. You’ll be fine. Just follow this path. Run as far as you can, I promise there will be people to help you. You might not find them right away…but keep running until you do! Now go! Run! Get runnin’!

July 26th, Happy Birthday Sasha Braus 🍃

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Let's applaud Harry. You see, Harry's been a supporting figure in Louis' life now for seven years, was there for him through Jay's illness much like Louis has been there for Harry. Also Harry is no selfish, self serving man, he's happy to be Louis' rock privately without needing public praise or glory for it. In contrast we have another brunette who is so self serving that she DOES need public praise for a role that is not hers. True love is when you don't need recognition for loving them 🙃

“true love is when you don’t need recognition for loving them" 

Damn, louder for Louis team and antis 

So I was telling @jimintomystery that the fan debate over R+L=J these days is not about whether it’s true, but how consensual it was. And he was like,

I hope Katie is having an excellent day with that luminous radiant smile constantly plastered on that marble carved face and that melodic infectious laugh in her voice all while knowing that she has a loving supportive and appreciative armada at her disposal who are also ready to commit mass murder at the simple arch of her perfect eyebrow ❤️❤️

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