she went through all that so they could all survive


Every now and again, you hear a song that changes you life. Plain and simple.

Kesha’s “Praying” is my most recent example.

My father was a minister, a pastor, a reverend, pick your word. A man of the faith, supposedly. Though in truth he was nothing more than a con, a pathetic excuse for a human being, emotionally and occasionally physically abusive. He destroyed a marriage, and he tried to destroy everyone around him, including two children.

I don’t have many fond memories of my childhood. I spent most of it afraid and angry. I felt broken so often, felt powerless and helpless and like nothing would ever get better. I spent my teenage years fighting to be free from him and the death grip he had on my family.

After he destroyed our family, I took him back in. He told me he was sick and had place else to go, so I gave him a home when he had none, I tried forgiveness. I wanted him to have a place in my life. But as had happened so many times before, he spit on all of it, and once again I was left to pick up the pieces.

He couldn’t break me. And I’m so so proud of that. Cutting him off and walking away from him was the easiest and most difficult decision of my life.

I rarely think of him now, but sometimes he slips back into my thoughts. I often thank him for all of the lessons he taught me.

My husband and I are separating. We both hope to be able to salvage our marriage, but right now we are both in very different places. And sometimes I wish I had a father I could go to, to get advice from. But I don’t even know where he is or what he’s doing. And that’s okay. Some things only god can forgive, as Kesha says. I hope he finds his peace.

Knowing what she went through, all that she survived, and how public it all was, and yet she’s still so gracious, still so strong, but there’s so much humility in that, she’s just such an icon. My situation is in no way as severe as hers, but I am so so thankful for her. Thankful for this song. Thankful for this space to write out all of these emotions.

I know this isn’t a fun Larry or 1D post, and I’m sorry to clutter your dash with it. I just had to write somewhere. I’m um… I’m going to be following our boys but from a bit of a distance, and I hope you can all understand that. I can’t possibly explain what all of you mean to me, so I’ll just end with my traditional: Be good to each other. All my love to all of you. ♥️

Mental Health

I am a nurse; which means I have been trained on how to help those with mental illness. I know what to say and how to react regarding mental health and much of the ins and the outs of it.

But when it comes to my own mental health I’m really bad at addressing that it’s a bad thing. And it is. Right now my mental health is in the tank. And it has been for quite some time.
There’s been a lot going on. And it finally hit me today. I couldn’t get over this awful empty and soul crushing feeling. And I started thinking and feeling like killing myself was a liable option. Driving my car into a pole. Jumping off of the bridge that I drive over twice a day.
I don’t know why I’m feeling this way other than I have depression and BPD and anxiety and it happens.
And I did what I tell everyone to do when they are in a bad place mentally. I reached out. I was absolutely terrified of the way I would be worrying someone. But I knew that if I didn’t tell someone then I was going to be even more alone and struggling.
So, I sent Harmony a message. And she talked me through how I was feeling. And she pushed me to get help. She helped me make a plan for surviving instead of letting me carry through with a plan for ending my life.
And, despite how shameful I felt and how absolutely uncomfortable it made me, I went to the ER. And I’ve been here for 5 hours. But after all the questions and all of the nurses and doctors and social workers I feel much better. They did what medical professionals are supposed to do, they helped me when I could not help myself.
I’m glad to say that I have made it through this hell day.
And that they have given me resources to continue to help myself.
So, on this Thursday, I am thankful that there are people that cared enough to listen when I needed it. I am thankful for the fact that I get to go home soon. And that I have so many people that love me.

BTS Reaction to Their Sister Debuting After A Long Trainee Period - Hyung Line

Request: Hiii! Can you do a BTS reaction where their younger sister has finally debuted as an idol after almost a decade of training and they see her all alone crying backstage after her performance?

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Kim Seokjin:

     I think Seokjin will be very proud watching his little sister perform on her debut stage. He knows what she went through, and all the (excuse my pun) blood, sweat, and tears she put into debuting. He also knows that the industry could be a harsh and uncaring place, so when he found her crying backstage he would comfort her and give her a pep talk on how to go about surviving it. Once she had calmed down he would probably congratulate her, tell her how good her performance was, and take her out for a nice meal. After all what are big brothers for?

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Min Yoongi:

     Yoongi had promised his little sister he would come watch her debut stage performance, and it was a promise he kept. He sat very close to the stage getting a good view of the performance. For a newly debut group the performance went super well, and the only problems he could find were the hints of nervousness in all of the group’s voices. When he found her backstage crying he would pull her into a hug and just hold her until she calmed down. After that he probably wouldn’t question your tears any further but would instead compliment your performance, and ask to meet your members.

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Jung Hoseok:

     Hobi and his little sister would be very close, much like him and his older sister. So I think that when he found out his baby sister was entering the idol world he would be a bit protective, and much like a mentor on her way through it. I think he would get emotional watching her debut stage, and wouldn’t be too surprised to find her backstage emotional too. Both siblings would just be so happy and full of emotion that she was finally able to debut that there might happen to be a tear session. Hobi would take her aside and they would talk through their emotions. Little to say anytime he had the chance he would mention his newly debut sister, because he was just that proud.

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Kim Namjoon:

     Namjoon would also be super proud of his little sister debuting. I think he would analyze her performance while she was doing, and would notice the mistake she made. He knew she was quite the perfectionist, so when he found her backstage he wasn’t too surprise. I think his leader mode would kick in and he would be able to reassure her that she did fine, didn’t mess anything up, and could do better next time. I think he would also know the right words to say to make her feel better, and like Jin there may be an inspirational speech.

Maknae Line

Surprise | Zach McGowan

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→ Fandom: None

→ Character: Zach McGowan / You.

→ Wordcount:  2161

→ RequestOk babe so the deal is this, you make me something more delicious than my fried chicken wings, and I’ll love it because it’s you writing and yeah. An imagine with Zach McGowan but really him has a person not one of his caracthers and do some romantic and cute, think of him has not married in this alternative universe because I don’t like cheating unless it’s an exam but that is another story 😂😂😍😍 Deal? 👈

→ A/N: This is for @mermaidandsirenstales and thanks to @angelaiswriting for the support, as usual. I also would like to remember the followerd that request are open and I’m a sinner so don’t be afraid of asking weird shit. Also I love Zach McGowan now and forever and on this fic he is divorced. Cheating is bad kids. Lots of love.

→ Warnings: A bit of swearing. This is cute af. Some sexiness at the end.

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So this is my personal long-ass interpretation/aggressive rant on The Last of Us’ ending, how I think Part II is going to play out, as well as where I personally think Joel and Ellie are at in the story as of right now. It’s long as hell so I apologize, lmao buckle your seatbelts. 

First off, I know everybody is excited Ellie is a more grown up woman now, I am too. But I think Ellie has always been a woman though in the sense of the word. It has nothing to do with her age. Even at 14, she wasn’t an ordinary 14 year old, but now in Part II that she’s obviously physically older, she has matured even more now and her mind has changed and has adapted to different things. Ellie’s maturity and how it continues to grow ties a lot into what i’m gonna say next. 

Now, in that Last of Us One Night Live performance, Neil Druckmann (Writer for The Last of Us), Ashley (Ellie), and Troy (Joel) did, there was this ‘alternate ending scene’ at the end where Joel tries to mend his relationship with Ellie because he knew he broke their trust a bit. Ellie seems hesitant and doesn’t really want to talk to Joel at first, but after he gives her the guitar, (I’m assuming the one we see Ellie playing in the Part II trailer,) He not only taught her how to play eventually, (Given Ellie is playing guitar in the trailer so Joel clearly taught her, as hinted to him telling her he would in the first game.) But in the moment after he gave her the guitar and sung to her as well, (Future Days by Pearl Jam.) Ellie warms up to him again a little. Joel is clearly communicating in song how much she means to him, therefore after, she seems willing to repair their relationship - it’s a joint effort. On Joel’s hand it’s him realizing the repercussions of his mistake, and wanting Ellie to understand and forgive him. On Ellie’s hand it’s her trying to understand and make amends with Joel, but still trying to show him why she wasn’t fully okay with what he did. Neil said that the One Night Live alternate ending wasn’t official or canon - but it wasn’t just written how it was for no reason, there was something more behind it.

I mean, think about it. In the Part II trailer, Joel was still with Ellie, meaning that through the five years leading up to Part II, Ellie in some way had accepted Joel’s decision and choice. A misconception is because Neil said Part II is about ‘hate’, that it automatically has something to do with Joel. But what if it doesn’t? He never said or even implied that hatred was toward Joel, and it seems like Ellie has more anger toward the people she had seemingly just killed in the house she was in. Sure at first, maybe even her being 19 now, she still doesn’t fully like that Joel lied. Fine. But there is clear indication she moved on from that, and there’s a lot of reasons why she likely did. And i’ll you why. 

I think a big reason is actually because of Riley. Allow me to explain. In Left Behind, Riley tells Ellie after they’ve been bitten that, “We fight for every second we get to spend with eachother, whether it’s two minutes, or two days, we don’t give that up.” We also see that in the cutback shot to Ellie managing to make a makeshift gurney for Joel, stitching him up, as well as going through all kinds of hell, (David and James.) just to get her hands on medicine to keep him alive. Because she was fighting for him. For what he means to her. And I think that’s one of many reasons why Ellie replaces guilt, with acceptance. It’s because Riley taught Ellie to value loyalty and friendship over what seems to be the bigger decision or the right thing to do. (Example of this is Riley giving up joining the Fireflies’ cause for Ellie, despite Riley always wanting to support the Fireflies and their cause.) 

Another reason I believe is that it’s Ellie realizing what she has with Joel is something she always wanted, because she didn’t have her father or her mother Anna to comfort her; it also helps her ease her fear of being alone, (As she told Sam, “I’m scared of ending up alone.”) She knows no matter what Joel makes her feel safe, he is a constant in her life and has never abandoned her. (”Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me, everyone fucking except for you!”) 

I also still don’t think that Joel is evil. Sorry I just don’t. Evil is and always has been a point of view. And that was a big theme in The Last of Us. Evil is a perspective, everything isn’t black and white, it’s only grey. Hence why Neil Druckmann left everything up to interpretation, like the ending, or even how you viewed David in the Winter chapter. Because to everybody else, how they view Joel, what he did to Marlene at the end, how you view David or the Hunters, it varies depending on each person and their ideals of morality and moral obligations to do what seems to be the right thing, and going against what seems wrong. It’s about finding what your limits are and where you as the player, personally draw the line. To Joel, it isn’t wrong. To anybody who has a child or a family, they agree with Joel. They would do the same thing. To the Fireflies, killing a young girl for a potential chance for a vaccine, as well as putting her under without her knowledge first was absolutely necessary. And that what Joel did by taking Ellie from them was horrible, as he doomed a potential chance for mankind - even if mankind might’ve been beyond repair at that point. To David and the cannibals, they didn’t see how they were much different than Ellie and Joel, they both “Kill to survive.” As David said, and had to do what was necessary so their group could live. But to Ellie she saw them as terrible people for eating human beings. 

All-in-all it wraps up into what you are willing to accept, and what you are not. I think after everything Ellie saw, she couldn’t just morph it all together into a simple answer of just, “Well Joel lied to me, he’s clearly a terrible person for robbing me of what I wanted and now I hate him, despite everything we went through together.” After David, everything Ellie had seen with Henry killing himself after seeing Sam turn, along with all the other horrific things - that’s exactly what caused Ellie to level with Joel. And Ellie knew full-well Joel was lying, and even Ashley Johnson, (Ellie’s actor), agrees with the fact that Ellie knew Joel was lying. Ellie is smart, she knew he was full of shit. But she embraced it anyway and said, “Okay.” Because this was something she was willing to understand. Looking back on all the moments, you can see Ellie’s unwillingness herself to let Joel go. Like the scene at the ranch house, how happy she was when Joel changed his mind on handing her over to Tommy, how she fell into his arms crying after killing David, and many other moments throughout the game. However, her saying, “Okay.”, doesn’t mean that she’s necessarily okay with him lying, it’s saying, “Okay. I understand why you’re doing this and why you’re saying this.” And it’s going from there. It seems like the whole journey was for nothing. But maybe it wasn’t, because in the end, Ellie and Joel figured out what they needed - and that was eachother. And, again, it was Ellie being able to replace guilt with acceptance. 

That’s also why I don’t agree with the whole Joel is dead theory in the trailer and him being a hallucination. Not only does it not make sense from a game design standpoint, but also a narrative standpoint. Neil said so himself, the story of The Last of Us is about Joel and Ellie and their relationship, it doesn’t feel right any other way. Besides, there’s only so much you can do if Joel is dead. I think playing out all what I just explained in Part II would be much more interesting and much more catering to how the first game went, and would allow us to become more attached to their characters and more involved in how we interpret decisions, character, and ideas of morals.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite kabby moments and why?

Thank you nonnie, well, I’ve been going through another aggressive Kabby cycle of late so you either have very good timing or very bad, I’m not entirely sure which. You also didn’t specify a number of scenes…Which may have been a very bad thing as well because I’m unlikely ever to shut up…But I think you all expect this of me now anyway so without further ado:

1)- 1x05 ‘Thank You’ or that moment where Marcus isn’t as much of a dick as we first thought (and also look at the way he looks at her)

This one is actually quite early on (shipping from the start people) but I think it’s really important for both Kabby and Marcus as well because it’s that sort of, it’s not that he doesn’t want her play with Raven to fail out of spite and he definitely doesn’t want to proceed with this culling; he does want her plan to work, he wants Earth to be survivable, he wants that option and he’s taken steps to ensure that, if by some miracle it does work, he’s got people to report to him the second she gets through so they can stop this.

And I think this is a really big moment for Marcus in season 1, for the audience as well because it’s hard to get out of the knowledge that you have. You know as an audience that the ground is survivable, you know that Raven made it, you know that Abby’s right and Marcus is wrong which makes what he’s doing seriously hard to swallow but from his point of view he doesn’t know that. Abby is very much best case hope and Marcus is very much worst case planning here; he’s not a lunatic on a power trip, he’s just trying to do the best that he can for his people.

And I think that very genuine little ‘thank you’ that she gives him (and the way that she looks at him, mustn’t forget that, never going to be over that) is her sort of realising that fact at the same point we do and looking at him a little bit differently and I think it’s just really nice to see that these two, who are so often at loggerheads, so often opposed and arguing and fighting because they have such different viewpoints and ideals on how to get things done, are literally standing side-by-side in this scene and  I think it just really reinforces that they do have this common ground; they both want the same thing. He’s not bad and she’s not good so to speak, they just have different ways of going about things, but they’re united by this common goal and that becomes a really strong tie for them in later seasons so I enjoy this foundation work.

2)- I don’t care if the world is literally crumbling around my ears I am going to crawl through this tiny cramped little tunnel and save your stupid self Take 1 Marcus edition 1x11

Also known as that one scene that catapulted me from hmm, I like this, to otp fuck me and send help.

There are many things that I enjoy in this world, I am a person with simple pleasures, tea, a good book, a big slab of chocolate, and the smile that lights up Marcus Kane’s face when he holds Abby Griffin in his arms in that one scene in 1x11 and realises that she’s not dead. I don’t know if it was scripted for him to look like he’d just seen the damn sun after ten years encased underground or if it was an acting choice by Ian (goddammit Ian) but whatever it was, it delighted the life out of me so here we are.  

The physical contact in that scene is also really interesting as well, I think pretty much from the moment that his torch lights upon her and he runs to her and turns her over to wake her up, there really isn’t a moment at all where he’s not touching her in some way, either cupping her cheeks in his hands or helping guiding her down towards him or just flat out snuggling (I love that, I really do, the world is falling apart around them but we must take time out for Abby recovery cuddles, it’s wonderful) and I just really love the way she just slumps down with her head on his chest and it’s just a real sense of safety that she gets from him, he’s found her, he’s there with her, everything’s going to be alright now and she knows that there with him and it just, yeah there’s a lot there, it’s a fairly small little beat but damn if it didn’t ruin my life and make me into what I am today.

3)- ‘There has to be another way’ Take 1 - 1x13 

There is /so much/ to unpack in this scene and so much that I love about it and you know, you’re never getting an abridged version of anything with me so on we go.

The possessive little arm seatbelt of hers just ruins me okay, it really ruins me, just, he hasn’t even managed to untangle himself or stand up yet but she already knows exactly what he’s thinking and she also already knows that it’s not something she’s just willing to sit back and meekly watch happen and so the arm comes out and he gets glowered at and yes Marcus but what exactly do you think that you’re doing here? Because it’s not happening.

And I think that one of the more interesting things about this is that she never actually takes her hand away? If you watch that scene, all the way through his line about someone having to stay behind and all through her next line she shoots at Sinclair, the arm stays very, very firmly in place, reaching across his body and trying to keep him there and stop him rising. The only time that she actually takes it away is when he makes her? It’s hard to see (dammit) but I think it’s pretty obvious that just before his ‘salvation comes at a price’ line you can see him curl his fingers around the hand that’s still outstretched to him and just sort of, it’s a very nice physical way of telling her to let go of this, she can’t win every fight, there isn’t always another way, sometimes someone has to sacrifice themselves/suffer so that everyone else can get what they need.

Then we come to that little line that ‘there has to be another way’ which is just, incredibly important in this scene and spoken by Abby. It’s been her mantra the whole season, wanting to find another way around the culling, she has half a hundred suggestions at one point, she’s desperate for them to give the 100 more time to make contact and stop them going through with this and it’s a sentiment that carries into the next season but most interestingly it’s Marcus who really carries it through. That little beat in 2x03 with the grounder ‘there’s got to be a better way’ definitely echoes her and he repeats those very words of hers in the season 2 finale (but I’ll sob more about this later I just want to draw attention to another point of this meta to come, namely parallels between these two)

But yes, the point there was that this has been Abby’s mantra all season; but a lot of the time it’s been directed /against/ him. He has been the one she has been saying find another way to, but now they’ve come to the point that he wants to sacrifice himself but she’s saying this for him now, to try and save him. And this time, he’s right, someone does have to stay behind, and he’s decided that it has to be him and just, there isn’t another line of dialogue exchanged between them in that scene after that and the silent communication that we get between the two of them is amazing.

Her desperate, pleading look towards him just before he stands up and his half-placating, half-insistent and impatient look back as she silently says don’t do this, don’t leave him, and him just, this is his choice, he has to do this and god her face when he stands up and makes it absolutely clear that he’s going through with it is soul destroying.

And then, to cap it all, we have the final nail in the coffin of every Kabby shipper barely keeping it together and the hand hoooolding which is just, okay who decided this was an okay thing to do to me I mean really. But I think there’s a lot of symbolism in that, I think it’s both, something of a resolution for their earlier arc, a certain coming together (made more poignant when they become the first two to step out onto the ground together and an idea of coming at this a little more united than they were before) but I think it’s also a lot about acceptance? She’s accepting his choice here, his decision, she doesn’t want him to do this, in fact she’s jus actively tried to prevent him from doing so, but he has to.

And there’s a certain feeling of their earlier arcs all wrapped up in this because he wants to make the sacrifice play, a clear echo to the culling, put the needs of the many before the needs of the few (in this case himself) and she wants to find another way, a way that they can all survive, a way that they can all get through this but someone has to stay behind. He listened to her, he waited to see if Sinclair could give them other options this time, but there weren’t any, so he went on ahead with this and I think that hand holding is a nicely little way of binding up their arc and yes, they have their differences, but I think there is that sense that they can come together, they can work together, they can present a united front, and ironic as it is when he’s about to stay behind, it’s the idea that they can get through this together, with a little bit of both of their mentalities and just, I don’t know, I’ve gone on too long about this already.

(much) more under the cut! 

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If there is one thing POI isn't, it's cliched.

Finch: “Each possible move represents, a different game. A different universe in which you make, a better move. That first move can be terrifying. It’s the furthest point from the end of the game. There’s a virtually infinite sea of possibilities between you and the other side, but it also means if you make a mistake, there’s a nearly infinite amount of ways to fix it. So you should simply relax and play.”

Finch: “You like the Queen, don’t you? She can move in any direction, target anything. It wasn’t always the case, though. She used to be one of the weakest pieces. They played Chess in the Royal Court of Spain in the 15th century. Queen Isabella was offended, she asked her advisers if they thought her that feeble. Their response was to make her the most powerful piece in the game. You have to be careful, though, because in Chess, the more powerful the piece is, the more useful they are. Not just for winning, but to be used for sacrifice, as a trick.”

Finch: “A second is like an infinity to you, isn’t it? You can take the time to consider, everything. Or almost everything. I’m afraid you missed it.”

The Machine took the time to work out several possible options for the team. Back when Finch was teaching her Chess, he was also teaching her a ‘life lesson.’ He tells the Machine that there’s a lot of options out there. Make a mistake, you can go back. And in her case, once she works things out, if she’s made a mistake, she truly can go back and do it again, all in the fraction of a time it takes us to even consider blinking.
He then goes on to talk to the Machine about the Queen. It gives us sort of an outline, a breakdown of who the Machine was, who she is and who she becomes. We know that at the beginning, she was weak, which of course, in this specific episode, we get a glimpse of that during Chess, when she lost. She was weaker. Not going through enough avenues to get to the right outcome. The winning outcome. And so, she played her hand, and in the end, Harold beat her.

When I maneuver to the end of the episode, we see the risk of losing a member of a team. Their survival rate is 2.07% ( So you’re saying there’s a chance). How many simulations she went through, we will never know. Or we would still be watching the episode until the day we die. So are we to assume the Machine went through every possible outcome in the blink of an eye? Or did she finally just pick one, being tricked. Could there have been an outcome where they all survive?

I want to…no… I’d like to think by now, all this time later, she would have understood the importance of running every single possible option to find the perfect (perfect in her eyes) solution. So, since the simulation was over at that point, and she chose, we see Reese shot, Root shot and Shaw down, about to be executed, followed by a gun shot.
Where the Machine is concerned, I support her decision as she had to choose, and in this case, there was at least a percentage of survival rate. Even if very little.

Don’t worry, I’ll get back to Shaw soon.

In EVERY single simulation, we saw truth. These were all things that would have happened if she had given them the instructions to carry out her plan. So what did we see?

We saw Reese being loyal and protective of Fusco, and Finch. We saw the team work together to accomplish tasks that were, to them, quite possibly world ending. Their world, their lives. And we saw humor. The humor was great. And as my best friend Joe and I agreed upon, the score was great, too!

But, for us Root and Shaw fans, we saw something a little more. We saw love. Forget the kiss for a moment. Let’s start with “Hunny.” I know it’s honey but I never spell it like that. Root calls Shaw hunny. And what does Shaw do in response? Nothing. She keeps talking to Root because this is who they are, it’s what they’ve become and no matter the simulation/situation, the Machine shows us that it’s there, between them, all the time.We know it, the Machine knows it.

Later, in a following simulation, we get “hey sweetie” and then this:
Root: You busy?
Shaw: A little. Skip the verbal foreplay Root, why you callin?
Root: Can’t a couple of gals take a little break from work to catch up?
Shaw: I’ve been arrested and you’re fighting an A.I. apocalypse, so no, we don’t have time to catch up.
Root: Well there’s no need to be rude.
Shaw: I am not having this conversation right now.
Root: There’s no time like the present, Sameen. Why are you so afraid to talk about your feelings?
Shaw: Feelings? I’m a sociopath, I don’t have feelings.
Root: And I’m a reformed killer for hire. We’re perfect for each other. You’re gonna figure that out someday.
Shaw: Root, if you and I were the last two people on the face of this planet…
Root: An increasingly plausible scenario, given Samaritan’s plans.
Shaw: Fine. Maybe some day, when Samaritan wipes everyone out, we can talk about it.
Root: You’re saying maybe someday?
Shaw: Yeah, sure Root, maybe some day. Is that good enough for ya?
Root: Yes Sameen, That’s good enough for me.

Then we see Root sacrifice herself (cause she has no choice) and we see her being shot. About a billion times. Overkill, wouldn’t you say?
We are cut to Shaw’s face, as she hears the bullets flying, and calls Root’s name, with no response in returning, realizing what the conversation had actually been about.

If you hear the way Shaw calls her name…Shaw: Root? It’s soft, it’s concern, it’s heartbreak. She gets no response and calls out again, looking for some kind of verification that Root is okay. We get none.

In the final simulation, which at this point we have to take as the true outcome, we see Root and Shaw flirting with each other and it’s very, very nerdy, and I like it.
Root: “Overly affectionate greeting.”
Shaw: “Greeting?”
Root: Transparent rationale for conversation.“
Shaw: Annoyed attempt to deflect subtext.
Root: Overt come-on.”
Shaw: Mildly embarrassed defensiveness bordering on hostility.
Root: Playfully witty sign-off.

Did any of this seem…out of the ordinary to anyone else? This is just not how they speak. What throws me is that in every simulation, and this one to be a true one, we are to accept that what the Machine shows us, to be true outcomes. However, in the world we’ve known them, none of this banter seems ordinary. Guessing it’s the Machine’s way of hearing the same boring dialogue, in her language.

Finch: “One afternoon and you’re a Grand Master. Mind you, you’ll encounter far more capable opponents than me, if you go looking. You asked me to teach you Chess, and I’ve done that. It’s a useful mental exercise. Through the years, many thinkers have been fascinated by it. But I don’t enjoy playing, because it was a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little. And everyone believed that some people were worth more than others, Kings and Pawns. I don’t think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. I don’t envy you the decisions you’re going to have to make. And one day I’ll be gone and you’ll have no one to talk to. But if you remember nothing else, please remember this; Chess is just a game, real people aren’t pieces. And you can’t assign more value to some of them, then to others. Not to me, not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is: That anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of Chess deserves to lose.”

Well, well. That entire scene told us a lot. And yet, left us all with, endless wonder. Did the Machine treat the outcome as a game of Chess? Running through simulations until it found the only outcome it felt good enough about? Or had the Machine learned by this point, to look at every angle, and not allow itself to be tricked into making the wrong decision. And if that’s the case, why did she choose the one where Shaw sacrificed herself, and possibly died, if every life was as valuable as the next. Why in this instance was Shaw less valuable. Or, was it because of her single sacrifice, that the rest of them survive, and work to defeat Samaritan and it’s Pawns. Let’s be realistic here. The Machine - The Queen, and Samaritan - The King, have used the rest of them as Pawns. The only difference we see is, the Machine has grown, over time, to care about it’s Pawns, and do what it can to protect them.

One thing that POI is not, is cliched. Which is EXACTLY why I can’t say whether Shaw dies, or doesn’t. Either choice would be so common. However, we have to hope they choose the road where Shaw doesn’t die. Shaw is a hero to a lot of the female fans. To take that away from us female viewers who love a strong female character like her, on our tv every week, would truly be a mistake. However, it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve lost a strong female character on the show. Furthermore, In Joss’ case, I believe her story was over, and she had reached her point of growth. Shaw on the other hand, isn’t done growing, learning, and teaching. And so it is my opinion, she is not dead.

BUT, if she is…remember what she said: Die for something you love. And so, if she did die, it was for love. It was for Root, Finch, Reese, Fusco and of course, mankind. 

Okay, so stick around because I plan to tackle one scene between Root and Shaw, specifically. 

oh my god. I’ve just watched the promo for 3x09 -

they’re on a Ward hunt. Remember what happened with their last mission? All of their top agents were in the field, and the only people left at the base were red shirts and FitzSimmons. So Ward is using himself as bait, pretending he wants to kill Coulson, and once everybody is out he’ll sneak in and KIDNAP FITZSIMMONS. This makes so much sense, guys. 

Malick said nobody has ever come back - but hear me out. Hydra has had the technology to open the portal, at will, and for however long they needed, since at least the 1940′s (tbh that castle equipment actually looked even older) and they have a mini-monolith. Are you telling me nobody has ever tried to go in and then back out with a wire or a cord? And if the problem was bringing people back, couldn’t they re-open the portal after a few minutes and let them through? Yes it moves location, but in a short time period it doesn’t go that far (as proved by Jemma’s rescue). So what is the deal exactly? I think the portal never let anybody go through in the opposite direction, I think they’ve always believed it was a one way street. The first person who went in and brought something back with him was Fitz. The bringing something back bit is fundamental, because they need to bring back Big Baddie. So I think Malick wants Fitz, because he did what nobody else ever could, and maybe even Simmons, because she survived

One more thing - we’ve all assumed the Sandstorm and the hooded figure Jemma saw were a manifestation of Evil. We are now thinking it was the Ultimate Inhuman, but it’s almost all too obvious, isn’t it? So far, nothing has been what it seemed. What if the Sandstorm Figure is the jailer? What if it’s neither good nor bad, what if it just wants to make sure Ultimate Inhuman doesn’t leave? It’s like the Planet’s security system. What is the ONE thing the Sandstorm did? It stopped Will from going through. It didn’t stop Jemma, didn’t even go after her (if it’s oh so powerful, would it let a 40something normal human astronaut stop him with one bullet?), it just wanted Will to stay. Ideally, I think it wouldn’t have let anyone leave the Planet at all, but its main object wasn’t Simmons. And this time, I really hope all of our theories won’t be swept off by a picture on a broken sim card.