she went further under so she's curled up against his belly

“Sweet love, Sweet lines, Sweet life!”


“I wanted ye from the first I saw ye—but I loved ye when you wept in my arms and let me comfort you, that first time at Leoch.”

I undressed slowly, standing by the bed, looking down at him. He had turned onto his side and curled himself up against the cold. His lashes lay long and curving against his cheek; they were a deep auburn, nearly black at the tips, but a pale blond near the roots. It gave him an oddly innocent air, despite the long, straight nose and the firm lines of mouth and chin. 

 Clad in my chemise, I slid into bed behind him, snuggling against the wide, warm back in its woolen nightshirt. He stirred a little, coughing, and I put a hand on the curve of his hip to soothe him. He shifted, curling further and thrusting himself back against me with a small exhalation of awareness. I put my arm around his waist, my hand brushing the soft mass of his testicles. I could rouse him, I knew, sleepy as he was; it took very little to bring him standing, no more than a few firm strokes of my fingers. I didn’t want to disturb his rest, though, and contented myself with gently patting his belly. He reached back a large hand and clumsily patted my thigh in return.

 “I love you,“ he muttered, half-awake.

 “I know,” I said, and fell asleep at once, holding him.” 

 “I didna think I should ever laugh again in a woman’s bed, Sassenach,” he said. “Or even come to a woman, save as a brute, blind with need.” A note of bitterness came into his voice. 

I lifted his hand, and kissed the small scar on the back of it. “I can’t see you as a brute,” I said. I meant it lightly, but his face softened as he looked at me, and he answered seriously. 

“I know that, Sassenach. And it is that ye canna see me so that gives me hope. For I am—and know it—and yet perhaps…” He trailed off, watching me intently. “You have that—the strength. Ye have it, and your soul as well. So perhaps my own may be saved.”

 “It’s a wonderful gift. However did you find it?” He smiled then, in return. The sun blazed low, a brilliant orange ball glimpsed briefly through dark treetops. 

“I’d seen the box when I went to the goldsmith’s shop—it was the goldsmith’s wife who’d kept it. Then I went back yesterday, meaning to buy ye a bit of jewelry—maybe a brooch—and whilst the goodwife was showing me the gauds, we happened to speak of this and that, and she told me of the Doctor, and—” He shrugged. 

“Why did you want to buy me jewelry?” I looked at him, puzzled. The sale of the ruby had left us with a bit of money, but extravagance was not at all like him, and under the circumstances— “Oh! To make up for sending all that money to Laoghaire? I didn’t mind; I said I didn’t.” He had—with some reluctance—arranged to send the bulk of the proceeds from the sale of the stone to Scotland, in payment of a promise made to Laoghaire MacKenzie—damn her eyes—Fraser, whom he had married at his sister’s persuasion while under the rather logical impression that if I was not dead, I was at least not coming back. My apparent resurrection from the dead had caused any amount of complications, Laoghaire not least among them. 

“Aye, ye said so,” he said, openly cynical. 

“I meant it—more or less,” I said, and laughed. “You couldn’t very well let the beastly woman starve to death, appealing as the idea is.” 

He smiled, faintly. “No. I shouldna like to have that on my conscience; there’s enough without. But that’s not why I wished to buy ye a present.” 

“Why, then?” The box was heavy; a gracious, substantial, satisfying weight across my legs, its wood a delight under my hands. He turned his head to look full at me, then, his hair fire-struck with the setting sun, face dark in silhouette.

 “Twenty-four years ago today, I married ye, Sassenach,” he said softly. “I hope ye willna have cause yet to regret it.” 

Yet what he felt now was not lust—not quite. Nor was it even the need of her, the wanting of soul’s company. He wished to cover her with his body, possess her—for if he could do that, he could pretend to himself that she was safe. Covering her so, joined in one body, he might protect her. Or so he felt, even knowing how senseless the feeling was. 

 He had stiffened, his body tensing involuntarily with his thoughts. Claire stirred, and reached back with one hand. She laid it on his leg, let it lie for a moment, then reached gently farther up, in drowsy question. He bent his head, put his lips behind her ear. Said what he was thinking, without thought. 

“Nothing will harm ye while there is breath in my body, a nighean donn. Nothing.” 

 “I know,” she said. Her limbs went slowly slack, her breathing eased, and the soft round of her belly swelled under his palm as she melted into sleep

 “It’s a great comfort,” he said at last, “to see the sun come up and go down. When I dwelt in the cave, when I was in prison, it gave me hope, to see the light come and go, and know that the world went about its business.” He was looking out the window, toward the blue distance where the sky darkened toward infinity. His throat moved a little as he swallowed. 

“It gives me the same feeling, Sassenach,” he said, “to hear ye rustling about in your surgery, rattling things and swearin’ to yourself.” He turned his head, then, to look at me, and his eyes held the depths of the coming night. 

“If ye were no longer there—or somewhere—” he said very softly, “then the sun would no longer come up or go down.” 

 He turned and reached up his hands, and she leaned to him, tried to climb down, but lost her footing and half-fell, landing in his arms in a fluster of clothes and loose hair. He laughed and turned her round to look, but kept his arms around her. 

He was loath to surrender the warmth of her and held her like a shield against cold memory. She was still, leaning back against him, only her head moving as she looked from one end of the cave to the other. It was barely eight feet long, but the far end was lost in shadow. She lifted her chin, seeing the soft black stains that coated the rock to one side by the entrance. 

“That’s where my fire was—when I dared have one.” His voice sounded strange, small and muffled, and he cleared his throat.

 “Where was your bed?” 

“Just there by your left foot.” 

“Did you sleep with your head at this end?” She tapped her foot on the graveled dirt of the floor. 

“Aye. I could see the stars, if the night was clear. I turned the other way if it rained.” She heard the smile in smile in his voice and put her hand along his thigh, squeezing. 

“I hoped that,” she said, her own voice a little choked. “When we learned about the Dunbonnet, and the cave… I thought about you, alone here—and I hoped you could see the stars at night.” 

“I could,” he whispered, and bent his head to put his lips to her hair. The shawl she’d pulled over her head had slipped off, and her hair smelled of lemon balm and what she said was catmint. She made a small hmp noise in her throat and folded her own arms over his, warming him through his shirt. 

“I feel as though I’ve seen it before,” she said, sounding a little surprised. “Though I suppose one cave probably looks a good deal like any other cave, unless you have stalactites hanging from the ceiling or mammoths painted on the walls.” 

“I’ve never had a talent for decoration,” he said, and she hmp’ed again, amused. “As for being here … ye’ve been here many nights wi’ me, Sassenach. You and the wee lass, both.”

“Are ye no coming to bed, Sassenach?” Jamie was already lying down, having found a remote corner behind the bar counter and spread out our cloaks. 

“I’ve broken a fingernail trying to get this bloody thing loose, and I can’t bloody reach it with my teeth!” I said, on the verge of breaking into tears of frustration. I was swaying with weariness, but couldn’t bring myself to sleep in the clammy confines of my stays. Jamie reached up an arm out of the darkness, beckoning. 

“Come lie down wi’ me, Sassenach,” he whispered. “I’ll do it.” The simple relief of lying down, after twelve hours in the saddle, was so exquisite that I nearly changed my mind about sleeping in my stays, but he’d meant it. He squirmed down and bent his head to nuzzle at my laces, an arm round my back to steady me.” “Dinna fash,” he murmured into my midsection, voice somewhat muffled. “If I canna nibble it loose, I’ll prise it wi’ my dirk.” He looked up with an inquiring noise, as I’d uttered a strangled laugh at the prospect. 

“Just trying to decide whether being accidentally disemboweled would be worse than sleeping in my stays,” I whispered, cupping his head. It was warm, the soft hair at his nape damp to the touch.

 “My aim’s no that bad, Sassenach,” he said, pausing in his labors for an instant. “I’d only risk stabbin’ ye in the heart.” As it was, he accomplished his goal without recourse to weapons, gently jerking the knot loose with his teeth until he could finish the job with his fingers, opening the heavy seamed canvas stays like a clamshell to expose the whiteness of my shift.

 I sighed like a grateful mollusk opening at high tide, plucking the fabric out of the creases the stays had made in my flesh. Jamie pushed away the discarded stays but remained where he was, his face near my breasts, rubbing his hands gently over my sides. I sighed again at his touch; he’d done it by habit, but it was a habit I’d missed for the last four months, and a touch I’d thought never to feel again. 

“Ye’re too thin, Sassenach,” he whispered. “I can feel every rib. I’ll find ye food tomorrow.” I had been too much preoccupied in the last few days to think about food, and was much too tired at the moment to be hungry, but made an agreeable sound in response and stroked his hair, tracing the curve of his skull.

 “I love you, a nighean,” he said, very softly, his breath warm on my skin.

 “I love you,” I answered just as softly, taking the ribbon from his hair and loosening his plait between my fingers. I pressed his head closer to me, not in invitation, but out of the sudden urgent need to keep him close to me, to protect him. He kissed my breast and turned his head, laying it in the hollow of my shoulder. He took one deep breath, one more, and then was asleep, the relaxing weight of his body against me both protection and trust.

“I love you,” I said, almost soundless, my arms wrapped tight about him. “Oh, dear God, I love you.”

Outlander Books “Sweetest Moments” As Requested by Anonymous

The Mechanic - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

An impromptu trip to a service station leads to an encounter with a sexy mechanic. Her car isn’t the only thing he works on. Roman Reigns/OC.

Comments will be greatly appreciated!

“No, no! Not now, goddamn it!” Anya smacked her hand on the dashboard, which was showing her bad news. The check engine light had come on out of nowhere, and before she knew it her car had stuttered into a complete standstill on the side of the road. “Great, just great,” she griped. 

Her 2005 Chevy Impala always seemed to have one issue or the other. In the past year, the alternator had given up, then the air-conditioning had died on her, and now it was obviously the engine’s turn. The car was just a goddamn mess, and her former quack of a mechanic hadn’t helped matters either. But berating him was not going to solve her current dilemma. She still had a couple more errands to run, and she was yet to get her grocery shopping done. But now, the car wouldn’t crank anymore, and worse, it was a Sunday. She didn’t know many service stations that were open on Sundays.

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Every Part of You

Chapter 4 Part 2

Niall cupped his warm hands around the sides of Lola’s face and leaned down to push his mouth to hers. She giggled against his rolling tongue, the sound transforming into a low idled hum as she nipped at his lips, her fingers sliding along the line of his soft hips and tucking into the top of his jeans before she slowly inched them down his hairy thighs. Niall licked across her teeth and sucked at her tongue as Lola’s hands slipped back up his thighs, her heart nearly trampling through her ribcage as her palm mindlessly brushed over his pulsing thickness. Lola gasped when she felt him, how hard and ready he was for her and she wrapped her fingers around his still covered length as much as she could, wanting to feel every throbbing inch of him. Niall broke their kiss as she did this, letting his lips just skim at Lola’s and he curled a hand around the back of her neck.

Locking eyes with him, Lola gave him a sweet little smile as she moved her shaky fingers over the head of his cock before sliding the tips of them into the top hem of his boxers, attempting to tug them down. Niall laughed again at her eagerness and tilted his head, pushing his mouth to hers in another passionate kiss. Untangling his hand from her dark hair, he brought them both to his hips to help rid himself of his own pants and boxers.

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Fantasy Meihem- Part 2

“Mei’s a cute name! Mei, Mei, Mei. Feels good on my tongue. You feel good on my tongue. Mei, Mei, Mei.” The demon yammered on from above her.

She groped up blindly with her seeking fingers until she found a suitable hold amongst the rocks, pulling herself up with a little struggle after pushing her sleeves out of the way yet again. “Would you please stop distracting me, demon!”

“Oi, you just going to keep calling me ‘demon’ then? I don’t like that much, too impersonal, like me just calling you ‘human’ over and over again, Mei. Can’t give you my true name but, how about you give me a nickname! You’re a nice girl, you could name me something nice.” He rolled over onto his back on the flat space up above, staring up at the sun as the ice mage valiantly struggled on the cliffs below. “How about it?”

She was really, really not in the mood for this right now, banging her staff against the rock as a little platform of ice crystallized on the rocks to give her a foothold. But it began melting quickly in the desert sunlight. His high-pitched yammering continued on, though she only heard half of it, and finally she snapped back at him, ““Well…how about Jamison? That’s the name of one of my old boyfriends?”

The demon’s eyes lit up, blazing bright yellow as he pressed his claws to the side of his face. “Y-you would really consider me-”

“It was a bad break-up. I don’t like him very much,” she said matter-of-factly, scrambling a little further up.

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Fic: Infodere Chapter 4

Well, this has been a long time coming! Thank you so much to all the lovely people who have sent me messages about this story (and others) and been so supportive of my writing. Particular shout outs to @cranesmuir-witch​ and @outlanderedandoverhere​ who have both given me amazing amounts of encouragement and support and without whom this chapter would probably never have actually gotten finished. Thank you.

The rest of this story and the rest of my work can be found here

She was like a living flame in his arms. The heat of her as she moved against him took over his senses and he thought that he could be consumed by her. He could smell the mingled scents of smoke and something citrusy in her hair, feel the soft skin burning white hot under his touch, feel her breath against the side of his face as they moved together. She arched her back slightly increasing the pressure between them. He could hear cries of pleasure but could not tell if they came from him or from her. They were one being as they moved. Her hands were in his hair, his on her back pulling her closer still. He could feel his pleasure building and tried to slow himself. She felt it too, grinding against him, pulling his lips to hers, her tongue darting out to find his own. He had known nothing like this intensity in a woman’s arms before, this feeling of complete unmooring. He murmured against her lips, near senseless gaelic, words falling from his lips like a prayer. He felt her tighten around him as her own climax came and he allowed himself to let go completely, he could dimly hear her crying his name over and over through the haze of it.

They collapsed against each other, both breathing heavily. He pulled her against him as they succumbed to fatigue and fell into a satiated slumber.

She rose slowly from sleep as if fighting her way through a thick fog. The watery light told her it was still very early. The air still smelt thickly of smoke from the previous night, but the scent of something else also hung heavy. A familiar scent, she shifted slightly and opened an eye. Red hair spilled across the pillow and she shot into seated position. Jamie.In her bed. Naked. Very naked. It took a moment for the events of the previous evening to reassert themselves and she breathed deeply. Closing her eyes the could see him as had made love to her, she could feel his hands on her back, so big they covered almost the whole area, the way he felt moving inside her. She shuddered a little at the memory of it. At the fire he had ignited in her. Did she regret it? No, no, she had no regrets. But might he? She had invited him into her bed with nothing more than a few kisses and near death experience to precede it. She glanced around looking for her clothes, very aware that Jamie was not the only one in a state of undress and suddenly feeling vulnerable. Might he reject her?  She was struggling into shorts and a vest top trying to move as little as possible in the limited space of the tent so as not to disturb him whilst her mind and emotions were still so muddled. Too late, she felt the air move behind as Jamie shifted himself onto one elbow. She froze, not daring to turn around as if it might render invisible to him. She felt a gentle hand on her hair as he played with a length.

“Is everything alright, Sassenach?” He spoke softly, he too sounding as uncertain as she felt. “Yer doing a lot of huffing and puffing there” She could hear the smile in his voice. She took a final, life giving breath and turned slightly. Her first thought was how beautiful he looked. A lock of red flopped over his forehead and his face was still a little sooty from the previous night. Moving her gaze, she could not ignore the fact that he was, quite frankly, built like a greek god. His muscles were lean and defined and the thicket of red hair on his chest made her long to touch him. He beat her to it. He reached out and ran a single finger down her jawbone and neck, reaching her shoulder he ran his hand down her arm and took her hand.

“Is everything ok?” he asked her again, His voice was sincere and she felt the ice in her belly subside a little.

“Yes,” she breathed. “Just, just..I, I guess…” She trailed off with a shrug. Jamie sat up fully so he was facing her properly and took her other hand.

“You were just wondering where this left us?” He asked, raising a ruddy eyebrow. “Aye, the same thoughts are running through my head as well.” He dropped his gaze and for a moment looked so utterly vulnerable that it made her heart ache a little.

“And where does this leave us, Jamie?” He raised his eyes and met hers.

“Where do you want it to leave us, Mo Nighean Donne? Is this..? Are we…?”

Without really thinking about it, she leaned forward and kissed him gently.

“I’d like us to be. I mean, we could try.”

“Aye, I’d like that verra much, Claire.” He kissed her back, pulling him close to her, one hand cupping her face the other on the small of her back. She leaned into the kiss, deepening it, wrapping her arms around him. She pulled him down with her onto the makeshift bed of sleeping bags and blankets, savouring the weight of him on top of her, the pressure of his body, the hardness of him against her stomach. She closed her eyes and lost herself to him once more.

By 11am the site was a hive of activity. They had divided the team up with half excavating as normal and the other half, clearing the fire damage and going through the boxes. The sorting areas were ruined and a makeshift area set up outside. Jamie had little time to talk to Claire but was as aware of her as he was of his own presence. The way she strode across the site, back straight, shoulders back, the way the curls escaped from under hat, the curve of her hip in the khaki coloured combats she wore. He had fallen for her hard and he knew it.

The days passed in a flurry of activity. There were no further untoward incidents and the dig was progressing as expected. Dr Zapote and Dr Moreno spoke in local schools and colleges about the work they were doing and groups toured the site. The conservational nature of the dig was highlighted . They worked themselves to the bone during the daylight hours and in the evenings he and Claire would sit by the fire and share their stories, revealing themselves to each other. And when the sun went down they would retreat to Claire’s tent where they each discovered the secrets of the other, revelling the intensity of their connection.

Three weeks into the dig, Claire left with a convoy carrying excavated finds for the airstrip in a nearby town. It was expected that she would be gone for four days and Jamie had been counting the hours until her return. She had travelled with Luisa and a group of interns who would be returning to Mexico city and would be bringing back a new group to complete the next phase of the dig. On the day she was due back, Jamie found himself utterly unable to focus, straining his ears for the rumble of trucks up the dirt path. When eventually, he heard the sound of engines approaching he practically knocked the archaeologist he had been working with to the ground in his hurry to get out of the tent.

He strode towards the makeshift parking lot as three trucks pulled in, grinning from ear to ear. But the smile died on his lips as he rounded the corner. Two of the trucks were the expected vehicles, piled high with people and equipment, but the third was not what he had expected to see.  The dark blue police truck drew to a halt and three officers, heavily armed got out.

One of these officers strode over to wear Jamie was standing, fists clenched as he tried to remain calm, as his eyes darted over the group spilling out of the trucks,  looking for Claire.

It took a moment for his brain to translate from the Spanish the officer spoke but when it did, his world tilted and black spots danced in front of his eyes.

Accident. Serious injuries. Possibly deliberate.

His stomach heaved. Claire. Oh God, Claire.

Notice me (Yondu x reader)

 Hearing Yondu’s deep voice from down the hall Y/n quickly bent over to lift the next crate onto the platform. She gave a grunt when she realized that the crate was in fact too heavy for her to carry alone and was about to fall when someone grabbed the crate from her hands. Seeing the black boots by her feet she looked up slowly to see none other than the captain himself standing there. “Now darlin’ ya know someone such as yerself shouldn’t be liftin’ such things alone.” he smiled sending a blush over y/n’s cheeks. Before she could say anything else he had placed the crate with the others and turned back around. Giving her a small smile and a nod he left and went back to his work. Rubbing her now sore back y/n watched as the captain made his way down the hall and shook her head.

Letting out a sigh y/n looked back down at her plate of food and continued pushing the food around on her plate. She sat alone in the corner of the pub eating while most others either talked or played cards with other members of the crew. Two years she had been with the ravagers but she still didn’t feel like she fit in. She was shy and would only give few words to anyone at first and because of that most had chosen to keep their distance from the female. Not that she cared, there was only one of the ravagers that she wanted attention from. Hearing a laugh y/n’s eyes shot up to look at the blue captain that had captured her heart. Yondu Udonta was a strong man who all knew to never cross. He was witty and quick and y/n had fell head over heels for him after her first three months aboard his ship. He currently sat on the opposite said of the pub from y/n and she couldn’t help but smile when she heard him laugh. When his head turned to look her way their eyes met and his smile changed to a gentle one but y/n quickly looked back down and felt a blush cover her face. He had caught her staring at him and now she only wished the booth would open up and swallow her whole. Hearing a set of heavy footsteps she didn’t dare look up but then saw a pair of black boots on the floor by her own and slowly trailed her eyes up. Looking up she was met with that crooked grin. “Well hiya there y/n. Now what’s a pretty thing lika ya doin’ over ere’ sittin’ by yersef?” he asked and she felt her cheeks heat up. “Just eating…sir.” she whispered.

Looking down at her food Yondu gave a grunt, “Must not be good since ya ain’t eaten any of it.” he said and saw her knot her brows and look down. “I’m just not very hungry.” she said. “hmmm well whats about you come over there an join us boys in a game of cards?” he asked making her head shoot back up. Looking to see if he was joking she saw he was serious and gave a large smile and nodded. “Good come on then…” he said motioning for her to follow him. “Just let me go get a drink.” she said and he nodded before making his way back over to the table he was at. Y/n practically ran over to the bar and ordered her drink. Once she paid the lady she turned to go join Yondu only to see a woman now sitting on his lap. She wore only a small amount of clothing, showing much of her yellow skin. Her arms were wrapped around the Centaurian’s neck with his hand placed on her bare hip. Y/n couldn’t help but feel her heart break as she thought of herself in that position. Seeing him laugh and carry on with his conversations y/n threw back her drink and downed the alcohol before pushing her hands in her pockets and walking out of the bar to get some fresh air. 

She had been standing out there for a while before she heard the door shut and felt someone beside her. Looking over she saw the owner of the pub’s wife. She was a beautiful woman, no doubt many years younger than her husband. She wore tight clothes that pushed her breast out and left nothing to the imagination. “I know that look well my dear. Who is he?… The man that is causing your heart to ache?” she asked in a thick accent. Shaking her head y/n looked out at the snowy land, “Doesn’t matter. Nothing is ever going to change, I’m not his type.” she said with a sniffle. Tilting her head to the side the woman looked confused, “His type?” she asked and y/n gave a sad chuckle, “Yea you know, pretty.” y/n said and tried to hide the tear that rolled down her cheek. The woman laughed and at first, y/n thought she was making fun of her and went to walk away but was caught by the woman grabbing her arm. “My dear, every woman is a man’s type. You have something on your chest and between your legs that all men desire, you just have to know how to show them off.” she said making y/n furrow her brows. Smiling she pulled her behind her, “Come with me, when I am through with you this man will not be able to resist you.” she smirked and y/n bit her lip before allowing the woman to lead her away. 

Looking in the mirror y/n couldn’t help but move her arms to cover her chest that now was only covered by two thin pieces of cloth from the extremely short blue dress that Estella had dressed her in. The dress it’s self had two pieces of silk cloth that fell down y/n’s breasts and had a large gap between them to show her belly. Once the fabric came together right at her lower belly to cover her woman hood but ended right at the bottom of her ass cheeks. Never in her whole life had she remembered feeling so self conscious. Estella was quick to grab y/n’s arms when she went to cover herself “No. You look sexy. No man alive would be able to turn you away.” she said and y/n took the chance to look over the rest of her body that had been rubbed down with sweet smelling oils. Her hair was left hanging down while her make up was made to make her eyes pop out. “Drink this. It will help calm your nerves.” she said handing y/n a bright green drink. Looking at the woman in the mirror one last time she chugged down the drink and felt as it burned it’s way down her throat. With a swift nod the two of them walked back towards the pub.

Yondu had been busy talking with some of the other crew when he saw kraglin’s eyes go wide. “What ya lookin’ at so hard?” he asked and followed his first mate’s eyes to the further part of the bar where a bunch of other men both from his crew and others were standing around a woman. Looking up her bare legs he felt his breath getting caught in his throat and then he looked at her face and felt his blood run hot. “Is that?” Kraglin asked. “Y/n.” Yondu growled. Seeing a man wrap his arm around the y/n’s waist Yondu was quick to throw the cyborg whore from his lap and march over to the group. Getting to the man he tapped his shoulder and saw as the man turned to look at him. “I’d remove that hand if ya want ta keep it.” Yondu growled his eyes now glowing red. Seeing y/n meet his eyes she went to speak but not before the man held her tighter smirked at Yondu “Piss off.” the man huffed. Before another word could be said a loud whistle filled the bar and all sound stopped. 

Y/n looked with wide eyes as she saw the arrow floating just between the eyes of the man that was holding her. Looking at Yondu she saw he was fuming. His body was tense and his eyes and fin were both a bright red. “Want ta try that again?” Yondu asked and the man quickly let go of her waist and stumbled out of the bar. Once the man was gone she looked back to see the blue man staring at her. She could tell he was still angry as he looked up and down her form with disgust. Even through the alcohol now clouding her mind she still managed to curl up as his gaze swept over her. “What in the star blazzin’ galaxy were ya’ thinkin’ lettin’ that shit face put his hands on you?” he asked with a slight anger to his voice. Knotting her brows y/n felt her temper flare, What was so wrong with someone wanting to touch her when he just had a whore hanging all over him.  "Maybe I was thinkin’ it felt good to get attention.“ she said with slight anger to her voice. Raising his brows he gave a twitch of his lip. "Attention? You think that’s all he was gonna give ya when ya come in here dressin’ like some damn tramp.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth she threw her drink in his face. Tightening his jaw he looked to see her eyes watering up, “Maybe if you would actually notice me I wouldn’t need anyone else’s attention!” she screamed before turning and making her way out of the bar.

Yondu stood stock still as y/n left the bar. Feeling eyes on him he took a deep breath, “Anyone got somethin’ they wanta’ say?!” he yelled making the people go back to doing what they were. Whipping the drink from his face he made his way after her. Following her footprints to the ship he saw her walking down the halls towards her room. “Hey! What a second.” he said but she didn’t stop. Running up behind her he grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall. “Just leave me alone Yondu. I’ll get my stuff and get off your ship.” she said avoiding his eyes. Looking he saw tears rolling down here face and furrowed his brows. Not knowing what to say Yondu did the only thing he thought of, he kissed her. Slamming his lips into hers he felt her tense and gently cupped her cheek in one hand and moved to hold her hip with the other. Moving his lips against hers he licked at her bottom lip and felt as she slowly opened her mouth for him. Giving a growl he rolled his tongue into her mouth and tightened his hold on her hip. When the need for air became too much he pulled back and layed his forehead against hers, “You ain’t goin’ no where. You wanted my attention, you got it, You’ve always had it. Yer’ stayin’ with me girl.”  he said in a deep raspy voice before moving his hand on her hip to wrap under her ass and lift her up. 

Carrying her to his room Yondu laid her on his bed and covered her body with his own. Getting between her legs he leaned up to grab the thin silk material of her dress in one of his hands and rip it off her body. “Ya won’t be needin’ that anymore, I’m the only one allowed to see yer body.” he smirked. Looking over her body he saw her blushing and smiled, “Now now sweetheart don’t worry. I’ll soon know yer’ body as good as my own.” he said as he peeled his clothes from his body. Once they both laid naked on the bed he ran his knuckles over her skin and heard her gasp.  "Shh, trust me beautiful.“ he said and felt her relax some. Kissing her skin he made sure to suck marks on her. Biting he heard her let out a small gasp and carefully licked over the sore area to sooth it. Trailing his hand between her legs he ran his finger over her slit before pushing in. Her hips bucked and he gave a smirk as he let more of his weight lay on her to still her. Pumping first one then two of his fingers in her he heard her moan and smiled. Removing his hand she gave a small whimper but he quickly tamed her lips with his own. Biting down on her lip he tasted blood in his mouth and lined up with her sex. Rolling his tongue in her mouth he waited until he had her distracted before pushing in slowly. He felt her flinch away and let out a small hiss as he settled himself inside of her. She clawed at his back as she adjusted to his girth and let the pain slowly ease away. 

Kissing her shoulders he felt her body relax around him and to the chance of slowly easing himself out of her. When only the head was left inside of her he thrusted back in and heard her gasp. Yondu was slow at first, afraid he would hurt the terran female but when she began to moan and beg him for more, who was he to deny her. Holding her hands beside her head he slammed in and out of her as deep as he could. Y/n screamed his name as she fell into her climax and Yondu was soon to follow. Holding her still he pumped stream after stream of his seed into her body. Catching his breath he rolled over to lay beside her. Looking down he saw her deep in thought. "Do you…do you want me to leave now?” she asked in a soft whisper. Although she tried so had to hide it it wasn’t hard for the Captain to hear the fear in her voice nor the sound of her heart rate rising. With a small smile Yondu pulled the covers up over them both and tugged her closer to his side. “Get some sleep sweetheart. I’ll get the boys ta move yer things in here tomorrow.” Yondu smiled. “ things?” y/n said confused. “like I said darlin’ Yer stayin’ wit me.” he said before placing a kiss on her temple and laying his head on his pillow to sleep. Y/n couldn’t help but feel a smile on her face as she slowly layed her head on his chest and let his heartbeat lure her to sleep.

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I Need My Girl Ch. 3 | Roomates AU

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hey y’all! This is the next chapter of my new slow burn bughead fanfiction. I’ve been so excited to write this part so I hope you guys like it. Everyone’s comments have been so encouraging and continue to make my day. It makes me so happy to hear everyone’s thoughts. I’m tagging everyone who’s asked to be tagged and the people have been total sweethearts with comments!

@myterribletwenties , @cheryllclayton , @gershwinn , @birdlovesafish , @itstenafterfour , @oooooidk , @blondetricky , @swear-on-her-name , @bugheadotp

Words: 2472

Warnings: Bughead sin ahead so you’ve been warned. Fluff and banter included.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

I felt empty space, never could explain
Like you were erased, never could replace
Now it’s so clear with you right here
Like you were never gone
Picked up where we left off
Like you were never gone

-Hannah Mills

Jughead wiped down the counter of Pop’s diner after he cleaned off the tables towards the end of his shift. No customers had come in in awhile and Jughead decided to get some writing done. However Archie strutted into the diner around 12:45 bored as hell trying to distract himself from the recent fight he had with Sabrina.

“He-ey Jug.” Archie said hesitantly as he plopped onto the barstool.

“He-ey Buddy.” Jughead responded with a sly smile imitating Archie’s ridiculous tone, once again.

“Sooo maybe drinking that whole bottle of whiskey was a bad idea on my part?” Archie joked as he scrunched his face closing one of his eyes for emphasis.

“No shit Archie, I had myself dosing down three cups of coffee and three different types of over the counter pain medications along with four plates of Betty’s breakfast. I was a train wreck.”

“Yeah well, my morning wasn’t so pretty either…” He said as he buried his head in his arms leaning onto the counter, shielding his face from Jughead.

“You didn’t drunk call Sabrina did you?”

Archie didn’t respond, burying himself further against the counter, avoiding Jughead’s gaze.

“Did You?”



“I know, I know. Sabrina doesn’t deserve this blah blah blah. But honestly isn’t your opinion a little biased? You did grow up next to the girl.”

“You know I could say the same about a certain blonde that grew up next to you.”

“Yeah but that’s different, you and Betty have been chasing around each other since the dawn of time. Sabrina and I only started having feelings for each other sophomore year of college. And even then, it was fresh.”

“Yeah well you’ve always had better luck than me in that department anyways.”

“Speaking of Betty, and that department…how was this morning, what did you say to her? Did you talk about last night…and… the girl…?”

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Of Kisses and Couches

So. PSA they are 16/15 in this. I cut off the warning on accident when I posted it.


It had all started out perfectly normal and innocent. It was those few occasions that it was just the two of them alone. One would think that if two people were dating for as long as they had been then they would have plenty of times where they were alone. But that was definitely not the case. From double dates to movie nights and arcade games the group was together more often than not. Not to mention school. That took up most of the week and there wasn’t really any place there that you were truly alone.

Saturday. In March. Today was one of those days that Hopper had actually let Eleven come over to his house and also just happened that his parents and sisters were both gone to different events. It was just the two of them alone. They both fondly remembered the first time they were in the house alone, that week that had started this grand romance between them.

Eleven loved to watch romances and comedies. Right now was one of the latter on the TV and she had taken up her usual spot glued to Mike’s side with his arm around her. His free hand and her right one were laced together with his thumb rubbing small circles into the spot between her thumb and first finger.

She giggled and he gave a chuckle at the TV show and he took the opportunity to glance down at her. Even after three years he couldn’t get over how absolutely beautiful she was all the time. From wild curls in the morning to her styled and gelled looks for formal occasions each day she shone with absolute beauty. Eleven looked up at him and he blushed slightly, caught looking. She gave him a wide smile before he dipped down to give her a brief kiss.

His thumb pressed the slightest bit harder on her flesh and she snuggled closer.

Kissing her had been an experiment in itself. Their first was awkward and too fast. Each time they perfected their technique and timing. Handholding was old news, as was their current position.

Eleven stopped paying any attention to the television and continued to stare at Mike. He had the warmest eyes she had ever seen and so far she had quite a few eyes to compare it to. They were always filled with wonder when she managed to catch him staring at her. It made her heart beat faster and bubble up with a slow and soothing kind of heat. More lately she had been getting other feelings, warmth and achy feelings and not only in her chest, some were in her belly, like her period cramps but these didn’t hurt.

Sometimes when she was restless and she felt that soft heat in her blood she ran her hands up her arms and on her belly, sometimes to other places that she wasn’t supposed to talk about. Joyce had suggested that some time ago.

Now that liquid heat was starting to build up and tingle through her body the more he stared at her. A force that she only had a passing understanding of beckoned her to rise up and kiss him again. Their hands were still clasped between their bodies as she coaxed his lips to move softly with hers. They paused, pressed and backed off in a slow dance and she could feel her blood continue to heat.

She felt his hand at her neck, curling around to the back of her head, burying itself in the mass of her brown curls and the sensation of his fingertips running along her scalp prompted the smallest of sounds to pass her lips, a gasp.  

Mike heard it and the sound went straight south, filling his blood with pressure and heat of his own. He used his nails next, just the softest scrape and she gave him another sound, just a puff of air on his lips and he devoured it.

Eleven pressed her body closer and Mike turned to make it easier for them to continue their activities. She rose above him and they continued to kiss. The released each other’s hands and Eleven put both of her hands on his shoulders, not knowing what she should do but knowing that she needed to touch him and keep balance. Either way he seemed fine with it.

Mike’s other unoccupied hand settled onto her hip, a rather neutral territory for now. This was still new and fresh and he didn’t want to screw it up.

Eleven leaned down into him and one hand slid from his shoulder to hang off the side of the couch and curl around his head and neck to bring their chests in contact.

Mike let out a surprised sound at the feel of her breasts pressed to his chest and she broke off the kiss to look at him. Brown eyes narrowed in concern he gave her a smile and brought the hand from her hip up to brush her cheek, “I love you.” He whispered and she gave him her brightest smile, the one that her eyes lit up and her entire face glowed.

“I love you too.” She whispered back and dove back in with fervor.

Mike was trying his best to keep her lower half off of his because he had no idea what would happen if she came into contact with the part of his anatomy that very much wanted to be in on this activity. So he let his hand from her cheek drift downward to her neck, down her shoulder and shoulder blade, then clench and release the muscle and flesh from her midback in a mimic of a massage before sliding down to her hip once more.

Eleven’s body where he was touching her felt like it was on fire, but in a good way. Her head was spinning with new sensation, new thoughts, new everything and she took it all in the way she did everything. She could feel their hearts beating, his was pounding in his chest where they touch and she knew he was breathing faster, but these were all good things. She was doing it too.

His hand drifted a little too far down and his next handful was of her backside and she let out a squeal into his mouth, much like a giggle and she pulled back.

“Sorry.” He half panted.

“No. Do it again.” She ordered and he almost groaned. The look in her eye. That was something he had never seen before. It was darker, and full of what he would come to learn was arousal. He complied quite willingly and gave her backside another squeeze. This time the sound was breathier and she rolled her hips in a way that did not make his own problem any better.

He took his hand away and used some sort of magic of his own to push off the couch and change their positions without breaking their kiss. She let out a puff of air when her back hit the soft cushions and he pulled back to hover over her. He wasn’t looking long because she yanked him back down for more kissing. Now he could control things better from this angle.

Feeling better and more adventurous he started once more from her backside and hip, giving both a healthy feel and swallowing her noises to drift further up her side, giving it a wide sweep of his thumb and his hand drifted up to her breast and his thumb brushed it in a stray motion and she had to wrench her head back to gasp at the electric feeling that coursed through her. Mike knew somethings about how this went and so he moved from her lips to her cheek and the line of her chin, then dropped down to her neck.

Eleven gasped right next to his ear and let out high pitched whines as he continued to drift down her neck. Her lower belly clenched and that liquid fire flowed from everywhere he touched down to that spot. She was almost too sensitive and shifted her thighs to relieve some of the ache.

Mike was having some trouble thinking with El panted and squirming under him like she was. It was all he could do to not think about how fucking hard he was listening to her. His next move was to open his mouth and suck on her sensitive skin and she nearly came unglued. Her eyes popped open and she gave a loud gasp in response. His grin was hidden against her skin and he did it again. Her hips rolled and she gave a plaintive whine, not knowing what she needed but knowing that if she didn’t get what it was soon then she might catch on fire.

“Are you okay?” He panted softly in her ear.

“Yeah.” She nodded. “I…need…I need. I don’t know.”

“Shhhh.” He soothed her and continued his attention to her neck again.

“Mike.” She panted and the sound was pleading.

“Do you want to stop? Is it too much?”

“No.” She shook her head fervently. “Not enough.” She articulated that much at least. The point where she ached the most was that place between her legs. The one that only she had really touched and it hadn’t felt anything like this when she had. That must be what he needed to touch. He had such nice hands.

Instead of trying to tell him what she wanted she reached for his hand and when she found his wrist she practically yanked it downward to the ache.

Mike pulled way back and his breath left him in a rush. “Uhhhh.”

“Please. I need. I need.” She begged him.

“That’s a lot, El. Are you sure?”

“It aches. I need fixed.”

“We should just cool off…” They had talked about sex like a year ago and that conversation had been awkward to say the least but he knew that they were definitely not ready for that yet. Firstly because he didn’t have any condoms and secondly because –.

She took his collar in her free hand and yanked him down to where they were only an inch or two apart and nailed him with that scary stare she reserved for very few. “No.”

Mike could only nod and hope that he survived the next few minutes. He felt only marginally better with her consenting demand and knew rudimentarily what he should do, but there was no way they were going to have sex on his parents couch in broad daylight.

He knew that the other guys bragged about certain things that they had done with their girlfriends and so he resumed kissing and sucking on her neck. He started bringing them back into the moment that he broke and she was making so many new and mind bending noises that added to his own fever. Instead of going down directly his hand made a winding and wayward path up and down her body.

His hand cupped and soothed her breast and she whimpered and whined, and he could feel the peak hardening under his hand. Each sound and swipe and he felt it down his body. If he wasn’t careful he would have an embarrassing situation of his own.

Finally after what seemed like years to Eleven he moved his hand past her stomach and downward to cup her heated flesh. She was thankful for the loose pants instead of jeans when his fingers made a clumsy motion over her but any stimulation was better than none.

Mike lifted up and watched her face while his hand moved and dipped around slowly. He had no idea what he was doing so the best thing he could think of was to look for queues. Further down and she was quieter, when he moved his hand up she was more animated. When he pressed down with just the right amount of pressure she shuddered in his embrace. Found it. “Fuck, El.” He hissed out when she moaned.

Eleven was going to die, or something. She was sure of it when he found the source of her heat and ache. She had the simultaneous urge to close her legs and force him to touch her harder. He was using just two fingers now and rubbing them in a slide over her clothes and she twisted and tried to force her eyes open to watch him but the sensations were just too much. It felt so much better than when she did it.

Mike slowed down and she gave a whine in protest but he silenced her with a kiss while he lifted his hand and in a daring move that she would than him for later he delved under the sweatpants and his fingers resumed their massage over soaked panties. She shrieked into his mouth and her hips rolled in tandem with his hand. She was getting dizzy and hot all over like her nerves were on fire. Tighter and tighter and hotter and hotter until she was sure that she would combust when it felt like something in her snapped but in an amazing way and she was overtaken with such an intense feeling that she screamed, “Mike!” into his mouth and shuddered as her orgasm washed over her in soothing and pounding waves. He continued to work her through it until she was finished shaking. Her whole body was covered in sweat and her heart was beating faster than it ever had before. She was floating on a bed of clouds and secure in Mike’s arms. Brown eyes opened tiredly to find Mike’s cheeks flushed, eyes wide and he was breathing as fast as she had been.

She smiled at him and hummed her satisfaction, “I love you Mike.” It was the only thing she could think of saying mostly because he was staring at her again with those eyes again. The ones that made her heart beat faster.

“Love you too, El.”

“I feel like taking a nap.” She snuggled further into the couch.

“Can you walk? You should sleep in bed. Not the couch.” His voice was even shaky.

“I be okay here.” She muttered sleepily.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom. Okay. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

He left her dozing and shakily walked to the bathroom, surprised that his legs actually worked with how hard he was. Jesus Christ. The way that she looked when he had……Eyes closed, cheeks flushed and red, puffy lips parted as she cried out his name. His vision sort of started to tunnel then and it didn’t take him long with that image of her in his head to call out her name in a hushed whisper as he came. The orgasm nearly knocked the wind out of him and as it was he had to sit down or else he was worried that he would fall down.

This wasn’t the way that he thought the day would go but he hoped that they would be able to do that again sometime. Many more times. He wanted to find every place on her that sang and he wanted to make sure that she knew that she was loved every single day of his life.

He stood up and made his way back, calmer now and picked her up from the couch. Navigating the stairs was tricky but he managed to put her down in his bed and went back downstairs to turn off the TV. That was when he noticed that several items had been shifted. Pillows, the chair and even the couch. How had he not noticed that?

Mike put everything back in its place before walking back up and pulling Eleven into his arms as he settled into bed. He brushed an errant curl from her cheek before laying his head down for his own nap. He couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her and that day would hopefully be sooner rather than later.



As promised my cute little Nessian domestic fic. To hold you over until I finish chapter 10 of Shape of you =)

Nesta was beyond exhausted. Ever since they had come home from the healer their son had been a good baby. He had been an easy baby. On a schedule to eat and sleep around the same time every day. He barely cried, he smiled at her. He loved her and his father. He was a good baby, an easy baby. Everyone was obsessed with how easy he was. So different from Elain and Azriel’s little one.

But then something changed.

When he hit the 3 month mark and his father was called to check on the camps yet again. Cassian went without a second thought, even though he promised Nesta he would be here to help her in the first few months of their son’s life. Nesta hadn’t realized it until he was gone, but their son was more attached to his father than anyone else. They had bonded and now he only wanted Cassian.

He had been gone for longer than a few days. And for the two weeks Kaden wouldn’t stop crying. No matter how hard she tried Nesta couldn’t settle him. She was running on less than 3 hours of sleep.

She had tried everything. Nursing him. Changing him. Bouncing him. She sang to him. She rocked him. She bathed him, she rubbing his wings softly the way Cassian did. She had done everything her tired mind could think of.

And yet he was still crying.

“Please,” she sighed, “please Kaden stop crying. Mommy is tired.”

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The Proposition: Part Two

The Proposition drabble series: Part Two

Cole Sprouse x Reader

Summary: You are on a weekend getaway with your best friend Cole and he offers you a life-changing proposition

Word Count: 1400

Previous chapter

A/N: Here’s part 2! Sorry it took so long, but here it is. Things start to get real. Feedback is always appreciated, and thank you so much for the love and support you’ve all given me since the beginning. I will creating a masterpost for the series soon so all the parts will be compiled in one place. I just want to see how this chapter does beforehand. So let me know what you think, and enjoy!

P.S- there is mention of an outfit the reader is wearing, it is hyperlinked so you can click on the words & it will show you a picture of the dress I had in mind. (:

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It Runs in the Family

A little bit for @fangirlforlife2448 who wanted Henry walking in on CS like Emma and Henry walked in on Snowing in season 2.

Crack-ish, semi-smutty fluff with a tiny dose of naval-gazing (literal and figurative) coming up, Hayley! I hope you like it!

1.8k, Rated M for nipple.

She burrows her nose into Killian’s chest, watching the gauzy white curtains flutter over their perfect view of the sunrise, curls her toes into the cool cotton of their bed sheets, and wonders when she got so lucky.

His arm is warm against her bare back and the beat of his heart is solid and steady under her ear and this is her life now. This is her life.

Killian wraps a disheveled curl around his finger, watching the play of light through the golden strands.

“You know,” he says, “I’ve been thinking.”

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You’re Cute

Request: Ok so, it’s super fluffy but who doesn’t love fluff 😂 so you go on a date with Barry and come back with him to Joe’s house and cuddle on the couch, then you fall asleep and he carries you to his room, more cuddling more fluff etc and the next morning you come downstairs in Barry’s S.T.A.R labs jumper and Barry introduces you and Joe and you get along really well with him, you leave the room for whatever reason and Joe tells Barry how much he likes you etc etc basically, it’s super fluffy and yeah -@ineedtoorganizemybookshelf
Also including these prompts: “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.” And “You’re hair is so soft.”
Word count: 1213
A/n: 754 words in a realized I didn’t read the request correctly. I’m soooooo sorry. Joe knows the reader before they go on the date.

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CS FF: Casual Fridays

A/N: For @lifeinahole27, who long ago left me the prompt of ‘Captain Swan - casual Friday.’ Thanks go to @lenfaz for reading this over.

Summary: It was supposed to be just another one-night stand, but somehow she got carried away with this one.

Words: 4000 | Rating: M | ao3


Emma was pretty sure that if she wanted to take the time, she could write a really useful guide on what not to do when looking for a potential one night stand. Forget warnings like not being too drunk, not forgetting to pack a condom, and texting a friend to let them know where you are, these seemed like a given. There was plenty of more useful advice that could be shared.

For instance, don’t go for the guy at the bar with too much hair gel. It will end up with him getting all too handsy before you’ve even left the bar, and you’ll be lucky if he’s ever taken the time to figure out where a woman’s clit is given how long he’s spent getting his hair like that. Or don’t pick up the bartender of your local bar, unless you have no plans to return. Ever. Or avoid the guy in the corner of the coffee shop with the ponytail, he’s definitely going to recite some sort of poetry in your ear while trying to get you off and it is just going to kill it for you.

Or, much like the bartender scenario, don’t fuck your neighbor. No matter how hot or enticingly accented he may be, if your entire goal is an orgasm (or two, if you were lucky) and to never see the guy again, fucking your neighbor is counterproductive.

Emma was pretty sure this point couldn’t be high enough on said guide.

(Even if said neighbor delivered three.)

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The Fainting Room

Month of Fanfiction - Day 11 - Smut. Fenris/f!Hawke, 2709 words, nsfw. Some ridiculous PWP set during Mark of the Assassin.

Maker damn it, those Orlesians were not kidding.

Duke Prosper had poured her two fingers of some peach liqueur—“said to enhance sensation,” he said as his gaze slithered up her décolletage like a slug—and the tiny little sips her corset allowed had seared their way down her constricted waist to pool between her legs, heating her up to the very core.

“You’re distracted, Champion,” giggled Sister Nightingale. “Something on your mind? Or should I say … someone?”

Her eyes glittered, and heat crept up Hawke’s face as she had the distinct impression that the redhead knew exactly what manner of drink swished in her tulip-shaped, short-stemmed glass.

Someone was on her mind alright. In fact, she blamed him as much as she did the blush-coloured liquid in her hand: they’d been at it like nugs since he’d returned to her, and the couple of days it had taken them to travel to the Vimmark Mountains had felt like another three years altogether.

Romantic getaway, my arse, she thought. So far it had been more of an exercise in self-denial and discipline. Now instead of looking for a way inside the castle, she found herself stealing glances around the garden in hopes of catching a shock of silver hair.

Likely playing cards with Varric somewhere, the truant, while the silk of her stockings was sizzling off her legs from the heat underneath her skirts—

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Hot and Bothered Part Two

In which post-concert Harry is still horny, and you decide to share a nice shower with him.

A/N: ITS FINALLY HERE! The long awaited sequel to Hot and Bothered  cowritten by the PHENOMENAL harryandmesohappily!! We worked very hard on this and, as promised, its quite a bit smuttier than you’re used to coming from me.  Enjoy, loves!

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Motionless - Pt. 20/21

Bucky x Reader, OC’s, Avengers

Summary: The team come back to check up on their teammate and to welcome the two newest members of their family and a plan is made.

Word Count: 2,989

Warnings: Recovery, babies!! No real warnings, just tons of fluff really, tiny bit of smut, swapping POV

A/N: I’M STILL HERE GUYS!! Don’t worry! School’s starting in a few days, so I’ve been trying to get stuff done in preparation for that, but I’ll try to post as much as I can. Anywho, can you believe it? We only have one more part left! It’s been such an adventure and roller coaster writing this for all of you, but I had such a blast!! Let me know how you liked this part!

Reader’s POV

You along with the others piled back into the cars and rushed back to the tower. Steve was literally buzzing with worry for Bucky, the others fidgeting nervously in their seats. You continued with your breathing exercises from your therapist, in order to stay calm. When Bucky laid down with you on Tony’s balcony for your star gazing date, he told you more about the serum. What it does, how it affects him, what its soul purpose was. If it wasn’t for that certain conversation, you would be a complete wreck right now.

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Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby // Poor Baby

Per request HERE, re: One of Nevada’s men hurting Crybaby.
Referencing back to THIS tale.

Originally posted by sarahgracej

Okay this is actually pretty dark considering what I usually write so that’s a warning, and there’s violence as in Nevada pummels someone to a bloody pulp, but that’s pretty predictable considering the request.

Nevada had been out of town for about a week now, had planned on it being another before he’d get back.

They knew. 
Caroline knew they knew.

She got dumped out of their dingy car by her apartment, the one they all knew Nevada paid for, late at night after the nice old ladies turned off their hearing aids and the dogs had all been brought in for the night. Delicately, sniffling still, she trotted up the stone steps and slid her key into the door.

They hadn’t even robbed her.
Just tore her down.

Once making it through the heavy double doors and hearing the lock click behind her; poor Caroline cried, moreso than her little Crybaby heart had ever done before. Oh, she wept, so broken there was no strength to muster sound. Silently, she slid up the staircase, hands wringing nervously through the material of her cotton kimono. With shaking fingers, she managed to force the key into the knob.

As soon as she was in, she slammed that door shut.
The lock; the slip chain; the dead bolt.

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The Shrink Treatment

The Shrink Treatment
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Kidge
Summary: Request fill. An experiment goes awry, leaving Keith in a strange situation and Pidge the one in charge of looking after him.
Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more.
AN: Third fill for the requests I received. I deviated a little bit from what the original request wanted but I hope that this is still enjoyable!

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