she wears red a lot

anonymous asked:

How do you picture your Sosus? :)

I actually have pictures of them on my blog, but to clarify:

Nora’s mixed race white/Indian (of the continent of Asia, not First Nations) with blue eyes and dark brown hair, fairly dark skin. She’s 5′7, quite curvy, wears very dark red lipstick and lots of thick eyeliner. She has freckles covering her nose and cheeks, and a little scar beneath her bottom lip. Wears the Vault suit, like, everywhere. She has a great butt. She turned 29 a few months before the game started.

Nate’s African American, grey eyed, buzzcut hair. About 6′2 and built like a brick shithouse. Usually wears a cocky grin and a black t-shirt and jeans. He also has a great butt. Scar on his chin, over his top lip, and across his cheek. He’s about 40 and he’s got lines around his eyes and some grey in his hair.