she wears many hats

Young adult w.i.t.c.h. (my version)

Will: She searched for herself for a long time and she found out that a quiet life was not for her. She became a rescuer of the extreme (she rescues people at sea, on cliffs or in caves…). Her capacity to face danger and her team spirit (and her powers) make her very appreciated in her work. She completes her training by learning to pilot helicopters. Her teammates laugh friendly at her habit to speak to machines and to name them…  Her favorite helicopter is moreover called Georgette.

However, for her love life, she needs a serene and warm relationship. She is not anymore with Matt after a nth break-up but with… Martin Tubbs. (Irma is laughing.) He became a charming programmer who is adorable and romantic. they have been together for two years and he is going to pop the question soon… But hush, it’s a secret!

Irma: One day, Mr Collins brought Will and Irma to go deep-sea diving. Obviously, this good history teacher brought them on an archeological site, a vessel at the bottom of the seas. Irma was fascinated and she began to ask questions. Mr Collins give her a lot of books and they discussed…  And now she is a underwater archaeologist. Be in the bottom of the oceans, trapped in time is a sort of powerful and quiet magic which she likes. (Mr collins names her “his favorite student”, and Will is like : “You know dad, I was your student too, right ?!”)

Otherwise she remained the same : funny, sparkling, a little childish with a big heart. She is a single woman at the moment but there is this cute guy….

Taranee: She studied journalism and photography. However, it’s her dance blog and her youtube videos which earned her a bit of fame. Because of it, she works now in an organization which promote the dance in all its forms.

Regarding her love life, she stopped having disastrous relationship with guys. The secret she shared with Mary Ann (issue 130) is no more a secret : she prefers girls. So she now has a stable and perfect love with a woman, a nurse who take care of her after a sprained ankle. It was a coup de foudre. 

Cornelia: After studying for a law degree, Cornelia finally worked for an environmental organization where she wears many hats. She thinks it is the perfect job: she wear suits for the law part, practical clothes for the work in the field part, and beautiful dresses for the gala part. She has a talent for organizing fundraising galas and use her network. Unfortunately, her job has one minor drawback: working for an organization which make no profit means low salary. Her dad wants to hire her for his bank but his princess categorically refuses the idea.

Her husband, Peter Cook, is an architect and he is working on a self-sufficient house (with a big dressing room). These two are always in deep love and are so damn cute together.

Hay Lin: Hay Lin is quite occupied. She studied stylism and works now for the Heatherfield theater where she makes the costumes. She also helps sometimes at the family restaurant. And the illustrated children book she wrote have been recently published.

At the theater, there is this accountant guy who is so cute… In fact these two love each other but don’t know it yet…. even if all the staff know it and discretly watch these two incredibly shy and romantic persons. There are even bets for when they finally find out.

My imagination is going wild. Now I want a story with young adult w.i.t.c.h. … The number of magical people are increasing and become problematic: how to keep this secret anymore ?
However it’s time to rest: Elyon came on earth for two days (she wants to see movies and eating pizza and ice cream.) But when she wants to return to Meridian, all the passages are closed ! Kandrakar is also inaccessible. Who can help? Five other girls that you know under the name of Astral drops! The previous oracle predicted it…They are back!!! They find out each magical person is a key to re-open the portals and it’s the beginning of their biggest adventure.

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Is the handkerchief that Papyrus wore as a kid the same one that Lucida wears? Because that wouldn't make any sense. Maybe he was wearing one of her spares.

She has many handkerchiefs, hats, scarves, wigs, etc. lots of pink ones too though, those are her favorite.

The one she’s wearing now actually shouldn’t exist, since it appeared when she did in m!a. Her very favorite one was given to papyrus to wear. Just like he has on his father’s favorite scarf right now, and sans is wearing his mother’s favorite jacket.

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My best friends birthday is coming up in February and i wanted to know what i could make her. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks x

Here are some gift ideas that you can make!

DIY Candy Birthday Wreath | Crazy Little Projects

Do you have that one friend that really likes candy? Create this candy wreath and they will love eating it up! Really simple to make and the main ingredient is candy!

Homemade Body Butter | She Wears Many Hats

Create this all natural, homemade body butter as a gift for any occasion! Anyone will love the smell and softness of their skin after using this gift. 

DIY Photo Tile Coasters | Du Buh Du Designs

Place any photo onto a tile coaster that will hold the memory forever! Anyone of any age will love this gift in there home.

DIY “Bottle of Memories” Gift | Thirty Handmade Days

Using dollhouse miniatures, fill up a bottle of symbols that represent memories you both have had together.

For more birthday crafts click HERE.