she wears like 3 different outfits


1) Daehwi walked back and forth and looked at the bus ad in front of his school for a long time, and said “Waa~ it’s so great!” (우앙 짱 종아!)

2) Then he left with a bounce in his step.

3) Another person saw him on the street and said he walked in a disciplined way. She told Daehwi she voted for him and Daehwi thanked her.

Conclusion: Daehwi is a smol who keeps wearing the same clothes (I must have seen this outfit on 3 different days now). Off the stage, he really is just a tiny 16-year-old kid who is having his first taste of what all this feels like. Support this pure smol.

5 Favorite Lucy Outfits

#1 Tartaros Prologue

I just really enjoy the colors here. It differs from the typical blues and whites she wears.

#2 Sagittarius Stardress

I’m a sucker for archers and this A+++ Usually I don’t like boob-windows, but I don’t mind it too much here! (Side note: is Lucy wearing pants or not??? Because I always thought she was???)

#3 GMG Fight 

Again, I mostly like it for the colors! They all looked great in this dark purple :3

#4 Avatar Arc

This was kind of a throwback to the “Classic Lucy” look, but I actually like this one better than any of her other blue/white outfits!

#5 Leo Stardress

Is it practical for fighting? Not really! I do like the colors and this is what has fueled my urge to write dance!AUs. It’s just pretty…

Honorable mentions!

They were just cover/art book things, but boy did I like them! I’m a sucker for braids + sweaters and the second one actually has armor, which I adore!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you my Five favorite outfits they wear!

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I'm surprised i like rhajat, considering that tharja is one of my least favorite video game characters

That’s a reaction I understand perfectly, since I was pretty surprised myself when I realized I loved Rhajat. I don’t dislike Tharja but she’s definitely not one of my fav characters.

I talked about how Henry and Peri are very different, so I guess now it’s Rhajat and Tharja’s turn. Yes, Rhajat is an expy of Tharja. No, Rhajat is not a clone of Tharja. To quote TV Tropes, “ An expy (short “exported character”) is a character from one series who is unambiguously and deliberately based on a character in another, older series. A few minor traits, such as age or hair color, may change, but there’s no doubt that they are almost one and the same.” I don’t think the last statement is entirely true regarding Rhajat.

Yes, they look alike. Design wise (hairstyle, color palette, features, facial expressions), they’re very similar, although I like to point out that Rhajat wears way more clothes than Tharja. I saw a lot of people saying they don’t like Tharja because of her oversexualized outfit, so you’re much less likely to have this issue with Rhajat.

Their similarities: stalk the avatars, are seen as creepy by their peers, introvert, love hexing and cursing people.

Their differences: 

  • Rhajat is way more friendly than Tharja, but in a discreet way. Yes, Rhajat inherited Tharja’s creepiness, but she’s by far the nicest. Contrary to Tharja who doesn’t issue any C-support unless she needed something, Rhajat initiates conversation 3 times. She also proves to be more polite and considerate of others as she expresses gratitude and goes APOLOGIZE to Forrest in their B-support for being mean and/or rude to him in their C-support, in contrary again to Tharja who (I think) only willingly thanks Donnel. And Forrest didn’t even request an apology from her! She went to apologize of her own free will! What’s next? She offers to make spells for her comrades in order to help them (see for instance her supports with Mitama, who wants to be alone for a while to work on her poetry and Rhajat suprises her with a spell that does just that, as well as repeling bugs and giving light!). In contrast to Tharja, she makes efforts (despite her liking to be alone) to go and talk to people. Hell, Rhajat is even shown to be willing to go as far as thinking of elaborate plans to initiate friendship (see the end of her A-support with Selkie). 
  • Also Rhajat has much more restrain than Tharja, meaning she doesn’t curse people as often as her (not sure here but the only cursed person I can remember is Shinonome/Shiro, who inadvertently said she was fat after trying to make her eat meat despite her protests). The rest of the time, she only does magic outside of her supports, or discreetly tries to help someone (see her supports with Asugi in which she suggests teaching him a spell to make him a better spy). Shinonome, Kisaragi and Asugi/Grey are, if I remember correctly, the only ones she actually threatens with a curse/does curse. In her own supports, Tharja threatens to curse almost everyone! 
  • Even in her S-supports, she reciprocates the guys’s feelings, while Tharja’s reaction to proposals are kinda aloof.

Tharja to Kellam (S-support): “You are so very strange, quiet man. But I suppose I’m not exactly the harvest-festival queen myself. […] Let’s get married and make a strange life for the both of us.”

Rhajat to Forrest (S-support): “Yes. I like you back. But I’m mad that you waited this long to tell me. As punishment, I sentence you to a life of caring for me.”

Now that I think of it, Tharja mentions Robin in several (if not most) of her S-supports, while Rhajat doesn’t mention Kamui in hers. This shows she has more respect for her soon-to-be-boyfriend’s feelings and is willing to grow out of her obsession. also please take into account that for some reason the localized version made her S-support with the avatar unecessarily creepy and stalkerish while her Japanese S-support with F!Kamui was sweet, cute and showed her awkward side and fear of being rejected for who she really is.

I’ll conclude with the whole “stalker” thing. Yes, both stalk the avatar. Yes, it’s weird and creepy. Yes, you are perfectly allowed to be uncomfortable. But please take the following into account: as far as we know, Tharja has no reason to be so obsessed with Robin, while Rhajat has reasons to be fascinated with Kamui/Corrin. They saved her life, not only once, but twice, so she’s not just “in love”: she’s also admirative and thankful (in their S-support, she even calls them her “hero”). Please also consider this: at the very beginning of their S-support, Rhajat states that she decided to stop stalking the avatar:

Rhajat to Kamui (S-support): “[…] that’s what you want, isn’t it?“

This means she cares about what they want/think. She doesn’t want to be a bother. She noticed how much her attitude bothered them and took that into consideration. She’s willing to make efforts to give them their peace of mind. 

Yes, Rhajat is an expy of Tharja. No, they’re not the same.

this took me forever but I HAD TO DEFEND MY WIFE

It's all about Barbie - Chapter 3 (Trixya)- Djoodi

A/N: Hey guys! I’m back back back again :) And I’m sorry that it took some time for me to get this one done, but school is back so I don’t really have a lot of time to write! But I’m so happy to see that people left some really positive feedback! <3 

If you haven’t read chapters 1 and 2 they are here: chapter 1; chapter 2! And I created a sideblog (but I suck so bad at using tumblr so I’m already sorry for my mistakes lol)! 

Also, VicThirteen was the nicest person™ and helped me as a beta! Thank you so much <3 

Hope you guys enjoy it! :)

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Elarevas’ family (the older members, at least)

Close Enough

Sharna couldn’t remember the last time she was this nervous. She lost track of how many times she’d had to remind herself this was no big deal. How many times over the past two days she debated just how bad of a “friend” she’d be if she faked some kind of last-minute stomach bug and just stayed in LA. I mean, everyone would be so busy they probably wouldn’t notice, right? Just as she was thinking this for the 100th time, her phone buzzed from its spot charging on her nightstand.

 She smiled as she answered the phone. “What’s up Fode?” Sharna asked as she sat on the edge of the bed and picked up Daisy into her lap.  

“Are we to the point in our relationship where we are coordinating outfits yet?” He asked in a mock serious tone.

“Ugh…never. We are not those people,”  she said rolling her eyes.

“Cool. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I’m bringing my off-the-shoulder romper and 6 inch Louboutins. You know… so you don’t wear the same thing and we end up on one of those ‘who wore it better lists’”

“I did.” She deadpanned. “I wore it better.”

He laughed, continuing his serious tone, “Guess we’ll find out. Seriously though, any specific dress code instructions I should know about?”

“Um…no, I haven’t really thought about it,” She lied. “Whatever is fine.”

Sharna had been hesitant to ask Pierson to go to Indy with her since they hadn’t been dating long, but relieved when he said he could go. She knew James’ schedule would be crazy, and there would potentially alot of awkward downtime with…um, people.  Pierson was sweet and funny and could hang out and have a good time with anyone. He’d be a great buffer.

She tried very hard to not think about moral dilemma of whether or not using her new boyfriend as a buffer was a good idea. She tried even harder not to think about why she needed a buffer in the first place.

“Hellllooooo?” She heard Pierson’s voice on the phone bringing her back to reality.

 “Sorry. Got distracted. Did I miss you saying anything important?” She giggled.

 “Not much. Just that I was considering joining a bobsled team for the winter olympics,” he sighed sarcastically.  

 “Awesome. Best of luck to you.”

 “Actually I got to go anyways, my phone is at like 2% battery. Talk to you later?”

 “Later babe.”

She laid back on the massive heap of clothes on her bed. She had just spent the better part of 3 hours trying to decide what to pack. She had texted Nicole about 30 different pictures of outfits to get her opinion, but nothing seemed right. Her mind wandered back months ago when James joked about her wearing her jive outfit to the race. At the time she feigned indignation and they had a laugh about it. Now she scrolled back to the picture of them from last November in her phone and stared at it for too long. She found herself laughing and blushing at the thought of him wanting her to wear something so skimpy. Looking at the picture though, she had a sudden thought. She jumped off the bed quickly and grabbed a pair of black knee-high boots from off a shelf in her closet. Grinning, she shrugged her shoulders and turned back to the dogs sitting on the bed. “Close enough…”  


Alrightiee, after 1,000 years having an arguement with myself about what my favorite photo(s) are

And hours of chosing like you’re a kid and your mom says “1 toy”.

I was able to negotiate with myself and I rounded it down to 25.

I made a pretty thoughtful response to this question here:

(this is not by best to worst.) 

*Question asked by @foreversharontate. Go follow him/her!* 

So here we gooooo.  I’m going to discuss what I love about each photo I chose and just some plain commentary.

*each sentence may start out as ‘I love’ so apologies in adavance*

1. I dearly love this photo, I love her makeup in this photo. The lightning is perfect.

2. I love how her features are present in this photo. She was very early in her pregnancy and was glowing as always.

3. No makeup, natural hair and care-free Sharon at the beach in Cannes. 

4. This is my favorite screencap of VOTD, she looks so happy.

5 Honestly this photo looks like it could’ve been tooken in the ‘90s or early ‘00s. So modern. 

6. She looks so natural in this. I think she’s wearing very little make-up in this.

7. Roman is also in this photo, I love her cheeky little smile. She has so many different smiles and I love every single one.

8. I love this photo but I HATE this outfit, me and @simply-sharon-tate were discussing how bad it is last night. 

9. This was shot during the short documentary ‘All Eyes on Sharon Tate’. 

10. One of my favorite profile shots of her. If you’re wondering what that scar is from on her cheek, from falling on a piece of corrugated tin when she was a child.

11. This was one of the first photos I stumbled across of Sharon. I was 12 or 13 at the time, I instanlty fell into research and joined the ‘fandom’ that I love and adore. 😊❤️

12. This is one of my favotie ‘off-guard’ photos of Sharon. If it’s not, I love her ‘listening’ or ‘concentrating’ face. I stick my tounge out as well when I’m really focused. 

13. This is during her ‘starlet’ years. I love the photography skills used in this photo.

14. You CANNOT forget her baby photo! Seriously, she was such an adorable baby, I’ve always wondered what her children would look like. 

15. Sharon was such an animal and baby lover. Her and animals make me smile. We have a lot in common.

16. I love how her hair and makeup were styled. 

17. This was another of her ‘smiles’. She’s such a cutie. (is that werid to say?But is true ) 

18. I love her messy hair, shades and the tongue. She’s such a goof.

19. Her smile…. I love it so much, I can’t wait to get my braces off. She’s so lucky that she didnt have braces (if they were a thing.) Her teeth are so perfect.

20. This is one of my favorite ‘natural’ photos of her. 

21. Hatami was a marvelous photographer. This is one of my favorites of her that he took. 

22. My favorite photo from her wedding. It shows off her hair and signature eye makeup really well.

23. I really love how we can see her earings. I rarely see photos of her with earrings in.

24. I love her ‘before fame photos’. She looks so happy and proud. 

25. Last but definitely not least. I cannot include this photo, It’s so special and sentimental. Her make-up free face, very pregnant belly and the flowy butterfly Pucci dress or ‘kimono’ as I like to call it. It makes me smile and so happy.

Thank you for reading my top 25 favorites, I have way more than 25 favorites so I’ll have to another one of these in the future! 

I’m posting something very special tomorrow so stay tuned! 

Much Love, 

Mad. 💕

How to be like Effy Stonem :)

I feel that this is a post that needs to be addressed to those who love Effy’s style and want to “be like her”. The reason for quoting that is because no one can be an exact ‘clone’ of Effy.
I believe everyone has elements of our Elizabeth (Effy) Stonem inside of them, perhaps already visible or still remaining concealed from the world. That trait in itself is “Effy”.
Effy is a mysterious and rebellious embodiment in the Skins franchise. These characteristics of being “rebellious” and “mysterious” are innate in everyone.. It’s a survival instinct of sorts. However, there are too many shackles in today’s society which prevent these Stonem elements from making their debut or at least a cameo into our character. This is where we lack an “Effy personality”.
Not only is she rebellious and mysterious, but simultaneously she is a “fuck it” kind of person. This is where the majority of us lack in. I envy Effy’s “I don’t care” lifestyle, but I know that this is what roots her psychotic depression. Being a sufferer of severe depression and experiencing episodic psychosis sessions, I could relate to Effy in this way.
I disliked how the producers of Skins didn’t go into depth about the origins of Effy’s depression. They just mainly blamed it on Tony’s accident and how Effy witnessed it. Yes, this was one of the primary origins, but prior to this Effy was always silent and these were the first elements of psychosis, Alogia is a psychological condition usually present in those who are schizophrenic or suffering from early onset depression. Alogia is the poverty of speech (not speaking at all) or distorted/disorganised speech. Effy showed this condition, thus something must’ve happened preceding the accident and possibly during childhood. Perhaps Effy just had selective mutism, and only spoke in certain circumstances (e.g. in school), but there was still little to no explanation of why this was.

I’ll avoid going all psychological on you and will just describe some signature/typical Effy characteristics:
• Don’t speak a lot - Effy speaks with her eyes and smile, and this originates her mysterious personality traits. However, this doesn’t then mean that you should be ignorant towards others. If others speak to you, reply. Effy may have been the “queen bee” in season 3 and 4, but she never ignored her friends. In season 3, she was a little ignorant towards her feelings and Freddie. But that’s because she “didn’t know” how to deal with someone loving her so much and she was afraid to become close.
When you do say something, make it important. When Effy does speak, it usually has a fundamental and underlying meaning. This will make you mysterious. Keep your words to a minimal and add words like “sweet” and “cool” into your daily dictionary. Also, don’t be a gossip girl. Don’t give too much detail on your life. For example, if someone asks “what did you do this weekend”, reply with “oh I just went into town with some friends”. If they push you further and ask what you did there, smile to yourself secretly and say “nothing”. This will draw people into you and leave them wanting to know more. Remember, Effy has a smile that says “you don’t know me, and you never will”. If you can achieve this smile, you’re already an “Effy”.
If you are already shy and don’t say much, then you can do this perfectly. However, if you are loud and open, then this may be difficult for you. It would be difficult to revert into a silent lifestyle without constant questions (trust me, I know)
• Secondly, don’t give a fuck. About what you wear, about what you do, about what others think… Just don’t care and be a “fuck it” kind of person. This will then give you Effy’s rebellious nature. Of course, I’m not saying you should commit crimes, get trippy on magic mushrooms, drink, do drugs or hit someone over the head with a rock. You just have to have some rebellion in your life to make life exciting.
• Effy is very promiscuous. A succubus comes to mind when I think of Effy prior to season 4&7. Just by walking through the school or on the street, Effy was able to turn heads and enchant onlookers. This is what made Katie’s ego feel threatened.
Now, just because Effy was promiscuous, that doesn’t then say you should be, too. Remember, she is only fictional. If you are the type of person to commit the sin of lust, I won’t judge you. We’ve all desired something. But with Effy’s character being on the lusty side, there are risks involved that the Skins producers didn’t highlight. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest internalising this trait to be like someone else. But hey, entirely up to you and it would empower Effy’s “fuck it” nature. Just stay safe and be careful.
• Observe people. Effy is a people watcher of sorts. To enhance Effy’s mysterious trait, observe people. When they catch you looking, smile that “Effy smile” described before whilst looking away. This will keep people guessing.

I’m just going to copy and paste what I wrote in my previous polyvore posts description:
“Effy’s signature characteristics includes her 'ripped clothing’ look (Kaya Scodelario says herself that Effy’s style is all about the destruction of clothing to reflect her rebellious and destructive behaviour. She says her character would "take a piece of clothing and rip it to shreds so that it’s different and you won’t be wearing the same thing as anyone else”. Effy also likes to wear mainly black in Season 3 with gold jewellery and stacks of bracelets. In season 4, Effy begins to add some colour to her wardrobe and even dresses “healthily” after her therapy. Effy in season 1 and 2 is more punk than grunge, although some elements of her grunge style shows up in season 2. In season 7, Effy’s outfits reflect her maturity and how she has grown up. However, that doesn’t stop her from living the “secret nightlife” she has always seemed to have.“

Effy’s shoe collection consists of Doc Martens (or imitations, with a colour scheme of cherry or black), black lace up boots, sneakers, Vans and Converse.

Both Effy’s and Kaya’s signature looks are the smokey eye and the cat eyeliner look. This look best compliment their blue eyes. If you don’t happen to have blue eyes, then wear make up contrasting your eye colour; experiment with makeup looks and eyeshadow colours to see what best compliments your eye colour and your face as well (bringing out my inner beauty guru).
However, if you want to look like Effy, then I’d suggest trying the smokey eye with some blue eyeliner on the waterline or some blue eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye just below the waterline (near tear duct area). This will "trick” people into looking towards the blue and will best compliment any eye colour. But, like I said, experiment with the looks and perhaps YouTube some Effy inspired make up tutorials.
Here is my favourite Effy inspired makeup tutorial from when they were camping in the woods: (on mobile - YouTube “Effy Stonem Inspired Makeup Look”)
The song is Crystal Castles - Untrust Us, if anyone is interested (love it)

She stresses the fact that Effy/Kaya has almond shaped eyes and to achieve the desired “Effy look” if you don’t have her eye shape, you’ll have to fake it with makeup. This is where a lot of people go wrong with trying to mimic makeup looks/tutorials: they don’t take into account the eye shape and other facial structures. Everyone is different. And that’s a good thing. You don’t have to be an exact clone of Effy; just share the traits that best compliment you as an individual.

Effy also has the “nude” and “barely there” look which is described on WikiHow’s “How to look and dress like Effy Stonem” page (don’t quote me on that). Effy is also able to go all natural, which is her being true to who she is.

That is the final note I want to end on: be true to yourself. Be yourself. Fuck everyone else. I believe this is the ethos/mantra Effy would live by. Effy was always herself and true to herself whether she realised it or not. It may not have been visible at the start, but it was there lurking in the shadows.

Be you.

Don’t change just to be like Effy (even after all that). Just do things that you want.

That’s all from me now loveys and don’t forget to send in those requests!

- C.

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If that was twincer in the spoby scene, im going to be heart broken.. poor toby doesnt deserve that! Hes already been continuously raped by his step sister.. like wtf my poor guy. BUT MY SPOBY HEART IS SOARING. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

i totally agree!!!! But it was either a twin, or they’re totally trying to confuse us (which would be annoying af considering we only have 2 episodes left). 

1. She was wearing a different outfit just like in the shady airport scene.

2. She was acting really different. She was so to the point and even the way she talked didn’t sound right.

3. “that doesn’t sound like the spencer i know” (side note: they know each other so well I’m crying)

4. is it just me or did that bullet wound not really look like a bullet wound? I could just be over-analyzing though.

But I agree, Toby has been through the unspeakable and to have this be a twin would be so heartbreaking for him and us (especially after we’ve had to wait so long for this) 

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Kelsey her fans are STILL pissy she was exposed for sharing old pics like they were new and are getting real upset with anti g ppl.

How in the hell are they able to get pissy with us? How is this our fault? She shares multiple pictures from one photoshoot but pretends they happened in real time. 

Cortese shares this picture on May 24th, insinuating it was taken that second. But then on June 12th she shares another picture saying it was happening that second. Huh. Now either she really loves that entire outfit, just like Shep loves that yellow shirt, or they were taken the same day but she decided to spread them out. Oh, we can’t forget that she actually shared her first picture from that infamous photoshoot on May 16th.

We’ve gotten 3 pictures of her wearing the exact same outfit on different days but her insinuating that they were all taken the day she posted them. That’s just one example though. You can look at her entire instagram and see that she has professional pictures taken and spreads them out over weeks/months but insists on pretending they were done the day she shares them. 

She LIES but it’s our fault for calling her out on those lies. Makes perfect sense.

ctromedea  asked:

Howdy! Could you do some modern AU hc for Bonney, Koala, Perona, Nami and Zoro on how they dress, what kind of outfits they usually wear? :3

fashion is my favorite thing just saying :DDD ♥♥♥


  • pretty much grunge style also soft grunge 
  • a bit punky too
  • She’s pretty chaotic, that also becomes apparent in her clothing
  • two different socks? marmelade stain on her top? Well shit, son she had a busy morning!
  • necklaces, earings, rings, she likes bling a lot
  • Wears pretty bright colors, really loves pink and yellow
  • An outfit she’d wear would be a furjacket, a soft pink crop top, combat boots and shorts and a hat


  • very preppy
  • her clothes are always spick and span
  • her favorite colors to wear are purple and soft pink and blue
  • lots of short flutter skirts
  • She’s a huge fan of knee high socks and tights
  • She’s not really girly rather than just preppy
  • She wears a necklace, but just sometimes
  • You know Koala really loves hats a lot
  • She cannot stand for dear life food on her clothing, she will immideately wash everything


  • Absolute Goth
  • And also a bit Lolita kind of style
  • Perona’s favorite color is pink, which is why she predominantly dyes her hair pink
  • The colors she wears are black, white, red, pink and sometimes gold and silver
  • She loves plateau shoes a damn lot
  • She’s a huge fan of hats like Koala
  • Perona cares for her style a lot, really a damn lot, it’s excentric but she always manages to make her make up and her clothes look awesome even if they’re a bit unsual


  • Nami has a sort of hipster-esque
  • Even during winter she wears pretty light clothing
  • She loves flower prints a lot
  • She would wear sandals all the time if she could, and she has the most ridiculous (in a good way) collection of sandals and flat at home
  • She doesn’t really like dresses, she prefers skirts 
  • Her fave colors to wear are def all the warm summer colors, like yellow, orange, light red and white 
  • She doesn’t wear much jewelry
  • Idk if that counts but…like her tattoo you know it’s not just the little one on her shoulder, she’s got a full sleeve on her left arm


  • sporty
  • A WHOLE BUNCH of sleevless shirts and hoodies
  • He would every day in his life wear comfy jogging pants if he could
  • Often enough wears the hoodie of the police department
  • Zoro has a lot of ‘nike’ sneakers he wears
  • he wears dark colors mostly, dark green is his fave color to wear
  • Man, look Zoro doesn’t want to look fashionable, sexy, trendy or masculine or whatever, he doesn’t give a shit about that. He just wants it comfy, he’d walk around nude if he could
  • He does love army print tho 
  • Has a bunch of bomber jackets

As promised, a master post of my fanbot cosplay. Her name is Key-Lock, and she was built in 1899. She is, like the Walter robots, a singing automaton, though she does not write her own songs, so she sticks to making covers, at least for now. The reason behind her name, is because she really like keys and locks, and she has a rather big collection of both different keys, and locks, she even wears necklaces with keys and locks. She glitches a lot, but only when she speaks. It is, however, not something she minds all that much. 

Key-Lock only stands 5′3′’ tall, so she is a rather small automaton, but she usually wears heels, so she appears an inch or two taller. She also has various, different outfits, but you can always count on her wearing her black gloves, that are decorated with paintings of a key, and a lock. 

Christmas with Father!Taehyung

Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas and for everyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re having an amazing day/night/morning and now it is time for the second of the Daegu line, the love of my life, the cutest lil bub with such an adorable smile like how can you not smile when you see that square smile, Kim Taehyung aka V

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Taehyung post, he has four children, his eldest son, two twin girls and then his youngest son
  • For this post, bby boy is a bby newborn like literally a few months old type of shit bc I love bbys they’re so smol and curious about everything
  • Especially Tae’s kids, they’d all be s o fucking curious about every single thing their father does
  • Like why is he brushing his hair also why is his hair suddenly pink wasn’t it blonde two seconds ago is dad a magician
  • They always wanna know what he’s doing, closed doors are not welcomed in the Kim household tbh the bbys lose their shit when they can’t see you or Tae
  • Like there’s this one time that Tae has a business phone call he needs to take so he goes into another room and closes the door so he doesn’t have the bbys talking in the background
  • But then of course his younger daughter who’s like the definition of “daddy’s girl” starts crying at the door bc she can hear that he’s in there but she can’t see him and can’t get inside bc she’s still smol and can’t work doors yet and Tae’s heart br ea ks
  • Ever since then he just puts the bby gate up, gives them a piece of chocolate or a toy and then takes his business call bc he has a solid twenty minutes to talk that way
  • They just all love him so much like we’ve all seen how Tae seems to just attract all the bbys to him never forget that one time at ISAC he just randomly finds a bby and is just casually holding a bby all of the sudden like ighT then
  • If bbys that don’t even know him love him so much, just picture how much his own bbys are gonna love him (and he loves them just as much) 
  • Their Christmas tradition is having a game night in front of the fire on Christmas Eve
  • It’s so simple but it’s such a bonding experience for all of them and  everyone loves it so much
  • He invites his parents and his siblings and you invite some of your loved ones and everyone’s in their pajamas that’s like the only rule, you gotta be comfy
  • There are so many cozy slippers and sweaters and all of the bbys have the cutest outfits ever
  • Bby #1 and bby #2 have matching dinosaur pajamas, bby #3 has on one of Tae’s shirt bc she can’t sleep unless she’s at least cuddling, if not wearing, one of Tae’s shirts and bby #4 is in this really cute bear onesie
  • Bby #3 has her hair in lil pigtails with her bangs in her face but bby #2 has hers in a lil ponytail with her bangs braided back bc even though they’re twins they’re different in their preferences
  • Bby #4 is literally asleep in Tae’s mom’s arms the entire time like he only wakes up once and that’s only bc he got hungry
  • Bby #1 is chilling out in your lap, bby #2 is playing with her blocks and sitting by Tae’s dad and of course, bby #3′s gotta stick with Tae
  • They play simple games so that the bbys can play but sometimes they also pull a game up on the Wii bc the bbys are really good at that
  • Like Just Dance is their s h i t they win every single time and the adults are just giggling at how cute they are bc the other bbys cheer on their sibling and bby #3 even runs and gets the pom poms out of her room so she could really cheer on her older sister (they’re not that far apart but bby #2 is still her older sister)
  • And they play that game where they have to make a story and each person can only add one word and then it goes from person to person and it always ends up turning into complete chaos
  • The bbys are just giggling messes and literally everyone is smiling so hard that their cheeks are sore bc if Tae’s laugh is so cute just think about how adorable his bbys’ would be
  • The actual day of Christmas can be summed up in one word; loud
  • You would think that since they’re bbys and still haven’t figured there are seven days in a week, they’d need a second to figure out it’s Christmas but oh no, not at all
  • You and Tae catch on pretty quick that it’s better to not say anything about Christmas unless they ask bc then you two can sleep in on Christmas morning but one of you always ends up slipping up and telling them
  • This year it happened to be Tae bc he asked if they were excited for tomorrow and they were like ?? so he had to tell them
  • And just as expected, at 6 AM, three screaming toddlers are jumping on your bed and telling you two to wake up
  • It’s actually really endearing though bc they’re just so excited and even though it’s Christmas, they’re still up for some morning cuddles as always
  • It makes your heart do the thing when you see Tae cuddling all his bbys (he got up to bring bby #4 in so he could join in on the fun) and kissing their heads and listening to them tell him about their dreams with that soft look in his eyes and that goofy smile on his face that he always gets when he’s really really happy
  • Breakfast is different for all of them, bby #1 prefers cereal and a lil bit of eggs but just a bit, bby #2 likes pancakes and bby #3 just likes fruits, lots of fruit and maybe some toast if she’s really hungry (bby #4 is still just drinking his milk)
  • Bc Tae is like the king of spoiling his bbys, he has zero problem making each of them their breakfast and feeding each of them by hand if they want him to
  • So Tae gets the entire family a huge present by getting a new puppy but he waits until the end to have Jimin bring the pup in bc if he brings it in first, no one’s gonna be too excited about the rest of the presents bc what can be better than their very own puppy
  • The big present that he gets for bby #1 is a scooter bc he’s been wanting one forever and Tae feels like he’s old enough now so he gets him this really cool scooter and a lil helmet
  • Bby #2 gets a few new Wii games, a Mario game, a Just Dance game, a game with horses in it bc she l o v es horses (and Tae also says one of her presents is horse back riding but that will have to wait until the next day bc Christmas is b u sy enough) 
  • Bby #3 gets a brand new Elmo doll that is literally as big as she is and an Elmo chair bc Elmo is one of her favorite things to ever exist, she’ll come running into the room as fast as her tiny legs can carry her if she hears that “la la la”
  • She also gets some BTS merch like the Wings album and a shirt with Tae’s name on it and one of the lil Tae dolls but Tae doesn’t count it as the big present bc it’s own his merch
  • And bby #4 gets a lil bby bouncer bc he can now support his own head and he’s starting to gain some more control over his body plus Tae got one that’s really interactive so bby #4 can sit with Tae while he works and not need to be carried the entire time
  • All of the bbys make him a giant card from all three of them and they actually attempt to write the “Merry Christmas daddy” and it’s so scribbled that he can barely read it but it almost makes him tear up bc it’s so cute and sweet like they put so much time into it they added glitter, they wrote their own lil notes in their messy handwriting
  • Plus they all give him lots of kisses and hugs for his second present and that’s really all he needs
  • Christmas with Taehyung is just really fun and sweet and everyone’s so fucking happy

anonymous asked:

Where do you find inspo for all their clothes 😍 I always wanted to dress that way but I could never find where or how to get the look

I just reallly reallly love clothes I follow a lot of fashion bloggers, models and  I look at their OOTDs and look books (that’s Alexandra Amethyst  in the corner <3 shes one of my style inspirations ) the sweater is from Hello Cavities 

I always look at new clothing companies/stores like Dollskill , Japanese fashion blogs and I just love all the different subcultures ways of dressing ^ u ^  I always draw clothes I would want or would wear and I make up a lot of clothes.When I was in middle school i wanted to be a fashion designer XD and would scribble up  outfits I still do when  Im bored  like these <3


Ok, so I’m still in complete shock and awe about the whole experience (I met Dianna!), and I’m thanking my lucky stars for granting me the opportunity I got tonight, but I’m going to try and write as much about McQueen and Dianna as I can with my pounding heartbeat and fumbling fingers. 

I’m going to do this in list formatting because forming sentences and paragraphs seems like a foreign concept right now haha. If you’re not up for any spoilers about the play, I wouldn’t read further, but honestly I don’t think I’m going to give away all that much. I’m also sort of making this post for myself just to collect my thoughts and remember things! Ok, here goes!

1. Dianna was amazing. I expected her to be good, but she showed an immense amount of talent on that stage, and she made me feel things I didn’t expect to feel during a play about Alexander McQueen. 

2. She wears the wig throughout the entire performance–at first it was very odd, seeing her as a brunette with a bob-like hairstyle, but Dianna can pull of anything and within the first few minutes I forgot about her being blonde at all (almost!). 

3. Dianna is TINY! She’s the same height as me, which I knew, but it’s so different from seeing her on screen where she seems larger than life, if you know what I mean. Her waist is so small and she’s dainty and I think there’s a moment in the beginning of the play where McQueen calls her “fragile.” She’s adorable. 

4. She starts off wearing this really cool outfit (it’s supposed to be like modern-ish London so it’s a bit punk-y). She’s got on this miniskirt with black tights and converse sneakers and a teeshirt with a sweater over it. It’s really cute on her. Later on in the play her outfit changes to a dress that McQueen creates for her, and she’s elegant and stunning and so very Dianna. 

5. She says “fuck” a lot. 

6. There’s a scene where Alexander McQueen is making Dianna’s character (Dahlia) a dress, and he says “take your top off.” And she does. So she’s standing there in this little black bra and her skirt and she’s vulnerable and nervous and it’s the most I think we’ve ever seen of her (aside from the pictures of her in a bikini from an old photoshoot and one of her earlier TV spots). You could see her tattoo, which they didn’t coverup at all (the letters are smaller than I’d imagined). And she’s got the cutest stomach :)  

7. She cries a lot. The play dealt with some very intense, very serious topics–depression, suicide, self-harm, and I found myself crying through a lot of it as well. If you are sitting close enough and you look at Dianna’s arms, you can see red cuts all along her wrists and forearms. No one brings it up until near the end, but I noticed the second she took her top off, and I had this immediate reaction where my entire body clenched up and my heart sunk and tears started pouring out of my eyes. It was hard to see scars on Dianna’s wrists because at that moment she wasn’t a character. I was looking at Dianna and it was hard for me to see, given my own relationship with self-harm. Then I started thinking about Quinn, and suddenly, for those few moments, she was Quinn, and there was just SO much emotion. I left the play feeling very very affected, and honestly pretty triggered–so just a heads up for anyone who may be sensitive about that kind of thing.

8. It was not hard at all to separate Quinn from Dahlia–they are very different characters and it was exciting to see Dianna stretch her acting muscles and play something different. Of course there were moments where I would smile because she would do something that was just so very Quinn (when she was crying for one, and some of her facial expressions I could pinpoint to moments in Glee when she had the same expressions, some words, etc.) But overall, it was very cool to see her so differently. 

9. Dianna is in just about every scene, save for maybe one or two. There’s a scene where two characters are talking and she’s off in the corner “sleeping” and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the whole time. But other than that scene were she doesn’t say anything, I think she’s really only gone for about one other scene. 

10. Dianna sings! And dances, too. The play opens with Alexander McQueen in a room, and all of a sudden from the background you can her Dianna’s voice singing before she appears on stage. She’s singing Billy Joel’s “She’s Always a Woman,” and she sings it a few times during the play. 

11. I think she’s developing a bit of a British accent, though that could be just her Bay Area accent melding into her character. She plays an American. 

12. Her face is kind of perfect. 

13. Aside from Dianna, which is primarily why I went to see the play, I truly enjoyed the production as a whole. It was inventive, creative, emotional, moving, and very well-done. I’m excited to see it again and get more out of the plot line (because honestly this first time I was keeping my eyes peeled on Dianna). I knew very little about Alexander McQueen going into this, and it’s certainly sparked my interest. 

14. There is no love interest for Dahlia. It was SO refreshing to see Dianna in a role that didn’t revolve one single bit around a romantic relationship with a man. 

15. There’s one line where she yells “I LOVE women!” and it wasn’t meant to be taken at all in any gay context, but I chuckled all the same. 

16. After the show ended I went out into the lobby and waited around for maybe five to ten minutes with a few other people who were there to see Dianna, and then she came out wearing a simple black dress and her cheetah-print fuzzy coat. Her hair was back to normal and I have no idea how it could be so perfect after being in a wig for an hour and a half. But she was stunning, as always. She stood talking to her costars for a while and then went to the bar to order some drinks. I made friends with a few of the girls who were waiting alongside me, and we all ordered drinks as well. 

17. Dianna came over after a little bit, she knew we were waiting for her and she was generous with her time. There were a few guys who came in as she walked over to us and were kind of obviously just there to get her autograph and leave (probably to sell them because this one guy had 4 pictures for her to sign). They were kind of getting in our way and Dianna turned to them and said, “I’ve got to take care of these guys first, because they actually saw the play and we’re technically not supposed to sign for anyone who hasn’t seen it,” and she turned back to us and was all smiles and “thank you”’s and she signed every single persons poster and took pictures with everyone. She kept asking “is that good? Anyone else?” because it was clear that she was very tired, but she didn’t want anyone to leave unhappy, so she took the time to do whatever each person asked of her. Everyone got a picture with her and whatever they wanted signed. After that she hung around the tables of her costars and a few other important-looking people for about fifteen more minutes and then she left the theater (she was the first to leave), and got into the backseat of a white car and drove away. 

18. I feel like the luckiest girl on the entire planet and I can’t wait to go back.