she wears her heart on her sleeve

Ok so this is a stretch but Cole used to call his ex “lil bun” or whatever, some of her usernames involve “bun” or “bunny. But regardless, that was his nickname for her
So now I’m thinking, Cole posted a picture of Lili is a field of flowers and then another in a meadow. And she just got the tattoo with a rose. And in the interview with People she sorta explained she loved love and it represented that she wears her heart on her sleeve and kinda brushed the question off afterwards.
So what if Cole calls her his flower or something??!! His caption on the first pic of her he posted was a combination of 🌷 and 🌼, not a rose but still a flower
I think that would be adorable if he had a nickname for her like that and that’s why she got that tattoo


#because Lydia Martin cares about Stiles Stilinski just as much as he cares about her

(Okay, so I’m starting a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!!)

The first of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to are Anita and Lyra, the oldest. 



  • I imagine there’s lots of muggle-born kids who are given up because of their parent’s thinking their demonic or whatever 
  • + there’s no way any magical government would let them just grow up in foster homes bc they may give off bursts of magic which is multiple kinds of dangerous
  • + since there’s not a humongous wizard population, there’s the possibility that there’s a huge international wizard foster home/orphanage. 
  • I imagine it’s quite multicultural and if a child ends us spending most of their childhood there, it is made sure that they keep their language and culture intact.
  • there are of course kids of other blood statuses, but it’s probably about 75% muggle-born
  • So, on another note: Harry and Draco get married fairly early (about 2000, when their both 19.) 
  • because there’s a huge rush to do things after the war. 
  • everyone who was caught up in it have this urgency in their lives after feeling like they could lose everything in a blink of an eye. 
  • So all these kids go into their adult lives doing things in a rush. they go after their jobs, move back to be near their families, travel, get married etc.
  • Harry and Draco move back to Grimould place bc, even though Harry has shit memories there, he feels the need to continue making it a place full of love. Something it wasn’t when sirius was there. 
  • + since it has (yet again) gone into a bit of disrepair Draco slaps on an apron and cleans the entire fucking house with the help of Molly (bc what are household spells ??? How do those ???)
  • also when Molly gets over Draco’s past and gets to know him she fucking lovES him
  • So Draco + Harry have only been married for a year when they decide they want kids.
  • the big house was so quiet and they both want to be parents so badly, to be the fathers they never had.
  • so they travel out to this international foster home and decide they want a new born child to be their first, so that they can get the “whole experience”. They go through all the background checks and procedures to make sure they’re fit parents.
  • from there on it’s a waiting game
  • they’re notified in December of 2001 that the home has acquired two children from a woman who had given birth days ago + Draco and Harry immediately drop everything to rush down there

Anita + Lyra specific:

  • They’re twin muggle born girls from Morroco and they’re beautiful
  • Draco and Harry fell in love with them instantly and adopt them within the week
  • Draco is absolutely adamant about naming all their kids after constellations as the Black family tradition goes. Thus, Lyra (Narcissa) and Anita (Lily) are decided on.
  • Harry’s totally fine with and suggests that they just take the Malfoy name but Draco’s just like ??? are you insane ? your famous and my family’s nearly extinct ? They’ll have both our names and can decide if they want to go by one or the other (or both) ??
  • They’re identical and after having an extremely hard time telling them apart, Draco goes and buys these head bands, one with flowers and one with stars. Anita is given the flowers and Lyra the stars
  • They’re just bursting with magic from day one. So much so that Draco + Harry are constantly cleaning up things they’ve shattered. But they love it, really.
  • Draco is a stay at home dad bc he can’t stand working at the ministry for another second
  • they try their best to keep their culture with them and buy tons of muggle books to learn Arabic and teach the girls Arabic
  • Harry is “bābā” and Draco is “daddy” 
  • Anita is very soft and says ‘OH!’ (which turns into damn! as she gets older) every time anything is dropped or she accidentally breaks something. She insists on helping cleaning or cooking. She’s a bit shy and smiles with her nose crinkled. She’s incredibly smart but can get herself into mischief and is a bit too good at lying for Harry’s comfort
  • Lyra is a bit more reckless. She’s always laughing and snarking and getting into trouble. But she wears her heart on her sleeve and is so easy to read. she’s also a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. She empathizes so hard with everyone around her that it’s hard for her not to get frustrated 
  • Lucius - who already had an incredibly hard time warming up to the whole Harry and Draco idea in the first time - absolutely flips out when he hears that they’ve adopted muggleborns 
  • + Draco is just not fucking having it though. 
  • and in a heated argument tells Lucius that he’d chose “his girls” over his “shite father” any day and that if Lucius he has a problem with his granddaughters than he has no business coming around Draco’s family ever again because they will not stand that kind of prejudice anymore
  • therefore, the only of his friend’s kids he can allow around L + A is are Blaise’s. (bc Blaise’s mother was nOT here for Voldemort in the first place and neither really was Blasie when push came to shove. ive got about a billion head canons about Blaise’s mum. Someone ask me some day )
  • Narcissa on the other hand is thrilled when Draco tells her she’s a grandmother. She adores them and spoils them with Andromeda. (bc after the war Narcissa stopped giving two flying fucks about the constricted “perfect pureblood” mess she grew up in and for once in her life is just her god damn self, fuck everyone else.)
  • She eventually brings Lucius around. And though, Draco still holds bitterness about the whole situation, he gets past it after Lucius does.
  • Lucius also comes to adore the girls and continues to try to buy them things that are waaay too expensive and grand + Draco is just like “no no no no no. you’re not giving 3 year olds two of the latest broom models. Those are for full grown professional quidditch players for Merlin’s sake!” 
  • Draco is wonderful parent but is very helicopter-esque about the kids getting hurt or doing anything remotely dangerous 
  • while Harry likes to do the whole “living room wrestling” and “foot races through the mud” sort of thing.
  • They eventually create a sort of back yard for the kids at Grimould (sort of like the suitcase world Newt had but obviously smaller) for the kids to race around on their (toddler sized) broom sticks
  • They’re both Slytherins and like a scarier more lowkey Fred and George
  • Mcgonagall has a mini heart attack when she see’s their names on the list of first years (bc what thE FUCK THOSE TWO ARE MARRIED WITH chILDREN)
  • they both decide to go with “Potter-Malfoy” in whole half bc they love people’s expressions when hearing it but on their quidditch jerseys Anita has Potter and Lyra has Malfoy. Anita is a beater and Lyra is a keeper

Our Betty Cooper is still the girl next door — she literally lives next to Archie. And she’s the blonde all-American girl, she’s so sweet and forgiving, gives people the benefit of the doubt and second chances, wears her heart on her sleeve. But she’s also incredibly broken on the inside, for many different reasons. For one thing, she suffers from mental health issues, and that’s something that I resonate with — I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I’m very open about that. So I can very much.

There was a crack in her voice and her words got swallowed up by her tears. She had never done this before, wear her heart on her sleeve showing just how vulnerable she was. But it was him, she loved him, and she would do anything to never lose him, “look at me,” she told him, “you could fall for me, you should fall for me, I can give you the world.”
—  c.f. // “her one and only plea”
All the Time in the World

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Pietro Maximoff x Reader

All the Time in the World

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Hello lovelies! May I request a Pietro Maximoff x reader soul mate au (because I’m both Pietro and soul mate au trash) where the reader is an Avenger? And Idk like super fluffy? Thanks love!

Note: I missed my speedy babe!! Okay, here goes.

Pietro didn’t have a soulmate mark. Everyone on planet earth was born with one, but he couldn’t find it. As he grew older, he expected it to appear, but it didn’t. Not even after the experiments. Not even after the one night stands with the Sokovian girls. Not even after he joined the right side of the battle.

Maybe that was what made him so reckless, so eager to lay his life down for his sister, for his new friends, for a man he barely knew and the child in his arms. What did he care if he died? He didn’t. The white-haired speedster had no reason to live because he had no one to love.

When the world went black, he wasn’t surprised. He knew it would end like this. Because he was reckless. But he didn’t expect it to be so cold. So dark. He wasn’t sure where he existed now. Maybe he was a ghost. Maybe it he tried hard enough, he could appear to Wanda…tell her goodbye.

The darkness didn’t last long.

“Pietro?” A voice. He knew that voice. But from where? “Come on, buddy. You’re almost there.” It was the archer. Clint. Where was he?

“Pietro!” Another voice. Wanda. Her voice was accompanied by the steady beats of a heart monitor. His heart monitor. A heart monitor meant a heartbeat, and a heartbeat meant-

It was so bright. The moment he opened his eyes, he had to squint to see, to make out the colored shapes that surrounded him.

“There he is.” Stark. “Took you long enough, speedy. Gave your sister quite the scare there.”

“You idiot!” Wanda hugged him fiercely, not caring if she hurt his newly-healed body. “You stupid, stupid boy!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Pietro chuckled, holding his sister in his arms. “I’m alive, aren’t I?”

“Barely.” Bruce was looking over his papers. “You got lucky. Very lucky. If it weren’t for the CRADLE…you might not be here at all.”

“I hate you.” Wanda mumbled into his shoulder. He only held her tighter.

“I missed you too.” He whispered. And he meant it.

It was a day of celebration. The Avengers threw a party to celebrate their fallen’s return. And the entire time, Pietro kept looking at a stranger across the room. He couldn’t explain why, but there was something about them that was impossible to describe.

“Are you even listening to me?” Wanda waved a hand in front of her brother’s face, immediately snapping him back to reality.

“Sorry.” He muttered.

“When did you get a tattoo?” Wanda asked.

“What tattoo?” Pietro asked. Wanda pulled up the sleeve of the suit jacket her brother was wearing. Sure enough, it was there. Clear as day.

(Y/N) (L/N).

Pietro’s breath caught in his throat, his words stuck. His heart raced faster than usual. He knew what this was. It was a soulmate tattoo.

“That’s her name.” Wanda whispered, subtly motioning across the room just as you walked out onto the balcony to get some air. “She’s your-”

He was gone when she blinked, and in his path, there was a rush of wind.

Your hair blew in front of your face as the door behind you shut. And suddenly, you weren’t alone anymore. It was him. The one that had come back to life, the reason your new team was even celebrating. What was his name again? No one had told you. To Wanda, he was ‘my brother’, and the rest of them had only ever referred to him as ‘Speedy’ or as Clint had so eloquently worded it, ‘that asshole’.

“Hi there.” He greeted somewhat shyly. What was happening to his prowess? He had always been good with women, even before he had become a superhuman. But now, not so much. He swallowed thickly and dared to meet your eyes. “I’m Pietro. Maximoff. I…died, and-”

Your eyes snapped up to his the moment he introduced himself. Your jaw drifted open and your heart pounded. You felt like your stomach had twisted itself into a knot.

“W-what did you say your name was?”

“Pietro Maximoff.” His voice was a whisper, and his delicious accent was like music to your ears. Slowly, you pulled back the sleeve of your black dress. His name was written there in his quick messy handwriting. Gently, he raised his hand to touch your forearm, calloused fingers brushing against your soft skin.

Once he had stared at the tattoo for a long moment, he showed you his. You took his wrist and pulled it to your face, pressing a gentle kiss to the first letter of your name. Pietro sighed, exhaling a shaky breath. You rushed into his arms, clinging to his torso and hugging him tight. He chuckled and wrapped his strong arms around you.

“I-I could have lost you before I even knew you…” you shook as you held him, tears streaming down your cheeks. It made him hold you tighter.

“I’m here.” He whispered. “I’m here and I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

It was a promise he intended to keep.

When you returned to the party, hand in hand, Pietro introduced you to his sister, who you had already met, and a few of the others.

“You’ve been together all of what, three minutes and you already have matching tattoos?” Clint teased. “Slow down, kids. You’ve got all the time in the world.”

“Uncle Clint,” You hugged him.


“What, Speedy? You didn’t see that coming?” he chuckled.

“No, I guess I didn’t.” Pietro smirked and then wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Congratulations.” Clint smiled and ruffled the speedster’s silver hair beneath his hand. “I’m happy for you. For both of you.”

“Thank you.” You smiled. After you spread the good news to the others, Pietro dragged you out to the dance floor. He was quite the dancer. He spun you around and pulled you close. His scruff rubbed against the skin of your cheek as he leaned in to whisper in your ear.

“I love you, (Y/N) (L/N).”

“And I love you, Pietro Maximoff.”

Son of Haggar part 2

She watched her son of the years, watched him grow with some what of a mirror. Haggar saw how Lavi, or Lance, is what these people called him.

Haggar watched his loneliness, how it took forever for him to find a family to take him in. These McClain took him and made him who he was.

She watched her shy Lavi join theater, which helped him come out of his shell. He made others laugh, and cried. Yet he still felt alone, unwanted, and out of place.

Haggar never wanted to give him up, she wanted him by her side till the end. She would have kept him close, like a mother lion to her cub. She would have died for him even.
The day she was force to give him away to Earth, it broke her heart.

Lavi giggles as Haggar carried her cub. Lavi touched her snow white silver hair, and smiled bright. He put his small chubby arms around her neck. Holding her close and his large blue eyes looked up at her now golden eyes. “Mommy sad? Don’t cry mommy.” As the small altean hands whipped away her tears. She held him close, not wanting to let him go. She whispered a spell to protect him. From what ever the plant had, it was dangerous the last time she visited.

Haggar whispered to him, “I love you my cub" as she set the toddler onto the seat of the blue lion. The boy looked at her with fear and confusion. Haggar put her hand on his chubby cheek. Lavi smiled happily and put both small hands on to her hand. “I love you too mommy.”

Tears came down more, She doing this for him. She telling herself, to protect him.

“Protect him..” She said to her lion, that no longer belong to her. But now her son, feeling her lion grow very fond of him. “Yes Fala”

“Goodbye my love.” She said as she walked out of the blue lion’s jaw. She could hear his cries for her, it broke her heart.

Haggar closed her eyes at the memory, and opened her eyes. As she watch her Lavi feel ashamed of being her child, her son.

How he put some type of paint to have the marks be hidden, he forced himself to wear silly head wear of his lion. How he wore long sleeve shirts and pants to have the marks that painted his body. And wore something to cover his beautiful ocean eyes.

Lavi even started to isolate himself from his so called team. Even pushing his affections for the champion away.

Haggar actually expected this, denial at first. But soon, she knows he’ll accept this soon. And join her in open arms, again like he use to.

She would would be with her cub again.

Lavi is lance’s altean name

Part 1 -> ———–Part 3 ->

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Supercorp prompt! I've always had this headcanon that if anyone asked Kara to name her favorite physical feature about herself, she would say the tiny scar on her eyebrow b/c it happened to her as a child on Krypton and it's a lasting physical reminder of the life/planet/family she used to have. She gets to look in the mirror every day and see it. I'd love to read (if you're interested in writing it!) you take on that convo with Lena...

Kara is not mysterious.

She’s not, though she makes a valiant attempt at it. She’s secretive and brilliant and more than talented at putting on an act, but she’s not mysterious. While there are dozens of things that don’t make sense about her, she has a refreshing habit of wearing her heart on her sleeve, consequences be damned, and even if Lena doesn’t understand what Kara does, she certainly can follow why.

Which is why the eyebrow thing is so…confusing.

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Teacher Benefits (Harry Styles Au)

Pairing: English Teacher!Harry x Science (Y/N)

Word: 1.5k

Summary: Harry is fond on his coworker (Y/N)

“Okay class, you will be having a quiz on this information next class so please ask questions!” She tried to urge her science class into studying for their next quiz. “Ms (Y/L/N), what do you think of that new english teacher Mr. Styles?” One of your students asked suggestively. “Well, if you should know. He seems like a really nice guy; I don’t talk to him though.” She admitted. “Awww, well that’s a bummer because he seems quite fond of you.” A student shouted. This surprised you, “he does?” Harry looked like the type to like your blonde coworker, Ana. Which is why the news about Harry being fond of you surprised you.

“Mr. Styles, we told her. You owe us 10 bucks now.” You overheard your students say around the corner. “Wait, why would you guys do that? I could lose my job. Teachers aren’t supposed to date one another, ” He stressed to the kids. “Oh, we are really sorry. It’s just that you two are our favorite teachers and we totally ship you.” They both apologized to him. “It’s okay ladies, just please don’t try that again. I love teaching you guys and I’m sure Ms. (Y/L/N) does too,” preaching to the two teenage girls. “Okay, okay. We are sorry. We won’t do it again.” They both said defensively.

After, (Y/N)’s last class ended; she was preparing for the next day, she heard a gentle knock on the door. “Come on in!” She yelled loud enough for her visitor to hear. “Hi, Ms. (Y/L/N). I just would like to apologize for our students’ behavior. It was really unprofessional on my part; it won’t happen again.” He said reassuring her.

“Please, call me (Y/N) and you don’t have to apologize. Sometimes teenage girls like to meddle in our business.” (Y/N) tried to lighten the subject. “Are you sure? I mean I could get them detention or something.” Harry rambled on and on. “It’s fine, no need to go through all the stress.” Laughing at how nervous he was. Harry had finally relaxed when (Y/N) told him that it was okay several times, “I know that we can’t date within the workplace but maybe we can get coffee or something? Maybe lunch, since we have the same time off? We can be friends with teacher benefits.” They both laughed at the that idea, but (Y/N) had agreed to it. What’s the harm of two teachers hanging out outside of school and getting lunch and coffee? She thought. 

“Good morning, Ms (Y/L/N).” Harry had passed by you and a couple of your students; the two that were the reason for yours and Harry’s friendship.

“Oh my god, Ms. (Y/L/N)! Are you and Mr. Styles a thing? Because it totally looks like it.” The girls were trying to get the scoop of Harry and (Y/N)’s relationship so they could gossip to the whole female population at the school. “Nothing is going on ladies, please stop asking about my life.” It sounding harsher than she really meant, but it had done the job and it shut the two girls up.

But if only their students knew how close they really were; after the two had their encounter they had lunch with each other everyday for months, even hung out after school. When Harry was up late grading, (Y/N) would be the one to bring him a nice home cooked meal and some coffee and maybe a little dessert. “(Y/N), you really didn’t have to go out of your way to do this.” Opening the door to his flat; she pushed past him and set everything down on his kitchen table. “You shouldn’t work so hard without eating, H. So a home cooked meal should do the job.” She said matter of factly. “Ya know, (Y/N). I would think you’re in love with me, from all this food.” He joked with her. “Haha, yeah. Well good news is I don’t like you; just holding things against you whenever I need supplies for the classroom. Remember, just teacher benefits Harry.”  

They had always felt the need to remind each other whenever they got mushy. Harry and (Y/N) both liked each other; hell even their coworkers could see how fond they for each other, but then both stubborn it wasn’t going to get far.

“Harry, you should ask Ms. (Y/L/N) to chaperone with you for the school dance considering you’ll be leaving soon.” Harry’s eyes grew wide at one of his big mouthed coworker, he gave them a glare suggesting for them to shut up. “And where exactly is Harry going?” She hissed, more to Harry. “You didn’t hear? Our buddy, Mr. Styles has a big job offer at one of those prestigious universities.” Their coworker kept on spilling more and more of Harry’s secret; Harry having to dig himself into a bigger hole.

“So what do ya say, (Y/N)? You’re going to go to the dance with my buddy, Styles?” Jim asked for Harry, slinging his arm around his shoulder. “I’m sure he’ll clean up nicely” As much as (Y/N) wanted to leave and say no; she knew she couldn’t do that. Harry actually wasn’t obligated to tell her anything, he wasn’t even her boyfriend. There was no need for him to tell her anything; she had no right to be upset. 

“Sure, Harry. Pick me up at 7.” She was trying to seem happy by forcing a genuine smile for Harry. He deserved this job opportunity; he worked hard and she knew it. She was just upset for her own selfish reasons.  

“Woah, you look so uh nice.” Harry’s eyes grew wide and his mouth hung, his eyes traveled her whole body. “I got you this,” handing (Y/N) a corsage. He was really nervous for someone that wasn’t going to actually be apart of it. Harry felt like he was back in highschool; less acne but still sweaty and clammy. “Thank you so much H, but you do know that we are chaperoning the dance? Not being apart of it.” She giggled at how sweet the gesture was, even when she was mad at Harry he still managed to be kind and selfless.

The pair made their way to the car; an awkward silence was presented throughout the car. “(Y/N), I hope you know I really wanted to tell you as soon as I found out but I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it because I didn’t want to leave you.” He admitted to you. “You better take this job or I am going to kick your butt. Remember Harry, just teacher benefits.” (Y/N) had to remind him again but Harry was tired of this. He was a grown man; a man that would wear his heart on his sleeve. He knew his feelings for (Y/N); he wanted her. 

“C’mon, let’s go on in before our students think we’re making out in my car.” Harry ran to her side of the car just to open for her, “you didn’t have to do all that. I’m capable of opening my own doors.” Harry rolled his eyes at her, but he loved how independent of a woman she was. (Y/N) was extremely admirable in his eyes. He saw everything she does as the greatest gift. 

Harry and (Y/N) were walking around the whole entirety of the decorated gym; just to make sure students weren’t dancing inappropriately or just spiking the punch. They were enjoying the time they were spending with each other; both dancing to songs that were from around their time.

A slow song had finally played, the students all groaned and they all began to leave the dance floor. “May I have this dance?” Harry asked her in a posh accent and bowing a bit. “Yes, you may.” She tried speaking in a British accent but it was a failed attempt.

They were swaying to the music; whispering things into each other’s ears.

“(Y/N), where do you think this relationship would go?” He wasn’t trying seem desperate, but he wanted her. These past couple of months have been the greatest; she always came over when he needed some help with grading or just a little pep talk. “I’m not sure, Harry. What do you want us to be? Best friends?” She said jokingly; (Y/N) was wondering what was up with him, he never seemed to talk about their feelings.

“Do you see us… together?” She was stunned; sure she liked Harry but she never thought her feelings would be reciprocated. “Well, if i’m going to be completely honest with you.. I do. I would love us to be together, I really do. The job just won’t let us.” (Y/N) had to remind him; which seemed like the 100th time.

“I’m glad, you see us together because in all honesty (Y/N) I am in love with you.” 


a/n: hi guys!!! hope u enjoyed this one :) love u all and please send in some requests.


A florist and his mechanic…a tale as old as time?

From childhood pals to married odd couple, Lindy and Teddy have always been a package deal. Despite their inseparability, on paper they don’t quite make sense. She’s a rough and ready straightforward gal who probably swears too much and doesn’t quite wear her heart on her sleeve, but she does have one of the biggest of them all if you’re lucky enough to see it. She could also probably eat 12 Hot Pockets, fight 100 bees and bench press your whole family. Teddy, on the other hand, lives up to his name being as soft as any plush bear. An emotional, kindhearted fellow, Mr. Wu is a family man through and through. Despite his generally nervous and worried demeanor, you can count on his availability to assist when you need it–if he’s not at his weekly book club or knitting group.

Despite these core differences, very few love as fiercely as these two–and likely, even fewer have loved each other quite like they do.

Very first piece in a weekly series @lainaraquel and I are dubbing #SoulsSaturday where we give tastes of our upcoming webcomic every Saturday!

I love Arya’s honesty. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s possibly the most straight-talking character on the show. Although her confidence in earlier seasons stemmed from naivete and inexperience, and in more recent seasons she’s learned that keeping her mouth shut is sometimes the smarter thing to do, I love that she still pipes up wherever she can and isn’t afraid to question people.

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I wonder if the qs hair color have some significant meaning. Like for example mutsuki green for jealousy saiko blue for sadness... what do you think?

I think it’s certainly possible!

Saiko | Turquoise

Positive keywords: communication, clarity of thought, balance and harmony, idealism, calmness, creativity, compassion, healing and self-sufficiency.

Negative keywords: boastfulness, secrecy, unreliability and reticence, fence-sitting, aloofness, deception and off-handedness.

Blue doesn’t quite fit Saiko but Turquoise definitely does which is what her hair colour mostly is.

Saiko’s character has both positive and negative traits associated with this colour. Creativity in her kagune and her compassion towards ghouls especially come to mind. Communication regarding the colour turquoise represents  “open communication from and between the heart and the spoken word. It relates to the electronic age and the world of computers, and communication on a large scale” which fits Saiko to a tee. She wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see which means her feelings are freely shown to others. However, because of her tendency to “fence sit”, she’s always had trouble standing firm by her feelings. She had doubts about whether ghouls were ‘the bad guys’ and yet she was always reticent in speaking up about it

until recently

She was unreliable for most of :re

But following Shirazu’s death, the Quinx’s goal to look after his sister’s medical bills and becoming a senpai to the new quinx has seen her begin to show responsibility

Urie | Purple

Positive keywords: unusual and individual, creative and inventive, psychic and intuitive, humanitarian, selfless and unlimited, mystery, fantasy and the future.

Negative keywords: immaturity, being impractical, cynical and aloof, pompous and arrogant, fraudulent and corrupt, delusions of grandeur and the social climber.

Urie’s character begun the series as almost entirely presenting those negative traits. Deep purple especially fits him: “a powerful color, it can also indicate arrogance and ruthlessness”. However, as his character development progressed, he’s moved towards more of those positive aspects.

As an artist/painter, Urie has a creative flair which lends itself well to his promise as an investigator. He figured out that Torso was a taxi driver far before anyone else. But he definitely strongly represented the negative traits associated with purple. “Delusions of grandeur and social climbing” is pretty much the definition of the Urie x Promotion ship

However, like Saiko, Shirazu’s death has also led to Urie learning selflessness and embracing those more positive traits over the course of :re, becoming a strong and caring leader.

Mutsuki | Green

Positive keywords: growth and vitality, renewal and restoration, self-reliance, reliability and dependability, being tactful, emotionally balanced and calm, nature lover and family oriented, practical and down to earth, sympathetic, compassionate and nurturing, generous, kind and loyal with a high moral sense, adaptable, encourages ‘social joining’ of clubs and other groups, a need to belong.

Negative keywords: being possessive and materialistic, indifferent and over-cautious, envious, selfish, greedy and miserly, devious with money, inconsiderate, inexperienced, a hypochondriac and a do-gooder.

Whereas Urie’s character seems to progress from a strong focus on the negative traits to the positive aspects of his colour, Mutsuki’s moves in the opposite direction. The series starts off highlighting his compassion, sympathy, generosity and kindness, however we see small moments where that darkness trickles through. In the Auction where it was hinted he consumed human flesh to survive, his uneasiness when he visited :re with Haise and saw his interactions with Touka, the foreshadowing that he had a hand in his family’s murder, “I will lie again”. Eventually this manifests into the darker Mutsuki we see presently, focusing on his envy towards Touka and possessiveness over Haise. Despite that though, this all has a root in the positive trait of “a need to belong”

Wanting to take things back to a time when the Quinx were together with Sasaki- a family unit. Something that Mucchan didn’t receive during his formative years.

Shirazu | Orange

Positive keywords: sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful, self-confident, independent, flamboyant, extroverted and uninhibited, adventurous, the risk-taker, creative flair, warm-hearted, agreeable and informal.

Negative keywords: superficial and insincere, dependent, over-bearing, self-indulgent, the exhibitionist, pessimistic, inexpensive, unsociable, and overly proud.

Additional negative keywords: dead

Shirazu’s character at different points in the series represents both the positive and negative traits associated with the colour orange. His personality is sociable, enthusiastic, self-confident, uninhibited, informal. At the beginning of :re he’s self indulgent and comes across as superficial- often jumping into a fight attempting to take credit for the salary bonus involved. “Money” was his driving force for killing ghouls. 

Yet as the series goes on, we see that motivation has unselfish roots, as it’s to pay for his sister’s medical bills, and his warm heart shines through his rough personality more and more. 

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I am such a slut for phone sex before they've ever had sex... there's something so fucking hot about them being so hot and bothered but can't have each other yet.. the desperation (this is a prompt)

Post almost immediately Amor Fati rushed/unedited uncharacteristic amount of communication, NC-17


“I cannot, with good conscience,” Scully starts, skipping her customary phone greeting. “–Kiss a man who’s recently had brain surgery.”

“It’s probably bad form,” he replies, and while the pain meds dry out his mouth and turn his limbs into spaghetti, this druggy feeling is a new thing entirely. A relief that warms his bones, a hesitance that cramps his fingers around the receiver. “Hippocrates would never approve.”

“But you are aware that was my intention,” she says, ignoring his joke. The voices are fading now, and only those who think quite loudly bleed in to mingle with his own fuzzy thoughts. Never would he have thought he’d miss his inner voice. It comes to him in large and small doses, moreso when the headaches begin.

But Scully’s thoughts are clearer still, for she’s the loudest thinker of them all. He licks his lips to simulate the feel of her fingers pressed to them.

She wanted to kiss him.

“The assumption crossed my mind,” he admits, shifting his legs underneath the Navajo blanket. “I was feeling pretty amorous myself. It was a good moment.”

She speaks it under her breath, a good moment, disbelieving in a way that lets him know that was the wrong thing to say. But it’s hardly fair of her to expect him to be surprised. He’s been tuned into her station for a pretty chunk of time now, and it just so happens to be his favorite. Sorry, Scully. “To tell you the truth Mulder, I’m nervous. Very much so. And I didn’t want to be in the room with you when I said these things because of your… condition. But I’ve come to realize that time is an enemy.” Diana, Hosteen, more bodies that they’ve embalmed. “If you’re too out of it, however, we can return to it later.”

“Go on,” he says, not certain that’s the right answer. If she called thirty minutes earlier, so soon after she’d clicked out of his signal, he’d be foaming at the mouth. He feels woozy and unsure.

“Mulder, you trust me.”

“Scully, you might not be able to read my mind but you have ears.” The idea that she might not get, or hadn’t felt the gravity in his words, that they hadn’t weighed her down with his gratitude, his need – he doesn’t know how long he can keep doing this, putting it all out there only for it to be ignored or worse, second-guessed. “I just told you, in the doorway –”

“I’m saying that I know that you trust me.” Okay. It’s good to hear her say that. He nods to himself and closes his eyes as she continues. “I know… that you hold an affection for me, that you value my friendship, just as I do yours. I know that you rely on me, as I rely on you. But Mulder…” let the silence push her forward, let it bring her to him. “Do you want me?”

He winces, feels slightly like a schoolboy being caught with something racy, not yet with his pants down but maybe with his hand on the zipper, and drags himself away from the corner of the couch to sit properly, with his elbows on his knees and his head cradled in the palm not holding the phone.

“I feel like it should be obvious.” Especially, especially when you wear that black bra under that button up you forget is just this side of mercifully sheer. Your God loves and hates me on those days. He feels like it should be obvious, and she should feel ashamed for making him admit something so painfully obvious.

“It really, really isn’t,” she says testily, her voice tight as his stomach, and the guilt is mild but there. Of course she doesn’t know. She denies what’s in front of her every single day of her life. He started this, so it’s time to stop leaving her hanging. Scully doesn’t share his sexual hangups. She doesn’t joke, or even look at him the way he catches himself looking at her, but – on cases, sometimes, after they’ve retreated to their separate rooms for showers and psychological reinforcements, he has noticed, hasn’t he, how much easier her laughter came, the sleepy glint in her amused eyes, how she would lie back on the bed in her own definition of exposing herself, fully dressed, stretched out and too casual and too fond of him as he ran his field notes by her for her nonapproval. In those moments he wanted nothing more than to crawl in beside her and prove to her that he could do it better. He knows her better.

Well, he guesses he’s getting his chance, along with the warning that he’s running out of them. He goes with the truth.

“There isn’t a single thing you could offer me that I wouldn’t take, Scully.” In a voice like jagged stone, made deep with sincerity and his intrinsic neediness, “Of course I want you. That’s just… written there, like genetic code. If you were to sequence my DNA I’m sure you’d find it.”

A beat of nothing. Not even background noise. He finds his confession neither freeing nor embarrassing. It just is.

Then she responds, “I think we can do this without me whipping out the microscope.” And she says out loud her thoughts he’s been gorging on since he was aware she had them. “I want you too.”

It does not feel revelatory like he expected it would, but there is a curiosity, stronger in his mind than his groin, and a unique feeling of rightness whereas the subject often leaves him anxious. That is what feels so freeing.

“I – where are you, Scully?” He asks, straightening up and then leaning his head on the wall. “You went back to the office, right?”

“OPR pulled me in for some more questioning, but I’m packing up to go home,” she says lightly. Mulder backtracks. He hadn’t meant to change the subject.

“I wanted you to kiss me. I was pissed that you didn’t, actually. I wore my good cologne.” He lowers his voice playfully, pushing vowels past a thick and nervous tongue. “You left me hanging,” and he huffs out a laugh, “and you didn’t even let me wear my hat.”

“I always pictured it as spontaneous,” she remarks a tad wistfully, and he thinks of her and how quickly she draws out her weapon. Then her tone changes. “Mulder, what are you wearing?”

A full out laugh, now, barked like a happy dog. “Nothing but my heart on my sleeve, here, and a sense that someone’s about to come here and shoot me.” Like he’s gone mad and needs to be put down, for good this time. He’s trying to ride the absurdity of this phone call the way he rides all absurdities – with style and panache and his customary roguish charm. He is having difficulty.

“C’mon–” you are purring, Dana Katherine Scully, “I know you know how to do this. What do you normally say?”

“You took my lines,” he pouts, dragging his hand down his chest. The idea that Scully isn’t joking hits him in the gut and he nearly drops the phone. “Wait. Scully. Are you actually trying to…”

“I’ve built this expectation, I think, that once we’ve come to our senses we’d work on some of the more… structural issues of our partnership.” Oh. “I expected it might take days.” Oh.

“Oh,” Mulder says. “I guess I picked the wrong week to go under the scalpel, then.”

“Don’t make a habit of it, is all I’m asking.” She pauses. What is she doing? He imagines her sitting primly in his office chair. That’s not right. When she sits in his chair she tends to sprawl, like he does. She’s sprawled out and trying not to smile. He is smiling, edgy, with a touch of gorilla fear, but also happy, relieved, waiting. “There’s this dream I keep having. I’ll let you interpret it.” Her voice curls around the edges. She is smiling, but it’s the breathlessness he focuses on. “It’s daylight, and I’m walking through a field. There is a gentle breeze, and I can almost feel the grass tickling my ankles. But then I trip. I’m falling.”

“Oh, that’s easy. Interpretation of Dreams 101. You’re nervous.” With his own stupid grin pressed to the phone and the heel of his hand making acquaintance with the waistband of his jeans, he asks, “Do I make you nervous?”

“You make me ache,” she says seriously. Okay then. He forgoes his teasing, plucks expertly at the buttons of his fly. They are doing this then, because Scully does not kiss her invalid suitors, but finished them off instead. “I’m falling, expecting to hit the soft ground. But Mulder,” shyly, “You’re there.”

“Underneath you?” He asks, almost bashful, hand stopped on his zipper.

“Yeah.” And then she sounds embarrassed, like she’s revealed too much. “Not exactly the most titillating story, I guess. I chose the wrong one.”

“It’s perfect.” He means it. Scully hasn’t said the words but he’s pretty sure that was “I love you.” Jesus Christ. He is hard, and he wants to laugh at himself; he should have known that’s the kind of crazy shit that gets him off these days, the idea that the object of his affection affects for him in light, with flowers, with hope and fluff and a cringing, girlish romance he’d never, ever expect from her. God, he’s hard and he’s a little high, and Scully wants to fuck him in the sunshine. He tugs off his pants and boxers and chooses to put her out of her misery.

“I have my own dreams,” he tells her, taking his cock into his shaking hand and lifting his legs up, so that he’s lying down. “Want to hear about them?”

“Oh God, please,” she says self-deprecatingly, like she’s already beat her head against the wall. He takes pleasure in this. No woman has ever considered him a person to be embarrassed in front of. No woman has ever thought of him that much.

“We’re on a case, and we’ve just gotten back to the motel. We promise to reconvene for dinner but we uh, gotta shower first.” Her sharp intake of breath lets him know she knows very well where this is going. He lets his head loll back onto the armrest and pumps himself once, twice, licks his lips before just rushing into it. “I always notice, Scully. Your whole – your whole body changes. You get flushed, and–” he gasps, she gasps, they are great partners. “You’re looser, like you’ve melted. Your voice gets lower.”

“Yes?” She almost growls, evidence for his assertion. Oh, he loves her. She always finds a way to validate him.

Yes. In my dream, though, I don’t let you tease me.” He chuckles, lift his hips up to push through his tightened fist. Watching himself helps him focus. The tip of his reddened cock points towards him, and he stares as it disappears and reappears. “That’s what you’re doing, right? Teasing me?”

“Me? Never,” the innocent tone she affects gets ruined by the drawn out whimper. She’s in the office, he suddenly remembers. He didn’t think he could feel more desperate to get back to work.

“I don’t say anything. You don’t say anything. You’re wearing those silk pajamas you like so much. I look at you, and you know you’ve been caught. But before you say anything I’m slipping off your pants and your underwear, whatever I noticed the last time I saw your own suitcase, and Scully…”

“Yeah?” She asks brokenly, high pitched and desperate. Most definitely she is doing what he is doing, and he flits back and forth between what she must look like cupping her breasts in the office with her skirt pulled up around her waist, and the Scully in his fantasy. A new model sharing prime time with the old one, the images do not compete; he wants both, fiercely and to the point of mental exhaustion, and only now does he feel like he’s got a chance of ever recuperating.

“You’re so wet,” he grunts, snapping his eyes shut and picturing it in his own private, well attended theater. “I see it before I feel it, the evidence of what you get up to when I leave you alone. You’re swollen – when I drag my fingers through it, they come back slick. When I look up at your face to ask my question, you’re smiling.”

“Your question?” She pleads, and for his benefit: “I'm… right now. Slick and so very…” Scully in the office, her panties tugged to the side and her oft-abused lower lip between her teeth. Scully in his dream world, giggly and heavy-lidded.

“Are you wet for me?” An answer to her inquiry, and his own pressing question. He doesn’t really need the confirmation; he can hear it over the phone when he strains, the sounds of her filling herself in all the ways he’s so far failed to. But when she says yes,, when she curses to God and begs him to touch her, he comes to the line and straddles it, precariously, reeling top-heavy with ego and lust. “I couldn’t – you… so hot, you knew that I knew, oh fuck, Scully…”

“I never finished,” she hisses. He can feel the warm wet air through the phone, it caresses his ears and neck and shit, shit, shit, are you close, yesyesyes, me too, “I-never-finished wanted you to–”

“You wanted me to make you come?” He chokes out, a guttural cry tripping him up as he swells in his hand and the image asserts itself vividly. Scully pressing herself to the shower wall, hand moving rapidly between her legs as she trembles and jerks and prepares herself for him. I would do it better, he’d thought every time, not knowing she hadn’t done it at all, that she was waiting, that her slightly spread legs and her pretty blushing face were an invitation for him to make her complete.

“I wanted you,” she says simply, and it starts in his back, a burn that hurts as much as it pleases, travels through unused limbs and fingers and imprints something nameless in tender, oversensitive brain matter. Scully is her mind and her strength and her loyalty and her slick, hot cunt, and she fucking wants him, so he comes for her as an acknowledgment of that fact, paints his thighs and belly with his promise and his need for her. All the while he listens as she falls apart for him, as she finally gets the release she’s been after all these years. It’s a knockout performance. She’s pitchy and earnest and sweet like he’s never heard from her, and he’ll never forget it – never, not even when she does it again.

She regains her wits before he does, naturally. “I should have kissed you,” she says. The certainty blows him away.

“I’ll do it.” He promises. “I’ll figure it out.”

The Whole World Exploded

Trimberly Soulmate AU, where the first time you touch your soulmate, there is a spark of color, which marks you permanently.

Excerpt: “Kimberly Fucking Hart, a girl who has no business talking to her, asks for a sip of her water. Trini hands her the bottle - never say she doesn’t do any good for other people - and their fingers brush.”

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no wait im not quite done because imagine lucretia being overjoyed to see some version of her friends even if they aren’t quite the same and she brings them up to the moonbase but. somethings wrong. they’re wrong. They’re all so different, so haunted, but they won’t tell her why and she desperately wants to comfort them but she can’t.

sweet carefree magnus, who wears his heart on his sleeve, is just a little more reserved, a little less like the kind boisterous man she remembers. a little more cautious with his feelings, a little less cautious with his life. there’s a haunted look in his eyes and she knows he has nightmares and she can’t ask why.

taako never cooks any more. he and lup used to delight in cooking for everyone back on the ship, and she thinks maybe it’s just because he’s alone now, but there’s something else there. something horrible happened to him and none of his family was there to help him through it. he doesn’t trust her, doesn’t trust anyone, and she has no idea why or how to fix it.

merle is so much older now. he used to be the first to jump into the fray; he died more than any of them. but he’s lived a life now. he has a family and kids that she’s not supposed to know anything about. When she let everyone go it never occurred to her that they might grow attached to this world they doomed. How could she ever ask him to choose between this life and his last one?

Wearing His Heart on His Sleeve / Jughead Jones

So this went in a ‘little’ bit of a different direction than what I wanted…it’s definitely not my best work but hopefully it’s still okay

Words: 1407

“Look at you all grown up and in love,” Archie teases with a smirk.

Jughead rolls his eyes, his grip on (Y/N) growing slightly tighter. “Whatever,” he mumbles. (Y/N) frowns and casts a look in her boyfriends direction, taking in his expression. 

She could easily see through his seemingly impassive face. Her hand subtly moves from the table to rest over his that was placed on her thigh. 

“Seriously,” Archie laughs, “it’s funny to see Jughead like this. It’s so unlike him.”

Veronica agrees eagerly with a nod, “Completely. But can they get any cuter though?” she asks, turning to the blond beside her. “It’s so obvious how in love they are. It’s written all over their faces.”

(Y/N) and Jughead had been a couple for only a few months but since the dark haired boy had announced their relationship to his friends he had been relentlessly teased. (Y/N) knew they meant no harm but Jughead found it unsettling at times. 

Betty offers them both an apologetic smile. She was the only one in the group who had caught on and understood how Jughead was feeling about their jokes. “Did you guys hear about-”

(Y/N) tunes out from the conversation, grateful for the distraction. “You okay?” she asks Jughead quietly as she squeezes his hand, not wanting to grab anyone else’s attention. 

He nods slightly, turning his hand under hers so he could entwine their fingers. “I guess.”

She frowns at his words, “You guess? That doesn’t sound too reassuring.”

Jughead smiles and brings their hands to his lips, pressing a soft kiss against the back of her hand. “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” he comments. 

(Y/N) only rolls her eyes, “Of course I’m going to worry,” she counters. “I want you to be happy,” she tells him.

“You make me happy,” he smiles. 

She wants to tell him how cheesy he sounds but his words make her heart skip a beat. “You’re an idiot,” she chuckles, using her other arm to wrap around his as she slides closer to him, pressing her side against his. 

“What are you two lovebirds mumbling about?” Archie announces, turning the conversation back to the couple opposite him. 

(Y/N) sticks her tongue out in response to him but Jughead’s smile was long gone as a frown fills his features. “Nothing you need to know,” she tells him. Jughead tries to loosen her hold of him but she only grips his arm tighter, shooting him a daring look. He sighs and falls back against the seat, taking her with him. 

“Did you two want to come with us?” Betty asks before taking a sip of the drink in front of her.

“Where to?” (Y/N) asks, completely lost.

“To Veronica’s place,” Archie informs them. 

(Y/N) looks up at Jughead to get a read on his thoughts. She gives him a kind smile and gently shakes her head as a reply to her friend. “Nah, I think we’ll stay here,” she says turning back to them.

Archie’s smirk returns as he wiggles his eyebrows which causes (Y/N) to chuckle. Sensing her boyfriends gaze she quickly smothers them by covering her hand over her mouth and tries to play them off as a cough.

“Alright then,” Veronica says, rising to her feet as she slides out of the booth. Betty follows her and moves to stand by her side. 

“We’ll see you later then,” Archie declares, finally getting up. “You two kiddies have fun,” he laughs, gripping Jughead’s shoulder as he walks by them before exiting. 

The two girls standing offer their goodbyes before following the redhead out of the diner. 

Jughead releases a groan and rests his head against his forearm that was across the table. “I’m so over this,” he mumbles.

(Y/N) smiles at her boyfriend and removes one of her arms from his to his back. She gently rubs comforting circles over his shirt and he soon releases a sigh of content.

“Why can’t it always be like this?”

“Like what?”

“Where it’s just you and me,” he says. “I would much prefer that a lot of the time.”

(Y/N) snorts at his words but nevertheless nods in agreement. “Sometimes I wish for the same thing.”

“Only sometimes?” he questions, peering up at her from the table.

She shrugs, “Other times I do enjoy their company a bit.”

Jughead scowls, “I’m not enjoying their company now.”

(Y/N) pokes his back to gain his attention once more, “If Archie’s really getting to you, just tell him to stop. You know he will, you just need to let him know that his words are bothering you.”

He shakes his head, “There’s no point. It will blow over.”

(Y/N) clicks her tongue, “That’s what you said last week, Jughead,” you say seriously. “You really should say something…you’re clearly not okay with it.”

“Maybe,” he sighs. She doesn’t say anything in reply, only continues to run her fingers along his back.

The couple weren’t that affectionate in public to begin with, but any sign of Jughead being remotely open about his feelings for (Y/N)-and Archie was there with some form of a comment or smirk. 

(Y/N) loved when he expressed himself and it made her upset that he was more reluctant to now around other people because of his friend. It made her more upset that he wasn’t being honest with Archie. She knew how the supposedly innocent banter was all in good fun-but she hated to see Jughead so tense around his friends.

“Come on,” she whispers finally, removing her hand off him.

“Where are we going?” he groans. 


Jughead moves back so he was sitting up and turns to face her. “Your place?” he questions, his forehead screwing up as his confusion fills his features. 

(Y/N) smiles and nods, reaching her hand out to stroke his cheek gently, “You ready to go?” 

Jughead pulls away so he could stand, he holds a hand out and (Y/N) takes it with a grin before guiding him out of the diner and towards her house. 

Entering the student lounge, (Y/N) let out a sigh of relief as she caught sight of her boyfriend standing against the wall. Without hesitation she makes her way to him and wraps her arms around him, hiding your face in his chest. 

Conversation around her faded but she didn’t pay attention. (Y/N) only wanted Jughead. His arms wound around her waist and he held her until she pulls back to look him in the face.

“You alright?” he asks, moving the hair out of her face.

(Y/N) shook her head, “I am going to fail,” she mumbles.

Jughead smiles softly and one of his hands moves up the length of her body until it rests on her shoulder, “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. But if you need help I can go over the work with you.”

(Y/N) didn’t get to reply. Archie had spotted the pair as he entered the room and made his way towards them. “Morning you two,” he says. “And what is my favourite pair up to now?”

(Y/N) moves slightly, taking a step closer to her boyfriend who’s hands had dropped from her. “Nothing,” she smiles softly. “What’s up?”

Archie crosses his arms as he leans against the wall beside his dark haired friend. “Not much. Betty wanted me to ask you two if you wanted to join us outside.”

Jughead shakes his head, “We’re going to head over to the library,” he informs him. “We have some studying to do.”

“Studying, huh?”

The boy rolls his eyes, “Yes. Actual studying.”

“Alright then,” he says, his tone sounding as though he didn’t believe Jughead. “As you were then,” he smirks, pushing off the wall and moving away from them.

Jughead releases a sigh before wrapping an arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder, “If you think I’m actually going to study this…atrocity you are deeply mistaken, my love,” she declares. 

“I figured. But we will work on it soon. We can’t have you stressing over it.”

“Why did you tell Archie we’d be in the library then?”

He shrugs and pulls her closer to him again, resting his chin on her head as she too wraps her arms around him. 

Jughead rolls his eyes at his redheaded friend who sends a wink in his direction followed by a small smile, which expressed all the happiness and pride he had for his friends, before leaving the lounge.