she wasnt joking

barchie 1x13

walking to school

laughing when she equates her family to craziness essentially

im not playing face

realising that she wasnt joking, life is hard for her

i think hes starting to realise she isnt perfect, she is human also maybe that he hasnt been there enough

getting called in 

their a power pair, everyone knows it 

when betty’s fine with v and archie. archie says thankyou 

his look lingers which was interesting

he’s checking betty is really okay with him

Archie talks about how much he likes veronice but “A little part of me……” 

betty interrupts before he could finish his words, most likely that betty and him would eventually be together.

 Betty says there lucky to be with people there meant to be - even though archie and her probably always thought one day it would be them

betty continues to say its also worked out because there all friends

who would have thunk this how the year would have gone betty says

“yeah who would have thought.” - Archie, his face (ps kj apa doing a great job with facial tells)

seeing betty’s locker trashed

he’s pissed

hearing someone else is betty’s soulmate

bad and naughty birds get put in gay baby jail to atone for their sins

  • *keith & lance stargazing*
  • Lance: look babe, a shooting star, make a wish
  • Keith: ok
  • Lance: so what'd you wish for?
  • Keith: i cant tell you or it wont come true
  • Lance: aw <3
  • Keith:
  • Lance:
  • Keith: so shut the fuck up

fhshsgahs i went to a neurologist today about my chronic headaches and she was like “i dont wanna put you on meds bc youre young and pretty healthy so lets work on lifestyle improvements starting with no caffeine” & i laughed but she wasnt joking

In my third period careers class, we were talking about brand slogans. So my teacher starts reciting slogans and gets us to guess what brand they’re from. He gets to the brand Maxwell House and says their slogan “good to the last drop” and a girl in the back literally shouts “windex!” as her guess,  I completly lost it, she wasnt even joking when she guessed that.