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TV Guide Magazine  ²⁰¹³
↠ Did Ming give you any advice on delivering science jargon?
Caestridge:  ❝ Iain: She hasn’t given me one piece of advice. Not one. | Liz: Not good advice.❞ 


Because I have written 21,000 words and 40 pages worth of Monsters so far this week, have two previews and two bloopers.

(All the stuff in blue has been added this week.)

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Kiss number 9! Distracted kissing bc Yuuri likes video games

could you do 9 for the kiss thing with thm playing any video game u feel like

Victor snuggled against Yuuri’s side and pointed to another character. “And her?” 

“Mercy, she’s a healer. That’s who Phichit plays.” 

“Oh, that’s why he keeps shouting at you to protect him. Who do you play?”

Yuuri flicked over to Widow’s portrait to bring her up. “Widowmaker.” 

“Ooooh, why does she come with a golden gun?” 

“Because I’m a pretty good Widowmaker.” Yuuri rested his head on Victor’s shoulder. “Do you wanna play now, or do you wanna watch me some more? Phichit might be online, and he can play with us if that’ll make you feel more comfortable.” 

Victor hummed before shaking his head no. “I’ll just watch you. I’m too comfortable to move.” Yuuri kissed his head and went into the queue for a quickplay game. 

Halfway through his first match Yuuri thought Victor was asleep. His body heavy against his. Then he felt lips pressing against his cheek. “Hrm? Getting bored already?” 

“No, no, don’t mind me.” More kisses trailed down his face to his neck where Victor became very interested with a bit of skin. Yuuri titled his head some and went back to playing enjoying the familiar feeling of breath and slight teeth against his throat. They ended up winning the match and Yuuri happily turned to makeout lazily with his fiance while Widow punched the screen for his play of the game. He didn’t even mind it when Phichit gave him a piece of his for not upvoting him and his 16K healing. 

105 Days Of BroTPs, day 13: Marinette and Juleka

Curse breakers

  • Hey hey hey remember like the entire Reflekta episode? Where Juleka confided in Mari about the photo curse?? And then Mari was willing to commit theft and tresspassing etc to help Juleka break it??? SHE STOLE A PHONE FOR JULEKA LOOK SHE ALREADY CARES ABOUT HER SO MUCH
  • And she organized the whole class photo thing to make Juleka feel better and to make her feel appreciated and wanted in the class and that’s just the sweetest thing ever omg like when will your fave ever put in that much effort?? Dang
  • Also Juleka obviously thinks Mari’s really awesome too, she was practically too shy to even speak to her in the Darkblade episode
  • And also they hang out with each other outside of school too according to that one pic in the Reflekta episode (and also the webisodes)
  • Basically I’m just saying they’re already good friends and it makes me so happy that someone like Juleka has a friend as supportive as Marinette
  • Also please imagine Juleka doing Mari’s makeup and Mari designing cool clothes for Juleka aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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oq prompt if you're taking them — henry has an argument with violet and asks robin for advice on how he overcomes his with regina (bonus points if it's from regina's pov and she overhears the whole thing:))

She doesn’t mean to eavesdrop, not really, but when she finds herself stopped just shy of the living room doorframe by the sound of two very male voices inside - Henry’s was getting lower by the day it seemed, her baby boy was growing up too fast! - she can’t help but linger and especially so when she hears the subject of their conversation - Violet.

“I didn’t mean to snap at her, it’s just,” Henry sighed tiredly, “I’ve been studying so hard for our midterms and, no offence, but Robyn’s not the quietest of criers.”

“Oh none taken, believe me,” Robin chuckled good naturedly and how Regina wished she could see through walls. It was one of her favourite sites, seeing her love and her son together just as she knew it was Robin’s to see her with Roland or with Robyn, their bonds ever-strengthening.

“When I get a little bit of free time, I want to just…”


She rolled her eyes with a quiet laugh at Robin’s reply, the terms of the youth sounding even more ridiculous on his tongue.

Henry chuckled too, always as amused as she by his attempts, before he agreed. “It’s just nice sometimes to have a little quiet time, you know?”

“Believe me when I say that I understand, Henry.”

“Well, what do you do?” She heard him shift on the sofa, no doubt angling himself more towards Robin with his question, “When you want some peace but don’t want to upset Mom or anything?”

Robin released a long sigh through his nose and she found herself listening a little harder for his answer as she pressed herself against the wall. “It depends really,” he began carefully and she found herself rather curious to hear his thoughts when he believed she couldn’t. “The thing with your mother is,” he continued, “I find that I’ve always craved her company even before we were together. She despised me in the Enchanted Forest during the Missing Year and told me so at every opportunity yet still I just wanted to be near her. Once,” he chuckled at the forming memory, “she threatened to set me on fire for refusing to leave her alone in the library whilst she worked at finding a solution to our problem with your Aunt Zelena.”

Henry laughed too as Regina pursed her lips at the memory, shaking her head at the remembered feeling of irritation his presence had given her. “And did she?”

“Almost,” Robin replied, “at one point I did genuinely believe she’d follow through.”

“Then why did you stay?”

“I didn’t want her to be lonely.” His answer was so simple and so easily given that Regina felt her heart melting in her chest even as she shook her head at her sap of a lover, “even if that meant me losing my eyebrows.” The boys laughed for a long moment, as did she, before he continued, “My point is though, even now both your mother and myself need some quiet time to come down from the stress of our days. Sometimes I’ll go and visit my men in the woods, as you well know, and sometimes she will take herself off for a run but, most of the time, we spend that time together. Your mother is not just my soul mate, she is my dearest friend. She makes me laugh until my ribs ache, she can soothe my deepest fears and she knows when silence is needed.”

“In those times that I find myself alone, I miss her. Don’t get me wrong, your mother and I can spend time apart from one another, we are not attached at hip,” he chuckled good-naturedly, “but there is a reason that she and I are meant to be together. We just fit. That is also not to say that you and Violet shouldn’t be together if you don’t feel that way for her Henry. It’s healthy to argue, to want some time to yourself, and especially at your age. You’re young, you’re supposed to want your independence, to need time to yourself and it’s okay to feel that way. You just need to understand that sometimes, that desire can be misconstrued by those wanting to spend time with you.”

“If you can find a way to include Violet in your quiet time, then I’m sure she would be appreciative of that but if you truly wish for a little time to yourself then just be honest with her. Tell her the truth. I’ve found that your mother much prefers when I am honest with her, even when I’m terrified that it’s going to hurt her feelings. Women are far more perceptive than we are, Henry.”

There was a long moment of silence that followed in which she guessed that Henry was digesting Robin’s words before her boy replied with a soft, “You’re right,” and then an appreciative, “thanks, Robin,” that was followed by a small clap when they shook hands as they often did before Robin would pull him into a hug that always melted Regina’s heart. “I think I’m gonna call her.”

“No problem, I hope you get everything resolved.”

Henry appeared moments later through the door that led out to the bottom of the stairs and took them two at a time as he moved up to his room. She gave Robin a couple of minutes to himself before she finally moved once more and stepped into the living room.

“There’s my girl,” he grinned the moment he laid eyes on her and lifted his hands palm upwards in invitation.

Her smile was soft, her eyes warm as she took those hands and allowed him to pull her closer so that her shins were pressed to his legs and his arms wrapped easily around her hips as he pressed a kiss to her stomach before resting his chin there and looking up at her. She lifted a hand to his cheek, smoothing her thumb over his cheekbone as she tilted her head and told him, “I love you, so much.”

His chuckle was breathy and his answer came easily as he replied, “As I love you,” before this palms flattened against the small of her back and encouraged her to straddle his lap as he leaned against the back of the couch. “Now, how’s about we don’t talk for a little while, hmm?”

Regina chuckled at that naughty little gleam in his eyes before she placed her hands on the back of the sofa either side of his shoulders and replied, “I think that is a wonderful idea,” and closed the rest of the distance to capture his lips.

So I work at this bookstore in Germany and  this women comes in with her daughter and ask about Sarah J Maas and her next new books, that her daughter loves her books and read through everything throne of glass has to offer besides the newest book.
She also read A Court of Thorns and Roses and I’m thrilled because this 13 year old girl reads book that mean so much to me and gave me so much strenght and hope and she looks at me and says “I love strong females.”

I get all hyped up and tell her about A Court of Mist and Fury because hell, we’ll really late with translation and all and she is happy as hell to read another book with Feyre and Tamlin (where I laughed a bit) and I also gave her the german edition of Queen of Shadows and I was so happy to provide this girl with good books and then her mother asked me
“They are good for her age, yes? Not too violent, not too sexual? She’s 13 and I don’t want her to wrapped up in those topics yet.”

And before even thinking I started to tell her “Yes, yes I’d give them my daughter any day.. they are ..”


And i started to violenty blush and told her that Queen of Shadows has some really descriptive sex scenes and that the next book of ACOTAR has mutiple really descriptive sex scenes and violence and that i’m sorry i haven’t thought of it before and this little girl just turns and me with huge eyes and says “I need to read that!” and starts arguing with her mother about it.

And that’s how I totally wanted to sell the first few books of TOG and ACOTAR to a 13 year old girl because I totally forgot how quickly those books can become adult fiction and I was stuck with thinking about those sex scenes all fucking day.

They bought QOS by the way, and the girl smiled at me when she left the store.
Still love the books.










Pain is Relative

Hey you know how I said some of the first fanfics from fandoms other than Undertale that I posted where going to be Villainous garbage?

Here we go! Fic number two! More on the way as well

Black Hat is a jerk.

Some mentions of torture, and starvation as torture! (why are all my Villainous fics so dark geez)

Quick note, I don’t really ship Paperhat (Dr. Flug x Black Hat) in a romantic way. To me their relationship is strictly work and Black Hat is a horrific eldritch abomination who is not at all a good person.

Someone hug Dr. Flug. I would but I’m too busy making him suffer.

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Is it just me or does Core Frisk looks so...old? Like, the candy core frisk you draw look like they are lacking on one BIGGGGGF sleep.

That drawing was collaboration between me and @fireflysummers! Firefly did line art and I did colours. I like how she draws Core, they look like they’re tired of your shit :D When I draw them they’re usually very round and smol and cute but Firefly was able to give them that aura of wisdom and isolation which they’re supposed to have. I think my art style is too cute for Core’s own good :P

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Hi V! Hope your day was well. Just wondering what higher quality video of paleyfest you were referring to ? Could you link or were you just talking about what you witnessed in person ? Thanks!

Hi M! My day was good, thank you :) Hope yours was too!

I for the wife of me can’t find the video. It was indeed the video of Kerry answering that she is not going to miss Tony… ;) Anyone has it? 

TalesFromYourServer: The "Help"

I work at a family owned restaurant. The weather lately has been consistently cool (40s/50s farenheit) but today it was unusually warm (hitting 90°F). During the day, only one server and bartender were on, and the two of them aren’t very sensitive to heat so they weren’t really bothered by the temperature. By the time I arrived, the dining room was 90° and a few customers came in and decided not to stay because it was too hot. The owner arrived right after I did and got the air conditioning going, but it took a while, so this is how my first table went. There were two ladies, but one was much more outspoken, so I’ll be Me and she’ll be L.

(At the host stand)

Me: Good evening, two for dinner?

L: it’s so hot in here! Don’t you have air conditioning?

Me: we do, but the heat just started so it hasn’t been turned on yet. Would you like to sit outside? There’s a breeze.

L: No, of course not! Inside!

Me: okay, I have a booth over here. (I seated them in my section and gave them a moment to get settled before coming back.) May I get you started with something to drink?

L: it’s too hot in here! The kitchen help is even in the dining room! (The individual she is referring to is my boss’s mother, who works in the kitchen and takes her break at that exact time every day and sits in a booth to eat).

Me: I’m sorry about the heat, we are trying to fix it. Can I get you anything to drink?

The order a beer and a red wine and I put them in. The bartender takes a while to get to them because she’s trying to fix the temperature issue and do her restocking at the same time.

Me: here are the drinks, are you ready to order?

L: took a while. It’s so hot, what are they going to do about the help?

Me: the air conditioning has been turned on, we should start feeling it soon.

The lady continued on making comments about the “help” until the air conditioning kicked in.

By: targarulay

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Out if curiosity who are your favorites in echoes so far? Gray is a fav from Alm's army and Mae is a fav from Celica's army for me

oh man idk. Mae is so great and her dynamic with boey is so good. Leon is just great omg he’s so flamboyant and a great unit for me. Clair is great she’s so quirky for a nice fancy girl. And Tobin and Gray I can’t get enough of those too great characters. Kliff is gr8 too. I am in absolute love with Celica and Alm. I even am enjoying characters like Fernand.

Everyone is so great in all of this it’s so hard to pick like one. This game is just too good. Wonderful characters everywhere.


I love how my shit editing is so inconsistent lol

Reactivity update:

- we’ve been going on frequent walks with some of my friends w/ their dogs and Millie ?? has been ?? so good ?? Like literally I think she growled/barked maybe three times yesterday and that was it! (I know that sounds like a lot but that’s actually really good for us haha)

- attention while heeling w/ distractions is getting along so well! the problem is, Millie gets so anxious when we’re out (but improving), that she doesn’t always take food from me so it’s hard to find incentive for her to actually look at me - but we’re getting there, and she’s improving so much every day!

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Lmao I was not expecting her father to do an interview 😂 and how is he so cool about the 'she feels so good' lyrics?? My dad would've killed me lol but I like this girl trying to keep everything private

lmao 🙈 And yeah, smart girl… I think she has her socials on private too. 

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So there's this cute girl at my school (she's actually my type, which is rare to find) and she always smiles at me and she's just a real sweetie, but I'm shy and talking is hard. I purposely mentioned that I like girls in front of her to one of our table mates and her face kinda brightened a little bit. I'm not sure if she's gay or not, but I have a mini crush on her. What should I do? (I hope you're having a good day!)

then just act! just think that you might be wasting your time by just being too shy, overcome yourself and talk with her! those little signs which show that she like girls are super important and they can mean a good thing for you! talk to her or, if you’re too shy, text her in some social media and try to develop a relationship, just don’t miss your chance!

I just met my new favorite client. She’s this super anxious but adorable 10th grader. We chatted for just 20 minutes but at the end she was like, “oh, when are we meeting again? When can I come back?” So we scheduled for next week and ask she was leaving I said, “I hope you have a good day” and she smiled and was like, “Yeah, you too. Thank you so much for having me!” She’s just so precious, I can’t take it. 

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That new fmk version with Sam Wilson Claire Temple Jessica Jones

OOooh good good.

Lab Partner for a Semester: Sam Wilson. He’s a genius scientist, or at least he is in the comics/shows. So I think that will still apply here. I have a biology degree too, so we can just nerd the fuck out and end up building Tony Stark-level creations in lab (okay, that would be more Sam than me, but I can cheer him on).

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

Trapped in an Elevator for Ten Hours: Claire Temple. She’s incredibly calm in intense, scary situations, and my asthmatic, anxious ass would need it. Plus she is just such an amazing person, I would love to talk to her for hours and learn more about first aid/emergency triage/general life advice.

Originally posted by crownkillers

Employee Trainer at McDonalds: Jessica Jones. She would have zero patience working in a McDonalds, and would probably punch a hole through the wall and walk out, freeing the rest of us from having to work there lmao

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Lol I try not to complain too much on my rp blogs so I hopped over here to complain about stuff instead lol

anyway I hate how many Adam apologists there are in the RW/////BY fandom like sorry he’s a gross abusive piece of shit and nothing is gonna change that

I mean he was literally gonna kill Yang because she was someone Blake loved you can’t make that good friends

also I don’t want a redemption arc for him (or Cinder or Emerald or any of the villains tbh lol) let him play the roll of Gaston and just die