she was thinking he looks cute when he eats


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Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Chapter 1

Adrien was never the writing type. He did write well - written papers and essays – at least according to his teachers – and was even occasionally asked by a few of his classmates for some writing tips. But, it was for educational purposes only. He‘d never had any sort of passion to write an actual story and he never thought of himself as the imaginative kind anyway. His mind was almost always focused on school, his responsibilities set by his father, and his masked identity. He never really had that luxury of being able to think about anything else. Well, except for his Lady, but that was something entirely different.

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When he gets home your child greets him naked (GOT7)

JB: -he would think it was cute when she came up to him. He would look down and see her little butt and start laughing- “why are you naked babe?”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Mark: -he wouldn’t even notice it right away until he moved closer. His sock soaked as he noticed the small puddle on the floor as she smiled up at him- “you’re supposed to be in a bath right? You can see me when you’re dry and dressed babygirl”

Originally posted by nochuie

Jackson: -he thought your son was in bed when he got home. When he was eating your son came out and patted Jackson’s leg with a messy head of hair excited to see his dad- “when did you start sleeping naked?”

Originally posted by j-miki

Jinyoung: -he would stand there for a moment as your son would continue playing while naked before speaking- “you’re not potty trained. Where’s your diaper?”

Originally posted by jypnior

Youngjae: -usually at bedtime your daughter would sleep in a diaper but she didn’t even have a diaper on when she got up to see him- “what did you do with your diaper?”

Originally posted by yjarssunshine

BamBam: -he would unlock the front door and step in. Then he would hear a hard slap on the gate put up so your son wouldn’t step out. He could see through the gate to see him there naked- “why are you naked boy? Where’s mommy?”

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Yugyeom: -he would go to the kitchen and after a few moments he would hear little feet and his small son came in butt naked. He would be confused but not really question it to much because it was the way your son was- “alright. I’m guessing you stripped”

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Language of Flowers

*click through to read it on ao3

written by: S | @kinetic-elaboration

prompt: ‘Flower shop AU Prompt: Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says ‘How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?’ for @treehousesandpoohbears

word count: 1783

Bellamy Blake, small town florist, is used to sharing in the big moments of his customers’ lives. He’s seen them through everything from first date jitters to the stages of grief. But this–Clarke Griffin storming into his shop, furious, asking for a hate bouquet–is still something of a surprise.

Two weeks ago, at the Bi-Monthly Downtown Arkadia Small Business Association meeting, Luna, from the nature store on the corner, looked at him very seriously, took his hands in hers, and told him that he had been a warrior in another life. “A brave warrior-king,” she said. 

Yeah, okay. Maybe in another life.  

In this life, Bellamy’s just a guy who knows a ton about flowers. 


Because he knows flowers, and because Arkadia is the sort of small hamlet where people greet each other by name on the street, Bellamy also knows everyone’s business. He knows about every engagement, wedding, baby shower, and funeral. He knows which high school kids are going to prom together. He keeps records on his more forgetful customers’ anniversaries. And when someone screws up and actually feels bad about it, Bellamy knows about that, too, because nothing says I’m sorry like a purple hyacinth bouquet. 

The people who come into his little shop are sometimes ecstatic, sometimes despondent, often nervous. They’re not usually angry, though. Even less often are they absolutely furious. So when Clarke Griffin stomps in, shoving the door open so roughly that even the friendly tinkle of the welcome bell sounds agitated, slams a twenty down on the countertop, and asks, “How I do passively-aggressively say fuck you in flower?” it’s a bit of a surprise. 

He stares at her for a long moment, and pauses in arranging the daisies in Harper McIntyre’s get-well-soon bouquet. “It sounds to me like you want to aggressively say 'fuck you’ in flower." 

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Prompt: Huddling for warmth or they'll die, sexual tension results -I can never get enough

I love this trope a whole lot, anon. thanks for sending it in! hope you like it :)


Clarke lets her head fall back against the wall with a thump. It’s only been a couple of hours, and already her phone is dead, her ass is aching from the hard concrete floor, and she’s starting to shiver.

It wasn’t her fault she got locked in the lab. Really.

She’d insisted Monty go home when he offered to stay back with her, telling him she just had a few more things to finish up. She thinks better with a clean workstation, but she’s not in the habit of tidying as she goes, so every now and then she stays an extra twenty minutes after work to clean up. How could she have known the big storage room– kept at a specific, chilly temperature– locks from the outside after hours?

There was no way she could’ve anticipated it, though that doesn’t stop her from berating herself the longer she sits, cold and annoyed and bored.

She’s done everything she can think of to do. She tried to call for help, but found that she had no service. Tried banging on the doors, but that’s useless when nobody is around to hear her.

So she resigned herself to her fate– spending the night right where she sat. She played games on her phone until she realized she’d want it throughout the night to check the time. She organized the shelves, built a tower out of tissue boxes, and set out paper towels to sit on, protecting herself from the cold, cold floor. But now it’s eight thirty, far too early to go to sleep, and she’s out of ideas.

Another thump as her head falls back against the wall again. And another. It’s been two and a half hours, is she already going crazy?

All of a sudden, the door opens.

She squints against the brightness, momentarily blinded.

“Holy shit,” someone says, as she blinks furiously. “Are you okay?”

“Thank god,” she sighs, scrambling to her feet, her limbs stiff. When she looks up again, she can make out the figure of a security guard, just as he steps further in. Too far. “No, no, no–” she cries, rushing toward the door, but it’s too late. It shuts behind him with an ominous locking sound. She swears and beats on it with her palms, knowing it’s no use.

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Tyler's Cute - Tyler Joseph Imagine

Imagine- After hearing so much about Tyler from your older brother, Josh, you finally get to meet him.
(Requested by; the-joshdun-stare)

Triggers- None

Note- Part of me is really proud of this and another part of me thinks this could had been better, but i hope you enjoy it anyway?? :,))
Also i hope you liked how i added the concert bit lol that’s one part i’m proud of😂
(i’m so sorry)


You turned your music off when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. Standing up from your desk, you walk over and open it to see your older brother, Josh.
“Hey y/n, Tyler’s gonna come over in a bit, kay?”
“So I’ll finally get to meet him, huh?” You had heard so much about Tyler from Josh, and he seemed like a cool guy.
Josh smiled. “Yep! I think you two would be good friends.”
“Sweet, I can’t wait to meet him!”

You were just coming down the stairs as the doorbell rang and Josh ran over to open it. There stood a dark haired boy with deep chocolate eyes.
“Hey, man!” Josh went up to hug him.
“Hey, Josh. What’s up?” Tyler smiled, hugging him back.
He walked inside and soon spotted you.
“You must be y/n, right?” He smiled brightly, and you could see a row of crooked teeth. It was cute.
“That’s me,” You smiled back, shaking his hand. You also noticed Tyler had several tattoos on his arms.
“It’s nice to meet you,” God, you couldn’t help but realize just how cute he was. You’ve seen many pictures of him, but in person he was beautiful.
‘No,’ You thought, 'This is Josh’s friend. There’s no way you’re going to be thinking about this.’
“It’s nice to finally meet you too! Josh always talks about you,” Tyler’s smile grew bigger, and a slight pink spread across your cheeks.
'Stop it, you idiot!’ You knew this was wrong, but no matter what you told yourself, You couldn’t deny that Tyler was very cute. He seemed sweet, too.
“So,” Josh interrupted your thoughts, “How about we play Mario Kart? You can also join if you want, y/n.”
“Uh- yea, sure,” You knew Josh had probably saw your blushing, or he wouldn’t have said something so quickly. You cursed quietly to yourself.
You weren’t very good at Mario Kart, but it was still fun. Every now and then, you couldn’t help but to glance over at Tyler. You almost thought he was looking at you too, but you probably imagined it.
When Tyler won for the third time in a row, he dropped his controller on the ground and threw his hands in the air.
“Honestly, how are you this good?” You asked as he still had a huge, silly grin on his face.
“Practice makes perfect, my friend,” He winked at you, which may or may not have caused your heart to flutter, just a little bit.
“He acts like he’s great, but you should watch him on Rainbow Road. He sucks at that,” Josh laughed, and Tyler playfully pushed his shoulder.
For the rest of the day, Josh and Tyler had gone out, leaving you home alone. For most of the time, you just read, though you couldn’t get Tyler’s lovely smile out of your head.

A few days later, Josh invited you to go eat at Taco Bell with him and Tyler. You gladly excepted. You were excited to see Tyler again, even though you barely knew him. It was pretty worrisome, honestly.
You dressed casually but nice, and got there early so you could see them walk in.
When you spotted your brother with Tyler by his side and walking your way, you waved, smiling.
“Hey guys.”
“Hey, what’s up?” Tyler asked, his eyes bright.
“Nothing much, just waiting for you guys.”
While the three of you talked, Tyler and Josh said a lot of things that made no sense to you, and they quickly explained it was an inside joke. You couldn’t understand how they could have so many, but you enjoyed it anyway.
When you spoke, no matter what it was about, Tyler always had his eyes intently on you. You tried your hardest not to blush (especially with Josh right there), but it was pretty hard, honestly.
“Hey, I’ll be right back. Gotta use the bathroom,” Josh got up and walked away towards the back of the building, where the bathrooms were located.
Now it was just you and Tyler. Neither of you had anything to say.
After some awkward silence, Tyler finally spoke up, “So, y/n, are you planning on doing anything fun soon?”
“Well, I’m going to the P!ATD concert this weekend, I’m pretty excited for that.”
“Really? I’m going to that one also!” Tyler immediately had a big grin on his face, and everything about him sparked.
“Maybe we could go together?” He added excitedly, and then shyly backed off, hesitantly continuing, “I mean, if your okay with that…,”
You couldn’t help but to grin widely.
“That would be fun!” Tyler smiled at your response, showing his crooked teeth, and his chocolate eyes sparkled.
The both of you smiled while looking at one another for several moments, until you blushed and looked away.
It looked like he was just about to say something when Josh came back, taking his seat back next to Tyler.
“What’d I miss?”


When they were finished eating and y/n went her separate way, Josh quickly pulled Tyler over.
He looked at Tyler expectantly.
“What, dude?”
“You like my sister, don’t you?”
“What?” Tyler hesitated before continuing, “I-I mean, she’s cute, I guess,” He fumbled.
“Unbelievable!” Josh rolled his eyes and had a smirk on his face. “You know, by the looks of it, she likes you too.”
Tyler’s eyes grew wide, “You really think so?”
“Trust me, I know my sister,” Josh tried his best to stop himself from chuckling, “I could tell she liked you from the moment she saw you.”
Josh could tell Tyler was trying to stop himself from smiling like an idiot. It didn’t work too well.


The rest of the week seemed to take an eternity to go by, and you couldn’t focus on anything. All you could think about was going to the concert with Tyler. You were more excited then you cared to admit.
But when the day finally came, you were elated. You quickly put on a P!ATD shirt, some makeup, and you were ready.
When Tyler said he was outside waiting for you, you quickly made your way downstairs and found Josh.
“Where ya going?” He asked.
“Remember? I told you i was going to the concert.”
“The one Tyler’s going to? Is that why I see his car outside?” He raised an eyebrow and smirked.
You rolled your eyes but smiled, “It’s not like it’s a date or anything, Josh.”
“Mm hmmmm,” He didn’t look convinced.
“Oh, shut up,” You playfully pushed him and your cheeks went red, but you were out the door before Josh could have noticed.
You waved at Tyler and hopped into his car, and they were off to the concert.


“Hey,” Tyler said as y/n hopped into the car.
“Hey!” She had a big smile on her face that he couldn’t help but to smile back at.
“Are you excited?”
“Uh, duh! This’ll be my first time going to a P!ATD concert,” Tyler thought that the way y/n’s face lit up and her eyes sparkled as she talked was adorable.
On the way there, they both clicked, talking about anything that came to mind. Tyler may have also been caught staring at y/n, which had made her blush. She was cute when she blushed.

When they finally got there, y/n looked like she was going to explode from excitement. It made Tyler have a big goofy grin on his face that he couldn’t shake off. Y/n’s excitement made him excited.
They both went through security without a problem and were on their way inside.
“I cant believe how close we are!” Y/n exclaimed. They were in the pit and almost at the very front.
“Good thing, we came early, huh?”
She started giggling and Tyler had fallen in love with her even more.
The concert was amazing so far, with him and y/n yelling out lyrics together and getting sweaty inside the crowd. They stood close together, their shoulders brushing, not wanting to be separated. Tyler couldn’t help but to stare into y/n’s vibrant eyes as she danced with the music, and smile to himself.
When someone had bumped into Y/n and made her almost fall backwards, she grabbed onto his hand so they didn’t loose each other. When she got back next to Tyler she quickly let go.
“S-sorry,” She said quickly, with a flustered face. Tyler had to compress a giggle.
He grabbed her hand back and smiled, “I don’t mind.”
Tyler could see red spread across her cheeks and his smile grew wider.


You were pretty flustered at the moment. Tyler was smiling at you and was holding your hand. You smiled back, and could feel your cheeks warming up.
“You’re cute when you blush,” He said, looking into your eyes.
You had to look to the floor to avoid looking like an idiot with the huge grin on your face. It almost felt like your heart was going to pound out of your chest, right then and there. You almost forgot about the concert and all the people around you, caught in the moment.
You felt Tyler’s free hand gently pull up your chin and you looked into his eyes again.
He hesitated a moment before shyly, but adorably, asking, “Can i kiss you?”
You eyes went wide and Tyler let go of your chin, looking away.
“I mean, y-you don’t have to…”
Before you changed your mind, you leaned up and pressed your lips against his. It was short, but amazing.
You pulled away and saw Tyler’s sparkling eyes and big smile looking back at you. He cupped your cheek and brought you in for another kiss, this one longer and sweeter than the last. Your lips moved perfectly with each other.
You placed your hands behind his neck to deepen it, when someone bumped into you, pushing you closer to Tyler, your bodies now touching.
The two of you pulled away when you heard someone’s yell from behind.
“I’m tying to watch the show, if you came here to make out you may as well leave!”
You quickly felt very embarrassed, but Tyler squeezed your hand to reassure you that you were fine, and the two of you continued paying attention to the show, though it was hard to do. All you could think about was Tyler and the kiss, and his hand still holding yours.

When the concert was over and Tyler pulled up into the driveway, he carefully grabbed your wrist before you got out.
“Hey, I had fun tonight.”
“Yea, so did I,” You said genuinely.
“So, uhm, would you like to do something like this again some time?”
You raised an eyebrow, “Like a date?”
He smiled brightly, “Yea, like a date.”
“I’d love too,” You smiled back.
“Sweet! I’ll, uh, text you or something.”
“Cool by me,” You tried to stay calm but you could barely contain your happiness.
After that, you skipped inside with a huge grin on your face, probably looking like a mess.
You didn’t care.

How BTS would react if their s/o eats a 3 kilo portion of ramen without complaining

Seokjin: would be shocked and proud at the same time.. you were in a restaurant and when you heard that you could eat a meal for free if you manage to eat a 3 kilo bowl of ramen, nothing could hold you back… but when Jin saw that you really did eat all the noodles without saying that you’re full, he was proud af.

JK:” Look hyung, it’s really empty, she ate it all.”

SJ:”I never felt any prouder than I do now.”

just imagine the trophy is the empty bowl and ignore the captions 

Originally posted by mintsugakookies

Yoongi: would stare at you the whole time, trying to figure out how you were able to eat that much food. 

‘How is it possible for such a small person to eat that much food?’

Y/N:” Is something wrong?” *innocent face*

Y:”No, nothing, I was just thinking about how cute you look when your face is stuffed with food.”

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

Hoseok: would be totally amazed. He wouldn’t know how you were able to do it, but the fact that you ate such a huge bowl of ramen by yourself would fascinate him.

“Hey guys, have you seen it? How my cute girlfriend ate all of this alone? Isn’t she amazing?”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon: Lost in his thoughts ‘..but how? She is so small, how can so much food fit in such a small body?’

Y/N:” Namjoon? Is everything okay?”

NJ:”Huh? Yeah everything’s fine… don’t worry, eat your food.”

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: He would be gone for a minute, he had to go to the restroom and when he came back, your bowl was suddenly completely empty. He wouldn’t believe that you ate all of this alone, but when you swore on your pets live that you ate it all he would believe you.

“Oh god, Y/N… you had to use magic to fit all this food inside of you… no one can eat this much food in one meal.”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Taehyung: doesn’t care how you managed to eat this crazy amount of food as long as you’re happy, he wouldn’t care at all.

“Hey Y/N, are you full now? Do you want another portion?”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: wouldn’t understand why everyone is so shocked. He would probably manage to eat the bowl of ramen by himself too so he wouldn’t get why everyone is freaking out.

“Why are they so shocked… she’s my girlfriend… of course she can eat all of this, what did you expect?”

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57. sickness

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Title: sickness

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: Jiyong was always the one to be taken care of, so he has quite a hard time while taking care of his girlfriend, but he doesn’t regret it.

Jiyong wouldn’t like to admit it, but he was the clingy one in the relationship. There was something soothing about having someone’s fingers going through your hair as you try to fall asleep, or hiding your face in the crook of your partner’s neck as you inhale their perfume as if you didn’t want to forget them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he said he loved physical touch, much more when he was out of the house for so long. When he came back, it meant that he was going to be all over his girlfriend, trying to cuddle her to no end as a way of forgetting his responsibilities, well…not fully; after all, Jiyong was also a workaholic.

It had been a surprised when he heard his girlfriend groaning in the middle of the night, waking him up –well, he doesn’t even know how he woke up, because he was surely one to have deep nights of sleep- as he trailed his eyes over to his girlfriend, noticing her runny nose and reddened eyes. When Jiyong turned the light on and asked her what was going on, he was surprised when she pointed at her throat, mouthing a small ‘it hurts’ before he put two and two together.

She was sick.

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How about RFA reacting to MC getting hit on?

-When it first happens he pretends that it doesn’t bother him
-But once they’re home, he shows how much it freaked him out and starts crying
-“Please never stop loving me, I love you so much!”
“Yoosung it’s okay you’re still the only man for me”
-Still constantly asking if he’s the only one in her life
-It’s cute but also a little annoying
-She always lets him know that she only loves him, and will always only love him

-He notices some guy looking her up and wraps his arm tighter around her
-When the guy doesn’t get the hint and comes up to her, asking what was up with her over pretective brother
-Zen is p i s s e d
-Before she can even respond, he dips her and starts to make out with her right there and keeps it going until the guy gets weirded out and leaves
-He looks her straight in the eye, and tells her that she is his life, and he hopes that there will never be any competition when it comes to her heart
-It’s so cute and she reassures him that he is the only man in her life and takes him home to prove it *wink wink*

-At first she thinks it’s kinda cute that someone else finds MC as adorable as she does
-But then it kinda starts to get to her and she becomes really insecure about it
-She tries to keep it to herself but it just eats at her
-She eventually pulls MC to the side and tells her about it with tears wanting to form
-MC wants to cry she looks so heartbroken, and continues to tell her that nothing will ever happen that will break them apart
-They hold each other for a really long time and it’s so cute

-He saw a guy or two check her out while they were in the office and he got mad but was sure no one would do anything
-But one day while he’s in a break he sees a guy whistle at her and go to slap her ass
-Turns into a fucking speed demon and grabs his hand so fast it scares everyone
-That boy got fired so fast and was sent immediately to a hospital for a broken wrist and fractured arm
-Jumin drags her home, and tells her “You belong only to me. If any guy even looks at you that way, they will be gone in a heartbeat”
-Scary but also major turn on

-He wasn’t there in person but he saw some guy grab her arm on the street and try to get her to come with him to “have a good time”
-Boy he basically teleported there and slapped that guy so hard his head did like a 720 spin
-And for good measure he kisses her nice and deep and almost tries to have sex with her right there to prove his point
-Probably gets arrested for assult but it is totally worth it
-Once he’s out then he always shows her how much he loves her and wants to keep her all to himself
-Turns into a big mushy baby and it’s way too adorable

Jealousy - Peter Pan AU

Warnings: Fluff, angry Pan, almost rape, Cliché af 

Summary: You and Peter had always had a connection. You both felt it when the Shadow dropped you on the island. You soon became his possession even tough you made him clear that you weren’t an object. Everything was fine until a new arrival came to the island. 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader 

Request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n is rejected by pan for the new girl and y/n is hurt so she run into the woods and pirates kidnapped her and pan is all angry and fluufff, please. Sorry if its too confusing:( - Anon 

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour - y/h/c = your hair color

The sun blinded your eyes as you got out of your tent. It was going to be a great day. You made your way over to breakfast, greeted by several Lost Boys. As you sat down at your usual spot you looked over to Peter’s to find it empty. Which was strange, he would always be the first to sit at the table. You turned your head to Felix asking him where their leader was. He told you that he felt a new arrival at dawn and that he had not returned yet. You thought nothing of it and consumed your breakfast with the usual jokes at the table. 

As soon as you were finished you got up and started to do you work. You sharpened your knives, went on a lonely hunting trip and picked some berries on your way. Things you would normally do with Peter f he wasn’t busy with beating Lost Boys. This made you a little bit upset but you understood tough. Peter had an island to rule and this new Lost Boy was probably a hard nut to crack. 

You returned to camp and gave Alex the fox you shot. He took it with a big smile and he complimented you on always taking care of the food. You smiled and walked out of the kitchen, eating some berries. That’s when you saw her. 

Long curly dirty blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, a cute nose, naturally red lips. She was beautiful. She was talking with Peter, constantly giggling with what he was saying. He was looking down on het with a grin. He was looking at her with so much affection. He was looking at her how he used to look at you. 

You decided not to think about it too much, he was only being friendly to her, and you walked over the fire, sitting down on a log next to Felix. “Hi Felix.” you happily said. He didn’t respond. You looked over to where he was looking and your face dropped. He was looking at her. You looked at the other Lost Boys and noticed that they were also looking at her. It made your blood boil. 

“That’s it.” you said. You stood up and made your way into the forest. As you were walking away you could feel his eyes on you, he didn’t come after you tough. You scoffed and walked even further into the woods. After twenty minutes of walking you hear a sound in the bushes near you. “Peter?” No answer. “Guys this isn’t fun!” You looked around in search of one of the boys. 

You quickly understood that you were in danger, you put your hand on your hidden dagger and waited till the enemy would come out. You walked further as if there was nothing going on. Suddenly two men grabbed you. You quickly drew your dagger and killed one of them. “We need help over here!” shouted the man that held your right arm. Two pirates appeared and tried to overmaster you. You knocked one out but eventually you got caught. They tied you arms and feet and carried you to their ships. 

You tried to escape but the ropes were too tight. “Let go of me!” The captain looked at you and laughed. “Oh but dear, we will let go of you if we are satisfied, you see we haven’t seen a living girl in months.” As soon as the words left his mouth the fear took over you and you started to scream. The captain looked at you with anger and knocked you out. 

You woke up, bounded to a bed. “Ah, our little lady is awake. Fun time.” The captain grins and his men laugh. You pulled at the ropes, but they wouldn’t budge. “Let me go!” “Shut up!” The captain stormed forward and gave you a hard slap on your cheek. You instantly felt the shape of his hand on your cheek. A single tear left your eye and all the men laughed at it. “He will find you! And he will kill you!” “You wish.” The captain climbed upon you and forced you into a kiss. “I would listen to the girl if I were you.” His voiced beamed trough the room. You looked at him and you felt scared. He looked as if he wanted to kill everything that was breathing.

The captain flew off your body and slammed into the wall. The other pirates drew their sword and got into a fighting stance. You watched as he quickly killed them all. He rushed over to you and freed you. You flew into his arms, sobbing. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m here now.” He hold you as long as you needed. “Thank you.” you quietly whispered. “I would always have your back.” “I thought you wouldn’t notice me being gone.” He pulled out of the embrace and looked at you. “What do you mean?” 

“You were so busy with the new girl and nobody noticed me leaving so I just gave up.” “I would never let you get hurt y/n. Of course I noticed that you were going into the woods but I just thought you were going to the lagune to take a bath. When you didn’t come back I send all the Lost Boys on a search party for you. I would never let anyone harm you, y/n. Never.” You looked at him with tears in your eyes. “Nobody could replace you, my queen.” He took your chin between his fingers and kissed you. “I love you Peter Pan.” “And I love my feisty Queen.” 

A Very Tiny Ken AU

I had an adorable AU idea the other day. I love AU’s were Kaneki is a tiny child they are so incredibly cute. What if… Instead of finding a young adult crying half ghoul in an alley Touka found a tiny abandoned half-ghoul baby in the alley that she startled into crying when she killed the drunk man hassling her.

  •    She doesn’t know what to do with him so she just ends up bringing him back to Anteiku. She tries to feed him but just gets frustrated because while as a baby he has no moral issues he’s just a very stubborn baby!
  •     He make Yoshimura feel nostalgic about Eto more than just because he’s a young half ghoul.
  •     Yomo always wants to help child Ken and Yoshimura has to admonish him telling him he’ll never learn if he constantly tries to help him when he’s taking his first steps.
  •     Hinami gets to be the big sister of tiny Ken she enjoys trying to teach the tiny child words instead of him teaching her to read better.
  •     Itori and Uta pester Yomo until they can come and see tiny Ken and Uta accidentally scares him playing peek-a-boo and makes Kaneki a tiny mask mostly as a joke.
  •     Tsuikyama tries to kidnap tiny Ken thinking he looks cute enough to eat but he’s just too tiny and cute and he can’t eat him, and just ends up dressing him up in a tiny suit. Before giving him back
  •     Eto has tiny Ken kidnapped at one point but the worst that happens is he gets a tummy ache when Naki tries to feed him a cookie and he pukes on Ayato when he tries to pick him up.
  •     He terrorizes Ayato because he keeps him up at night crying because he’s scared and want his Anteiku family making all the bones in Ayato’s body ache with tiredness. They also end up dyeing his hair to try and hide him but it doesn’t work and he’s taken back by Anteiku.

Summary: “we’re at a youtube Christmas party and there are definitely a lot of cameras out and we are both near the mistletoe but we also have been thinking of coming out so I guess early Christmas gift for everyone who didn’t know” (from this prompt)

Word Count: 1,118

Warnings: food, one swear word, mentions of vomiting

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Like Real People Do

Summary: They just moved in together, and as she’s unpacking the boxes, she finds something she doesn’t expect. I’d listen to this or this while reading, if you want. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~ 2,000

A/N: This is a re-write of an old fic, but it was just so fluffy that I had to write it for Bucky. I really hope you like it, and just to warn you, it is super sweet & there might be some implied smut. But nothing too crazy.

Originally posted by enochianess

He said, ‘let’s worry about unpacking later’.

A few dozen boxes were stacked from the floor to the ceiling, each one of them labeled something different. Each one of them needing to be unpacked. They had moved into their new home nearly four days ago, and since then, the only thing they had managed to do was set up the television and order take out every single night.

Bucky stood in the threshold of the living room, where his king-sized bed sat in the middle of the floor. On top of it was his sleeping girlfriend; tangled up in the sheets, hair sprawled out every which way. He smiled at the sight of her, bowl of cereal in one hand, spoon in the other. ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns playing softly on the television after the two had fallen asleep watching some old, black and white movie.

The moment was picture perfect, and he couldn’t have been happier to be here with anyone other than Y/N.

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Date Nights (Rick Flag x Reader x June Moon)

Request: Could I please request an imagine for suicide squad - Imagine being in a polyamorous relationship with June Moon and Rick Flag - @wwe78geek


Word Count: 360

Warnings: None

“Good morning love.” Rick walked in the kitchen with a newspaper in his hand. He leaned down and kissed your head. “Morning sweetheart.” Your finger swiped up the tablet as you read the news and a smile played on your lips. “Good morning Ricky.” June soon came in the kitchen smiling. “Morning Rick.” She kissed his cheek and she soon came next to you. “Morning love.” She leaned in and pressed your lips against yours. Rick rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.
“What? Jealous?” June cocked her eyebrow at him.
“No…” Rick scoffed.

“Good job you guys about last night. It’s all over the news.”  They both smiled and looked at each other in happiness. “Well you helped us too. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here.” June said as she hugged you tightly. Rick turned on the kettle and put two teaspoons of sugar in his cup. “Do you ladies want a cup of tea?”

“Coffee please.” You and June said in unison. Rick replied with a nod. Soon enough, the cups of fresh coffee were on the table. Rick sat opposite you. “So ladies, I was thinking that since we’ve been 3 years together, I was thinking that we should go out and eat somewhere fancy.” Rick said as he sipped from his tea.

“There’s this restaurant down the block. My friend went there and she said that their prices are worth it and the food is delicious.” June said.
“Okay I’ll book a table for three then.” You gave him your tablet. His eyes scanned the small words on the tablet. You and June looked at rick who was too focused to see you two giggling under your breaths. You thought Rick was cute when he was focused on something. You and June looked at each other and smirked. You both got up from your chairs and went next to Rick. Your hands travelled down his bulging muscles. You leaned down next to his ear and bit his ear lobe.  
“And maybe, after we go out and eat maybe we could come back here and have our second dish.”

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The unwritten rule

I always see girls asking their Gf/Bf “Is there anything that you don’t like about me?” and the person will reply with “No I love everything about you.” Now others might think aww this is so cute/look how much they love each other, but all I think is the fact that that’s surreal. I might be wrong about this, but it just seems like society has this unwritten rule that if you’re in love with someone, you must love everything about them. There shouldn’t be a single thing you don’t like because than, you “don’t truly love them.” The human body + personality isn’t perfect and all of us have flaws. Loving someone does not necessarily mean you have to love every single damn thing about them. I think love is accepting the other person’s flaws and admiring/wanting them despite of it. It’s why I always just slightly shake my head when I read/see couples saying the’re isn’t one thing that they don’t like about each other. Like it’s fucking okay if you don’t like the way she eats cereal standing up, or how he has to kiss his pillow before he sleeps. It’s okay because you accept it and love them anyways, but it shouldn’t be looked down upon 

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☁ with shining Shinee please~

that’s what i like;; bruno mars

I will never make a promise that I can’t keep.  I promise that you’ll smile and gon’ never leave.

There was always something captivating about Jinki.

She knew that the moment that she saw the time, three in the morning. She was in her pajamas, watching some drama and eating chips when he finally texted her, if only they weren’t funny pictures that he found on the internet…she would think he was trying to hook up, but she knew the man and he was probably just trying to get her to laugh after such a long day –even if that meant lacking on sleep himself. A smile appears over her features when she realizes that he sent a picture of himself making a silly face and altogether, he still looked cute. His intentions were clear, he cared about her…and she was starting to believe that he was falling for him too.

Thank you for brightening my day.” She texted him with a small, embarrassed look over her features and sooner than later, she receives a text from him.

I promise that I’ll always do just that.

And he did.

Arboreal Dreams - Part 16

Title: Arboreal Dreams - [Part 16]

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Sam finds it hard being this close to you, being able to touch you and love you in all the ways he can except for the one way he really wants to.

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 3500ish

Warnings/tropes: Un-betaed, slight smut, polyamorous relationship, Sam’s not too happy of a camper in this one and isn’t very nice to a certain OC either.

A/N: SO, some wonderful news; I now have TWO lovely individuals who have kindly offered to help me beta and edit my stories, and they are the wonderful @bogganheart and @angel–radio. *hugs you both* I’m so grateful you’re willing to do this with me so thank you! Second, thank you to everyone who’s been so kind and supportive after my shitty week. You’re all really really amazing. <3

Also, the yellow pitcher plant featured in this chapter flourishes particularly well after a fire.

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| Part 6|Part 7| Part 8| Part 9| Part 10| Part 11| Part 12| Part 13| Part 14| Part 15| Next Part

You hid your face under a cap and followed the boys into the Irish pub for some much needed dinner. You’d been on the road for almost two weeks chasing a rugaru across county lines. Whoever it was, they were good at covering their tracks so Dean suspected it might have been a runaway kid who had learned how to dodge bullets from a young age.

Castiel had popped into the motel room a couple of times, and every time he went straight to you with a black, fed up look on his face, and the two of you disappeared for a few hours. Sam and Dean had opted very poignantly not to talk about it.

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Merciful Miracle

Mercy76 story dedicated to @pviane​. 

May you someday find happiness such as this. A happiness that you would fight for, no matter what. A strong soul such as yours deserves nothing less. 

At ease soldier…that day shall come.

Angela returned from the med bay late at night, complaining of swollen feet and an aching back. 

“I feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.” She said with a face of exhaustion as she held her hands over her swollen belly. 

“No, you look more beautiful than ever, Angel.” Jack greeted her at the door, helping her out of her lab coat. “…But I do wish you’d stop working so much. All that stress isn’t good for the baby.”

Angela was eight months pregnant with his child. Jack was uneasy with the idea at first. Raising a child in such bad times was risky, but there was no turning back from it. They were in this for the long run, and he vowed to protect his family with his life. 

“I’m the doctor here. I know what’s best for the baby.” She snapped. Her pregnancy hormones kicking in. 

“My apologies, ma’am.” He spoke sarcastically and smiled, kissing her softly against her lips. 

“I’m sorry, Jack. I didn’t mean to snap like that. I just had a very long day.” She rested her head against his chest. “You know how many times I have to hear, ‘wow, you’re so big, Angela,’ or ‘you look like you’re going to pop,’ or ‘are you sure you’re not having twins?’ It gets to be so aggravating. Yes! I’m pregnant! Thanks for pointing it out!” She threw her hands in the air.

Jack thought she looked so cute when she was frustrated. He couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Why do you think that’s so funny?” She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

“Come on, let’s get you off your feet…” He avoided the question and escorted her to the couch. 

Sitting beside her, he lifted her feet into his lap and removed her shoes, tossing them to the floor. He began to massage her feet. 

“Mmmm…” She hummed in a pleased satisfaction and laid her head back against the armrest of the couch. 

“Dinner is ready whenever you want to eat. I made spaghetti and meatballs.”

“More foot massaging or yummy Italian food? How dare you tease a pregnant woman like that.” She smiled down at him. 

Her smile was the best thing he’d ever seen. He was so in love by her. She was his heaven on earth, his angel. Head to toe and inside-out, she was beautiful. He never thought he could be so lucky. Looking at her now, glowing with happiness and pregnant with his child, she was even more beautiful. He felt like he was falling in love with her all over again.

He continued to massage her feet, pressing his thumbs into her pressure points. 

“Ooh! Jack…” She moaned his name softly. “Be careful touching those pressure points…it could…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. “Oh, fuck it…” 

“It could…do this?” He smiled devilishly and pressed into them again.

She moaned again, trying to squirm her feet out of his grip. He’d gotten really good at knowing her body and what turned her on.

Since she’d become pregnant, she was uncomfortable with her body. She was nervous to be naked around him. She even started trying to shower separately, when they’d always showered together. He felt it was his job to make her feel beautiful, to make her forget about her insecurities. 

Sliding himself between her legs, he lifted his shirt off over his head, revealing his toned, muscular body. She bit her lip as she stared at him in appreciation.

“Dessert before dinner?” He asked her, teasingly. 

She nodded her head slowly as her cheeks blushed crimson red…

Since the first time he saw her fifteen years ago, he knew she was the one. At first he thought she’d never be interested, he was older than her by eleven years. She was 22 and he was 33. But she took him by surprise the day he bravely asked her on a date. She’d said yes without any hesitation. She even kissed him goodnight. Soon after they’d each lost their virginity to one-another. Angela had been the only woman he’d ever slept with. He knew for his age, and after being in the army, society assumed all men like him would had slept with at least a dozen woman, if not more. But not Jack… he wanted to save himself for the right girl, and Angela was just that. It was awkward at first with both of them being virgins and her always focused on her studies Their first time was a little scary. He knew it would hurt her, but he wasn’t prepared for it. He tried to be as gentle as he could but he ended up making her cry. He felt so bad and was afraid she would hate him forever. To his surprise, she cuddled up to him and asked him if they could try again. Their second time was much more enjoyable, and soon they were doing it every chance they got. Over time he learned how her body worked, what she craved most, and how he could trigger her in the right ways. He loved how he could take over her body and have so much control. It pleased him and turned him on more knowing she was enjoying it, unraveling beneath him. 

He was going to ask her to marry him, but then…he died in a stupid fight with Reyes. Angela raised them both back from the dead, but neither of them were the same men. Jack felt as though he couldn’t show himself in front of Angela any longer. He felt like he had failed her. He knew he’d hurt her by being involved in such a stupid fight that ended up costing his life and the life of his best friend. She’d always hated the fact that he’d been a soldier. She was always terrified of losing him. He knew that… 

He couldn’t live with himself knowing he’d hurt his Angel. He was scared of hurting her more, so he ran away and hid. Discovering his new abilities, he distracted himself by putting them to good use. He made it his duty to fight off the villains of the streets. But his nights were surely sleepless, as his only thoughts were of her. For thirteen long years, he thought of her. Not one day went by where he didn’t wish to have her back. “Why was I so stupid.” He’d constantly ask himself. 

Recently within the past year, the newly formed Overwatch had found him with his new Identity: Soldier 76, requesting his help with recent Talon attacks. None of them knew who he truly was. Of course, how could they think otherwise? Jack Morrison was dead. The only person who was able to see past his visor-mask and grayed hair, was Angela. Oh, how it pained him to see her again. Her tears of sadness broke him in half. He realized that leaving her was a mistake. She’d been just as lost as him all those years. She made sure to slap him clean across the face the second they were alone. He didn’t care, she could slap him a thousand times. He knew he deserved it. He held her tight and promised to never leave her again. He promised to cherish her forever. 

He was now 48 and she 37, and she had now become pregnant with his child. They couldn’t stay off of each other, afraid to lose each other again. They’d spent every moment they could possibly get together, making up for lost time. Since the pregnancy, they both thought it was only fair to tell everyone the true identity of Soldier 76. It pained Angela at first, confessing that she had lied about his death for so long, but the news of the baby was exciting to everyone and they were all very forgiving and happy to see Jack again. 

Ana Amari had also recently shown back up after being presumed dead, warning everyone of her recent discovery about Reaper’s true identity. No one would have ever guessed that a creature such as him would even have an identity. He was practically a demon. To Jack’s worst fears, Reaper turned up to be Gabriel Reyes… He knew that Reyes had been raised by Angela, same as him but never would had guessed he’d become such a monster. Sure, Reyes had major anger issues and was becoming more cold-hearted towards the end, which is how their fight started. But how could he become so different than Jack? They were best friends, both met in the army. They always had similar interests. They looked out for each other. Reyes had started to become jealous of Jack’s achievements when they both joined Overwatch but…could that really make a man go mad? Angela seemed hurt the most by the news. Jack was afraid to question her at first but he knew he had to. 

“Did something happen when you raised Reyes?” 

“…What do you mean?” 

“You know how I got these special abilities? Did something different happen with him?”

She broke down in tears, and her hands were shaking. Jack held her hands in his.

“Angel, it’s okay. You can tell me…” He knew there was something she was afraid of telling him. He didn’t accuse her of hiding it, he didn’t blame her. 

“He…didn’t have a pulse.” She paused to take a deep breath from her sobs. “You still had a small ounce of a pulse and I was able to bring you back…but he was clinically dead.” She stopped to take another breath. “I know I should have just pronounced him dead but… I thought that if you knew you’d killed him…you’d hate yourself. I thought that if I brought him back, everything would be okay…” She buried her head into Jack’s chest, her body shaking. 

He held her tight in his embrace and kissed the top of her head. 

“Shhh, Angel. This isn’t your fault…you hear me?”

“When he came back, he wasn’t Gabriel…” She began hyperventilating. “What I saw…”

“…Angela, you don’t need to tell me anymore. It’s okay…it’s all going to be okay.”

“It’s because of me he has become Reaper!” She screamed. 

“Now you listen to me, damn it!” Jack held her by the shoulders and shook her. “It is because of ME and HIM that he has become Reaper. It’s because of ME that you raised him. You didn’t want me to feel guilt! You did the right thing! Never stop being the Angel I have always known you to be! You never stop fighting for the lives of others! I love you for who you are!”  

“I love you too, Jack” She looked down away from him. “I can’t bare to lose you again…I need you…our baby needs you…”

“You won’t lose me ever again…I promise.” 

It was a promise he was going to fight to keep.

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Nick Robinson Imagine - Crush


Damn, here he comes again. Fuck. What should I do? Fuck why does my crush has to be my hot neighbor?

“Hey Y/N” Nick says while shaking his hand and leading closer to give me a kiss in my cheek, I think I blushed. Fuck, why the fuck I’m always cursing

“Hey Nick. How are you?” I asked after a few seconds because he was looking at me and he could notice that I’m nervous, I’m always nervous around him. He makes me nervous. He makes any girl nervous. Fuck. My luck that he never notices that, I would be fucked up if he noticed that.

“I’m fine and you?” He asks with his usual smile, he is perfect in everything. Y/N calm down or he will notice 

“Always” I say walking, this was my mourning walk, I always do that, and sometimes he does it too, he never done it with me but today he was doing it damn, i’m screwed up

“Don’t you run in your morning walks?” He asks walking at my side, he looked hot with sport clothes. Fuck Y/N stop thinking that shits or you’re gonna stare at him or blush and he will notice. Definitely this wasn’t my favorite morning walk.

“Yeah I do. How do you know?” I ask confuse. How the fuck did he knew that?

“I usually get out for my walks a few minutes after you and I see you running” He says smiling at me, how could he be happy in the morning? He’s definitely too good for me, damn.

“I just saw you a few times” I say and he looks in my eyes, damn he’s cute. 

“Can I do this morning walk with you? If you don’t mind of course, I don’t wanna bother you” He asks smiling at me. How could I say no to that cute thing? How could he bother me? 

“Of course you can. Let’s go” And then we started running slowly and talking about different things. Damn. This is a miracle, I haven’t done nothing stupid yet. Yes.

“So are you dating somebody?” He asked me. Yeah of course I am, me? Dating? Really Nick? With who? My pillow? My bed? Or my phone maybe? Damn, I wish I was dating him but come on. I’m a bit loser for him.

“No, I’m not dating. What about you Nick?” I asked with a smile, if he says he is I swear I’ll go running and cry like a little baby and eat pizza, ice cream and chocolate for the whole weekend

“No, I’m not” He says looking at the ground. Yes, oh wait when people look at the ground it’s a bad thing, fuck. “But I have a huge crush on a girl, like a really huge crush on her and I think she doesn’t likes me. So that’s why I don’t a girlfriend” I knew it, it was too good to be true, who is the fucking who doesn’t this cuteness? She most have a mental disease. Or she most on good drugs, really good ones.

“Did you ever asked her?” I asked trying to look friendly. Of course, I wasn’t gonna run home crying with bags of ice cream, pizza and chocolate, saying that my crush has a crush on other person, that would be stupid. She most be a tall girl, blonde, with blue eyes and model body. Damn I was far waya from that.

“No, I tried but I always ask another things. It’s stupid but she makes me nervous and I almost sweat. She’s everything I want, I have had a crush for the past 3 years but she showed nothing about that” He says with a sad face but with a small smile. Fuck, I hate seeing him like that. Stupid little bitch die, he would be more happy

“She most likes you. You’re an awesome guy, you’re nice, cute, friendly, a gentleman and all that things that us girls like” I say trying to cheer him up

“Can we stop a little bit?” He asks stopping and I stop after him

“Of course. What’s up?” I ask confused 

“You” He says looking at me with a smile

“What? What do I have?” I asked confused as shit. Wtf was happenning here? I am not understanding nothing. Wtf?

“You’re the girl that I have this huge crush on for 3 years” He says making me stay in shock. He most be fucking me? Is this a fucking dream? If it is I understand

“What? Are you kidding?” I asked him in the middle of my huge shock

“No, I like you, a lot. And I wanna know if you like me too” He says smiling nervous, I could notice that

“Is this a prank or a joke?” I ask without believing this, this is impossible. C’mon, Nick? Really? Nick? He having the biggest crush on me for 3 years? C’mon Impossible people. This a dream or a joke

“No, please answer me Y/N” he says clearly nervous and really pale, okay this isn’t a joke or a prank, he isn’t kidding. Fuck, Nick has a crush on me. How the fuck is that even possible? My crush having a crush on me? Is it fucking possible?

“Of course I like you too Nick. But are you fucking kidding me or what?” I say after a few seconds

“No, I’m not kidding. I really like you. But now I wanna know. Would you want to be girlfriend?” He asks and I jump to hug him and he picks me up putting my legs around his waist

“Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Nick” I say and we both smile. Fuck this was the best moment of my life. Looks like this morning walk was definitely the best one of all. And then we kissed. FUCK i’m kissing Nick. OMFG OMG I’m gonna pass out. I’m kissing him. This kiss is the best kiss of my life. I still can’t believe it…

Yey, I hope you all like it. PLEASE send me your opnions, good or bad, also send me your requests and possible questions.

Kisses to all of you

Star Wars Preferences: You Steal the Last of Their Favorite Snack

(For @13skullyhorror13 who is a literal treasure! I hope you enjoy!! For the Poe one all I can think of is the picture of Oscar Isaac eating Cheetos.)

Obi-Wan: I don’t think he would really mind. He’d be glad if you had eaten if you were hungry.

Anakin: I don’t think he’d actually be upset but would just pretend to be so you would try to make it up to him.

Padme: It doesn’t upset her unless its after a long day and she just had really wanted that last piece of chocolate cake.

Qui-Gon: You took the last of his tea! And the next day the tea seemed to be on a shelf to just out of you reach.

Darth Maul: He growls at you and tries to eat your favorite food as revenge. Even if he doesn’t like that food he is eating it out of spite.

Luke: He just gives you those puppy dog eyes. So you run to get him some more and he reward with that beautiful smile.

Han: After he catches you eating his food he starts locking it up. Good think you know how to pick locks.

Leia: You had taken the snack she likes to eat stressed out so you felt a little bad. You made sure to buy some more and stock up for the both of you.

Boba: He’d walk in on you eating the snack and tackle you to the ground for it. This causes you to eat the snack faster.

Finn: You apologize when he catches you eating the last of his favorite food. He says he doesn’t mind and ask if you two can share.

Poe: Jokes on you. It wasn’t the last one. He always has snacks. You have no idea where he is keeping them all.

Rey: She was used to being without food so wasn’t phased when she couldn’t find the snack she was looking for. She just grabbed something else to eat.

Kylo: I don’t think he would mind. He was easily able to get more snacks and he loved the cute grin you gave him after he caught you eating them.

Hux: You had drunk the last of his coffee and he needed it. Now you get to deal with a very grumpy Hux till you can find him more coffee.

Captain Phasma:  She is fine with you eating her food she just ask is that you replace afterwards. Common Courtesy.