she was the only one drinking beer * *

Kara Danvers walks into her sister’s apartment, toting takeout and ice cream for their weekly ‘sister bonding’ (used to be several times a week but now they both have jobs and girlfriends to entertain) only to see Alex sitting at her kitchen counter, smiling dazedly at nothing.

“What’s up with you?” Kara asks, nudging Alex gently with her hip. Alex’s grin widens and she sighs, dreamily, turning to look at Kara as her sister pulls a couple of drinks from the fridge and opens one for herself.

Alex waits until Kara is in the middle of taking a sip before she informs her sister:

“Maggie is ambidextrous.”

Kara chokes on her beer.

Oh yes, so much better..

Last summer I worked as a waitress in a bar. There was this group of old ladies and they were drinking white wine (the only white wine we served was Sauvignon blanc, the bar was specialised in beers. It also says so on the menu). So a short while after I served their drinks I decided to check up on them, ask them if everything was OK and if there was anything else I could do for them. One of the ladies told me that it was the most disgusting wine she ever tasted, that it tasted like dishwater and that I must have accidentally served her the cheapest house wine. She finished her “dishwater wine” and told me to get it “right” this time. So I told her “Of course m'am. I’ll bring you a Sauvignon blanc.”

We didn’t have any other wine so I served her the same as before. After another short while I decided to check on the group of old ladies again.

“Does this wine taste better m'am?”

She told me
“Oh yes, this wine is so much better than that dishwater tasting cheap house wine you served me before, thank you”.

This personal victory kept me going until the end of my shift.

New Years Eve // m.c

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credit to the original owner of the gym - i think i’ve used it before lol

Requested: based on this and this

Pairing: Michael x Y/N

Series:  Paid to be Popular - The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Y/N freaks when she remembers she doesn’t have a kiss for midnight, but it might end up okay if her lifelong friend, Michael, would kiss her?

“Fuck, the midnight kiss.” You screamed but because of the loud music and talking, only your group of friends heard you.

“Yeah, you don’t have one, do you?” Luke asked with his beer in his hand, Calum by his side drinking his whisky. You all sat in a circle in the middle of the room, playing Truth or Dare while ignoring almost everyone around you. In the circle were you, your best friend, your other friend, a guy you didn’t know but he was very handsome, Luke, Luke’s girlfriend, Calum and what had appeared to be Calum’s fuck buddy of something.

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pyrohydriscence: I have to think that is part of the story of them falling in love.

YES omfg. Allura and Kima when they were still a part of their old adventuring party, a little awkward and unsure of each other. They all go out drinking at the close of another harrowing adventure, and Kima is sure the tall, elegant Allura Vysoren is going to be a total lightweight, probably only drinks like one fancy-ass cocktail or smth. 

Boyyyy was Kima w r o n g. Drake buys everyone a round of beer, Allura drinks it along with the rest of them, not quicker, but not slower either. She volunteers to get the next round - and comes back with shots. 

Shots? Kima’s not sure if this is, like, Allura’s “I just almost died time to toughen up” moment; or she just wanted to order something she’d thought everyone would like, but Kima knows it has to be one of those. 

It’s not either option. Half the party says no thanks, realising that the particular drinks Allura got were, like, the equivalent of a ridiculously high proof moonshine or something. Allura shrugs, splits the shots between her and the rest of the party, meaning she has like 3 in front of her. She downs them 1, 2, 3, while Kima just looks on in shock. Kima drinks one of the shots in front of her and is fully aware she needs to pace herself because of how strong they are. 

By the end of the night Allura is barely even slurring, somehow still as elegant and refined as ever. Occasionally she will stumble over one or two words, but if it gets to more than that she will abruptly stop talking, as if slurring her sentences is the worst thing to ever happen. 

Kima is so very annoyed by this stringbean blonde wizard, somehow still upright while the halfling is swaying side to side. 

Annoyed…and maybe a little interested too. Just a little.

(When they get together, one of the first coupley things they do - after kicking ass together obviously - is go drinking and find out once and for all who can hold their alcohol better. It’s a tough battle, but Allura wins eventually.)

(She carries a passed-out Kima back to their lodgings, bridal-style)

Drunk Kara!

Kara didn’t get drunk often. Only when she had a really bad day. And today was one of them days. She managed to fuck up her one shot of being a reporter and she managed to lose some of the publics respect for Supergirl. So she did what any normal person would do at the end of a bad day, wallow in self-pity and drink.

One reason why she didn’t drink a lot, often is because she sends awful drunk texts and it didn’t help she recently got the one and only Lena Luthor’s number, in which she had a huge crush on her. And after about her third beer (I mean who was counting.) she had her phone open and her thumb hovering over the call button. I mean she really needed to talk to Lena, what about, didn’t really matter at the time. She just needed to talk to her. So she pressed the button and then Lena picked up. “Kara! Are you okay?” Kara giggled. “I’m okaaaayyyyy! You know Lena I’ve always wanted to to tell you something.” Kara giggled again and Lena let out a small sigh. “Are you drunk, Kara?” “Pfft, no. What’s drunk…? No, of course, no.” She paused for a few seconds. “ Yeah, no, I totally am. Anyway, Lena you never responded.” Kara said with a small pout on her face. “Okay, okay. What do you want to tell me?” Kara shushed her and said, “It’s a secret. But I trust you, so don’t tell anybody about it… You have a preeeeetttty face.” Lena laughed and was very clearly blushing. “Okay, thank you, Kara. But uhm…how much have you drank exactly?” “I don’t know. A lot, probably. But Leeeeennaaaaa, you have a reaaaaalllyyy preeeeettttyyy face. And you’re so nice and kind and smart and funny.” Kara laughed to herself at the last bit. “I’m coming to pick you up. Where are you exactly?” “Leeeeeennnaaaaa.” Lena sighed and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll find you. I’m going to hang up now. I’ll be with you in like ten minutes.” “Leeeeennaaaa.” Lena laughed to herself. “I’ll see you in a few minutes, Kara.”

Lena had taken one of her cars to the nearby bar and managed to find one of the waitress’ trying to chat up Kara. “Heeeeeyyyy, Lena.” Lena smiled at her and tried to pull her away. She apologised to the waitress when Kara spoke out and said, “Noooo, Leeennaaa. You’re taking me away from the pretty lady!” Lena grabbed Kara’s hand, and said to the waitress, “Hi, sorry about that. My girlfriend has just had a bad day at work.” “Don’t worry about it.” The waitress said a bit wary of the current situation and then walked off. Lena then continued to pull her towards the door.  "Kara,  how many more drinks have you had?“ Kara pouted at Lena’s tone of voice. "Just a few…” Lena pulled her out the door and opened the car door for her to sit in. “What a gentleman, gentle woman, gentle girl…I give up!” Kara said out loud and included massive hand gestures. Lena sat next to Kara in the car. And the car started driving towards her apartment. “Where are we going, Leeeeennaaa?” Lena grabbed her hand and massaged circles with her thumb into the back of her hand and said, “Back to my apartment. You’re not staying on your own. After the amount you drank tonight I’m guessing you probably won’t want to wake up alone in the morning.” Kara shook her head and leaned her head against Lena’s shoulder. “Why’d you call me your girlfriiieeend, Lena?” Lena blushed and awkwardly fumbled with her hands. “No reason. I just think you could do way better than that girl at the bar.” Lara nodded and proceeded to fall asleep leaning against Lena’s shoulder.

When they had arrived outside Lena’s apartment, she tipped the driver and carried Kara into the building with her. She laid her on her bed and went to go set up the sofa so she can sleep on it. “Lena?” She popped her head up and hummed slightly, barely audible. “Can you sleep with me?” “You’re drunk, Kara.” Lena said while getting out a spare pillow for the sofa. Kara patted the space next to her. Lena sighed and laid next to Kara. A few minutes later, Kara had fallen asleep tucked into Lena’s side. Slowly, Lena fell asleep too.

Somebody was like, “There should be a Percy/Vex Mummy AU.” I didn’t want to write the entire thing, so here’s the one actual scene I remember from the movie. Kind of.

There is a loud belch from across the campfire, and Vex turns in surprise. The Egyptologist (Percival, she remembers) is the only one still awake, but he looks too bloody proper to have let anything that uncouth come out of his mouth. On the other hand, he is holding a bottle of beer, and the way he’s swaying, this is definitely not his first drink.

Vex moves to the other side of the fire and sits down. Percival lifts his bottle in greeting, and nearly lands on top of her. By instinct she reaches out, her hands bracing his arm. There’s muscle under his khaki shirt, which she did not expect. They haven’t had a chance to talk much, but what words they’ve exchanged have been long-winded and academic. (On his end. She’s clever, but not exactly learned.)

“Thank you, Miss Vessar.” He attempts to tip his hat to her, until he sees that it is lying next to the fire. At this he frowns slightly, as if wondering when exactly he took it off. Vex hides a smile behind her hand.

“Please, I think we’re past formalities, having been pursued by bandits and jumping off a boat together. Vex, if you don’t mind.”

“As the lady wishes.” He bows from the waist, somehow managing to not fall over. It is exaggeratedly gallant, obviously practiced, and she wonders at circumstances that would bring someone like him out to a place like this.

She scoffs. “I am hardly a lady. Or so my father kept telling me.” The hurt is old at this point, but it is still sharp occasionally, and at surprising moments. Like now.

“If you will pardon me, your father is an idiot.” Percival’s voice is soft, but there is conviction behind it. “Contrary to what so many people believe, quality rarely correlates with breeding. The people with the old bloodlines just have enough money to make the rest of the world think it.”

“You are kind to say so.” He looks surprised when she says this, as if it were something he did not think was capable of being.

“It’s the truth.” His tone is matter-of-fact, almost dismissive, but there’s a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

She moves closer. “So tell me, Percival, about the type of person who knows so much about quality that he can make a judgement after knowing someone for a day.” There’s a flash of surprise in his eyes, but to his credit, he doesn’t pull back.

“I could give you a long-winded recitation of my full name and lineage, as well as my curriculum vitae, but I’d much rather you take my word for it.”

“And why is that?”

“Because rather than list my qualifications, I would much prefer to kiss you.” He does a good impression of bravado, but there is the slightest hitch in his voice. It’s cute, really.

“That does sound much better, I admit. Only one way to find out though.” She tugs at the edge of his shirt, pulling him towards her. Judging by the noises he makes and the way he fists his hands into her clothes, she thinks he might agree.

an AU in which Tina is a senior in college. she’s graduating and she decides to go to one last college fling, dragging all her friends along with her. Queenie and Jacob are happy to come along, but Graves is a bit more reluctant cause he considers himself “too old for these kind of things”

but he comes along in the end, of course, because you only graduate from college once, and Tina would be disappointed if he didn’t

he tells himself he’s the responsible one so he’s not going to get caught up in the drinking and the crush of bodies, and all that but seven beers and three shots of vodka later he’s not so responsible anymore

in fact, he’s so thoroughly abandoned his ideas of being The Adult, that he’s doing body shots off some pretty young thing whose name he doesn’t even know. he finds out later when Credence whispers it in his ear as they’re making out in some darkened corner

the night comes to an end and they all drift home

Graves and Tina both wake up with massive hangovers the next morning, and Tina takes him to a cafe that she swears has magical hangover-curing powers

imagine Graves’ surprise when the waiter who comes to take their order is none other than Credence

Graves isn’t too bad at holding his liquor so he remembers all the events of the previous night, including running his tongue up and down Credence’s torso, lapping up alcohol. And if he remembers, Credence does too, right?


of course, Graves is under the impression that Credence is just as aware of what went on between them as he is, so he can’t help but read into every little look Credence sends his way

what was that smile for? did it mean he’d liked last night? could it possibly be because he realized how old Graves really was and thought him too old to be doign what he’d been doing?

Credence is oblivious to the tangled web of thoughts inside Graves’ head and is just trying to do his job as best he can. he kinda gets the sense that something is off with Graves, but he can’t for the life of him figure out what it is

so the end of the meal rolls around and he gives Tina and Graves the check, and he zeroes in on Graves and asks “was everything okay?”

and Graves’ mind has a field day with that one.

'Outnumbered' Sentence Starters
  • "That's fatal because then she/he'll reply and then you'll be tempted to reply to her/his reply and then you'll get caught up in that Pandora's... circle.
  • "Whatever he/she has told you, it will be a lie."
  • "You musn't arm wrestle this little girl, because she only looks about three."
  • "You are not allergic to peas. No-one's allergic to peas. No-one in the world is allergic to peas!"
  • "You were told no drinking, no swearing, and no fighting. And I saw you punch that kid and shout 'don't touch my bloody beer'!"
  • "Is some furniture not flat packed, then?"
  • "It tasted horrible to begin with, but then I added five spoonfuls of sugar and now I feel all zingy zangy zongy!"
  • "Did you know he/she had the knife?"
  • "I didn't know he/she had the knife. Or the fish skeleton. Or the doll's head with the little hermit crab in it."
  • "You watched 'The Hills Have Eyes' and you didn’t sleep for six months. And then, when we drove to Bristol, you said the Cotswolds were staring at you."
  • "When you came in you smelled like pub."
  • "You should only hate people you know."
  • "I think that's an atheist. things to goats."
  • "Stop playing 'spot the chav'!"
  • "You shouldn't be prejudiced against fat people, thin people, men who've turned into women, women who've turned into men, gay people, ginger people... people who come from Liverpool."
  • "Barack Obama does not drive a number forty-two bus!"
  • "If I say we're having an argument, and you say we're not, that's arguing."
  • "What the hell is wrong with him, is he a vampire?"
  • "The romantic poets were a bunch of emos, but they also represented a rejection of the certainties of eighteenth century classicism."
  • "This a washing machine, and I am good with washing machines, and this one is not going to beat me!"
  • "You put the salad through the blender?"
  • "I'd ban Roald Dahl. He's probably ruined more children's lives than polio. Ruined them with the ludicrous belief that all adults are stupid and can routinely be outwitted by small children and the occasional fox."
  • "That's what really happens when children get to make the rules - corpses everywhere."
Card carrying member of the gays

“I don’t understand, what else do I have to do to get out of baby gay status,” Alex whined.
Maggie was finding it hard to keep a straight face. Her overachieving girlfriend couldn’t get over the idea that she needed to graduate out of her newbie gay status. Of course Maggie wasn’t helping matters when she was the one who told Alex of this mythical hierarchy of gays.
“I told you, I can’t help you with this,” she said, taking a drink of her beer and trying not to laugh out loud. “If I told you then I would get dropped down a level. You need to figure it out for yourself like we all do.”
Alex was full on pouting now which was still a cute look on her. “I give up then.”
“Oh come on, the only thing you have ever given up on in your life is being straight,” Maggie chuckled.
She knew she should stop torturing Alex but this was too fun.
Alex sighed, “I mean we’ve had sex, lots of sex so that isn’t it, unless there is a certain way we should be having sex that I haven’t thought of, but that probably isn’t it.”
Maggie considered hinting that was it, after all she was sure Alex could come up with some creative things to pass that test.
“I’ve binged watched the L Word,” Alex continued. “Did my first pride day activities, we’ve gone to a gay club and I’ve come out to everyone I know.”
“You know it’s not worth getting stressed about,” Maggie said.
“Easy for you to say, you’ve had years to advance.”
“Exactly, so try being patient,” Maggie counseled.
Alex took a drink of her own beer. “Stupid hierarchy,” she mumbled.

Partying Headcanons

(if they’re gonna party like pornstars you might as well have a good idea of how they like to party)

  • Matt is a lightweight. He can only drink maybe 2 beers before he starts getting drunk.
  • On the other hand, Ashley is surprisingly much more alcohol tolerant. She doesn’t drink much, but when she does, it takes her a lot to feel a buzz even.
  • Sam is the go-to planner for their parties, when they involve a lot of people. She also manages the playlists and music at their big parties.
  • Chris is always the first one out on the dance floor. At big parties, he will often pick random strangers to join in small groups when they dance, and he’ll also pick out random strangers for slow dances (on the off-chance Sam adds a slow song to try and get him to snuggle up close with Ashley).
  • If there aren’t any single strangers (or everyone is dancing with someone else) (or if he feels like it), Chris will actually end up slow-dancing with Josh.
  • Josh took ballet lessons as a kid, up until he was five, and he went to the same dance school as Emily and Jess. He still knows how to do some of the steps.
  • Emily is in charge of the invitations. She usually either goes all out or only invites some of the group’s closest acquaintances.
  • Ashley usually sits out from dancing, but she actually has some of the best moves out of the group.
  • Jess’s favorite dance partner is Matt, because they have similar music tastes (and he teaches her how to do some of the more recent dance trends).
  • Gangnam Style is Chris’s jam. He knows how to do the “leg thing” (as aptly nicknamed by Mike) that nobody else has quite gotten the hang of yet.
  • Mike is the leader of the dance trends. The Cupid Shuffle is his favorite, but everyone else says he’s the best at the Cha Cha Slide.
  • Emily and Jess, despite not really getting along any other time of day, usually remain close to each other when they do the Whip/Nae Nae.
  • Ashley is actually very good at the Gas Pedal, and the others often turn to her when the song comes on.
  • Josh isn’t into the big trends, except the Macarena.
  • Matt’s favorite dance to do is the Cha Cha Slide, but he also likes to do The Hustle.
  • Sam is strictly anti-dance trends. Her only exception is the MC Hammer Shuffle.
  • Jess and Mike only drink whenever the other is drinking. If Jess says she doesn’t want to drink, then neither will Mike, and vice versa.
  • Chris is the biggest drinker, with Josh in a close second.
  • Sam is anti-alcohol. She refuses to even take more than a simple glance at the booze.
  • Matt often fetches beer for Emily, and only rarely will he ever take a sip. She never seems to mind whenever she sees him take a drink from her cup.
  • Ashley is prone to drinking only when she’s been having a rough day, which is not often on days that they plan to be together for a party.
  • Josh likes to slow dance, and his favorite dance partner is secretly Chris, but he tends to dance with Sam on the rare occasion that she does dance as well.
  • Sam’s favorite dance partner is Josh, and she also really likes dancing with Ashley.
  • Chris doesn’t have a favorite dance partner, but he tends to dance with Mike and Josh a lot.
  • Mike’s favorite dance partner is Emily, because they have similar moves. Sometimes they even get together before parties and coordinate moves to certain songs.
  • Matt likes to dance with both Jess and Emily, and he also tends to dance with Ashley, Mike, and Josh. He’s the most varied in who he dances with.
  • Ashley likes dancing with Jess the most, but she also likes dancing with Mike. Sam also dances with her as well.
“The effects of alcohol” - [Chris - One shot].

Based on: Imagine: Chris coming to get you after you drunk-dialed him at a party.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Cursing. / Sebastian Stan cameo.

Tags: @theycallmelirpa @the-stuttering-kiwi


Chris walked towards a blonde woman standing at the far end of the bar counter and handed her a daiquiri with a mischievous smile on his face.

-Thank you. –She said with a flirty grin.

He stared at her from head to toe, knowing that he was only one drink away from getting lucky. He narrowed his eyes. Marjorie, Felicity, Angie? The blonde’s name didn’t matter anymore. All he could do was glance at her massive cleavage whenever she was distracted and as he took another sip of beer.

His cell phone started vibrating in his pocket. When he finally took it out and looked at the screen, he furrowed his eyebrows.

-I gotta take this. Give me a minute.

The blonde nodded with worried expression and he walked past her, headed towards the door.

-Simba? –He said standing outside of the bar. –Hello? I can’t hear you!–He raised his voice.

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like it honestly hurts me so bad how a woman can be one of the best athletes in the world and someone will ask “what are they putting in Starbucks drinks nowadays?”… like a man sitting on his couch drinking beer watching the Olympics … will look at a woman do something with her body that only 1% of the population can do … and say something demoralizing or brush it off because she’s a girl. meanwhile he can’t even touch his toes. like my heart hurts.

drinking beers and watching movies at home quickly turned into me getting desperate as fuck and trying to hide it from my friend who was over….I crossed my legs tight but was so wet with the excitement and nervousness from a semi-public (well, “public” for me since someone I knew was there) desperate situation. she went pee twice while we were over, and I didn’t go at all. by the time she left I had only let one little dribble escape and it wasn’t noticeable on my black pants, although I did gasp a little to myself when I felt it leak - luckily she just thought I was reacting to the movie and I covered it up. I have to go so so bad now…I’m still on the couch in my living room and kinda scared to try to stand up and get to the toilet but I want to go before I get too desperate and have an accident right here….


       it wasn’t a secret that sooyoung was doped up again, her father was the top drug lord of korea, of course she sells and sometimes does drugs. being at the party with one of her best friends, maybe her only friend. she had to be just a little doped–which to her means doing a whole line of cocaine. she was the life of the party, sitting down next to rebecca, her best friend, drinking some beer. “do you want something else to drink? i kind of want white wine.” she asks towards her friend, standing up shortly after. 

into that secret place where no one dares to go (rickmorty)

what i should be doing: finishing beta on two quality fics about to hit fandom

what i am doing: drinking wine and 

Summer helps him spread the ashes over the ice oceans of Europa, but she’s not thrilled about it.  When they arrive back on Earth she drives them to a bar, gets him a beer and herself three shots of well tequila to slam back one after the other. 

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Dirty Little Secret || Luke OS (smut)

Pairing: Y/N | Luke
Smut: yes | no
Request: YES | you’re dating one of the guys (ashton maybe?) and Luke has a crush on you. Smut please?

It was always the same.
Since the first day Ashton had brought her to their place, Luke knew she was trouble. He could still remember how she looked that day. It was a Friday and Luke had just gotten back from class, ready to have a quiet night binge watching his favorite show with a beer and another bowl of badly cooked pasta. He wasn’t that much of a party animal, only enjoying a few social drinks every now and then. Ashton on the other hand, was always up for a night out. He would always try and get him out of the shoe box they called their apartment and sometimes, just sometimes, Luke would agree, thinking a few beers couldn’t be that bad, only to end up in the loudest club at 4am wishing he was in bed already. 

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ChiCon 2015

Here is my con photos and stuff. This is gonna be a long one so sit back and relax. Grab a beer or whatever you drink and I hope you enjoy this. Keep in mind that my best friend Amanda was supposed to come with me but she committed suicide last year so I dedicated my Osric, Jared, and Misha autos to her.

Friday: I met Tyler Johnston, Osric Chau, Travis Aaron Wade, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Briana Buckmaster, and Kim Rhodes. When I met Osric I told him about my best friend and he was so caring. He signed two pictures for me (for those that don’t know you only get one complimentary auto with a Gold Weekend pass) one for me and one for my best friend. I sang Karaoke with the stars that evening. I sang Somebody to Love while holding Rob Benedict’s hand and looking into his eyes! I also had Briana, Kim, Travis, Rob, Tyler, Matt, and Osric take selfies on my phone.

Saturday: I met Misha and Mark and they were amazing. Mark stole my daughter and took her over to where her fiance was standing and this is how the convo went.
M: *points at his fiance* this is my fiance.
My baby: She’s pretty, Crowley!
M: Thank you sweetheart, you see her belly? I’m going to have a baby! There’s a baby in there.
My baby: Can I feel the baby?
M: Of course sweetheart. *takes her hand and let’s her feel the baby*
Then he talked to her some more and then handed her back to me. Okay so my auto with Misha…wow…umm Misha’s handler made me go last because I had a panic attack. Once I got to the table I was inconsolable. Misha said “Babe what’s wrong? Why are you so upset?” I tell him my best friends story and he held my hand and was rubbing the back of it. I told him how T and S was her favorite fanfic and he wrote the Elvis lyrics and got up and held me and shushed me while I sobbed into his chest. Then freaking Cliff comes over And since I’m sobbing I don’t realize it’s him until Misha says he’s handing me over to Cliff. Then I get sat down and I tell Cliff that my daughter has a blankie for JJ and he tells me he will personally walk me up to Jensen in the autograph line so she and I can give it to him. I cried for a good hour.

Sunday: I met Jared and Jensen…. I had two Jensen solos… I had to go last…Cliff’s orders lol. So here I am last in like and Misha’s handler and Cliff are holding my hands. I make eye contact with Jensen and I start bawling again (pretty sure I did my makeup like 4 times cause I cried it off every time) Jensen says “Awww sweetheart don’t do that! Don’t cry cmere I need a hug” I walk over there and he lets me cry for a couple mins. Then he tells me to go fix my makup cause it was running down my face. Then we took two pics (one is T and S related) Jared’s….Okay so I redid a Dirty Dancing pose with him and I cried with that one too. Then I had to wait to be last for Autos and Cliff came up to me and said lets go to Jared first. I walked up and was bawling cause of my best friend and he put a heart on my picture and wrote AKF and then hugged me. Then he stole my daughter and played with her. She was so happy to see her Sam. Then Cliff took me over to Jensen and my daughter ran and said “Dean pick me up please!!” he scooped her up and she said “give me kisses Dean!” he gave her kisses and then she said I have pictures for you. They were professional pics of her and her Dean funko pop. He had me put my name and Twitter info as well as my daughter’s name and her birthday. Then we gave him the quilt and he got all teary….I started bawling cause how can you not cry when you see Jensen tear up?! Then my daughter says “Dean can I play with JJ? Pretty please!” he said “well we will have to get you two together!” Then he took my T and S book and said “why did Misha write Elvis lyrics on this?” I explained to him about my best friend and he said he would be honored to write I can dig Elvis on it.“ and that’s the cliffs notes for my weekend!


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (friendship)

Words: 1083

Request from @msimpala67:  “I have a request of Dean and reader where the reader is in love with Dean but he doesn’t know and she is his wingman at bars. One night she goes back to the room after a couple drinks and she goes to bed only to have Sam try to wake her up in the morning and she’s not breathing angst and fluff please?”

So…it looks like this is going to be multiple parts. I am super excited to work on this, just don’t hate me!

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since a few people have been asking, here’s a small continuation of my 2014 s2sl fic Crush.

Katniss wandered through Peeta’s house, the one he shared with Finnick off campus. She nursed the solo cup of whatever mixed drink Annie had fixed her and weaved around bodies from room to room. Looking for Peeta.

The last time she’d seen him was at the beer pong table more than half an hour ago, after they’d played four games together–and won each one–before she’d had to beg for a break. All combined, she’d probably only drank three-fourths of a beer, but she didn’t want to end up drunk around a bunch of people she didn’t know at her first college party.

He’d just squeezed her hip, the most physical contact he’d given her since…well, everything over the summer, and said, “Come find me when you’re ready to continue our winning streak.” Then he’d grinned before being dragged off by two girls she didn’t know to do god knows what. Play a drinking game or indulge in a threesome in his bedroom, maybe.

She was annoyed, though she didn’t know if she had a right to be. And jealous. And a little wounded. She wasn’t sure what she expected when she agreed to come to his party, but now she was beginning to see that when he’d invited her the other day in the student union, he’d had no ulterior motives.

Did she even want him to have ulterior motives? She was the one who put a stop to everything between them, hadn’t spoken to him in months. She didn’t particularly want to incur Madge’s wrath again, and she definitely didn’t want just another meaningless, sexual relationship with him.

But seeing him again had kicked her hormones into high gear. He was just so attractive. It made everything inside her pulse just looking at him. Especially when he smiled at her. She realized she’d stupidly hoped he was interested in something more with her.

She was an idiot. And, she realized as she looked at all the people around her, way out of her league. She had to be the only first-year at this party. How embarrassing.

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even though i settled on “Fly High” as the tv show pitch i was going to focus on for my final project i’m still pretty fond of the other ideas i thought up- like this one!

this tv show pitch is called “Halloween City” where all Halloween monsters and cryptids are real and a lot of them work at a Halloween-themed amusement park where the human guests just think all the workers have really dang good costumes- even the ones working merchandise!

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