she was the most ratchet

✨💫✨📄THE unbearable past📄✨💫✨
it was a normal rather calm day at the plaza. Ratchet, clank, and Ronda were checking up on their transportation motorcycle for the usual supplies and to also see if everything was working perfectly. Clank read off the list while ratchet checks for the items from the list. Ronda stood and watched, surprised to see how different her life would be if she was here and if she didn’t met them, but most of all, if she didn’t met ratchet. things would’ve been way different for Ronda in this case. It has been nearly a year since she got here and she didn’t regret it. Today however was a bit…odd. During the check up, they received a incoming message from captain qwark and he sounded like as though he was in trouble. Knowing how ridiculous and arrogant he can get, Ronda decided to head over to the station as the duo finish their check,“tell you what, I’ll head over to the headquarters and you guys finish up here. And if anything happenes, I’ll call you OK?” She replied, waiting for their answer….(done! Have fun!)