she was the best thing about the fourth movie

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I don't know why but I woke up with Scott and Lydia feelings. Do you have any headcanons for them?

Scott and Lydia started spending more time together after Allison died. They didn’t really think about it, it just sort of happened. They were the two who loved her best in the whole world and even if the others missed her, they didn’t understand what it was like having a hole ripped open in their lives. It helped them heal to remember her but slowly as the pain started it ease, it began to be more about them than her memory.

Scott actually liked spending time with Lydia, helping her pick out clothes and trying out new nail polish (plus, he liked the ways his toes sparkled). Stiles always thought that kind of stuff was stupid boring girl stuff, Malia wasn’t interested in pretty when she was so focused on learning to just be human, and while Kira loved cute things, she preferred thrift shopping to anything high end. Even Parrish saw her as an adult and he wouldn’t know Hermes from KMart. Allison had always indulged Lydia’s hobby but without her best friend, it was hard not to feel like the things she loved were stupid and shallow compared to everything they’d been through.

At least until Scott started dropping by to watch mindless fashion shows and reality shows, just because she liked them. He loved watching sappy romance movies and she even caught him tearing up when he watched The Notebook with her for the fourth time (totally voluntary too!). He never made her feel less for liking the normal teenage girl things and even if he didn’t know anything about her hobbies, he was genuinely interested in learning because he was interested in her. 

The more time that Lydia spent with Scott, the more she noticed the way he’d go silent when everyone else in the group was talking, retreating somewhere closed off and barred with a smile. He didn’t look like he was hurting, but he didn’t laugh as much and he’d lost that bright exciting joy she’d always noticed. Even when he’d been a nothing and she’d been so focused on her own popularity to even care, she’d noticed how hard he tried. He’d fought for what he wanted back then, taking on Jackson even when Jackson was at the top of his game. He’d dominated on the lacrosse field, chased after her best friend who (at the time) she’d thought was so far out of his league. He’d accepted every challenge without backing down, even when he had no chance of winning.

But now? He fought for everyone else and Lydia would never doubt his love and loyalty to their pack, but he’d stopped fighting for himself. Lacrosse seemed to be a chore, AP biology was a sacrifice that Theo and the Dread Doctors had taken from him. He didn’t have anything left that belonged to him, he’d given too much to everyone else without keeping anything back. She wondered if spending time on the frivolous teenage things she loved grounded him in some way with a little bit of the normal life that had been stolen from him.

When Lydia sets her mind on something, it doesn’t waiver and helping Scott piece together his life again became her goal. She worked her relationship with the Beacon Hills faculty (it’s good having a teacher for a mom) to get Scott back into AP Bio and worked with him to catch up. She helped him put together his college application for UC Davis and even organized a fund raiser when he missed his scholarship deadline. The people of Beacon Hills owed Scott and they all turned out to help, totally shocking Scott who never thought anyone had even noticed the way he put his life on the line time and time again. She took Scott with her shopping, buying him new outfits even when he protested that he couldn’t accept such an expensive gift.

Lydia just laughed. “My date to the Senior Prom needs to be as hot as me.”

Scott was stunned silent, so Lydia stole a kiss and took that as a yes.