she was the best i think

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I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I need advice for something. I like my best friend,but I don't know if I should say anything. It's killing me slowly because I feel like if I say something she won't want to be my best friend anymore. Has this ever happen to you?

if it’s really important to you I think you should find the right moment and tell her, or you might always have to live with the “what if I did” ;v; to every ask of this kind I can only say, follow your heart and do what seems appropriate for the situation, only you can decide after all!

and re: “ Has this ever happen to you?” the other way around has happened a few times and I always stayed friends with people that said they “liked” me lol

I think if she’s your friend she’ll understand

good luck!

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So maybe someone already said this, I don't know, but I felt HORRIBLE when Mary claimed to know who they are and described Sherlock as a junkie. Anyone who, after all that went down, dares to describe him as such... God, no. This was one of the ultimate unforgivable moments, because Sherlock is one of the most beautiful and precious characters of this fucked-up series. Yeah, sociopath and junkie, huh? I am SO angry about this. Her giving her "ok", like WTF? Disgusting. What did you think of it?

That fucking Mary voiceover at the end pissed me off the most like we need HER to tell us about who John and Sherlock are???!!Who asked for her blessing lmao. Sherlock and John were always meant to be for each other.

It would be best if Mrs. Hudson did the voiceover. She is the only person entitled to call them “My Baker street boys”. Mary was unnecessary.

Dear Cat,

For whatever it’s worth, I asked you not to write until we had both calmed down.  I assumed that by the time your letter reached me, I would have found my own peace with what happened.  I’m glad to report I was right.  Our tempers got the best of us and we both acted rashly.

I’m sorry too.  For all of it.  I’m sorry my cheek hurt you.  I’m sorry you felt the need to slap me at all.  I’m sorry I implied that your relationship to Susan was anything more than absolutely professional.  Taunting you about it was very wrong and you had every right to lash out in that moment.  It did hurt me, even if not physically.  Vasquez is no longer speaking to me, so I’m paying for my mistakes on multiple fronts.  I think she’s ultimately glad for the promotion and recognition, but she enjoyed working with you very much and I get the distinct impression she misses you.  She’s right to blame me for her return to National City.  That friendship may be beyond repair.  I do hope ours is not.

I’m sure you noticed this letter came with a package.  I’ve enclosed three things I think you’ll find useful.  One is a pain relief salve Alex uses after our training sessions.  I have a feeling she made it herself and therefore you likely don’t want to ask what’s in it, but I assure you it’s perfectly safe.  The second is my nightly moisturizer.  For all the complaining you always did about my hair and state of my pores, you must see the irony now of asking for my skin-care regimen.  Eliza sends it to me from Midvale.  She gets it from a local woman who we’re pretty sure is an actual apothecary, so again, may be best not to ask.  The third is a set of the sushi pajamas you liked so much.  Don’t think I don’t recognize when you actually want something.  You only saw the pants.  I figured the entire flannel set would keep you warm in the harsh DC winter.  Enjoy them with a nice saki.

You’ve asked me what it is I want.  This, admittedly, is why my response is delayed.  Of course I don’t want you to… do what I originally asked.  I could never truly want that, even in a fit of temper.  But I think my anger came from being frustrated by not asking of you what I’m afraid you will be unable to give.  I will always cherish the things you’ve taught me, the time you’ve spent, the wisdom you’ve shared, and I will always be grateful that you chose me as a protege.  I think what I really want is for us to move past a simple mentorship.  I want, someday, to be seen as a peer, an equal.  I fear you will forever perceive me as Kiera, a helpless millennial who requires your guidance, who depends on your natural leadership, who will always follow three steps behind you.  When what I truly want is to stand by your side and conquer what may come… together.  I realize it is an unfair ask, as I have always played the role of loyal mentee and looked to you to lead me.  I’ve always deferred to your choices and asked you for help.  And you always gave it and I will always be grateful.  But I think it may be time for our friendship to evolve.

If this is something you think you’d be willing to try, I can promise to try to step away from my old habits.  In your absence, I’ve been developing my independence, decisiveness and assertiveness.  I’m ready, Cat.  I know it could be complicated as you are technically still my boss, but you asked what I wanted and this is as close to the truth as I’m willing to come at the moment.

With contrition and hope,

Mary and Molly

In my head, I see a link between the scene in which John beats up Sherlock and the scene in which Sherlock beats up the coffin. Both have been trying to keep it together, but their love just overflows and comes out in violence.

There is a link between John and Mary’s relationship and Sherlock and Molly’s, I think. Both Mary and Molly push their respective partners to be the best versions of themselves. Both really see their partners for what they are. Both never fail to call their partners on their shit.

My friend once asked, “Well, is Molly good enough for Sherlock?” And people say, “Molly is too quiet, she’s just a plot device to be a love interest.” But I love Molly Hooper. Because she is quiet. She is soft spoken. And with a single glance or a small phrase she can make an intellectual asshole (I love you Sherlock but you are or at least used to be an asshole) apologize. She’s made him apologize…twice. And Mary does the same with John…remember the graveyard scene in The Abominable Bride with Mary? 

“I’m taking Mary home.”


“Mary’s taking me home.”


(those quotes aren’t verbatim, but that’s the general idea)

THAT is why I ship Sherlolly. Because she is one of the few that can make Sherlock attempt to be a better guy, like Mary does with John. As much as I ADORE Irene, I think that was more based on sex than on actual emotion (though honestly, if this had ended with Irene walking through the door, I would have been happy too). 

But you know what? Molly is unique. She is good enough. And now, the whole world can see it. Thank you Motfiss. Thank you so much. 

My love, take your time

This was meant to be a continuation of Best of Wives and Best of Women, because I like hurting myself, but I never finished it and honestly I don’t think I ever will, so I thought I’d just post the start of the drabble here anyway rather than letting it gather dust in my drafts.

Annabeth wakes with a start, sitting bolt upright and breathing heavily. Her hand slides frantically across to the other side of the bed, feeling nothing but cold, empty sheets; feeling nothing.

“Percy,” she says, voice quiet and cracking. She clears her throat, tries again, louder. “Percy?”

And then she registers the banging on the door, frantic and repetitive, a staccato beat not quite in time with the rapid thudding of her heart.

“Annabeth!” someone is shouting, screaming her name through the wood. “Annabeth, gods damn it, answer the door! Annabeth!”

Something is terribly wrong. 

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“The Puzzle Will Solve the Plane”

I know that there are many people who will have no interest in hearing what I have to say right now, and that is fine. Like I’ve said before, I understand your grief and I support your right to express it however best for you. However, after watching the episode again and after reading this thread I think there is still good reason to have hope.

I was going to go through the glaringly obvious plot holes but, honestly, there are so many posts about that already, there doesn’t seem to be a point in doing so anymore. The plot holes are Grand Canyon sized for anyone with eyes and ears and, like, a working brain. (My favorite completely, 100% nonsensical plot hole in Series four is Sherlock saying, “She burned it” while they show us John burning the AGRA USB, as well as all the blog fuckery)

But this post isn’t about that. 

No. Its about why.

Why do this? Why make an utter MOCKERY of your own piece of work. That’s what they’ve done and they know it. So, why?

Let me direct you to a piece of dialogue in the show.

The little girl on the plane talks about how she is flying high in the sky, over the sea, all alone, with no ships, begging for help but surrounded by people who are unable to wake up to listen.

Mycroft: “She’s about to fly over the city in a pilotless plane. We’ll have to talk her through it.”

John: “Through what?”

Mycroft: “Getting the plane away from the mainland. Any populated areas. It has to crash into the sea.”

JOnh: “What about the girl?”

Mycroft: “Well, obviously Dr. Watson, she’s the one who is going to have to crash it.”

John: “No, we’ll have to help her.”

Mycroft: “And if we fail and she crashes into a city? How many will die then?

John: “How are going to do that?”

Mycroft: “I’m afraid, we’ll have to give her hope.”

It is very telling that this piece of dialogue comes from a scene involving Mark. If you look closer at what you’re really reading there, and who that girl ultimately is, you should get a better understanding of what message they are trying to send here.

The girl is Eurus’ metaphor for herself, all alone and traveling high above anyone else, unable to land. (Interesting how Sherlock talked about landing being the most difficult part of emotional experience… but that’s a different meta) In this context, the girl on the plane is also us. Pilotless. Alone. Surrounded by people that wont listen to us…Except for Sherlock. He tells us to find a radio… but Mycroft (Mark) is willing to sacrifice us to save others. We will crash and we will burn in the sea of our tragedy, but that is what must be done for the plan to work.

Consider this next piece of dialogue:

Sherlock: “This is not torture, its vivisection. We’re experiencing science from the perspective of lab rats.”

And who is looking on, monitoring Sherlock as he says this? Mycroft. Mark.

This is an experiment and an exceptionally cruel one. Its vivisection. Tearing us apart from the inside.

Why would they do this to us? Why deliberately give us clue after clue after clue only to  literally dangle our  last shred of hope in our faces? Its beyond cruel. Its pure evil. Reminds me of all the references to hell, the devil, 666, the anti-Christ- all of it the epitome of EVIL. Why? Why purposely destroy your own creation? Why go against everything you’ve said you wanted to do? It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t make sense because its not real. Not really. 

Its not a trick, its not a game, and its not a cheap joke. 

Its a plan. 

Remember, Mycroft (Mark) wants to lose the war BBC’s Sherlock is fighting… 

“…And Make no mistake, this is war.” -TAB

The LGBTQ community is at war with mainstream media, and they should be. Queerbatining is extremely harmful to our community and and even deadly in some cases. It is evil. So, we go to war. Unfortunately we are causalities of that war. 

But Sherlock told us what to do when we are alone, pilotless, and no one will listen. He told us to “Find a radio.”

Use. Your. voice. 

Respectfully tell anyone who will listen what the latest installment of queerbaiting has done and how harmful it is to a large population of people. Tell everyone. Radio stations. Newspapers. Social Media. That’s what Mofftiss want. They sacrificed us as fans so that we could become soldiers. Just as Sherlock told John, “Do not get distracted. Soldiers today.”

This is war and Mofftiss (for the time being) are sacrificing themselves to it as well. Do you honestly think these men who created everything we have loved these past six years suddenly forgot how to write? They mis-remembered all the things that they love about ACD and TPLoSH? They just seemingly lost their minds and thought it totally normal to have that many plot holes in their story? Do you really think they would not only throw their careers down the toilet but throw us under the bus for anything less than this? This groundbreaking idea?

No. I don’t believe it.

This week, shout to the rooftops how unfair all of this was. Drag out your receipts, they gave them to us so we could use them. MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN.

When the fourth episode comes and vindicates us (my money is still on EMP- for a host of reasons that continued to played out in TFP), our victory  will be bittersweet, but think of the generations we would have saved. The future for queer representation is worth this sacrifice. (John’s voice) It is. 

I understand that many of you will find this delusional or are too afraid to hope, and that is fine. This is how I feel. This is what makes sense to me. This is what I’ve got to hold on to right now. If it turns out I’m wrong, then I’m wrong. We still would have made our grievances known on a large scale. As always, do what you need to do to keep yourself safe, but this is what I believe.

They’re giving us one last puzzle. The plane will solve the puzzle. 

We are the girl on the plane and its the hope they gave us that has ultimately killed us… but, then again, the plane never crashes. Does it? 

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Best character arc?

i’m tempted to say vriska because she’s certainly the most dynamic character in homestuck, at least in the sense that she’s the character that changes the most, but it’s a bit frustrating how her arc sometimes feels like it’s repeating and folding in on itself

terezi’s arc is more subtle, but it’s definitely among the most fascinating and complex in homestuck

i have a soft spot for dave’s coming-out arc, but i don’t think it’s the best, necessarily

dirk character development is fascinating, as is jake’s, but i’m not sure it’s my favorite, exactly

the more i think about it, i’m shocked to realize eridan’s character arc actually ranks up there pretty highly? it’s short, but during a reread, i realized that it’s stunningly effective. at first eridan seems clingy, weirdly enthusiastic about some gruesome stuff, pretty clingy and upset about being ~friendzoned~, but otherwise harmless. the exposition continues, the plot develops, he gets dumped, and becomes increasingly unsatisfied and disgruntled. meanwhile, his capacity for violence is exposed further and further. hints get dropped that he’s considering turning on his friends. then, suddenly, shit hits the fan, and BAM—his ex is dead, he tries to kill his ex’s new bf, he destroys the matriorb and kills kanaya (thank god for immortal vampire lesbians). his character arc is a disturbingly accurate mirror of how a lot of mass shootings and other killings happen in real life

My mom’s take on The Scene™

So, my mom is a casual Sherlock watcher at best. She became intrigued by this season and watched it with me, but she’s never been extremely invested in the show. I, curious, asked her how she interpreted the scene with Sherlock and Molly, and she answered back more quickly than I expected,

“He loves her.”

She went on to say that the first time he said it, she wasn’t sure. But after the second time it “was obvious”, and then he “went into a rage” and smashed up the coffin “like, you’re not putting my woman in there”.

And idk, I just think my mom is really cute and it was nice to see an agreeing interpretation from an outside source. 

I love that Eurus didn’t even plant bombs at Molly’s when she 100% easily could’ve. She almost killed her brothers via bomb, killed 5 people only in the course of that game she was playing with Sherlock, and killed his best friend when they were kids. I like to think that Eurus likes Molly, and this is her version of a seal of approval for Sherlock to go for it. 

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Hi! I read this phanfiction once and wanted to read it again. It was about how Louis needed Phil to pretend to be her boyfriend. I think Dan got jealous and ran to the bathroom. Dan and Phil were dating already too. Thanks for the help ^_^

Fault Lines (ao3) - Louise needs to convince her entire family that she’s in a happy, committed relationship when they come visit, so Dan suggests a fake boyfriend for the night- not thinking she’d choose Phil. Dan has a hard time making it through a dinner of watching his boyfriend date his best friend, to say in the least.


Operation Waterfall Porch Campout was a complete success!” says the tape, “Captain Undyne (who said to just call her Undyne, which I’m pretty sure means we’re friends now) has accepted my request to join the Royal Guard—just as soon as I complete her introductory training regimen.  Undyne says it’s standard for new recruits, but I know she wants me to take them because I’m not strong enough to be a guardsman yet.  But that’s okay!  Becoming stronger will not only make me the best Guard I can be, it will also make me even cooler.

Gonna be great, bro,” says Sans on the recording.

While I usually like to do these personal logs by myself, Sans, I appreciate your support.”

No prob.  You know I think you’re s k e l l a rad.”

The recording of Papyrus gives an exaggerated groan.  The present-day Papyrus smiles at the sound of Sans’ I-punned-you chuckle.  He looks across the room to where present-day Sans is sleeping; he’s finally gone still, but looks like he’s caught in a bad dream.  Papyrus’ smile falters.  What could have happened between then and now?

“Don’t go,” present-day Sans mutters.

Hey there,” the recording of Sans says, as though he’s just noticed an unexpected third party, “When did you get back?

The recording starts to scream.

Static blasts through the tiny speaker, overlaid with a noise that’s so heavily distorted, Papyrus can’t identify it.  The resulting sound feels like it’s trying to stab its way into his skull.  He grapples with the device, desperately fumbling the volume wheel to try to silence the recording; when this doesn’t work, he pops the battery cover off and manually removes the power.  The shrieking and static come to an abrupt stop.

Papyrus takes a moment to catch his breath.  If is this is the kind of log the tape player makes, he’s taking it straight back to the dump!

Somehow, Sans has slept through the cacophony.  Papyrus sets the tape player on the nightstand between the two beds, moving aside a dirty plate to make room.  He frowns at it.  Upon further inspection, the plate has a thin layer of mold growing across it.  A quick survey of the room reveals several dishes in the same state, and a laundry hamper overflowing with stale, dirty clothes.

Unable to help Sans until he wakes up, Papyrus shifts his energy from worry to fury.

The kitchen is in a similar state of unsanitary disarray.  Papyrus hangs his scarf and sweater on the back of the couch and rolls up his sleeves.

After he’s burned off some energy by sorting the laundry and loading it into the washing machine, wiping down the counters and kitchen table, thoroughly scrubbing the dishes, and mopping the floor, Papyrus suddenly thinks to check the food situation.  The refrigerator is predictably empty, save for a crusty bottle of mustard and a box of greasy, rancid take-out.  He pitches these into the garbage can with a grumble.  This is an unusual level of mess even for Sans.  Despite Papyrus’ best efforts, his emotions slide back into concern.

He plucks a stray pen and paper from the half-filled living room bookshelves, writing a quick note that he sticks to the fridge.

With a little luck, Papyrus can get to the store and back before Sans wakes up.

Author’s note:

Hello everyone!  We’re back!  Hope your end-of-year celebrations were a blast~

Here’s the end of the chapter started before the hiatus.  Thank you all so much for your patience <3  As of this update, we’ll be back to twice-monthly updates on Fridays and weekly ask answers on Thursday.  Stay tuned!


Hey kiddos, Jinny here. Future updates will also include illustrations by yours truly! I actually had a few for this update, but the scanner at my school is doing a weird permissions thing? Once I figure it out i’ll upload them into this post :) Happy 2017 everyone!


- Wilted Spinach - PART 5.2



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Hi! I was rereading the battle at Shinganshina District and I think Armin try negotiate with Bertold and Levi don't kill Zeke were the worse mistakes ever. I really would like know your opinion about this :)

I think Levi would agree with you that not killing Zeke was his worst mistake ever. Especially since it was his final promise to his Commander. Erwin held up his end of the bargain–now it’s up to Levi to make good on his.

As far as Armin trying to negotiate with Bert, I don’t think there was any permanent harm done, but I loved that moment because Armin got it so totally and completely wrong. Armin has strong strategic abilities, sure, but straight up lying and manipulation isn’t his wheelhouse. He’d be best to avoid it in the future.

I also love that moment because Armin’s failure was Mikasa’s victory. She’s the one who read the situation correctly and saw that Bertoldt was a different person from the one they’d known.

(I may not need to clarify this, but just in case - this isn’t “Armin hate”. It’s just me appreciating each character’s strengths and weaknesses. )

s4 ep3

Well that was…something.

And it wasn’t exactly good.

Not just talking about the Johnlockers (because I know guys, it hurts) but also for people who shipped Sherlolly. That was a really mean scene to put in and hurt Molly like that. I didn’t think that part was okay.

There were too many plot holes and I can’t exactly live with that.

Not to mention:

- John getting out of that well. Wasn’t he chained to the bottom? How’d he just climbed up a rope?

- Mary and her mixed messages. She keeps going between wanting Sherlock to endanger himself, and wanting her two favourite boys to be on good terms.

- Sherlock forgiving Euros that easily. I understand that he has sympathy for her, but why that much? She was the one who took away his childhood best friend and threatened to kill his current best friend and brother. She also murdered 5 other people in front of them.

- What was with the kid in the plane? Was that Euro who was just talking like that to sound like a little kid? why???

- We don’t care if Redbeard was never a dog. Doesn’t play much in the plot line.


- Garridebs scene???

- ‘TV History‘???

- ‘Sherlock’s in love but with who‘??


- Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. Bad parents much?


- WHy was Molly suddenly happy at the end? Like SHerlock just made her spill her feelings and sort of stepped on them. Why would she randomly be on good terms again without discussing that?


- How did Sherlock and John get on the boat? Was there a helicopter? Did I miss the sound? Did they sneak on board because people are always so ignorant of their surroundings???

- Why go through the trouble in the beginning to frighten Mycroft? John was shot with a tranquilizer dart by Euros! Is that not enough proof??


- When Sherlock and John jumped out the window how were they okay??


- SOrry, but what was Sherlock’s reoccurring dreams again?

- Redbeard being put down. HE WAS PUT DOWN IN A WELL THAT’S WHAT


- What was up with all the baiting about multiple things only to have it all tossed down the drain for a plot that seems like it was written last minute yesterday with no regards to everything they’ve built up in the past seasons?


Up your game, Mofftiss. You’re throwing all remaining hope this fandom had saved up until now into a garbage chute.

There had better be an episode 4 or something to wrap this up quickly.

Cause at this rate, we’re really starting to give up at 3.

Some Random Thought

I saw TFP and I liked it! Like really liked it! And everyone here hates it and somehow I understand them but it’s not fair for the writers, actors and other fans who liked it and loved it to hear all this shit. And I’m not talking about the “queerbaiting” but comments about “I hope they die” “they killed the show” etc.

To people who say “This is not the Sherlock we love” ok I think you just talk about season 1, a test not the actual show. It was good and amazing, yes! but it was the beginning.

People complaining about the bad CGI, let me tell you something, as an animator/CGI artist. Sorry to break it to you but the CGI was bad or not the best at THOB/ TAB/TEH. So the explosion falls into the same line.

People talking about Irene, sorry guys but she is THE WOMAN, I know most of the people love Johnlock and I like that idea too but Sherlock is asexual, Irene is the only woman who got his attention and John is his best friend and the man he loves. So any ship has their reasons and all of them are good. We are watching Moftiss story, what they wanted to see in the show and since we saw ASIB we knew they loved the woman. Then we got the deleted scene in HLV with the rose.. so yes, they ship them and that’s ok. But they have given Johnlockers a lot of stuff

-the awkward scene in SIP
-the joke about dating in TBB
-Moriarty’s line in TGP
-Irene’s joke in ASIB
-the call in TRF
-the moustache in TEH and their talk
-the sad speech and almost everything in TSOT
-Sherlock dying again in HLV
-the talk in TAB
-Mary asking Sherlock to save John T6T
-John saving Sherlock and Sherlock dying again for John..TLD
AND NOW THEY GAVE YOU PARENTLOCK! so maybe they didn’t make them a couple because they don’t see it that way and it’s their reinterpretation of the show.. Elementary had Watson sleep with Mycroft and everything was fine.. so.. ???

Now the comedy and everything

-Sherlock has been sassy since the beginning… so yeah.. I can’t forgent his jump in TAB like wtf.. so he is like that/the bondy thing in.. ahmm yes everythinf sin ASIB (flying to rescue Adler)

-the saw thing in the show.. I wanted more action yes! but keep in mind it’s an episode about Holmes family, the most intelligent people in the world or that… so it is about the mind’s game! that’s it, sorry to break it for you

People who is angry about the queerbaiting.. I like Johnlock, I like Adlock and Sherlolly is nice. I’m a bisexual girl and still thinks it was ok, they have never said Sherlock is gay, or John… if they end up together next season is ok if not is the same… they are together now… again PARENTLOCK

And people talking about represantation on a TV show.. have you think about the asexual people? pansexual people? about the other ships..? Sherlolly? They did something awful to them. poor Molly she deserved better… I know we need more represantation but stop with the hate.

So yeah.. that’s what I think
I know you’re angry but it is a show for a lot of people.. My dad used to read the books when he was young and then when I was a child and we both enjoyed the show. He thinks Irene is the girl for Sherlock and I get it, He grew up with the books and movies I like both ships.. and that’s ok… so people getting angry about waiting all these years and not getting what they wanted… I’m here from the beginning and yet I’m still wating…

If you’re sad is ok but don’t hate…

You can’t always get what you want

if we could… Rachel and Joey would be together (friends shit)

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Your latest fic makes me wonder about Allen's early childhood, Hoshino claims that his first memories are when he's 5 and gets sold to the circus, does that mean he was in human traffic or even worse, he was born in the system? If that's true then maybe he has some sort of branding or tattoo as a "good" to be sold, where is it the best to place? Maybe on the scalp/neck where hair can cover it or it can be exposed, depending on the buyer? Would explain why Allen always uses high collared shirts.

Since the reveal of Past!Allen existing, I’ve always thought something happened to Allen that kind of…reversed his age.

Actually, I am still bothered by this image that Hoshino has (seemingly) yet to return to

of course she could’ve changed her plans but


You make a compelling case for Ultimate Angst. A brand on Allen? God. I think those typically went on the shoulder or thigh, and for Allen upper thigh, sole of the foot, and upper arm would seem likely places?

Of course, I’m thinking of something huge, like easily three inches across. Maybe something smaller would go in less obvious places. 

My history is pretty bad, but was human trafficking even a thing back then? Yes? I’m not sure… 

If Allen really wanted to hide a brand on the back of his neck I don’t think he’d have short hair period. He’d probably permanently wear a high collared shirt + scarf. Legs are usually easier to keep covered anyways. 

We could go a la Ciel and have it burned across his back, too. If he got it when he was five the skin has probably stretched and distorted enough that it might not even be wholly recognizable, just an ugly mass of scarred and burned skin.

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If beyonce's fans send presents to bey for blue, she would be so angry. She is very protective towards her, even she would sue them

Fuck I know. No other famous person would allow this behavior towards their kid. Not even their team would allow that. No one would 

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Warning: one swear word (guys i’m so rebel lol)

A/N: no hate on Danneel, i think she is lovely and an amazing human being

********** You met Jensen when you were their waitress at a restaurant that he took his wife and daughter along with Jared and his wife and kids. You were different, fresh and you didn’t nag him or yell at him while being a total hypocrite about it.


What can I get you for tonight?” you question without looking up, you weren’t even supposed to be in tonight but your best friend and roommate went on a date and asked you to cover for her so being the good friend that you are you did.

Ah princess here will have an apple juice and I’ll have a beer” Jensen says first

“Oh no you are far too pretty to be a princess” you gush at the small girl, earning a smile from her and Jensen.

Make that two beers and three apple juices, two more for the princes’ here babe?” Jared questions his wife, you look towards the two women at the table expectantly,

Um just a white wine for me thanks”

“Me two” you only figure out who you are waiting on when you look at Jensen as your Best friend has forced you to watch Supernatural and you remember the green eyes. and although you are waiting on celebrities you don’t react as they are here with their families 

Coming right up” throughout the night you are cheeky, but only when your boss isn’t looking, and you made the children’s food and drinks look pretty as they were referred to as royalty which you found adorable. this obviously caught the attention of the green eyed beauty. The next day when you were home and your best friend was working Jensen came in to ask for you but your best friend ended up giving him your address and from when he came over you have been friends ever since, even with the underlying tension that you both could feel but did not act upon.

*End of Flashback* 

‘Why do you come to me about these things I mean we barely know each other, shouldn’t you be talking to Jared about this type of thing?’ you question taking a sip of your beer.

‘You’re easy for me to talk to. Plus you have an outside view to this crap, like you’re not friends with my wife or Jared and Gen’ he replies also taking a sip of his beer looking out towards my view as you were sitting on your balcony. This leaves you in silence, both of you just looking out towards the horizon and taking a sip at the same time.

‘She really said that?’

‘Yeah’ he sighs

The thing that gets me is that in a way Euros had a tragic story here because she has clearly longed for a friend for forever and she wanted that friend to be Sherlock her little brother. So much so that she kills Sherlock’s best friend when they’re kids. I mean her obsession is clearly not healthy and she has issues but I feel like deep down she really did just want Sherlock’s attention.

I do have a problem reconciling what her plan was - especially just the impersonating of different people and being out of Sherringford for quite a while and not setting her plan in the real world? Also that she only escaped recently? None of that makes any sense. Not if we’re to believe she’s smarter than everyone else and persuasive.

But the whole game she plays with them in particular Sherlock is to isolate him in a way. But she doesn’t want him physically hurt? The moment he decided to shoot himself she uses the tranquilizer darts. So it does seem that she does care about Sherlock in her own way. She’s still nuts but I do think she realizes what John means to Sherlock which is why he’s in the well and not Mycroft. This also sort of explains why she doesn’t use her persuasion thing on Sherlock because she might very well want him to make the choice to be her friend on his own. But she doesn’t seem to realize the difference between harming and I suppose playing because she mentions how she thought she was making Sherlock laugh but instead he was crying.


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