she was tangled up in the cover of my blanket

50 First Tears

This angst came out weak. I need to up my game again. Prompt: Need.

The morning sun was warm on the skin that wasn’t covered by her blankets. From beyond the window, birds chirped and fluttered about, wings and feathers creating more disturbance in the blonde’s slumber. It was high time that they flew south! Snorting unhappily, her head of tangles turned into the pillow before she found the power to lift her head and take in the apartment around her.

Empty. Lonely. Devoid of anyone but herself.

Another day without Fairy Tail. Another day without her friends.

Lucy blinked at the empty couch and the clean table, exactly how she left it before. Everything was in place as she had left it before going to bed. No visitors came. It was just another day of feeling sorry for herself and mourning the loss of her family.

Natsu was gone, away to train for a year. Her food supply had never been more…accounted for. She ate for one, each meal, never venturing out unless to gather groceries. Every scrap of food was always eaten by herself, all fears of missing snacks gone.

Arms pushing up, Lucy rose to stand up from her bed, scratching at her thigh with a languid stretch and yawn.

That was when Natsu appeared from within her kitchen, grinning and holding a tray of cereal for two.

“Mornin’ Luce.” He greeted casually, never looking away from her as she froze and stared with a gaping jaw. “Got breakfast here if you’re hungry.”

He said it so casually, as if he never left on a trip or just said goodbye with a lousy letter. What was more…he didn’t know about Fairy Tail disbanding, or the Master disappearing. The pink haired man just thought he could waltz back into her life as if he never left. He just stood there, smiling innocently like he would before the trouble with Tartaros. It was as if nothing was wrong and her loneliness never existed.

“Natsu…you’re back.” She breathed, tears pooling in her eyes at the sight of her best friend. In her dazed joy, Lucy never picked up on the tightness of his smile or the flicker of an emotion that was not joy in his eyes. His knuckles became white from the grip on the tray but he kept up his facade. “Yeah…I’m back.” He answered with a soft sigh, sounding more disappointed more than anything.

Gently setting down the tray, Natsu seemed prepared for her approach and hesitant hug, maintaining his hold just as long as she was willing to keep the embrace. Releasing her almost the second she wanted, he gestured to the bowls of cereal with his bangs shadowing his eyes. “Hurry up and eat, Luce! We got a big day today!”

The blonde blinked at the sudden exclamation, frowning. “No. Natsu…I have to tell you-”

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therandomwolf  asked:

For the ask thing, Morning. :-)

This is an old prompt. I apologize that it’s so late and it might not be up to par with my normal stuff, but it’s fluffy and sweet <3

Mornings when he woke up before her were always his favorite. She was at her most vulnerable during that time as her chest rose and fell, and her small snores filled the quiet room. The sheets were tangled within her legs, the blanket draped across her waist which he raised to cover her as she shivered. Serene sounds from outside their apartment sang up to them; the sounds of the people outside a soothing song to him as he watched his girlfriend sleep. Her hair was splayed on the pillow like a golden halo, her face towards him, and a smile broke across his face. It was a perfect image for her: an angel.

When he was younger, he had refused to call her by the nickname because didn’t seem fitting for her. Her actions were the farthest from being that of an angel — it was always more like a devil — but as he grew older, he found the word was perfect. She wasn’t an angel in the simplest meaning of the word in that her actions weren’t sweet and innocent. No, she was an angel in another sense of the word, a deeper meaning. She was an angel who saved him from madness, showed him what it was like to be loved, and was there for him when no one else was. Maka Albarn was his own person angel who was a gift that he cherished and loved, and he didn’t see it as anything else.

Leaning over, he gently kissed her forehead, his lips barely brushing her skin when she stirred a little in bed. He watched as she stretched out her back and moaned. Her eyes fluttered open, dark green scanning the world around her until they fell upon their target, and she smiled.

“‘morning.” Her voice was harsh with sleep still and he returned her grin.


“Did you sleep well?”


She glanced at the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand beside her. “What are you doing up so early?”

“Not sure,” he shrugged. “Just woke up early, I guess.”

Maka flipped over on her stomach and hugged the pillow to her, the smile still present on her face. “Good. That means I get to stay in bed with you a little longer.”

“I guess so.”

He scooted closer to her, draping his arm around her waist and burying his face in the crook of her neck. The heat of her skin was welcoming, and her heartbeat was soothing as he laid against her. This was why he liked waking up before her. Because he had the chance to admire the beauty that was his girlfriend, and enjoy the comfort of snuggling up to her. It was the perfect to morning, beginning, to a hellish week of death scythe duty and teaching on her part. It was the type of mornings he embedded in his memories and thought of when he wanted to quit, the ones that helped him through so much.

She helped him through so much, and he didn’t want to miss a single moment with her.