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Steven Universe Comic #2 (2017) - Outline & Review

The Steven Universe franchise’s ongoing series smashed boundaries with #2. This second issue of 2017 focuses on Stevonnie going to a dance with Kiki!

This issue was easily the best I’ve read in the comics. The paper issue I own has the cover by Missy Peña!


Steven and Connie are dismayed to find that the movie they want to see is PG-13, so they can’t get in without an adult.

They attempt to get around the rules by fusing into Stevonnie, but are still unable to produce appropriate ID.

So they leave disappointed and end up running into Kiki, who’s supposed to be shopping for prom dresses. Stevonnie gets very caught up in the enthusiasm of trying on outfits.

They end up getting invited to be Kiki’s date to the dance.

Steven and Connie are excited about planning the event, but when Stevonnie and Kiki end up in situations that feel pretty heavily coded romantic, they start to panic a little, unsure of their role and how they feel about being with Kiki.

Especially considering she doesn’t appear to know they are two younger children fused together. 

Steven and Connie must talk out the best solution to be kind to Kiki while also not betraying their own interests, and Stevonnie is able to find a solution everyone likes.

Notable bits for fans:

1. The movie the kids see is Unfamiliar Familiar, and you can definitely see how upset Connie is that they’ve destroyed one of her favorite franchises by shoehorning the romance in right from the beginning.

2. The movie clerk is still Jane.

3. Stevonnie does not know how old they are.

4. It’s canon now that Stevonnie is really excited about clothes. (And they are happy to try on dresses, suits, and any kind of clothing that’s around.)

Later, when they go on a date, Kiki and Stevonnie are both wearing corsages, and Stevonnie’s clothes are a sort of skirt-suit mixture.

(When they unfuse, Steven is wearing the dress and Connie is wearing the suit.)

This is also the first time Stevonnie has worn shoes in canon material.

5. Despite that Stevonnie’s gender is a bit indeterminate, they seem to be fine going into dressing rooms and bathrooms that are mysteriously not marked for any gender. It’s possible these spaces aren’t gendered in the SU world, even though clothing options seem pretty traditional. Stevonnie is shown in the same changing room with Kiki while they’re trying on outfits, and later Steven and Connie are hiding in the same restroom.

6. Kiki blushes subtly on several occasions while interacting with Stevonnie, suggesting that she is susceptible to Stevonnie’s charisma. They really seem to charm everyone.

7. After researching dances by watching teen movies, Steven and Connie are prepared for the dance, but Connie says she’s not allowed to be out after dark without a chaperone and they employ Pearl to provide this service. Pearl also wears her tux, which is implied to be the one she acquired in the episode “Mr. Greg.”

8. When Stevonnie and Kiki have a snack at the Big Donut before the dance (with Pearl), Lars and Sadie are seen pressing their faces against the window entranced by what’s going on.

9. While introducing Stevonnie to her friends, Kiki specifically uses the “they” pronoun. They’re really knocking it out of the park with the appropriate pronouns in this comic series.

10. Steven and Connie’s discussion of how to go forward in their lives when they’re fused is really fascinating–and has many parallels to people who live with unusual variations, including queer genders and orientations. Connie’s “Do we have to start telling everyone right from the beginning?!” comment is particularly relevant.

It’s impractical to blurt it in an introduction that you’re secretly two kids fused together, but it’s also difficult to get to know someone as an individual without disclosing something so important. When’s the right time to tell people? So many people will relate to this.

And they’re pretty worried about what Kiki will think of them, but Connie makes a good point about how THEIR feelings about the situation are relevant too.

Their conclusion that Stevonnie and Kiki should be friends, not seeing each other in a romantic context, was pretty satisfying.

This is again another casually queer comic with very accurate presentation of the characters acting like they do in the show. Recommended for fans of the show, as always.        

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Laser Tag

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Nesta had never lost a single game of laser tag in all of her 23 years of life.

It didn’t matter what day it was, or what time it was, or where it was, she always won, and she wasn’t plan on breaking her winning streak anytime soon.

Cassian held her hand, their fingers interlaced, as they made their way through the arcade in the small town of Velaris. The rest of the inner circle trailed behind them, pointing out fun games to play after the laser tag was over.

Cassian had insisted on bringing everyone here today because they needed some “quality family time” together. Nesta had only rolled her eyes and agreed to join, but when he brought up laser tag, she got excited.

She had never played laser tag since she and Cassian had started dating, and she thought it was a perfect time to put him in his place. He was always cocky, and said he never lost, but Nesta was going to change that.

The smell of pizza filled the air, and children shouting around the room made her cringe in annoyance. She hated everything about arcades except laser tag. There were too many germs and loose kids running all over the place, and she may or may not be responsible for breaking one’s wrist a few months ago.

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i think you said at some point you could see alfor/coran being an interesting potential ship. do you have any more thoughts on that one?

I mean, the comics did poke at the idea that both on Voltron’s Earth, and in several alien cultures, polyamory may be a thing.

Coran describes himself as someone who serves the royal family but rather than a high-ranking servant, he appears much more to have been an aristocrat of Alfor’s court- subordinate to the Queen, of course, but, someone of impressive enough standing that past Zarkon, someone who had some rather rigid standards about hierarchy, saw no problem with Coran being present alongside Alfor and his wife in s3e7.

(Not that Alfor, who explicitly tells Zarkon that he should loosen up about this, would care too much about hierarchy, but that Zarkon doesn’t bat an eye at it even when he scolds Blaytz for flirting with a galra servant is, to me, suggestive)

Several sources state Coran was a royal advisor, and his GoLion counterpart, Raible, was explicitly a tactician. From Coran’s ramble in s1e9 we know that he was once at least trained for a seemingly, rather elite and specialized soldier unit, and that, his prodigiously lengthy surname, and much of his demeanor would definitely seem to point towards Coran as nobility. He also states his family has served the crown for generations, which, to me, says that aside from its primary royal line, Altea had several influential lineages, and while the Queen’s bloodline rules the planet, those other aristocrats would probably command a fair amount of sway in general.

If we’re limiting things to as canon-compliant as possible, I would figure the way Coran, Alfor, and Allura talk about their relationship (in particular, Allura saying Coran was like a second father) that Coran and Alfor were not married but I wouldn’t put it past Alfor or his culture to have a casual consensual relationship. We know pretty much nothing about the Queen, so, it’d be free speculation if she was also in a relationship with Coran or if it was just “they’re both seeing Alfor and are mutually aware and okay with it”.

Either way, especially if I’m correct that Altea leaned matriarchal, but just in general with the incredible amount of love and importance Alfor ascribed to his daughter, it tells us that he thought incredibly highly of Coran that he trusted Coran with Allura’s life. At a minimum, they were platonically very close.

It’s also possible, I suppose, that if we’re going off the implication that the queen may have died when Allura was younger, Coran and Alfor might have started a relationship after that loss, meaning Alfor was monogamous but over the course of his lifetime had two different romantic relations. Hence the slightly distant language in Coran being “like” a father but not a father- he wasn’t part of that relationship when Allura was young.

last night i was talking to my aunt about being worried for my younger siblings living with our shitty abusive father and she told me not to worry because “boys aren’t like girls they’re built different from us, they’re tough” 🙄🙄🙄

i said something about how the youngest has always been far more emotional and sensitive than me and she goes “well that’s just hormones"😒😒

i sorta said something about how ive never noticed the gender difference between me and them that we’re "supposed” to have but i didn’t want to get into a long discussion of feminism and gender theory, much less explain that im not a girl, or out my sister lmao

anyways im not just annoyed at the misgendering and the sexist (entirely untrue lmao) assumption that im less tough than my siblings……im worried. i know for a FACT that these particular teenagers have the same amount -if not the same particular type, since they’re different people- of emotional needs that i do. due to our past and their circumstances, they have even greater needs than other kids their age, as well. if every adult they know and talk to these days has that mindset, they aren’t going to have their needs met :// fuck redneck macho culture and double fuck roughneck macho culture

cinderella: redo

so i was watching cinderella while doing my nails and waiting for them to dry which was clearly a Mistake because now i can’t help but think -

the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough. and then she gets married, and anastasia and drizella are ecstatic because this man seems kind and warm and maybe just maybe he can temper their mother, maybe with him around she won’t be so cruel. so they’re on their very best behavior in the beginning, they do just as their mother taught - they trot out their best upper court manners in an attempt to get their new stepfather to like them. but it just comes off as cold and snooty and they’re trying, they are, they’re just bad at it. and they see how he is with cinderella, the smiling girl their own age, and they are jealous. they don’t mean to be, they try not to be, they know it isn’t becoming of young ladies. but she gets hugs and kisses and affection and they get rulers slapped on their hands when they reach for desert and sharp jabs to their sides when they slouch and - soon they hate cinderella, not for anything she’s done, but for what she has and they dont

but then her father dies. and it’s all a tumble of things and cinderella is crying and they’ve lost their only chance at escaping their mother’s clutches and it’s terrible. and everything settles and there’s no reason to be jealous anymore but resentment is hard to let go of and they don’t know what to do. they’re only kids too after all. and they’re so terribly bad at comforting people, they can do flowery words and know all the right bows but cinderella is so sad and they just don’t know what to do with that, because they’re supposed to be sisters but they’re not even friends

and slowly but surely their mother starts abusing cinderella, starts making her a maid in her own home, and she’s their mother, what are anastasia and drizella supposed to do? she rules them with an iron fist, and cinderella doesn’t even like them anyway, it’s none of their business.

except one night anastasia crawls into her sister’s bed in the middle of the night and wakes her up. “i was thirsty,” she explains, eyes wide and shiny, and they’re bad at this with other people but drizella has no problems with pulling anastasia into her arms. the younger girl clutches her sister and continues, “i was thirsty and i went down to the kitchen to get some water and - and cinderella is still up! she’s doing the dishes, and she should be asleep, mom is going to make her make breakfast in the morning and -” she cuts herself off with a hiccup and whispers, “it’s not fair.”

“life isn’t fair,” drizella says, echoing one of their mother’s favorite phrases. but her sister is staring at her with wet eyes, and it’s not like their mother is likely to get up before sunrise anyway, she hates waking up, so she pulls herself and anastasia out of bed and off they go.

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headcanon that everyone in the DEO is pissed off at Supergirl for risking her neck to save Lena.

But not because she saved a Luthor, but because she made Alex and Winn so worried they both called out Kara several times, meaning that all officers in the vicinity had to sign the confidentiality agreements and go through a mandatory meeting and training session about Kara/Supergirl/protecting her identity and all of that. It’s an HR nightmare. They’re dealing with it for weeks.

They’re pissed off because Kara being Supergirl was the biggest ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ of the DEO. Like, it’s an organisation of elite agents, of course they knew that Agent Danvers’ younger sister is Supergirl, have you seen how over-protective that bitch is at the best of times? They just never ever wanted to sit through all the mandatory bullshit. Everyone was happy pretending they didn’t know, and constantly ignored all of Supergirl’s and Alex’s almost slip-ups, and ignored Kara when they saw her in public and she’d accidentally say hi to them because she’d forget momentarily that she wasn’t supposed to know them as Kara.

Forgotten Borderlands Facts
  • Many Borderlands voice actors are former Dragon Ball cast members, most notably Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack/Cell) and Colleen Clinkenbeard (Lilith/Android 18). Gearbox shares the same recording studio as Funimation’s dubs- most of them auditioned just because they were already there.  Dameon Clarke was getting ready to leave the sound booth when Gearbox arrived: they gave him some Axton lines just to test the equipment. Things escalated from there.
  • Jack’s iconic “man these pretzels SUCK” is not in character. Dameon Clarke was eating pretzels while rehearsing his lines, unaware that they had already begun recording. Lead writer Anthony Burch loved the reaction so much he kept it in. Most of Jack’s laughter is also unscripted, because Clarke found the lines so funny he couldn’t keep it together, but Burch liked what it added to the takes anyway.
  • Dameon Clarke came up with Handsome Jack owning a live horse made  of diamonds on the spot. The original script made no reference to a Butt Stalion of any kind.
  • Anthony Burch wrote almost all of Borderlands 2, except for the quest referencing Top Gun. The creative team was insistent on a Top Gun quest, but Burch had never seen it. 
  • Tiny Tina is voiced by Anthony Burch’s younger sister, Ashly Burch. You might also recognize her as Aloy (Horizon), Chloe (Life is Strange), or Rutile (Steven Universe). She also wrote the Adventure Time: Islands miniseries.
  • Handsome Jack is based on concept art for a protagonist from a proposal for a game Gearbox didn’t greenlight, mixed with Nathan Fillion and Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who, Torchwood). The name Jack was supposed to be a development placeholder, but it stuck.
  • Speaking of Jack’s development, he was initially not the primary antagonist, but more of a friendly rival vault hunter who alternately worked with and against the protagonist. The amount of dialogue he has with the player is a holdover from a period where he was one of the closest things you had to an ally, and naturally would check in on you.  When his character switched gears during development, they needed to fill that time somehow, and the result are the diatribes we have today.
  • Axton and Ellie are in a relationship, according to the Borderlands twitter.
  • Tiny Tina and Jack both love Taylor Swift. His personal favourite album is “1989″, but he acknowledges “Red” is probably artistically superior.
  • Dameon Clarke collects Handsome Jack merchandise, both official and fan-made. He’s even commissioned custom Handsome Jack converse.
  •  Lilith was a stereotypical geek as a child, and particularly enjoyed the in universe equivalents of Star Trek and DND. She was subject to bullying because of both this and her tattoos.
  • Speaking of DND, when Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, and Athena play it in the Tales episode three opening credits, you can tell Rhys is DM based on the placement of the dice screen.
  • Brick is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, even going so far as to have read the books. Mordecai prefers Downton Abbey.
  • Whenever Handsome Jack has had control of the Borderlands twitter, he has frequently resorted to making users he dislikes canon Borderlands characters with the express intent of making him then able to kill them. Given that this is actually Anthony Burch talking it’s technically word of god that they exist in the universe.
  • Mr. Torgue’s given name is Mr. Torgue. His last name is actually Flexington.
  • If  Jack could bring any celebrity back to life, he would kill Tom Cruise and then resurrect him- which (intentionally or no) implies Tom Cruise is somehow still alive in Borderlands’ distant future.
  • Rhys loves fancy socks because his voice actor Troy Baker is also a fan.

i need me some jealous kara in my life, so of course i did what any person would’ve done and came with a bunch of headcanons to satisfy my own needs because that’s what self care is all about.

  • it all starts one afternoon, they’re downtown in one of lena’s favorite restaurants and kara’s talking excitedly about the new article she’s writing when lena’s phone goes off. usually when they’re together lena ignores it, she always says it’s business associates and insists they can wait but this time lena sees the name on the screen and smiles widely, “oh it’ll be just a minute kara, sorry” kara nods, motions her to go ahead and tries to focus on her pasta until she hears lena giggling “i can’t wait to see you! it’s been, what? six years?” something inside kara twitches. who is she talking to? most importantly who is making her smile like that?! that’s usually her thing. lena keeps talking to whoever is at the other end of the line as if she’s not there, beaming, chuckling… kara’s always believed herself to be someone non violent (for most the time) but she’s now wishing she could grab lena’s phone, throw it to the ground and break it.
  • turns out, lena says to her when they’re on the car ride back to l–corp, that one of her dearest friends from boarding school is planning a visit to national city and called her to see if they could get together, “her name is molly, we were together on science club and we hit it off right away,” kara knows it’s irrational to feel so… heated at the thought of lena hanging out with someone else because damn, she’s her own person and she’s allowed to have as many friends as she’d like but… it makes her extremely uncomfortable to think about lena laughing with someone that is not her. “i have to admit i had a little bit of a crush on her when we were younger,” and kara doesn’t know molly, has never seen her and certainly has no interest in doing it so but she already hates her.
  • “and then she said,” it’s game night, james and winn have paused mortal kombat to listen to her angry rant and alex is staring at her with wide eyes, beer in hand. “oh i used to have a crush on her, as if it’s the most trivial thing on the universe, did you know she was supposed to come tonight? i promised i would let her win at mario kart, but no! molly’s plane lands today and she called to say—i’m so sorry kara, i can’t make it, i’m gonna go pick her up, maybe some other time? can’t molly call herself an uber? does she really need to have lena’s attention all to herself? gosh it makes me so upset someone would be so selfish.” winn opens and closes his mouth a few times, not sure if he should say anything about the whole situation, james and alex are looking at each other, silently deciding on who should be the first to talk until finally alex breaks the silence. “kara… you don’t even know this molly person, didn’t you also say her and lena hand’t seen each other for years? it’s normal that they want to spend time with each other, catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.” kara crosses her arms over her chest and angrily stares out the window, she wants to bury her face on ice cream because though she knows alex is right she still wants to deck molly in the face.
  • lena is never late, if anything she’s always early to arrive to their lunch dates, but for the first time in months, lena luthor is fifteen minutes late and kara’s getting impatient, maybe she got caught up on work and didn’t see the hour, maybe she had to sign some contracts before leaving, maybe… maybe… she tries and call her twice but she doesn’t answer and that’s when kara gets worried, what if something happened to her? what if while she was on her way someone stopped her and hurt her? she’s tempted to alert the deo, tell them to search for lena’s location when she enters the restaurant a little breathless and with her hair disheveled. “kara i am sorry!” she sits down across from her and takes out her coat, “molly came over to my office and we started to talk, i didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” kara’s face goes dark. it’s wednesday, this is supposed to be their day, their afternoon, their time to be with one another without people interrupting and of course molly had to come and ruin it. “did you know molly has a motorbike? she dropped me off!” oh amazing, molly owes a motorbike, so does half the population of national city, she’s nothing especial. kara doesn’t feel like eating anymore and ends up leaving early. 
  • she’s punching one of the walls at the deo repeatedly, each punch harsher than the last. her knuckles feel on fire but it’s working wonders to get her mind off lena and her new best friend molly whom today decided to invite her to the beach. “what is wrong with her?” winn whispers to alex almost scared of kara’s sudden display of anger, alex shrugs and tell him she has no idea since kara refuses to talk with anyone about it. “she’s jealous,” j’onn says without looking up from the file he’s holding and both of them open their mouths in surprise. “psychic, remember?” 
  • “have i done something to upset you?” lena asks with her cheeks red in embarrassement and her voice breaking, “you’ve been avoiding me for weeks, yesterday you cancelled our lunch date because you said you had a lot of stuff to do but then you uploaded a picture on instagram with james in your pajamas eating popcorn. look kara, i know we all need our space sometimes but i’d rather hear the truth than finding out via social media that you’re lying to me.” she sounds so hurt and she’s almost on the verge of tears, kara feels awful she didn’t mean to make her feel bad, she was just tired of hearing her talk about molly and how amazing she was every single time they got together. “you want the truth?” lena nods eagerly and kara tries, she does, to keep her composure when she catches the necklace lena’s wearing… gold with rose pendant. “that is pretty,” she points to it and lena grabs it between her hands, “thank you! molly gave it to me yesterday.” kara feels her fist tighten. 
  • “well the truth is that molly is annoying,” she says standing up from her place and lena’s eyes widen. “yes, she’s annoying and she’s keeping you all to herself. it’s almost as she’s holding you captive! she’s taking you to the beach and to that art gallery i was going to take you, you are eating potstickers with her, lena, that’s our thing!” there’s no going back now… “and she’s… she’ probably ugly too—oh she has a motorcycle, how original! you know what lena, i can fly! i could fly you from here to paris in less than an hour, i bet molly can’t do that. you know what else i can do? lift you up, with one finger probably, can molly lift you up? no i don’t think she can. does she let you win at mario kart?! she doesn’t, huh, does she even know how to play mario kart, does she?!” 
  • lena looks at her in disbelief before she bursts out laughing and kara lets out a groan, “it’s not funny lena! i am much more interesting that molly will ever be and i’m—mphm!” lena’s kissing her, her cold hands are tangling themselves in her hair and she’s pulling her impossibly close and kara feels like she’s floating. for the first three seconds she doesn’t respond, but as soon as lena slips a warm tongue into her mouth her body reacts and she’s grabbing her everywhere. her face, her neck, her waist, her ass, lena gasps and they break apart. “sorry, i didn’t mean to… i just wanted to… you see this wasn’t what i had planned,” kara looks to the ground but it’s not for long because lena is grabbing her chin, making her look into her eyes and she melts. 
  • “love… i can’t believe you were jealous of molly.” kara clicks her tongue almost offended, she was not jealous of molly, she’s about to say it, to assure lena she doesn’t feel such childish emotion when lena gives her a small peck on the lips and her train of thought is stopped. “she’s married… and has two kids!” kara wants to hide under lena’s desk for the rest of the evening.

A Scarecrow For God

by reddit user survivalprocedure

“Can I take your picture?” Larissa sat a few feet away from me on the grey velvet sofa as I aimed my iPhone towards her. I stared at the screen intently for a moment before shifting my focus, looking over the brim of the phone at her defeated, hopeless state portrayed by bloodshot eyes.

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Bunny Boy | 01

Word Count: 3340 ❀
Warning(s): Language, mentions of sex. No smut yet ~~

// Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Completed.

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Warriors, while an interesting series with tons of original concepts available, seems to be leaning back on the same plot points time and time again. I decided to make a list in my spare time of some different types of personalities and plot points for each rank that would be cool to see in the series.
If you have ideas please add onto the list!

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Brother’s Friend | Mike Wheeler X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: Could I request a Mike Wheeler X Reader fic where the reader is Will’s older sister, the middle Byer’s kid, and Mike has a huge crush on her? Maybe she knows about it and one day asks him out, shocking everyone?

Characters: Mike/fem!Byers!reader, Will, Dustin and Lucas. Joyce and Jonathan are mentioned.

Word Count: 1541 words.

Parts of the series: (1) (2)

The girl was lying on her bed as she flipped through an old magazine she had read a few times. It was garbage, but exactly the kind of garbage she liked. She read the little notes she had written next to some of the texts, wanting to tell her if it was worth reading it again or not. Most of the time, she ignored what she had written, reading the magazine even if it was bad. She liked that, what could she do?

(Y/N) heard some cheering from the living room, making her jump from the sudden noise, but she quickly calmed down. She smiled slightly at herself before continuing to read. It was only her younger brother, Will, and his friends probably playing some game during their sleepover -they hated when she called it that- that they were having that night at the Byers’ house.

She thought she should be annoyed by the noises they made, but that actually made her relieved. She had been left responsible for the four boys, even though she was only a year older than they were, since her mother and Jonathan wouldn’t be home until later. (Y/N) was supposed to check on them every half hour, but she trusted them enough to know they wouldn’t burn the house down, so she’d just go check on them every now and then. While they were making noise it meant they were still alive.

The cheering soon calmed down, but she could still hear conversations coming from the other room. (Y/N) nodded to herself before returning to her magazine; she made a mental note that she should write again later: “This is trash. Read it again.”

The girl turned the page when she heard footsteps coming down the hall and it wasn’t long before someone knocked on her door. “Come in.” she said loudly. The door swung open, revealing Mike Wheeler behind it with a box of pizza in his hands. “Hello again, what’s up?”

The boy took a few hesitant steps into her room. Even though he had already gone in there at least five times to talk to her that night, Mike still didn’t seem comfortable getting into her space.

“We saved a slice of pizza for you.”

(Y/N) raised her eyebrow, feeling surprised to hear that. That was unusual. “Seriously? Did you all agree to this?”

Mike chuckled, shaking his head. “It was supposed to be mine, but I’m not that hungry, and I haven’t seen you eating since we got here, so I thought maybe you’d like it.”

The girl smiled, reaching out to take the box from his hands. “Thanks Mike.” she said, taking the slice and taking a bite, letting out a grunt of satisfaction. “You’re the best.”

The boy laughed at her actions. He seemed about to say something, but just smiled, saying a quick “you’re welcome” and left her room, closing her door.

Mike Wheeler was a sweet boy. He had always been a nice kid. But in the last few months he was being a bit too nice to her and it wasn’t hard to notice.

She remembered everything starting when she noticed that she would often see Mike staring at her in random moments, and he’d turn his face quickly when he noticed that he had been caught, his face blushing slightly. (Y/N) had tried to ignore that at first, but she couldn’t help but notice how he always made excuses to go talk to her - as he had done several times that night.

The girl didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so she went to her little brother for some answers. Will, even if he was a bit hesitant, confirmed that Mike did indeed like her.

(Y/N) didn’t know exactly how she should react or whether she should talk about it with Mike, so she just kept quiet. But in the last few weeks it had been difficult to ignore that, since the Snow Ball was near.

Most of times she was with the boys, Mike found a way to talk about this dance, always complaining that he didn’t have a date for it yet. She didn’t miss the way he looked at her when he said that. Will confirmed to her that, yes, Mike was planning on asking her to go with him, but he was struggling with it. She noticed how every time he came to talk to her he seemed about to ask her, but he always hesitated and left. Poor boy.

Mike Wheeler was a sweet kid and she had to confess she had a soft spot for the boy. He was cute and nice and she couldn’t help but have some feelings for him, even if she didn’t know what they were.

(Y/N) smiled slightly at herself as she thought about that, enjoying her lasts bites of that pizza. She heard the boys cheering again, startling her. Maybe it was time for her to check if they weren’t making a lot of mess. Please that they haven’t knocked down food on the floor.

The girl got up lazily, taking the pizza box with her. She entered the room, seeing that nothing seemed out of place. Good. The four boys noticed and turned to her, a questioning look in their eyes.

“I just came to wash the dishes, don’t mind me,” she said, heading for the kitchen.

(Y/N) set the box on the table, going to the sink, mentally preparing for the probably cold water that would reach her hands as she began to wash. She took a deep breath, starting.

“Hey.” she heard Mike’s voice talking to her as soon as she started to wash things. (Y/N) turned to him, watching the Wheeler boy standing by the table. “Want some help?”

The girl looked at the group of boys, who were staring at her until that moment, but quickly looked away, returning to play whatever it was they were playing. (Y/N) looked back at Mike, smiling at him. “No, that’s okay. You can go back to your game. ”

He nodded, looking nervous and suddenly anxious. Mike opened his mouth, seeming to say something. Oh, he was going to do it. The girl looked at him expectantly, but he closed his mouth again, giving her a small smile that seemed a little sad. “Okay.” and he went back to the boys.

Well, he almost did it again. She continued to do the dishes, but the small group’s conversation, although they seemed to make an effort to speak quietly, caught her attention.

“Just go and ask her.” she heard Lucas whisper.

“What’s the point?” Mike asked quietly. “She wouldn’t go with me anyway.”

The girl’s heart sank lightly from how hurt he sounded, but she just kept doing what she was doing. She took some glances at Mike, however, seeing that he looked upset that he hadn’t asked her, that he didn’t have enough confidence to do so. She didn’t like to see him like that, so, as she finished washing the dishes, she knew exactly what she had and wanted to do.

The boys kept playing that game they loved so much as she approached them. “Hey guys.” Mike looked up at her, a smile coming back to his face as she stood between him and Will. “So… Are you all excited for the dance?” they all muttered different stuff, but she had her eyes looking at the Wheeler boy. “I heard you didn’t have a date, Mike.” he seemed to get a little tense with those words. “Is that true?”

He played with his fingers nervously, looking at his friends, who looked as confused as he. “Yeah, I didn’t find anyone to go with me yet.”

The Byers girl smiled warmly at him. “I can go with you if you want.”

Lucas and Dustin widened their eyes. Mike seemed a bit flustered, glaring at Will, as if accusing him of having asked (Y/N) to go with Mike to the dance for pity or something like that, but the younger Byers just shrugged, looking slightly confused. The Wheeler boy looked at her. “Y-you don’t need to do that.”

“But I want to.” she put her hand on his shoulder. “It could be like a date or something.” Now Mike’s eyes had widened as well, feeling his cheeks heat up. "Only if you want, of course.”

He quickly nodded. “Yeah! Su-sure, a date. ”

She smiled slightly. “Cool.”

“Are you serious?” she heard Will ask, surprised. She turned to see the other three boys, including her brother, looking at her as if she were from another planet. She just laughed.

“I’ll be in my room if any of you needs me.” she said messing with Mike’s hair before starting to walk away. “We can talk more about the dance later, ‘kay Mike?’

(Y/N) saw him nod - still looking shocked - at her before she turned in the hall. All the way to her room, she heard no sound coming from the living room, but in the moment she closed the door she heard the boys cheering and, when she heard Dustin loudly saying "You go, Mike!”, she knew that this time that didn’t have anything to do with their game.


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Ok, so my mobile masterlist decided to just stop properly working and messing up links and the likes. Updated it, but can’t reblog, so from now on this will be my mobile friendly masterlist.

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My niece asked her brother if Steven is supposed to be the good guy specifically because she was confused about how Steven is handling the truth about Rose shattering a tyrant. Children know who are bad guys in a story especially if a lot of characters describe them as ones.

RFA +Saeran helping MC Babysit


  • He calls to ask if you want to go out for the day
  • But you say you’re babysitting your neighbor’s kid
  • He really wants to see you, so he says to bring her along
  • Offers to go to a zoo
  • She’s really shy and keeps hiding behind your legs
  • Tries to get her out of her shell
  • Goes crazy with balloon animals, ice cream, and stuffed animals
  • On the way back, she seemed to get really tired while walking back to the car
  • Zen bends down and she hesitantly crawls on his back
  • You melt at the sight of Zen carrying the sleeping girl on his back


  • You’re babysitting your ten year old cousin
  • But, you were a bit nervous with whole apartment situation
  • So Yoosung offers for you both to come to his house
  • You forgot to tell him your cousin is very into Minecraft
  • As soon as your cousin sees all the LOLOL and other video game action figures, he goes crazy
  • Yoosung gets into deep discussions about which armor helps boost your HP
  • Or goes on long, dramatic retellings of his experience playing
  • You’re the third wheel by now
  • You actually leave the house and come back with snacks and neither of them noticed
  • “Oh, you left?”
  • “Like two hours ago!”


  • You decide to bring your little brother out for lunch at Jaehee’s cafe
  • He’s really sweet and quiet
  • At first
  • After a while, you lose sight of him
  • He finds Jaehee and asks her a lot of questions
  • “Do you like strawberries? I like strawberries.”
  • “Hey, Miss, do blueberries remind you of spaceships? I met a guy who liked spaceships once.”
  • “Your hair sure is long, Miss. Are those extensions?”
  • At this point, you intervene and drag him away from a mortified Jaehee
  • Jaehee asks if you two are actually related
  • You buy her coffee later to make up for it


  • He invites you over
  • But there was a family emergency and you need to watch your niece
  • He wants to help, so he tells you to bring her along
  • How bad can it be? 
  • You’re distracted by phone calls and making sure your niece is fed, so Jumin is left alone with the child
  • She sees a wall full of wine
  • When you come back, she’s drinking dark red liquid from a wine glass
  • “Jumin! She can’t have wine! She’s five!’
  • He looks her dead in the eye and refills your nieces glasses
  • “It’s special wine for children,” he emphasizes before smiling at your niece
  • He hold up the bottle showing it’s some regular grape juice from his vineyard
  • “I’m well aware that one is not supposed to give a minor an alcoholic beverage.” 


  • You’re watching your younger cousin for the day
  • He sees the robot cat Seven made for you and asks where you got it
  • You tell him about Seven, and he is super fascinated by him
  • Begs you to invite him over
  • You call Seven and explain the situation
  • Within the hour, he’s at the door with a bag full of legos, his laptop, and of course Honey Buddha Chips
  • Your cousin brings his kiddie laptop and sits in Seven’s old designated corner
  • “Hey Mister! I can hack too!”
  • Seven plays along and even tinkers with his toys to make them do cooler things
  • You’re not sure who is sadder when the day is over


  • You’re watching your baby sister for the day
  • You go to grocery store to pick up food and run into Saeran with a cart full of ice cream
  • Your sister is smitten
  • He’s mid-explanation when your sister latches onto his leg
  • “Control your child,” he deadpans
  • You apologize, trying to pry her off…but it doesn’t work
  • He manages to peel her off, but she gets upset and bites his arm
  • Again you apologize, but this time he’s like “No, no. It’s fine. I like her.” 
  • He tags along as you shop
  • He recommends a bunch of ice cream flavors
  • They look so cute when he’s carrying her that they always manage to get a second round of free samples from the vendors 


episode two - the secret of spoons. ( contains violence and nsfw themes )

  • ❝ can you hear me ?
  • ❝ you want help ? fine. ❞
  • ❝ let me tell you a story. once upon a time, a man got fucked. now, how is that for a story
  • ❝ let me paint a picture of what’s waiting for you on the shore. ❞
  • ❝ and all for what ?
  • ❝ and i ain’t even started yet. ❞
  • ❝ this guy gets it. ❞
  • ❝ angry is good. angry gets shit done. ❞
  • ❝ you’re already dead, asshole. at least die a sacrifice for something worthwhile. ❞
  • ❝ let. the motherfucker. burn ! let it all burn. ❞
  • ❝ were you shot at ?
  • ❝ well it depends on who you ask. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t know what the fuck you speak of. ❞
  • ❝ how was the funeral ?
  • ❝ you wanna come in and talk about it ?
  • ❝ mmm-mmm-mmm. what a little asshole. ❞
  • ❝ oh, you know him ?
  • ❝ they don’t have a fucking clue. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t give a fuck if they don’t have a fucking clue, i want one ! give me a fucking clue !
  • ❝ good. compact amended. ❞
  • ❝ your first bed as a free man. enjoy it. ❞
  • ❝ an assault on you is an insult to me. don’t think because i didn’t lose my temper i am not angry, or am lacking a plan. ❞
  • ❝ i didn’t mean to wake you. ❞
  • ❝ they told me you died. ❞
  • ❝ you were just having a bad dream. ❞
  • ❝ you going to miss it ?
  • ❝ too many people tell each other not to repress their emotions, to release their feelings, to let the pain go. there’s a lot to be said for bottling up emotions. ❞
  • ❝ what i say has got to be said, so i want you to consider my words very carefully. ❞
  • ❝ say it. ❞
  • ❝ you are only obligated to feel bad about that for so long. ❞
  • ❝ let there be beauty where there can be. ❞
  • ❝ plan is, we will be meeting with a number of people preeminent in their respective fields, and then we will rendezvous in one of the most important places in the country. ❞
  • ❝ i don’t like dropping in on friends empty handed. ❞
  • ❝ you can’t look out for yourself, how the hell are you gonna look out for me ?
  • ❝ not so fast. we need to talk, [] . ❞
  • ❝ funny how things supposed to make you look good only make it worse. ❞
  • ❝ the fuck is this ?
  • ❝ i’m all sorts, [] .❞
  • ❝ i’m the one they sacrifice to. then till now. ❞
  • ❝ time and attention. better than lamb’s blood. ❞
  • ❝ i hate that. i hate that they were hurting you, [] . i would never do that to you. ❞
  • ❝ i want you in my camp with us. ❞
  • ❝ look at it like this: we’re the coming thing. we are already here. ❞
  • ❝ i was impressed with how you dealt with him/her/them. ❞
  • ❝ who’d have thought you had it in you ?
  • ❝ he/she/they were underestimating you. they all are. not a mistake i’ll make. ❞
  • ❝ i can give you so much more. you name it, honey. what do you need ?
  • ❝ don’t fight gravity, [ ] . i’ve been at this a while. ❞
  • ❝ i’m trying to help you. ❞
  • ❝ keep your neck out of the belt. ❞
  • ❝ that went as well as can be expected. ❞
  • ❝ i think i’m losing my mind. ❞
  • ❝ oh, like the rest of your life is sane. ❞
  • ❝ at times, the universe does seem to have singled you out for unique abuse. in these moments you have to ask yourself, would i rather be ignored ?
  • ❝ always better dead than forgotten, and no one is ever going to forget you. ❞
  • ❝ it’s a sudden onset of strange. fair cause for consternation, unless strange is a new language and what we’re doing here is vocabulary building. ❞
  • ❝ you may have to consider that you didn’t see what you saw, or you did. the world is either crazy or you are. they’re both solid options. take your pick. ❞
  • ❝ when you decide, come and tell me. but don’t rush into it. take your time. difficult decision. ❞
  • ❝ there are bigger sacrifices one might be asked to make than going a little mad. ❞
  • ❝ you wanna know the secret of my success ? the secret is charm. ❞
  • ❝ i only come when matters are vital, as they are now. ❞
  • ❝ god, you are gorgeous. you have not aged. ❞
  • ❝ the truth is not what people want to hear. ❞
  • ❝ prettiest woman, prettiest lies. ❞
  • ❝ black as night, sweet as sin. you take coffee, then i read your future. ❞
  • ❝ he does not know our world. ❞
  • ❝ i’m easing him in. ❞
  • ❝ you are the worst man i have ever seen. ❞
  • ❝ nice to see you, old friend. i brought a gift. ❞
  • ❝ i come here only to share bread and information. what you do with the latter is entirely up to you. ❞
  • ❝ i’d be happy to help. ❞
  • ❝ oh, he is nobody’s husband, and i am nobody’s wife. ❞
  • ❝ family is who you survive with when you need to survive, even if you do not like them. ❞
  • ❝ i am not a good cook. when i was younger there were servants to make meals. here there are no servants; there’s only us. ❞
  • ❝ learning is beneath me. ❞
  • ❝ i thought you were supposed to read tea leaves ?
  • ❝ that bad, huh ? any good news ?
  • ❝ you brought that madness into my life once. never again. ❞
  • ❝ you know me. you know what these hands have done. ❞
  • ❝ you don’t want me, you want [] , and he’s/she’s/they’re not here. ❞
  • ❝ it will be glorious, win or lose. ❞
  • ❝ i am tired of glorious. ❞
  • ❝ everyone thought he/she/they must be the good one. so i became me. ❞
  • ❝ time passes. now i am gray. ❞
  • ❝ i think in the old country i am forgotten, and here, i am like a bad memory. ❞
  • ❝ i know the killing. ❞
  • ❝ to give a good death is art. ❞
  • ❝ every man’s an equal. ❞
  • ❝ is good ?
  • ❝ first blood is mine. so you’ve lost. game is done. ❞
  • ❝ i just started. ❞
  • ❝ ten thousand deaths made right here. ❞
  • ❝ it’s your move. ❞
  • ❝ he’ll take that shot. no joke, no boast, no half-measures. how good are you ?
  • ❝ it’s your decision. ❞
  • ❝ when my voice breaks on this song, remember old love gone. ❞

so like even if the cult leader thing isnt canon and is unobtainable, the fact of the matter still stands that joseph sleeps around and actively cheats on his wife

we were lead to assume in the beginning that mary was unfaithful, that we should feel sympathy for joseph, that mary is no good for him and that we should step in and help him

but through roberts path you learn that mary doesnt actually cheat on joseph. she idly flirts with younger men and drinks excessively to try and cope with the fact that her husband is consistently cheating on her, the man that she has 4 kids with and is hinted to have had a 5th that was lost possibly during childbirth or just a straight up miscarriage.

mary deserves more respect, don’t praise wonder bread kendoll he’s supposed to be a fuckboy under a youth minister guise.

i say as i want him to poud my ass with his demon dick but thats beside the point