she was such an amazing dramatic actress

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I just wanted to say how does shelley not have a movie where she's the lead role or a show where she's the lead character? omg I literally cried actual tears with how well her performance was during the recent episode especially the bit about malia's mom and sister, it was so so good and so believable and I just literally was amazed even watching it back I had chills bc it was so downright amazing. and the entire time I was like WOW. shelley is such an amazing actress

she was the lead role in a movie called ‘unfriended’! but i do agree she deserves more lead roles to add to her name. that whole scene was incredible and just highlights to me how she needs more serious, dramatic content because she can carry a scene and make the audience feel so well! shelley really is incredible and teen wolf is lucky to have her

Mary’s big dramatic flowery Rosebud speech when she’s dying like………. this isn’t an episode of SVU, lads. Amanda is an amazing actress. Something is Up.