she was such a baby back then

Three Layers of Iris Dealing with Barry's Disappearance

1. A “hardened” Iris that challenges Cisco on whether Barry is still alive and insists they should move forward. This is Iris putting aside her feelings for the sake of the city’s wellbeing.
2. A more vulnerable Iris with Joe, who admits she can’t sleep in their bed without Barry, who doesn’t like the idea of grieving Barry as dead and holding a funeral for him.
3. The real Iris who confesses she’s been trying to keep running like Barry wanted her to but quietly cries when she’s alone for him to come back to her.

White sheets & purple kisses

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,032
Warnings: Smut - NSFW – Sexual themes, inappropriate language, nudity, handjob, fingering, squirting, unprotected sex - please guys if you’re going to be intimate with someone, please use protection. Also if you’re underage, please don’t read this.
Author’s Note: Hi guys, I don’t even know what to say about this. I think this is the most smuty thing I’ve ever wrote ahah so all I can say is I hope you enjoy it. This is also for @marvelous-fvcks writing challenge. I hope you like it! I did my best. And please guys, tell me what you think of it. I’m so nervous for some reason ahaha.
Prompt Word: Hickey

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Weak For

Sorry, I had to write this, it was really cute, by @ironinkpen

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the prompt. 

Keith doesn’t know what makes him pause but suddenly his eyes fall to the empty space on his right and then he frowns.

Where is Lance?

“Pidge,” Keith calls quietly, hoping that his voice would go unnoticed by the small gathering of royals around the room, who were currently entranced with Allura’s speech, “Where did Lance go?”

“Hm?” Pidge hums, head turning to him but eyes never leaving her wrist where she has her hologram screen up, “Uh, I don’t know? He was right behind us before the meeting. I think I might hear him yelp or squeal at something in the garden? Not sure though.”

Keith purses his lips in annoyance before he rolls his eyes. “What could have been so ‘amazing’ that made him miss the meeting?”

“I don’t know. He’s probably flirting with some girls, maybe?” Pidge shrugs, cheering softly to herself when a new dot on her screen turns green, meaning her hacking succeed.

Keith ignores the solid drop his stomach makes at the suggestion and ignores the hard tug inside his chest. He doesn’t even want to picture it. “Whatever thing he’s doing, he needs to be here now or Allura’s gonna throw a fit.”

“Well, you better hurry then and get him, because Allura’s inspirational speech is about to end and then she will notice for sure.”

Keith blinks because excuse you but why is he in charge? and then oh, right, black paladin stuff, yay.

No yay.

Sneaking out of the room wasn’t hard at all and soon he was retaking his own steps from an hour ago. He’s in the royal garden all of the sudden and it’s not long before a familiar voice echoes around him.

“You have got to be the most beautiful little lady I’ve ever seen!” Lance shouts, the happiness in his voice clear as the day and it makes Keith to twitch an almost smile, “Believe me, I would know, I have travel the entire universe!”

Keith sighs then, because he knows who Lance must be talking to and what’s he’s aiming for. Sucking in a breath, Keith turns to head over he heard Lance’s voice and he’s surprised to see that there’s a small group of the planet’s habitants, all of them circling two figures in the middle.

He easily recognizes the blue color on Lance’s armor, just like he recognizes the common castle’s servant attire of the aliens surrounding Lance.

Keith’s curiosity sparks when Lance’s voice keeps going but turning into a more high pitched and playful tone. It’s not unusual, per se, for the Blue Paladin to talk like that, but it’s no usually done in front of potential Mrs. Blue Lions.

Not that Keith has been paying attention to Lance’s tactics.


Keith walks forward, tapping and pulling gently to the side at some of the servants and nodding gratefully when some of them step away voluntarily as soon as they recognize him.

“Lance, what are you doi –“

His words get cut off by a squeal quickly followed by a giggle.

A child-like giggle.

Keith stares at the scene in front of him, of Lance hunching down in front of the young servant in front of him, clearly a female, but he’s not looking at her, he’s looking at the small bundle in her arms.

It’s a baby, a small round baby that sits on their mother’s lap as they giggle and throws their small arms in the air, trying to reach the Paladin’s smiling face.

Huh, would you look at that.

“Keith!” Lance shouts then, turning his attention from the baby to him and Keith’s eyes widen when Lance pulls him forward, “You gotta meet this precious star!”

“Um, hi, hello, I’m Keith and I’m here against my will and I’m sorry for intruding,” Keith says, waving awkwardly at the young mother of the baby, who smiles gently at him.

“It’s alright, Red Paladin, it’s my pleasure to be surrounded by such presence like yourself and the Blue Paladin. I thank you for your brave doing of saving our planet,” she pauses then, eyes falling to the baby on her lap before she continues, softer than before, “For saving us.”

And Keith’s heart melts, because there are no words that could express the feeling of pride that fills him.

He looks down at the baby then, when something grabs his finger. Keith gasps softly before smiling when he sees the way the baby coos, enchanted by his gloves.

“Aren’t they precious?” Lance whispers next to him, sending him a bright smile, “I’m sorry I missed the meeting but I mean, come on? Look at that face.”

Keith snorts but still kneels in front of the baby, letting them nib with their tiny mouth his gloves. “You got lucky this time, Mister.”

Lance chuckles quietly, kneeling down next to him. “Who would have thought Keith Kogane was weak for babies?”

“Not only for them,” Keith mumbles but Lance doesn’t hear, because he’s back to cooing and stealing the baby’s attention in less than a tick.

They both miss the meeting, but that’s okay, Allura didn’t mind after she joined them two hours later.

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Could u pls do a bts reaction of them walking in on you moaning their name really loud?

Originally posted by ciutae


  • quickly bursts into one of the dorms bedrooms where he hears you moaning
  • jumps on the bed and pushes a hand over your mouth
  • “are you crazy?! jungkook is literally in the next room!”
  • “he probably heard you!”
  • makes you promise to stop if he gives you some attention later

Originally posted by ttaegiis


  • starts hearing strange noises while he sits in his studio with namjoon
  • “mwo?? what is that?”
  • confused by the leaders smile
  • “is… is that… OMO I’LL BE RIGHT BACK”
  • “YAH!” the fuck are you doing!? namjoon heard you in here you know…”
  • distracted by watching your hands disappear inside your shorts, and your back arch as his name flooded out of your mouth
  • ends up staring, closing the door quietly behind him

Originally posted by bangtan-sarang


  • hears your moans as he walks past the bedroom door
  • smiles to himself
  • opens the door, leans against the frame
  • “what’s up baby girl…? you call me?”
  • pushes his lips onto yours to muffle your moans

Originally posted by parkjiminer


  • hears his name echoing down the hallway and into the kitchen where he sat with the rest of the rap line
  • looks around the table, met with stares from yoongi and namjoon
  • yoongi: “you should go check on your girl, hoseok. she seems to be a bit distressed…”
  • namjoon audibly chuckled before clearing his throat and pretending not to realize what was going on 
  • hobi angrily walked down the hall, opening the bedroom door, and slammed it shut behind him
  • “you done? you had fun, did you?”
  • rips both hands out of your shorts and pins them over your head
  • positions himself in between your legs, his growing length pushing against your saturated core
  • leans down, lowly speaks into your ear “i swear to god i will make you remember to never ever embarrass me like this again.”

Originally posted by delightfullyfree95


  • listens outside of the bedroom door for a few moments
  • slowly creaks the door open
  • “baby…?”
  • slow strides toward you
  • “i love hearing my name come out of your mouth like that”
  • lays next to you, fingers playing with your hair
  • “please keep going. i want to watch.”

Originally posted by celinet7


  • begins walking into the living room without realizing what you’re doing
  • “babe have you seen the remote, i can’t find it any….”
  • drops his phone when he sees and hears you
  • “baby… what.. what are you doing?”
  • sexy smile as he kneels on the ground next to where you lay on the couch
  • “can i help?”

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy


  • he knows what you’re doing. he’s ignoring you. he’s asked you not to make a scene when his teammates are home, no matter how excited you get.
  • texts namjoon; ::hyung. i think my girl hurt herself, shes calling me but i’m on a phone call. can you check on her?::
  • sits the phone on his desk, leans back in his chair and waits. once he hears namjoon pass by the office door, he gets up and follows him quietly. 
  • namjoon: “hey, are you alri… OMO I’M SORRY.”
  • namjoon turned to leave but was met with jungkook standing in his way.
  • “yah. i told you not to do this anymore, noona, i warned you.”
  • “you’ve left me with no other choice but to give you to hyung for now.”
  • smiles when your face turns red and namjoon looks to you confused 
  • “hyung my girl sometimes mutters your name too. she has wet dreams about you. i’m fuckin busy, as i said, so take care of her for me?”
  • smug little shit glides back to his work, proud of himself. he’ll make sure he punishes you himself later.

So I fucking spoke up and basically said that if you abort on the basis of disability alone that you need to check your ableism and that you just made an assumption that a child’s life would automatically not be worth living, and she’s all nodding along and fucking comes back with some story about this couple that found out that their baby would be born without one arm and how now he hates his life and tells his parents they should have aborted him and talks all about how they knew and still made him live this life and was all “how do you deal with that as a parent” and like “it’s a hard decision and I can’t judge either decision.”

Lady, you need to fucking back off and actually read a bit about disability and internalized ableism and stop speaking over actual fucking disabled people. There is so fucking much that goes into the way we as disabled people will come to think about ourselves and you clearly don’t know any of it. Stay in your fucking lane and don’t presume to talk about shit you aren’t well-educated on. ’

Stay This Little

REQUEST: from @wardley10

Hey love. I’ve a prompt that before Harry goes off on his solo world tour, Fionn and he are babysitting a toddler that the reader and Jack have together. You all met when you worked together on Dunkirk. Jack gives the guys instructions before he leaves for work and he also makes phone calls to the lads during the day (with banter but also being a protective Dad) to make sure his daughter’s okay. A trip to the park, ice creams and feeding ducks ensue. Hope this makes sense. Thx xxx

A/N: I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life until I started writing it. Thanks love!

Title: Never Grow Up 
by Taylor Swift

“Mate, stop stressing, everything will be fine. You asked me because I’ve done this before, yeah?” Jack nodded and sighed, scrubbing his hand over his face. He’d rehashed his instructions for the fourth time, as well as handing Fionn a written copy and Harry was ready to throw Jack out of the house on his arse.

“We get that you’re nervous leaving her with someone else, but she’ll be fine. She already loves us, mate and we’ve got your’s and Y/N’s numbers if there’s any problems-“ Jack looked at Fionn in alarm, cutting the younger man off.

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Can you do 87 and 83 with theo reaken. Have a nice day!

Theo Raeken - “She is in the car and won’t stop crying”

“Good, you’re home!” Theo let out a relieved sigh when you opened the door and you raised your eyebrows when you noticed the pearls of sweat covering his forehead. “I have a problem and I really hope you can help me, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself any longer if you can’t.”

You cocked your head and crossed your arms over your chest. You had seen Theo stressed before. You had maybe even seen a hint of panic in his eyes before. But you had never seen him like this before. “Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea so you can tell me what’s going on while you calm down?” You opened the door a little wider, but Theo shook his head.

“I can’t come in.” He looked over his shoulder at his expensive looking car, without a doubt stolen from someone who had more than enough money to buy a new one. “For some reason someone thought it was a good idea to let me watch their baby.” He rolled his eyes and you bit your lip to prevent yourself from laughing out loud. “She is in the car and won’t stop crying and I have no idea what to do!” He shook his head and he placed his hands on your shoulders, his hold was strong enough to bruise your delicate skin. “Help me not to kill her, please?”

You knew that for Theo this was a serious problem, you knew that laughing would probably only make it worse, but you just couldn’t help it. The moment you opened your mouth a giggle escaped your lips. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny and I know, but somehow…”

“Somehow it’s funny anyway.” Theo stepped back and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “Are you gonna help me or not?”

“Of course I’m gonna help you, don’t worry.” You brushed his shoulder while you walked past him and the smile on your face brightened when you noticed the cutest baby girl ever in the back of his car. “How long ago did she get a new diaper?”

“How am I supposed to know that?” Theo lifted his hands up and widened his eyes. “Don’t look at me. I’m just looking after her for a day or so.”

“A day or so?” You frowned your eyebrows. “How long ago did they ask you to watch her?” You opened the door of the car and carefully you lifted the little girl up.

She was surrounded by a horrible smell and her cheeks and eyes were red and swollen from crying.

“How long is she crying already?” You looked at Theo while you closed the door behind you and walked back towards your front door. “Did you get a bag with stuff for her?”

Theo took a deep breath. “Yes, I got a bag with stuff for her. She’s been crying for over an hour already and I’m looking after her since this morning, why?”

You rolled your eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Theo, it’s four pm! Of course the girl is crying! What did you expect? She’s hungry, she needs a new diaper and she probably needs sleep too.” You pressed the little girl tighter to your chest. “Go get that bag. I’m sure there will be diapers and food in there and I promise that after she got a new diaper and some food she’ll stop crying and fall asleep.”

“Hey! I already said that letting me look after a baby was a bad idea! You can’t blame me for not knowing all of that!” He hurried to the car to get the bag and when he came back you had already emptied and cleaned the table with one hand. “Why do you think I came to you?”

“I don’t know.” You curled your lips up into a smile while you took the bag from him and searched for a blanket or something. “I didn’t know you were seeing me as some mother figure.” You placed the blanket on the table and then you carefully put the baby girl down. “Why am I the first one to cross your mind when you have a baby problem, Theo?”

“How should I know that?” Theo spoke softly and he scratched the back of his neck. “I just thought of you.” He licked his lips and bent his head. “Maybe because I always do.”

You curled your lips up into a smile while you started to undress the little girl on your table. “I think I like that.” You looked up at him to exchange a short glance. “Let’s talk about that when we’ve got this one happy again, shall we?”

“Yes, please, make that crying stop first.”

“I’m already working on it.”

Reunion Predictions

Ideas of what I think could happen

  • Aaron will be asked out by the Dr and Liv will push for it
  • Robert will see them at some point on a date, get jealous but not react publicly
  • He’ll go and drown his sorrows with Lawrence
  • Liv will find out that Robert was drugging Lawrence, she’ll talk to Robert about it
  • Aaron believes Robert is trying to get HF back for monetary gain rather than as a reaction to split
  • Liv will support Robert’s ideas of getting rid of Whites
  • She will convince Aaron to have a word with Robert
  • Meanwhile Aaron is unsettled on his date realising it isn’t Robert and he can’t move on
  • Aaron and Robert have a big talk. Rob breaks down and Aaron realises why Robert really plotted revenge on HF.
  • This reinforces the fact that Robert’s priority never was the baby and show how devastated he is about losing Aaron
  • They get back together with Liv’s agreement or at least begin to work on their relationship.
  • This will happen within next 10 days.
  • They will move forward as a family unit and work on things as a family
  • Aaron and Liv will support (maybe not physically) Robert’s mission against the Whites

Why I think this is going to happen

  • Why has the Dr been brought in now, why not further down the line before possible reunion
  • The fact Dr is only in one week (spec) makes him a plot point
  • Why has Dr stuff been embargoed this week
  • Diva’s comment about her fave moment
  • Maxine seems to be writing two very uninteresting episodes. Why?
  • There’s not a lot happening between now and end of week with other storylines
  • Dryan and their ‘strange’ reactions at TV Choice Awards as if they are already back together
  • Linton Chiswick is writing Friday’s ep. He did the break-up ep in July
  • ED won’t want Robron reunion hanging over SSW as it did with Ashley’s death. They want it out of the way.
  • Why are Aaron and Liv even in next week?
  • Where is Robert going to watch the HF footage next week, I can see Scrapyard as the only option, I’m hoping on the Mill
  • Why is Duncan doing an article about Robron?
  • Duncan mentioned the start of a reconciliation process or implied something similar.
  • Other Twitter comments and interviews have had hints in too.
  • Main Reason - ED want to take us by complete surprise with the reunion

Random Xena character of the week: “What do you know about guilt/suffering/loss, Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle: “You’d be surp..”

Xena *jumping in front Gabrielle waving her finger at aforementioned character*: “Gabrielle has been through more than you’ll know! She has been through hell and back! That’s my best friend! My baby! My precious! My fuckin’ cinnamon apple!!! How dare you assume, you son of a bacchae!!”

Imagine being pregnant with Bucky’s baby

Originally posted by bucha-nan

You were tossing and turning in your bed in the last few hours because the little girl in your belly was way too active. It was the last month, the last week, more over the last days of your pregnancy. Your baby girl was kicking and moving around in your now huge belly, not letting you a moment of sleep. You hissed when she kicked again, making Bucky turn and reach out for you. He was moaning quietly when he couldn’t hold you as you were sitting, resting your back to the headband of your bed. 

‘Doll, whats wrong?’ He asked quietly, slowly sliding his palm up on your tights to your tummy. 

‘Your daughter wants to fight herself out of my belly.’ You moaned impatiently. Your hands were on your baby bump, desperately trying to calm your daughter to get some sleep finally. 

‘I’m sorry, doll.’ Bucky sit up pulling you to his arms, kissing the top of your head. ‘I never thought that the serum will affect my children too.’ He sighed pulling you even closer. 

‘It’s not that. It’s just… I’m very very pregnant now, Buck. Look at me!’ You pointed to your huge belly, looking him in the eye. ‘I just want her to be born finally. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat properly, I can’t go anywhere… It’s just enough for now.’ He kissed your forehead trying to comfort you. He understood why you were upset, even if he didn’t feel what you did, and he didn’t carry a baby on his own body. He agreed with you a hundred percent. He could see you being sleep deprived, tired and sore all over and he also knew that you were extremely impatient about seeing your baby finally. He was waiting for it too. 

‘I know, but it’s just a few more days.’ He whispered, slowly sliding his flesh hand on you belly and the metal one to your forehead and cheeks. You sighed and relaxed in his arms as the cold metal immediately helped with your headache. 

You could feel your baby scooting closer to the place where Bucky’s hand touched your bump. She did this every time when Bucky touched your belly with his warm hand. It comforted her too. You stayed like this for a few minutes when your daughter probably fall asleep and let you rest. The cold metal against your skin eased the pain in your head and your body got more and more relaxed in your husband’s arms. He slowly lift you a little to make you lay down, leaning to his side while he was laying on his back. He didn’t turn you to your side because he remembered that Ana somehow didn’t like it, and woke you up immediately. So, he just let you lean to him a little, but you were still laying on your back.

‘You are doing great, doll! God, if you knew how do I feel right now.’ He whispered into the darkness. ‘I always thought you are beautiful, but now… Now you are carrying my baby, our baby and you are even more beautiful and I’m so, so proud of you. It makes you the most amazing, strongest woman on the planet for me, and I promise if our daughter will be here with us, I’ll do anything to help you and make it easier for you.’ He promised pulling you closer and placing a gentle kiss on your lips. ‘I love you, both of you.’

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Kaneki kissing Touka when she's sick <3

Mod S: (I got cavities from this…ALSO I DIDN’T WANT IT TO BE THIS LONG)

Her skin is flushed and hot to the touch. Kaneki removes his hand from Touka’s forehead and continues to hover over her. She’s sleeping soundly, but then she stirs. Her face scrunches up from pangs hitting her deep in her bones and then her eyes flutter open. She finds Kaneki above her, still and smiling at her. He’s disgustingly cute. 

“What are you doing?” She asks, her voice is raspy.

“I came to make you feel better,” He nods over to her nightstand. She looks over and finds a cup of hot coffee. “And it has just a bit of honey for your sore throat.”

The pregnancy had affected her in many ways but since she hadn’t been eating for herself she had become susceptible to getting sick, which had never happened before. Serves her right for being out and about during cold season. 

Touka pushed herself up with her shaky arms and leaned up against a mound of pillows. Her belly had completely taken over her, but the baby seemed healthy and that’s all that mattered. She reached over for the cup of coffee and took a huge whiff of it. It smelled really good. Could he have gotten better at his coffee skills?

She took a small sip and a big smile crossed her face. She saw Kaneki look at her excitedly, as if this was the reaction he had been waiting for. 

“You like it?” He asked. 

“Almost like the manager’s. Almost.” She said, still smiling. That was a huge compliment coming from her. She took some more sips before setting it back down. Her throat feeling just slightly better from some soothing warmth coating it. 

She then felt Kaneki cuddle up to her, nuzzling into her neck and placing soft kisses over her skin. She shut her eyes and giggled. Why did he have to be so cute? 

“Is this another way of trying to make me feel better?” She asked. His kisses moved up to along her jawline, chin, and cheeks. 

“Is it working?” He asked. She could feel him smiling against her cheek.

“Maybe.” And then he made his way over to her lips, kissing her softly. But she then pulled away. “Stop, I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I’m a big boy, I can handle it.” He grinned.

“Fine, big boy, don’t blame me if it happens.” She pulled him for more kisses.

Mom and I

At  age 6, I asked my mom to put me back in diapers. I explained her that I was feeling good when I was seeing baby nappies, and that I wanted some (in fact I was excited by diapers, but I didn’t know at this time). She accepted after I insisted for 3 years and we visited 2 psychologists. The day we bought these diapers, mom taught me how to put a diaper, but ended up putting it on me. She made me lay on the floor in my room, and while she was putting it on me, she saw that I was fully erected. She told me that she understood why I was feeling good, and she finished putting my diaper. She left my room and closed the door. I caressed myself and masturbated continuously for the next 3 hours, until she came back to tell me to take my bath. She made me lay on the floor and removed my nappy. I was still fully erected, and she commented by “look at that big stiff willy!”. When she put me to bed later, we discussed about my diapers, and she told me that she had no particular issues with my diapers, as long as I was still using the toilets. I agreed, and we hugged for a very long time. We kept talking, and she asked me what satisfactions I was having from wearing diapers. I told her that I was feeling very good when she was putting my diaper, and when I was wearing it. We agreed she was going to keep putting my diapers in exchange of good grades at school, and she kept her word. At the beginning, she was just putting my diaper and leaving. But after a couple of times, she noticed that that my little wiener was irritated (due to masturbation), and she brought baby cream. The following times, when she was putting my diaper, she was putting some cream on my little kiddy penis, and little hole. She was putting a lot of cream, and she was taking a lot of time to spread the cream with her fingers. While doing this, she was always having sweet words “I know a big boy who is going to have good time”, “do you like when mommy is putting cream on your wee-wee?”. She was actually masturbating me, but not until my orgasm, and I still remember her finger getting inside my little butt the first time. What a nice sensation to feel my little hole getting forced by mom’s finger. She watched me masturbating a lot of times, sometimes on her lap, sometimes in front of her. Sometimes, she was insisting to put more cream on my little dick. Mom and I had this little game until I moved out for university. I miss these days so much…Today I am 24, and I am just too shy to ask my mom for it again…

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is sans's baby a boy or a girl? can we see them?

he’s had both! because the aliens love him and impregnated him very soon after he gave birth to the first child.

the first child was a girl, named annabelle (i’m not good with names so i just randomized her a name). i recently aged her up to a toddler, and she looks like this:

(her eyebrows should match her hair but sims 4 loves its glitches too much)

the second child was a boy, annnnnd i can’t remember what i named him??? he’s still a baby, so he just looks like this (his more alien features like skin colour and eyes will most likely manifest as a toddler, like annabelle’s did):

they’ve both been adopted by an alien couple that lives in windenburg, because i didn’t want to keep the babies in the skelebros household but also didn’t have the heart to send them back to their homeworld.

Forty and single, Katniss Everdeen steps in whenever her family needs help. But her life of altruism falls apart when she meets Peeta Mellark, her aging uncle’s neighbor. Now Katniss is the person who needs help.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “You’re positive the baby’s mine?”

What the hell?

“Yes it’s your baby, Mr. `I Don’t Do Casual Sex’. For your information, I haven’t been with anyone in years. I should never have agreed to let you kiss me.”

A hint of a smile appeared on his lips. “So I woke up Sleeping Beauty. I’m that good, huh?”

Chapter 4 is now posted on and Ao3.

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How do you think red and kitty would react to Hyde and Jackie starting a family?

I think Red and Kitty’s reaction to the news of Hyde and Jackie starting a family would all be based on what Hyde and Jackie’s state was at that moment. I’m going to assume, because I love fluff and like to think everyone got their happy endings in the series, that Hyde and Jackie are happily married when they tell Red and Kitty that they are pregnant.

Both Red and Kitty would be very happy for the new parents to be. Kitty would be bouncing with excitement, maybe saying something like ‘I knew you were pregnant!’, and hugging everyone in the room. First Hyde, then Jackie, then even Red and then back to Jackie and Hyde.

Kitty would be absolutely thrilled at the thought of there being a baby around again, she’d cry some happy tears, scream with excitement maybe looking something like this:

Red would also be very happy for the pair, he just wouldn’t show it in such a flamboyant way the way his wife did. Along with happiness, Red would also feel very proud because he already knows that Steven and Jackie will make great parents, a hell of a lot better than the kinds of parents they’d been given as kids.

Red would congratulate Hyde with a strong pat on the back, maybe a one-armed hug as he said ‘Congratulations, son’ And with Jackie he’d surprise those in the room by giving her a real hug, perhaps looking something like this:

Thank you so much for the question! *hug*

It’s Red and Kitty as Grandparents Week send me Questions and Headcanons here

Upcoming Oneshot Fic Coming Soon

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I miss my whiskey knot babies. Hope you're doing well lately !! 😘

Hello lovely thoughtful anon! I am doing very well, thanks so much for wondering– just battling the 8,000 word update (this is what’s keeping the NHI asks at bay too– haven’t forgotten!). I’ve been writing deeper into the whole thing so hopefully I can keep up better. Those damn Whiskey Knot babies of yours! Causing trouble all over the place. Here’s a six-sentence bit from Leather (2), along with a song if you’re interested:

But her beauty was not what made Han recall the prizefighter he’d once seen, at this very fair, take a vicious left hook that buckled his knees. She wore trousers, light brown suede, tight from hip to ankle. Across her back was slung a rifle. Her eyes wide and chin set, Leia Organa stood: lithe and armed. And this is what sent Han leaning into the fence as though against taut leather ropes. His expression that knocked-out boxer’s mixture of mortally perplexed and strangely blissful.

Ask for more sometime if that’s your jam, anon! Thanks so much for writing, and for giving a damn about this dorky stranger. 

I am both grateful and awed by the fact that none of the boys seem threatened by or resentful of the baby. No behavioral changes, no acting out. They’ve just gone on with their lives. The big guys stop to admire her every once in awhile, cooing over how tiny and cute she is. The little guy endangers her only with his sheer exuberance, trying to include her in their games or share his particularly energetic brand of affection.

Maybe there will be some growing pains when husband goes back to work. Still, right now I can’t believe how lucky my daughter is to be so genuinely loved and easily accepted by all her big brothers.