she was stuttering so much

Marinette and Chat Noir DO NOT put their crushes on pedestals.

Okay, so the majority of the fandom believes that Marinette idolizes Adrien / sees him as a god and Chat Noir sees Ladybug as a goddess and places her on a high pedestal, correct?
This is simply wrong.
Yes, Marinette gushes over Adrien quite often and has called him perfect once or twice but if you really analyze their relationship, is the conclusion that she really does see him as perfect correct?
Marinette is anything but shallow. She did not fall in love with this kid for looks, or money. She fell in love with this kid for his kindness and his insecurities.
Lets take a look at the origins, shall we?
Marinette was absolutely FURIOUS at Adrien for supposedly “putting gum on her seat”. She didn’t care that he was the son of her idol. She held that grudge until the end of the episode. What happens next?
Adrien reveals his insecurities to her and opens up to her. She knows he’s insecure and awkward. She does not place him on a pedestal. She falls in love because she understands that he is a human and he has insecurities but still opened up and showed his kindness to her.
Now one might question: Why does she stutter so much around him?
We are all different. Marinette is insecure, but she does not see Adrien as some untouchable, impossible goal. She does not know how to convey her feelings properly. We see her character development throughout the season when her and Adrien become pretty close and she can hold conversations with him without stuttering or running away. In fact, if anything, it’s Adrien that puts Marinette on a pedestal. Class president, friends with everybody, plays video games like a goddamn boss, and incredibly sweet. This is displayed in the Gamer when he looks are her in awe and says “You’re awesome Marinette, you don’t need me,” and shys away with insecurity, yet another example of how he has displayed his insecurities to Marinette, and she tries to reassure him that he’s also very good. Along with that, there’s also his interactions with Ladybug. She knows he’s lonely. She knows his mom is missing. His life isn’t perfect. Marinette knows he’s isolated and sad.

On to Chat Noir.

Chat Noir is extremely aware that Ladybug is not perfect. He knows she’s clumsy, insecure, brash, and can easily get jealous. These are all characteristics articulated from her in the Origins and sprinkled around in the rest of the season. And guess what? Even after he saw her tumble, doubt herself, and charge at this unknown monster, he still falls in love. That says a lot.
Chat Noir does not need a lot of explaining because it’s somewhat easy to analyze him but the majority of this fandom believes that Marinette placed Adrien on this high pedestal and that just isn’t right. Maybe she’s still insecure about herself not being enough, but there will be a lot more character development throughout the next few seasons. They’ll mature.

anonymous asked:

Please do how the boys would react after their first kiss w u or how it would goooo~~😆

I haven’t had my first kiss haha

-Admin Terra

Note: This is our opinion about the members of Monsta X. None of these are accurate.

Originally posted by minyeossi

Hyungwon: He’d be really cool about it. It would be like a spur-of-the-moment kind of kiss. Of course, he’s extra happy since it’s the first kiss but he wouldn’t make such a big ruckus about it compared to the other members. Actually, in this type of situation, you’d be the more embarrassed one. He might even tease you about it.

Originally posted by joohoneylee

Jooheon: He would probably make the situation super awkward at some point. His kiss would be something he planned but he would end up worrying the whole time like “What if our teeth clashes?” or like “What if she pushes me away?” He’d end up stuttering so much and he can’t even look at you in the eyes omg such a cutie. When you’re not around anymore, he’d would be freaking out about it.

Originally posted by twinklestars06

Minhyuk: //ignore I.M haha// He would give you a quick yet sweet kiss. He’d be giggling to your surprised reaction and to his sweet gesture. He might give you another one if he saw you pouting. Once he’s satisfied with the kisses, he’ll definitely hug you, showing how much he loves you. “I love you.” would escape his lips a thousand times. 

Originally posted by tochangkyun

I.M: omg this guy would act like a little kid. He would do something really sly to kiss you maybe like poking your cheek when you’re looking elsewhere and kissing your lips when you turn your head towards him. He would be smiling through the kiss, clearly amused with his trick. And you’d be too. Afterwards, he would crack up laughing suddenly and to your surprise, you end up joining him.

Originally posted by maleidolnet

Wonho: He would most probably be biting his bottom lip while staring at yours. Then, his stare would go up to your eyes. He would take a step forward, not breaking his stare. Then, he’d hold your chin up and kiss you slowly, treasuring every second. He’d pull away when you’re both finally out of breath, smiling happily afterwards. He might even throw in a compliment like “That was amazing.” or something. When you’re not around anymore, he would be really riled up about it.

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Kihyun: He would most likely give you a really confident kiss. Well, in the inside, he would be worrying a lot but he doesn’t want to show you that side of him so keeping his ‘cool image’ in front of you is really important to him. He would be smirking before kissing to make you feel flustered. His kiss would be really passionate and somehow heated. Right after that, he’s still gonna keep his ‘cool image’ in front of you but when you’re not around anymore, he’s gonna be grinning and blushing a lot.

Originally posted by sonhyunu

Shownu: This dude will be so awkward like omg. He would lean in really close but would stop like a centimeter away from your lips, wondering if he should lean his head to the right or the left. But nevertheless, he would be like “Whatever” and just do whatever he wants to do. It would be really gentle and quite long. He might even snake his hand around your waist and pull you closer to him. He would probably show a poker face at first since he’s still in a daze but would smile and blush immediately after that. 

Love’s a fragile little flame, it could burn out

Maybe she is terrified. Maybe she really is terrified that by exposing this thing, whatever it is, to the light of day, to the judgment of others, they will ruin something.

Their love is fragile - hers is not, but she fears still that his is. She fears that he will realize that his reaction to her is just because he has never been in love. She fears that he mistook an innocent and rather silly crush for the all-consuming love she knows she feels for him.

One day he will meet his perfect girl, or boy, or…. One day he will meet his perfect match and it will not be her.

She knows there is no one out there for her - she doesn’t deserve to have someone, but she has him. He is hers, for as long as he’s stupid enough to stick around.

Oh, he is not stupid - he is stupidly brilliant and witty and passionate and… There are no words to explain all he is. He is both brilliant and stupidly naive, he is charming yet terrible, he is Enjolras and he is miles out of her league.

She is just another street rat who managed to get a lucky break (his name is Marius and he just felt compelled to return just one of the many favors she had done him). She is scarred inside and out and she dreams of the days when the hotel went under and everything went wrong - and she wakes up screaming and begging to be let go, pleading that she would do better next time. There was always a next time.

It is terrifying to dare to fall asleep with him next to her, to take the risk that this would be a bad night - it could always be a bad night and that was not something he needed to see - there were plenty of reasons why he should leave her without her giving him evidence to add onto that pile.

She doesn’t want to make it easier for him to leave her, even though she knows that she should, that he deserves better.

“Eponine,” his warm fingers brush her cheek. “What are you thinking of?”

He is always so warm, so hot-blooded where she can feel cold inside even when burrowed in a pile of blankets. She adores that about him.

“Nothing,” she brushes it off and leans into the touch. “Nothing important.”

No stupid concerns need matter when he is right there by her side - for now - and they still have a few hours to kill before bedtime. For once, he does not have a million tasks to accomplish until then, and she revels in that luxury for a while.

“You are important,” his forehead against hers.

No, she is not, but that is okay. She does not tell him that she knows better - it would ruin the moment. He would want to talk about it - bad idea, because Gabriel Enjolras can out-argue her on just about every subject.

She sighs and lets her arms wrap around his neck - safe. She wants desperately to kiss him, but she needs him to move first, to take the initiative in their lovelife for once.

“You matter,” he tells her softly, and he presses a soft kiss to one cheek, then the other.

Her breath stutters, and she tries so hard not to show how much he is affecting her with such a simple gesture. This is romantic rather than just purely sexual, and she is terrified and excited about that at the same time.

“I care about you,” he kisses her jaw.

A part of her knows that he does, but she is scared to have him say it to her. Because if she knows, if he says it out loud, it will hurt more when he leaves her.

“I love you,” he whispers against her lips before finally, finally kissing her.

She holds him close and prays that he’ll stay. 

iHeartRadio Recap

So I tried to type this out as quickly as possible while also trying to answer all my anonymous ask I have in my inbox. So I apologize ahead of time if things are jumbled or confusing or if my spelling/grammar is a wreck.

First let me say this; I know no matter what I say in this post, no Tayvin will believe me. It is what it is. But I can promise you that I did my absolute best to make sure the details are all correct. I will not lie to make our ship more convincing. I’m not making anything up, just recounting the events as they took place. I know this thing was televised so you already know what happened. I’ll focus more on what happened off camera.

I will also throw this disclaimer in there:


Like seriously, every clap and camera pan is rehearsed during the commercials. They yell at you before they come back and tell you to applause, when you can and can’t stand, etc. It’s very interesting to witness. Also, the celebrities literally DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. They all talk during the performances and half of them have no idea what is going on. Including the nominees. It was definitely interesting to watch.

So, I arrive and it turns out I’m sitting next to some huge Selena and Taylor fans. However, they also think Cowlick is a douche bag which was glorious. I was also in direct view of Taylor’s table and with my binoculars I could see every single facial expression.  Which is exactly what I did. Whenever there was a performance or they won an award, I watched their interactions instead of the stage. I missed some performances, but I saw the most important one (the stunt) so it was worth it.

·         Taylor walked in one minute before the awards started. She rushed in holding Calvin’s hand and the crowd went wild. When I saw ‘crowd’ I mean the fans that were standing in between the heart stage and the tables set up for the celebrities. Turns out Calvin showed up about 20 minutes before she did, which I found interesting.

·         If People Mag was correct, Calvin was actually in her seat and she was in his. From left to right it was Tree, Calvin, Taylor, Sereah (spelling??), and then Selena.

·         Jason derulo started the show and music was playing. He was dancing, went to dance next to Taylor’s table, and Calvin cracked a half smile. The bordum begins.

·         Also let me just throw in this tidbit. You guys see a bunch of meme’s of Taylor dancing at award shows. This. IS. Real. She literally dances to almost every song like she will never dance again. And Calvin just sits there. Looking bored of course.

·         Best Female artist was one of the first awards. Actually it might have been THE first. She won, gave him a hug (which he didn’t even stand up for) and gave her speech. He looked bored.

·         Tree suddenly disappeared from the table and was replaced by Kelly Osborn

·         Calvin alternated between talking to Kelly and being on his phone the entire time and Taylor talked to her friend Searyeah (someone tell me how to fucking spell her name!!!!).

·         Megan Trainor performed and Calvin didn’t look up from his phone once. He didn’t even clap when it ended actually. Still looking at phone.

·         Selena won and Taylor looked hella happy for her. Calvin didn’t hug her when she won. He texted during her speech.

·         Finally we get Tayvin action. Taylor loops her arms through his (his hands are clasped together with his elbows on the table (if that makes sense). There was a performance going on when this happened.

·         Commercial after performance and she dropped his arm immediately lmao

·         Calvin wins best dance whatever. He wasn’t paying attention at all because they announced his name as a nominee and taylor clapped but he didn’t even notice. When he won someone pointed at him and he said “me?” and then the camera panned to him. Cringe worthy hug again.

·         Taylor gives her faux heart eyes for the crowd. Trust me, they were faux. She knew the camera would pan to her. The whole crowd went ‘awe’ and I said ewe and everyone laughed. He didn’t thank her, but he has no problem thanking diplo which literally makes no sense because how did diplo contribute to his award? Who fucking knows.

·         Taylor disappears and Calvin is at the table with her friends. No interaction, he is on his phone.

·         Selena says a couple words to him, but still he’s looking bored and on his phone.

·         They are getting Justin Timberlake ready to present Taylor her tour award. This is when shit gets weird. They start playing New Romantics and the crowd thinks she’s either going to perform or the video will drop. Obvi that doesn’t happen lol. They were hyping the crowd up and kept alluding to something “big” happening, but nothing big happened.

·         Taylor gets her tour award. I didn’t watch her acceptance speech at all because I watched him the entire time. He wasn’t paying attention. No seriously, you guys only saw the half of it when the camera panned to his face. He literally wasn’t paying attention during her speech. And when they camera panned to him and still looked bored, gave his smirk, then went right back to being bored af when the camera panned away. I DID hear her stutter though and the couple next to me said “why did she stutter so much at the last part? Weird” and I was dying laughing inside. Also, when she said “adam” the ENTIRE crowd was like “who tf is adam?” not joking. It wasn’t just the internet that was confused lol.

·         When the show went to commercial Taylor walked off stage and tapped selena’s shoulder as she walked by back to her seat. Selena turned, grabbed her phone, and then taylor hugged douche lord from behind with one arm. Selena took a picture and then Taylor pulled away. It seemed very rehearsed. Selena just snapped a photo and went back to her conversation with the girl next to her. And Calvin, once again, looked bored.

·         They didn’t talk and were both on their phones. Taylor seemed reallllyyy into her’s and I thought for a minute she MUST be liking dumb shit on tumblr.

·         No talking lasted for several minutes until Taylor got up and disappeared. People were telling me she was liking things on tumblr when this disappearance happened. He looked bored at the table and didn’t talk to anyone, again.

·         Taylor came back and started playing with the led lights on the table (they were there for the previous performance. Staff handed them out). This is the point where I realized she very well may be drunk I had seen the waitress come to her table about 12 different occasions at this point. I started to pay more attention once I realized this.

·         I was watching her still play with the led lights and said to the couple next to me “taylor looks drunk. She keeps playing with those lights” and they said “We know! We were just saying that”

·         Not 30 seconds later Taylor wins most meme’able moment and gets caught with the damn led lights. Smh. You could tell when the camera panned to her she had no idea what she won. When the cameras panned away she kept asking everyone at the table what she won. She STILL didn’t know lol. Calvin was on his phone and didn’t even look at her when she asked him.

·         Taylor slams another drink. At this point I’m positive she is drunk. She is literally tipping the cup upside down trying to get every last drop.

·         Commercial break. Announcer says Zayn is about to go on and that’s when someone behind me yells “where’s Gigi?!” and someone yells back “probably with her girlfriend” it was fucking iconic lol.

·         Album of the year award is about to be announced. You can tell she knows she is going to win because she isn’t paying attention for the nominee stuff and calvin looks bored.

·         She wins. Awkward hug. Calvin is on his phone during her acceptance speech LOL.

·         During her speech she says “this may be my last award show for a really long time” and some fan stood up behind me and said “WHAT!” Literally the whole crowd freaked out when they heard that.

·         Iggy starts her performance and Tree runs out and grabs Taylor, Voldermort, and Seryeah. They leave.


Okay that was a long and probably unneccesary recap but I have a few more things to say.

First, Tree kept checking up on Calvin and Taylor multiple times throughout the night. In the 3 hour show, I saw her at their table on 6-7 different commercial breaks. I thought it was very strange and I just needed to throw that in there. She would come around for about 45 seconds each time, ask how Calvin and Taylor were doing, and then would disappear again. Weird. At one point she even stood behind their table with her hands clasped behind her back just chaperoning. It was very strange.

Secondly, the seating is very weird. I noticed how initially Tree was by Calvin, then it was Kelly, then it was some other random girl. So I asked the security guard in my section (she fucking loved me by the way) what was up with that. Apparently they have people who fill seats to make the tables always look full. I did NOT know this. They have people on standby that are dressed really well and sit in the empty seats to give the illusion that there’s a full house. I’m not making this shit up. After security told me that I googled it and its true. Like I said, this whole thing is made for tv.

While I was sitting there I tried INCREDIBLY hard to not be biased. The whole point of me going was to see the thing for my own two eyes to maybe understand it better. So I told myself tonight I’m not a kaylor fan, tonight I’m just a fan. That being said, I have never been more convinced in my life that this entire thing is a farce. Calvin looked like he wanted to scratch his eyes out the entire time. At first I thought that was just his personality. I thought maybe he just hates award shows and that’s his demeanor towards everyone. Guys, its not. He looked like he was having the best time ever when he was talking to Kelly Osborn. Some of his friends came up and talked to him during commercials and he couldn’t stop smiling his bright white dentures. It was only towards Taylor and the farce. I made no mention of why I was there to the couple next to me and they even commented on it. He seemed cold and just SO done. I dislike him with a fiery passion, but for a second there I almost felt bad for the guy. And it made Taylor look stupid. She looked like that 2013 version of herself and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

I tried to think about their relationship as if it were real. I put myself in that frame of mind and then looked at them. Then I cringed even more. Because if this relationship is real then he is going to shatter her heart into a million damn pieces. I have never seen someone look so disinterested in “the love of their life” until I saw the way he looked at her. No heart eyes. No sense of pride that his girl was winning all of the awards. If you didn’t know any better you would think he was sitting next to some no name escort, not Taylor Swift, international pop star. They didn’t kiss once, they barely hugged, and the most physical contact they had was either when cameras were on or when a fan next to the tables waved at her. She would grab his arm, wave back, and then let go. It was like clockwork. I just couldn’t believe my eyes because we knew it was fake, I just didn’t realize it was THIS fake. And not only that, I knew Taylor was in charge, but I didn’t realize Calvin was hating it this much. I know he tried to get out of the stunt 8 months ago, but now he looks like he rather just curl up in a ball and die. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The fame that she is giving him must really be worth it.

In conclusion, I stand by my previous statement that I have never believed that this shit is a farce more than I do now. This has nothing to do with me believing if Kaylor is real or not. This is just based off of the things I saw tonight. I didn’t give a minute by minute break down of this because you guys would’ve been as born as Calvin was. It was repetitive. They would speak one sentence and then he would go back to his phone. Repeat. He honestly just looked like he was getting a root canal the entire time he was sitting next to her. I honestly think he hates her. He definitely resents her. I just don’t understand why Taylor is dragging this out. It is painful to watch. And trust me, I would know, I just watched it for three damn hours. I thought I would be angry watching the stunt, but it was so pathetic that I just laughed. And then I felt sad. REALLY sad for Taylor. I spend most of my time angry and bitter towards her, but for a moment I felt sympathetic and empathetic. I think about what it would be like to have to put on such a performance like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hide who I am. And besides the obvious reasons, there must be some really deep seeded issue going on inside of her to drag this stunt out so long. I couldn’t imagine ever having to do something like that. I just wouldn’t be happy.

Feel free to send any questions to my ask box.  

Taehyung - Wet Dream

After a long day at work, you return home to an empty bed. You knew Taehyung was a really busy guy so you’ve kinda gotten used to it. After stripping yourself from your work clothes, you prepare a cup of hot chocolate for yourself. The steam of the boiling water hit your face, relieving you from the cold apartment. After waiting for your hot chocolate to cool down a bit, you get a blanket and wrap it around your small body, endulging your drink also. You turn the TV on see a BTS live on Inkigayo. You observe your boyfriend, dancing passionately, singing with his beautiful voice and sticking his tongue out like he always does. Never did you get bored of seeing him perform.

After about an hour of watching many k-idols performing, you decide to have an early night and get ready for bed. While brushing your teeth, you notice a text notification. It was a text from your boyfriend. ‘Jagiya~ Do you miss me?’ You spit out the foam, rinse your mouth and wash your face before replying to your boyfriend. 'Of course I miss you! I wish I could see you again ㅠㅠ’ It was true. It has been at least 4 months since you’ve last seen him in person, Taehyung has been really busy lately, especially because of his busy schedule. After snuggling to bed and plug your phone into your charger, you notice one last text from Taehyung. 'Aww maybe I can see you soon baby ^^ ily get some rest it’s late~“ You smile at his goodnight text and reply simply with a "ily2 you get some rest too~”

~Magical time skip~

He was rubbing your pussy so fast after his intense fingering. He sucked your breasts whilst nibbling onto your nipple. He left many hickeys all over your body, claiming you as his one and only. “Baby I want you so bad…”

(Taehyung’s POV)
She must of really missed me haha. I wanted to surprise her since we haven’t seen each other in so long. It was about 8am when I arrived infront of _______’s apartment. I unlocked the door and sneaked into her room. I tiptoed into her bedroom and sat on the side of her bed. Hearing her light snoring made me smile and realise how much I’ve missed my girlfriend. I stroke her head and move some strands of her hair out of her face. “Ughh Taehyung….” Did I wake her up? Did she know I was here? “Jagiya? ______?” She didn’t respond.

______ was just wiggling around in her sleep, holding her pink blanket tight and close to her. She breathes softly whilst clenching her chest. I notice small signs of sweat around her temple. Was she dreaming? I decide to allow ______ to sleep so I slowly slide of the bed. “Mmm Taehyung” she moans. I bite my lower lip to hold back the laughter that almost comes out of my mouth. I walk back to sit on the side of _____’s bed. It’s my first time seeing her like this. Was she really having a wet dream about me? I look intently at her and notice her breathing getting faster. She moans another quiet beg for my existence in her dream, whilst biting her lip. I feel myself getting turned on within my boxers. “T-Tae…” I chuckle a little. Knowing my girlfriend thinks of me even when she’s asleep means a lot, even if it’s dirty thoughts. I decide to put her out of her misery and lightly tap ______ to wake her up. “Hmm? T-Taehyung?! I thought you were still on schedule!” She tightly hugs me. “I don’t have another performance until 2 and your apartment was on the way so I decided to drop in” I say pleasantly. After hugging me, ________ suddenly clenches her blanket. “Um…how long have you been here?” she asks nervously. I smirk as I move my position so I’m hovering above her. “Long enough.”

“It’s nice to know you think about me so much” I whipser in her ear. She stutters a bit, probably in shock that I actually witnessed her having a wet dream about me. Her cheeks were a noticeable shade of pink. I lean down towards her lips, “it’s okay, I’ll make that dream a reality.” My mouth lean down on her sweet lips, giving small pecks before slowly allowing my tongue to roam her mouth. ______’s arms loosely wrap around my neck to bring me closer into her embrace. I roam my hands around her soft skin. Leaving a trail of kisses down her body, I reach to her lower body. “You should wear more when going to bed Jagiya~” She only wears her lingerie at night because apparently she feels more 'comfortable’ like that. I slowly remove her panties from her warm skin, revealing her already wet clit. Without hesitation, I use my tongue to give one big lick, taking in all her juices. She moans and wriggles at my bare movement. “P-Please Tae….” I smirk at her entrance, pull her towards me and putting her legs on either sides of my head, resting comfortably on my shoulders. I slowly flick my tongue against her core and slowly enter my middle and ring fingers into her hole. She shivers at my touch as I enter deep enough to hit her g-spot. I curl my fingers and start thrusting into her. Her high pitched squeals fill the room as well as the smell of sex.

I quickly flip her over, spreading her ass cheeks apart. I enjoy the view and so I unbuckle my belt and take off my lower clothing. I pump my dick to let my precum lubricate my whole length. ______ gets on her knees, making sure her ass was in the air and her womanhood was in my field of vision. She knows what she wants. I push myself into her, thrusting continuously, allowing my moans go wild. Her pussy wraps around my dick tightly, wanting me even more. After a few thrusts, I already feel the climax building within me. “_______~” my body was boiling with passion. She turns to look at me and nods. We both release our cum together so none is left. ______ loses her balance and falls back onto the bed but crawls towards my direction. Her hand grasps around my dick and pumps. Her mouth wraps around it and sucks all my juices dry. “Is that what you expected in your dream?” I smirked as I stroke her soft hair. “No….it was MUCH better that my expectations” she said before pulling me down for one last makeout session.

Pretty in Pajamas

Looks like I’m doing Fluff Fiction Week.

Here are the other fluffs I’ve written.

Day Three Prompt: Lazy Weekend


The sunlight was too bright, too warm, the golden glow of closer-to-noon not the pale light of too-early-to-function. Marinette was late. She sat straight up, ignoring Tikki’s squeak as she was displaced, adrenaline setting her heart beating too fast.

“Marinette,” Tikki complained, groggily floating after Marinette as she scrambled down the ladder. “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean, what am I doing?” Marinette shot back. “I’m late for school!” Marinette frantically searched for clean clothing, why wasn’t there any clean clothing? She made a mental note to do laundry that weekend as she struggled into a t-shirt that almost certainly wasn’t stained.

“But it’s Saturday.”

Marinette froze, one arm through the wrong hole of the t-shirt and stretching it at just the right angle to see the large mustard stain splashed across the front of the supposedly clean garment. She turned to Tikki, who was watching her with completely undisguised amusement.

“Saturday,” Marinette said weakly. Tikki giggled and nodded. Marinette sighed, slumping against the ladder, the t-shirt still halfway on. Tikki was right. It was Saturday. She didn’t have anything to do the entire day for once and she didn’t need to be up for hours. She considered crawling back into bed, but she was already awake. She sighed again and wrestled with the stained shirt until it was on properly. “Guess I’ll go ahead and get breakfast.”

“Um, Marinette you might want to put on real clothes first,” Tikki said, moving in front of Marinette as she started towards her trap door.

“We always do pajamas on Saturdays,” Marinette said, waving Tikki off and opening the door.

“Marinette, wait-” Tikki hissed, but Marinette was already walking downstairs, yawning widely and scratching at her messy hair.

Marinette froze for the second time that morning when she caught sight of Adrien. Sitting in her kitchen. With her parents. Because they’d invited him to spend the day with them. And there she was in her pajamas and bedhead and mustard stain.

“Good morning, Marinette,” Adrien said cheerfully, beaming at her as if she wasn’t gaping at him from the stairs.

“Ah, I see sleeping beauty has awoken,” Mr. Dupain said, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes that did not bode well for Marinette.

“Good morning, A-Adrien,” Marinette managed to squeak. She inwardly winced at her stuttering words. She’d been doing so much better, needed to do better since her kind parents had basically decided to adopt Adrien once they learned how starved for parental affection he was.

Marinette considered her options. She could stutter some sort of excuse and disappear into her room until she could at least pretend to be a normal human. Or she could continue down the stairs as if she wasn’t planning her funeral inside of her head.

In the end, Adrien’s heartbreakingly excited smile, tinged at the edges with disbelief, decided for her.

“Hope you left me some pancakes,” Marinette said, continuing down the stairs with her chin lifted and her shoulders back, determined to enjoy this day with Adrien.

Black Cats’ Luck

Adrien’s side of Lady Luck’s Curse

A couple people asked me to continue this…*sigh* I broke my own rule…

But as you wish…

Adrien sighed as Nathalie allowed him a break A whole 15 minutes of no modelling…wonderful…he thought to himself. Adrien was just about to find a place to transform and run off somewhere before he spotted Marinette waving at him from the side. Adrien smiled before approaching her “Hey Marinette! What’s up?” he asked. “Oh! N-Nothing! I was just…I mean…I was passing by and…saw you modeling and just wanted to say hi…so…hi?”

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Thirty Times

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Adrinette

Rating: K+

Prompt: Theatre AU-I’ve seen this play about thirty times and you were my favorite character and you did it so beautifully I just had to tell you at stage door, oh wait, wow, you’re attractive

AN: Not fifteen minutes, but as an actor and playwright, I fell in love with this premise and ran with it. Enjoy!

Thirty times he’d seen this play. Thirty times he’s come to this very theatre, sat in the middle Orchestra seating level and stared up onto the ornate proscenium stage to watch these same performers weld the magic they called theatre. Thirty times he’d read through his Playbill. Thirty times he was the first to stand up with a roaring ovation culminating the actors final bows. And thirty times he’d come back to see the wonderful stage show “Miraculous”, partly because of how “miraculous” of a show it was (pun fully intended), and partly because he was infatuated with the lead actress.

Ladybug was the character’s name, her alias if you will, a street smart detective graced with devilish wit and draped in beautiful fashions of a more elegant era. With her partner, Cat Noir, they solved the same crime each night, recovering the Miraculous Jewel of Paris from the dastardly villain Papillon, and returning it to it’s rightful place in the French Embassy. No matter how many times he’d seen it, he still managed to fall in love again. Not only with the production, but with the girl on stage herself.

He knew her real name was Marinette Dupin-Cheng and that she was around his age. According to her bio, she was a recent Yale graduate and this was her first time in an Off-Broadway production. It did not change the fact that she was unbelievably talented, with the reviews and critical claim to back her up as well.

He came every night that he didn’t have a late shoot in the city or assuming it wasn’t already sold out which thankfully had only happened to him once, on opening night. Any night that Adrien could, he’d faithfully walk into the theatre, where the ushers now knew him by name, and take his place amongst many others to watch the lights come up, and the actors take life once more. Tonight made number thirty.

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How Evil Masterminds Pass Their Time

Ok so I think I have a sore throat so I ain’t feelin’ so good but I only have three weeks until finals and I have to start hitting the books so I’m gonna try to squeeze in as many fics I can before then. Requests are still open.

This particular oneshot was based on this headcanon. A special thank you to my friend @rhaedarofworlds for reminding me (twice) to write this as I asked. (Go follow her. She’s awesome).

So here it is. (I have no idea how to be funny while writing or funny in general so pretend this made you cry tears of laughter okay ?) :

Being Hawkmoth was tiring. It wasn’t the stress of having to control over emotional teenagers. Thinking about it Hawkmoth had no idea why he kept choosing teenagers for capturing the Miraculous. They obviously had little respect for his authority (or any other adult’s for that matter). They thought they knew what they were doing and outright disobeyed his orders. In the end they got what they wanted, once Ladybug freed them they felt loads better having destressed themselves and Hawkmoth was left pinching the bridgr of his nose and shaking his head while angrily cursing Ladybug and Chat Noir while yelling his own variation of ‘Curse You Perry The Platypus’ in a far more dignified manner than Doofensmirtz. (Sue him if he looked to other cartoonish evil masterminds to get his creative villainous juices flowing).

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25 Days of Miraculous Ladybug

Day 2:

Title: December Nights

Pairing: Adrinette

Word Count: 1,846

Summary: Marinette is known for her miraculous hot chocolate, so Adrien gives it a try and some unexpected things start to happen. P.S. Sabine is the best mom ever.

AN: Yay! Day 2 finally finished! Sorry for any mistakes. I hope you enjoy reading it. Tell me if I should write more of these

Marinette was known for making the best hot chocolate. It was a secret family recipe that made it taste so good. Everyone knew except for Adrien of course. She had tried various times to give him some of her famous hot chocolate but never built up the courage. It was a rather cold day and Marinette had made hot chocolate. Snow hadn’t fallen yet but she was hoping for a white Christmas.

Today, like most days, she was running late. She ran to the school, which luckily was right next to her house. Marinette hurried into the class holding two cups of hot chocolate and sat next to Alya.

Her best friend smiled at her and said, “Running late as usual I see. Whatcha got there?” Alya signaled at the cups.

“Hot chocolate.” Marinette said blandly passing a cup to her friend who greedily took the cup.

Alya drank from it and sighed in pleasure. Adrien looked back and looked from Alya to the drink in her hand.

“What’s that?” Adrien asked curious.

“This? Well this is just the most amazing hot chocolate I’ve ever had!” Marinette blushed at her compliment and smiled. That was her best friend. Alya continued to go on and on about how good it was.

The last bit she heard caught her attention.

“… Marinette makes the best hot chocolate!”

“Really, I never knew. Mind if I try some?” A-Adrien wants to try it? Adrien reached up and grabbed the cup from Alya. Marinette watched as he brought the cup up to his lips and took a sip. A blush was forming on her face as she watched the model’s eyes widen and a smile appear on his face.

“Wow…” That seemed to be all Adrien could get out. He handed Alya back her drink as the teacher came in. Marinette tried to focus on school work, but Adrien kept coming to mind. The way he had looked after drinking her hot chocolate. He’d looked so happy and she wanted to see him look like that again. She didn’t quite understand her own thoughts. Adrien always looked happy but when he drank the hot chocolate a different type of happiness came over him. It seemed more… real.

School ended and Marinette was leaving when someone called her name from behind her. A hand rested on her shoulder and she turned to meet them. Adrien stood behind her, a small smile crept onto his lips. Marinette felt her face heat up.

“Well I just wanted to say, your hot chocolate was really amazing, and I was hoping you would like to share a drink with me at your place.” A-at my p-place? Oh my god! D-did he just ask me-

“Y-yes! I mean that sounds like f-fun.” Marinette blushed as she stuttered in his presence.

Adrien looked at the blushing Marinette. Her hot chocolate had been just as good as Alya had explained. Marinette was dressed in a magenta over coat to keep her warm. It really suited her.

“How about I walk you home and we can have our drink now.” Adrien offered and she stuttered out a yes. The walk to her house was short. She unlocked the door to the bakery and let him inside.

“Where are your parents?” Adrien looked around the small shop.

“They’re out for the week, so it’s just me.” Marinette smiled slightly and started working on their hot chocolate.

So we’re gonna be all alone. Adrien sat at a small table watching her work. A comfortable silence filled the air.

“All finished!” Marinette brought a warm mug to him and sat at the table with him.

Marinette nervously sipped from her mug. As he took a sip as well.

“Ah, this is so good.” He praised her. She blushed at his compliment.

“T-thank you. It’s a family recipe.” Marinette laughed nervously but quickly stopped as he looked at her and laughed as well. Her laugh seems contagious.

“There haven’t been many akuma around lately.” Marinette stated trying to keep up a conversation.

“That’s thanks to Ladybug. She’s amazing isn’t she.” Marinette smiled at his indirect compliment.

“And Chat too. That silly cat.” Marinette laughed thinking about him. Him and his cheeky smile, mischievous eyes, and cat puns.

“Oh him. He doesn’t really do much.” Adrien said dejectedly.

“What? Chat does so! He’s a great partner to ladybug and he may be a little cocky but overall he is a great person!” Marinette didn’t know what had caused the outburst. Never had she intended to yell at her crush.

He blinked a few times registering what Marinette said. She thought she had offended him and looked to the floor in guilt. I’m such an idiot.

“You’re right. Maybe I judged him too harshly.” Adrien smiled at her and her heart stopped. That. That was the smile she wanted to see so badly.

He finished his hot chocolate and breathed a sigh of contempt.

“Well I guess-” Marinette cut him off.

“Wait!” She stood up quickly and knocked her mug over. Its contents spilled onto Adrien’s shirt. “Ahh! I’m so sorry!” Marinette started dabbing furiously at his shirt with a towel. I’m so clumsy.

Adrien began to laugh. A rich sound that startled Marinette. She’s so cute.

“I’m so sorry, Adrien.” Marinette sighed looking at the stain sorrowfully.

“It’s really okay. I’ll just change when I get home.”

“No. I’ll wash it, It’s the least I can do since I messed it up.” Adrien knew she wasn’t going to back down. A look of determination crossed her face. He sighed and took off his shirt. Marinette blushed and turned around. What’s he thinking stripping like that?!

When she turned back around Adrien had put on his coat and was waiting at the door. She ran behind the counter and grabbed a small bag of cookies. Marinette handed them to him and he smiled gratefully at her.

“See you at school tomorrow.” He strolled out the door, leaving Marinete to watch him walk away. She almost collapsed right there. That was the longest she’d ever talked with him. Adrien Agreste was in my house. Alone with me. Marinette cleaned up the mugs and collected his shirt to be washed. She hadn’t noticed until now but hot chocolate had gotten on her clothes as well. Marinette took off her clothes and threw them in the wash along with Adrien’s shirt. She slipped on her night clothes and laid in bed. It was already dark.

Marinette tossed and turned. She couldn’t sleep. Her mind was other places. Like how Adrien had been there just an hour or so ago. And what he’d said about Ladybug. About her. When sleep finally came it was short lived.

Marinette had forgotten to set her alarm. Bursting out of bed she threw off her night clothes and pulled her jeans out of the dryer along with her shirt. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she brushed her teeth. Drearily she grabbed her things for school and ran to school. She slipped into class and yawned.

Alya bumped her arm and asked, “Is that Adrien’s shirt?”

“What?” Marinette looked down and gasped, drawing the attention of the other students. She had accidentally grabbed his shirt instead of hers. Her whole body flamed and Adrien looked back at her. His face reddened at the sight before him.

“I-I this um…” Marinette was struggling with her words. Alya smirked at her only making her feel worse.

Adrien stepped in to help her. “Her shirt got wet so I gave her mine.” He covered for her and she breathed a sigh. Why did I have to pick his shirt? He looked at her and she mouthed a thank you. Class went by like usual. Alya walked out with Marinette.

“So you and Adrien? Did you finally get the courage to talk to him?” Alya laughed. No…

“Yeah.. I guess.” Alya smirked as she saw Adrien coming this way. She waved goodbye to the blushing Marinette, with a wink. Really, Alya?

“Hey, Marinette! Mind if I tag along to your place again?”

“S-sure, why not.”

They walked to Marinette’s place. In her haste Marinette hadn’t brought her jacket. Adrien took his off and draped it over her shoulders.

“Y-you didn’t have to d-do that.” Marinette blushed and looked away.

“It’s not that much further and you seemed cold.” Still the shy stuttering girl I know best. They arrived at her house and she let him in for the second day in a row. She brought out snacks for him as she made more hot chocolate.

Friday came around. The day her parents would come back. She sat in the chair down stairs, lots of things occupied her mind. Coming to her house after school everyday had become sort of a ritual for Adrien, but today he had a photoshoot and wouldn’t make it.

Of course Marinette was upset because they had become so close. She could talk to him without stuttering too much. She yawned as she looked out the window. Today had been a rather cold day. Her eyes drooped and she rested her head on her arms. Slowly she drifted to sleep.

Adrien’s photographer had let him out early and he rushed to Marinette’s. In the past week he’d grown closer to the shy girl. He was running on instinct in the dark of night. Her home came into view and he slowed to a stop at her door. Collecting himself he walked in.

Surprisingly he found Marinette asleep at the table they usually sat at. She waited for me. He grabbed a blanket from the counter and draped it over her shoulders gently.

As he went to leave a small tug came at the sleeve of his shirt. Looking back, Marinette looked at him with sleepy eyes.

“Adrien..?” Adrien smiled and turned back to her.

“Hello, Sleepy-head. Nice to see you’re awake.” She giggled softly. Sitting up she stretched. Marinette stood and wrapped the blanket around herself tightly. She walked to the window and peaked out.

“Adrien! It’s snowing!” She looked back and beamed at him.

He smiled sweetly and walked up to the window. She looked to him a bright smile planted on her face.

Adrien looked at her and with no regrets he leaned in and softly kissed her. Marinette stiffened slightly at his gesture but soon relaxed against his gentle touch. She’s so fragile I fell like I could break her. Adrien brought his hand up to cup her cheek. Her small fingers gripped at his chest. Her lips were soft against his. She smelled of the delicacies made in her bakery. Adrien was tender as he lips parted from hers.

Caught in the moment they hadn’t heard the door open.

“Young lady! You have some explaining to do!” Marinette’s father startled them both.

“Dad?!” Oh crap I forgot they were coming home tonight.

“Who is this?” Sabine asked not very angry just curious.

“This is Adrien, from my school.” She looked to Adrien and then back at her parents.

Sabine came up and looked him over. “You sure got a cute one, Marinette.”


Stiles Stilinski Fan Fiction

This is a Teen Wolf AU it doesn’t stick to the exact story line of the series. I will post it chapters due to it being a bit long. Also it is my first writing so feedback is appreciated and also let me know if you want to hear more! <3 

Warning: Cursing. Smut in later chapters.

Part 2

Being the new girl at Beacon Hills High was less than exciting. You had never been the popular or cool chick at your last school so coming here only made you nervous. Large glasses that adorned your face along with a casual outfit of your favorite band tee, jeans and your trusty converse.
“Have a great day honey I love you and please try to make some friends. I promise they are all teens just like you. Remember that.” Your dad said as you stepped out of the vehicle. You smiled and replied. “Okay okay I swear I’ll try. Love you!”
The campus was full of people. Most of the students were on the athletic or popular side you noticed as your eyes scanned the area. “Oh great not another East Ridge.” You said to yourself. Deciding that breakfast was now top of your priority list you made your way into the cafeteria which wasn’t hard to find, it was one of the biggest rooms in the building straight down the hall right upon entering the double doors. The hot bar held some French toast sticks which caught your eye immediately. After paying for your meal you began the ever treacherous hunt for an open table or hell even an open seat. You noticed most areas were already filled up but then a booth on the side wall with vacancy fell into your sights. You quickly walked over and sat down to secure the spot. While eating you decided to take out your book and read some. It was The Giver. A classic childhood favorite that your grandmother gifted to you for your 12th birthday. Immersing yourself into the pages the roar of the room seemed to momentarily disappear.

Stiles P.O.V.
“Are you gonna eat that?” Scott asked while I scooted my food away from me.
“Nah buddy you can have it. Being a growing werewolf and all. You need all your vitamins.” I teased my best friend. He shot me a scowl but still took the rest of my breakfast. I was kind of nervous, it being the first day or senior year. I had came a long way since starting here at Beacon Hills and now I am the co-captain of the lacrosse team. My best friend is an alpha, my GPA is still top notch despite the hell I have been through these past years but I was still missing something. A void that I thought only one person could fill but alas. She wasn’t the one. Lydia Martin would never like me the same way I liked her and I had finally come to terms with that.
“So there is a new girl sitting over there.” Allison said while munching on a apple.
“Yeah its the first day of school, there are a lot of new girls. They’re called freshman.” Isaac said with sarcasm as usual.
“No she is much older looking than a freshman. She’s at least a junior.” Allison said while staring behind me. I decided to turn and look at what she was talking about. I scanned the room until my eyes fell on her. The new girl. She was absolutely radiant but in a modest way. She didn’t even try to be out there likes most girls. She had her own aura that was beautiful. I watched as her green eyes scanned the pages of the book she had laid open before her. She nibbled on her food ever so often. Shiny locks that flowed down her back ending at her waist. Porcelain was the only word that could describe her flawless skin. My eyes automatically feel to her lips the curved into a slight rosy pout. I had to tear myself away so the others wouldn’t scold me for staring so long.
“Yeah she does look way older than 14. I have to say she is super cute but her taste in clothes. Eek. Not what I would have wore on my first day at a new school.” Lydia said while smiling and reapplying her lipstick. I shrugged some at her negative comment. I thought the girl looked fine. Perfectly fine actually.
“Someone should invite her over. She looks so lonely and probably doesn’t know anyone here.” Allison said while looking at me.
“Oh yeah uhm I’ll do it!” I exclaimed quickly. I jumped up from the table then composed myself a bit before I walked her way. I hope she doesn’t think I’m a creep. Come on Stiles you’ve got this. New year. New confidence. I took in a deep breath.
“Hey uhm yeah I’m Stiles Stilinski, my friends and I noticed you were sitting alone and thought you could use some company. Would you want to join me er I mean us at our table?” I finished sounding like a dumbass. I mentally slapped myself for stuttering so much. She looked up with bright eyes and a soft smile.
“Sure that would be great. My name is Y/N by the way.” She replied while standing up.
“Y/N that is a great name. Awesome actually! Oh uhm here I’ll get your bag and stuff.” I offered. She politely thanked me and we made our way back to the table.
“Okay gang this is Y/N. Y/N meet my best friend Scott, this is his girlfriend Allison, Lydia in the pink, and Isaac on the end.” I stated. Everyone around the table smiled and said hello. Y/N greeted them with a shy Hi. She was so cute but I could tell she was very nervous. For the rest of the time we all ate and talked casually, everyone of course bombarded Y/N with questions. I found out she was from the East coast and her dad was the new coroner in town. Interesting and a plus. Her mother left her dad and remarried but her stepdad was an ass. So they moved out here when her dad was offered a new job. Who would have known that Beacon Hills couldn’t keep a decent coroner. I blame the murderers we’ve had in the past giving this town a bad name. Anyways, she seemed so interesting and innocent. I loved how bashful she became when put on the spot with a question. Scott was the first to notice me being more quit than usual.

“Stiles are you alright? You’ve barely said a word.” He asked in a low tone towards me. I shook my head no and replied

“Nope. I am just listening. Why is that illegal now or something? Sheesh can’t a guy just chill for once.” I said with an eye roll. Scott laughed and punched my shoulder. He knew.

“Dude you like her. You think she is cute!” My werewolf friend yelled.
 I looked around the table and no one heard. Lydia was talking to Y/N about her clothes and the rest were going on about something else. I was relieved his outburst went unnoticed.

“Shhh! Don’t be so damn loud Scott. Is it that obvious? God I am such a dork.” I was mentally hitting myself again.

“Nah its not that obvious, its just that you are my best friend and I know you too well. Also my werewolf senses could pick up on all the tension in the air coming from you.” He said with a grin. I frowned and tuned him out while listening to the conversation going on beside me.

“Yeah you should so come it will be loads of fun! Actually show up around 5 so I Allison and I can give you a make over!” Lydia cheered at her sudden idea.

“Oh okay, only if you really want me to. Who all will be there?” Y/N asked in a nervous voice.

“Everyone who is anyone at this school! Its my birthday. Also know as the biggest party of the year.” It was true Lydia always has the biggest and best parties just for her birthday. Y/N suddenly turned to me.

“Will you be there Stiles? If so can I hang with you? I won’t really know anyone else there” My eyes grew wide. Was she asking me to be her date or just as friends? Either way I couldn’t say no.

“Oh yeah of course I will. I mean I will be there and if you want I don’t mind to go with you.” Crap that didn’t really come out right. Y/N giggled.

“Awesome. My first party at Beacon Hills. What should I expect?” She asked while biting her lip and smiling at me. Wow what such a small gesture could do to me. My mouth was dry but I managed to reply.

“Well expect an awesome night that you will never forget.” I said with a smooth smile.

“I’ll take that as a promise Stilinski.” After she said that the bell rang and it was time to get to class. I now had a feeling it was going to be an interesting year thanks to this new girl.

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35+Romanogers :,D

Fluff, fluff, fluff. I tried for a plot. It didn’t work.

35. As a goodbye (the way you said “I love you” meme)

“We should’ve just eloped.”

Natasha feels her lips twitch into a bit of a smirk as she tilts her head to meet Steve’s gaze. He winks, tucks her in close, closer, and she hums, brushing a kiss to the corner of his mouth as she whispers, “Don’t let Pepper hear you.” His chest rumbles with a chuckle and he tips her chin forward, kissing the middle of her forehead. He’s being a little bit ridiculous right now, because it’s not as if they’re incapable of spending one night apart, but, it’s different this time. She’s never paid much attention to wedding traditions before, because she never though she’d need to. She’d never thought she’d be here – tucked into Steve’s arms, his eyes sparkling with affection, with adoration, the ring on her finger twinkling under the chandelier of Tony and Pepper’s penthouse. She never thought she’d be anyone’s girlfriend, or fiance, or wife, but, here she is.

Natasha has gone along with most of what Pepper has insisted on, because she trusts the woman, and because she’d left a majority of the planning in her hands. But this might be one tradition Natasha might have to pass on, if it means that she has to spend the night before the wedding without Steve.

“Let her.”

She rolls her eyes, feeling herself smile as she brushes her thumb over the apple of his cheek. He snatches her wrist, pressing a kiss to her palm. “It’s one night,” she points out, though she can hear the reluctance in her own voice. She has half a mind to slip away with Steve so they can take a cab back to their apartment, though she’ll have to be back in the morning to get ready, anyway. Pepper had been adamant about the dress staying here, so Steve couldn’t peek. It makes sense for Natasha to stay, and for Steve to go back to Sam’s, since that’s where the guys will be getting ready tomorrow, but still.

They should’ve just eloped.

“We can do a lot with one night,” he says, voice low in her ear, and she digs her nails into him a little and gives him this look because – god, he can’t say things like that to her. Not when she knows he won’t be able to actually follow up on it.

(Well, that’s not exactly true. They’ve had sex in the penthouse before.)

“Okay, I’m stopping you two right here,” Tony cuts in, slipping an arm around Natasha’s waist and pulling her from Steve’s arms. Steve says his name, one eyebrow raised, and Tony squints at him, pointing a finger. “Oh, don’t start with me, Cap. We all know what happens when we let you two make heart-eyes at each other for too long. You know, I still can’t use my own guest bathroom.”

Natasha smirks. Steve chuckles, shakes his head.

Sharon comes to stand beside Natasha, linking their arms together and grinning at Steve. “Like it or not, your girl ours for tonight.”

“It’s one night apart,” Sam chimes in, clapping a hand on Steve’s back.

“I don’t want to spend one night apart from her. I thought that was the point.”

“Stop,” Natasha says, glaring at him playfully as her cheeks flush and her heart does a stupid little flutter in her chest. It’s ridiculous that he can still make her blush, make her heart skip. He grins at her like he knows what she’s thinking – he probably does, because he always has – and she rolls her eyes and smiles.

“I think it’s time we head out,” Bucky chimes in, though, he seems rather content with not moving at all with Wanda perched on his lap like that.

Steve casts him a look. “You, too, Buck?”

Bucky shrugs and Wanda giggles, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Now, kiss your fiance and get out,” Pepper orders, giving Steve a smile when he arches an eyebrow at her. “I mean it. Before I have you dragged out.”

“That’s cold, Pep,” he says, feigning offense, and then he snatches Natasha’s hand and tugs her out of Sharon’s grasp and to his chest, too quick for them to quite catch. He slants his lips over hers, kissing her, hard, and Natasha feels her stomach flip, her heart stutter. If she wasn’t craving his kiss so much, she’d be a little more pissed that he’s doing this to her right before he has to leave – and she swears she feels him smirk against her lips, as if that was his intention all along. She wouldn’t be surprised if it was. He’s always been an ass like that.

He nips at her lower lip once, twice, before pulling away, and her eyelashes flutter as she stares up at him.

The next time he kisses her, she’ll be his wife. Her blood thrums at this.

“I love you,” he tells her, breath warm against her face. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” she promises. He grins, runs the pad of his thumb over her knuckles, and she squeezes his fingers a little tighter. “And I love you, too.”

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I just saw a Rivalry to Romance Prompt list somewhere on tumblr and when I saw this prompt I died. Do you mind doing "You’re my jerk barista who purposely screws up my name when I order my caffeine fix AU" prompt? Thank you so much!

Did she stutter? Did she speak a foreign language? Did she cluck like a chicken and barked like a dog? Because how the hell does the same barista mess up her name five times in a row? Really, someone tell her please. Like now.

Latte Art

Sakura glared impatiently as she waited for her coffee. She usually brew coffee at home but this week was finals week and she needed a much stronger fix to keep her awake. She had probably been to the coffee shop twice a day for the past two days already. Once in the morning and once more in the afternoon. Today was Wednesday and the hump day of the week. That meant she was halfway through with her finals and she just needed to survive her last two finals on Friday.

Ugh, Friday finals. The worst. But probably not as bad as Saturday finals. Which should be counted as illegal because why would anyone do that to a tortured college soul already? It’s like the school is just trying to push the kids off the cliff and saying goodbye to the student loans that they have yet to receive back. 

Sakura watched the barista as he idly walked around behind the counter to prepare the orders of coffee. She knew he wasn’t slow on purpose. He couldn’t be purposely annoying her. The way he spent an extra minute shaking up a green tea latte or spending his fine time putting whip cream on top of a iced drink. That has just got to be him being a crappy barista. Not purposely trying to irk her in every single way possible.

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Prologue: Episode 6, Making Up.

So, I kind of wrote this little thing without re-reading DiA and sent it to @outlandishchridhe @writtenthroughtime @lenny9987 @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight @suhailauniverse and @gotham-ruaidh without any intention of posting it, but here it is! I can’t resist and @writtenthroughtime thought I should ;).

It’s divergent from the book in every single way, but I kind of like vulnerable Claire and we don’t see her a lot.

It follows on directly from the fight at the end of 205. Maybe I’ll write it a HEA considering this weeks episode. Sigh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!


“Suzette!” Jamie stamped through the apartment, his ire only enhanced by the lack of presentation the house usually maintained. He’d been away for two days and three nights, unable to bring himself to be in Claire’s presence. She’d asked him the unthinkable and now her face only mingled more with his nightmares.

He’d sequestered himself away at Maison Elise, drinking away his pain until he felt numb with it. But as the days passed he realised he’d soon have to return to his duties. To Jared’s business; to his staff; to his wife.

He pulled back the bedsheets, almost tearing the fabric with the force of it, cursing in Gaelic as he went. What he saw stopped him in his tracks. Beneath the heavy coverlet, stained into the thin fabric lining the mattress was a large red pool. Dried now but still a sharp shock. Blood. His eyes darted quickly, he threw the sheets aside, his hands flailing as he searched out someone, anyone.

Claire. Where was she? Had she been hurt? Was it the bairn? The questions flew around him in the silence of the apartment. He’d never forgive himself if she’d come to harm whilst he’d been away.

“Murtagh! SUZETTE!” He bellowed, his voice carrying from room to room. His heart was pounding now, sweat gathering on his brow as he paced nervously.

“Oui, Monsieur! You were asking for me?” Suzette called from the door of the bedroom, her French lilt softening the English she spoke.

“Where is my wife? There is blood in the bed…”

“Oui, she is in the alcove. We have tried to get her to come out, to see the doctor. Alas, she will not.” Jamie’s glare was harsh and Suzette took a step back. She’d been frightened for the mistress, but unable to coax her from her hiding place. She’d heard the blazing row the few nights before, not the entire context, but she knew Lord Broch Tuarach had been in a terrible state when he’d left the house.

“Monsieur Murtagh tried too, my lord, but she will not be moved.”

Needing to find Claire he turned and sped off, his boots slipping on the hard floors in his hurry. If she or the child were in danger, surely she would have contacted Mother Hildegarde. But he kent how stubborn she could be, and they’d both been in and incredibly emotional state when he’d left her.

He reached the twin doors to their sanctuary and placed his hands atop them. Only the week before this had been their safe place, their haven. They had made love under the blue moon. Now it held all manner of unknown challenges. Jamie’s hands shook as he pushed. The doors didn’t move. She’d jammed them shut. His head fell with a thump against the wooden panels.

For a moment he simply stood, the words failing to come to him. What could he say?

“Claire.” He muttered, hopefully loud enough for her to hear.

“Claire, it’s me…it’s Jamie.” He tried to keep a calm note to his voice but inside he was screaming.

A small scraping echoed before the doors slid open. His head fell from the panels as he lifted his eyes. She had her back to him, the white of her shift stained the same off-red as the bedsheets. He took one step forward, aching to touch her. But he didn’t.

“Claire, have ye? Is the…” He couldn’t bring himself to say the words. He wished she’d turn so he could tell whether the bairn was still safe.

“It’s stopped now. I’m alright. T-the baby…is alright.” Her voice was almost a wisp on the subtle breeze that flowed through the apartment. He could hear the sadness in her voice, he kent very well that she wasn’t convinced of that.

He reached his hand out and drew it along her spine, tracing each knot through the flimsy material of her soiled shift.

“What can we do, Claire?” The hopelessness in his tone made her shudder.

“Nothing. Just wait.”

She seemed to flop all of a sudden, her legs giving way beneath her. Jamie rushed forward, pulling her limp form against his chest. She immediately coiled around him sobbing relentlessly as he carried her over to the settle. He wanted so badly to take her back to bed, but as it was he didn’t want her any more upset than she was.

He placed her softly against the silk fabric, pulling his plaid loose to cover her. She was pale, crying and shaking. His heart sank. She’d suffered through this entire ordeal by herself, shut herself away from the servants and Murtagh. He could see the anguish in her eyes.

“Why did ye no’ go to L'hôpital, Claire? Or get Murtagh to come and fetch me? Why did ye suffer here all alone?” His fingers ran patterns over her clammy forehead and he watched on as she closed her eyes and licked her lips.

“Isn’t this what I deserve, to be punished?” Jamie felt all of the blood leave his body, his hand stilled and he fell to his knees by her side.

“No! Mo nighean donn, no! Dinna ever say that again, do ye hear?” Shaken as he was by her words and desolate tone, he managed to pull himself together. He was mad at her, so angry. But she didn’t deserve to lose their child.

“I love you, Jamie. So much.” She sucked in a breath, her chest stuttering as she sobbed. “I never wanted to ask that of you, I need you to know that. I need you, I love you. I’m sorry.” She curled herself around her belly now, hiding her face under piles of her billowing curls. Her shoulders shook with the weight of her decisions.

His heart broke all over again.

“Enough, my Claire. We are as one, are we no’? I canna listen to ye make such judgements of yerself. I shouldna ha’ ever left ye here, alone.” He moved her a little and folded himself around her, bringing her head to rest in the crook of his neck as his arms ran over her neck, back and shoulders. Soothing her.

“Please forgive me, Jamie.”

“Aye, a gràidh. Nay more. We’ll see to it, together. Hush now and rest. Think no more about it. I love ye, Sassenach. So verra much.”

Claire hiccuped and fisted her hands in his shirt, her tears falling and mingling with his as they lay together, healing each other with touch alone. Praying that all would be well. Each reaching beyond the other for some manner of faith to guide them through. As one mind. As one flesh.

ONE-SHOT : The Smile of an Angel

Title: The Smile of an Angel

Chapter: One-shot

Author: mathildejourdan

Character: Marinette/Ladybug, Adrien/Chat Noir, Tikki, Ladynoir/Adrienette

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Overall Rating: General

Summary : Their eyes met only twice and the only things it took Marinette to have her heart stolen were his bright green eyes and his angelic smile… Or - how Marinette and Adrien met and how she fell in love for her own Charming Prince… ONE-SHOT Adrienette/Ladynoir - preMiraculousOwners

Chapter warnings/triggers: Romance & Fluff

(This fanfic can also be found on here and AO3 here ; I am the same author)



MIRACULOUS LADYBUG : The Smile of an Angel


Marinette was running even if she was far from being late – on the contrary, she was in advance for once. But she couldn’t miss her favorite fashion-designer’s show, Gabriel Agreste. His new line of clothes would be shot for the first time at le Jardin des Tuileries. She had been waiting for this day for months and couldn’t wait any longer, so she had run to it out of impatience.

When she neared le Jardin des Tuileries, she was a long time in advance and had all the pleasure to admire from afar the photographs preparing their cameras, the models having their last touch of make-up and the designer clothes aligned on door garments. She wanted nothing more but to go have a closer look, but there were several bodyguards watching the area. And they had noticed the fangirl sparkling around excitedly.

Marinette was jumping, trying to have a better look when she bumped into someone and tripped over her own feet.

‘’I’m sorry!’’

She looked up and saw an amazingly handsome young man, about her age. He had sunny blond-hair and bright green eyes. He leaned down to help her up, taking her hand in his. She was so captivated by his beautiful eyes that it took her a moment to realize she was standing with her hand in his and staring a little too close.

‘’Ah! I-I’m sorry!!’’ She exclaimed, stepping backward and blushing awkwardly.

Why am I blushing? She wondered while the mysterious boy smiled, slightly amused by her reaction.

‘’I-I’m the one who should apologize, I wasn’t watching where I was going…’’ She mumbled, watching her feet.

‘’I can understand why, it’s so overwhelming to see so much happening in the same time. You want to see the models, I guess?’’ He asked nicely, relieved to talk to someone his age.

‘’Ah, n-no, I-I’m here for Gabriel Agreste… I’m… a big fan…’’ She said before chuckling in embarrassment.

Why am I stuttering so much?! She thought to herself, not understanding why her heart was beating warmly in her chest.

The blond-haired boy seemed surprised that she’d be interested in the fashion-designer’s work rather than the dazzling models all around. He was suddenly curious about her, he wanted to ask the young girl’s name. He wanted to ask her why she liked Gabriel Agreste’s work. He wanted to spend just a little bit of time with someone his age who wouldn’t put so much weight and expectations on his shoulders. But he wasn’t nearly brave enough to do such a thing…

Curious by his lack of answer, Marinette looked up.

Their eyes met and her heart missed a beat when she saw his expression, so unexpected and mature for someone so young… His eyes were beautiful, the brightest green she’s ever seen. But the beauty of these eyes was shaded by a light layer of sadness. The green-eyed boy stared into her bright blue ones, a little thunderstruck by its sparkling. They looked like the Parisian night sky lighted by the stars. Staring without knowing why, he lowered his gaze, shyer than he wanted to be. Upon seeing such an expression on his face, Marinette suddenly felt the urge to hug him and comfort him, not understanding why she’d do such a thing.

‘’A-and you? W-what are you doing here?’’ She asked hesitantly, not realizing until it was too late that she had opened her mouth.

He looked up back at her, blinking in surprise before laughing. Marinette’s heart missed a beat at the happy, light sound. His hair suddenly caught the sunlight and turned into gold. His eyes were beaming with joy and sparkling in mischief. Her heartbeat quickened and she stopped breathing, the entire world disappearing around her. No more models, no more Gabriel Agreste’s clothes, no more photographs, no more Parisian park. Only the golden boy laughing happily and the warmth and peace it made her feel.

‘’I’m a model!’’ He answered, eyes still sparkling.

It was Marinette’s turn to blink in astonishment before blushing in embarrassment.

Of course he’d be a model…! Look at him! He’s too handsome to not be one! What an idiot, Marinette! No one else of your age would be interested in Gabriel Agreste’s works!

‘’Well, it’s my first try, today, so I’m a little nervous!’’ He added, chuckling awkwardly and rubbing his hand in the back of his neck.

Marinette’s heart leapt happily in her chest once again and she was unable to find anything to answer. She tried to talk, but her mind was foggy and she couldn’t focus on anything.

She opened her lips to encourage him and wish him good luck, but a voice cut her before any sound could escape her mouth.


The young model turned around at the sound of his name then smiled at Marinette, warmth spreading in her entire body once again.

His name is Adrien…! She thought, more excited than she should be at knowing such a tiny thing.

‘’I have to go, thank you for… being here, I guess?’’ Adrien said with a little shrug.

He chuckled then smiled, waving at her. Marinette’s heart was beating happily in her chest, she felt happier than she thought she could and this beautiful smile kept appearing in her mind. The smile of an angel…

Marinette remained in her happy bubble for the rest of the day, unable to focus on the clothes she could see from afar. Gabriel Agreste’s exquisite clothes were completely forgotten. She could only think about Adrien with the brightest green eyes she’s ever seen and the smile of an angel.

For the last two weeks of the summer holiday, Marinette would often space out, daydreaming about this boy whose she only knew his first name and the beautiful sound of his laugh. And his eyes… Oh, how beautiful his emerald green eyes were…

When Marinette arrived for the first day of school, her best friend, Alya, immediately noticed the change in her behavior.

‘’I leave Paris for a month, and you’re sparkling in joy and daydreaming – what happened to you?’’ Alya asked with a laugh.

‘’Uh? N-no! N-nothing happened to me! I swear!’’ She exclaimed, blushing when the image of Adrien popped into her head despite herself.

Alya wasn’t convinced at all, but before she could continue the conversion, the bell rang, reminding them that another schoolyear was starting all over again. They made their way into the classroom just when the teacher smiled at the students.

‘’I have the pleasure to introduce a newly transferred student. He is the son of the famous fashion-designer Gabriel Agreste, please welcome him warmly!’’

Marinette grinned excitedly at the idea that Gabriel Agreste’s son would join their class. The blond-haired boy entered the class and all the girls’ breath got caught in their throat.

Marinette’s heart missed a beat before beating wildly.

‘’Oooh! He’s cute!’’ Alya whispered to her, but the half-Chinese girl couldn’t hear anything anymore, her mind focusing solely on the new student.

‘’Hello, my name is Adrien Agreste and I’m very excited to join you all for an entire year,’’ he introduced himself with his angelic smile.

Marinette is vaguely aware of the girls’ sighs and the boys’ annoyed glances. The teacher told Adrien to sit right in front of her, next to Nino who tapped happily the blond-haired boy on his shoulder, introducing himself happily. Adrien blinked, not used to so much human warmth. Then he smiled happily. Chloé blinked her eyelashes at Adrien who smiled back at his only friend in the class, his childhood friend. Alya was saying something into Marinette’s ear but she couldn’t think of anything, she couldn’t hear anyone, she couldn’t see anyone apart from Adrien.

Alya clicked her fingers in front of Marinette’s face, finally bringing her down on the ground. The girl blushed madly, staring down at her desk. The teacher spent the next two hours presenting the year to come but Marinette didn’t listen to anything.

The boy who has been haunting her thoughts ever since she had seen his eyes and heard his laugh was in her class and he was Gabriel Agreste’s son…! She couldn’t believe anything that was happening, it was too beautiful to be true – she must be dreaming!

The bell rang the break and many students (mostly girls) surrounded Adrien, asking him many questions about his father and his life up until now. Marinette wanted to go to the toilets to wash away her blushed cheeks with fresh, very fresh water but when she walked past Adrien, she couldn’t help but glance.

Their eyes met and once again, the world seemed to stop spinning. Adrien grinned, making her heart burst in flames, before standing up.

‘’Hey! You’re that girl! The girl from the photoshoot!’’ He exclaimed.

‘’You know Marinette?’’ Chloé asked with a snort of disdain, staring coldly at the half-Chinese girl.

But Adrien didn’t seem to hear her bitter, annoyed tone and showed his hand to Marinette.

‘’So, your name is Marinette? I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly last time… I should have told you about my father…’’ He said with an apologetic smile.

Marinette smiled even more, lost in his beautiful gaze before Alya elbowed her with a wink. The raven-haired girl squeaked embarrassingly and caught Adrien’s hand, shaking it slightly.

‘’I-it’s f-fine…’’ She murmured, not believing she’d stutter now of all times.

She ran outside the classroom, grabbing Alya’s arm and ignoring his bright green eyes staring at her. Her hand that had touched his was tingling and sending waves of warmth in her entire body.

‘’OK! What was that?!’’ Alya asked excitedly, laughing at her friend’s embarrassed expression, ‘’You didn’t tell me you had met Gabriel Agreste’s handsome son!!’’

Marinette leaned against a wall, cheeks blushed and a hand on her chest, trying to control her mad heartbeat. She couldn’t stop thinking about these beautiful green eyes and his smile. The smile of an angel…

What is happening to me…? She wondered, not hearing her friend calling to her.

She couldn’t understand these new feelings but realization fell over her so suddenly she stopped breathing for a short moment.

‘’I-I think I’m in love…’’ Marinette whispered.

anonymous asked:

If you take prompts, what about a bellarke fic based on taylor swift's song "you belong with me" ? :) Also your writing is amazing! <3

Thank you so much for the nice words - and for your patience while I took forever and a day to write this prompt! 

all this time 

(or, four times Bellamy innocently kisses Clarke, + one time he doesn’t)

i. hand

“Did you see that shot? Oh my god,” Octavia exclaimed, slapping Clarke on the arm several times for emphasis. Unnecessarily, really, because of course she had seen the shot—the amazing, record-breaking, history-making shot. She knew the maneuvers leading up to it by heart, the way the players’ moved around each other, dribbling the ball up the field, the way the commentators were lazily chatting until the last second when bam, the ball beamed into the corner of the net, the crowd went wild, and out of nowhere a legend was made.

She had watched this video a dozen times, but Octavia had never seen it. The only freshman to make the Arkstead High girls’ varsity soccer team in years hadn’t seen a lot of classic soccer games, actually, and Clarke felt it was her duty to educate her team’s newest member. It had become their Friday night ritual for the fall, actually, sitting on Octavia’s squishy couch, eating burnt popcorn, and fangirling over their soccer idols.

“No way,” Octavia breathed, narrowing her eyes at the commotion on the screen. “They have to let that goal count—what the hell, of course she was in bounds!”

Clarke suppressed a chuckle, knowing the outcome (eventually the refs called the goal valid) but wanting Octavia to have the full suspenseful experience.

The commentators’ voices were drowned out, however, by another low, rumbling voice, this one coming from the Blake’s kitchen.

Bellamy was on the phone again, and based on his annoyed tone, she would bet their team’s chances at making it to the playoffs—which were pretty good, now they had Octavia—that he was talking to his girlfriend. He always sounded annoyed when he was talking to her, yet they were still together.

“Shut up, Bell!” Octavia yelled, chucking a pillow over her shoulder that landed nowhere near her brother. “There is education going on over here!”

Bellamy just proceeded to talk louder, and Clarke rolled her eyes.

“Holy shit!” Octavia called out, lurching to the edge of the couch cushion as the game caught her attention again. “What the hell, refs?”

“Language, O!” Bellamy yelled from the kitchen.

“Holy s-h-i-t,” Octavia drawled again, just out of spite.

Clarke sighed, reaching for the remote to pause the video, because her friend could not miss this particular moment in soccer history, and the chance to appreciate it wouldn’t return until Bellamy had removed himself back to his room.

“I’ll go make more popcorn,” Clarke murmured, grabbing the bowl as she stood.

“I can do it.”

“If you two get within two feet of each other, I’ll be spending the night cleaning up a murder scene, and then we’ll never get to finish the video.”

Octavia’s laugh followed her as she moved into the kitchen. When she entered, Bellamy was still on the phone.

“No, I told you, I can’t come over tonight.”

“I can’t. I have to watch my sister and her friend, I told you that yesterday.”

“No, I am not going to leave my fifteen-year-old sister and her friend alone on a Friday night.”

“I’m sixteen,” Clarke mouthed wryly from across the kitchen, and Bellamy shrugged unapologetically.

You’re small enough to be twelve, short stuff, he mouthed, grinning when Clarke scowled at him. 

As he continued to explain, yet again, to his girlfriend why he couldn’t leave the house, Clarke started on the popcorn. The box on the counter was empty though—Octavia must have used the last packet. She went to the pantry, sighing when she saw another box on the top shelf, rising on her toes and stretching her fingers up to try and grab it. As she teetered around and her arm began to tingle from her efforts, Clarke felt a warm presence at her back, and then suddenly a large, familiar hand was clutching the box and bringing it down for her.

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