she was stuttering so much

omega hux au where he’s unknowingly pregnant when alpha kylo turns back to the light and leaves him and he gives birth to their baby boy and raises him on his own

four years later and hux & his son are captured by the resistance, and ben senses something is off as soon as hux disembarks the shuttle with a small boy held in his arms whilst the surrounding resistance fighters point their blasters at them

ben gets permission from his mother to sit and talk to hux, who refuses to acknowledge ben’s relation to the boy, arguing that kylo ren is his father and was killed by ben and that’s what he’s been telling his son

but the boy, in ben’s presence, tells his mother than ‘that man looks like papa’ and hux just hugs him tightly and tells ben to get out

ben doesn’t know what to do; it’s the first time he’s been conflicted since he forced himself to forget hux when he broke their bond when he left the dark side behind

even leia doesn’t know which path to take, because the boy, bless his innocence, looks so much like ben did when he was younger, with his messy brown hair and big wonder-filled eyes, but hux is a war criminal

so, take the boy, give him to ben to raise and lock hux up for his crimes? or allow ben to take hux and his child somewhere safe where no one will ever find them and let them live in peace but potentially lose ben too?

but one night, when hux takes ill and passes out and ben feels his son calling out to him for help through the Force, and ben holds his son for the first time whilst watching vigilantly over hux in the medbay, he knows what he wants; he wants his family back, he wants hux, and he’ll do anything to revive kylo ren

Clumsy Business

Who ordered MariChat? Short Friends to Lovers MariChat is at your service. Merry Christmas, @ryuusadesu

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Adrien was pretty sure that this whole business wasn’t his fault at all and, as a matter of a fact, he had a really good reason to believe that Marinette’s clumsiness was the culprit to blame. However, he didn’t really care about the who, what and why, anymore. All that mattered was that he had finally found someone who would love him back just as much as he loved her.

It all started in September of their last school year together, which was about sixteen months ago. Mlle. Bustier had given her class a seemingly ordinary assignment – by the end of their first semester they had to find, learn about, experience, and write a report on a part of Paris they hadn’t known yet or at least something that wasn’t usually associated with the City of Love’s reputation. Adrien had considered many places but when he had spotted one of his classmates researching Parisian catacombs his mind was made up immediately. Firstly, the mysterious underground world sounded much cooler than anything he had considered. Secondly, he had an unfair advantage – the night vision of a cat. And lastly, when else would his Father allow him to go there if not now, under the pretense of a school project?

Said classmate happened to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng and they had agreed to go explore the underground tunnels on November 01 together. Marinette, thought, caught a nasty flu and spent that day buried under a mountain of blankets, missing their tour. As far as he knew, her next visit was planned for November 11th, which she politely declined Adrien’s company for, not wanting to bother him more than necessary. Which was why Chat Noir had been surprised to see her staring forlornly at a closed Catacomb tour door the next day, as he ran by, finishing his morning patrol.

“Why such a long face, Princess?” He landed in front of her with all of the grace of a feline. “Did the world end and I just haven’t noticed it yet?”

“Yours probably didn’t but mine is as good as done,” Marinette was barely holding back tears. “Almost three months of hard work and research- ruined- all down the drain- and all because I’m so scatterbrained and can’t remember dates correctly!”

“What happened?” he asked if only to avoid the suspicions of having already guessed what was going on. They hadn’t talked since school ended on Friday so Adrien had no way of knowing if she’d missed yesterday’s date too but it certainly looked like it.

“My school project on the catacombs,” Marinette sighed. “I mixed up the stupid dates and now all my work is useless because I can’t experience them for myself.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” Chat smiled. “Just come back when they open next time.”

“Next time will happen next year, Chat,” Marinette grumbled. “The catacombs are open to the public only a few days a year and I need this project done by Christmas holidays.”

“Oh.” He had completely forgot about it. “And writing without going in isn’t an option…” Chat murmured the grim conclusion under his breath. Looked like somebody was in a bit of  trouble.

“Yes. Unfortunately, visiting the site is one of the major requirements for this project,” Marinette sighed and got ready to leave. “Well, I guess I’d better not waste any more time and get started on a new one. See you around, Chat Noir.”

“Hey!” His mouth spoke before thinking (but, honestly, Marinette’s clumsiness was at fault here in the first place for making her mix up the days. Otherwise, he would’ve never offered what he was about to offer to her or anyone else for that matter).

“If you want I can take you down there.”

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Too Much

- Y/n loves Fionn too much to care that he doesn’t love her back, and Fionn cares too much for Y/n to let her go.

A/N: This is short but I figured that this is something to test the waters with. Hope you don’t mind. You can leave feedback and requests in my inbox. Xx

Y/n doesn’t know how she always ends up like this—alone, on the bitter brink of exhaustion, and trying desperately to keep herself together.

It’s currently three in the morning, where everything and everyone has died down, leaving her alone to drown in her thoughts.

Fionn still hasn’t returned home from his trip to the bar—where he goes to sulk and pity the relationship he’s in with her. She’s used to this and it’s so sad, but she needs him to fall asleep and needs him to give her something so that she can have even the slightest bit of hope.

She’s utterly pathetic, but God, does she need him.

“Fionn?” She whispers from her place on the couch when she hears the front door close, her fingers clenching around the cup of coffee that’s now cold in her hands.

He stops in his tracks at her voice, and he’s quite shocked he even heard her from where he stands. But the house is so silent and lifeless that the desperation in her voice somehow echoes inside his ears; as if haunting him.

He sighs softly, the bag that was previously slung from his shoulder now dropping to the floor below him.

His eyes flutter shut at what’s about to come: the inevitable—her breaking point in the midst of all his unspoken truths and unconfessed betrayal. It happens more often than not—where he comes home in the earliest hours of the morning, the buzz in his blood still flowing and the doubts in his mind still winding.

It happens more often than not—that he keeps her waiting. That’s all she ever seems to do. At this point in time, he isn’t quite sure what it really is she waits for. Whether it’s him, or whether it’s the small amount of love he can provide for her that keeps her up at night, there’s something she seems to be holding onto that he just can’t seem to figure out.

He shakes his head softly—as if attempting to rid his most depressing thoughts—and shrugs the trench coat off his shoulders. He has yet to look over at her, because he knows that the second his eyes meet her silhouette he’ll surrender.

“Told you not to wait up anymore.”

His voice is nothing but a mumble and she isn’t quite sure whether he’s referring to her waiting for him to come back home or referring to her waiting for him to love her back.

Her lips quiver softly as her gaze settles to the brim of the coffeecup. She can’t bare to look at him anymore. To hear the indifference in his voice hurts, but to see the truth behind his eyes is deadly.

He can hear the smallest of cries fall from her lips and he feels the lump in his throat tighten. It takes everything in him to keep his tears at bay but he knows his front won’t last long. It never does.

He doesn’t want to keep doing this to her—he doesn’t want to keep her fighting when she has nothing left to fight for, but he can’t find it in his heart to break free from their entrapment. He cares for her too much, that’s why he always comes back. After everything they’ve been through together, he can’t find it in his heart to breaks hers.

Maybe he stays because one day, he hopes to love her the way he used to.

“I know, I just—“ She stutters and swallows her words, her eyes glossed over so much so that she feels like she’s not in her own reality. Either that, or she just doesn’t want to believe this is what her life has come to. “Can you hold me, Fionn?”

She’s being utterly selfish and she knows it. She knows that the last thing he wants to do is keep holding onto her any longer, but she needs it. She needs him to keep her together and prays that by doing so, somehow he’ll end up holding them together. But she’s well aware that the thought is only a product of her wildest dreams and all her prayers will go unanswered.


“Please, Fionn.“

“Love, you don’t deserve this.”

He speaks in broken whimpers and clenched eyes, knowing that somewhere between his words, he’s saying that she doesn’t deserve him; and nothing hurts him more than that.

She doesn’t deserve this, she’s convinced herself that this isn’t what love really is. Every fiber in her being knows that it’s not fair for the either of them to keep their relationship going solely on her love and not even a fraction of his, but she just can’t let him go. She loves him too much to set him free no matter how much it fucking kills her.

“When are you going to realize—“

“I already have!” She shouts through clenched teeth, her fingers fisting and tugging at the roots of her hair in frustration, “You think I haven’t realized that I deserve better than this?! You treat me such shit but I’ve never loved like this before and I can’t—“

The words die on her tongue and she closes her eyes in despair, no longer trying to hold back all the emotions that seemed to have been drowning her for all too long. “I can’t fathom a day where I’m not with you. Even if you don’t love me, I’d rather hurt and be with you than not be with you at all.”

The voice that was once screaming at the top of its lungs is now nothing but whimpers through her sobs.

Her body flinches when she first feels the soft touch of Fionn’s fingertips on her jaw, but immediately feels comforted when her eyes meet the glow of his. He’s crying, too, and she hates herself for keeping him here when he deserves better. But she can’t know the pain that comes with giving him what he wants, she just can’t.

His bottom lip trembles between his teeth when his free hand rubs the back of her head. How they’ve come to this point, he’ll never understand. They were once so happy, so in love and set on the idea of being together for the rest of their lives; but life got in the way of their fantasy. And in between all the hardships and miscommunication, what was once so beautiful turned into what could have been.

Fionn’s so internally angry and frustrated that his mind is racing. All of his doubts and all of his most inner thoughts keeps swirling in his mind so quickly that he can barely think properly, and before he can stop himself, his lips are meeting hers.

Their kiss is rough and Y/n whines when she feels his lips after so long. Their teeth are touching, their tongues are battling, and their lips keep opening in closing as if searching for a way in deeper. It’s nothing short of desperate.

Somehow, along the way, Fionn ends up straddling her waist with his fingertips all twisted in her hair and arms holding on tightly to her neck. They both need this, they both really fucking need this no matter what the outcome of it is.

It’s not much longer until they’re both gasping for air, letting silence consume them whole as they try to search for what could possibly come next. They’re holding onto each other like it’s their last hope, and Fionn even gets emotional knowing that this could be the very moment he’s been dreading—her heartbreak.

“That was my goodbye, wasn’t it?”

Y/n feels his shaking breath on her neck. Even though there’s a hesitation between her question and his answer, she already knows what he’s about to say and she almost embraces the couple of seconds it takes for him to reply.

“I’ve said goodbye to you so many times, you’ve just never heard me say it.”

And even though the words he speaks are true, his heart clenches in sorrow knowing exactly what he’s doing to her. He can’t fathom putting her in this kind of pain, but he knows that he can’t keep forcing himself to love her. He’d rather her find somebody else she deserves than having her spend the rest of her life waiting.

If he truly cares, he has to let her go.

“Look at what I keep doing to you, Y/n. You deserve better than me.”

She whimpers again, unshed tears now falling down her cheeks and soaking through the t-shirt clung to his body. Whether he’s actually going to leave her this time or come back like he always does, this might be the last time she ever has him so close.

She closes her eyes and breathes him in, feeling what his touch does to her body and embracing his warmth. The feeling he gives her can never be compared to, because he gives her a sense of euphoria and a sense of hope nobody else could ever dare provide her with.

“It doesn’t get better than you, Fionn.” She whispers, “It doesn’t get better than you.”

acefighter63  asked:

Post-BotW HC: I know it’s kinda canon that Link’s talkative and stuff around people post-calamity, but I like to imagine that he’s still kind of quiet and antisocial. So Zelda notices and inquires about his quietness, maybe asks him why he talks to her more than he talks to everybody else in Hyrule combined, and he just says “Zelda, my voice is yours”. (By the way I know I’m just kinda spamming these, sorry ^~^’)

her reaction to that SMOOTH AF revelation:


A/N: I’m honest it’s not the best smut story that I’ve written :D Other pages are definitely better in that than I am! But  I still hope you like it! I was a bit inspired by “Woman” so listen to it while reading this! Have fun!

This pic is not mine!

Warnings: Smut

Her whole body stood under fire. Every fiber and every cell in her entire body burned with undeniable desire and passion. She barely managed to breathe because pleasure took control over her, making it impossible to fill her lungs with the fresh air that she needed. Her head was spinning around and she couldn’t think properly. She felt him everywhere. His hands traced from her naked belly up to her chest, leaving a hot trail behind. She felt his soft lips on her neck, licking and sucking on her tender skin, marking her as his own. Everybody should see that she belonged to him and only him.

He was possessive with her. Just the thought of someone touching her innocent body made him go wild. Nobody was allowed to. Nobody except for him. He would kill the person who dared to lay a finger on her. He would be controlled by blindness and it would prevent him from showing mercy towards that person. Whoever it might be.

His life was dependent on her. She was like a drug he was terribly addicted to. Her beauty alone could drag every man on his knees. She was the sweetest creature he had ever met and his only angel.

“Harry!” A moan escaped her heavenly lips. She spread her legs more apart so she could take more of him as he thrust deeper and faster into her wet core. He pressed his hand on her belly again, teasing her belly button.

“Can you feel me here, baby girl?” He groaned. “I bet nobody has ever fucked you the way I do. Nobody has made you feel like the way I do. Right baby girl?”

The only thing she was capable of was nodding at him. Her tongue felt like it was knotted, she couldn’t form sentences.

“I’m going to destroy that sweet cunt of yours, baby. I’m going to tear it apart so you will not be able to walk tomorrow. And when you’re at work, everybody will know! Everybody! Even that ass Trevor!” Harry hissed aggressively, increasing his pace and slamming his dick harder into her.

She threw her head back in pleasure, digging her nails into the soft skin of his back. Angry Harry was something she hardly could handle under the sheets.  He turned into animal then. He was wild, rough and partially hurt her but damn, never had pain felt so good.

“You’re mine, baby!” He groaned. “Mine! Not his! Mine!” Jealousy spoke out him. Harry never liked Trevor, your co-worker. He was the only one who showed no fear against Harry. Quite the opposite, Trevor loved to make him angry. He tried to test his limits, testing how far he could go until Harry would explode and beat him up.

Harry, on the other side, knew that you liked Trevor as a good friend and only for you, he kept his temper. However, he hadn’t missed Trevor’s attempts to flirt with you at every occasion. Harry already talked to him thousand times, making clear that she was his girlfriend and that he should leave her alone. But Trevor didn’t seem to understand.

Harry pressed his lips on hers, stealing a hungry kiss. The sound of skin slapping and deep moans echoed through the expensive hotel suite they rented. He shoved his tongue into her mouth so they could fight for dominance but it was clear that Harry would win that little competition. He always did.

She pulled him closer to her, so their chests were pressed against each other. Letting her fingers run through his curls, she slightly tugged at them. A gesture that Harry adored. Their lips pulled apart.

“Tell me how much you love me!” Harry grunted into her ear, continuing with his assault on her core by thrusting with much vigor so that she could see the stars sparkling in front of her eyes.

“I…I.. love you so much!” She panted and stuttered, still not able to speak normally. She was close to her climax and Harry noticed. His thump went down between their legs where he found her clit, rubbing and teasing her, helping her to find her release.

“That’s right, baby! You need me, don’t you? Say it! I want to hear it from your pretty mouth!”

“Y-yes, I-I need you! I’m nothing without you! Oh god!”

“That’s my baby!”

Confident with her answer, Harry needed to push a few more times until she found her release.

She threw her head back as her orgasm approached, shouting his name so loud that probably the hotel could hear it. Her walls clenched around his member, leading him to his own climax, coating her inside with his cum.

“You’re mine,baby! Never forget that!”  Harry panted, falling onto her chest. Sweat covered their entire body and both of them were exhausted. Still recovering from the intense sex she had with Harry, she felt him getting up, and leaving to the bathroom. Once he got out, freshly showered, she watched him collecting his clothes from the ground.

“Have some things to deal with, babe.” He said shortly while he was getting dressed, his eyes never leaving hers. She just nodded, too tired to say something. He came towards her and put a kiss on her forehead. “Be a good girl, okay? You’re a good girl, aren’t you?

He covered her naked body with the white silky sheets and caressed her soft and messy hair before he stepped out of the suite.

“Mine.” He whispered on his way out.

In a world of ‘cannot be’s’ (we were meant to be) - V

WTSILY #1 - Prince Taehyung au

Y/N grunted as she sliced through the head of the dummy with her sword, the head falling to the mat with a thud. She moved her right arm at lightning speed, executing sharp and precise movements; her blade slicing through the air swiftly.

It was 2 a.m. and the palace was quiet apart from the sound of knights’ iron footsteps echoing through the brick walls every now and then as they made their nightly rounds. The training room was empty as well, as it should be at this time, considering it was not the time for combat training but sleep.

But Y/N had been bothered all night, unable to close her eyes and find rest; feeling a bubbling frustration deep within her.  She thought perhaps it may have something to do with the ball earlier that evening…

The moment the thought surfaced, she shook her head and let out a growl before slicing through the dummy once more, removing its right arm.

Fighting and training had always made her feel better, which was the probably why she had found herself going to the armoury and training hall in the middle of the night; hoping to cheer herself up. Being one of the kingdom’s top trainers and the only child of the kingdom’s General, Y/N had been born to fight. She had learned how to wield a sword before she could learn to read. She rode horse back when she was only three and mastered the art of jiu-jitsu and archery at age ten. Combat was something she had been trained to do from when she was very young and it had always been something she was just…good at.

However recently, Y/N began to wonder what it would have been like to be trained as a proper lady instead of a fighter. What it would be like if she were to become like those girls in pretty dresses? Attending royal balls and dancing with…

Y/N’s shoulders slumped at the thought of familiar brown eyes, causing her to be off balance and losing her stance instantly. She stood there in the middle of the room, staring down at her hand gripping the sharp blade and wondered if it was ever too late to—

“When they said you slept with a sword at your side, I had thought they were only kidding. I can see now that they were not.”

Y/N jumped at the sound of a deep voice, turning around swiftly with her sword pointed towards the intruder. The first lesson her father ever taught her was to never let your guard down, and she couldn’t believe she had let herself be deaf to the steps of her current visitor.

However, Y/N’s gaze softened and she relaxed the moment she realized who had walked in.

“Sorry, I did not mean to frighten you.” Prince Taehyung stood tall by the entryway with his hands up in surrender, wearing only a white ruffled shirt and dark trousers. His handsome face was a mask of curiosity; dark hair slightly tousled, and feet laced in boots which made Y/N wonder where he had gone to at this time.

“Your highness!” Y/N immediately bowed and lowered her sword. “Forgive me, I did not—“

“What are you doing up so late, Y/N?”

Y/N snapped up at his words, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t the first time the prince had addressed her so casually. In fact, he had called her by her name every chance he got, but Y/N never got used to it. And she wasn’t sure why she lets him do it, considering they weren’t exactly “friends” or in the same tier of the hierarchy to be addressed as such. He was royalty and Y/N, although had an important role in the kingdom and lived within the premises of the royal villa, was but a mere commoner.

A chortle echoed through the room, snapping her from her thoughts, and Y/N realized that the melodious sound came from the prince himself.

“Is Y/N not your name?” He smiled, amused. “You look a little…shocked.”

“Oh. No, I just… I’m sorry, your grace—“

“Taehyung,” he sighed. “I told you, you can just call me Taehyung. If you won’t call me that outside, then perhaps you can oblige my request to address me informally when it’s just…us.”

Y/N felt herself a little breathless at his words, unsure why the mere sound of “just as” made her feel a little woozy.

“As you wish, your—“ she paused when the prince gave her a sharp look. “Taehyung.”

The prince—Taehyung smiled then, that adorable grin (although Y/N wouldn’t admit it out loud) that literally lit up the whole kingdom. Saying his name without the honorifics was still quite foreign to Y/N’s tongue and yet it also felt familiar…and she felt an undeniable longing to say it once more.

Taehyung, she thought. Taehyung.

“So… what are you doing up?” He asked, taking a step further into the room.

“Oh… I… well… I just couldn’t sleep.” She said and Y/N wanted to reprimand herself for stuttering so much. Taehyung must think she was an illiterate.

If he did, he didn’t show it and merely shrugged. “Same. I actually left to go out riding.”

“At this hour, sire?” Y/N exclaimed. “But…Tae! You can’t just waltz out of the palace without guards! You could’ve been mobbed out there; kidnapped or—are you… laughing?” Y/N looked at the prince incredulously, seeing a bright smile on his face. His eyes sparkled against the moonlight that shone through the large windows across the room and Y/N averted her gaze, the sight a little too much for her. “This is no laughing matter, Tae—“

“You called me Tae,” he interrupted, grinning. Y/N stopped, realizing that she had accidentally called him that and immediately blushed.  

“I’m sorry, I—“

“No…no…” Taehyung waved his hand. “I uh,” he cleared his throat, looking away. “Liked it.”

Y/N was speechless at his words and she wasn’t sure if her eyes were playing tricks on her but there was a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

They were silent for a while; just standing there, unsure how to continue the conversation.  When the awkward silence got a little too much, Y/N turned from him and cleared her throat. “Aren’t you tired though? That was some ball this evening…”

Earlier this evening, a grand ball had ensued in celebration of crown Prince Namjoon’s, Taehyung’s older brother, engagement to the princess of the Far-eastern seas. It was a fitting arrangement as the future king had already been acquainted with the princess from back when they were very young and the two of them had grown fond of one another through the years.

Rumors say they might even be in love. Y/N hoped they were, for her mother always told her marriage was a bond between two people who loved each other more than they love themselves. It was the union of two people—an eternal promise. Y/N couldn’t comprehend how anyone could just arrange marriages or how anyone could marry someone and not be in love with them.

At the thought, she hoped Taehyung gets to marry for love. It was least likely with him being a prince, but perhaps not being heir to the throne may give him little more freedom to choose.

Taehyung rubbed at his nape, “Yeah, it was. I’m happy for my brother… Princess Mari seems wonderful. I do not know her that well but Joonie hyung often spoke of her. He likes her very much and is very glad with the arrangement.”

Y/N smiled at that, nodding as she placed the sword back into its casing. “That’s great to hear.”

“I didn’t see you there, though. I’m fairly sure the whole kingdom was invited.”

Y/N paused at his statement, unsure if she should laugh that he had to ask, or feel surprised—grateful—that he had noticed her absence.

“Oh well, you know. Balls…parties…” she chuckled breathlessly. “They’re not really my place…”

“What do you mean?”

This time, Y/N frowned, remembering why she had been upset in the first place…

For in an alternate world where titles and bloodlines didn’t matter, Y/N would have openly admitted her feelings for the young prince standing beside her. Admit to how seeing his smile made her day just a little better after a hard day of training; admit to how his mere presence, standing tall beside his older brother by the throne, takes her breath away… and admit to how his very being inspired her to become the loyal subject that she is to their little kingdom. And that she would gladly lay her life on the line if it meant protecting their beautiful prince.

The prince who cared deeply for his people; the prince who happily dined and laughed with serfs in the server’s kitchen…

The prince who had stolen her heart from the very first day they had met; way back when they were only eight when she had taught him how to ride horseback.

Y/N looked at him, eyes casting downwards to his boots, seeing them stained with mud. She wondered if he even recalled that she was the one who had taught him how to ride.

“Balls are not a place for girls like me,” she murmured, turning from him to fix the weaponry on the table. She remembered the way Taehyung danced with those girls at the balls, how each of them looked fitting in his arms. They were the most gorgeous women she had ever seen in her life and it was like a cold, hard slap in the face being faced with the reality that a man like Taehyung, a man of royalty, could never be with someone like her. A handsome prince had always been meant to be with a beautiful princess…

And Y/N was no princess. An honourable knight perhaps, but that simply wasn’t enough.  Y/N couldn’t bear to see it and fled the ball before she could even begin to enjoy the festivities.

“Girls like what exactly?” Taehyung’s voice sounded closer but Y/N ignored it; busying herself with wiping the array of knives on the table.

“Beautiful girls,” she answered simply, thinking that was the best description for them. A pregnant silence hung over the room and Y/N sighed, thinking how even Taehyung agreed with her.

“I think you’re beautiful.”

It was barely a whisper but in this empty hall where every sound seemed to be suspended into the air, words echoing and bouncing through the walls, Taehyung might as well have shouted in her ear.

Y/N turned and was surprised to find him so close, only a couple of steps away from her. Taehyung’s expression was serious, gaze intent on hers. She wanted turn from him but he had her locked in place, unable to look away.

Before she could speak, Taehyung was already stepping back and she wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing.

“Thanks you for your company, Y/N. I quite enjoyed it.” He said and bowed towards her. Y/N wanted to tell him that she barely did anything but before she could, Taehyung stopped by the hall’s entrance and looked back at her.

“Oh. And I hope you’ll attend the next ball. Save me a dance, yes?” Y/N was rendered speechless and Taehyung smirked, adding. “Or do I have to give a personal invitation?”

Y/N wanted to say no, he didn’t have to; but Taehyung was already walking towards her once more and before she could stop him, he had knelt down in front of her.

“Your highness!” She exclaimed as she watched him get down on one knee. But her protests died on her lips the moment he looked up at her with those beautiful eyes, rendering her immobile.

“Miss Y/FN. Would you do me the honor of attending the winter ball and…accompanying me through the evening?”

Y/N’s mouth hung open, the answer stuck on her throat. Taehyung, however looked absolutely serious.

Accompanying him meant being on his arm and…The mere thought made Y/N dizzy. Taehyung seemed adamant at getting her to speak up and so he reached out and held her hand.


Y/N tried to ignore how warm his large hand felt around hers. Right then she knew, if she had one wish, she would have wished that he never let go.


The door to the training room suddenly opened revealing Jimin, one of the palace guards and one Y/N considered a friend among the royal guards. The moment he saw the situation in front of him, his eyes widened and he bowed immediately.

“Your highness! I did not know you were here. My sincerest apologies… I did not intend to intrude on this intimate moment.”

Intimate?! Y/N thought incredulously then realized the current position they were in: with Taehyung down on one knee and holding her hand like he was professing his love to her. She tugged on her hand to remove it from his hold, but Taehyung only tightened his grip, looking at her sharply (like he was saying, not so fast).

“No it’s quite alright, Jimin. Actually… come in, I need your help.”

“How can I be of service, your grace?”

“Y/N here is about to give me an answer,” Taehyung told nonchalantly. “And I need a witness.”

Jimin scrunched his eyebrows at the weird request then looked at Y/N for some enlightenment. She gave him a helpless look.

“Your highness—“ she started.

“Taehyung,” the prince corrected immediately and Y/N huffed, his hold on her unyielding.

“T—Taehyung, I…I am honoured by your invitation but…” Y/N paused when she saw the way his face fell; like a kicked puppy. He looked up at her, frowning, eyes shining with disappointment that was hard to ignore and Y/N suddenly couldn’t find the courage to decline.

“O—okay,” she blurted and Taehyung’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“You’ll also dance with me, right?”

Y/N glanced over at Jimin who simply looked amused by the whole thing. She was about to say no when Taehyung added, “The winter ball is also my birthday, just putting it out there…”

Y/N blinked at him, wanting to say that she knew it was. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that the prince—also the love of her life—was asking her to dance at a ball…

“Please Y/N?” he pouted, staring at her intently and Y/N just had about enough; feeling like her heart would combust any moment if he kept looking at her like that.

“Alright! Okay, I’ll dance with you. Can you just…stop looking at me like that?” Y/N huffed, earning a chuckle from the prince. She expected him to let go now, but he didn’t. Instead, Taehyung brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Y/N hoped she didn’t look as red as she felt then.

“I’m looking forward to it, Y/N.” He stood up and bowed to her once more. “Have a good night.”

Taehyung left swiftly right after, leaving Y/N with a racing heart and flushed cheeks. She wasn’t sure if what happened really happened or something she had conjured on her mind. She pinched her arm and winced. She was definitely not dreaming.

“Well, that was interesting.”

Y/N jumped, forgetting that she wasn’t alone. “What?”

Jimin chuckled, “I didn’t know you and the prince were…close.”

“We’re not.”

“Didn’t seem like it,” he teased. “Prince Taehyung wouldn’t just personally invite anyone to his birthday ball. Let alone ask to accompany him…”

“What are you saying, then?” Y/N prodded, her heart drumming against her ribcage.

“I think you already know exactly what I’m saying.” Jimin winked before turning on his heel, leaving Y/N with hope flaring like an open fire in her chest.


I think this will be a cute au to continue someday… keke~ <3 What do you guys think? 

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BTS series: Ways to Say I Love You masterlist

- Kaye Allen

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Hey Bill, I can tell you that I understand what it’s like to stutter. I understand what it’s like to be bullied for it too. I not only stutter in general but I tend to do it more when I get nervous, my friend called me for the first time in a year and I stuttered so much she couldn’t really understand what I was saying. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to stop the stuttering even a little bit. Thanks💕

N-not all of th-these work for everyone, and s-some don’t even work for me. The m-most important thing is to n-not give up and to n-not be too hard on y-yourself.


Genre: Angst, Angst, Angst 
Pairing: Jimin x Reader (There are subtle hints that she’s Black, but anyone can enjoy this story.) 
Word Count: 1,884

All of this isn’t just a coincidence
Just just my own feeling
The whole universe is different from yesterday
Just just from your happiness

     Jimin smiled, watching her deep brown eyes open and fill him with a warmth that made him feel…alive.  He took note of how the sunlight streaming in from the window made her skin glow before glancing down at her pillow, only to see the black scarf that never managed to stay wrapped around her tightly wound curls. With a lighthearted chuckle, he whispered a soft “good morning”.

     Her morning routine that day was much more calm than usual. Jimin recalled watching her hastily move about just yesterday, desperately craving caffeine as she complained about her hair still being damp. Resting his hand behind his neck, against the headboard, he relaxed into the plush white sheets and sighed. 

     “Hmm…Black or blue?,” she mumbled, examining the two dresses that hung on the back of the closet door.

     “Blue,” he yawned in response, eyes closing as he was engulfed by the mundane comfort of their bedroom.

     “Blue…That’s his favorite color,” she smiled softly, nodding her head in reassurance before reaching for the garment.

When you call me
I am your flower
Like I’ve been waiting for it
We bloomed dazzlingly
It is almost like the destiny of the universe
It is just how it is
You know I know
You are me, and I am you

     She found herself sitting on a bench in the park.  It was windy outside.  Just like it was that same day, a year ago. As she sipped her coffee, a leaf fell from a tree branch above, and landed in her hair.  But before she could brush it off, Jimin reached over and plucked it from her coils.  

     She scoffed lightly, thinking it ironic to be grateful to the wind for its small gesture.

     They sat in silence as he gazed at her, taking in all of her features. She seemed tense…and he couldn’t figure out why. 

     Once she had finished her beverage, she stood, tossing the empty cup in a nearby bin and taking a deep breath.  He followed her quietly as she left the park, figuring she would lead him to whatever was troubling her.

As much as my heart flutters, I’m just as afraid
Fate keeps being envious of us
I am just as afraid as you are
When you see me
When you touch me

     It wasn’t long before he found himself staring up at a large set of black gates.

     “…Has it really been a whole year, already?,” he mused, walking beside her as she shuffled through the multitude of grave stones. 

     After a few minutes, she settled in front of one in particular.  Her heart grew heavy and her eyes watery as she stared at the name etched in a bleak shade of gray.  

     “Hi, Jimin…,” she smiled sadly.

     He felt something similar to pain shoot through him at the sound of her voice cracking.  Moving to stand in front of her, he stared intently into her eyes.

     “Hi, _____,” he replied, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to hear him.

     “How’s Heaven?,” she asked, a bit of dark humor lacing her tone.

     “I’m looking at it right now,” he answered, reaching up to caress the side of her face.  She raised her shoulder a bit and brushed it over the area, feeling a slight chill skim it.  He frowned, both at her reaction to his touch and the way she looked right through him.

     “I miss you…so m-much,” she stuttered, feeling composure slip through her fingertips.  

     “I’m right here.”

     “I dream about you all the time.”

     “I’m sorry, but that’s the only way I can reach you.”

     “I love you,” she cried.

    “I love you, too…More than you could ever understand.”  

The cosmos moved for us
There was nothing slightly out of place
Our happiness was expected
Cause you love me
And I love you

     She buried herself beneath the white sheets of their bed, spirit completely drained.  Her phone vibrated for what felt like the hundredth time that day.  She knew her friends meant well, but she couldn’t help but to feel annoyed at their refusal to let her cope alone, in peace.  Glancing at the notifications, she read the words, “Are you okay?”,  “Do you need anything?”, and “Come watch the eclipse with us! It might help take your mind off things. We don’t think Jimin would want you to be upset for too long.” 

     Rolling her eyes, she sank into the plush pillows that gave her a false sense of safety and comfort.  Right before closing her eyes, she decided that she preferred to welcome the darkness into her home by herself.  The room dimmed around her as she drifted off.

     Jimin sat on the bed beside her, internalizing her pain as the room grew darker.  He had to leave her on that fateful day; it was beyond his control; but when given the choice, he decided to stay with her in this lesser form for as long as he could.  However, he couldn’t rid himself of this feeling of guilt and the longer he stayed, the less he could bare it.  Seeing her this way…being the reason she felt this way…and being able to offer no more than an occasional dream or slight breeze…It was all too much. 

     He solemnly looked down at her hand, cursing himself for having ever taken the privilege of holding it for granted.  Expecting to phase right through it, like usual, he placed his hand on top of hers.  

     The feeling of something cold and solid on her hand caused her to flinch.

     His eyes widened in shock as he felt her skin against his.  “_____?,” he spoke gently, causing her to stir in her sleep.  “_____?,” he repeated more sternly, lightly shaking her shoulder.  

     Her eyes cracked open and her mind went blank at the sight before her.  Sitting up, she came face to face with the love of her life.

     “If this is another dream…I don’t want to wake up this time,” she said simply. 

     “Don’t say things like that,” he shook his head, hastily reaching to press a hand to her cheek.  She flinched a bit at the sudden change in temperature, but before he could quickly move away, she held him in place.

     “No,” she said defiantly.

     “But isn’t it cold?”

     “Freezing, but it’s to be expected since you’re….,” she trailed off, unsure if she should even say it.

     “Dead?,” he finished the statement for her, a bitter smile gracing his face. 

     Her eyes glazed over his features, taking them all in as if nothing had changed. ‘Casket pretty,’ she thought, images of his sweet face still bright under the dim, unflattering lighting of a morgue creeping into her mind.  

     “Physically, yes…but in my heart you’re alive as ever…God, that was cheesy,” she cringed.

     “You must really miss me, then,” he smirked, finally moving his hand to lock his fingers with hers.  

     “Of course I do.  I happen to love you, you idiot,” she chuckled, feeling genuine happiness fill her chest for the first time in months.

     He grinned at the sound before replying, “And I happen to love you.”

You are my penicillin
The one who saved me
My angel, my world
I am your calico cat
One who came to meet you
Love me now
Touch me now

     Without another word, she leaned forward and placed her warm lips atop his slightly chilled ones…And without hesitation, he tried his best to reciprocate the same warmth he felt.  

     After what felt like an eternity, they parted, and though she was the only one that technically needed oxygen, Jimin felt nearly breathless, as well. 

     “This is by far the most vivid dream I’ve ever had,” she whispered.

     “I don’t…I don’t think this is a dream, _____,” he replied, still puzzled by this fortunate stroke of serendipity.  Had he prayed for a moment like this?  Probably a hundred times by now, and he was sure that she had, too…but why did God…or Fate…or whoever decided to play this seemingly cruel joke on them…Why did They choose to answer those prayers now?  And how long did They intend to let them bask in this happiness before ripping them apart only to send them back to their respective realms of existence? 

     “Well, if it’s not a dream, then how do we make this last forever?”

     Just as he was about to answer, he noticed the room beginning to brighten, little by little.  Looking down at his fingers laced with hers, he realized his color was beginning to fade.  “I don’t think we can,” he replied, holding up their hands to show her the difference, all the while fighting to keep a smile on his face.

     “What?  No!,” she exclaimed, turning towards the window.  

     He caught her face between his hands, bring it back to face him.  “Never look directly at an eclipse, you idiot,” he laughed lightly, despite feeling tears gather at the inner corners of his eyes.  He decided to stay strong for her, refusing to let the burning droplets fall from his eyes.  Seeing her brown orbs develop a slight gloss over them caused him to press his forehead against hers with a sympathetic smile.  

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
When the universe was first made
Everything has been decided
Just let me love you

      “You can’t leave me again, Jimin,” she whispered.

     “I never did.  I’m always with you, _____…even if you can’t see me.”

     She nodded before turning slightly to press a kiss to his cold palm. With a gentle brush of his finger, he swept away a few tears that had trailed down her cheek. Without another word, they wrapped themselves in each other, as well as the white sheets, finding comfort simply in holding each other.  They gazed at each other as the room slowly brightened and while he still could, he reached over to tilt her chin up.  She smiled softly, knowing exactly what he wanted.  

     Leaning up slightly, she kissed him with as much love as she could muster, and he did the same.  Feeling his touch lighten, she pulled away slightly. Much to her dismay, he had faded even more, the light from the sun wearing through his image. Reaching up, she wiped away a single tear that he had unknowingly let escape.  

     “I love you.”

     “And I love you.”

     Not wanting her to see him completely disappear, he whispered, “Close your eyes.”

     She shook her head, feeling her insides churn at the thought of never seeing him again outside of her dreams. 

     “Please,” he almost begged, his entire appearance growing pale.

     Taking a deep breath, she did as he asked.  A brief moment later, a light breeze brushed across her cheek and she opened her eyes.

     A blank space illuminated by blinding sunlight.  

    The sheets fell around her as she grazed her hand over the empty, cool spot.  Closing her eyes again, she pictured his beautiful smile…and even though she already longed for his touch again, she couldn’t help but be grateful for their fortunate stroke of serendipity.

     “Until we meet again…”

Let me love, let me love you
Let me love, let me love you  

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Hello. Do you think you could do Nora, Pyrrha, and Velvet reacting to their S/O revealing their feelings to them?

Assuming they like the person back


  • As they’re talking her smile just grows wider, and wider, and wider.
  • Until she’s just smiling and sort of vibrating from excitement.
  • And her eyes are big and full of joy and wonder because ‘Yes, they like me too! WHat?!’
  • She barely lets them finish talking before she hugs them.
  • “I like you too! I can’t believe you beat me too it! Hahahah!” 


  • She just blushes so much.
  • She tries to respond but just starts stuttering so much she has to take a breath to steady herself.
  • She’s just so happy
  • She smiles so gently and takes the person’s hands.
  • “I like you as well.”


  • When they finish their confession her first instinct is to just bury her face in her hands. 
  • Give the poor, precious bunny a minute to compose herself, her cheeks feel like they’ve been lit on fire.
  • She’s smiling so wide when she eventually lifts her face.
  • “Sorry, I- I like you too… a lot.”

(Absolutely right, Anon, DEMO DESERVES LOVE AND ATTENTION… So, I made him a hero of the day in this little drabble, I hope you enjoy!!!)

Warning: Possible trigger-warning, proceed with caution, slightly older themes, also language and alcohol.

He knew there was something wrong with that sleazebag, the moment he walked it. Even as his team celebrated a nice Friday-night win, Demoman found his eye fixated on the greasy-haired weasel that stood next to a sweet, young woman, certainly a tourist, laughing along with her friends. Scout leaned over, “Yo, Scotty! C’mon, have a couple rounds, we ain’t got crap to do tomorrow!” Scout grinned, already looking a bit light on his feet, a wide grin on his face. Demo shook his head with a small chuckle, shaking his head. The boy had finally turned of drinking age a couple months ago, and was intent on having every possible alcoholic drink before his half-birthday.

An impressive feat, but Scout hadn’t quite understood the true pain and suffering the came from a night-long booze session.

“Maybe in o’ bit, laddy!” Demo said easily, in a jolly tone, before turning his attention back to Greasy McFly, eyes narrowed.

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79. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

These drabbles of mine just keep getting more and more dramatic and more OC. XD My apologies!

A Broken Light

Hiccup had never been more afraid and shocked in all his life.

Astrid looked… broken. There was no other way to describe the expression she wore, or the way she moved fearfully away. She was thin, her cloths dirty and ragged and her eyes dull. She stared up at him in fear, scooting back against the wall and curling into a ball as though expecting him to harm her.

Oh, what had they done to her!?

“Astrid…” Hiccup moved closer, slowly holding out a hand to gently touch her shoulder. “Astrid, it’s me… I’m here to take you home.”

She whimpered, the sound tearing at his heart. He had never ever heard her sound so pitiful, so pained, so… so terrified. 

“Please…” She whispered, her eyes still dilated and unfocused. She spoke desperately, making Hiccup wonder if she was even awake. She didn’t look like it, and she wasn’t sounding like it either.

“Shhh, it’s alright, I’m here.” Hiccup said softly, hoping his calm tone would help bring her back to reality. They had to hurry, he knew that before long they’d be swamped with Dragon Hunters. Toothless couldn’t hold out on his own for long.

“D-d-don’t…” She pleaded, her voice cracking before she turned and coughed into her elbow. 

Hiccup knelt down before her, hesitantly and slowly reaching out to grab her shoulders. She flinched and her breathing went ragged, her eyes flickering from hazy to their normal brightness.

“It’s Hiccup, Astrid. I’m right here. You’re safe now, I’ve got you…”

She turned and stared at him, her eyes still that bright blue color they’d always been. He smiled, glad to see she was returning somewhat to her normal self.

“H-hiccup..?” She whispered, lifting a hand to brush it against his cheek. Her eyes filled with tears, then she leapt forward into his lap, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck while her face pressed against his neck. “Gods, you’re here, Hiccup…”

He returned the tight embrace, pulling her closer so he could stumble to his feet, his prosthetic making it difficult for him to catch his balance. She mumbled something against his hair, but he just nodded and held her bridal style in his arms.

“Hiccup-” She sobbed, pulling away slightly so she could look him in the face. Her eyes were still spilling tears, but there was a slight smile on her face. “C-c-come…” She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his, Hiccup’s mind blanking white for a moment before he kissed her back, pulling her a bit closer to his chest.

But he didn’t let the kiss linger too long, because as it was the sound from above the dungeon had heightened, alerting him that Toothless was running low on plasma blasts. 

He rushed up the stone steps, his prosthetic clicking and his breaths coming in pants as he reached the door. He shoved it open and rushed into the open air, Toothless galloping over and barking for them to climb on.

Hiccup did so, pushing his foot and prosthetic into the pedals and adjusting Astrid carefully in his arms, keep a tight hold on her so she wouldn’t slip. Although he doubted he’d have to worry about that, for she had a death grip around his torso.

“H-h-hic…” Her breath hitched when Toothless launched into the air, Hiccup leaning forward a bit in attempts to shield her from the sudden cold and fierce wind.

“Shh, you’re safe, I’ve got you.”

“Don’t-don’t le-leave me…” She begged, her face once again buried against his neck.

“I’m not, I promise. I’m never leaving you again.” He replied fiercely, and he meant every word. He’d keep her safe from now on, he’d never let her out of his sight, he’d never let her go- never again. 

“I m-m-missed…” She stuttered between sobs. “y-y-you so-so much…”

“I-I know, I missed you too- gods, Astrid, I love you.” He pushed her away slightly and kissed her again, the two hanging onto each as though their lives depended on it.

“I’m here, not goin’ anywhere.” Hiccup reassured again, her head going to once more lie against his shoulder. “…You’re safe, milady…” 

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Hello! I would like to order one Souma X Megumi for the ship meme!

One of two.

1- Who is the most affectionate?

Megumiiiii, my little ray of sunshine.

2-Big spoon/Little spoon?

Big Spoon: Soma Little Spoon: Megumi

3-Most common argument?


4-Favorite non-sexual activity?

They like to go grocery shopping together.

5-Who is most likely to carry the other?

Soma is most likely to carry Megumi for whatever reason.

6-What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

They both just love each other’s style of hair. So soft and fluffy.

7-What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

Soma stops barging in at the awkwardest moments because he realizes what he’s done.

8-Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?


9-Who worries the most?


10-Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Soma. He makes it a goal to remember everything.

11-Who tops?


12-Who initiates kisses?


13-Who reaches for the other’s hand first?


14-Who kisses the hardest?

Soma. He learns to be gentle though.

15-Who wakes up first?

Megumi is the early bird.

16-Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

SOMA. Megumi has to drag him out of bed.
17-Who says I love you first?

Megumi. She stuttered so much, it was adorable.

18-Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

Megumi. “Eat your vegetables! I’m serious, Soma-kun!

19-Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?


20-What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Saiba is shocked that Soma was even able to get a girlfriend. Megumi’s family is very supportive.

21-Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Megumi. Headcanon she is a really good dancer.

22-Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Soma because the guy practically lives in the kitchen.

23-Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?


24-Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Neither. Soma because he thinks Megumi finds it weird and Megumi because she can’t.

25-Who needs more assurance?

Megumi. :( 

26-What would be their theme song?

H’mm…Momo is better at this.

27-Who would sing to their child back to sleep?


28-What do they do when they’re away from each other?

They actually don’t do anything and try to relax. Couples need breaks.

29-one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart.

Something that breaks my heart is that Megumi might be so self-conscious about herself when really she is perfect.

30-one headcanon about this OTP that mends it.

Soma is reassuring that SHE IS perfect and it just makes everything better.

Sneaking Around

A/N: An anon request for a JJ x Female Reader where they are dating in secret. Since the team doesn’t know, they keep trying to set the two up. After a case, some of the team go out for a drink, but JJ and the Reader go back to their hotel and end up sleeping together. Meanwhile, the team starts to put the pieces together and the next morning, they confront the two lovebirds. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn

Warning: Smut 


We gonna tell them anytime soon?

After sending the message from the front seat, Y/N heard a ding in the back of the SUV and made a note to not check her phone immediately. Otherwise, it would be too easy to figure out. 

Like clockwork, Jayge sent a message back, but she waited to pick the phone up. “We can leave in the morning,” Hotch said, pulling onto the street of the area’s only hotel. It wasn’t a bad hotel; it was just in the middle of nowhere. Looking back, he saw JJ eyeing Y/N up in the front seat. As far as he knew, they weren’t dating, but they should be. “Anyone have plans for when we get back?” He was going to be spending some quality time with Jack.

“I’ve got a date,” Morgan said happily, his head resting on the leather headpiece of the government-issued car. “Speaking of, when are you two gonna get out there?” JJ and Y/N had both gotten out of relationships recently; they were perfect for each other. And they were two of his closest friends, so he couldn’t help it that he wanted to play matchmaker.

Without missing a beat, Y/N answered. “Not ready yet. I’m still a bitter bitch about the way the last one ended.”

“Not ready either,” JJ said. “But different reason.” She and Will had been together for so long that she used the excuse that dating anyone else seemed wrong. It did to an extent, but Y/N was the exception. After both of their relationships ended, they got close quickly. 

“You should go out with each other,” Emily said, wiggling her eyebrows. “Nothing better than two sexy ladies.”

Morgan made eyes at Emily. In all their years as friends, it was hard to pin down Emily’s sexuality. They’d never seen her get involved with anybody, but he’d bet his leg she was bisexual. Both Y/N and JJ smiled softly, shrugging and trying not to give away the fact they were seeing each other.

As Hotch pulled into the lot, he stopped “I could actually use a drink.” This case had been hell. Normally, Y/N would be in the mood for a drink, but she immediately backed out. 

“Too tired,” she said. “Just gonna get some sleep.”

“I’m in!” Morgan laughed. Hotch was never the one to suggest drinks - that’s how you knew it was a bad case.

Spencer, Emily and Rossi also said the same, but JJ also said she was too tired. “See you in the morning,” Hotch replied.

And with that they drove away. When Y/N pulled out her phone again, she snorted. 

Nah. This is too much fun. You think we can sneak in some sex without the team knowing?

“I think we can,” she said to the beautiful blonde at her side. Instead of walking to their separate rooms, Y/N followed JJ to hers, pressing her lips firmly against JJ’s neck as she used the keycard to get inside.

The moment they stepped into the dingy hotel room, Y/N reached down and pulled off her shirt, revealing the thin red lace of one of her favorite bras. JJ’s eyes scanned the lines of her breasts and then did the same, revealing a similar blue bra of her own. “I have a sexy girlfriend,” Y/N said, backing JJ into the bed as she laughed.

The two tripped back and laughed as Y/N ended up on top of JJ and started kissing down her toned abdomen, pausing briefly as she breathed above the top line of her pants. “Should I peel these off slowly or quickly?” she crooned.

“Quickly,” JJ said desperately. 

Doing as she asked, Y/N pulled JJ’s pants off and threw them across the room - to where she didn’t care. She came down to hover over her sex, licking slowly over the lace and tasting the desperation underneath. The little whimpers coaxed her on fairly quickly and within minutes, the two were both completely bare and in a tangle of limbs. 

JJ turned Y/N over, pressing kisses along her collarbone, breasts and stomach before finally settling between her legs and licking up her slit. Y/N cried out and grabbed JJ by the hair, begging her to bring her to the edge sooner rather than late. “Please, babe,” Y/N said. JJ kept her eyes locked on her lover as she gently sucked at her clit.

Something needy came over Y/N and she tugged JJ upward, placing her between her legs so that they were rubbing against each other. Y/N grabbed JJ’s hips tightly and started grinding them downward, the shockwaves building quickly. “Oh fuck, Y/N,” JJ breathed, collapsing onto Y/N’s chest. Her blonde hair curtained them both as she kept up her momentum.

Y/N began to shake as the shockwaves became more intense, but JJ swallowed her cries to keep their secret kept, lest any of their teammates walk back into the hotel. “Oh, Jayge,” she laughed. “That was so necessary.”

JJ collapsed at her side, her leg dangling over Y/N’s as she kissed her shoulder. “So much more than necessary. You wanna just stay her until early tomorrow morning and then you can run to your room?”

“Sounds good to me.”


“They really do need to get together,” Emily said, sipping at her beer. 

Hotch quickly agreed. “Absolutely. After all they’ve both been through, they’d be perfect for each other. I think they might be hiding something from us though.” This was the most open Hotch had been about his co-workers love lives; apparently all it took was a little bit of alcohol.”

Rossi echoed the statement. “Oh, I definitely think they’re already dating,” he said. “Not sure for how long, but I think so too.”

“Really?” Spencer asked. “JJ hasn’t said anything to me.”

“Well you know how she was when she and Will first started dating,” Emily added. “She’s really secretive about that kind of stuff. But if you think about it, nearly every case we’ve been on, they’ve paired themselves up, or excused themselves from going out with us. They make eyes at each other all the time. I’m pretty sure I’ve found Y/N practically drooling over JJ’s butt before.”

“They’re totally dating,” Morgan laughed, sipping the rest of his beer and signaling for another one. “We’ve gotta bust them.”


Considering the team normally got up at around 6, Y/N decided to get up at 4 to head to her own room. What she didn’t know was that Morgan got up to go to the bathroom and heard her enter her room. 

Three hours later, as soon as they got on the jet, Morgan told them all what he heard. “Oh really?” Emily said, smirking back at the pair who were sitting on opposite ends of the jet. She went to sit across from JJ, hoping to get a rise out of her. “You two get a decent night’s sleep last night?”

JJ nodded and yawned. “Not too bad. Could’ve been better, but the case was hell, so it kept popping up in my brain.”

“I got a sucky night’s sleep. Same thing. I kept tossing and turning. Didn’t get up till about a half hour before we had to be on the jet.”

The entire team watched as they lied through their teeth. They were actually pretty believable, but Morgan couldn’t hold himself anymore. “Stop lying, I heard you walk from her room to yours at 4 AM.”

Embarrassed, JJ started to stutter a bit, but she stumbled over her words so much that she talked herself into a corner. “Alright fine,” she said, smirking in Y/N’s direction. “Yea we’re dating.”

“It’s about damn time,” Rossi said, not even bothering to turn around. 

“How long?” Spencer asked.

“Not telling,” Y/N said, smiling at the rest of the team and getting up to sit near JJ. “Enough to know I’m in love with her though.”

JJ entangled her finger’s in Y/N’s and smiled. They’d been dating for a while, but it didn’t take long to fall for her. “How could you not fall in love with this face?”

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Fetus emison where they go on a ride (ferris wheel?) and Alison kisses Emily but doesn't realize the ride takes a pic that you can buy afterward and it catches the kiss so she rushes all the girls away from the ride so no one sees, but goes back herself so she can buy the picture because it's cute

lowkey in love with this prompt, I hope u enjoy x 

“Are you scared?” Ali said tenatively, her grip on Emily’s arm a little too tight to be completely comfortable herself.

“No” Emily giggled “we’re barely 30 feet in the air” It was the beginning of summer, and Ali’s mom had taken the five of them across to Cape May for the weekend. Her and Emily were currently sat behind Spencer and Aria on the little Ferris Wheel, Hanna too scared to come on with them as she sat and watched with Jessica eating an ice cream.

“Good” Ali replied quickly, the hand that wasn’t entwined in Emily’s holding onto the side of the carriage with such strength that her knuckles were turning white.

“Ali, are you scared?” Emily asked, trying to suppress the laugh that was stirring up within her. Ali frowned, looking down at her feet to avoid staring out at the night sky, the ocean stretching one way and the town of Rosewood just about visible the other.

“Don’t be silly, Em” She said, her expression quickly shifting to a sly smile, moving closer to Emily’s face as the air between them thickened “I’m not scared of anything, remember?” It was merely a whisper, and before Emily could reply the carriage jolted and took them further into the air, Ali’s grip increasingly tight.

“Alison, look” Emily said, trying to control her heart rate, the moonlight beaming down onto the pier so that the water broke into waves of shining silver, as she tried to regain Ali’s attention “look how beautiful it is” Ali’s eyes were closed, despite her attempt to look composed, but at Emily’s soft touch on the back of her hand she somehow found the courage to pry them open. She was met with Emily practically glowing, her eyes wide with wonder at the view out in front of them, her lips slightly parted as she breathed deeply, clearly in her own head as she took a moment to reflect.

“Yeah” Ali mumbled “it is beautiful” But her eyes didn’t stray from Emily’s face. A few minutes passed as they both sat in silence, each appreciating their own view before the Ferris Wheel took them back to earth.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you this quiet” Emily muttered, turning back to face the blonde who looked nothing short of startled at the sudden movement. Throat dry and eyes a little scratchy, she needed a second to find herself again.

“Just making sure you’re okay, sweetie” She said eventually “you looked so peaceful” Emily frowned as Ali took her hand again, pulling her closer along the bench so that not a part of them wasn’t touching.

“I was” She stuttered finally “I mean, I am” The smile Emily loved so much crept onto Ali’s face, it was soft and innocent. It was just Ali. No bitchiness, no slyness or deceit behind. Just Ali. Her Ali.

“What’s your favourite part?” She asked sincerely “about tonight” For a moment Emily considered lying, saying something about the ice cream or the water that she could swim in. All it took was one look in Ali’s eye to make her change her mind.

“You” she admitted “just you” At her words, Ali frowned in confusion.

“You’re funny” She mused “I take you here, I take you guys out for dinner, we go shopping and sunbathe, and I’m still your favourite part?” Emily nodded slightly, suddenly losing confidence.

“You’re always my favourite part” Her voice broke and she looked back out at the ocean again, Hanna and Jessica lost in conversation and Aria and Spencer above them, their voice drowned out by the sounds of the night. 

“You wanna know a secret?” Ali asked, her hand moving to Emily’s hair as she tucked a strand of it behind her ear. Emily’s heart raced, was this really happening again? But, despite herself, she nodded eagerly. “Me too” Ali finished, not waiting for a response as she leaned in and kissed her. It was a kiss that stopped the cold, lighting her up inside and letting her senses take over as she ran her tongue across Emily’s bottom lip, her heart beating rapidly with excitement, feeling every nerve in her body suddenly come to life again.It was perfect, for less than a second, as a camera flashed from next to them, making Ali quiver with nerves as she pushed Emily away, sliding back so that miles separated them, not daring to look the other girl in the eye the entire rest of the ride. They sat in silence for the next 15 minutes, Emily’s arms crossed solemnly across her chest, her cheeks blushing furiously, Ali biting down on her lip and staring at nothing.

“Act normal, okay?” She demanded finally as they returned to the ground, not helping Emily out as so that she could quickly run to the photo kiosk before Spencer and Aria got there.

“Hey, did you enjoy it!” Spencer asked enthusiastically, her arm linked in Aria’s as she tried to find her own photo. Emily barely heard her, her mind to focused on what had just transpired between the two of them.

“Uh” Emily hesitated, watching as Ali exchanged money with the guy behind the desk “I think so”

“Good” Aria said “we loved it! Did you see the Church in the background?” Emily pretended to pay attention to the idle chatter as they walked back over to Hanna, but a part of her couldn’t help but watch with sadness as Ali folded something into her hand, kissing it gently and holding it to her chest, before sliding it into her softly in her purse, where it would stay for years to come.

ihx creator reveals are out! so here’s mine~

title: you make my heart smile
fandom: haikyuu!!
pairing: yamayachi
summary: yachi and yamaguchi and the moments they share, just the two of them.
or, have we basically already been dating all this time before we’ve even actually officially dated: the fic.

check it out on >ao3<

Hitoka places the last octopus-shaped sausage into the bento, and then leans back to admire her handiwork. She thinks she’s improving on the cooking. Yamaguchi has been giving her tips, but she’s still getting the hang of it.

Mondays are the only days of the week when Hinata and Kageyama are allowed to use the gym for extra practice during their lunch break. She usually eats with them, along with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, trying to force a little studying in them so they won’t have to close calls with supplementary lessons again. Tsukishima always managed to have some excuse to disappear on Mondays, too, though Hitoka can never remember why. First it was running a teacher’s errand and then it was extra studying at the library, but (and Hitoka feels a little mean thinking this) Tsukishima doesn’t really have any other friends, so Hitoka isn’t sure where he disappears to.

So Monday lunch breaks are for Yamaguchi and Hitoka alone. And that’s just fine with Hitoka.

They’ve taken to sharing lunches, since they both make their own. It’s pretty fun to do, thinking up recipes and surprising the other with the designs. Yamaguchi doesn’t have the same eye for aesthetics as Hitoka does, but he can make a mean tamagoyaki. Hitoka finds herself looking forwards to Mondays.

Hitoka likes eating with the other first years in the volleyball club, but she likes the lunch breaks with just Yamaguchi, too.

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Alec Hardy never imagined in his life that the beautiful Rose Tyler in his college dorm would eve give him attention. However one night when he hears a wrap on his door and is met with her frustrated tired yet beautiful face he feels his weak heart stutter. She says her roommate is making too much noise so she needs a place to crash. After some awkward glances and blushes, they wind up spooning in his tiny twin bed. Hopefully her roommate will make a lot more noise in the future -dwibb

Oh!!!! College AU with ALEC AND ROSE!! Love this! I imagine him as super grumpy, and 100% secretly in love with Rose Tyler. This is amazing! I wish I could insert a gif here, Dearest IBB, because I need to send you a SQUEE GIF!

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Can I get some affectionate s/o headcanons for the female party members + Sae? If you so desire it, you have my permission to make it nsfw as well.

I’m sorry my friend , i don’t do nsfw.

Futaba is actually pretty happy with an affectionate s/o. After all the mistreatment that she has gone through , for someone to show her proper love , means a lot to her.

— She tries her best to return the affection , but she’s not experienced at all. She’ll grab her partner’s cheeks and vigorously smash her forehead against theirs in an attempt to give them a kiss. Oh , how cute.

Ann is quite affectionate herself. Though bashful , she’s down for PDA. She definitely doesn’t mind holding hands in public or simple pecks on the cheek. Make-out sessions? Maybe…somewhere more desolated.

— She likes to purr and curl up against her partner’s chest during cuddle session , or nuzzle into their warmth. She , loves , cuddles

Haru would be wary at first due to her previous fiancé , but once she gets used to it , she’s all for affection.

— Haru is sweet. So are her kisses. She likes to return her partner’s affection as much as she can , to allow them to feel as loved as she does.

Makoto has mixed feelings about affection. Sure , its a wonderful act , but she simply gets too flustered to react to it properly!

— An affectionate s/o would send her crazy. She loves it , she loves it so much. But she can’t return it due to stuttering or shaking too much. Her favourite is eskimo kisses , and it’s probably the only act of affection that she can do without exploding bright red.

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Please do how the boys would react after their first kiss w u or how it would goooo~~😆

I haven’t had my first kiss haha

-Admin Terra

Note: This is our opinion about the members of Monsta X. None of these are accurate.

Originally posted by minyeossi

Hyungwon: He’d be really cool about it. It would be like a spur-of-the-moment kind of kiss. Of course, he’s extra happy since it’s the first kiss but he wouldn’t make such a big ruckus about it compared to the other members. Actually, in this type of situation, you’d be the more embarrassed one. He might even tease you about it.

Originally posted by joohoneylee

Jooheon: He would probably make the situation super awkward at some point. His kiss would be something he planned but he would end up worrying the whole time like “What if our teeth clashes?” or like “What if she pushes me away?” He’d end up stuttering so much and he can’t even look at you in the eyes omg such a cutie. When you’re not around anymore, he’d would be freaking out about it.

Originally posted by twinklestars06

Minhyuk: //ignore I.M haha// He would give you a quick yet sweet kiss. He’d be giggling to your surprised reaction and to his sweet gesture. He might give you another one if he saw you pouting. Once he’s satisfied with the kisses, he’ll definitely hug you, showing how much he loves you. “I love you.” would escape his lips a thousand times. 

Originally posted by tochangkyun

I.M: omg this guy would act like a little kid. He would do something really sly to kiss you maybe like poking your cheek when you’re looking elsewhere and kissing your lips when you turn your head towards him. He would be smiling through the kiss, clearly amused with his trick. And you’d be too. Afterwards, he would crack up laughing suddenly and to your surprise, you end up joining him.

Originally posted by maleidolnet

Wonho: He would most probably be biting his bottom lip while staring at yours. Then, his stare would go up to your eyes. He would take a step forward, not breaking his stare. Then, he’d hold your chin up and kiss you slowly, treasuring every second. He’d pull away when you’re both finally out of breath, smiling happily afterwards. He might even throw in a compliment like “That was amazing.” or something. When you’re not around anymore, he would be really riled up about it.

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Kihyun: He would most likely give you a really confident kiss. Well, in the inside, he would be worrying a lot but he doesn’t want to show you that side of him so keeping his ‘cool image’ in front of you is really important to him. He would be smirking before kissing to make you feel flustered. His kiss would be really passionate and somehow heated. Right after that, he’s still gonna keep his ‘cool image’ in front of you but when you’re not around anymore, he’s gonna be grinning and blushing a lot.

Originally posted by sonhyunu

Shownu: This dude will be so awkward like omg. He would lean in really close but would stop like a centimeter away from your lips, wondering if he should lean his head to the right or the left. But nevertheless, he would be like “Whatever” and just do whatever he wants to do. It would be really gentle and quite long. He might even snake his hand around your waist and pull you closer to him. He would probably show a poker face at first since he’s still in a daze but would smile and blush immediately after that. 

iHeartRadio Recap

So I tried to type this out as quickly as possible while also trying to answer all my anonymous ask I have in my inbox. So I apologize ahead of time if things are jumbled or confusing or if my spelling/grammar is a wreck.

First let me say this; I know no matter what I say in this post, no Tayvin will believe me. It is what it is. But I can promise you that I did my absolute best to make sure the details are all correct. I will not lie to make our ship more convincing. I’m not making anything up, just recounting the events as they took place. I know this thing was televised so you already know what happened. I’ll focus more on what happened off camera.

I will also throw this disclaimer in there:


Like seriously, every clap and camera pan is rehearsed during the commercials. They yell at you before they come back and tell you to applause, when you can and can’t stand, etc. It’s very interesting to witness. Also, the celebrities literally DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. They all talk during the performances and half of them have no idea what is going on. Including the nominees. It was definitely interesting to watch.

So, I arrive and it turns out I’m sitting next to some huge Selena and Taylor fans. However, they also think Cowlick is a douche bag which was glorious. I was also in direct view of Taylor’s table and with my binoculars I could see every single facial expression.  Which is exactly what I did. Whenever there was a performance or they won an award, I watched their interactions instead of the stage. I missed some performances, but I saw the most important one (the stunt) so it was worth it.

·         Taylor walked in one minute before the awards started. She rushed in holding Calvin’s hand and the crowd went wild. When I saw ‘crowd’ I mean the fans that were standing in between the heart stage and the tables set up for the celebrities. Turns out Calvin showed up about 20 minutes before she did, which I found interesting.

·         If People Mag was correct, Calvin was actually in her seat and she was in his. From left to right it was Tree, Calvin, Taylor, Sereah (spelling??), and then Selena.

·         Jason derulo started the show and music was playing. He was dancing, went to dance next to Taylor’s table, and Calvin cracked a half smile. The bordum begins.

·         Also let me just throw in this tidbit. You guys see a bunch of meme’s of Taylor dancing at award shows. This. IS. Real. She literally dances to almost every song like she will never dance again. And Calvin just sits there. Looking bored of course.

·         Best Female artist was one of the first awards. Actually it might have been THE first. She won, gave him a hug (which he didn’t even stand up for) and gave her speech. He looked bored.

·         Tree suddenly disappeared from the table and was replaced by Kelly Osborn

·         Calvin alternated between talking to Kelly and being on his phone the entire time and Taylor talked to her friend Searyeah (someone tell me how to fucking spell her name!!!!).

·         Megan Trainor performed and Calvin didn’t look up from his phone once. He didn’t even clap when it ended actually. Still looking at phone.

·         Selena won and Taylor looked hella happy for her. Calvin didn’t hug her when she won. He texted during her speech.

·         Finally we get Tayvin action. Taylor loops her arms through his (his hands are clasped together with his elbows on the table (if that makes sense). There was a performance going on when this happened.

·         Commercial after performance and she dropped his arm immediately lmao

·         Calvin wins best dance whatever. He wasn’t paying attention at all because they announced his name as a nominee and taylor clapped but he didn’t even notice. When he won someone pointed at him and he said “me?” and then the camera panned to him. Cringe worthy hug again.

·         Taylor gives her faux heart eyes for the crowd. Trust me, they were faux. She knew the camera would pan to her. The whole crowd went ‘awe’ and I said ewe and everyone laughed. He didn’t thank her, but he has no problem thanking diplo which literally makes no sense because how did diplo contribute to his award? Who fucking knows.

·         Taylor disappears and Calvin is at the table with her friends. No interaction, he is on his phone.

·         Selena says a couple words to him, but still he’s looking bored and on his phone.

·         They are getting Justin Timberlake ready to present Taylor her tour award. This is when shit gets weird. They start playing New Romantics and the crowd thinks she’s either going to perform or the video will drop. Obvi that doesn’t happen lol. They were hyping the crowd up and kept alluding to something “big” happening, but nothing big happened.

·         Taylor gets her tour award. I didn’t watch her acceptance speech at all because I watched him the entire time. He wasn’t paying attention. No seriously, you guys only saw the half of it when the camera panned to his face. He literally wasn’t paying attention during her speech. And when they camera panned to him and still looked bored, gave his smirk, then went right back to being bored af when the camera panned away. I DID hear her stutter though and the couple next to me said “why did she stutter so much at the last part? Weird” and I was dying laughing inside. Also, when she said “adam” the ENTIRE crowd was like “who tf is adam?” not joking. It wasn’t just the internet that was confused lol.

·         When the show went to commercial Taylor walked off stage and tapped selena’s shoulder as she walked by back to her seat. Selena turned, grabbed her phone, and then taylor hugged douche lord from behind with one arm. Selena took a picture and then Taylor pulled away. It seemed very rehearsed. Selena just snapped a photo and went back to her conversation with the girl next to her. And Calvin, once again, looked bored.

·         They didn’t talk and were both on their phones. Taylor seemed reallllyyy into her’s and I thought for a minute she MUST be liking dumb shit on tumblr.

·         No talking lasted for several minutes until Taylor got up and disappeared. People were telling me she was liking things on tumblr when this disappearance happened. He looked bored at the table and didn’t talk to anyone, again.

·         Taylor came back and started playing with the led lights on the table (they were there for the previous performance. Staff handed them out). This is the point where I realized she very well may be drunk I had seen the waitress come to her table about 12 different occasions at this point. I started to pay more attention once I realized this.

·         I was watching her still play with the led lights and said to the couple next to me “taylor looks drunk. She keeps playing with those lights” and they said “We know! We were just saying that”

·         Not 30 seconds later Taylor wins most meme’able moment and gets caught with the damn led lights. Smh. You could tell when the camera panned to her she had no idea what she won. When the cameras panned away she kept asking everyone at the table what she won. She STILL didn’t know lol. Calvin was on his phone and didn’t even look at her when she asked him.

·         Taylor slams another drink. At this point I’m positive she is drunk. She is literally tipping the cup upside down trying to get every last drop.

·         Commercial break. Announcer says Zayn is about to go on and that’s when someone behind me yells “where’s Gigi?!” and someone yells back “probably with her girlfriend” it was fucking iconic lol.

·         Album of the year award is about to be announced. You can tell she knows she is going to win because she isn’t paying attention for the nominee stuff and calvin looks bored.

·         She wins. Awkward hug. Calvin is on his phone during her acceptance speech LOL.

·         During her speech she says “this may be my last award show for a really long time” and some fan stood up behind me and said “WHAT!” Literally the whole crowd freaked out when they heard that.

·         Iggy starts her performance and Tree runs out and grabs Taylor, Voldermort, and Seryeah. They leave.


Okay that was a long and probably unneccesary recap but I have a few more things to say.

First, Tree kept checking up on Calvin and Taylor multiple times throughout the night. In the 3 hour show, I saw her at their table on 6-7 different commercial breaks. I thought it was very strange and I just needed to throw that in there. She would come around for about 45 seconds each time, ask how Calvin and Taylor were doing, and then would disappear again. Weird. At one point she even stood behind their table with her hands clasped behind her back just chaperoning. It was very strange.

Secondly, the seating is very weird. I noticed how initially Tree was by Calvin, then it was Kelly, then it was some other random girl. So I asked the security guard in my section (she fucking loved me by the way) what was up with that. Apparently they have people who fill seats to make the tables always look full. I did NOT know this. They have people on standby that are dressed really well and sit in the empty seats to give the illusion that there’s a full house. I’m not making this shit up. After security told me that I googled it and its true. Like I said, this whole thing is made for tv.

While I was sitting there I tried INCREDIBLY hard to not be biased. The whole point of me going was to see the thing for my own two eyes to maybe understand it better. So I told myself tonight I’m not a kaylor fan, tonight I’m just a fan. That being said, I have never been more convinced in my life that this entire thing is a farce. Calvin looked like he wanted to scratch his eyes out the entire time. At first I thought that was just his personality. I thought maybe he just hates award shows and that’s his demeanor towards everyone. Guys, its not. He looked like he was having the best time ever when he was talking to Kelly Osborn. Some of his friends came up and talked to him during commercials and he couldn’t stop smiling his bright white dentures. It was only towards Taylor and the farce. I made no mention of why I was there to the couple next to me and they even commented on it. He seemed cold and just SO done. I dislike him with a fiery passion, but for a second there I almost felt bad for the guy. And it made Taylor look stupid. She looked like that 2013 version of herself and I couldn’t stop shaking my head.

I tried to think about their relationship as if it were real. I put myself in that frame of mind and then looked at them. Then I cringed even more. Because if this relationship is real then he is going to shatter her heart into a million damn pieces. I have never seen someone look so disinterested in “the love of their life” until I saw the way he looked at her. No heart eyes. No sense of pride that his girl was winning all of the awards. If you didn’t know any better you would think he was sitting next to some no name escort, not Taylor Swift, international pop star. They didn’t kiss once, they barely hugged, and the most physical contact they had was either when cameras were on or when a fan next to the tables waved at her. She would grab his arm, wave back, and then let go. It was like clockwork. I just couldn’t believe my eyes because we knew it was fake, I just didn’t realize it was THIS fake. And not only that, I knew Taylor was in charge, but I didn’t realize Calvin was hating it this much. I know he tried to get out of the stunt 8 months ago, but now he looks like he rather just curl up in a ball and die. I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. The fame that she is giving him must really be worth it.

In conclusion, I stand by my previous statement that I have never believed that this shit is a farce more than I do now. This has nothing to do with me believing if Kaylor is real or not. This is just based off of the things I saw tonight. I didn’t give a minute by minute break down of this because you guys would’ve been as born as Calvin was. It was repetitive. They would speak one sentence and then he would go back to his phone. Repeat. He honestly just looked like he was getting a root canal the entire time he was sitting next to her. I honestly think he hates her. He definitely resents her. I just don’t understand why Taylor is dragging this out. It is painful to watch. And trust me, I would know, I just watched it for three damn hours. I thought I would be angry watching the stunt, but it was so pathetic that I just laughed. And then I felt sad. REALLY sad for Taylor. I spend most of my time angry and bitter towards her, but for a moment I felt sympathetic and empathetic. I think about what it would be like to have to put on such a performance like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hide who I am. And besides the obvious reasons, there must be some really deep seeded issue going on inside of her to drag this stunt out so long. I couldn’t imagine ever having to do something like that. I just wouldn’t be happy.

Feel free to send any questions to my ask box.