she was sooooooo cute


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Im not even kidding, this is the description “ ok guys this ma oc monestone she is sooooooo cute she is the princess of the Crystal gems and and she is half human and half gem wen she was a little girl she was abused and stuff and rose found her so they made haer a gem a and she was sooooo beautiful and segoi nya!~~~~~~~~ that rose died and left stevvioen so moonstone and stevion sexxx and baby tnx the eid” oh god save your self!!


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Restraining myself from texting this girl all the time is one of the most impressive displays of self-control I’ve ever witnessed in myself

I’m tryna play it cool so I don’t get too attached too fast (as that’s often ended poorly for me in the past) but it’s sooooooo hard cuz she’s so cool and funny and cute FUCK

i really like the fact that the fandom has all these headcanons about noiz being a total shithead to his lovers when he’s practically one of the most levelheaded people in the group.

this is the kid that disappeared and came back, only to have turned his life around within a short period of time and asked for tae-san’s permission to take aoba to germany

how productive have you been?