she was so sleepy this poor cat

All These Things I Can’t Remember

A/N: Toying with the idea of love that transcends death. Hopefully this doesn’t come out like a Porco/Historia crackship thing. 

Word Count: 2,365

They say the memories don’t come back all at once. He hates that they ambush him at the strangest times. He can be eating or just staring off into space when a memory hits, a flashback of things that someone else experienced but the visions all appear as if he had seen them with his own eyes.

“Do they ever stop?” he asks Pieck one day.

“Aw, you can’t handle it?” Pieck teases. She’s resting on the couch in that strange way she has, curled up more like a cat than a person. “Poor Pokko.”

Normally he’d be irritated at the annoying nickname but the memories have been plaguing him ever since he became the Jaw Titan. It’s so strange, seeing these memories that should belong to someone else. “All these things I’m seeing,” he says, “they’re all of these things I can’t remember…these things I shouldn’t remember because I’ve never seen them before…but somehow they’re my memories now.”

“They are,” Pieck says, sitting up. She’s more serious now. She leans against the arm of the chair. She has that calm and sleepy look that she always but that glimmer in her eyes that she typically has whenever she discusses Titan affairs. “It’s a natural memory transfer that happens to everyone after the Titan power is shifted to someone new. Don’t worry about it so much. You’ll get used to it.”

“If you say so,” he says, not quite believing her.

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(Pssst…there are captions) Lots of Galra!Keith, since i’m not TOTALLY on board with the theory, but it is fun to imagine :’) There’s so much angst surrounding it, when really all I want is for the Keith to only grow closer to his team mates once the secret gets out, y’know? Also I like the idea that Glarans just kinda act like cats lol (some of Keith’s behaviors here are very much based off my own cat Olliver, oops) The last one is a younger Galran Keith :( Poor boy…

Also the scenes with Shiro are very much inspired/based off this lovely fic my friend Raberba wrote recently! Go read it, it’s so good <3 She may be the reason I finally cracked and drew some Galra!Keith in the first place X’’’D

These are all intended to be purely platonic; please respect the artist’s wishes and do not tag with any romantic ships! Thank you!

Outdoor Cats... Is it Worth the Price?

I’m seeing that outdoor vs indoor cat argument circulating again, and some some reason I wasn’t able to reply but I figured a whole separate post would be better anyways to avoid comment clutter. I’m going to explain why it’s vital to not be irresponsible with your cats and just keep them safe indoors. We had to learn the hard way.

I used to have outdoor cats growing up, mainly because my biological father was anti-cat and never let me keep them inside, as well as the rest of the family simply being ignorant of the dangers of outdoor roaming cats. So a lot of these cases were beyond my childhood self’s control unfortunately.

I can’t stomach the thought of people still allowing their cats outside to their own devices. When I see cats dash across the road when I’m driving my stomach turns now. I’ve already come across many dead cats on the road this year, scrapped them off the asphalt and laid them to rest in the woods. Some collared, many not and most were soft furred, lacking scars and pudgy, indicating they were indeed pets. I don’t often return them to the doorsteps of their suspected owners because I don’t know if it’s their house for sure, plus, to me, I think if you let an animal die so irresponsibly, you probably don’t care enough to want the remains anyways. 

It’s extra sensitive for me because tomorrow is Matthew’s birthday, and he was one of my last outdoor cats and he was ran over. He’d still be alive if I had put my foot down and educated my family earlier. But Matthew was getting older and peeing out of the box here and there, and while I was trying to fix this, my family decided to boot him anyways and I had to live with it. But he did great outside for years, and stayed on the property so I let my guard down. 

But it was me who accidentally ran my own beloved cat over. He always got too excitable and would rush up the yard to meet us, but we always crawled the car into place. But one time he was just too fast and got too far out as we turned in and I felt the bump bump of him under my tires and I watched him roll down the hill. So I learned the hard way that your cats will pay the price for your negligence. It’s hard having a pet ran over, and it’s even harder when you’re the one who did it. 

He died in my arms, his spine broken, his ribs protruding from his chest and he was gasping for air. I relive this image in my mind every damn day. His splotches of blood are still stained on the walkway pavement. It was this that my family finally accepted the fact that cats are just safer inside. They reconsidered booting kitten Dave outside entirely. 

Maybe we could have been better drivers, maybe we should have watched the road better. But the fact is, if we kept him in, it would have never happened in the first place. Outdoor cats are so prone to accidents it’s unbelievable and I can’t fathom why anyone would risk this on a pet. It’s like every day is Russian Roulette. Maybe the cat lives years outside with no accident, but one day will shoot that bullet. Matthew lived for years outside, and barely left the front area. He still died.

Deegie, another cat I had who was a rescue I found under a vending machine, was a sleepy old cat who did nothing but bask in the sun on her bench by the front door. We considered her an exemption because she only did that, and would leave that area when we went outside to do yard work. She hated it inside, the dogs tried to kill her, Dave attacked her and she refused to eat, so we considered for her, outside was better. One day she disappeared, and weeks later my inlaw told me he found what looked like shredded up limbs with tufts of her fur here and there. Stray dogs had tore her off the bench while she slept and made poor work of her body. This was a sleepy old cat who laid around all day. We thought she was an exemption. We thought she was safe.

My cat Russia died on my 6th birthday. I couldn’t keep him inside because he always tore through the bread bag and pissed my father off. So out he went. It’s not fun chipping away at ice to get your frozen cat out of a pool on your birthday. Russia’s bottom half was frozen under the ice, but his top half was clinging for life on the rim, his face frozen in a terrified yowl. 

Dixon’s litter mate, a brother who my mom’s friend owns, let him out only to return with an eyeball hanging from his face. He was only 4 months old at the time.

Charlie returned home with a lopped off leg. Marsha got stomped up by horses. Sugar leaped off the shed, landing just right on sheet metal, decapitating herself. Hank had a fisher or fox rip a chunk from his neck, survived, to only disappear forever a month or two later. Lucky was killed by a neighbor who then bragged about it to me and chucked the body in a ditch. My step father’s cats were poisoned, and he too finally learned to keep his last cat indoors. 

And I still find loads of other people’s cats dead or maimed. Especially on roads, where I’m left to scrape them off and tell them how sorry I am they died in such a preventable manner.

There’s only one safe to truly have safe outdoor cats, and that’s this way (as well as Catios) :

They get to have their cake and eat it too. Sure it takes adjustment for older cats, but a little annoyance eases away and the cat learns to have fun while being safe. They’re under your control, you can watch them and supervise their outing. A little 10-40 minutes walking a cat shouldn’t be hard. 

They get just as much adventure experiencing it with you beside them.

Please keep your cats safe and be responsible in their care. Cats have no business to be outside to their own devices where they can be maimed or lost. I’d hate for anyone to have to learn the hard way like I had to.  How many more gruesome stories does it have to take to open unwilling eyes? I guarantee you my stories are not the few but the many. Play with your cats, dedicate time to their indoor environment, devote safe outdoor walks and above all, love them dearly. They really don’t have 9 lives. 

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Could you please write about the Rfa and an mc who procrastinates a lot, stays up really late, etc. (basically every single one of us) Thanks so much, sorry if that was weird or confusing

Haha, no worries anon-san! We’re all zombies these days, especially because of this game, amrite? Lol, I really like this one since I can totally relate, thank you! 




  • this boy understands you on a spirtual level
  • because honestly, he’s always staying up late playing LOLOL 
  • or when he actually tries to be a college student and is doing an all-nighter to study
  • so you bet, he’s right there with you
  • like you guys help keep each other awake when pulling all-nighters during exam weeks 
  • and definitely have no probs battling enemy hoards until dawn together 
  • but he’ll also be so worried about you
  • it’s one thing when his dark circles have bags, but he doesn’t need you being his mirror!
  • like he knows he’s not in the place to chide you about it- but YOU NEED SLEEP 
  • “MC, aren’t you feeling tired? Maybe you should go get some rest.”
  • “Yoosung, I’m fine. If anyone should be going to bed, it’s you.” 
  • “But my body is used to this- yours isn’t. You always look tired these days, and I don’t want you to fall down the same hole as me!”
  • You two continue arguing, but neither of you budges 
  • Until you both compromise with a deal- new sleeping schedule 
  • Okay- no more staying up late, no more late night game rounds, or pulling all-nighters except for exams 
  • At first, it goes well
  • because you both enjoy going to bed together at a reasonable hour and waking up like normal human beings with actual time on your hands
  • you have enough time to make breakfast together, no rushing and hurrying to get ready, and like you feel more awake in classes?
  • fully rested and healthy
  • but then- all it took was one hour of extra studying, one extra hour for an important guild quest 
  • and then the junk food was brought out, blankets spread across the floor and the night owls return to old habit


  • at first, he doesn’t mind you staying up late
  • for one thing, he used to always stay up practicing his lines and whatnot 
  • but once you moved in, he started to change the habit because he actually looks forward to going to bed with you 
  • so it’s completely fine that you guys stay up until 12am at the most before heading to bed
  • but
  • “MC, come to bed. You know beauty sleep for your skin is best around this time.” 
  • “Zen, my clear skin won’t matter if I fail my exams. Just one more hour…” 
  • he’ll give you some time, because studying is studying 
  • except it’s 3am 
  • “What the hell, MC, get to bed! You need sleep and rest if you want to pass your exams!” 
  • of course you’ll ignore him
  • sweet boy tries to be patient and even helps you study 
  • except school and anything related to book work isn’t his strong suit
  • so after a while, he’s yawning and isn’t much of help
  • so yeah, it seems like you’ll NEVER SLEEP
  • this goes on for a few nights, and he tries everything
  • he’ll make you a glass of warm milk and take away any junk you’re eating, hoping it’ll make you sleepy enough to come to bed
  • reading super boring scripts out loud or to just annoy enough to realize how long you’ve been up 
  • he whines and begs when that doesn’t work put the poor boy out of his misery already 
  • “MC, pleeeese come to bed. Let’s go sleep. Pretty please with a kiss!”
  • “Come on MC! How can you refuse to go to bed with someone with this beautiful face?”
  • he’ll try snatching you out of your seat but you’d kick and threaten to make him “need a veeery long beauty sleep” if he doesn’t put you down
  • finally he tries to put on quiet music that will lull you and probably start singing lullabies too more for himself really
  • he’s just about ready to give up and go to the lonely bedside without you when suddenly he hears a soft snore 
  • and there you are, folded in your chair with pencil still in hand and books open 
  • Zen will gently, with relief, lift you and finally take you to your rightful place
  • funny enough, he notices that halfway through writing some notes, there were the lyrics to zen’s lullaby 
  • hmm…well now he found the perfect trick 


  • she knows how terrible procrastination can leave you if you succumb
  • being organized and finishing things on a tight schedule is a skill of hers so of course she’ll help you 
  • “MC, you can’t let procrastinating become a habit!” 
  • she’ll help you set up a schedule and even a reward system for everytime you complete something on your task-list
  • god bless you baehee 
  • regular breaks so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • she would likely moderate how long you spent surfing the net and if you’re doing what you should be 
  • and sometimes, if she finds you actually avoiding work 
  • she will have 707 make a “child lock” on your favorite social media and apps 
  • like only two videos on youtube every hour…
  • oh no, twitter and tumblr are locked… 
  • great…neko atsume is also time-limited to less than two minutes
  • and she’ll be like “haha this is for your own good… good luck trying to procrastinate now”  *anime glasses flash*
  • except, if she sees you’re STILL struggling to focus even with those restrictions
  • and just make you stop whatever you’re doing- get you a mug of coffee and some pastries 
  • then you guys will chill for while, talking about your stress (and also probably watching some relaxing zen musicals) 
  • jaehee will actually do some assignments with you if it’s too much and you’re staying up waaay past your bedtime
  • you’ll fall asleep halfway through, but when you wake up in the morning-
  • your essay is complete? Your desk is cleaned up? and your things for the day already set for you? 
  • you find an adorable hair-tussled jaehee with crooked glasses hanging on her nose, asleep on the couch


  • to a certain level, he understands that you need to stay up late sometimes to finish work- he does it himself
  • BUT he didn’t think it was to the point you never come to bed until it’s past 3am 
  • “MC? I believe that enough studying for now. You need to rest or else you’ll be unable to function properly tomorrow. How come these assignments keep you up so late?” 
  • then you explain that during the day…uhh you have a difficult time to focus on working if you stress too much so you leave it until it’s super late
  • basically procrastinating…
  • this toll bean doesn’t understand
  • because he LITERALLY makes more work if he’s stressed out of work (cat projects)
  • how does one destress like that? (oh wait, poor jaehee is the one actually suffering)
  • he then offers to hire professional tutors to help you study and personal planners to help with scheduling your day to keep you organized 
  • of course you refuse, it’s not like it happens all the time 
  • nope it does
  • “MC, come to bed.” 
  • “I still have to finish some stuff…”
  • “Look, Elizabeth 3rd is sleepy but she won’t go to bed if you don’t.”
  • “No, Jumin, she won’t go to bed unless you fluff her pillows and adjust the silk tassels after giving her some warm milk- which you always do- nice try”
  • he isn’t sure what to do, so he decides to get to bed reluctantly
  • but he broods and waits up for you
  • okay, he’s not one to be refused
  • especially since he’s so busy during the day that he only gets to spend time with you at home during the night 
  • so he’s back to check on you and-
  • finds you instead of looking through your books and writing notes, you’re on your phone while snacking on some chips 
  • oh no no
  • “I’m taking a break…again.” or rather you’re procrastinating again
  • “MC, if you’re taking a break why don’t you get some rest instead of draining yourself on that?”
  • “I’m too awake to take a nap,” you pout at him 
  • he suddenly snatches the phone out of your hand
  • “Well, I can think of a better way to use up that energy.”
  • he’ll swing you up bridal style and oh…you’re going to the bedroom


  • sleep? haha what’s that
  • ever since moving in with seven, you adapted his wacky sleeping hours
  • a very abnormal schedule 
  • on most weekdays- you’re awake all night and asleep all day 
  • on weekends- you’re both running on like two hours of sleep 
  • sometimes- you guys haven’t slept in 48 hours straight because of some tv show marathon or video game challenge 
  • and of course, especially he’s busy (drowning) with work, you both just have no sense of time or day 
  • at first, he doesn’t really notice since this was his lifestyle and he enjoyed your company 
  • but then you start skipping meals like him and lack of rest begin to take their toll on you 
  • “Wow, MC, you look like the walking dead!”
  • “Have you tried looking in the mirror lately?”
  • “…MC, did you go to bed last night at all?”
  • “Nope, I was waiting for you to finish working.”
  • “WHAT?!Oh no! I’ve completely ruined you…” 
  • he’ll start trying to reset you back to a normal sleep schedule 
  • like he refuses you continuing the way you are 
  • “MC, please get some rest like a normal person. You need to take care of your health!” 
  • “Saeyoung- if anyone should be doing that, it’s you!”
  • “I’m not a normal person. Do I look like one to you?! Hurry and get to bed- God Seven commands it!” 
  • you refuse, seeing it as unfair if he doesn’t get to sleep too
  • honestly he’s touched, but wouldn’t let you destroy yourself with such terrible habits
  • “It’s my job, I do it to get food on our plates and gas in my babes. And to keep a roof over us and the babes. Please, MC, understand it’s just that way. You being more healthy gurantees a longer life, which makes me feel better knowing you’re okay.”
  • after hearing that (mostly about the last half), you give in-
  • under one condition-
  • he comes to bed and starts to eat better with you
  • since it helps you, he’ll agree 
  • it takes some time to adjust, but eventually you both figure out a way to straighten yourselves out
  • “Unfortunately, MC, the magical sandman of sleep hasn’t blessed this house in 3 years…”
  • well…you try anyways
  • more home cooking and take-out at least is better than just soda and honey buddha chips
  • by all means, that doesn’t mean you go to bed like everyone else… in fact your sleeping is more off and on than before 
  • due to seven’s work, you two decided that the best way to get more hours of sleep was to take naps and breaks throughout the day
  • short naps and more of a variety in eating- you two somewhat improved your health all while still pulling off your late game nights 
An Introduction to Dipnip

The prompt jar said ‘cat’ - so of course I had to write about the first time Mabel saw Dipper on Dipnip.


Mabel flipped through her book, looking at the pages without really seeing them.

Dipper had gotten pulled away from the Shack right in the middle of the two of them helping Grunkle Stan as he turned it into a Library by a summons, and despite everything Mabel was worried.

It seemed like Dipper was getting summoned more and more often, like the whole…thing…had made people aware of demons and spawned a million cults and they all were summoning demons left and right and this couldn’t be good for Dipper’s mental health.

Last time he’d been summoned he’d gone into sweater town for two days.

As if she’d called him with her thoughts alone, Mabel’s brother blipped into existence above the recliner she was sprawled out in, belly flopping down onto her and knocking an “Ooomph” out of both of them.

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Gimme gimme gimme!

33. A cup of tea

John smiled, balancing the cup on the saucer. He was never good with keeping every drop inside the cup. But Gem had spent so long looking after poor old sick him, she deserved to be pampered in return. Considering this was the first day he could move around on his own, he knew it was the right day to start.

He nudged her shoulder, calling her name, “Gem? Wake up sleepy. I have teeeaaaa.” He sang, trying to entice her.