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I used to love old Selena who is strong, confident, believe herself and doesn’t need anyone to control her life. She was my idol, not this Sel. People think this is because of i ship jelena but no man… it’s like i can’t see the girl i used to adore when i look at her. Just one year ago, she came back with her “revival” and i was so damn proud. I was like ‘yeah that’s my girl and she doesn’t need a man to be happy’. Then she needed to go rehab. I’m ok w it, she needed to stop her tour. But c'mon how she gave up like that quick? She could resume the tour, but she preferred go to his new bf’s shows. I mean wtf. Why girl? What happened? You were believing yourself so much but then you just went to rehab and what changed? I just wanna know what happened. Seriously. Plus, all dumb selenators are like she was not happy at all one year ago. but i need to say it SHE WAS THE HAPPIEST WHEN SHE WAS ON TOUR EVEN SHE SAID IT HERSELF. But they’re still like “no she was so upset now she’s happy just because of abel” WTF? The last time i checked my girl didn’t need anyone to be happy. Seriously, what happened to my girl? They say “she’s living and enjoying her life” but bitch really do y'all think she has a life? She doesn’t do anything for herself. Her life is all about her new bf? Is this possible even in 4 months? How she “fell in love” this quick and making her ALL life about him? We only got candids when she’s w him or when she’s going to his concerts. All new updates are all about their relationship. Where tf her life? I just don’t understand. I really don’t get it and it’s so damn annoying i can’t know my own idol anymore. I hate the person who she became. Btw i know i need to chill but i miss my old Sel so much idk

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I was super scared about Caitlin taking the gene therapy and being normal again. I love my beautiful cinnamon roll Caitlin Snow, but I didn't want her to be locked in that lab again, fixing everybody's mess. I was SO proud when she didn't take it. It was the best thing about the episode, seeing her stand up for herself and taking her own decisions even when it was sad seeing her go. My quoestion is, do you think she's truly not Caitlin anymore, or she just doesn't FEEL like Caitlin anymore?

Nonny, you asked me this the day after the finale, and I’ve been sitting on this ask because I’m not really sure myself.

I’ve read a non-zero number of essays enumerating all the problems with the Killer Frost storyline, and they tend to boil down to: “Okay, is Killer Frost another entity entirely, or is she some buried part of Caitlin Snow? Because we kept getting told the first, but the way it played out heavily implies the second, and the consistency between episodes was absolutely for shit.”

As I circle around this question, and hope that it gets answered to our satisfaction in the new season, I come back to the moment in the finale when Killer Frost knocked Savitar ass over teakettle before he could kill Cisco to death. It was Killer Frost’s powers that saved Cisco, but it was Caitlin’s heart that pulled the trigger. And in this scene, the two are equally important.

And I come back to her rejecting the cure. That wasn’t an impulse, the work of a moment. I can well imagine Caitlin/Frost sitting with that vial, looking at it, thinking about what she’s done and what she is now, for many hours. Thinking about how easy it would be to take the cure and put everything behind her. Ultimately choosing the harder, more honest path for right now.

Again, this is something that I hope gets explored in the upcoming season, although given this writers’ room’s track record with female storylines that don’t depend on a man, probably not.

Very well, it’ll have to be fan created. I lean toward, she doesn’t feel like Caitlin anymore, just the same as anyone wouldn’t feel like their old self after a massive upheaval that forces them to reassess themselves as a person. One of the core tenets of her identity - first do no harm - has been smashed to bits. She was complicit in HR’s death, she would have been complicit in Iris’s, and she directly attacked Cisco on several occasions with orders to kill him and no apparent reluctance to do so.

Whether or not Caitlin ends up retaining her Killer Frost powers, she’s going to have to reckon with the things that she did as Killer Frost. Within herself, and with the others. She has changed. She can’t tell herself that she is Caitlin Snow, selfless doctor, loving friend, good human being anymore. Unless and until she can atone for her actions, she may not be able to feel like Caitlin Snow at all.

  • You: X would make a better Black Paladin than Y!
  • Me: Okay but consider this -- there is no new Black Paladin. This would make for a more interesting narrative because 1) they can no longer form Voltron to face the new threat from Lotor, and 2) all of them will have opportunities to show leadership depending on each situation. Their teamwork will strengthen in the absence of Shiro because the paladins were relying on him too much. Now they can flourish as individuals and they'll have to work together without Shiro telling them to, and Allura can still be the team leader, laser the shit out of things with the Castle, and make wormholes because those are kind of important. The paladins would probably look to her for more guidance than they did before, then they slowly learn to be more responsible so she's not overworking herself. There is a lot of Team Bonding and Friendship. At some point Shiro comes back after his mental health vacation and he's very proud of everyone for their character growth and because now they can all support each other better. You don't need to pilot a lion to develop leadership skills. Dreamworks please hire me.

as a kid I watched her all the time and she was like my biggest idol and I’d say I wanted to be Miley when I’d grow up and now my 13 years old self (I’m 21 now) would be so damn proud now to read this billboard interview, how she decided to give up drugs and smoking and take herself seriously and use her talent right. best of luck for her, so happy to see someone with good heart back on right track, you know what they say life is the climb but the view is great, there’s ups and downs, but you will always find your way back home, welcome back, Miles ;) xx 


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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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You can dislike her, hate her, feel whatever you feel about Paige but let’s be real for a second, ya’ll. Let’s keep it one hundred. Paige had many, many paths she could have chosen to walk down with this Addison vs Emily allegation. When approached with sexual harassment claims against Emily and even pictures with Alison, Paige immediately questioned it and didn’t jump onto the “I hate Alison/Emison” train to distort her way of thinking. She took this incredibly dangerous situation, dug deeper, and diffused this situation herself to not only clean Emily’s name, stop any rumors to start against Alison, AND got Addison disciplined by the principle and her parents. And to top it all off, she saved Emily from seriously chewing this girl’s neck to the point where she could have really gotten reprimanded if anyone else saw.

She might not be a likable character for whatever reason you pick but she damn sure earned some respect from me tonight, as an emison shipper, I’ll tell you that because she could have been REALLY PETTY if she wanted to. Paige came through tonight.

Okay but we need to talk about the fact that Lena carries a taser with her. Taking how badass that moment was aside she clearly feels scared enough to carry it around with her. She actively went against Lillian and Cadmus twice and the last time she got kidnapped and injured because of it. Lena carries it around and she clearly knows how to use it. Meaning that after everything that happened she felt that she needed to learn how to protect herself. she felt scared enough to do that and her portrayal is so realistic to how fear and trauma work. she wanted to protect herself, she is learning how to be her own hero. Lena Luthor is the unsung hero and I am so proud of her embracing that and standing up for herself. 

So for everything the CW is doing wrong, Lena Luthor is not one of them.

Other moms showing pictures on their phone: our youngest just turned 15 and our eldest is off to college to become an architect, they grow up so fast. I will say I’m glad we stopped when we did though, two was a bit of a handful haha.

Me, a cool tumblr mom: ha ha yea tell me about it.

Other moms: but you don’t have any???

Me: sure I do *whips out phone and starts scrolling through tumblr* this one is Julia, she’s 72 and she knits sweaters for homeless shelters, and this one writes unbeLIEVABLE stucky fanfic, just the Best ™. This one does amazing korassami fanart. This one is probably going to be president one day, this one is sad a lot but that’s okay we love them anyway, this one just came out as non binary and we love them unconditionally, this one is dealing with some awful health stuff but they’re coping so well I’m so proud, this one just got into community college and I cried I was so happy for them, this one keeps asking me Pratchett meta questions which is amazing. This one’s my ‘trashcan’ gay daughter and I love her, she’s not really a trashcan but she thinks it’s funny to call herself one so we humor her, we’re very proud of her, this one draws me fanart of my ocs which makes me happy, this one gets easily overwhelmed by social situations but they’re getting there, this one sends me bad books to read all the time, this one…

Can we all just take a moment to truly appreciate Feyre and Rhys’s level of respect in their relationship?
How they talk things through, how they call each other out when the other is being a dick and ACTUALLY WORK SHIT OUT, how Rhys is always so proud of Feyre whenever she speaks her mind or stands up for herself and her people, how they love each other so wholly and entirely. Can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful and rare magic between these extraordinary people?

Here we go again..................

That MTV interview with the photographer was a well written piece of propaganda for “Bare with me”, basically saying that love is love, and it is beautiful in all forms. The stuff about Lauren and Lucy was all propaganda to prop up the narrative.

The photographer and the wardrobe lady were only saying what they were advised to say. LIES! (though the wardrobe lady decided to fuck the narrative a bit with the “sisterly and maternal connection”) Management did the same thing with DWTS. Val was advised to lie about when and where he had his first meet up with Normani for DWTS. They had been rehearsing for days before that Houston Rodeo, yet they wanted to push the narrative to the general public that the girls were in on the surprise, and helped introduce Mani to her dance partner. Why? To show how much they support her decision to do her own thing.

My point is, they (management) have no problem getting outside forces, other than the girls, to help sell their narrative. The ladies who did that photo-shoot with Lauren and Lucy are no different. Why have the photographer say what she said? They needed someone, other than Lauren or Lucy, to confirm that Laucy was real, to prove that Camren wasn’t. That one interview killed three birds with one stone. It confirmed Laucy, destroyed Camren, then destroyed Laucy, all at the same damn time. Brilliant actually.

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