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“Why do you want this job?” the interviewer asks her, and Kara stares at him in disbelief. His hair is slicked back, and whatever product he’s using to do it is too oily for his skin. It’s left a trail of acne along his hairline. Why does he think she wants this job? It pays slightly more than her last job, and so far no one here has tried to pinch her ass - although the day is young.

She’s pretty sure saying that isn’t what will get her hired, but she doesn’t know what else to say. ‘I want to change the world, one package delivery at a time?’ She remembers being thirteen and full of noble ideals - she remembers seeing Kal on the news, saving lives in his stupid skintight suit, and being so excited to follow in his footsteps. She remembers grief slowly transitioning into determination - remembers privately thanking Rao for the gift of her new powers, remembers thinking that in payment for the loss of her world, he’d made sure she would never be helpless again.

Kal is dead. Eliza is dead. Jeremiah is dead. Alex is hopefully alive somewhere, but she doesn’t have any use for the foster sister who got her orphaned before she finished high school. Kara is twenty one years old, and the idea of pretending, even for a single moment, that she still has ideals leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The world doesn’t deserve any idealism from her.

“Well, I’ve worked at UPS for two years,” she says finally, since the interviewer is looking a little uncomfortable with her continued silence. “A private courier seems like a logical next step. You guys have better uniforms, I hate wearing brown.” Actually, she’s worked at UPS for six months, but she’d applied for the job with a fake letter of reference claiming she was trying to transfer from another UPS over in Washington, and nobody had double-checked.

She gets the job, she finds out a few days later, but she’s pretty sure her amazing interview skills have nothing to do with it. They give it to her because her last manager wrote her a reference letter in which he described her as, “ridiculously strong - you can send her to deliver cement bricks and she’ll just hoist them onto her shoulder and go,” and because when they asked if she was willing to use her own car for deliveries she said yes.

Joke’s on them. Kara does own - and currently live in - a car, but it’s not what she’s planning on using for deliveries.

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How great would it be to have an episode where Nicole's sister comes to visit?

We would get a stark contrast between the Earp sisters and the Haught sisters, and it would be amazing. They wouldn’t have as great a relationship as the Earps. Her sister wouldn’t approve of her being a cop, moving to a small town, cutting her hair, dating Waverly, or pretty much just anything Nicole did. And we’d get to see Waverly stand up for her girl, and then Wynonna would go nuts on the sister, berating her for being so out of touch and telling her she’d come to regret it one day, just like she did when she left. It would bring WayHaught closer, and we’d get some amazing Wynaught bonding as well. Not to mention they’d all be running around trying to hide the crazy supernatural stuff going on, and hilarious hijinks would ensue.

Spidey Spa Day

Request from @honestly-how-do-you-art : For the sickening sweet Peter stories, how about Peter and his girlfriend have a diy spa day?   

You sat on the sofa with Aunt May looking at different nail polishes with her. You were waiting on Peter, your boyfriend, to get back home from thwarting some kind of robbery. You tried not to mind his heroic hobby, and you usually didn’t; you just felt a little neglected lately. Originally, the plan was for the both of you to have a spa day, but the robbery on fifth successfully postponed that. Aunt May was great though. She was a little lame, the way most adults are but she was so kind and quirky that you didn’t mind spending time with her.

“I think a pretty pale pink shows that your sophisticated but still a lady that likes to have fun,” you explained as you presented the pink to her. She nodded thoughtfully putting a finger to her chin as she deliberated on the colors.

“I’ll take your recommendation and do pink.” She pointed to the bottle and you grinned happy to have convinced her. You shook the bottle and took her hand while she continued to talk about Peter.

“When he was six he refused to wear clothes. I mean he outright refused. He’d jump right out of the bath and just run around absolutely naked,” she laughed.

“Oh my god no!”

“Yes! He’d throw such a fit when we tried to put clothes on him, maybe that’s why he just struts around in his room half naked all the time now. I don’t see the point! You can’t just get up and go like that!”

“Wow, how many times have you walked in on that,” you snickered.

“Too many, and he jumps and covers up each time like I’m suddenly going to be mortified. He’s refused to wear clothing his whole life, he’s not surprising anyone.”

You laughed again, “He’s a mess, May. Before we started dating he would just stare at me from across the room.”

“What?” She smiled.

“I don’t mean like a little glance, I mean like a full on stare. I thought for sure he was fantasizing about wearing my skin.”

“Oh my god!” she groaned, “I try. Oh I try. When he told me about you I spent months trying to teach him the proper way to talk to a girl. Months! I can’t raise a… what do they call ‘em now? A uh…. fuck boy. I can’t have that attached to me!”

You burst out laughing so hard you had to pause on painting her nails.

“You did well,” you assured as you calmed down, “he is the perfect gentleman… you know besides standing me up to be Spider-Man.”

“I wish he’d stop that,” May sighed sadly, “I’ve already lost so much of my family.”

“Hey, I worry about him too, but he’s got a hero’s heart. You could tell him to stop but I don’t think he can. He wants to save people… to look out for the little guy. It’s just so like him be a superhero.”

“It is isn’t it. When he was little he’d dress up as Iron Man and save us all from some imagined villain. I should have known then he’d grow up to put his life in danger in order to help others. I don’t know if he knows but… I’m proud of him. He could be worse. He could be a lot worse.”

“As someone who goes to school with boys who are much worse I don’t think you know how right you are.” You shook your head and went on to the next hand. You were both silent for a few moments, thinking about Peter hoping he’d always be fine at the end of the day.

“He talks about you a lot, you know?” May smiled.

“Oh really? All good stuff, I hope.”

“All great stuff. It’s sickening,” she laughed a little, “but if he had to be in love for the first time with someone, I’m glad it’s you.”

“Thanks, May.” You grinned. Seconds later the front door opened and Peter bounded in.

“Sorry, I’m late!” he announced.

“It’s fine, Y/N and I were having some girl time,” May held up her nails with silly smile.

“Oh, good.”

“Probably not for you, May told me a lot of embarrassing stories.” you teased.

“No, May,” Peter groaned.

“He also writes your name with his last-” May began but Peter cut her off with a loud yell.

“NO! Don’t tell her that!!!!”

May stood up from the sofa with a triumphant smile, “Alright I’ll give you crazy kids some space. Thanks, Y/N for the manicure.”

“No problem. I had fun.”

She went to her room after kissing Peter’s forehead leaving the two of you relatively alone. You closed up the pink nail polish thoughtlessly as Peter made his way around the sofa.

“I’m gonna take a shower but after that, I’m all yours,” he promised.

“Yeah you smell like sweat.” You scrunched up your nose at the smell.

“Sorry,” he laughed a little moving away.

“It’s a little sexy,” you admitted, “but go, shower so we can properly start on this spa day.”

While he was in the shower you pulled out the face masks you wanted to use and answered a few messages from Michelle. When Peter came back he kissed your cheek before sitting beside you. He took one of the headbands on the coffee table and put it on to keep his hair out of his face. You grabbed a little bowl with a lime green mixture inside and a makeup brush and began putting it on Peter’s face.

“What are you doing to me?” he asked.

“It’s a face mask, baby, it’s gonna give some moisture back to your face.”

“I don’t think I need more moisture.”

“Uh, yes you do, trust me.”

“Well, what mask are you doing?” He asked.

“The same one. I need some moisture too,” you shrugged.

“No, you’re perfect.”

“Peter this is how I stay perfect,” you rolled your eyes. Before you put the mixture too close to his lips you kissed him. It was just a swift peck. When he tried to steal a kiss you swiped over his mouth with the brush.

“Hey!” he complained.

“It’s edible.”

He licked it then made a disgusted face.

“I said it was edible, not that it was good,” you laughed. You finished applying the mixture then moved to grab your mirror and another makeup brush to apply some to your own face but Peter took the brush away from you.

“Let me.” He put his hand under your chin and turned your face toward him. He took a large amount of the mixture and spread it right across your forehead.

“Oh my god, why are you using so much?” you laughed.

“I’m gonna spread it around.”

You quieted and let him continue, choosing to close your eyes.

“Like spreading peanut butter,” he murmured to himself. You scoffed.

He wasn’t that bad at it, granted it was a simple task, but he was really trying. When he was done you opened your eyes and he seemed to be trying his best not to laugh. You looked in the mirror and laughed a little yourself. No one really looked all that attractive in a face mask.

“So this is my lizard person chic look,” you announced as you modeled the face mask.

“Very nice, very nice,” Peter nodded, laughing at little at your shenanigans. You smiled and reached for your phone so you could take silly pictures with him to post later. When you were done taking pictures you grabbed your lip masks.

“Now what is that?” Peter asked in an exasperated tone.

“Lip masks, they keep your lips soft and kissable.”

“Is that why your lips are so soft?” he seemed genuinely amazed and interested.

“Part of the reason, but also kickass genetics,” you shrugged. You put his lip mask on for him then put on your own. You decided to lie in his lap while you both waited to rinse everything of. You took a bunch of pictures and sent it to Michelle and Ned, then posted a few to social media.

“Peter do you even know your angles,” you laughed as you tried to take another picture with him.


“Oh my god, turn your head towards me, look up a bit, not that much, down,” you instructed trying to find the perfect angle to take the picture and then you had it. You laid down again and started posting the picture.

When you rinsed off the masks Peter couldn’t stop touching his face, “It’s so soft!”

“And you glowin’.” You smiled putting the mirror in front of his face. His skin was absolutely luminous. As was yours but he was used to you being unbelievably beautiful.

“My lips are crazy soft too.”

“Hmm, I’m gonna have to see about that,” you pretended to be skeptical. You stood on your tippy toes and kissed him to find that his lips were in fact softer than normal.

“Mm soft like whale blubber,” you laughed.

“You are a dork,” he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah but I’m your dork.”

~Mod Lillian


The two walked up to the counter and ordered some french fries.

Gardenia: So, how are you enjoying your job at the hospital so far?

Laila: It’s pretty great, actually. I’m learning so much there. I wish I worked the day shift, though. Then I’d get to see more of you.

Gardenia blushed and hoped Laila didn’t see it. Besides, it probably didn’t mean anything, and Gardenia definitely didn’t want a relationship still, at all, or ever. Definitely not.

Gardenia: Aw, y-yes that would be nice. At least we get to spend some time together now. Hopefully we have some more days off that line up, so we can spend more time together.

Gardenia hoped she didn’t come off too desperate or too presumptuous.

Laila: Yeah, I hope so too.

Gardenia let out a sigh of relief. She needed to quit acting so jumpy and awkward. There was no reason to be nervous.

not to sound like ms luthor but my mom’s doc had her switch to a vegan diet for pretty serious health issues so the whole fam is supporting her with it and i havent had meat or dairy since i came home and um i have so much energy this is crazy as hell

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Can you suggest me some skam blogs? Or blogs that also post about skam anyway? It's favourite s4 clip day of skam month and my dashbord is not full of Maghrib gifs, there's something wrong here. Thank you!

Hi! Yes of course!

my favorite skam blog is @smoothyousef but I’m pretty sure you already know it

I also love @iamacolor @sanaflowers @cheekyeven @yossiacar @thickskinandelasticheart @smileyossi @altfordeggirl @altfordegsana @isaksredscarf @mrspaaadfoots @imanmeskinis @slytherino @ginlay @skamfairy @lodgeladyv and if you like great videos then go follow @ur-nitemare

And then there’s @stressedoutteenager she doesn’t post only about skam but her fics are the best!!!

(I’m probably forgetting a lot of people and I’m so sorry about it!!)

Placement call

Legal risk. Sibling set, ages 3 and 4.

I’m not even going to get my hopes up for this one.

I hope I can act half alive when she calls me later with details.

The bleeding guys. I was told to take three (THREE) high hormone birth control pills every day for the next week. I think that’s crazy but my other option was the ER so. Although I’m pretty sure I’m gonna end up there anyway. The bleeding seems to be worse after the pills, if that’s even possible. Why is this happening?

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i was just think like when Lucio and/or dva meets the little girl the first thing out of junkrats mouth is "you touch her you die", overprotective junkrat is overprotective

I hope you enjoy!!

You’re sitting on Junkrat’s lap in the common room when Lúcio and Hana make an appearance. They’re giddy and laughing with each other as they plop down on the couch. You’ve only seen them once or twice before, while at dinner during your first few days here, but you’ve never actually talked to them. They seem pretty nice, though.

You decide for whatever reason to shyly wave at them and it catches Lúcio’s attention right away.

He smiles so brightly and waves back at you. “Well, hey there, little star!”

You look to Hana and she waves as well. A cute grin on her face as she says, “what’s up? You’re so cute!”

The DJ hops up to give you a high five, your little hand still hanging in the air, but Junkrat is quick to wrap his arms around you and pull you closer to his chest.

“You touch her, you die,” he says. His words feel hollow, like it’s just a friendly warning. The typical overprotective father scene.

Lúcio and Hana nervously chuckle.

It’s nice that you want to make friends, but Junkrat doesn’t want anyone else touching his little girl.

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I was born up north, but i live in VA now, and I don't get cold. Anyway, one of my friends was having a small beach party and she invited some of our friends. One of the girls she invited (let's call this girl Ali) is my good friend and longterm crush. It wasn't the best day to go to the beach (cold and cloudy). I was okay, but everyone else was pretty cold. So, everyone was walking down the beach and Ali was like "i'm so cold!" and I was like, "I'm fine. Here, take my jacket." And she did!

Maggie Sawyer level of Game right there.

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Y and L for Regina Mills, please? I love your writing btw

Headcanon List!

Headcanon Masterlist!

L - Lounging around on a lazy day

Already done it

Y- Yelling at each other (for the angst!)

  • if she’s angry she will yell, but not at you.
  • She will try to keep her anger toward any other person but you, because she knows that she can be pretty intimidating and doesn’t want to scare you, so Storybrooke be ready because Regina is pissed off :D
  • but if she doesn’t manage to take her anger away from you, she will try to say the less hurtful words as possible..that’s what she plans, but her tongue has another idea, and end up hurting you pretty bad.
  • but if you are yelling at her , the reaction will be the complete opposite
  • it’s pretty often that Regina feels insecure about being good, she is always waiting that some dark inner part of her wakes up like “bitch you thought, lets hurt everyone and possibly kill them too because you are evil and never change”, so when you yelled at her hurtful words or just yelled, she feels like she deserves it
  • So she will stand there, feeling her heart get smaller by each word you spit at her, and when you were almost done, the tears will fall down like a waterfall
  • You two will end up like a sobbing mess

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I am little scared when talking to everyone even with family some people say that i have a problem. Only once i liked girl like realy liked and i did nothing i talked with her only once and i was so scared of what she will say. And it ended up like this: i never talked to girl in real life since that day and i get even more shy beacuese apparently she is pretty mean.

I think it’s normal to feel scared to talk to people. But even a few words is a good start to getting into more of a comfort zone. It’s okay to be scared *hug* Maybe if you can try to talk to someone about this.. mutism, i guess? 

And if the girl is as mean as you say, then perhaps its for the best you avoid her. I don’t want her to be mean to you. *hug* 


After giving his twin sister a hug, Ethan directed his attention to Charles and asked him a little about himself, “So you’re in the same classes as Chloe?”

“Yeah, we have pretty much all the same classes. We started at the same time.”

“That’s cool. Are you planning on being a teacher, too, then?”

“Mmhmm, that’s the plan. What do you do?”

“My brother has his own computer company,” Chloe interjected. “He does special, secret projects for high profile clients.”

“Oh, sweet. Like corporate espionage?”

“Something like that. It’s not as exciting as she’s making it sound. Mostly I just sit on my ass in front of the computer all day.”

“Don’t curse in front of Finn, Ethan.”

“Sorry,” he replied, giving her an apologetic look. “I forgot he was there.”

“I hope you don’t talk like that in front of him all the time. He’ll start to pick it up after awhile.”

“Oh, sorry, sis. If only you had warned me sooner, I usually use my worst language the entire time we’re together.”

“Very funny.”

“I thought so,” he said, smirking. “And as much as I would like to continue to dazzle you with my wit, I have to go. But I’ll call you later, okay?”

“Okay, bro. Talk to you later.”

“It was nice to meet you, Charles.”

“You, too.”


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Louis literally started dating Eleanor again, what a month after his mother passed? And we all even said at the time that the catalyst for the reconciliation probably had a lot to do with Jay passing. That is EXACTLY what Louis confirmed in the article. Not that Eleanor was there the day she passed, but she was there to help him through his grief. It's exact what we saw happen.

I mean pretty close to that, at least. I do interpret louis’ words as implying Eleanor currently, still, helps him deal with grief, but that would have been ongoing from the start, so still true of the past.

It’s interesting to me how the larries keep talking about how inconsistent the narrative is, how little it makes sense, and yet without being handed scripts over the years, often - not always - barring sudden life changes, we kind of tend to figure out what’s going on and then these men confirm what we kind of already figured, and it’s the larries who never know what they’re going to say and are always shocked and have only to figure out how to explain it away after the fact.

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Perhaps a little interaction with Mey-Rin in the first day of her service, before she dons the dork-spectacles (dork-tacles) so she's not shaken her dark side so to speak?~

AAAAAAAA she’s such a cutie!! <3

You’re not quite sure what to think of your new coworker. To be fair, though, you’re pretty sure she doesn’t know what to think of you either.

For the most part, the young master hired you because you were a proper servant – you knew how to be quiet, out of the way, and practically invisible when he had guests around. Your demeanor has always been shy and withdrawn. Compared to somebody like Mey Rin, who seems so serious, well… she could roll right over you without another thought. And yet, it seems as if she’s taking care not only to be delicate around you, but avoid you completely. Perhaps she realizes you’re easily ten times more sensitive than she is.

Still, the answer shouldn’t be to just steer clear of each other, should it? You’re coworkers! The two of you have to learn more about each other sooner or later. It might be easier for both of you if it comes sooner.

It seems like fate has brought you together at the moment, since Sebastian has instructed you to show Mey Rin how to properly clean the rooms. Although it’s to be expected that she doesn’t quite know how to do it, given that this is her first day acting as a maid, Sebastian has the entire household to look after. It’s not as if he can spend the entire afternoon teaching her the correct order to do things. Your duties are mostly done for the day, however, so the rest of her training today has been left to you.

The work is tiring, but the atmosphere lapses into a comfortable silence as you work. At last, as you’re cleaning the carpet, you hear Mey Rin speak up from where she’s finishing making the bed. “(Y/N), where does the master keep the ‘ousehold’s guns?”

“Wha–” To be honest, the question surprises you enough that you dart your head up. The hand that was holding the brush you were cleaning with goes lax as your eyes blink rapidly at her. “Guns? Er… I’m not sure. You’d have to ask either him or Mister Sebastian. Um… why do you ask?” It piques your curiosity, actually. You don’t know anything about Mey Rin’s life before this, and she doesn’t know anything about yours. Why would she ask about guns…?

“I wanna be prepared. Part of my job is ta protect the manor, isn’t it?” Her hands move rapidly, clumsily, as if she’s not used to handling things that are so fragile as the sheets she’s smoothing. There’s also something extremely intense in her eyes; it makes it look as if she’s thinking awfully hard about something. “That’s ‘ow I protect the things that’re important ta me. … ‘Ow I will now that I ‘ave somethin’ that’s important ta me. With guns. It just seemed logical for me ta know where they are in case I ‘ave ta use ‘em.”

That… is logical, you suppose. Has she really worked with guns before? Is that why she was hired? Your own strengths in protecting the manor come from stealth and diversion. It’s a bit shocking to know that your new coworker apparently prefers a more direct approach to that aspect of her duties. “Well, that… that makes sense. But, you really would have to ask Mister Sebastian or the young master. I’ve never touched a gun in my life. Sorry…”

A soft sigh leaves her lips, but it seems less like she’s upset with you and more that she’s just frustrated with the situation. “Y’ don’t ‘afta apologize ta me. I’m the one who’s better at loadin’ a gun than makin’ a bed, evidently.”

You chuckle and get to your feet, sitting down on the bed. “What do you mean? You’re doing a fine job so far! For someone who’s used to working with guns and has never made a bed before in her life, this is fantastic work.”

“… Y’ mean it? Y’re not jus’ ‘avin’ a go at me?”

“Please! Why would I want to have a go at you?” You reach and give her a gentle, reassuring pat on the hand. “You’re doing wonderfully. It just takes practice, you know? I mean, I’m sure if you tried to have me shoot a gun, I wouldn’t be perfect! Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Her shoulders tense up, then slowly sag back down. Those big brown eyes of hers stare into yours for a minute, giving you that same intimidating gaze she’s had ever since you met her. At last, the corners of her mouth turn up, and her fingers curl around yours. “Hey… thanks. I know I’ve been kinda scarin’ y’ ever since I showed up, ‘n’ I’m sorry ‘bout that. I’m jus’… not used ta this, y’ know? I’m used ta gettin’ things right on the firs’ try, ‘n’… bein’ scolded whenever I don’t do what I’m s’posed ta jus’ so.”

“Ah, you won’t get that round here, Miss Mey.” You return the smile twofold. “Trust me. Whatever your old life was like, this one is going to be so much better.”

That smile falters… and just as soon, it’s back brighter than ever. “Okay, (Y/N). I trust y’.”

Coffee Shop AU

It started off as just another day in the coffeeshop for AC. It was pretty empty, and the girl was lost in her mind, thinking up her next rp thread. Of course, she also had to decide on her new tumblr username. “expectopatronadz or theelderswear” she mused to herself.

“I personally prefer muggle fucking troll shit” said a voice from in front of the counter. AC’s head shot up and she stared wide eyed at the person standing before her with a soft flush coloring their cheeks. 

“I’m so sorry” Ac quickly apologized while straightening out her uniform a bit. “I didn’t see you there.” This stranger had caught AC off guard. She was mad at herself for not noticing a customer, but also quite happy to have found another Harry Potter Puppet Pals fan.

“It’s okay” the person said with a laugh. “Harry Potter is quite good at bewitching the mind and ensnaring the senses” they joked. AC was in love.

After ordering their drink the customer said there name was Max then went and sat at the nearest booth to wait. “Max, what a nice name” AC thought to herself before preparing the drink and writing “Mugglefucking Troll Shit” on the cup.

AC: I’m howling that was beautiful. To be fair, I have no uniform, we don’t write on cups, and it’s more of a bakery then a coffee-shop(although we do sell a multitude of different coffee’s… people and their damn mocha’s…) But zsdalskjlsjlasjkdlasjdladkj I can’t belIEVE IT. SOMEONE WROTE. A COFFEE SHOP AU. I’M DYING THANK YOU.

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if you're still accepting embarrassing stories: once i tried to send a text to my friend (and eventual girlfriend) but it ended up going to my mom. the general content of it was "why are all the girls here so pretty but the guys are all meh :/" and, fuck me, my mom just responded "idk". she never brought it up at least..

not embarrassing but when i was like 12/13 my phone broke and i had to use this old spare one instead, then when i got a new phone and parents took the spare one back, they read all of the text messages id sent from it, including an anime rp and me telling a friend that i wanted to see a therapist, which parents then were all “is there anything u wanna tell us” about


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco