she was so pretty that day * *


Panic! At The Disco - Pretty. Odd. songs as eyeshadows.

I work at a video game store and there’s always this one older guy who comes in a lot to play tomb raider on our demo systems, and he’ll stay for like hours
sometimes his wife will call him so he always makes excuses like “oh yeah it’s pretty busy so I’m gonna be late” or “we got my car running but we still have to get dave’s” and I’m just. waiting for the day when she’s like, so who is it????? who are you seeing???
and he’s like “it’s…….laura croft”

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Picture this. Harry is at college and his friends keep on trying to hook him up with someone even if Harry insists he already has a boyfriend. No one believes him. And then one day while Harry's with them, here comes Tom. I' d love to hear your headcanons about it:)

- Ok so all of Harry’s friends are coupled off and they think that Harry’s lonely. It starts off with Ron being like “oh yeah, this guy in my lecture is after a study buddy…did I mention he’s gay,” and Hermione talking about this friend she’s made who’s really smart and really pretty and did Harry want to meet her for drinks one night along with Hermione? 

- Harry is quite sweet about turning down their help to begin with, but as time goes on his friends get more insistent and finally Harry admits he has a boyfriend but they’ve been keeping it quiet because they didn’t want to make a big thing of it just yet. 

- Harry expects that to be the end of it but he soon finds out his friends thought he was lying to get them off his back and have got to the stage where they’re like “Harry, I met this person in the library. Oops, gotta dash, you two have fun together.”

- One day they’re out at lunch and Tom starts walking towards them. Harry is confused because he asked Tom if he’d meet his friends to shut them up but Tom said he found the situation amusing so wouldn’t help Harry just yet

- But instead of talking to Harry, Tom goes straight to Ron and Hermione who are really friendly with him. Tom asks Ron if he’ll go with him to get their drinks, and when they’re alone Hermione is all, “I know you don’t like us doing this but I think you’ll really like Tom if you give him a chance.”

- Harry immediately catches onto Tom’s game, and decides to make it better by ‘insulting’ Tom who accidentally spills a drink on Harry…basically competing to make the whole double date thing seem really awkward and terrible

- At the end of the date Tom stands and pulls Harry into a kiss before he strides away, and Harry says to Ron and Hermione, “I’m glad I gave this one a chance, I think he could be the real deal’

- Ron and Hermione are confused, even more so when Tom is suddenly at Harry’s side all the time and acting like the few-month dating couple they are rather than casual dates. Hermione eventually realises the truth, Ron is still none the wiser and thinks he set Harry up with the perfect guy


Saying goodbyes.

“I can’t believe my little girl is off to her senior prom. Time sure does fly.” Mortimer said with a smile. “You look so pretty, Cassie. Have fun tonight.”

“Thanks, dad.”

Bella, overhearing their conversation, felt a rush of guilt. She hadn’t raised Cassandra. She felt very out of place.

“And mom? Thank you.” Cassandra said suddenly, wrapping her mother in a hug.

“For what?” Bella asked.

“For coming back. For being there for me the other day. I know it’s been hard for you to adjust to all of this, but I think I need you now more than ever. So thank you again.”

And with that, Bella’s guilt slowly started to disappear.

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If the guys were.. girls, how would they wear their school uniform?

Sen: Fem!STZ gives me life and I will give up my soul to be crushed by Fem!Waka.


She never strays from the uniform code. Even when it’s a hot day, she refuses to take off her bowtie or blazer since she feels incomplete without her full attire. She prefers wearing tights over socks since she’s just used to covering up most of the time.


She shouldn’t be wearing makeup since the school rules are against it but her nails are painted and her lashes are long from mascara. Semi never wears her sweater over her shirt but she’s got a tank top underneath so she’s never cold.


While it gets pretty hot, nobody’s realised that she’s actually wearing a short sleeved shirt since she always has her blazer on, but it at least helps with the fact that it’s hot as heck. Her sweater is only tied around her waist because she thinks the school skirts are too short so it feels better to at least cover something.


Her skirt is pretty long so it doesn’t really show off her thigh high socks but she wears the socks with the little cat pattern at the top. Her sleeves are stained with ink from the pens she uses that rub off when she writes and rests her arm on the sheet.


She would have stuck to the uniform code… but she always wakes up late and gets dressed messily; her shirts are always crumpled and never tucked in and she constantly forgets her bowtie.


She isn’t too fond of showing off too much so her uniform is pretty moderate, keeping to the exact rules. Her knee socks keep slipping down and while she would just go buy new ones, she just doesn’t have the time to.


She never wears proper school shoes but opts for her trainers. True, she wears her slippers in most of the school areas, they’re still brightly coloured despite the regulations. She wears a different sweater underneath her blazer so she can just take it off to rest on it as a pillow.


She almost never wears her blazer and ties her jumper around her waist. Her tie is on most of the time but it’ll be hanging pretty loosely since she feels really stuffy when she wears too much. 


“This place is pretty great.” Shay smiled taking Kayden’s hands in hers.
“I agree, I’m loving the sunshine.” He nodded.
“We should’ve brought Hannah, she would have loved it, and she could have played with Nal.”
“Yeah but I kind of just wanted some alone time with you and my family.” he smiled.
“Aw, you’re so cute.” she smiled “You know I’d love living in a house like this one day.” she let out a little sigh.
“Oh yeah?” Kayden raised an eyebrow “Well I’ll do my best.”
“No, we’re doing it together, you know that.” she squeezed his hands.
“Well you are the one with the highest paycheck.” he chuckled.
“That’s right, I’m the boss.” she winked at him.
“My sugarmama.” Kayden smirked.
“Kayden!” Shay giggled.
“Yeah sweetie?” she asked curiously.
“I love you.” Kayden said, watching her with a nervous expression.
Shay smiled “I love you too Kayden.”



Had a little obstacle course on the trail, lol. And I am officially upset with Mr. Sun. Teasing me. Drawing me outside. And then, BAM, he just disappears and makes we hang out with Ms. Cloud. She’s moody man. What a rip… . .

Anyways. .. .I made it to the lake :) It’s still very frozen but no kayaker today. I still had to wear a hoodie the entire way so it’s pretty cold. I can’t wait for tank top weather! Also on the list, workout wise, is leg exercises with bands and tricep work. Normally I would do shoulder work today, but, yeah, it’s not playing nice, so I guess I have a laid back workout day :) 

so last christmas my cousins from belgium came out to visit (who i hadn’t seen for six years) and while they were here i taught the older one how to play a song on the piano. it’s just an easy, fun one that i play sometimes if i don’t want to do anything too complicated, and it’s a pretty upbeat little tune. she learnt it in three days which was amazing seeing she doesn’t actually play piano, and she played it perfectly on the day they were leaving which almost brought me to tears. the day after they left i did my piano practise and played all my songs, and i played the one i taught her at the end, and i can tell you that i have never heard myself play such an upbeat song so slowly and depressingly as i did that day. it breaks my heart every time i think
about it because i miss her so much

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Would you consider doing another teen wolf and shadowhunters crossover?

I am not against the idea but haven’t had any ideas for one. Do you have something in mind?

(I was thinking, it might be kind of neat to do a fusion … because I can totally see the Argents being Shadowhunters, right? So if Gerard is in Valentine’s role, getting more awful by the day, Chris takes Allison and hides her and raises her as a mundane. Then she finds out the truth and Chris is abducted. Put Scott in Jace’s role with Lydia as Izzy and Derek as Alec, then throw Stiles in as Magnus and you could work up a pretty good story. Not sure if that’s the sort of crossover you were talking about though, since it wouldn’t have the Shadowhunters characters in it.)

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Do you honestly need it?

A guest is having issues with her room keys. I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t know how to use them. I take her key and ask to see her ID. She asks me if I honestly need it? I told yes I do but I was seriously tempted to say no I’ll just let anyone go to any room they say they are staying in. Seriously? She hasn’t seen me (she checked in yesterday one of my days off) so how am I supposed to know who this woman is? People astound me.

By: Frontdesklady

Caught in the crossfire|Part II

✖ Characters/relationships: Percival Graves x Reader, Reader’s parents

✖ Genres: Smut, worry, angst

✖ Summary: Yours and Percival’s relationship becomes pretty steady but you have to get your mother’s approval.

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 5977

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Been out on a boat for a day and got inspired to make a cool dolphin buddy! He’s based off the dolphin Patches (look them up, they are so cute!) and I gave him a friend too (she’s a life guard)! 

I should probably say more and I was gonna do some sketch stuff with them but I’m still pretty wiped out and I still feel like I’m rocking despite being off the boat for like 8 hours so goodnight everyone, I might update this in the morning but for now I hope you guys enjoy!


All my new babs~

Ōtāhunaiti - “Of the little sandbank”, my beach coatl child. His ancestry is based in a tribe of coatls adapted to be more like river otters. Pretty sure the RNG did this so Zach can steal another son from me.

Renat - “Purified”. A hunter who goes to places where the veil is thin to assist in the purification and protection of pearls from Outsiders. This mission seems to have come as a directive from the Icewarden himself, and was supposed to see Renat active primarily in Arcane, but the veil’s thin in lots of places these days.

Astrit - “Snake”. The Head Groom to Caress’ Madam. When she’s busy with official Margravine business, he’s the one who goes around the entertainment district making sure all is well. Like Caress, a heavy coin purse or high political influence is required to get direct service from him. Despite his name and his clear desire to quietly usurp Caress, he’s very big on thieves’ honor. It’s those standards (and his obvious ambition) that made her choose him in the first place

Drabble #360

VI: you’re so pretty.

“You’re so pretty,” said Verity, perched on the edge of Theodora’s bed and gazing at her adoringly. “Am I really going to match with you at the wedding?”

Theo turned aside from the mirror, smiling. “Of course. We’ll be just as pretty as each other.” She bent down a little. “Would you mind undoing the top hook? I should probably take it off now. Theresa won’t be happy if I get a mark on it.”

Verity unhooked it. “Would she take you off being a bridesmaid, if you did?”

“Oh, no, she wouldn’t dare,” said Theo. “Don’t worry, we’re safe.”

More Shout-Outs

I feel compelled to send some more love out there because two of my favorite people need to know how dear they are.

I discovered early on in my entrance into the Tumblr rhink fandom that @ladycynthiana actually lived pretty close to me, and we talked from time to time about meeting up when the occasion called for it, maybe at Mythicon or something, but then one day she posted something that inspired me to ask if she wanted to plan a get-together. So we went to a McDonald’s with a play-land so my kids could play while we got to know each other, and since that time she’s become one of my closest real-life friends! We get together just about every Monday, watch GMM (and now EB!) together, talk about RandL and life and family and everything in between, drink coffee, and watch my little crazies bounce off the walls of her house. She is as sweet and positive and insightful in person as her online persona portrays – this woman is the real deal, and I love her.

Also @loudspeakr. This crazy Aussie has become one of my favorite fic-writing partners-in-crime (you guys don’t even know…the shenanigans…) She is funny and brilliant and a great listener and cheerleader. We send each other insane numbers of chat messages while the other is sleeping on the other side of the world so we can wake up to obsessive fangirling or some other major rhink-related crisis. She needs to come to the States pronto so I can squeeze her.

my current obsession is uno from nanbaka and i really wanna draw him but i can’t because my friend is coming over to play ow with me for a few days 

Elayah Headcanons

Downworlder Week - Day 4 - Faerie Day

Elayah is my mermaid OC and Ragnor Fell’s wife. She’s going to play a pretty big part in the Fell Chronicles, so I thought I’d write some headcanons to introduce her.

  • She’s very gentle and kind-hearted, but oh boy you do not wanna fuck with her. Mermaids are terrifying when they’re pissed off
  • She loves poetry and writes a lot of her own. But she prefers to recite it to people rather than have them read it, so she also has a lot of poetry - both her own and others’ - committed to memory
  • She also plays piano and has written a few of her own songs, but she doesn’t enjoy this as much as writing her own poetry so mostly she plays other peoples’ pieces
  • She loves and rain and storms, but she has to be super careful if she goes out in the rain because if her legs get wet she’s gonna get a little bit stuck…
  • Being a mermaid, she’s pretty vain. It’s almost impossible for her to pass any kind of reflective surface without her taking a moment to look at her reflection
  • Is actually capable of getting Ragnor to not be an asshole to people, and scolds him when he is unless it was deserved
  • The only time she reads anything other than poetry is when Ragnor is reading something. She likes to rest her head on his shoulder and read it with him, no matter what it is

I was broken with no one to lean on
Then i saw her and since then
She has been my getaway
She earned my trust straightaway
I cant think of one time i needed her and she didn’t help mey
She has the ugliest accent thou i still love her night and day
This verse was supposed to be on her birthday
She deserves more than one so this is the foreplay
Pretty with a smart brain what more could i ask for
One day i would definitely want to score
I cant thank her enough for taking out my sore
the only one who kept her swore
The only one with a white core
The only one who filled my hole
Type of marijuana cause she makes me soar
I have never felt like this before
She is the one i want to live for
With her the world i want to explore
From the bottom of my heart this is what i deplore