she was so perfect in this ep

‪Huhu I remember back when I was little there was this disney series where they showed legends from South East Asia– AU based on my fave 👀✨🌸‬

This was from Indonesia I think??? It was a tale about how there was like a buncha suns in the beginning and people were Sufferin– So they like prayed to the moon goddess and tl;dr she tricked the sun god into eating the other suns… which left him PISSED so he started chasing her 5ever so that’s why the sun looks like it’s chasing the moon as day switches to night

It’s my fave ep I found it so cool 😭🌸✨

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHY the fuck won't they make an obi wan kenobi spin off movie starring EWAN MCGREGOR who was the fucking star of the prequels, the man who really fucking wants to be in another star wars film, a man who is a GREAT actor and a person and is so passionate about acting and loves star wars and just please give a man a chance and it'd be perfect he's in his prime, his age is perfect for the role of obi wan between ep iii and ep iv and NOBODY could play the role of obi wan better than him and HE DESERVES IT and the fans deserve to have this movie !!


i just, i really loved her outfit in garnet’s universe like. pls gimme that sports bra and body suit tied around the waist ✨👌✨

5 Seconds of Summer



season 2 is perfect. everything I hoped for. the animation is amazing, perfect. the shadows and lighting are beautiful. and so far:

  • Ep 2: SUPER ADORABLE ADRINETTE + foreshadowing for queen b ;)
  • Ep 3: LADYNOIR PERFECTION AND A ZOOM IN ON LADYBUG’S LIPS AS SHE SAYS “LOOOOVEEEE” (out of context confessing she and Chat Noir are in a relationship) + canon chat noir purrs + RETURN TO DARK CUPID KISS

what a time to be alive. this is everything I wanted.

my thoughts on dodie’s ep “you” after listening to it a couple of times

in the middle: damn starting the ep with a fucking bop. this makes me want to dance around and sing it as loud as possible. i looove the lyric “you have so much in common, talk about your taste in women” it’s soo good. go you dodie for singing about something like that.

6/10: okay when this started playing, i started crying. it’s such a beautiful song and it sounds so incredible with the strings. i love that she got viewers to sing with her in it, it just fits the song so well (and definitely doesn’t make me cry harder)

instrumental:  wow this is beautiful. this is the perfect interlude for the ep (although it will never be able to beat i have a hole in my tooth (and my dentist is shut))

you:  ahhh i love this so much. it definitely deserves to be the song that named the ep. i totally get why they filmed the music video in paris. when you listen to it you can just imagine it as part of the soundtrack for a romance set in paris. i love it sooo much.

secret for the mad: this was the one i was slightly anxious to hear. this song is one of my all time favourite dodie songs. i love the simplicity of it, it doesn’t need anything other than her voice and that one note on the piano. i still haven’t quite made up my mind about it, but i do think it’s a great song.

would you be so kind: this makes me so happy when i listen to it. the video of her and the rest of the tour gang playing it together is one of my favourite videos of hers. it sounds so optimistic and excited and it’s just such a cute song. perfect ending to the ep.

in conclusion, the ep is great and i’ll be listening to it over and over and over again.

Yuri Pliesetsky is a closet Victuuri shipper - Proof

OK, aside from the obvious teenager-ashamed-of-his-parents thing, I think there is quite solid evidence that Yuri P ships Victuuri hard. This whole meta will end in the glorious scene below in Ep 11, so bear with me, bear with me.

I’ve always thought this scene is a bit odd. Slightly unnecessary, rude and extra, even for Yuri P. What is the point of doing this at all? Why not intimidate Victor and Yuuri at the same time instead, when Victor’s only sitting one seat away? Why frighten poor Sara instead? What is he trying to say?

Muahaha…..What else can be it other than the fact that he is a hardcore Victuuri shipper and wants to prevent anyone else from getting to Yuuri K?


It all begins with Sara Crispino’s mini and quite obvious crush on Yuuri K. Not sure how deep this crush runs, but you see her trying to get Yuuri’s attention repeatedly. Also, note her constant presence around Yuuri during the banquet (ep. 10). –> This is not Sara!

So, let’s just safely assume that Sara’s interest in Yuuri K is  obvious and people kinda know about it. Including a short, angry Russian. 

Now, in ep 11, after Yuuri K has finished his short program and Yuri P just broke the world record. 

When Yuuri sits next to Sara, see how she blushes slightly: 

Then, when even Chris scores higher than Yuuri K and he seems a bit upset, Sara notices this too and is about to say something (perfect time to comfort him?).

BUT is rudely interrupted by a certain somebody.

None other than the self-appointed guardian of Victuuri, of course.

Who sticks his feet between them to prevent any more conversations. Very specifically between Yuuri and Sara.

And his feet stay there throughout Otabek’s and JJ’s performance….

We could argue that it’s because Yuri P has a major major crush on Yuuri, and he probably did (keep 33 photos on your phone of half naked Yuuri for a year, why don’t you?!). But I think at this point he just seems very protective over Victor and Yuuri. And mostly Victuuri. 
Knowing Sara’s obvious interest and Yuuri’s slightly ambiguous preferences, he might be playing it safe. He will do whatever it takes.

Go, guardian Yurio. -_-
May you keep this ship alive forever.

EDITS: A big thank you to everyone who noticed that the dark-haired girl in a blue dress is NOT Sara. My brain immediately equated anyone near Mila as Sara. 

And sorry for calling her Sala……the way they pronounce it in the anime and the way it’s written in the subtitle is just permanently stuck in my head…………….but i know it makes no sense……

3x01: Informal thoughts and screechings

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Here are some thoughts, great moments, snippets of dialogue that struck me, etc, with links to some of my other reactions 


  • Hearkening back to Dougal kiling the wounded after Prestonpans. It feels heinous then; it feels heinous now 
  • ((lovely contrast later of Hal being shocked and offended by the thought of executing a man who was lying down. You’re a good bean, Hal.) 
  • THERE”s that rando redheaded kid from all the BTS shots. We hardly kent ye, little ginge
  • Every single little moan or grunt from Jamie hurts me in such a good way 
  • Charles and his birthday cup. I. CANNOT. 
  • It’s so evident in the filming how small the scottish forces are. So so futile 
  • Jamie literally kills a man with grass
  • Jamie and Murtagh’s battlefield moment. What a sweet, funny moment they shared in the thick of battle. There was no grave ‘I love yous’ (though I would have loved that too). They grinned and laughed. How wonderful is that? 
  • Jamie and BJR lying together through the night is so haunting. Every single position they’re in is just so….dare I say it? INTIMATE? Ugh, so perfectly done, the discomfort and terribleness of that dynamic, even in death. 
  • Ugh, same with that moment they both pass out and they basically fall to the ground cheek to cheek. 
  • BJR DID keep my JimJam warm through the night, though, and put lots of pressure on that leg wound. He gets one single point to Slytherin. 
  • Claire walking toward him on the battlefield but then it’s Rupert. What Jamie’s actually moaning is ‘harshing…my…buzz…..bro…..’
  • OH, but hearing their theme playing absolutely destroyed me 
  • Claire and Frank are every househunters couple. We’re a normal couple on a teacher’s salary. HERE IS THIS MASSIVE PALACE THAT IS SOMEHOW WITHIN OUR BUDGET. 
  • “I mean to rustle me up some vittles”– I mean, Frankie boy, you evoke cowboy culture, and you’re gonna get it. Dinner’s on the fire from now on. You brought this upon yourself
  • “I’ll be happy with whatever you make.” 
  • “Your husband must like it, that’s all that matters, I suppose”. Claire’s face. 
  • Claire trying to believe that Frank’s “Very progressive…very….open-minded”. Oh darling. You’re trying really hard and bless you for it. 
  • MY. GIRL. CLAIRE. READS. THE PAPERS. stay woke, girl, don’t let the misogynistic fuckers get you down. 
  • Honestly they’re laying the misgynistic fuckery on VERY thick but I love it. Ready for Revenge of Claire
  • Claire: “Oh yes…” *teeth gritted* “ I’m VERY happy”. SHIIIIIIIIIT
  • I freaking love how Claire flinches when Frank touches her. Hearkens back to the wedding 
  • “Why change something that works perfectly well?” like…husbands, Frank? Just a guess? 
  • “That’s one the reasons I like this country. It’s young….eager….it’s constantly looking toward the future.” IS CLAIREBEAR IN THE HAM FAM???
  • I’m thinking Claire wanted citizenship as a backup plan, if she ever chose to leave him… and Frank knows it. (I’ll have to think on that some more)
  • I SO love that Frank emphasizes that she CAN leave. I’m still of the opinion that had the fog of depression and grief lifted sooner, she would have. Once the baby was born though, there was enough hope to make her want to try, and then things just get more complicated by Frank and Bree’s genuine affection for one another, closing the window of opportunity for Claire faster and faster 
  • Curious if this Killick guy will take the place of Ewan Cameron in the book (the kiss on the hand is making me curious). (but also nervous because I could REALLY do without that whole reverend/madwoman/strangler storyline)
  • Jamie’s weak “HAH”. I need this gif for laughing while dying scenarios. 
  • Jamie crying for Rupert… oh it hurts. 
  • I need the Gaelic translation STAT. I suspect it’s a prayer? 
  • Frank writing to the reverend–really curious to see how they handle this thread. If he knows so early in the 20 years, it feels even more of a nasty think to do on Frank’s part (to keep it from Claire). But I’m optimistic! wait-and-see. 
  • Hal and Jamie’s and Wallace’s dialogue is like… CRAZILY VERBATIM FROM THE BOOK. WHAT A NICE TOUCH!!!! 
  • “Look….either shoot me….or go away….” (i need this gif too) 
  • “A boy of about sixteen.” Jamie grins “Oh aye….My wife and I had this great roleplay for his benefit…..I actually did most of the benefitting….LORD it was so damn hot that night after we got some alone-time. like HOLY GODSssssssssclaireimiss you so much…..Sorry, what was the question?” 
  • “I willna tell if you don’t” – Jamie you smartass love of mine. 
  • HAL “baby blues” GREY. 
  • Their little moments about the ashtray and not braining the doctor are honestly so sweet and hesitantly hopeful
  • Claire, honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for keeping those contraction groans mild and ignorable. This televised pregnancy/labor -phobic viewer thanks you greatly 
  • Where’d she get the red hair?”  SUCH a perfect way to end the ep. All that fragile rapprochement and hope, and a MASSIVE crack re-forms. Sets the tone for their marriage so perfectly. 

I felt strange ordering just one. Eat since you’re here. It’s a waste to throw away.

The Things That Made Bubbline My AT OTP (Redux)

Go With Me

So wait, the Princess has a first name and Marcy is the only one who calls her that!

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What Was Missing? 

She looks so worried when she got hurt 

Does Marcy think she’s pretty?


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They keep showing Bonnibel when she was singing this song. She was like pissed off that it was about her 

but at the same time she was all “You… you still like me?”. WHY ISN’T THEIR A EP BACKSTORY ABOUT THESE TWO YET!?

“I never say you have to be perfect!” - Princess Bubblegum. Omg, this really proves they like each other! 

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The way Marcy is looking at her! 


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Whoa, Marceline looks really worried that Finn might take Bonnie away from her

So Bonnie’s most prize possession is Marceline’s rock shirt and she wear it all the time as pajamas,

It made Marceline blush,

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Burning Low

Why does it feel like she’s referring this to Marceline? 

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Sky Witch 

Bonnie also sniffs it,

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She’s really worried of what happen to Peebles 

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She looks so worried when PB lost her kingdom to King of Ooo

So she is referring it to Marceline back at Burning Low where PB is telling Finn about “Responsibility Demands Sacrifice” It makes a lot of sense becase she used to have time to hangout with her but her kingdom kept on growing, leaving her to push her away, so she could protect her people. I’m trash 

Best duo 

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She hates when she cries

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She just called her handwriting pretty and she likes it. SHE LIKES IT!

Omg, she’s apologizing to her for leaving her and even said “I pushed you away”, just her and no one else. GLOB DAMN THIS IS SO GOING TO CANNON!

And then Marceline comfort her and she made her open to others.


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Adventure Time Mini-series Stakes 

She looks so happy when she’s riding on Batceline in the opening

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Bonnie will be the one to bury her to the ground 

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Finn got DENIED! 

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Bonnie is holding Marcy when she was dying from poison

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She’ll kick someone ass to save her

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She’s even stressing out that Marcy was dying. Also she was dying in her arms!

She’ll be one to bury her to the ground but not yet

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Marcy is actually dreaming about being with Bonnibel. Also the dress represent funeral or even WEDDING in Korea 

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There’s no word to describe how gay this scene is

I really hope they’ll be a backstory episode them soon or later!

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And then Bonnibel helped Marceline to grow up

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The Thin Yellow Line


Broke His Crown

I can’t believe Marceline invited Bonnibel to have dinner with her and the Ice King 

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Bonnie just called her “girlfriend”, 

just like Korra said to Asami and look how did that turned out!

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She’s holding her hand

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Bonnie will try to get along with the Ice King for her!

Marcy is cleaning Bonnie and she doesn’t mind

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Marceline just made Bonnibel blush again

This looks like Bonnie is having dinner with her GF and her “dad”

I can’t believe Marceline let Bonnie rant in front of Simon and she smiled

When Simon ask that Bonnie has a boyfriend, she admittedly said “no”.

And then Bonnie smiled! 


Wtf, is Marcy singing about Bonnie because there’s an image of her and it looks like from the episode Sky Witch 

And at the end of the music video, there’s two people with long hair, holding hands and watching the sunset together which looks like to me it’s her and Bonnibel

For this LGBT month, I’ve decided to post this again but more evidence. I still hope that this will become cannon becuase of the many moments they had and it’s pretty convince that they should be together. With each season 7 has shown many interaction between these, so I’m hoping this will finally make it happen. I also hope their will Bubbline moments in The Music Hole. Also I’m trash and I hope this will be cannon!

3yrs of SasuSaku- canonversry

Alright I haven’t posted in ages so I decided to do something for 3rd year of canonversry.

Only thing I could think of was my journey as SS shipper.😂

It’s a long rant about my reaction for each of SS development. Read at your own risk.

I don’t know how I felt about this particular scene since it’s a filler. Though it was filler, the innocence in Sakura’s crush was super adorable thing to watch.

It was cute to see how she was such a shy girl around sasuke and how she used to immediately hide as soon as her eyes met sasuke’s.

PS: chubby sasuke eating rice ball is super cute. Lol, back then no one knew there would be a day when Sakura would make bento for him.

Second comes the early genin days. Honestly I didn’t ship these two during early episodes because sakura had this blind infatuation on him which surely was nothing worth rooting for a 11yr old kid (me) back then.

But the contrast between ep 3 sasusaku and ep19 sasusaku was huge. One could see how sakura started maturing and sasuke started warming up to her.

Then came the most popular Sasusaku arc aka chunin exam arc.

This is when I started falling into deep pit with no way out known as sasusaku. The arc where Sakura’s blind infatuation totally turned into pure love rooted from seeing the imperfect sasuke.

Sakura saw sasuke losing to Lee,scared to death on meeting with disguised orrochimaru and choosing to give up the scroll instead of fighting.

Yet she chose to call him up for that and chose to care for that not so perfect sasuke.

The scene which was chosen as the best scene of classic Naruto as stated in databook 2.

Personally I feel like this was the scene which actually made me to root for sasusaku even through tough times like kage summit.

Meaning behind sasuke’s thank you? What happened after Sakura fainted? Why did sasuke lied to her about not remembering the scene from ep 3? So many questions were revolving around my head.

Yet just like how that thank you and the night motivated Sakura to keep loving sasuke,it motivated me too to keep shipping them.

Sasusaku reunion after 2 and a half years in manga timeline and for us fans after eternity!

This was absolutely beautiful. In manga you could see the slight confusion? or sadness? or surprise? I don’t know what, in sasuke’s face.

Sakura’s expression cleared our doubts regarding her feelings.

I was happy to see that especially after that Yamato saying something related to Naruto to sakura.

It made it clear that Yamato was still new and didn’t know much about their feelings yet. Sakura made Naruto, Sai and Yamato clear that the one she loves is sasuke with just her reaction in this scene.

Heratbreaking period for SS shippers. I was literally shocked to see how everything turned out to be.

I stayed away from Naruto for quite sometime only to return and find this. My pain only lasted for shorter duration as it was late 2012 when I caught up to this and by that time everything was kind of resolved (?)

I can only imagine the pain of fellow shippers who had to bear it for longer time than me.

The moment when Sasuke for once proved that he still has special place for sakura in his heart.

After all that minato comparing Sakura to Kushina and that CPR and that scene where karin cries for sasuke and Sakura for Naruto , it was a total mess.

The scene of Naruto referring to bridge scene gave me a bit hope and then came the dessert romance. Soon after that cowboy poster and the famous poke appeared and I was like about time these two get together.

I felt like I was relieved from all the heartache. Unbeknown to me we still had gaiden coming lol.

Particularly I don’t care about this movie since Naruto said the word which he didn’t know to say “I give up”. He freaking said that and I chose to ignore rest too.

Well the above scene was good. It gave us insight about how strong their bond is. Still I don’t care about anything from that movie.. not even SS moment because my Naruto was not the same Naruto I knew in that movie. SP you idiot!

Last but not the least, the time after gaiden.

I personally dropped gaiden after reading chapter 7. I was crying during my class hours thinking about how kishi betrayed us and my professor was like" are you sick ?“ Lol..

5 months later I came back to my senses thinking how kishi isn’t the type of guy to throw everything just like that and I chose to re read the gaiden.

I’m glad I came back or else I would have missed the beautiful story about these cuties.

It was supposed to be a post about sasusaku evolution but turned out to be a rant post. Sorry guys I wanted to share my views too. 😅

The only ship which I ever truly shipped. Long painful journey but I don’t regret it. Happy canonversry guys . 😂


I’m waiting Shonda, I’m waiting…

persephonah  asked:

so how about some eposette wedding hcs please

(aaahhh sorry this took me so long! im not quite happy with it but anway here’s some cute gfs getting married)

Cosette and Eponine have been together for years now and they never really discussed the subject of marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, Cosette loves the whole idea of wearing a beautiful dress and walking down the aisle to promise to spend her life loving Eponine but her girlfriend never made any hints that it was something she wanted and she doesn’t want to pressure her. It’s not like she minds - they don’t need a wedding ring to prove their love, so she stays quiet about it.

Little does she know Eponine actually does want to get married and she’s been thinking about it a lot lately, especially after Combeferre and Courfeyrac got married a few months ago as the first ones in their group.

But how on earth do you bring up this kind of topic? Just proposing out of the blue is out of the question. Not if she doesn’t know if Cosette even wants to.

“Just talk about this like adults” Grantaire groans when she talks (read: whines) to him about it. She raises an eyebrow and scoffs in response.

“You mean like you and Enjolras are?” “Shut up” She knows Grantaire has been thinking about proposing as well, however Enjolras has always had pretty clear opinions on marriage in the past and he’s scared of being rejected. What a hypocrite though.

They’re having a quiet night in, curled up on the couch together with a glass of wine, when Eponine does take Grantaire’s advice.

“Hey Zette?” Cosette hums in reponse, her head resting on Eponine’s shoulder.

“Do you ever think about getting married someday?”

She feels the body next to her still. “yeah of course, do you?”

Eponine only nods, nervously skimming her finger over the top of her wine glass.

“And…would you ever consider getting married…to me?” Cosette sits up to look at her but she keeps her gaze firmly on the glass, pressing her lips together.

“Ep, I love you. Of course I considered it! I just…you never seemed interested in marriage and i didn’t want to scare you off” Eponine’s head shoots back up again “I am interested though!”

“So you want to get married?” “Yes!”  “Good.”

Cue them beaming at each other like the adorable lovebirds they are.

The next weeks Eponine spends looking for a ring and planning the perfect proposal because now that she knows they both want this, she can’t wait. But in the end Cosette beats her to it by proposing first while having a picnic in the park. It’s all sappy and perfect and they proceed to spend the rest of the day dozing cuddled together on the blanket, neither of them quite believing the other is now their fiancée

Of course all of Les Amis are ecstatic when they find out and help out with their wedding arrangements. (Eponine may have whispered “now it’s your turn” into Grantaire’s ear when he hugged her)

Neither Eponine nor Cosette are one for big pompous weddings so it ends up being a small beautiful ceremony with just their friends, Valjean and Eponine’s siblings present (her parents are absolutely not invited).

They rented a lovely little venue and there are flowers everywhere, especially violets, white magnolias and ivy (Jehan helped a lot with that)

Cosette looks stunning in her lacy bohemian dress and flowers in her hair and so does Eponine who decided to wear a dashing tuxedo instead. Both can’t take their eyes off each other as Cosette is led down the aisle by her father.

Both of them cry during their vows but no one’s eyes stay quite dry (even Montparnasse blinks suspiciously often)

When the officiant announces “you may now kiss the bride” Eponine dips Cosette for the big smooch.

During their first dance these two are simply glowing (imagine ‘forever with me’ by nedra johnson this song is gay jsyk)

Valjean of course dances with Cosette for the traditional father-daughter dance whereas Eponine dances with Gavroche who keeps twirling her around to make her laugh.

The newlyweds get home in the early morning hours, drunkenly giggling and clinging to each other happily. Eponine is carrying her shoes in her hands and Cosette’s cheek ended up covered in Eponine’s lipstick during the taxi ride home.

All tiredness is forgotten as soon as they’re over the doorstep and kisses turn heated. “We do have to consumate the marriage properly”, Ep whispers against her new wife’s lips as she guides her into the bedroom.

You know what Bahorel Definitely took Eponine to prom at some point

He found out she’d never gone so took her out to get the Perfect dress, did her hair and makeup himself, literally cried while taking pictures as if she were his daughter and then had Combeferre sneak them into the gymnasium of the school he was student teaching at (knowing full well his entire career could be destroyed because he wanted Ep to have a nice experience) they somehow didn’t get caught? Even though they’re both in their mid twenties and very obviously could not dance like teenagers without losing their breath despite being decently fit people and ending up getting into a political debate with one of the teachers wherein both of them discussed real life experiences they’ve had and Bahorel even brought up law school. They had fun, importantly Eponine had fun acting as a kid at a school dance without having to worry about what she’s going home to. Combeferre is convinced he should not be student teaching at that school but him and Bahorel have never felt better because of being able to see Eponine happy.

Eponine said it was one of her happiest memories and will cherish the ridiculously cliche photbooth pictures forever