she was so much better with you around

hi hi hiiiiii everyone!!! i’m here with my duchess seyeon!!! she’s so basic but she’s nice!! and friendly!!! under the cut are some random tidbits about her so you can get a better idea of what she’s like and hopefully we can plot! you can find me on aim @c.hrysalis or on twitter @chachabeatboi or you can like this and i’ll hope into your ims and we can get something going! 

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You deserve so much better than her. I hope you realize that. You’re worth more than constant fighting and hating your relationship. I don’t care if you miss her when she’s not around. I miss the old you, the happy you. The one that laughed every time I messed up my words and stayed up late dreaming about his future. You may not be perfect, but you deserve someone who doesn’t only say they love you but acts like it too. I just hope you realize that before it’s too late.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay, everybody shut the fuck up a minute I have something to say. listen just because something burns bright doesn't mean it's gonna burn forever. so all these people around you saying you got so much further to go, it's going to get worse before it gets better, I don't know. I don't if that true. you know, thanks so much for coming and on this next part, let's sing it all together
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I literally would not be here if I hadn’t stumbled across her meta a year and a half ago. TJLC is one of the better things to happen in my life and it all began with one clueless google search and a meta that dared to say “this is going to happen, they’re going to make history!”

I know I run a book blog so maybe this isn’t the right platform for this, but girls: Please look out for other girls. Tonight I was stuck at a bus stop in Shoreditch circa 2 AM and saw another young woman getting harassed by a drunk, aggressive dude, and at first I thought, “She’s got it under control.” But then he started touching her and I went “No, that’s definitely not right.” So I barged over and shoved him out of the way and said, “Beth?? Oh my God, how are you, I haven’t seen you since grade school!” And this girl I’d never seen before in my life threw her arms around my neck and whispered, “You are an angel, thank God.” We talked for fifteen minutes, the creep lost interest, I watched her get on the bus and I will sleep so much better knowing she got home in one piece. If you see something weird happening, intervene. The worst that can happen is embarrassment, and I think that’s worth the risk when you consider the alternative.

She’s the kind of girl that gets your heart beating faster with a short text or a simple glimpse of her. She’s the kind of girl that makes you think differently of everything and of love. She’s the kind of girl that lets the wild side out of you. She’s the kind of girl that makes you question luck, because having her makes you the luckiest of all. She’s the kind of girl that makes you nervous in the best way possible. She’s the kind of girl that makes you want to be a better human. She’s intelligent, and rebellious, and makes you feel so much better than anyone else ever has. She throws some curves around and confuses you but you don’t care because you are so deeply in love with her. It’s going to hurt, that’s what love does. Sometimes you’ll drift away but know that what’s meant to be will be.
—  Love Not War
The truth is that the what-if’s hurt so much because I always imagine them better than they would be. Because even if I had stayed you would still be with her. I would still be a secondary character in the story of your life, shrinking into shadows while you spend your nights laced around her. The truth is that there would be no smiles or late night adventures. Just smiles to cover up tears and late nights spent wishing that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow would be the day you’d realize that she should really be me instead.

She needs time. For the seconds will tell you who she is. For the hours will show you how to love her. The days we lose ourselves to how we should have been. She needs time like forever isn’t enough. So I’ve been writing about her. How much longer will she wait for you? We lose so often in a day. Mistakes define us. They do. There is plenty to do, don’t beat yourself up over the details. You know, you once wanted to be more. I’m here to say this. You only need to be yourself around me. Okay? I’ll be here and that’s not a promise. It happens everyday. I’m still a mess, you just make it better, right?


Hermione: (melting slightly) You want to marry me again?
Ron: Well, we were really young when we did it the first time, and I got very drunk and—well, to be honest I can’t remember much of it and… The truth is—I love you, Hermione Granger, and whatever time says—I’d like the opportunity to say so in front of lots of other people. Again. Sober.

Hermione Granger, I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger. (She turns towards him. He smiles.) And I’m mildly enjoying it.

Draco: Keep up, old man.
Harry: We’re the same age.
Draco: I wear it better.

Ginny: After I came out of hospital—everyone ignored me, shut me out—other than, that is, the boy who had everything—who came across the Gryffindor common room and challenged me to a game of Exploding Snap.

Draco: You know what I loved most about your mother? She would always help me find the light in the darkness. She made the world—my world, anyway—less—what was the word you used?—“murky.”

Scorpius: (hopeful) Hi, Rose.
Rose: (definitive) Bye, Albus.
Scorpius: (still hopeful) She’s melting.

Albus: I’m going to do this, Scorpius. I need to, and you know as well as I do, I’ll entirely mess it up if you don’t come with me. Come on.

BONUS: Ron/Draco
Ron: I, um, I think you’ve got really nice hair, Draco.

when I play me3 the thing I miss most from 2 is having kasumi around to chat with! I love her so much, she’s such a babe, and I love that despite being a totally unrepentant master-thief, mischief-maker and gossip queen, she’s easily the sweetest nicest person on the ship???? she never says mean stuff when she dishes the ship goss to shep just cute stuff like “oh that last mission must have been so tough for [squadmate], they deserve better, I hope they’re okay :(” and “I heard garrus really likes you! you should go for it because you both deserve to be happy!”


why is kasumi sitting on the bar? I feel like she’d be one of those people who climbs up and lounges around on literally any horizontal surface.

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dragon age inquisition companions reacting to the inquisitor being ill? (thank you so much!!! i love your guys reactions!!)

Cassandra: She orders them back into bed and has them lie down. She doesn’t want anyone else to get sick and wants them to rest and get better. She asks if they’d like any books to keep them occupied and hopes they get well soon. If Romanced: She hangs around his quarters, reading from a book (perhaps poetry) as her beloved coughs and sits in bed, complaining and miserable. “You will be alright,” she reassures, “just relax. I am here.”

Blackwall: He visits them in their quarters to check on them and asks how they’re feeling. He abashedly scratches the back of his neck when they reply. “Right, foolish question. Just rest up, we need you back with us.” If Romanced: He spends the whole damned time she’s sick with her, not worried in the least if he gets sick as well. She voices her concerns over it, and he just smiles wryly. “It’d hardly be the worst thing in the world, my lady. I’ve survived far worse.”

Iron Bull: If they’re out and about, he’ll haul them back to bed and tell them to rest. He has the kitchen make them something hot to clear out their lungs. At some point, he visits them and offers some of his hot cocoa. “A hot drink will clear out your lungs,” he says cheerfully, “my tamassran would always make us drink and eat hot food and it worked. Feel better soon, Boss!” If Romanced: He hangs out with them most of the day. Every ten minutes or so, he makes them drink some tea. They groan and complain, but they do it, and they feel a lot better in a surprisingly short time. When they pass out, he gently tucks them in and leaves them be.

Sera: She drops by now and then to check on them, and she winces when they cough. “Ugh, that’s bad. Sounds and looks like it. Feel better soon, we need you.” She knows they’re bored, so she’ll talk with them for awhile until they start nodding off again. If Romanced: She spends much more of her day up in her girlfriend’s room, wanting to ensure they don’t get any more ill than they already are. “I need you to be good again. Soon. Please? It’s no fun pranking without you.” She makes her eat even if she doesn’t want to and makes sure that she rests.

Varric: He drops by now and then with updates about what’s going on around the keep– wry remarks and snark– and it makes them smile. He’ll also regale them with stories about when Hawke was sick and the sort of shit they tried to pull, and it makes them laugh, and feel a little better. He also sends them some books to keep them busy.

Cole: He was the first to sound the alarm on them being sick. “Weary, lungs shaking, hot fire burning in my throat, nose stuck and still, a sticky feeling all over. You have a cold.” They wouldn’t rest after he came to them and told them he felt their pain, so he told the healer. The healer did a quick examination, agreed, and send the Herald up to rest. He visits them from time to time with whatever they need, if they run low on anything. “You should be better soon,” he says, “everyone is worried…”

Dorian: He visits them periodically and attempts to use his magic to help their symptoms. In the meanwhile, he shares gossip about other people in the Inquisition to keep them entertained. If they so much as smile, he’s happy. “Ah, and a beautiful smile comes out,” he says cheekily, “you’ll be back to normal in no time!” If Romanced: He fusses over him more than he would like to admit. He nags him a lot more to take his medicine and listens to his complaints sympathetically. He’s relieved when he can get him to sleep and rest– he wants his amatus better again as soon as possible.

Solas: He has remarkably little experience with the common cold, but he tries to help with their symptoms with a few spells. He urges them to rest and sleep as much as possible– it will let their body recover while they roam in the Fade. He does ask Josephine if she would like any assistance in the meanwhile. If Romanced: He frets over his vhenan endlessly, checking on her in waking hours repeatedly and asking her how she’s feeling. She assures him that she’ll be fine, but it does little to soothe him. He takes to visiting her in the Fade, sleeping as much as she does, and is happy to see her cold symptoms, for the most part, do not plague her there. He will dream with her as long as it takes for her to get better.

Vivienne: She drops by periodically with elfroot potions to ease their symptoms. It tastes foul, like very bitter cough syrup, but they ingest it at her behest. She orders the kitchen to make them tea and soup regularly, like Bull– it will make them feel better. “Feel better soon, Darling,” she says very gently as they begin to slip back into sleep when she’s about to leave, “we need you back with us.”

Leliana: She actually places someone by their quarters to make sure they don’t try to escape their room– she doesn’t want them to get more ill than they already are, and doesn’t want them to spread their disease. She has the healer bring her updates on their condition, and she doesn’t worry as long as they don’t get worse. She does drop by at least once, though, to tell them she hopes they get better soon.

Cullen: He tries his best to help Josephine with some of the work left over when he’s not too busy. He considers posting an extra guard by their door, but Leliana assures him that she has it covered. He manages to visit them at least once, and he tells them he hopes they feel better soon. If Romanced: He’s stressed, to say the least. As soon as he’s done with work, he’s off to be by her side. He drops by the kitchen and has them make a specific recipe for chicken noodle soup, the same recipe his mother made him and his siblings when they were sick. He’s willing to make it himself, or he would be, if the chefs didn’t shoo him out. When he has to get to work, he leaves only very reluctantly, pressing a kiss to her forehead before he goes.

Josephine: She can handle work while the Inquisitor is ill– she doesn’t want them out and about. A sick Inquisitor does not look good to visitors. She strictly forbids them from being disturbed about work, and takes on an increased workload just to make sure of that. When the Herald finds out, they thank her profusely, and she just smiles. “Just take care of yourself, Inquisitor. We all want you at your best.” If Romanced: She takes on the workload, and continuously asks for information about her beloved. She’s stressed and worries about them constantly, and whenever she can spare a moment, she’s off to check on them. The Inquisitor wryly tells her to relax, lest she get sick, too, and she sighs. “I don’t know that I can, my love. Not while you are ill.”


Pairing: Queenie/Fem!Reader


Hi ❤️ can you write an imagine where you have a crush on Queenie and she reads your mind so she sees it and you get embarrassed but it has a FLUFFY ending pretty please ❤️❤️❤️

Hi!! Could I request something for Queenie/female reader??☺️ Thanks so much!



God she was beautiful. Her hair was curled, she had light lip gloss on and a sheer dress wrapped around her form.

You had come to the Goldsteins house to get some sugar; you were trying to bake and don’t have enough.

Well now you didn’t want to leave.

“Hey doll, whats up?” Queenie sweet voice filled the air.


Don’t think about how pretty she is…don’t think about it

“Well…” queenie whispered, looking at you, “Didn’t know you felt that way”

A blush rose to your cheeks.

“Couldihavesomesugarplease” you rushed out.

Queenie stared at you for a while, as if trying to gather your thoughts.

“Course doll, come on in” Queenie grabbed your hand, pulling you into her and her sisters apartment.

You looked around the appartement, it didn’t seem that different from the last time you saw it.

Queenie stretched up to get the sugar, as her dress rose up.

You looked away, all you wanted was sugar and now you were getting an impromptu show.

You manicured hand grabbed the box, and strutted over to you.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks” you mumbled, fumbling your fingers though your hair.

“No problem Y/N….You should come over again sometime. Tina’s not home next week”

You know what’s really great about the Pearl scene where she says ‘everything should grow and everything should change and isn’t it so great how it comes so naturally to humans? Well it’s not natural for us; it’s not natural for me’ and then just starts crying?

Pearl’s the Gem who’s changed the most since Steven’s been around. Aside from Steven she probably understands humans and human society better than any of the Gems. She’s the one they get to open the doors when a human comes knocking, she cooks (although I think Garnet helps), she does laundry, she hands out stickers as prizes, and does puzzles (honestly can you see 15-years-ago Pearl doing a puzzle? What’s the point?), even before Mr. Greg she tried to be friendly with Greg for Steven’s sake. She’s warm and caring and doesn’t recoil at being around other humans.

She’s changed so much for him. And that’s so sweet and beautiful because she didn’t think she could change at this moment.

But it’s also a little sad.

Because the Pearl crying in the backseat of Greg’s van is a skilled fighter who moves like water but wasn’t made to do either of those things. The Pearl in the back of Greg’s van has changed so much but she either doesn’t think she can change again, or has, in that moment of grief, forgotten how much she already has.

"you think you're a better kisser?"

NOTE ;; so, as some of you know, this was meant to be a shared account ; but the other girl isn’t able to get on as much, but she was able to write something. so i’m posting it. :)

—————— • ——————

you were currently on the couch with your boyfriend, watching harry potter and cuddling, as usual. you thought shawn had drifted to sleep, until you heard his raspy voice brushing against your neck.

“y/n?” he murmurs,
“yes?” you answer, slightly shifting to look at him, he turns you around the rest of the way until your foreheads are almost touching and your lips are barley brushing against one another.

you smile and kissed his cheek, when you did they flushed and turned a light pink, he always said he still got butterflies around you, he leans in for a moment and looks in your eyes, taking you in. “kiss me.” he says softly.

his voice is soft and almost begging. you connect your lips with his and he lets out a sigh of content, moving his lips softly against yours. you feel his arm wrap around your torso, pulling your body even closer to his than it was previously.

you break away and he winced softly,
you rest your forehead against his and he smiles. “i love you” he whispers, tucking a strand of loose hair behind your ear.

you smile back and admire him in front of you. his curly chocolate brown hair is slightly messy. his cheeks are still a rosy pink. his eyes are a shade darker brown than usual. you lean in and connect your lips together once more and you watch his eyes flutter shut.

“mmh, you’re such a good kisser.” he groans into the kiss.
you smirk and pull away, sitting up.
he does the same. “even better than you.” you teased.
his eyebrow raised and he scoffed, “you are so not better than me..” he mumbled.
“aw but darling, you’re the one who said i was so good.” you cooed and rubbed his arm.
“okay, but I didn’t mean better than me.” he spat back, rolling his eyes.

“you think you’re better at kissing, huh?” you taunted, moving onto his lap and placing a kiss right below his ear. “then prove it.” you insisted.

he immediately flipped the two of you over - him hovering over you. he placed his lips firmly on yours, you hesitated but soon melted into him, kissing back. he started placing soft kisses on your jawline, making his way down your neck.

he found your sweet spot and started sucking harsher at that area, “mm, shawn..” you moaned, bringing a hand to grasp at his hair.
you felt him smirk, “i told you, love.” he rasped. you felt his breath hitting the sore spot on your neck, making you shiver.

he raised himself up and took in your sight beneath him, he licked his lips and pulled his lower lip in between his teeth.
you grabbed at the collar of his shirt with both your hands and pulled him down to meet your lips again.

you started tugging and the hem of his shirt, signaling for him to take it off. he pulled away and lifted his shirt over his head; then ridding you of yours.

“beautiful..” he sighed, raking his hands up and down your sides, taking in every inch of you. he placed a kiss on your chest before reaching behind you to unclasp your bra, fumbling with it for a little while before finally getting it undone.

“i hate those things.” he mumbled against your skin, annoyance in his voice. you giggled at his comment and reached your hands down to push his joggers off.
he stood up and to take them off as well as his boxers.
you stood up and did the same, pushing down your sweats and panties.

he went to the bedroom to grab a condom, sliding it on himself before hovering over you.
you pushed him down by his shoulders and he landed with a soft thud on the couch. you sat on his lap again, grinding against him while kissing at his neck.

his head fell back and he groaned loudly. his hands found your waist and squeezed lightly, making you gasp. he took the opportunity to flip you back over to your original position.

“are you ready?” he breathed.
“mmh” you hummed, wrapping your arms around his neck.
he slid himself into you, moaning once fully inside. you whined softly and he placed his lips against yours, kissing you until you adjusted to him.

“go.” you moaned.
he began thrusting at a slow pace. making you tug at his hair as he started going faster.
“shawn, please.” you whined. now sucking harshly at the skin on your collarbone; thrusting faster.

you arched your back and he started going at a different angle, hitting your g spot. “ugh. you feel so good.” he moaned - letting his head rest in the crook of your neck.

“shawn, i’m close. i’m close. right there.” you stuttered.
“me too.” he breathed out. he thrusted a few more times until you both reached your highs.

he pulled out and let out a loud sigh.
he stood up and went to throw the condom away quickly, before coming back and resting beside you on the couch, bringing his arm around your torso to pull your body close to his.

“so I’m totally the better one at kissing, right?” he smiled, propping himself up on his elbows.
“not this again..” you mumble turning to face him.

“i mean, my kissing turned into pretty hot sex, so..” he said cockily, smirking at you.
“that’s only because i was taunting and building you up.” you retorted, rolling your eyes.

“oh whatever.” he laughed, reaching over you to grab his phone. “y/n..” he gasped, “it’s 4:47 and we were supposed to be at y/bf/n and niall’s apartment at 5:00!” he yelled. rushing off the couch and running to the bedroom to get ready. almost pushing you off the couch while doing so.

you bounced off the couch and ran to your closet to pull out a pair of black tights, a grey tshirt and a pair of white vans. you jogged to the bathroom and threw your hair into a messy ponytail.

“shawn? you ready?” you yelled as you grabbed your phone from the coffee table. “yeah yeah, i’m coming.” he shouted back, coming around the corner in a pair of jeans and his black iheartradio hoodie.

the two of you sped to your best friends’ house, arriving a few minutes late.

shawn knocked on the door to their apartment and y/bf/n answered. “oh, hey guys.” she smiled, opening the door for you two to enter.
you stepped in before shawn and niall greeted you two from the couch.

“where have you two been? and why are you all flushed and messy looking?” he questioned, eyeing the two of you up and down.
“oh, hah. we were busy doing some stuff.” you answered, scratching the back of your neck out of nervousness.

“i’m stuff.” shawn smirked. you slapped his arm, scoffing.
“hah! my mate!” niall yelled holding up a hand in the air.
making his way over anyways, shawn high fived him. then sat down and started to chat about some new music they were producing together.

“so, you got some huh?” y/bf/n laughed, handing you a bottle of water.
“yeah uh.. he wasn’t supposed to say that.” you laughed as well, talking the bottle of water.

“how about we all watch a movie?” niall interrupts. “that sounds good with me, how about guys?” y/bf/n asks, turning towards you.
“sounds great.” you smile, walking your way to the couch and sitting down beside shawn.

he smiles at you, putting his arm around you.
you lean into him, resting your head on his chest and he gives your forehead a quick kiss.

times like this what truly made you happy.

Favors- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Request: @elenawrit 

“What about Cassian wearing this empire uniform, and after his mission, he comes back on the base, and when he goes to see the reader, she doesn’t have attention, she just sees the uniform and she punch him in the face. And after, she feels so sorry, and he teases her by saying something like “You must give me a magic kiss to treat me.” what do you think about it ?”

Warnings: Just so much fluff. Like is it too much?? I dunno…I’m out of control. 

He had been gone for five days. In my world, it might as well have been a month. It was impossible to say what was more difficult…Cassian being away on a mission without me, or him being here with me. Although that wasn’t exactly true. Everything was better when he was around. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt since I was a child. Hope. Hope that maybe it was possible for good things to still exist, and hope that we still deserved them after everything we had done. It was having to hide the fact that I was ridiculously in love with him that made it hard. I settled on the fact that it was enough that he knew…yet there were days when some lovesick part of me wanted to tell everyone. Our reasons for not telling, though, were too necessary.

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Hi!  Our Buddy Pike is looking for Critters to contribute letters for our glorious cleric, Ashley Johnson.

Here’s our intro spiel:

A few weeks ago on Talks Machina Ashley mentioned how she feels insecure sometimes when she’s on the show - if she’s on Skype, she can’t hear most of what’s happening so it’s hard for her to keep up.  There’s also been some previous comments about how she’s the most useless one since she can’t be around all the time and it sometimes seems like she doesn’t know what she’s doing.

But we know better!  Ashley is amazing, and Pike is our fantastic gnome cleric.  Let’s show her some love! 

Submit your letters, stories, quotes, anything else you want to share about how Pike inspires you or how much you appreciate what Ashley brings to the show.  They’ll be collected and put into a real-life scrapbook for her.

We made one for Marisha and got to watch her open it on a Periscope… and she cried.  We want this love-bomb to do the same for Ashley.

Visit us and contribute!

Safe Inside

1. Let Me Love the Lonely

The cool night air swam around Ginny, picking up her hair and blowing it about her face. The steel of the cars handle chilled the palm of her hand, but the sound of her name on his tongue warmed her to the core. Something in her sensed the bloom of a fragile moment before her brain caught on to it. A key turned in a lock and the click reverberated around her chest; opening a door deep within.

It felt strange, the sensation, but even the oceans in his blue eyes seemed to suggest there was something new happening in this small window of time. He put on that lazy smile she enjoyed so much, and cleared his throat as he shifted his weight from leg to leg on the sidewalk.

“Come on, Rookie, you can give me a better goodbye than just a wave.”

“Are we saying goodbye?” She questioned; just barely managing to get the words out before a knot lodged itself in her throat. His smile wilted ever so slightly but the light in his eyes dimmed considerably, and he turned his head to stare down the near vacant street. Ginny swallowed a few times and plastered on a smile of her own. “Get over here, old man.”

Mike cut his eyes back at her before closing the distance between them. She threw her arms around his neck and squeezed herself close. One of his hands pressed to the small of her back, gently at first, and then a little firmer. Their contact lingered and even the night seemed to still. Ginny was the first to pull away but only enough to find his gaze. She couldn’t read him but something odd began to happen in the space between them. She could only describe it as a gravitational pull and she had to assume he felt it too because he was the one to close his eyes first.

The silk feel of his lips lightly grazed her before he was pulling himself away. “Ginny…”

“What?” She breathed instead of the string of swears piled up on her tongue. He stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans and just shook his head. “Did I do something wrong?”

He scoffed incredulously but his face fell when he realized she was being serious. “Did you- did you do something wrong? No, Ginny, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Really? Because you’re using your frustrated voice right now.”

“Ginny, you’re fine. You’re- you’re perfect. It’s me.”

“How original.” She grumbled and he winced when he noted that his words had struck a cord. Normally she would’ve coiled back into herself, acted like nothing was wrong just like he was doing right now, but that door behind her ribcage was still open and she couldn’t close it.

“I didn’t mean…”

“I’m feeling…things for you, Mike.”

“No.” he replied as he shook his head but she continued anyways.

“Look at me, I don’t do this, show vulnerability but keeping it inside is exhausting.”

“Stop, Gin. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

Her hands clenched at her sides as she tried to control the anger burning like a wildfire under her skin. Mike took a step towards her but she stuck out her hand, and he stopped. Her voice came out strong but uneven.

“When I said I don’t know what I’d do without you, I wasn’t just talking about on the field. God, how can you not see that? You really can’t tell that I function at half, if not less, when you’re not around? I can’t think straight. It’s like I’m just running through some preprogrammed motions, and maybe it shouldn’t be like that, but it is and I hate it. I hate that I can be only half the person I should be when you’re not here, but you make me feel real, Lawson. Like I am someone outside of the game, like I’m not so goddam lonely all of the time. So, forgive me for not throwing a parade to watch you leave.”

When she was done, Ginny took a breath and allowed her words to land before spinning on her heel to leave.

“Hold up.” Mike demanded but she was too furious to comply. He nearly lifted her off of the ground when he caught her around the waist, and his voice rumbled like a growl in her ear. “I said wait.”

She wasn’t even all the way around in his arms before they mashed their mouths together. They tripped over one another and he had to hold out an arm to brace them against the car but they never came apart. It was a headrush that alcohol could never provide and no game could induce. The feel of his hands on her body, the tip of his tongue brushing hers, it was like throwing the switch on a fireworks display.

“You’re coming with me.” He declared gruffly against her lips but if he’d asked her later about the journey between the sidewalk and his house, she would’ve drawn a blank; in part because while one hand had driven them home, the other did a dance between her parted thighs and remained there until he pulled her from the car in the driveway. He had her shirt up and over her head before the front door closed. She was attacking the buttons of his when he scooped her off of the floor and nearly tripped over the shoes she’d just stepped out of.

“You sure your knees can take this, old man?” She giggled breathlessly as his breath tickled a particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

“We don’t have to go very far.” He replied and only took a few more steps towards the coffee table. One swipe of his hand sent the remotes clattering to the floor, and she was still laughing as he spread her out across the glass. When she tried to sit up to continue with his shirt, he flattened her back down with his hand, and ran his mouth across the strip of flesh between her navel and the zipper of her pants.

“C'mon, Lawson. Don’t be a tease.” Ginny mewled in a voice that shook, and could hear him chuckle into the fabric of her jeans as he pulled at it with his teeth. The movement had been so fast she almost didn’t realize she’d been relieved of her bottoms, and now it was only the thin layer of her panties that separated her center from his hovering mouth.

The rollercoaster dropped, or that was the feeling, when the warmth of his tongue finally met its mark. To say that his beard was now her new favorite thing was an understatement. Her breath hitched so many times as she grappled for air that Ginny thought she might actually pass out. She would worry about crushing his head between her thighs if he himself hadn’t wrapped them around his shoulders.

“Oooooooo” she exhaled through pursed lips and the vibration of his laughter only intensified the trembling that had begun in her toes. She was nearing the peak of this climb when he stopped, and her body shuddered in search of its release. Mike didn’t keep her waiting too long before replacing the pressure of his hand with the weight of his body. Ginny didn’t stand on ceremony this time and could hear the remaining buttons of his shirt scatter as she tore it open. He paused to raise an amused eyebrow at her.

“What? Like you don’t have twenty of the same shirt.”  She said, craning her neck to peck at his mouth while her fingertips popped the button of his jeans. He didn’t object. Instead he held her gaze as she worked them as far down as she could before he had to take over.

Mike stepped out of the last of his clothing and Ginny had to tell herself to breathe. All at once her system was flooded with excitement, anticipation, and a hint of nervousness. But as he lowered himself over her once more it dissipated into the earthquake building in her stomach. He kissed her again, deeply this time, and she gasped into his mouth when he entered her. Ginny unfolded like a map in his search for the buried treasure and let him consume her. She held tight to him as together they rose and fell amidst the ebb and flow of these waves they were making. He never stopped kissing her, and she made it her mission to leave her mark on every bit of him that she could before both of them collapsed into one another.

At some point they’d rolled off of the table and onto the plush fluff of his carpet but everything was a little fuzzy. He was hugging her around the waist, his head on her stomach, and she was absentmindedly running a hand through his hair. He didn’t say anything and she wasn’t going to be the one to break the silence, but it was peaceful. Eventually their racing hearts steadied, their breathing slowed, and Ginny closed her eyes in hopes she might relive the whole night.

He must’ve thought she’d fallen asleep because he raised his head to look up at her. She could slightly see him surveying her out of the small opening at the corner of her eye before he rested his head down once more and began to talk.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you either, Ginny.” He admitted quietly to the open air. “As much as I want it to be different, no matter how sure I am that I don’t deserve you, you make my life mean something again. I don’t know how you can’t see that either.”


Note: another short one, but I like it. feedback is welcome! .c

Request: Hi! I saw you were taking request and I was wondering if you could please write one where, you know in CACW where steve goes to buckys “apartment” but instead of just bucky and Steve, bucky has a heavily pregnant girlfriend (reader) so Bucky has to make sure she and the baby are safe and what not? Lol that was super confusing! And even if you don’t write it I was wondering if you could please add me to your tag list? Thanks so much! - @frickin-bats

Bucky was trying his best to take care of you and himself, all while dealing with the mess residing in his brain. He wanted to turn his life around, to create a better life for you and your child you’ve yet to give birth to. He wanted a better life for all of you, so he made sure to do what he could. He’d gather all the change he could to buy him plums and you strawberries and bananas. It was all he could do to keep you fed.

You loved how Bucky was trying to get past everything. He’s come a long way, but he still needs a little help. You were kidnapped by Hydra and you had to room with Bucky, even after his Winter Soldier spells. You were there to comfort him, to bring him back to his senses, you were his rock. He held onto you desperately and brought you along with him when he got away from Hydra.

Now you lived in an apartment, doing the best you both could do for the moment while staying low. You were pregnant, of course, and every day was a day closer to having the little one. You were sitting on the bed, munching on some strawberries. Bucky had been gone to get more and he’d be back any time now.

You suddenly heard someone coming through the door, knowing it was probably Bucky. You kept your eyes on the newspaper in your hand, not having gotten to the one from today. Bucky usually brings it with him when he gets food so you both know what’s going on. “Hi, babe.” You called out, popping a smaller strawberry in your mouth. You were met with silence, so you lifted your head up, seeing someone else.

You let out a scream and backed further into the wall. “Who are you!?” You yelled, holding your belly. Bucky burst through the door now, causing the man with the shield to hold it up for protection. “I’m not here to hurt you!” The man said, his voice firm and strong. Bucky’s breathing was heavy and he looked at you, his face full of worry. He turned back to the man. “Do you know who I am?” The man asked, lowering his shield.

You furrowed your eyebrows and rubbed your belly absentmindedly. Bucky squinted at the man, sighing. “You’re Steve.” He eyed Steve for another second,  “I read about you in a museum.” Bucky explained and you watched the two, nervously biting your lip. “Wh-what do you want?” You asked, trying to sit up. Your belly was pretty big and you grunted, wobbling on your arms. Bucky rushed over to you to help you onto your feet.

Bucky’s hands kept you steady and you sighed, taking deep breaths. “Look, I don’t know what’s going on, but I need you both to come with me.” Steve said, looking between you and Bucky. You frowned and looked at Steve. “Why?” Bucky asked, using his metal arm to hold your belly. Steve tossed today’s newspaper to Bucky and he caught it, opening it and seeing the headline.

You gasped and moved away from Bucky, furrowing your eyebrows. “That-that is not you, Bucky.” You said, your heart starting to race. Bucky frowned at you then turned to Steve. “I don’t do that anymore.” Bucky stated, tossing the newspaper to the table. You couldn’t believe what you just saw. How could someone set Bucky up like that? And why would they after all this time?

A voice from Steve’s comm rang through and he sighed. “Listen, we have to get out of here. She needs a doctor and you both need to be safe. There are people coming and it won’t end well.” Steve said, looking at you and Bucky worriedly. 

Bucky sighed and you heard his arm whir as he took off his glove. You heard footsteps on the roof and your skin was covered in goosebumps. “Bucky.” You whimpered, hearing loud voices outside the door. He took your face in his hands, his blue eyes full of different emotions. “I’ll protect you no matter what, I promise.” Bucky said, his bottom lip quivering.

Suddenly a body flew through the window and it all happened so fast. Bucky was fighting off anyone he could alongside Steve while rushing you out of the apartment. You avoided the flying bullets as you went, hearing them ricochet off Bucky’s metal arm. 

You made it to the last staircase and you were about to go out the door until a guard grabbed your arm, only to have it twisted and broken by Bucky’s metal hand. He grunted, fighting off more guards as you made your way outside.

You followed behind Steve to get to a jet close by. You suddenly felt a sharp pain in your belly and you stopped running, your hands flying to the bump. An ear piercing scream fell from your lips. “Y/N!” Bucky yelled, holding onto your shoulders. “What’s happening!?” He asked, wiping your sweaty forehead. You cried out, feeling the sharp pain worsen. “Th-the baby.” You choked out, breathing heavily.

Bucky hurriedly walked you to the jet and Steve alerted Bruce to have a medic room ready for you. You sat down and took deep breaths, practicing breathing exercises. Bucky sat on his knees, resting his forehead on yours, his hands on your belly. “You’re doing great, just breathe, baby.” Bucky whispered soothingly to you, calming you down.

You looked into Bucky’s eyes and sighed out, feeling his hands rubbing your belly. Steve was standing off to the side, watching you two, mesmerized at how Bucky is acting. What surprised him is how he was using his metal hand to soothe you when he just broke and strangled people with it. You didn’t seem to mind, you never actually did. You knew what it meant, but you also knew what it could mean after everything gets better.

Steve stepped up and gave you a bottle of water. You smiled slightly as you took it, but Bucky grabbed it and let you sip from it. “Thank you.” Bucky said to Steve, capping it when you were done drinking. Steve nodded and gave you and Bucky a smile. “How long has she, um, when is she due?” Steve asked, unsure if he should ask a personal question like that.

You smiled and rubbed your belly. Bucky watched you in awe, a light blush resting on his cheeks. “We aren’t exactly sure. Really soon, possibly a few days.” Bucky said, turning to Steve. Steve nodded, rubbing his chin. “She’ll have a medic room, Bruce is a very nice doctor, she’ll be in good hands.” Steve said, noticing how Bucky looked at you with concern.

Bucky didn’t want anything to happen to his little family. He wanted you to be safe, he wasn’t sure who this Bruce man was, but he trusted Steve. “You guys can stay at the Tower.” Steve said, Bucky’s head turning back to him. “I-I don’t know if I should.” Bucky frowned, his eyebrows furrowing. “It’s best for the both of you, Buck.” Steve said, giving Bucky a knowing smile.

Bucky stayed with you the entire ride, making sure you were okay and making sure your baby was safe, too. When the jet landed at the Tower, Steve escorted you and Bucky out and into a new, better life.

Note: i serioulsy hope this didn’t suck! thanks for the request, feedback is welcome! .c

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we're not promised tomorrow

“I’ll go to the hospital with Melissa, and see if we can’t find Scott and Liam,” Stiles said, as he dropped her hand, looking around the locker room. “You stay here with my dad and Mason. Maybe if we can split the Ghost Riders from Douglas, we stand a better chance.”

He was in problem solving mode, and she loved it. She could watch him figure things out all day. But she also felt the rising panic of them splitting up again. The pain of him slowing moving further from her side was almost enough to bring her to her knees. She didn’t want to let him go. Not when there was so much left unsaid.

“Stiles, wait.”

He was pushing lacrosse sticks out of the way, the clattering of wood on concrete drowning out her voice in the empty space.

He pulled out a baseball bat, a smile creeping across his face, before he turned back to her. “Promise me you’ll get to my dad and stick with him while I go find Scott?”

She nodded, but she took a step closer to him. “We need to talk first.”

“We’re kind of on the clock here Lydia,” he said, torn between the door and her. “Can it wait?”

She wanted to tell him yes. That of course their friends and family, the whole town really, was more important than this. But it didn’t feel that way.

He made a move towards the door and she couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“I didn’t say it back.”

He froze. And for a moment she felt like she had stopped time all together. But then he was turning to face her, a mix of confusion and hope on his face.

“What are you–”

“That night,” she cut him off. She wanted to get it out, before she crumbled. “The night the Ghost Riders took you. You were trying to get me to find a way to remember.”

“Lydia I know, I know I put a lot on you then. I’m sorry.”

“You told me you loved me,” she said as she looked around. They were in the locker room. It was almost too fitting. “And I don’t think you really understood, how strong those words were going to stick with me.”

He dropped the bat, but she didn’t hear it. Not when all her senses were tuned into Stiles walking closer to her.

“Remember that day I kissed you.” He was smiling. Stupid question, because of course he’d remember. “That day, something changed. I knew it the second it happened. But I was scared. I was scared that this could be real. Because I had never had that. And I was scared that I’d lose you. And somehow not admitting my feelings would make it better if that ever happened.”


“You became my best friend Stiles,” she pressed, shaking her head when his hands came to rest on her cheeks. “You somehow worked your way right through every single defense I put around my heart, and you made it your home. But I still thought we had time. I thought we had forever. And then the Ghost Riders came, and suddenly we didn’t have anything.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I love you Stiles,” she said, wrapping her fists into his shirt. “I love you, and I should have said it. I should have said it after we kissed, or before you got with Malia, or after you broke up. I should have told you before the Ghost Riders took you away. You deserved to know, and I can’t wait anymore. I can’t.”

He pulled her to him, covering her lips with his own, in a fevered kiss. Every rushing thought she had in her head quieted. The only thing she thought and felt was Stiles against her. Their first kiss had been soft and calm, but this one, this one opened worlds inside her. She could see the future burning between them, and she wanted it as desperately as she could ever want anything.

They broke apart, but Stiles didn’t move back, instead he smiled at her. The smile she knew had always been meant for her.

“I love you too,” he said, giving her one more quick kiss. “And we will have so much time to finish this conversation later. But I think we should probably deal with the supernatural danger first.”

“Right, danger.” She nodded, because she could barely speak with how close he was.

He finally broke their gaze as he moved to pick up the bat he’d dropped. “Promise me you’ll be safe?”

She couldn’t help but smirk. “I’m not the one using a baseball bat to battle the supernatural.”

He rolled his eyes. “Can’t mess with a classic.”

And with that he was off. Running towards the same thing that had ripped them apart weeks before. But she wasn’t filled with dread. Not anymore. She knew they would do whatever they could to fight their way back to each other. It took to fight their way back to one another. She wouldn’t lose Stiles again.

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Lion King by P. Klejmič

This is a short poem-story I wrote during my freshman year of college; the year I learned to love my hair, and by extension, myself.

times in my life when i hated my hair

fifth grade

i needed to get my hair done for fifth grade promotion. my aunt spent two hours straightening it, and when she was finished she said, “wow, you look so much better.” //

sixth grade

that one time at lunch a girl from the next table over whispered, “she needs a brush.” when i looked over, the entire table giggled // my nickname in school was mufasa, then simba, and finally lion king. i was only offended they called me the names of the male lions. from then on, everyone referred to me as lion king. the teachers never said anything // i walked past two girls in the hallway. i felt a tug at my hair and turned around to see one of them with a smirk on her face, “i wonder if it’s weave.” //

seventh grade

i went to get a haircut and when i walked in the salon, the first thing the stylist said was, “jeez.” // the women in the magazines, with their smooth shiny hair, always looked better than me //

eighth grade

i was walking through the mall when i heard someone shouting for me, “hey you, come here!” i walked over to the man at the kiosk selling flat irons and hair products. he picked up a smoothing lotion and said, “you need this.” when i walked away, he kept shouting for me, “please come back,” but i never looked back, tears in my eyes // in art class we had to draw a self-portrait. i chose to draw a lion //

ninth grade

after my middle school experience, i wanted a fresh start in high school. my aunt suggested i get a relaxer. curls and frizz, chemically burned away // i cried in the shower as i washed my hair, desperately trying to bring my hair back to life. four more times in the shower. nothing // the damage done by relaxers can be reversed. i went home from the salon, with my hair restored to its natural state, and cried //

times in my life when i loved my hair

tenth grade

people in high school never treated me differently because of my hair. in a crowd of girls with thin straight hair, i stood out // i saw a picture of my grandmother when she was younger. i looked just like her // my mom introduced me to her friend. when she made a comment about my hair, my mom said, “this is jewish hair.” my hair became an integral part of my identity //

eleventh grade

i spent a lot of time wondering, “what is jewish hair?” it does not exist, but my hair is jewish; this is the hair the jewish women of my family had // i accepted the fact that i could not change my hair, so i embraced it // i wore my hair with pride. i let it be frizzy in the summer and tousled it when it got too flat // i promised myself i would let it grow and never cut it too short //

twelfth grade

when i realized my existence was a form of resistance, i protected my hair from the hands and eyes of others // hitler tried to eliminate my family, but he failed, and generations of thick beautiful curls were passed down to me // me and my hair are proof that you cannot extinguish the flame of a people who burn so brightly // inside my curls lies the resilience of a million women //