she was so little im cry

things people in my theatre class have said

“look guys i vandalized george washington”

“i fucking HATE that note” 

“that was so beautiful im crying how does she even hit that note??”

(off-key screeching) “i think thats a little flat”

“oh my god your voice is so good why are you in the ensemble?” “i can’t act” “THIS IS??? A THEATRE CLASS??”

“i love (random musical)” “fight me”

“everyone shut up and give me attention”

“and thats why its called a triple threat” “im not even a single threat”

“how was ur audition” “im dead”

“why do they make the orchestra play under the stage??? its like a fuckin horror movie in there”

(while walking backstage) “holy FUCK theres so much stuff in here”

“why is there a brownie on the side of the stage” “dont question it its always been there”

(incoherent screaming about the tonys)

“you wore that shirt yesterday” “shhhhHHHH”

“i had a dream about kiwis yesterday.” “…” “the fruit and the bird”

“theater is the place and theatre is the profession” “wait really”

Power Rangers @ Disneyland Headcanon

- Jason and Kim demanding that the group takes a picture at the castle

-Billy beating the fastpass system, so the group doesn’t wait in line for a single ride.

-They ride star tours five times….

-Trini running around with a Chewbacca backpack all day.

- Zack and Kim starting a lightsaber battle in tomorrowland and attracting a huge crowd

-Buddy system Trini and Kim, then Billy Jason and Zack

- All of them getting Mickey Ears in their respective ranger color

-Trini being the only one soaking wet after going on splash mountain…. They made her sit in the front.

-They get stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean. Zack gets five boats to sing pirates life for me.

- The group loses Billy and they start panicking until they notice a small crowd. Billy noticed a mama duck and her ducklings crossing from pond to pond and decided to help them cross.

- Billy having a rare collection of trader pins. Everyone wanting to trade with him until Jason shoos them off

-Trini kisses kim in their space mountain picture

-Zack passed out in the space mountain picture…. they were in Disneyland med for a half hour before they could go back into the park again

-Billy later buys the picture and has it framed above his bed.

- They ride the toy story ride, its turns into world war 3 inside. Jason talked the biggest game and ended up losing the worst with kim coming out on top. She claims she won in the name of feminism

- They go on the ferris wheel. Trini has a panic attack when they get to the top.  The whole group reassures her its almost over. They all forget it goes around twice. She comes off the ride crying and clinging to Kim.

-They ride the little mermaid twice to calm her down.

-They make the mistake of taking her on tower of terror right after

-“Trini that’s the closest to being on top as you’ll ever be” “shove it kim, im not kissing you for a week”

- They make it a point to see the electric parade, They notice a group of kids behind them can’t see. They all have a kid on their shoulders afterwards.

-When the fireworks show starts Zack tears up. “Its just so beautiful”

-They notice afterwards Trini was crying too. “The person narrating the firework show was Julie Andrews….. DO YOU KNOW HOW SPECIAL SHE IS?!?!”

-They walk out of the park singing every Disney song the can think of. All of them singing a different song

-Billy falls asleep on Jason During the tram ride back

- No one remembered where they parked the car.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: in season 9 episode 21 of Friends "The One With the Fertility Test" Chandler tells Monica they are both incapable of having a baby, due to low sperm motility and an inhospitable environment. I always assumed Chandler lied to Monica about his low sperm motility so Monica wouldn't find out she was the reason they couldn't conceive. (Even though there was no way to prove it). However, when the doctor calls and Chandler answers, he asks to speak to Monica...if something was wrong with Chandler, the doctor would've told him because he was already on the phone. And when Monica asked Chandler if there was a problem with him or with her, before answering, Chandler hesitates and looks off to the side a little before saying "actually it's both of us."
  • so basically all I'm ever going to think about is how Chandler probably did lie to Monica to protect her from knowing that she is the reason they cannot naturally have a child, the one thing she has wanted since the beginning of season 1, and now i have to cry for eternity

#if you think that I will ever stop crying and marveling over this brilliant masterpiece of a scene #you’re wrong#the breathing in #the struggle on shaw’s face as she tries #TO EXPLAIN #to just let the words out#the almost-there smile that almost makes it to her face#multiple times #as she tries to convey the depth of her feelings##FOR ROOT#FOR HER SAFE PLACE#thAT LITTLE EXHALE IN THE LAST GIF #IM NOT fINE

can u believe that last night when yousef got home he laid on his bed smiling like a fool and just repeating every little time sana looked at him and when she smiled and showed him, only him, her beautiful dimples and just gained hope that she may actually like him and wow he was just so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling just thinking of his soulmate and how much he loves her

“why are you crying”


“I’M GONNE DIE!!!;m;!!”

“you’re not gonna die.”

“oh okay thanks ayano <3″

she does this everyday.

baby- an imagine

a/n: im gay and i want to get married and have a baby and this is a writing piece about it. also try to reblog cos that helps stuff get shared n stuff. im also new so if you wanna follow hmu

“We always, we always, we always have a story,” you heard, your wife’s voice lulling the crying infant to sleep, and almost, almost succeeding. Leaning on the doorframe, your silhouette all that she can see, for light spilled in behind you. Your little girl was crying, and keep their new adoptive mothers up all night and somehow find a way to not have it even irritate them.

You come behind her, kissing her bare shoulder that’s poked out from her tank top, and her smile is genuine. You both haven’t slept in hours, both because of the crying and also because your daughter was a sight, and you were in awe of how gorgeous she was, her little breaths and her little sighs and her button nose- you can’t believe she’s yours.

She’s got tufts of brown hair, puffs over her head and her skin was soft and the warm brown you knew you’d love to see for the rest of your life. She’s lovely. She’s breathtaking. She’s the most beautiful thing you’d ever considered yourself tove. She’s yours.

A lot of people, (assholes) say that she’s not, that you didn’t make her so she’s not, and the thing is- you get it. She’s not made up of your DNA. She’s someone else’s, in that regard. She didn’t grow in your tummy.

But she’s yours, she became yours when you touched her tiny finger and she trusted you completely, relied on you for everything, trusted you to be her shepherd through life. She had big eyes that were brown and soft and sweet and you could swear they looked just like your wife.

You’re young to be adopting- only in your mid 20’s- and you hadn’t been looking for a baby at the moment. Your wife volunteered at a planned parenthood on the weekends, and she’d known a high schooler who’d gotten pregnant and was planning to put the child in the foster system.

And the love of your life, coming home frenzied on a Sunday, saying that she knows it’s crazy but you have a room and you have love and you’re married and you’d talked about kids and-

And you looked her in the eyes, you looked at the woman you would dedicate your life to in a second, that you did dedicate it to her, and she looked at you, eyes blown and you knew that fuck it, you wanted kids, you had a home, you had a wife, and this could be the time.

That leads you to here, where your daughter was finally falling asleep in your wife’s arms, and her voice is still the lovely thing that made you fall in love with her in the first place. She looks lovely, her hair falling over her cheeks and the streetlights pouring in the light on the woman you adore, and her looking at the bundle of joy in her arms like she was the most precious thing in the world.

Three girls in the home, you thought, a smile playing on your lips.

She laughed, kissing you, and you smile into it, and it’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous that you’re kissing your wife with your daughter near.

3 years ago, if someone told you that you’d be sitting here, with a gorgeous, breathtaking woman holding a child you raise together, you’d have thought they were lying. Another one of those  people promising that shit gets better to make you feel better.  

But you’re sitting in here, with a little bundle in her crib, a ring on your finger, and lips tingling and her arms around you, eyes droopy from lack of sleep.

“I love you,” she smiles, lips against your cheek, fingers twining with yours. She says it like she doesn’t expect you to say anything back. She says it like it’s a fundamental truth to her, like the most beautiful and true thing in her life is to love you, and your heart swells because loving her is the thing she loves most in the world. Loving her is the thing you feel honored to do.

She looks stunning, even with her eyes tired and her fingers trembling with nerves of the momentousness of having a baby to raise.

You didn’t say yes to having her because it made sense on paper. You didn’t say yes because you had a home. You didn’t say yes because she wanted to, or because you thought that’s what married people do.

You said yes because when you looked at your wife, you saw what you always do.

You saw the girl you would dedicate your whole life to, the woman you wanted to build the world to make her smile, and you saw the only person you wanted to share the most incredible quest you’ll ever do. You couldn’t think of anyone you’d rather have a family with.

And here you were, the three of you, her humming under her breath to keep her baby asleep, and you were one.

A family.

Your family.

highlights of 4x10
  • Indra’s “you are my people” still gets me
  • dad!Kane
  • those nice lingering Bellarke stares
  • Blake sibling moments!!!
  • Gaia and Indra!!!! Sometimes you just need your mama
  • Bellamy hates Echo so much I live for his snide comments about her
  • Ilian is like a little flying squirrel!! (RIP 😭)
  • “I could hear you all the way down the street” omg Roan just kiss him already
  • “You tell her I was the lucky one” I’m actually gonna cry Bellamy is the best brother in the world Octavia doesn’t deserve him
  • Black rain ex machina
  • Luna is actually horrifying wtf…
  • …okay Octavia okay…it only took a bunch of murder to get you kinda back on the right track

some cute madzie+magnus+alec headcanons now that they’ve been confirmed as her dads™

  • magnus and alec will take her to her favorite coffee shop every sunday and madzie keeps freezing her hot cocoa every time
  • magnus is amused while alec’s like “honey, why do we keep taking you here when we could just go to a ice cream shop instead”
  • and then madzie is like “but dad this is different than just ice cream” and alec is kind of not convinced until madzie forces him to try it
  • after that alec’s kind of hooked on the treat too bc he secretly has a sweet tooth and spends his time licking on the huge cocoa popsicle every time they decide to visit the coffee shop again
  • people may or may not give them weird looks but it doesn’t matter because they’re a happy family
  • madzie loves to make flower crowns in the summer time from whatever she can pick up from the various places they visit through portals [magnus may or may not help her by using his magic to grow all kinds of exotic plants sometimes even in the middle of the busy new york streets and pretends to not have anything to do with it when alec looks unimpressed]
  • after she’s made a dozen of different types she decides to use her dads as her models for them
  • alec is reluctant at first but there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his baby girl tbh so that’s how he ends up with a pink flower crown on his head for the rest of the day while magnus tells how cute he looks while wearing his own violet one
  • the first time madzie is allowed to spend the night at her friend’s house both magnus and alec are emotional watching her pack her little travel bag while alec already has tears in his eyes
  • ‘’are u crying’’
  • ‘’no im not – you know what? yes im fucking crying magnus, this is our little girl and i’m just gonna miss her so much even if it’s just for one night.’’
  • at this point they’re both crying silently while madzie just rolls her eyes and says ‘’cmon dads it’s just for one night stop being such crybabies’’
  • magnus teaching madzie magic while alec watches them fondly in the background
  • alec wanting to teach madzie some combat skills when she’s older so that she’ll basically have the best of both worlds with having a shadowhunter and a warlock as her dads
  • them tucking her into bed every night and alec giving her a kiss on the forehead while magnus gives one on her cheek 
  • after that they shut off the lights but stay on the doorway for awhile just to watch her sleep while they both have an equally fond look on their faces 
  •  magnus then squeezes alec’s waist and is like “we did good, didn’t we”
  • alec answers by returning the gesture 
  • “yeah we did”

leaderly grumbles

bts reaction to their S/O crying because of a bad migraine

Anonymous said :

hi, if you’re not too swamped, could i get the boys reaction to their s/o crying because they have a really bad migraine. (im real bad with pain so this is me a lot of the time.) have a fantastic day, lovely!

hi babe <3 ..thanks for requesting ,I hope you like it .  I hope you feel better till you forget you’re suffering from it ,I know how it’s bad cuz I suffer from a one too .><


Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

Jin would feel a little bit terrified at first ,as soon as he heard you crying from the other room he would pout “why is she crying all of a sudden?” ..when he would go and see you holding you head and feeling the real pain he would panic ,how he would make you feel better? . So ,he would calm down after he realizes the situation ,just give you some analgesics and place your head on his lap , patting softly on your hair till you be better ,he would stay there for you till the end .


Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

like ,he is the cold Suga ,but when it comes to you ,he changes 180 degrees ,and when you cry ,he is not Suga anymore ,he is the caring little Yoongi .He would pat at your back when you were crying ,then secretly message his mom “how can I stop migraine’s pain ?” ..whatever his mom said he would do it with no objection . Maybe cuddling with you or buying some medicine ,even going to the nearest medical center and ask for consultation if this happened again ,you would never know >< .


Originally posted by chimneytaels

although he is THAT genius ,he would panic the most . When he came home and saw your tears all over your face he would think if he did something wrong ,or just expected that someone is dead ,when you told him that you are having the worst headache ever ,he would try his best to find a solution ,maybe between all those books he had read ,but ..his brain didn’t help him because of how lost he is .So ,he would just sit on the sofa next to you ,and lean your head on his chest while trying to start a conversation so maybe you would forget about it .And when he finds that it didn’t work ,he would ask if you use anything to stop it ,and he would go straight ,running to the pharmacy and buy it .,and try all over again to make you forget .


Originally posted by meanyoongis

J-hope knew before that you had migraine ,but he didn’t know you are that weak to handle the pain ,he thought it’s something happens for a minute and you would be better ,but when he saw how painful it is and how you were that sensitive towards the sounds and everything ,he would tear up ,not because he is that pure ,because he doesn’t know how to make you feel better .”I really wanna make you feel better ,I really wanna make this pain stop” he would say ,sobbing ,then he would wipe your tears away and pull you into a warm long hug till you feel better . 


Originally posted by jikookshandshake

Jimin and you would be cuddling in front of the T.V when the headache started suddenly ,so you closed your eyes trying to calm down ,when all you were that mad of was the sound of the T.V ,one minute ,two ..and you finally spoke with a keep tone “JIMIN!!…TURN THIS SHIT OFF!!” ,he would look down as you seemed not okay ,so he understood fast and went quickly closing all the windows ,turning off the T.V and lighted down everything .. back to cuddle you with a soft blanket, loving arms and caring soul ,and with gentle whispers you slept on his chest as he was just staring at you ,figuring how he would stop this pain so you won’t feel horrible again .

V :

Originally posted by bwipsul

when he first saw you crying ,he would feel horrible ,like ..extremely horrible ,he would just caress your face ,tear up then ,look deep in your eyes and say “babe !’ll be ok ..I promise” then ..he would decide to be strong ,just to stay next to you and encourage you to contain yourself ..he would be the shoulder you would lean your head on till you be better ..till that ,he would surf the internet ..searching for some way to calm you down ,when he wouldn’t find anything he could do ..he would throw his phone away and started showering you with kisses all over your face ,”you know ? ..nothing can make you feel better but love ,come here and let me give a lot “.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

When he heard you crying in the kitchen ,he just stood there ,didn’t move or make a reaction ,is it because he didn’t know why were you crying ? ,or because he didn’t know what to do ?.. whatever ,he would sit calmly next to you near the table of the kitchen ,look carefully in your eyes and ask “ did you hurt yourself ?..” you would continue crying while pointing at your head ,he would take one minute to understand what did you mean ,but he won’t know exactly the reason of your headache ,so he just pulled you closer and whispered in your ear as you were near his neck ..sobbing “ just tell me what to do ,I’ll try my best “ …you would say between your breathes “ it’s painful kookie’s really painful ..” ..he would make the hug even tighter “ I know babe ..I know’ll be better soon’ll disappear ..I promise “ .

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-Admin K .

reasons i ship garvez
  • the way luke looks at penelope
  • “newbie”
  • when they’re in the car together and luke’s driving super fast and “lurchy” but he keeps reaching over and grabbing penelope’s arm to make sure she’s okay
  • that bit when penelope almost calls him tall dark and handsome but panics and calls him blandsome instead
  • the way luke looks at penelope
  • remember the scene where luke was walking down the middle of the street but saw her about to step off the curb and changed his course just so he could hold her hand and help her step down yeah that part
  • how penelope was crying in her office and luke was concerned and after he said he couldn’t leave her like that she opened up to him about reid
  • the way luke looks at penelope
  • when penelope gets him a camo collar for his dog and his face absolutely lights up and his huge smile puts an equally huge smile on her face
  • how luke constantly looks both amused and intrigued by her
  • the fact that he specifically went out and bought her a cute little cat stress toy after he found her crying like oh my goodness
  • the way luke looks at penelope
  • “if i ever do become the someone you want to go to when you’re crying, i’m here”
  • the someone”, not just “someone”, like w o w
  • luke comforting penelope and holding her during reid’s arraignment
  • when penelope finally calls him by his first name and luke is so happy and he calls her by her first name too in such a flirtatious tone and she tells him to be in the moment
  • the way luke looks at penelope

ive been thinking about moana all night and honestly we are all so blessed bc every time i think about that scene at the end, the way she says ‘let her come to me’, her marching towards tefiti with her head held high, her feet in the sand, i just, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it’s so iconic moana is literally the best disney ‘’’’princess’’’’’’’ we’ve ever been given and u can fuckin fight me on it and i just im so glad that little girls grow up in a world where moana exists im so glad that young polynesian girls get to see themselves as the best disney heroine ever im so happy that moana exists


“You don’t remember your old mom?” Aspen’s voice was soft and a little sad; the moment she heard it, Tia snapped, and threw herself into her mother’s arms.

“Mom, oh my God! It’s you! You’re alive!”

Aspen’s laugh was dry, and she held Tia tight, as though she never wanted to let her go. “My little baby Tia… you’re all… you’re all grown up!” Her voice was thick with tears, and she stroked Tia’s cheek with a smile so wide it somehow seemed to burst off her face.

“Come on,” Tia said breathlessly, grabbing Aspen’s hand. “Dad is gonna flip!”

“What’s happening out there?” Gabe asked; Matty shrugged and finished shovelling his cake into his mouth. Gabe looked, concerned, towards the door, and his gut knotted when he saw Tia’s tearful eyes. And then -

The world stopped. Time ground to a halt, and Gabe blinked once, twice. In the middle of his living room was a woman who almost reminded him of his wife - of the woman he loved with his whole heart and soul. She was thin and hallowed and looked tired, so tired. But she smiled, and Gabe knew immediately that it was her, that it was Aspen Applegate in the flesh, and his body felt alive in a way it hadn’t in years.

Tia pressed her face into the front of her brother’s shirt, wiping away her tears as her parents held one another for the first time in many, many years. Matty didn’t even complain; he just stared wide-eyed at Aspen, who was still dressed in her old, worn gear. He looked at her like he didn’t believe she was there. But the moment she touched him his eyes burned with tears and he held her too, listening to her voice, to the sound he could only recall in his dreams.

“My boy… you’re so handsome. Look at you! As tall as your father!” And she’d laughed, laughed so beautifully, wiping the back of her hand under her nose.

“Welcome home, mom,” Matty croaked. “We missed you.”

falsettos pro-shoot (v long post)

- honestly the thing that sticks out right away is how amazing mendel is (even though he’s an absolute SHIT psychiatrist lmao) and i love brandon uranowitz
- jfc seeing christian borle and andrew rannells have close-ups and cry tears made me cry
- the cube thing is so well-designed??? it fits together so well?????? wow kudos to whoever is responsible for that
- also the choreo!!! all the little dances ahhh
- STEPHANIE J BLOCK IS A GODDESS and she can sing and everyone in the theatre clapped after “im breaking down” and the fucking bananas amd saggy carrot and the way she belts with the banana in her mouth omg
- the lesbians are fucking adorable
- “what more can i say” was so pure and wholesome (okay maybe not super pure with marvin checking out whizzer like that but id still consider it wholesome haha)
- i appreciate how the very first song establishes how they’re childish and trina cleans up after them
- andrew rannells’ solos made me cry
- the weird hand things mendel does???? what the fuck? but i love it????? XD
- “thrill of first love” was so GOOD
- and i loved all of the chess game in “chess game” haha
- anthony rosenthal’s unimpressed expressions are also v good, they made me laugh every single time like jason’s so done with the adults in his life XDD
- the chess piece at the very end made me think of marvin’s line in “chess game” (that’s the king, treat him nice) and my hearts squeezed
- oh my god, “what would i do” and the way they sing but dont touch and the light darkens on whizzer 😭😭😭 and just their expressions and how they’re crying but laughing and I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY
- when charlotte and cordelia come in during “unlikely lovers” and marvin and whizzer are being kinda stupid :’)))) and honestly, all of “unlikely lovers” was just 💕💕💕💕💕
- all of marvin’s reactions to mendel during “marvin at the psychiatrist”–actually, just all of that song like that was one of my first super faves of the musical and the performance exceeds everything
- all the appreciation for everything whizzer wore
- whizzer makes this EH sound when marvin tries to come onto him and it’s hilarious
- also the way whizzer beckons marvin at the beginning ahhh (AND HIS EYEBROW RAISE)
- during “four jews in a room bitching”, there’s a line where they say “jewish men” and in the performancr they were like “jew!…ish…men” and it’s great
- “year of the child” in general was adorable and made me proud of marvin for growing and prioritizing his son more than he did
- mendel and jason’s relationship is the best 💕
- WHIZZER’S THANK YOU TO JASON AT THE END, and also after he toasts jason he kisses his head and just, all the tears
- “i never wanted to love you” was so heart-breaking in so many ways
- i also appreciate that in all the marching around and stuff, jason and whizzer are placed beside each other often
- “march of the falsettos” was super surreal on a screen, i cant even begin to imagine how it must have been like live haha
- any time christian borle sang a sweet high note
- cordelia’s face during when charlotte is singing about her great day
- when whizzer punches nancy reagan
- when the lesbians kiss at the bar mitzfah and trina’s awkwardly there XD

Post Eri-Rescue Idea:

Eri is rescued in some action filled traumatizing way, and Deku is the one that saves her. His line?

“It’s okay! Why? Because I am here!”

Eri is just, she’s seen him before and so she knows he’s got her best intentions at heart so she’s not scared. Nope, she clings to his strength and the hope he gives her like the only lifeline she has (and in some ways it is)

Once they’re in a safe place again, it’s time for Eri to go to the social workers because she’s a tiny child who needs caregivers who know what she needs and they need to have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE with traumatized kids. She’s not having any of it. It’s either Deku or everyone in the surrounding vicinity loses their quirks. So, well, they reach a compromise:

Eri and Deku stay together in a secure location with a child therapist and a pro hero that Deku trusts implicitly. The therapist is government issued, but Aizawa as their pro-hero sure isn’t. 

Eri and Deku bond, as close as brother and sister in the coming days. Eri is getting almost nowhere with the therapist, she doesn’t trust them at all, but she has a wary trust with Aizawa because of Deku’s influence. He’s awkward and cranky but he’s always kind and gentle with her, and he’ll teach her self-defense moves when she asks as he’s teaching her Izu-nii all the stuff he’s missing at school. Things even get fun when All Might visits to talk with them, and with him she sees someone that makes Izu-nii happy and someone everyone respects and cares for, even if he still tries to care for them with his breaking body. She recognizes a lot of Izu-nii in him, and a lot of All Might in her big brother.

When things are finally cleared enough that Eri doesn’t have to be constantly supervised anymore, Deku, All Might, and Aizawa go back to Yuuei while Eri is sent to elementary school for the first time because it’s time for her to be integrated back into society. They promise to go and visit Eri often, because being in elementary school is tough, and everything seems fine for about a week or so.

That is, until Eri runs away in the middle of the school day. She’s already snuck into Aizawa’s classroom by the time anyone even notices she’s gone. 

“She’s quiet!” “She’s such a good girl we never thought-” “I just never noticed-”

excuses excuses and more excuses. Aizawa’s still pissed tho and proclaims right then and there that if they can’t take care of Eri then he will. It might’ve been impulsive, but, well, no buts it was just impulsive. So Aizawa has a daughter who won’t leave his classroom, a naive impulsive student of his own who his daughter attaches herself too, and the epitome of publicity porn running down his neck any hour of the day. That’s the only part he hates (besides the fact that he actually has to keep his house tidy now). Even All Might, with all his annoying pep, keeps bugging him everyday. It doesn’t help that his adorable new daughter keeps distracting his students who love her dearly (Tsuyu especially takes a liking to her) and who all SHOULD be studying but he can’t even blame them for giving her affection when she’s had so little of it so far in her life. Even he will turn away when Satou gives her sweets before she eats or when she suddenly has a new toy after passing by Momo’s desk, or she’ll sit inside Shouji’s wing or squeeze into the same seat at Midoriya to watch him teach together. She even makes Bakugou stop his loud outbursts and reflect on his behavior (the sudden anger and violence in his actions make Eri cry and it truly makes Bakugou sit and reflect how he presents himself to victims of violence. A hero can’t make victims afraid to be rescued)

Anyways, Eri becomes Class 1-A’s mascot, Aizawa’s accidental impulse daughter, Deku’s little sister, and All Might becomes a kinda weird uncle