she was so jumpy when it came to this question

The Soccer Player - Pt. 5

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You were sat at your desk, smiling fondly at your phone as you texted Calum back when Charlie came in. “Hey,” She greeted. You quickly finished the text and sent it and put your phone down. 

“Hi!” You greeted cheerily, spinning around in your chair to see her. She looked at you confused as to why you were in such a good mood. 

“What’s gotten into you?” She said as she began to put her things down. You shrugged. 

“Oh, nothing. I’m just in a good mood!” She looked at you again, suspicious but must have decided to let it go for she shrugged herself. 

“Well that’s good to hear.” She sat down on her bed and took off her shoes and threw them into her closet with one door hanging open. Your phone went off, a new ringtone you’d set for Calum. She looked up at the sound of it. “Did you change your ringtone?” 

“Yeah.” You lied as you turned around and grabbed your phone. A smile spread across your face as you read the text: I’m gonna get busy with some work. Let’s talk later, princess 💜 

“Who are you texting with a grin like that?” She smirked at you, quickly putting things together. 

“Just a friend.” You said, putting your phone back down and picking up your pencil. You were working on homework as well. 

“A friend, eh?” You didn’t hear her get up as she travelled across the small room to your bed and looked at the unmade sheets. “Did this friend come over today?” The closeness of her voice startled you, making you mess up the word you were writing. 

“No.” You lied again, looking over at her. 

“Why are you so jumpy?” She questioned, going back to her own bed and sitting down again. 

“I’m not.” You said, returning to writing. 

“You’re a terrible liar, anyone ever told you that before?” 

“Not exactly, but close enough.” You smiled down at your paper, thinking of the happy boy you were quickly falling for. 

It was nearing eleven when your phone lit up again. Charlie was already sleeping, having an early class in the morning. You were up late because you couldn’t sleep, so you’d been reading, until that text came in. Come see me, princess, I miss you 

You couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face. You told him you were on your way, climbing out of bed and putting on shoes. You were only in booty shorts and a tank top, and you figured it didn’t matter since he’d already seen you naked. You took your keys and phone and left the room quietly, trailing down the hall to the door with the number 23 on it. 

You knocked and a few moments later it swung up, revealing Calum, shirtless in sweats that hung dangerously low on his hips. He had a sleepy smile as he leaned against the door. “Hey pretty woman.” 

“That one’s new.” You said as you took a few steps forward, leaning up to meet his lips. He kissed you back gently, much different than this afternoon. 

“Yeah but the fact that you are isn’t.” He smiled down at you, stepping aside for you. You moved into the room, seeing the only lighting was a small lamp on his desk. 

“Where’s your roommate?” You asked, seeing that Luke’s bed was empty. 

“He’s out and about, not sure where though.” You heard the door click shut and turned around to face him. His hands were in his pockets, eyes locked on yours. He looked so soft in this lighting, a soft smile playing on his lips. His hair was messy in the most adorable way. “What?” he asked, noticing your lingering gaze. 

“You’re just so beautiful.” You said, watching as he tried to hide the smile that was rising to his lips again. “Are you blushing?” You couldn’t believe the hard-as-a-rock, star-of-the-soccer-team, in-a-band Calum Hood was blushing because you called him beautiful. Scratch that, of course you could. 

“Maybe.” You watched him come closer, grabbing you by the waist, leaning his forehead against yours. “These shorts look good on you.” He commented, pulling on the short fabric. You smiled. 


“Anytime, princess.” You closed your eyes, enjoying the soft moment, winding your arms around his neck loosely. “Do you want to go on a date with me?” 

You answered with a slight nod, not bothering to open your eyes. “Of course.” The tranquility would fade away, and tomorrow would come. Enjoy it now, you thought. “Want to lay down?” You hummed, rubbing soft circles on his care skin. 

“Mm.” He said in agreement, breaking apart to climb into his bed and pull you close when you joined him.