she was so jumpy when it came to this question

CSBB: I Thee Wed (15/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

M (Mild smut)

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note:
It’s the penultimate chapter, y’all! The theme of this chapter is “brotherly love”. Thank you for reading my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang This story wouldn’t be half as readable without the lovely beta work of @wexyuk . Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan and @just-be-magnificent .

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Chapter 15

Killian was getting married soon.

He felt surprisingly nervous about the ceremony, especially since he had already married the princess. At the very least, he didn’t have to worry about Emma not meeting him at the end of the aisle as he did the first night. She would be there, wearing a dress she wouldn’t let him see, his beautiful bride. It was the fact that this performance would be for her family and peers that worried him. What if he did something wrong, someone said something? Would he disappoint her family?

Now that he’d become more or less accepted the royal family, he was terrified he’d do something to mess it up. Silver’s old taunts haunted him at moments like this, causing him to doubt himself. Could he be the man that Emma’s parents hoped he would be? He truly loved Emma. He would die for her. But sometimes love wasn’t enough. 

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Camaraderie (SCC/Rosvolio Modern!AU One-Shot)

Modern!AU in the same thread as Migraine and Sugar Water (set before both)

First of all, there’s a scene in the show Snatch where Lucien Laviscount’s character gets a bit defensive over his best friend when his father lashes out at him, and is stopped from stepping in, and it gave me major modern!au protective!romeo feels. Just had to say that.

Second of all, this is something I originally wasn’t going to post tonight, because it refers quite a bit to another part that I haven’t written yet. After re-reading it, I decided that it (hopefully) makes enough sense to share with you guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the bit of bonding between them, I hope it came across to you as well as it did in my head.  I dunno, I am in a self-conscious mindset with my writing at the moment, so I can’t tell if it’s just me being paranoid or what.  I hope you like!

“Words can’t express how much I need this weekend away from school,” Juliet sighed.

“Oh please, you’re just excited for a weekend to suck face with your boyfriend without hearing your mother’s complaints about his family,” Rosaline retorted with a grin.  Her cousin scoffed indignantly, and shoved at her shoulder.  “Hey!  Driving here!”

“Seriously, Jules, I for one would like to see my boyfriend again before I die,” Livia added.

“Speaking of…is Paris at Romeo’s place?”  When Rosaline glanced at her sister in the rearview mirror, she couldn’t help but smile at the excitement on Livia’s face.  It was about time her sister found someone who would treat her right.

By the time they pulled up to the house where Romeo and Benvolio lived with Romeo’s dad, even Rosaline was practically vibrating with anticipation to hit the beach.  She honked twice, and chuckled when Mercutio bounded out to meet them.  Paris wasn’t far behind, an amused grin on his face which spread when his eyes fell on Livia.

Romeo and Benvolio followed a moment later, and Juliet jumped out to throw her arms around her boyfriend’s neck.  Rosaline rolled her eyes and watched Benvolio do the same with no malice in his eyes.  

Benvolio!” The shout came from inside the house, and the Capulet watched as the young man in question flinched involuntarily, jaw clenching and eyes closing once he straightened again.  Rosaline’s eyes narrowed, following his retreat until the door closed behind him.  As they waited she thought back on the years she’d known him…and came to a nauseating realization: Benvolio Montague was most certainly not the type to be skittish, but she had seen him so jumpy one other time, when Mercutio and Romeo had brought him to her bloodied and withdrawn.  The same man who’d given him those injuries had just commanded him with a single word.

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