she was so happy when she saw rick

A/N: A little one-shot inspired by the finale and something @dreamilytenaciousgarden said to me while we were chatting.

Her mouth was dry and the taste of blood was still present. Her eyelids were heavy and it felt as if she would not be able to tear them open. The swelling around the left one was much more prominent than it had been when her wounds were still very much fresh; it remained closed despite her efforts at opening it.

Michonne found the room to be well-lit; she had no idea what time of the day it was, or, in fact, what day it was. She stirred and felt a hand grasping her right one as rough fingers softly traced over her arm. Shifting her gaze and turning her head ever so slightly, she saw Rick at her side. He offered her a smile and the warmth and happiness in his eyes made her feel safe.

She went to speak, but her parched lips and throat made the greeting come out gravelly.

“Hey,” she managed, before Rick reached down to the floor and grabbed a bottle of water for her.

“Hey,” he replied, undoing the lid. Michonne struggled to sit up. “Hold on.”

He placed the bottle into her awaiting hand and proceeded to put another pillow under her head in an effort to prop her forward.

“I can sit,” she said hoarsely, not wanting Rick to fuss over her.

“I know,” he relied, somewhat amused by her persistent stubbornness. “But let me take care of you.”

Michonne conceded and gave him a thankful grin. Her body ached all over, and her head was pounding. Her face felt sore and heavy from the swelling; her bones felt tired. She was weary, but happy that she was still alive.

Rick took the water from Michonne, retrieved the plastic straw from the neck of the water bottle, and brought it to her lips. She took a sip and felt the cool liquid slide down her dry throat.

“Have a little more,” Rick urged, holding the bottle to her mouth again; she obliged.

“Carl?” she asked, her memory still unclear from her head trauma. “Where is he?”

“He’s fine,” Rick replied while he took hold of her hand again; his thumb trailing lightly over hers. “Helpin’ with the clean-up right now.”

“What happened? Did we get a win?” she asked; the concern for their community was etched across her bruised and beaten face.

“Yeah,” said Rick, his eyes glazing over as he thought about the loved-ones they had lost. “We drove ‘em off, and we’ve got a long way to go, an even bigger fight ahead of us, but you don’t have to worry about that now.”

He shifted closer, leaned down and pressed a languid kiss to her forehead, carefully avoiding any injuries.

“You focus on feeling better, okay?” said Rick while stroking her hair.

“Okay,” she said, with a small smile that caused her face to twinge; she lifted her free hand from her tummy and tentatively pressed her fingertips to her face. She winced when she applied some pressure to her cheek. “Shit.”

“You’ll be fine when the swelling goes away,” he said, squeezing her hand; he hated seeing her in pain.

“Does it look as bad as it feels?” she asked somewhat jokingly, trying to lighten the mood when she noticed the rueful expression he wore.

“You’re beautiful,” Rick whispered, not missing a beat, as he pressed a loving kiss to the back of her hand. She felt a warmth wash over her.

“Stop making me smile,” she joked. “It hurts.”

“Sorry,” he offered, brushing her hair back once more.

“How long have you been sitting here?” she asked, still feeling slightly disoriented.

“Since we brought you here and got you cleaned up,” he admitted.

“How are we looking?” she asked, needing to know their current situation after their initial skirmish; Rick pressed his hand to his brow.

“We…we took a big hit,” he explained. “But I don’t want you worrying about that right now. Maggie, Ezekiel, they’re handlin’ this. They’re helpin’ our people see what needs to be done…”

“Rick,” said Michonne. “You should be out there with Maggie and Ezekiel. Everyone needs you.”

You need me, too,” he said, as if being anywhere but by her side made no sense.

Rick,” she said softly. “I’ll be fine.”

He remained silent and stared at his beloved.

“You’re our leader,” she continued, with pride encompassing her expression. “You’ll take us forward.”

“Hey,” he said softly, gesturing between himself and Michonne. “We are the leaders. Me and you, together, and we will be the ones to show our people the way ahead.”

“I know,” she replied, feeling her heart swell with adoration. “But they need you right now. Remind them that they made the right choice to fight today. Mourn with them, and show them that we can win. All of us, together.”

Rick nodded his head.

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll do it; I’ll go now.”

“Good,” she said, resting back into her pillows.

“Then I’ll be back to check on you later,” he said; she smiled at his obstinacy.

“Okay,” she offered, eyeing his expression as he stood; he moved with difficulty and she then noticed he had changed his shirt.

“Rick,” she said. “You’re hurt, aren’t you?”

“Ah, it’s nothin’,” he replied. “You get some more rest. I’ll be back soon.”

Rick leaned in close, held Michonne’s hand over his heart, and kissed her forehead once more; they held each other’s gaze a moment longer before he whispered an earnest, “I love you.”

I was thinking that all the Caryl hugs were somehow made to give Carol comfort.

- In the No Sanctuary hug we saw Daryl running towards her and Carol being happy for this warm welcome back to the group and happy to see this person she did not have the chance to say goodbye to, when Rick left her behind.

- In The Same Boat she was in a very bad place, and Daryl blatantly tried to give her some comfort hugging her tightly and sweetly.

- Carol is so unconsciously desperate to feel something and seeing Daryl on the porch of the creepy house In New Best Friends is what breaks her walls completely. She is shocked and overwelmed by her emotions, she seems the one who doesn’t want let him go, this time. She needs that hug.

- In the Goodbye Hug in New Best friends, Daryl stops himself and turns around to hug her. “Watch out for yourself, alright?” is not only like “Stay safe” from season 3, it’s also like “Come here” from season 6. He needs to let her know that he loves her and cares for her and he’s there for her and everything in between.


hear me out for a second. stefan salvatore wants nothing but to make caroline forbes happy. that’s his sole purpose. even when he leaves it’s for her. in 6x15 he broke her heart cause damon convinced him that she deserved better than him and that whatever he felt for her wasn’t enough, so he walked away cause he thought that she deserved better than him. in 7x16 he leaves cause everyone and everything got him thinking that he has to let her go. klaus told him to let her go, lily told him that she’ll always choose her kids, damon told him that the kids will come first and he saw her with rick and the twins and she was happy and he didn’t see himself in the picture (his words not mine) so he left, thinking that he was doing right by her and choosing to leave her rather than watch her get hurt because of him.

I’m not saying that stefan will leave caroline, but i’m saying that when he said he can’t see their future, he didn’t mean that he suddenly loved her less or his feelings changed or he started to think that he deserves something better! he’s basically saying that he thinks he’ll hold her back and that SHE may not want their relationship at some point in the future. meaning that again, he’s thinking about her and not himself.

stefan never left caroline cause his feelings changed or cause she wasn’t enough. it’s the other way around, he always fears that she deserves better than him and he’s always willing to let her go just to make sure he doesn’t hold her back. and that? that’s love, my friend.

The Easy Way (Part 12) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


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summary: filler chapter, grimes family being cute

a/n: there is still more to come! i’m hoping to finish this series by the end of january, but the more i write, the more i want to continue it ahhh

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

Tara gave you a pair of crutches she found in a closet in the infirmary and walked with you to the Grimes’ house. You were greeted at the door by Michonne, who hugged you tightly and rubbed your back. She lead you into the house, where Rick was holding Judith. 

“Oh, thank God you’re okay,” he said, gently pulling you into a hug by your shoulders. “Carl’s in his room. He’s gonna be so happy.”

Tara helped you to the couch as Michonne went upstairs to get Carl. Seconds later, you heard the quick pounding of him running down the stairs. When he saw you on the couch, his smile was bigger than you ever could have imagined.  His arm was wrapped up, and he seemed a little stiff when he hugged you, but everything else was fine. 

“I knew you’d be okay,” he mumbled into your shoulder. “You’re so strong; I knew you’d be alright.” His smile slowly faded as his eyes fell from yours to your stomach. “Do you feel alright?”

You nodded. “I’m fine. You and I can change our bandages together now,” you sing-songed with a smile. 

“Oh, how romantic,” Carl joked. 

“So, Rick, now that Negan’s gone, what’s gonna happen?” you inquired, looking into the kitchen. 

“Well, everything’s not just going to instantly go back to how it used to be. I can almost guarantee there’re gonna be some Saviors comin’ for us. We’ll fight it out, and we’ll win, but I think the worst is over,” he said confidently. 

You expected something like that as a response. You weren’t stupid; You knew it wasn’t all just going to be fixed once Negan was gone. You had lost your brother, Maggie had lost a husband, and their child had lost a father. You figured a majority of the Saviors didn’t actually admire Negan; They were just afraid of him. He didn’t gain respect from his people by providing for them. He gained their following by fear. As you figured, most of the Saviors would end up siding with Alexandria, the Hilltop Colony, and the Kingdom if given the choice. Then, you would be unbeatable. 

“I think we’re safe, for now,” Rick said comfortingly. “We got some of our weapons back. Most of them are still at the Sanctuary, and we’ll have to go back for those, but we’ll be able to live off of these until we have a chance to get a group and go back.”

That sounded like a plan to you. You weren’t ready to fight again, and neither was Carl. From the sounds of things, Enid wasn’t either. Although it seemed strange, younger fighters weren’t as intimidating as adults to a lot of survivors. The three of you could be used as powerful weapons, if only Rick could hold off this war long enough for the three of you to get ready. 

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Imagine being Daryl's girlfriend and Rosita's best friend only to find them in bed together

(Alright I know this request was supposed to end up with everyone getting back together/back to normal…but as I wrote, I couldn’t find a way to make it happen :( sorry but I really tried. Hope you can still like it as it is :) Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You and Daryl had been together since your stay at the prison.

You were good on runs and as Rick and the others found out, they had always assigned you to go along with Daryl.

The both of you butt headed a lot at first, he was stubborn and so were you. He’d go one way and you wanted to go the other.

You had arguments about how things were handled and what should be taken or not.

However, when it came to one of you being in danger, no matter what you had each others back. There were no arguments about what had happened but only gratitude and hugs.

That’s what you liked about him and that’s what he liked about you. You were different in some aspects but slowly the two of you couldn’t spend a day without seeing each other.


Gradually, the two of you became more than friends and fell for one another.

“Daryl…No matter how hard it is for me to admit…I kinda like you… ”

He chuckled and nodded. He approached you and put his arm over your shoulders. He pulled you against him and walked towards your cell.

“Really? You like me?”

You held his waist and nodded. You looked at him and saw him smile. You expected him to say something else but he remained silent.

“Well, Is there something you wanna say?”

He shook his head and looked at you wondering what your reaction would be.

You stopped and hit him playfully. It made him laugh and said “I’m joking…I love you too…and to believe you used to give me headaches…”

“Hey! You were stubborn too…if anything it was me who was suffering from headaches!”

Your reaction made him laugh and as you arrived at your cell, he grabbed a hold of your waist with his hands.

He hugged you tightly against him as your arms rested on his shoulder. You looked into each others eyes and both laughed at the fact the two of you ended falling for each other.


Since the two of you were inseparable, even after what had happened at the prison you were lucky enough to spend those days by his side.

On the road, you met with members of your group as well as new faces. Among them you grew close with Rosita quite fast. 

With her you were able to talk about anything and everything, just as with Daryl.

You cared for her like you would a sister and would do anything for her.

She felt the same for you and was glad to finally be able to have a girl to talk with.


When you finally arrived in Alexandria, you were all relieved. You were able to get clean and have a place to call home, for once.

Just as always, you were spending most of your days with Daryl and your relationship only seem to grow even stronger.

Every day before he’d leave, you tell him you loved him and he did as well. Hugs and kisses became so natural between you two that it was strange when neither of you showed affection.

As yours got better with time, Rosita’s relationship with Abraham got worst.

She had revealed to you what had happened and how he told her, he used to think she was the only woman left but not anymore.

You felt bad for her and couldn’t help but be angry at Abraham. You had comforted her as much as you can and tried your best to change her mind.

You had even went as far as to punch Abraham out of surprise one day just to get back at him.

Rosita was thankful for your support and everything you did for her. She had then decided to comfort herself in the presence of Spencer at night to forget the past.

“So you’re seeing him?”

She shook her head and said “No, it’s only a little distraction…”

You shook your head understanding what she meant and held her hand.

“If that makes it better, than i’m fine with it!”

It made her laugh and as she held your hand back said “You’re really lucky Y/N…you have someone who only has eyes for you…and thinks about you all the time…you should be grateful for that in a time like this…”

You slowly nodded and agreed with her. You started to tear up thinking about you and Daryl and immediately Rosita hugged you.


One morning, you were called to go on a run with Rick. You wanted to go with Daryl but he had already left with Glenn the day before and was taking a rest from it.

As you went along with Rick, Daryl stayed in bed for most of the day. When he woke up, he was surprise to not see you and thought about going to look for you.

However, he saw the note you left and decided to stay in for a little while.


Rosita had planned to spend the day with Spencer in bed, once again but as she got tired of his attitude, she decided to walk towards another house.

The one where you and Daryl lived. She’d never admitted but since her breakup she was jealous of you.

Seeing you and Daryl so happy together had made her hoped she and Abraham could’ve been the same.

As she arrived at the door, it was unlocked and she managed to enter the house. She got into your shared room and saw Daryl asleep.

She got rid of her clothes and got in bed. It woke Daryl up and it surprised him.

“What are you doing?” He whispered as she got a hold of him.

“I-I don’t know…I just want you for a while…Y/N doesn’t have to know…”

Daryl felt a little bad but as she started to kiss all over, he had forgotten about you for that moment.


The day with Rick was quite long but worth it. As you came back, you couldn’t wait to go take a break with Daryl and tell him about your day.

You walked to your house in happy mood but the moment you entered something was different.

There were noises upstairs, you knew what they were but didn’t want to believe it yet.

As you walked up the stairs, the sound became clear to you. It was that of your boyfriend Daryl with another woman.

Immediately, you felt tears rolling down your cheeks and ran to the room.

You pushed the door open and saw the source of the noises. Your boyfriend with another woman, your best friend Rosita.

They panicked and grabbed the blankets to cover them.

“Y/N! I’m sorry! I-I just walked in here…it’s my fault…” Rosita said as she tried her best to cover herself.

Seeing you so calm and your eyes red worried Daryl. He knew you were mad and got up to try and apologize.

“Y/N…I-I’m sorry…I don’t know what I was thinking…”

He grab your arm trying to reason you.


You were in shock and couldn’t move or say a word. You were being betrayed by the people you love and they had the audacity to apologize saying they didn’t think about it.

Although you were crying and angry, you didn’t make a sound, you didn’t flinch a muscle. Your breathing became faster and faster but soon you tried to control as you held your tears.

Daryl tried to pull you in for a hug and that’s when you snapped.

You pushed him away as hard as you could. He fell back and for the first time he saw your true anger.

“Don’t you ever touch me again! I don’t ever want to see you! Don’t ever talk to me! From this day, leave this house, move in with her if you have to but I don’t ever want to see you…”

Daryl tried to grab you again but you only pushed him back. You looked back at Rosita, you calmed yourself down and told her “ The same goes for you…don’t ever talk to me…”

You looked back at Daryl and told him “You have an hour to grab your things out…when I come back I don’t want to see a trace of you in this house…”

You turned away from them and walked down the stairs to go wait outside. 

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I find it pretty sad at the comments about Michonne on the FB Walking Dead show for tomorrow's show. People calling her ugly, do you think this purely out dislike for the Richonne pairing, or the fact that she is dark skin black woman. I get everyone has different taste and everyone does not have to like Richonne. But why all the hate against the actress that plays her..I do not see any other actress in this show that is criticized the most because of her looks

It is disgusting and sad and there should be no place in fandom for racism. Make no mistake, it is because Danai is a dark skinned Black woman playing the character with whom the White male lead protagonist is in love with.

I’ve been stanning Michonne for the longest time. The hate against her, and DG, is nothing new. Certain fans were happy so long as Michonne was seen as an emotionally stunted zombie killing machine. As soon as they saw what we Richonne shippers saw (and trust me, they fucking saw it) and that Michonne and Rick shared a different relationship to the others in TF, then the hate started.

Michonne was cool when there was no possibility of her being paired romantically with their White favourite. She was okay when she was just seen as a weapon with a weapon, devoid of love and being loved.

When Richonne as a ship gained traction because of how the writing was bringing them closer together, the racists showed up. Now, it is true that NOT shipping Richonne does not make a person racist, but when they can’t give a reason as to WHY the pairing makes them ‘uncomfortable’ we know what type of shitty person we are dealing with. When they say Michonne, a beautiful dark skinned Black woman, is not attractive enough for, and let’s be real here, an average White man like Rick, you know what kind of people you’re dealing with. And you have to deal with it in a way that is good for you. There will be people in fandom who will say ignore them; there will be others who will help you drag them. You respond how YOU want to.

The fact that racists feel comfortable spewing their hate in public forums is sickening. And any awful comments made about Michonne and her appearance are about Danai as well. When the character is receiving hate based on how they look, that is hate against the actor too and it is unacceptable.

My advice? Ignoring fandom racism does not make it go away. We as fans need to call it out when we see it. Report the people making the comments; do what you can (and what you are comfortable with). Ultimately, FB is trash and I advise, for your own mental health, that you take a break from there. Leave comments of support and love for Danai, Michonne and Richonne and then come back here where you can celebrate our OTP in peace.

Take care, Dear Anon. Come and join in the Richonne Positivity here. Go and tweet some love for Danai, Michonne and Richonne. Tell me what you love about our OTP. And remember, Richonne is canon and nothing, no matter how disgusting, these racist pieces of shit say is going to change that.


P.S. I am patiently waiting for those anti-Richonners who claimed to care about Michonne too much, which is why they don’t ship Richonne. Where are they when she and DG need defending? Right. They’re too busy with fake (and real) FB accounts calling Michonne and DG horrible names. Fuck. Them.

🎄First present.

🔅Request: Hi hi!! I was wondering if I could get an imagine where the group are at the prison and y/n is the only one who keeps track of the days/dates and she decides to put up a Christmas tree and decorations for all the younger kids without the rest of the group knowing- and Daryl catches her in the act and helps her with the tree/decorations. Maybe she could also give him a present on Christmas Day? Thank you! You’re a great writer xx🔅

 🎄Note: Merry Christmas, guys! Have a wonderful day with your loved ones! I hope you get all the love and joy you deserve, I love you, guys!🎄

 (I hope you like it!)

The countdown was over, she finally crossed out the little square that belonged to December 24th in the dusty calendar she kept since the beginning. No one seemed to care what day it was, they only cared they were alive to see a new one.
(Y/N) got out of bed with a happy face and a lot of energy, hugging and smiling at everyone, she had always been a Christmas enthusiast and the apocalypse wasn’t going to change that.
-Good morning! —she greeted with a loud voice. Everyone, who were sitting on a table having breakfast, gave her a strange look.
-Morning. —Carol giggled.
-Isn’t it a wonderful day? —(Y/N) asked as she took a bowl to fill with food.
-It’s a cold day, that’s what I know. —Rick said, unaware of the date. —And it’s the day when we’re gonna explore farther away, Daryl said he saw a mall a few miles away from the store where we were last week.
-Yeah, that too. —she took a seat next to Carol.
-We can’t take a large group as we did last week. —Rick asked.
-I’ll go. —Daryl volunteered with a hoarse voice, he was leaning on the wall behind their table.
-I’ll go with him! —(Y/N) said with her same enthusiastic tone.
-Are you sure? —Rick asked. —(Y/N), I know you’ve done it before but this time is too far away, it’s too risky.
-I can do it. —she smiled. The leader nodded and then went back to finish his breakfast.

A few minutes later she walked out of the prison with her empty backpack, her gun and knife were packed in her pants. Daryl was preparing his bike.
-Are you ready? —she smiled widely when she arrived to him.
-The hell yer so happy ‘bout? —he asked.
-Why shouldn’t I be happy? —she said with the same smile. He didn’t answer, instead, he climbed on his bike and let a little spot behind him for her to take.

They were down the road, leaving the prison behind. (Y/N) recognized the store from last week and knew that there were still a few miles to go. At the distance, they could see a big construction, it was the mall that Rick talked about. When they finally arrived, Daryl stopped his bike and she got off it.
-What do we look for first? —(Y/N) wondered when she saw the large building.
-Food. —he grunted. They walked through the doors and saw the multiple stores that filled the mall, there were clothing shops, jewelry shops, shoe shops, electronic devices shops, and any kind of shops that they could think of. But, with all those shops came also a lot of walkers and the sound of their footsteps called them.
Daryl raised his crossbow and shot as many as he could while (Y/N) only used her knife.
-I’ll go upstairs. —she announced when all the walkers that approached them were already dead.
-Nah, —he held her arm with his large hand to stop her. —could be more up there.
She knew he was right, so she walked with him to the nearest shop. It was an department store, it was like Daryl and (Y/N) were opening the door to paradise. The restaurant was at their right and there were a few pieces of clothing next to the jewelry apartment. It was beautiful for (Y/N), back in the day, she loved to be dressed up and to buy these kinds of pretty things for her loved ones, now she wore dirty ripped clothes and her loved ones were all gone. She saw a necklace with a blue diamond, it reminded her of her mom, she had a blue diamond ring that shined with her blue eyes. For a second, (Y/N) stood there while she allowed the pain to overcome her body.
-I’ll see if there’s some food in there. —Daryl broke the silence, he pointed at the restaurant.
-Sure, —she jumped out of her trance. —I will check if we can use some of this.
Daryl nodded at her and then walked inside the restaurant. She was looking through the books and magazines that filled the shelves, the little kids needed to know things weren’t like they used to, but (Y/N) always wanted to keep them away from the horrors of the outside, so she packed a few books inside her bag for them. While she thought about the humane things, Daryl was thinking of the most primal thing: aliment. He opened the fridges and took everything that didn’t smell like a corpse and shoved it inside his bag, there were also bottles of water and frozen bags of vegetables.
-Daryl! —he heard her yelling. —Daryl!
He threw everything away and grabbed his crossbow. He ran across the restaurant and all they way through the store following her screams until he found her.
She turned around to find Daryl pointing his crossbow at her.
-Look what I found! —she said with her usual wide smile as she held spheres, tinsel and any kind of Christmas ornaments. Daryl lowered his crossbow and looked at her with anger in his eyes. —Isn’t it cool?
-The hell do you want this shit for? —he asked violently.
-It’s December 24th.
-How d'ya know?
-I have a calendar, I counted the days and, —she made a pause. —I think we should have a Christmas celebration.
-Are ya fuckin’ crazy? —he yelled. —We don’t need this shit, you’ve seen how it’s out there, ain’t like before.
-I have, —she said. —but the kids haven’t, and we should do this for them. Carl, Judith, Beth, they should have this.
After a moment in silence and deep thinking, Daryl finally said:
-You get that shit, I’ll go for the food I found.
(Y/N) jumped and clapped in joy, she grabbed everything she found and put it inside her backpack. Daryl took what he could and walked with her to the exit of the mall.
He got on his bike and made her a sign for her to do it too, but she didn’t.
-We should take that too. —she said, pointing her finger at one of the small pines that decorated the mall’s front door.
-We can’t carry it.
-Yes, we can, I can hold it as you drive.
-Please. —she begged him. He looked at her eyes and realized that he would do anything she asked him, she just had to say something and he would get off his bike, grab his crossbow and go get it. She handed him and ax.
-Motherfucker’s tough. —he said as he chopped it off.
-That’s what I always say about you. —she joked. When the tree was already on the floor, (Y/N) pulled it to the bike.
Daryl drove as she held the tree, it wasn’t too heavy but she still have to used her hands and feet to grab it.
They arrived to the prison with their new purchases. Both of them carried the tree to the inside and placed it in their cell block.
-Aren’t you gonna help me decor it? —she asked when Daryl started to walk away. He nodded and went back to her.
They pulled the ornaments out of the bag and started to hang them on the tree.
-What the hell is this?
-It’s a reindeer. —she answer between giggles.
-It’s fuckin’ ugly.
-No, it’s not, it’s cute. —(Y/N) laughed again. —Just hang it there.
Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he was having fun. It was the first Christmas he put on a tree and the first Christmas he felt someone cared for him.
-Can you put this star on the top? —(Y/N) asked him with a smile. —I can’t reach it.
-Yeah. —he took the star and placed it at the top of the tree, finishing the whole task.
-Well, I think we’re done. —she shook her hands trying to get the dust off of them. —I know what you’re thinking, it would’ve been prettier with the lights, but I think it looks really good.
-Yeah, I guess. —he said in a low tone. She knew he wasn’t friends with the Christmas spirit, he never had a tree at home or presents under it. Deep inside, she knew this whole show wasn’t only for the little kids. He walked away without saying one more word, and she stood there watching him leave.

That night, she was making dinner for everyone, she wanted to have a proper Christmas eve dinner next to the tree.
-What are you doing? —Carol giggled when she saw her struggling with some kind of soup.
-Honey, it’s not your job.
-I know, but I want us to have a Christmas party tonight.
-Christmas? —Carol asked in confusion.
-It’s December 24th!
-Alright, you can’t do a Christmas dinner on your own, can you?
-I just found out I can’t. —she answered and they both joined their forces to cook.
When they were done, they called everyone to come inside and sit on the table.
-What is this? —Rick asked.
-Christmas! —(Y/N) and Carol said at the same time. Daryl half-smiled and took a seat.
It was a happy environment, the food, the tree, the candles, everything felt like home to them. They ate Carol’s delicious noodle soup and the casserole they both prepared, everyone’s bellies were full and their hearts were warm. After a nice talk and a toast with water, everyone went to sleep, except for Daryl. He was still sitting on the table and playing with his cup.
-Are you going to wait up for Santa? —(Y/N) asked him. He only half-smiled and went back to his glass of water. —I know you said you never got anything for Christmas, so I wanted to change that.
She went to the Christmas tree and took something out from under it.
-I didn’t have time to wrap it. —she joked as she handed him his present. He raised his gaze to look at it, it was a new crossbow she had found a few days ago in a supply run with Rick. Daryl stared at it, he didn’t take his eyes off of it for a second. —I figured yours was already a little old, so I found this one and thought that it was perfect for you.
His eyes went from the weapon to her face, she was smiling and handing him a brand new crossbow.
-You don’t have to-
-Well, who else knows how to shoot a crossbow? —she giggled. —It’s yours.
He stood up and took it. He examined it and touched it.
-Thank you. —he whispered, with his face down.
-No problem. —(Y/N) had a smile on her face, she was happy to see him finally getting a Christmas present. —Do you like it?
He nodded, he didn’t know what to say or how to react. (Y/N) walked to him and wrapped her arms around him, she wanted him to know that someone cared about him.
-Merry Christmas, Daryl. —she whispered in his ear. She heard his breath on her ear and his warmth on her chest, then something strange happened. He let go of the crossbow laying it on the table and returned the hug. Of all the times time she had hugged him, he had refused or moved in discomfort, but now he was tightly hugging her with his big arms, it was a Christmas miracle.

Daryl Imagine for youarethewalkingdeaduniverse

Hope you’ll like it!! 

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You were Daryl’s wife. You didn’t had child yet and since you were in an apocalypse, you were sure that you would never had children. You were at the Greene’s farm, Hershel’s one to be precise. Since the beginning of the apocalypse you never had sex with Daryl, no this was a lie. You had sex with Daryl at the CDC. Since then, you were sick. You though you catch a flu. Hershel examine you and told you you didn’t had the flu bit he didn’t know what you had. One day, you were outside hanging clothes on the clothesline when you felt hands around your waist. Smiling, knowing it was Daryl, You turn around. He smiled and kiss you. You kiss him back until you were felling sick again. Shit you hated to be sick !! You quickly get off of Daryl and run to vomit as far as possible from the group. You look in your pocket and took a gum. It might look stupid but you did a reserve of gum when you were on run. “ You’re fine babe ? ” You husband asks you “ Yeah, yeah,I’m fine ”. He nod, knowing you weren’t saying the truth. You knew Glenn was going on a run soon so you went to him “ Hey Glenn, can I asks you something ” “ Yeah anything ” he say smiling. “ Can you bring me a pregnancy test on your next run ? ” “ You too ? ” he asks. You just nod. “ Yeah okay, I’ll bring you one tomorrow ” he says. You hug and and tell him a big thank you. He told you it was nothing and you walk back to the clothes.

Glenn was now back from his run with Maggie. When you were alone. He walk to you and give you what you need. You thank him again and hide it in your vest. You were going to do the same thing as Lori, you were going to do it in the night, where no one can see. At the night, you quickly sneak out of your tent that you shared with Daryl. Happily for you, Daryl was kinda hard to wake up so the noise didn’t bother him. You walk near the place where you vomit couples of hours ago and do the test. You wait a while and look. It was positive. You were shock. Now you knew what Lori felt when she learn that she was pregnant. You stay sat on the ground for a while when you heard sounds of someone walking. By reflex. you took your gun. It was only Daryl. Shit no !! He wasn’t suppose to wake up ! “ What are you doing ? You felt sick again ? ” “ Yeah so I came and smell the fresh air ” you lied. He nod and look close to you. He saw the pregnancy test, you knew it by his facial expression. “ What’s that ? ” he asks you while taking the white stick. You didn’t need to answer. you knew he would find by himself. “ A pregnancy test.. Why would you need that ”. Still no answer from you. After a while he looked at you “ Babe, you’re pregnant don’t you ”. You were now having tears rolling down your cheeks. You nod. Daryl sighs “ The night at CDC hen ” you nod. You look at him. He dry the tears on your cheek and took your hands “ We’ll raise this baby even in these conditions ” he says. You just cry more. You knew that if something went wrong while giving birth, your chances to survived were smalls. After a while of listening Daryl talking, you said some words “ What if something goes wrong while I give birth ” “ Nothing will go wrong, your strong and you’ll always be strong ”. You nod, knowing he was right. Finally, next day you decided to tell anyone the ‘news’. They did the reaction you were thinking they would do. They were speechless. Everyone was scared. You tell them you were keeping the baby no matter was happen. 

You were eight months and half pregnant. Lori was eight months and three weeks pregnant. You didn’t knew who was going to give birth first. Now that you were close to give birth, you were stressed but lived everyday like if it was your last, like everyday. One day while preparing dinner with Carol, you felt your water broke. It was time. You stressed more then before and Carol felt it. She knew you were giving birth. “ Stay there, I’ll go get Daryl ” she says. You nod. Few seconds later, you saw Daryl entering the room as stressed as you. You knew Carol was going to help you the hole time, no matter how long it would take. Lori, Rick, Carl, Beth, Maggie, Glenn and Hershel were also there. Daryl was holding one of your hands while Lori held the other. All the other people were there, waiting for your baby to be born while encouraging you. Three hours later, your baby was finally on Earth, at least, what was staying from Earth. “ It’s a boy ” Carol says happily. You smiled. She took a towel and wash your baby before putting him in another towel to put your baby boy in it, before handing you your little baby. You and Daryl were officially parents. You smiled. He was so pretty. Beth was smiling like never you saw her smiled. “ How do you want to name him ? ” Carl asks “ Dylan Dixon ” Daryl says since it was the name you’ve both decided. If it was a girl, you decided to called her Rose Dixon. They smiled. Lori was happy to see you with the baby.

A week after, Lori was giving birth. But it didn’t work out so well for her, sadly. When you saw Maggie leaving with only the baby. You knew she was dead. You cried. You learn that Carl shot her before she raised. Few days later, Carl decided to called her Judith, like his teacher at primary. She was looking like Rick a lot but had somethings from Lori. She was really pretty. You were sure that Judith and Dylan would be friends when they’ll grow.

anonymous asked:

"to build a home" by the cinematic orchestra gets me right in my caryl feels every time! i was wondering, if it hit you like it does me, could you write something inspired by/using it? i'm a writer too, but i've only recently gotten into twd, so i don't quite trust myself with these characters yet


He was the last man standing. Decades from his family and hundreds of miles from his birthplace, he met the end like he always knew he would: alone, in the blood, and slow.

When he opened his eyes, he stood in the old red gravel driveway. The humid air of Georgia filled his lungs for the first time in years, carrying with it the smell of dry grass and peaches. The leaves in the trees on the property drifted lazily on the branches, but he couldn’t feel the breeze on his skin.

The house was as beautiful as the last day he saw it. Two levels, weather worn white paint just starting to peel off the boards. A massive green yard spread around it, turning to dirt, well-traveled by vehicles and feet. The wraparound porch was vacant, a few wooden rocking chairs waiting for guests. Was he a guest here? It felt too familiar…too comfortable…

It felt like home…some place safe…from long ago…so long ago…


The little girl’s voice rang out like crystal, echoing through his memories of that voice—always so scared and quiet…Now loud and proud.

She burst out of the front door and down the porch steps, all dirty blond hair and a blue shirt with a rainbow on it.

“S-Sophia?” he stammered.

She flashed a freckle-faced smile, grabbing his hand and yanking him toward the house. “Come on! Everybody’s waiting!”

Up the steps, across the porch, and into that same old living room. The worn furniture, the hand-crafted wooden table and chairs, the sunlight filtering in through lacy cream curtains. Sophia let go of his hand in her haste to run into the house, and he paused in the doorway at all the faces that greeted him.

In her place, there was Lori Grimes, smiling so fully that he almost didn’t recognize her. She walked up and put her arms around him, pulling him close.

“Welcome home,” she whispered.


Behind her, Rick nodded, reaching out and taking his hand in a brief shake. “Brother.”

Sophia was giggling, but he couldn’t see her. Instead, he saw Hershel, one arm around each of his girls, all whole and healthy and happy. Glenn was beside Maggie. There was T-Dog and Carl, every one of the 30 years that he’d been when Daryl had last seen him alive. Michonne was with Andrea and Amy. Jacqui was smiling and laughing at something Otis and his wife Patricia said. Dale, in that same old hat, winked as he stood next to Tyreese and Sasha, with Bob…There were Lizzie and Mika, looking like they belonged in that old farm house always.

“Mom!” Sophia’s voice chimed.

Tara and Rosita stepped aside, in front of Abe and Eugene, giving him a clear path through the living room toward the old bedroom that he’d become familiar with way back when. Sophia was knocking on the bedroom door. Standing outside it was…Merle.

“Took your sweet time, baby bro.” He cracked that same old smile and nodded toward the room. “G’on, girl.” He chided Sophia, who backed away from the door with a cheeky grin.

Daryl looked from his brother to the closed door, raising a hand and touching the coarse grain of the wood. The door swung open, and there she stood: Carol. Gorgeous as the day he met her, perfect as the day he lost her…Like nothing had changed at all.

She reached for him with both arms, and he rushed to her as she drew him in, kissing him deeply. The taste of her and the warmth and smell of her skin awakened every lost touch, every forgotten memory, every moment of their time together…always too brief…

“I missed you.”

It didn’t hit me until just now. We see Rick lustily biting into an apple in the 6x15 preview. There is a focus on his mouth and his teeth. The last time there was such a focus on Rick biting anything was when he was ripping Joe’s throat out with those same teeth. The dichotomy between those two moments is crazy and beautiful. It’s so significant that Michonne was there for that moment of exceeding brutality and anger and that she is there for that moment of exceeding softness and happiness. Michonne, more than any other adult member of Team Family, knows who Rick is. She knows everything that Rick is capable of…she has seen it…and she loves him without question…without hesitation. I think it’s because she knows that though the brutal and angry moments are just as much a part of Rick now as the soft and happy moments, they both ironically come from the same place…a place of love for his family. The brutal moments are just as much a testament of his love for his family as the soft and happy moments. 

I think that is why Michonne stuck around despite Rick’s less than welcoming demeanor when she first arrived at the prison. That’s why Michonne wasn’t upset with him for briefly considering the Governor’s offer. That’s why she reacted to him in a manner so different than she did the Governor (who was suspiciously welcoming). Michonne knew that Rick’s behavior wasn’t about dislike of her but about love of his family. After what happened with Mike and Andre, Michonne was probably subconsciously drawn to Rick’s decided protectiveness. Think about it…Michonne saw both sides of Rick in quick succession when they first met. He was a total hard ass in his “welcome” to her but right after that she saw him tenderly welcome back a family member thought forever lost. Remember the focus on Michonne watching that moment? 

Think about all the other moments of watchfulness from Michonne in regards to Rick. Remember Michonne watching and recognizing what Rick was going through when he saw visions of Lori? Unlike Glenn who said Rick was in “crazy town” (Glenn was stressed so I’ll let that slide), Michonne knew understood exactly what Rick was going through (the loss and perhaps the guilt and regret) and offered him solace in the form of her own experience without any judgment or expectation. Remember Michonne telling Carl that she saw how he was looking at his dad in the aftermath of Rick killing Joe (with apparent apprehension/fear)? Again, she used her own past experience as a balm of understanding. Remember how Michonne herself looked at Rick in the aftermath of that moment? She looked at him with a softness we’d never seen before. Think about that. We first saw Michonne at her softest with Rick after she’d seen him at his most brutal. She understood and she wanted him to realize that she understood and appreciated what he did. She knew he needed that in that moment. Michonne has known who Rick truly is and what he’s really about for a very long time (even during those times when he didn’t always know himself). 

One doesn’t have to like Rick and Michonne’s relationship. One doesn’t have to particularly enjoy how it came together. Heck, go ahead and say Richonne is “cheap.” That Rick’s week-long infatuation with Jessie ruined Rick and Michonne’s bond forever. It’s impossible to change someone’s view on a matter of personal preference. You know, your mileage may vary.

That said, I (and other Richonne shippers) are fully within our rights to call that opinion stupid, myopic, immature, and even damaging.

Why damaging? Because it’s saying that being attracted to someone before falling in love with another devalues that love. “Cheapens” it. 

And most human beings in the real world don’t have the fortune of getting whisked into a Disney Princess love story. Life is more complicated than that – and to say having romantic experiences with other people before falling in love somehow permanently mangles it? That’s shitting on a whole, hell of a lot of people and their relationships. 

What I hear when Richonne is called “cheap”: If you ever happen to go on a date (because let’s be honest, Jessie and Rick went on the ZA equivalent of a “date”), then just so happen to fall in love with your best friend a month later, now that love you have is permanently “damaged.” It’s cheaper than it would’ve been. It’s lesser. All because you had the audacity (the audacity!) to go on a date. To maybe test the waters with someone who maybe even reminded you of someone who was cruelly stripped from your life (like, say, a wife who hasn’t even been dead a year).

Let’s frame the story of Rick, Jessie, and Michonne in another way using other names in a non-ZA world, without all the zombies, death, and stuff:

Paul and Suzie are married. Have been for over 13 years. They have their issues, but they’re trying to work through it. 

One day, they have a fight. A pretty bad fight. Before Paul can reconcile with Suzie (who he still deeply loves), she dies in a car accident. Paul is heartbroken. Devastated. He can barely eat, doesn’t sleep. He’s listless. 

When he comes back to work, Paul meets a new coworker named Rachel. Rachel is very different from what Paul is used to, but they become fast friends. Rachel helps him get back in touch with life. They go out bowling with their mutual friends. Have dinner. It helps Paul start to crawl out of the dark. 

… But Paul still hasn’t let go. He still wears his wedding ring. He still wonders what could’ve been.

Then, one day, Paul meets a woman, Izzie, who reminds him very much of his dead wife, Suzie. Paul can’t help but be drawn to Izzie – perhaps wondering if this is a chance to have his old life back. 

Paul and Izzie go on a few dates, but as time goes on, the illusion begins to fade. Slowly, Paul sees that he has changed too much. He can’t go back to his old life. Izzie is not Suzie – and no one can replace Suzie. To try will just lead to more heartache.

Paul calls it off with Izzie. He goes back to his normal routine, hanging out with his friends – especially his best friend Rachel to whom he is becoming more and more attached. 

Then, one day, at a random moment, it clicks. Paul has this beautiful realization: he’s in love with Rachel. He doesn’t know for how long, heck, maybe it just happened, but it makes sense. He’s relieved, happy – and even more ecstatic when he realizes she feels the same way.

Turns out Rachel had been coming off the heels of a bad relationship. She hadn’t opened up to the prospect of love after getting hurt by her boyfriend, but slowly she saw that Paul was all the things her ex wasn’t. In fact, he was her compliment.

Paul and Rachel live happily ever after.

So there you go. Even without the added dimension of the ZA (which makes Rick and Michonne’s situation even more understandable for why they were so guarded), this is completely feasible and realistic. Sometimes it takes damaged people time to mend wounded hearts. It doesn’t mean the love wasn’t there – it just had to be discovered. Realized. Gimple, Danai, and Andy have all used that word to describe Rick and Michonne falling in love. Rick and Michonne both mutually realized that they had what they needed, wanted, all along with each other. It just took time.

Jessie was a way through which Rick learned he couldn’t go back (lol “Can’t go back, Bob”). While the show never made it crystal clear she was a Lori stand-in (and the writers could’ve done a much better job with this story arc, I agree), the parallels were there to draw the viewer’s eye. For those who wanted to see a deeper layer into the narrative.

The fact the flashes Rick saw when Jessie was getting eaten turned to red was meant to parallel what Morgan had said in “Clear”. That isn’t to say Rick saw Jessie like his wife, that’s not the point. Morgan saw red because his undead wife was killing his son.

What was happening in “No Way Out”? Jessie was dragging Carl down. Jessie was a representation of Rick’s “dead wife”. Lori. Rick’s attachment to Jessie was all entangled in Rick’s unresolved feelings about Lori, their marriage, and trying to put his life back together. The Pre-ZA Package. There’s a reason Rick never took off his wedding ring for Jessie, and it was only removed once Jessie was out of his life.

Once he cut her loose (this show isn’t known for its subtlety), Rick was able to see the future. His speech to Carl, right on the heels of Jessie’s death, isn’t doom and gloom, but filled with hope. Because, finally, Rick has stopped looked inward and has turned his eyes to the horizon. What lies ahead.

It was only then Rick could see Michonne. 

As I’ve said before, I attest Jessie was Gimple’s way of also incorporating the telephone Rick spoke to at Alexandria (the one through which he talked with Lori’s ghost). Since Mazzara had already played out that comic arc, Gimple had to approach it another way, so he merged Rick’s rebound (Jessie) into Rick’s unresolved guilt about Lori’s death (the telephone).

Jessie didn’t cheapen Rick’s love for Michonne. Rick always loved Michonne, but that love was buried under all the scar tissue, the trauma, the need for closure from Lori’s death. Through Jessie, Rick was finally able to tear away those walls, accept that he had to let Lori – the idea of Lori – go for good. For the sake of his kids. For the sake of himself.

To view it on the surface level of just “ha, Rick went for the blonde white lady over Michonne, guess Michonne’s second place” is immature, insulting, and demonstrates grade school-level comprehension skills about human relationships and emotion.

So call Richonne “cheap.” Call Rick a cad, a creep, a sicko for trying to “put it back together” because he hadn’t let go of his dead wife of 13+ years (who hadn’t even been dead a year). Try to discredit their love because it’s not Disney Princess perfect, that they both weren’t blushing virgins with no very human pasts. Fiiiiine.

… I’ll just know you are either immature, close-minded, or rocking some other sort of heinous agenda in the closet. 

Castle Ficlet: Daughter wants to play Scrabble

“Can we play this game tonight?” Jo asked holding out the Scrabble box towards her parents. 

Rick and Kate exchanged looks. “Where did you get that sweetie?” 

“It was in the back of the game closet,” She shrugged. “It looks dusty.” 

“That’s because we haven’t played it in a long time.” 

“How long?“ 

“Since before we were married.”

Her eyebrow furrowed, she looked just like Kate, “Why not? You guys love playing games.”

“Because.” Castle said, as if that was a good enough reason. He knew by now that their daughter was never happy with that answer but he hoped that it would be enough this time. 

“Why not?” She repeated. Their daughter was five years old but very inquisitive and stubborn. Something she had inherited from both of her parents. 

Ricked sighed, “Kate you can explain this to her.”

Kate laughed, “Before your dad met me he was undefeated in this game. Neither grams nor Alexis could beat him.”

“What does undefeated mean?”

“It means nobody could beat him. He always won.”

Her mouth formed an “o” and her eyes widen when she heard that. “Not even Lexi?! But she’s so int…intel-” she pouted as she tried to think of the word she had learned the other day.

“Intelligent,” Rick filled in for her.

“You taught her that word?”

“She saw me typing yesterday and asked about it.”

Jo pulled on her mom’s sleeve, “I wanna hear the rest of the story.” 

“I’m sorry. Anyways so daddy always won. Until he met me. We played and I won and you know how daddy is when he looses.”

“He throws worse tantrums than me.”

“Hey! I’m right here. I can hear you.”

She climbed into Rick lap and kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry I still love you daddy.”

He tightened his arms around her, “I love you too. Now let mommy finish her story.”

“Daddy wasn’t happy when he lost, so he stayed up all night trying to beat me but he couldn’t. So he wanted to play again and he lost again.”

“I told you she was smarter than you daddy.”

“You were right, mommy is definitely smarter than me.”

“Did you guys play again?”

Kate and Rick smiled at each other as they remember what they played and how the night had ended.

“No we didn’t. We put it in the closet and played a game where we both win.” 

“What game can two people win?”

Rick looked to Kate with a look of horror.

“You know what why don’t we try playing this again. I can teach you.” Rick suggested trying to change the subject. 

“Okay! But I want mommy to teach me so I can beat you.”

 “Just for that I think it’s time to bring the tickle monster out.” He threatened, wiggling his fingers towards her.

She shrieked and tried to run but Rick was faster. He tickled her until she couldn’t breath and was yelling uncle. He turned to Kate, a mischievous look on his face.

She slowly backed away, her finger pointing at him and glared at him, “Don’t you dare.”

 Rick winked at Jo before they both jumped at Kate.

Day 23

Thanks for the tag @ramblingnut! This is my first time trying my hand at writing fan fic. Hope you guys like it!


Michonne smiled down at one of the pictures that Aaron had just dropped by. He apologized for the quality of the two photos but Michonne thought the vintage black and white look somehow fit. It would have been weird if the pictures had been in color and perfect digital quality. Judith looked so adorable in her brother’s lap and Carl’s slight smile was just like him. They are both growing up so fast she thought, lovingly stroking the picture. She flipped to the picture of the four of them and thought of the moment it was taken.

Once Aaron was done taking his picture, Carl handed Judith to Michonne and sat on the steps in front of the adults without any prompting. Rick did his signature head shake and smirk before shrugging at Michonne. Aaron quickly got into place and looked into the camera lenses, “Ok guys smile! Wait, Rick scooch in a little closer to Michonne.” Rick moved over still leaving space between them. “A little more.” Aaron prompted. Rick moved to his left but there was still space. “Com’on man you afraid she’s gonna bite you or something?”  Aaron said lowering the camera to question him. “Yeah Rick, you think I’m gonna bite you?” Michonne said almost challengingly. Rick looked at her and without a word practically sat on top of her. Shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. The force with which he moved almost knocked her over. Judith thought it was all good fun, giggling at her father’s antics. Michonne laughed, “I guess not.” Rick got more comfortable beside her, resting his left hand on the porch behind her back and leaning in even more, leaving zero room between them. “Bite me.” He challenged back, a twinkle in his eye and another smirk on his face. “Perfect!” Aaron exclaimed, raising the camera once again and snapping the picture.

Looking at the picture now made her chuckle. Rick looked so damn smug, Judith was looking at her, not the camera and Carl… Carl was smiling, actually smiling, with his father’s hand on his shoulder. They all looked so happy. Michonne sighed with contentment. She could still feel the warmth of having Rick so close to her. It was nice, almost natural, she could get used to that. Pushing the thought to the back of her mind, she went and found some empty frames; she wanted to put the pictures up before anyone got home.

Now where to put them? Going room by room mentally she couldn’t decide. This should be a family decision anyway she concluded, nodding to herself. She set the pictures on the kitchen counter so it would be the first thing anyone saw when they came in. Satisfied, she slung her katana over her shoulder and looked back at the pictures once more before heading out the door. Rick should have the picture of kids in his room. Before she could think about it too hard, she snatched the photo off the counter and took the stairs two at a time to Rick’s bedroom. She stood in the doorway and surveyed the room for the best spot. She tried a few places, stepping back to look at her handy work each time, before placing the frame on the dresser directly across the room from his bed. Perfect. There had not been much on the dresser to begin with and the picture made everything look homier. Her eyes drifted from the picture to the solitary ring that sat on the small glass dish next to it. She had noticed Rick had not been wearing his wedding ring any more. Michonne left the room before she allowed herself to explore the emotions that tugged at the stings deep in her heart.


“Hey, there you are.” Rick called to Michonne as she came upon the group that was working on the last of the gate reinforcement.

“Sorry. Aaron caught me on my way out to drop off our pictures from yesterday.” She went over to hold the opposite end of the board he was holding up to the gate. Taking note of how good his bicep looked in his brown t-shirt.

“They any good?” He asked pausing a moment to drag his face across said bicep.

“Yeah.” She assured with a soft smile. “They are great.” She looked at the board to make sure it was level.

Rick nodded, thinking of when they were so close together and how much he liked it. How comfortable it was, she fit so perfectly next to him.

“You gonna make me hold this forever?” Michonne wondered.

Rick blinked, he had been staring at her profile.

“What?” She asked.

He shook his head nonchalantly, “Just can’t wait to see ‘em.”

They stood in comfortable silence while he finished driving the last nail on his side. Once he was done he held the nails and hammer out for her to use. She grabbed a nail from his out stretched palm then reached for the hammer without really looking, the hammer didn’t budge. She looked at the hammer then at the man holding it and tugged again, harder this time, he still wouldn’t let go. A smile played on his lips as she squinted her eyes at him. “Grimes…” She tugged once more and finally got the tool out of his hand.

“What? Bring your own tools next time.” He said now grinning at her.

Michonne rolled her eyes and shook her head, smiling in spite of herself. “Whatever Grimes.” She quipped, and got back to the task at hand.


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Was responding to an anon on a reblog, and then...

It got lengthy.  So I decided to make this its own thing.  

@richonnefics was asked the following:

Hi! Do you know of any fics where Michonne does know about Jessie & she questions Rick about it and that later after Jessick is over and Richonne happens, if Michonne and Rick were so attracted to each other in the first place, why did he feel the need to date Jessie at all? I know it’s kind of specific or something similar. TY 

1. “Date” is a very specific word.  I’d hardly call a half-assed makeout in a garage dating, but…I’m sorry, I know I sound like I’m hating, but calling it dating or saying she was his girlfriend is just so absurd to me, I just can’t.

2. In addition to circumstances (of the fucked up, life survival variety that provided major distraction), Michonne just wasn’t ready/hadn’t come to the conclusion to make that leap.  It’s insane–they’re both in love with each other, so there theoretically isn’t anything to be afraid of.  Or at the very least, not rejection.  It is apparent time and time again how much Rick cares about Michonne, her happiness, how he notices her (in a man notices a woman in a sexual way kind of way), but she is, at times, oblivious.  

The scene where Michonne is lamenting at Deanna’s party–I bet you dollars to donuts (lol, what does that saying mean?) that she saw Rick checking out ol’ blondie, and there she was, wearing a dress, putting on her dancing shoes, and Rick had a wandering eye.  So she thinks too much time has passed; she’s lost.  And because she does fear emotional rejection, she doesn’t comment on it.  That being said, when Abe comes sniffing around, she shuts him down.  But he was drinking, so she gives him a pass.  He asks her what she’s done, and she says she put on that dress and the one guy she wanted to notice didn’t fucking notice omg.  Abe tells her to try again. He was probably onto something…

I always thought that, that scene where Rick is all, “We’ve barely had time to catch our breath,” and Michonne looks at him like, “Orly?”  I always, always, ALWAYS assumed that look was specifically reserved for whateverthefuck was going on with him and Jessie.

What’s most interesting, however, is how Rick keeps the distance between his family and the Alexandrians–it’s still “us and them,” and this includes Jessie and her whack ass family.  In “Strangers,” Rick takes Carl aside and has the following exchange:

Rick: Now… I need you to hear what I’m about to say.
Carl: Okay.
Rick: You are not safe. No matter how many people are around or how clear the area looks, no matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe. It only takes one second. One second and it’s over. Never let your guard down, ever. I want you to promise me.
Carl: I promise.

Now…Rick is saying this to his son–a kid.  He basically lies to Jessie about how he would keep her safe.  He doesn’t tell her the truth; he doesn’t have her go train.  He keeps her in a box; he keeps up the wall.  He may fancy her, but it is still very much us vs. them.  He takes the time to teach Ron, but only because Ron insists, and Carl attempts to accommodate him (big mistake).  Also, just dumb in general–you kill the boy’s father and you think he won’t attempt to avenge his death?  That’s like, every revenge movie ever, no matter how shitty the deceased was.  Vendetta–it’s a powerful thing.  But yeah, he tells Jessie pretty lies, keeping her separated from reality.  This totally harkens to the idea that he was using her for nostalgia purposes to what he’d lost with Lori.

And I’ll tell you what–rewatching the first season right now, and that relationship was not full of sunshine and rainbows.  He said she was cruel, and doubted if he loved his family or not, and expressed that very thought in front of their son before school.  He didn’t talk enough, and when he did, it was always the wrong thing.  She was constantly irritated with him, nitpicking…so perhaps Rick was trying to re-imagine what normal would have been like.

And even then, he only knew that woman for two weeks.  It was a fantasy [and a lame one at that]; life in a bubble.  But…I’ll forgive Rick for that transgression.  I’ll forgive it.

3. I have a brief thing that sort of meets the requirements of the anon.  This got way longer than I thought, though…

After a good night's sleep I'm feeling more optimistic.

Last night when spoilers broke, early speculation that Richonne got together off screen during the time jump, and that we would never see Michonne telling Rick about Andre really bummed me out. I also dislike that the Richonne narrative of the past season has been all about Michonne having to prove that she is the best match for Rick, and not the other way around.

But after sleeping on it, I woke up thinking about Michonne’s smile when her bae gets home after a long day away, and how Rick would look at her like she’s a cool drink of water in the desert, and it reminded me that what I love most about Richonne is the incredible chemistry between AL and DG, and I know they won’t disappoint me. And Rick is going to go out of his way to bring back mints because even though he lost the toothpaste, he doesn’t want to go back empty-handed. And he knows how important dental hygiene is to her because he remembers counting down the minutes she took brushing her teeth when they first got to Alexandria, and the flirtatious way she looked at him when she finally saw his face without the beard, and how self-conscious, but happy it made him. And I hate to give these hack writers any credit, but it is a call back that really works beautifully. And it is such a Rick thing to do. To make a small gesture that shows how much he cares about her. This is the Rick that I know and love and find worthy of Michonne’s love.

I still maintain that in order not to make the build up to Richonne not so heavily one-sided, Rick could have and should have continued to make these small gestures towards Michonne, even as he was in the midst of the messy plot with Mrs. Blanderson, and it’s not unreasonable to have hoped for better writing. But since it’s over and done with, and it’s likely the writers will never reference this atrocity of a pointless storyline again, I’m just going to do the writers’ job for them and pretend that he did.

Together PART 3

3 Together - Walking Dead Fanfiction

Word count: 1550

Note: okay here’s part 3 of the together fanfic! And earlier I said it would be 4 parts.. It’s stsrting to head into 5 :/ if you guys want more please like and Reblog! Also, give lots of love to this blog thewalkingdeadimagines! They are awesome for posting my things! Anyways, hope you enjoy!

After a week of camping in the woods and sleeping in a godforsaken tree, I decided to take Daryl up on his offer. I slid off of the tree branch they acted as my makeshift bed and ripped the blankets off. Folding them, I then set them in the box Daryl had given me the other day. I rummaged through the box for whatever clean clothes I had left that were given to me by the people at the prison. I pulled out a black t-shirt, a red and black plaid over shirt, and a pair of jeans. Those were my “best clothes” Out of the box. Had to make a good first impression, right? Once I finished changing, I tucked the box up against the trunk of the tree and covered it with the blankets.

Making my way to the gates, I see a tall, young girl maybe in her early twenties looking through the gate being prepared to talk. “Hiya!” I said extending the first greeting. “Hi! Are you Y/N?” “Yup, that’s me!” She then opened up the gate leading me into the prison courtyard. ” I’m Maggie” she said. “Nice to meet you! Thanks for all of the goods in the box Daryl brought me a week ago, he said all the girls got it together.” “Glad you liked it! Ooh, I see you’re wearing my old clothes from when I was around your age. I brought them for my sister, Beth, but she grew out of them as soon as we got here.” “Well, you have a great taste in fashion!” I said to her trying to break the ice even more. As we were walking up to the prison, I sensed her eyes glaring at me. “So, I heard you’re not much of people person.” She said making me stop in my tracks instantly. “I-it’s not that I don’t like people, it’s just that… Whenever I hang around people, I hurt them in some way.” I said feeling embarrassed. “That ridiculous” she uttered. “Honey, you won’t hurt us, we’re a tough batch of people. We can handle ourselves mighty well.” She said trying to reassure me. “Heh, yeah, I guess. Thanks.” I said under my breath.

When we finally made it to the prison, I saw two young girls with blonde hair running around playing tag. So happy, almost acting as if the world didn’t crumble around them. I then stumbled across Rick and Glenn talking. The fact that they were some of the first people I came into contact with in this group, I immediately went over to say hi. “Hey guys!” “Well, long time no see Y/N!” Rick said pulling me into a slight hug. “So how’re ya liking that tree out there? Mighty comfy huh?” Glenn said with a large sarcastic grin on his face. I turned and nudged him in the arm. “Shut up” I said with a slight giggle hidden in my voice.

Later on in the day, I got a chance to meet the majority of the people at the prison. They were all extremely nice! Carol, Hershel, Carl, Patrick, Sasha, Tyreese, Beth, and Michonne were so generous with welcoming me into the prison. I was even introduced to Rick’s baby girl Judith! Everything was perfect. That was- until night fell.

I was invited to eat dinner with everyone and stay the night if I wanted to. But, I didn’t want to risk it, so I grabbed more cans that they said I could keep and started to head back to my small rundown camp. “Hey! Where’re you goin?” I turned around and heard Maggie’s voice call out to me along with everyone’s eyes piercing me with their stare from the picnic table. “Oh I was just heading back to my camp.” “But it’s night time! Plus, when was the last time you had a good meal and a warm bed?” She said trying to change my mind. Letting out a sigh, I replied: “remember what I said earlier? About how I hurt people?” “But it’s night! Plus, you’ve been hanging out with us all day! Surely if you were to harm someone, something would’ve happened by now.” She had a point. A very clear and reasonable point. “O-okay, I’ll stay. But only for the night!” Without arguing with me to stay any longer, Maggie quickly came to my side, dragging me by the arm back into the prison. She was like the older sister I never had.

“Oh wait!” I said stopping in my tracks. “What now?” She said growing impatient. “I wanna go get my stuff from my base. It’ll be one sec!” I said slipping away. “Okay, I’m gonna go get s cell all set up for ya for when you get back.” “Wh-what? All for me?” I said baffled by my excitement to have my own cell. “Of course! There’s plenty of room! By the way, what’s your favorite color?” She shouted as I kept trudging down the path towards the woods. Quickly turning around and starting to walk backwards I shouted: “I like all of em! Why?” “You’ll see” she said with a devilish grin spread across her face. She then turned around and went back inside. With much excitement, I ran to the forest to grab my stuff. Quickly snatching the box filled with old blankets, half-eaten cans of food, and dirty clothes, I made my way back to the prison.

Setting my stuff at the entrance of the cell block, I looked around trying to find Maggie. “Y/N up here!” Maggie waved from the second floor. I then bolted towards the stairs and went to go see what she had in store for me. Whipping my head around the corner, i gazed into the cell with my mouth dropped open. A bunk bed with a red blanket on the bottom bunk, and a blue one on the top bunk was all tucked away nice and neat. A small box turned on its side held a couple books and on top of the box was a plastic cup filled with dirt and a flower jammed in the cup, like s makeshift flower pot. My eyes started to fill up as I looked at Maggie. “Do you like it?” She said anxiously awaiting my reaction. I grabbed her into my arms and sobbed into her shoulder, hugging her tighter. “Are you alright Y/N? If you don’t like it I can get rid of it all.” She said. Shaking my head no with tears streaming down my face I had a smile stretched across my face from cheek to cheek. “I-I am so grateful Maggie! No one has ever done something this nice for me before! Thank you!” She pulled me in for one last hug and then pulled me off of her looking me in the eyes. “Okay, you’ve had a long day, get some rest!” She said and then walked down to her cell.

Examining all of the little things about my cell, I sat on the bed running my hand across the frame of the bed. “Yup, this room definitely says girl all over it.” I was startled by Daryl standing in the door frame of my cell. “Isn’t it great?!” I said with the same grin I had when I first saw the room. He let out a small laugh at my excitement. “You’re funny.” He said glimpsing in my direction. “How so?” “Gettin’ excited over something as little as this.” “Hey, she’s making me feel welcome, and no one has ever done anything this nice for me before, so hush.” I said returning the glare. “Whatever” he sighed. Picking himself off the wall, he turned around and started to walk out. “Night neighbor” he told me. “We’re neighbors?” I said with shock written all over my face with a hint of annoyance. “A yup.” He said as he walked out, turned the corner, and walked straight into his cell. “Great” I said to myself.

Somehow I promised Maggie one night at the prison, and ended up spending an entire year there. These people have really become a family to me.