she was so badass today


“your heart was lost to zelena on my watch
but i promise you i will get it back

24/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


OMG you guys!! When Draupadi summoned her fire to stop Arjun from getting inside Indraprasth, my God that was just so beautiful and so powerful. I think I’ve fallen in love with her even more. That was just so epic and badass!!!
Even if Arjun got married again, how can he bring Subhadra when he gave a promise to Draupadi? This is so unfair. They can’t do this to Draupadi.
And like what the heck Subhadra? How dare you go against Draupadi and step inside her kingdom?
You know what I loved the most? The looks Draupadi was giving to Subhadra. Subhadra was trying to damn hard to be goody-two-shoes but Draupadi wasn’t buying none of that.

P.S. I’m getting tired of Kunti screwing things up and especially making things harder for Draupadi. At first, she unintentionally ruined Arjun’s first marriage by telling him to share Draupadi with the rest of his brothers. Now, she even ruined Arjun’s second marriage. She told him to take Subhadra with him to Indraprasth, even knowing the fact that Arjun and his brothers promised Draupadi that she’ll be the only Queen of their Kingdom Indraprasth. Kunti can you please stop making Draupadi’s life hell? Can you just please not? I’m getting so tired of your bullshit.

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Paring: Scott x Pack x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine for Scott, but including the whole pack? And they’re having a pillow fight or a silly string fight (that sort of thing) and they end up kissing for the first time? You can add whatever you want in there xx

Requested by: @bbymartin

Authors note: I’m sorry this took so long. I haven’t been feeling so good and I guess that’s why It’s so late. I hope you like it though.

Word count: 1296

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The pack were having their weekly sleep over at Scott’s house. They went all out this time. Kira and Malia bought candy and sweets; Mason and Lydia bought games, And Scott, Y/N and Stiles were at Scott’s house setting up. Y/N had liked Scott for a while now and Scott did too but no one knew. They would stare at each other when the other wasn’t looking. They would just admire each other. Scott cared for Y/N whole-heartedly and Y/N felt the same way about Scott. Scott would always be there for Y/N when times were tough.

It was junior year and Y/N thought that it would be a great idea to wear black platform-heeled boots to school. She loved how badass they looked with all the gold chains all over it. Y/N’s style has a wide range. Some days it’s cute and fun and other days, it’s all dark and badass. She was feeling badass today so she went with black jeans, a black and white shirt and her heeled boots. Y/N knew how to walk in heels. She took some runway walking classes when she was a freshman because her mom wanted her to become girlier and it actually worked. As Y/N got to school, she was greeted by the pack. “Bad ass outfit Y/N!” Lydia screamed from across the parking lot. “You look really pretty Y/N.” Liam said sweetly. Y/N ruffled his hair and said thank you. Liam slightly turned a bit red. “You’re such a cute freshman.” She smiled. Stiles and Scott walked over to the pack. “Is that Y/N?” Stiles whispered to Scott. “When are you ever going to talk to her dude? You’ve liked her for like ever.” He lightly shoved Scott toward Y/N. “Hey Scott.” Y/N Smiled and gave him a hug. Don’t let the calm manner fool you. Y/N was practically shitting herself. Scott almost melted at her smile. They didn’t even know that they liked each other. So it was lunchtime and the gang were sitting at their usual table. Y/N and Scott both walked to the lunch line. They got their lunch and they started walking to the table. Unfortunately, One of the chains on her book got caught in something and that caused her to fall, dropping all of her lunch all over herself. Scott had noticed this before it had happened and fell right after she fell. Making the attention go to him. “Y/N!” Lydia shouted and ran over to Y/N. ”Let’s clean you up.” She told Y/N and started to pick her up. Scott and Y/N’s eyes met and she flashed him an apologetic smile and mouthed thank you to him.

Scott smiled at the thought. “What are you smiling at?” Y/N questioned, while trying to put up the balloons. This caught Scott off guard. “Nothing, I just remembered a time with Stiles.” Scott lied. ”Ooh, what happened?” she said, not giving him any eye contact, she was too busy looking at what she was doing. “Uh, he fell.” The boy started a little bit too quickly. “Well he always falls.” She chuckled and finally looked at him. “Alright. Well I’m done with this.” She said taping the last piece of the banner on the wall. “Do you need help?” The girl asked him. “No, I’m good haha. But maybe Stiles needs help.” She looked at him funny. Maybe because of the way he said it. “Alright.” Y/N said and walked upstairs, leaving the flustered boy with his head in his hands.

“Hey, Y/N.” Stiles said, plopping down on Scott’s bed. “Scott told my you needed help with something.” Y/N smiled, putting her hand on her hip. “Oh he lied. I’m too great for help.” He said just before the little banner started to fall off the wall. Y/N raised an eyebrow. “Maybe I need a bit of help.” He said softly. “Come on! Let’s go.” I squealed and pushed him up. The two were heavily at work of the room where the whole gang were going to sleep in. “Hey Y/N?” Stiles asked. “Yes?” Y/N said not paying any attention to the boy. “Do you like Scott?” This caught Y/N off guard, almost getting whiplash by her head turning towards Stiles. “NO! I don’t like Scott. What makes you think I like Scott? He’s one of my closest friends that’s nasty.” Y/N rambled. “Woah, woah, woah.”Stiles said with his arms up in surrender. “So you’re obviously lying.” “Stiles!” Y/N whined, “Promise me you wont tell him.” Y/N threw a little tantrum. “Okay okay I wont! I’m not that evil.” “I still don’t trust you.”

Every one got to the house and the sleepover began. “Y/N come over here.” Lydia and Kira both screamed at the Y/N. “Sorry Liam, I’ll be right back.” She smiled at the younger boy and jogged to the girls. “Scott, do you like Y/N?” Mason asked Scott. He nearly choked on his drink. “What? No, I don’t. What makes you think I do?” he nervously laughed. “Your heartbeat just jumped. You’re lying.” Liam said calmly. “Shutup Liam.” “I swear if you tell her, I will hurt you.” Scott stared directly in his beta’s eyes. “Okay, chill out.” He laughed. Stiles started smirking. “Stiles what are you smirking at?” Scott groaned. “TRUTH OR DARE EVERYONE.” The scheming boy yelled. The gang all automatically formed a circle. “Okay Mason, truth or dare?” “Dare.” “Okay, I dare you to hit Y/N the hardest with that pillow.” “HEY, STILES THAT’S NOT NICE.” Y/N screamed at him. “I want to see you get hit. Sorry.” “Evil child.” “I’m older than you Y/N what?” He laughed. “Y/N I’m sorry.” The little sophomore walked up to Y/N with sad eyes. “Just do it.” Y/N sighed. Little did he know, she had a bottle of silly string that she had already shaken up. The girls were just planning to ambush the boys with silly string. Mason had hit Y/N pretty hard, but she quickly took out the shaken up silly string and a pillow and hit mason back. “ATTACK!” the girls screamed and sprayed all the boys with silly string. “Hey man, chill.” Scott screamed and ran upstairs. Y/N started to follow him armed with a pillow. “Come out come out wherever you are.” Y/N sang, creeping around carefully. Scott was in his room hiding next to the door armed with a pillow. Y/N walked into the room and Scott wacked her right in the head making her fall on his bed. “Ow.” She said clutching the back of her head in pain. Scott noticed automatically and got on top her without thinking. “Oh my gosh Y/N are you okay?” He boy frowned and tried to take the pain away, only to find out she had no pain. “HAHA I GOT YOU.” Y/N screamed in his face and flipped him over, repeatedly hit him with the pillow. “Y/N stop.” He laughed but she kept going. Scott then grabbed Y/N’s arms before she could hit him again. He stared into her eyes and she stared into his own. Something came over Scott and suddenly kissed her. This caught Y/N off guard. The boy that she liked so much is actually kissing her. They weren’t dating or anything. Scott then realized what he was doing and immediately pulled back. “I’m so sorry oh my gosh.” Scott had a mini freak attack. “No it’s okay Scott calm down its okay.” Y/N smiled at the panicked boy and started to stroke his cheek. “I like you too.” She laughed and that made Scott smile. She leaned down on him to kiss him again. Just then the gang walked into the room. “FINALLY.” They all said together. “Really guys?” Scott asked covering his red face. “I hate you all.” Y/N laughed.

we had a holocaust survivor speak at school today and she was so lovely, the pinnacle of badass jewish grandmothers, and also the curator of the los angeles holocaust museum was there and i explained my thesis to her a little and they invited me to visit their archives!!