she was so amazing in this ep

So let’s talk about Sasha’s climactic scene

And why the Attack on Titan anime adaptation once again proves itself to be incredible. 

Sasha reading her bow and telling the kid to keep going is an amazing moment in the manga already–Isa deserves all the credit here. In the og flashback, Sasha refuses to abandon her principles just because outsiders are in trouble, she refuses to help them; a perhaps egocentric, but also human point of view-we tend to prioritize us and those closest to us over strangers. Then, in the current time, Sasha tells the kid to run bc she’ll certainly find kind and helpful people ahead; and stays herself behind to fight; she fights knowing that proper victory cannot be achieved, to save a random stranger; a kid, further emphasising that Sasha herself has grown into a great person and abandoned that egocentric child she once was.

It’s great stuff, but the animated execution of it made me realize just how good it actually is.

In the yumikuri flashback the S1 version of counterattack mankind starts…its positive a track expressing a sense of optimism and peace, it suits the “ordinary moments” she thinks about. Then, we cut back to present time. A newer arrangement of the track, led by faint strings with hints of an organ in the background–there’s a distant but growing intensity in there. 

As Sasha talks to the kid, most of it is shot from the kid’s perspective, so we get to look up to Sasha–she’s seen as the grown up here, perfectly fitting the above characterization. In the meantime, the music grows ever stronger-the organ is very present, and drums are added too. The buildup to the sequence is thus heavily emphasized. Also, listen carefully to Kobayshi Yuu (who’s performance here I loved). There’s definitely exasperation in her voice–they’ve been running for some time and are chased by a titan, not to mention that she’s afraid. Yet, you can still find a lot of tenderness in there–the kid is supposed to feel safe and secure, despite everything going on, and it just makes you love Sasha even more.

Let’s get to the real meat

I LOOOOVE this scene. Sasha spinning on her feet to stop and get into position looks really cool…but its’ the following take that I adore the most

The spin kills her entire momentum…she stands still and ready, and the camera lingers on her. But the kid didn’t do any spin, kid’s still going, not slowing down. Sasha however wants kid to keep going, seems to use her spin as a way to propel kid forward. And the moment her arm is separated from kid, the camera moves on as well–doing so, Sasha’s staying-behind-to-fight is visually translated and further emphasized without the viewer consciously realizing it. I have a hard time describing it, but there’s an incredibly powerful sense of organic dynamism in there that just sells the scene. It’s excellent visual storytelling, not only of the situation, but also of Sasha’s character–she’s strong and altruistic now, and she’ll fight against all odds to save the kid in need. Yuu’s performance here is perfect as well–there’s now definitive desperation to be heard, alongside remaining hints of kindness but also a certain intensity. Sasha is afraid–she has no equipment to protect herself, she has no weapons to eliminate the threat, but in spite of that, she still sends the kid away, she still stays behind, she still stands in the way of the titan. 

And THAT shows just how brave she is–Sasha overcomes her weaknesses, she fights against all odds, she dedicates her heart–and that is what the anime manages to portray so masterfully here.

And of course, that is what the best shot of the episode does.

We get an incredibly gorgeous wide shot…starting off once again from below, keeping both the titan and Sasha in frame, reminding us of the threat ahead of her, but in one amazing panning zoom, we fly all the way to a closeup filled with nothing but fierceness. The visual alone is amazing in its own regard, but the sound is what truly rounds it up. Counterattack Mankind A reaches its climax, going all out on instruments, cue-ing the all-so-familiar melody in an immensely epic arrangement worthy of the scene it accompanies. Kobayashi Yuu 100% sells it too–her first “now-go” is still a bit feeble and unsure as mentioned above, the 2nd “run” already stronger but there are still hints of fear….and then, with the musical cue behind, after getting a full frontal close-up–the all out “get runnin’!”, filled with nothing but raw energy and determination–Sasha’s abandoned all fear and is in all out character-climax-badass mode. Her shout echoes through the woods, the kid is literally hit by a shockwave and finally starts running (sidenote–her eyes were dark and lifeless throughout the ep, but only after that do they lighten up, adding once more weight to Sasha’s moment). And of course, Sasha’s accent arc comes to full circle in the same frame as well, as she yells the command out in her native dialect she’s tried to hide for so long. Pretty much everything that could’ve come full circle did–in terms of writing, performance, sound and visuals.

It’s an amazing sequence deserving of ludicrous praise for the creative staff–they’ve proven once more that Attack on Titan is a work of art. The manga is already without a doubt amazing–most of the points above stem from it after all-but the anime is so ridiculously good at presenting I sometimes can’t believe it with my own two eyes.

In case you couldn’t tell, I fucking loved this sequence and I’m gonna yell about Sasha all week long. 


incorrect shadowhunters quotes (16/?): unknown.
#such chemistry #amazing romance #he dislikes her so much it’s beautiful #looking straight into her eyes when he tells her how annoying she is #i wish i could find love like this 😍

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Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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Taylor [Swift] launched and completely changed the music industry in the most amazing way. I really think that she blazed a trail for all my fellow new women in country. I’ve always looked up to Taylor … so when she tweeted about my EP before my album even came out, I think that fact that she did that was her kind of being like, I was a young singer/songwriter on an independent label, I feel you. And that was the first moment of us relating to each other.
—  Kelsea Ballerini on how her idols helped pave the way for her success (Cosmopolitan)

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Nicola is so good. Maryse carries so much in her eyes and her emotional scenes are phenomenal. Also, what are your thoughts on this episode?

Nicola is amazing and she really gives Maryse a lot of depth. I love that she’s getting a redemption arc; if Alec deserves one for his biases, then so does she. As for the ep, it obviously wasn’t as strong as last week’s but it wasn’t bad, either. I’ll bullet point some thoughts:

  • The Seelie Court kiss was always a given, but I’m glad that it wasn’t all about the drama but the Queen making a point to Simon that Shadowhunters will always choose their own
  • I loved Luke’s interactions with everyone. I love seeing his history with Maryse delved into, he finally got to confront Valentine, it seems the Plot Thickens with Ollie, I liked the emphasis on his importance as a respected alpha in the Downworld
  • We saw Magnus touch on what happened to him – not in detail, but I like that the Downworld leaders know about it and that Magnus trusted everyone there enough to talk about it
  • I like that we’re meant to see Sebastian as a creepy meddling fuck and not a good person at all. It’s not a coincidence that he learned about the love triangle only for the Queen to use it against them, nor is it a coincidence that this + his attempt to get Luke arrested are both meant to break Downworld/Shadowhunter relations further.
  • Maryse reconciling with both her children was great
  • Magnus and Alec playacting at being professional colleagues was pretty adorable and it was nice to hear Alec say the word boyfriend out loud
  • Really glad rizzy was put into the ground for good; i don’t even care how they went about it I just wanted it to end

All in all I think while people’s instincts are to dismiss or not dismiss an episode based on which ships they favor, I actually found the romance wasn’t as much at the forefront as I anticipated for this episode and it’s important not to sweep the developments concerning the politics and Luke under the table. I didn’t care much for the love triangle, obviously, but actually I found even the kiss – which was purely for drama in the books – had a bit of a political edge to it here and it’s interesting that it wasn’t even really about Clary or Jace. It was about Simon and the Seelie Queen, and her interest in getting someone as unique as a Daylighter on her side.

I have a friend who has never watched a single episode of GoT(she’s a little too vanilla for it), watch an ep where Jon and Danielle shared a scene together and this was her response:

so I showed her some gifs of Jon and Sansa(she never intended on watching and I have very little people I can discuss/vent GoT to without spoiling), you know, gifs like this:

Originally posted by tiny-little-bird

and this:

and basically after a little bit of background, she responded with this:

and now she’s even considered watching the show and reading the books(I’m meeting her soon so I can pass over seasons 1-6 to her)!

Amazing, love it, live for it.


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“Come on, be serious for a picture Shawn.” Karen complains. 

Y/n and Shawn just laugh but do as they’re told and become serious.

She has her left hand rested on Shawn’s chest, his left hand rested on her hip, arm around her back. They both look up at the camera and smile. 

“I can’t believe that it’s actually prom.” Y/m/n says as she takes pictures of Y/n and Shawn. 

“I’m surprised Shawn didn’t screw this dance up.” Aaliyah mumbles. 

Y/n feels Shawn tense and pull her a little closer. Like he’s trying to reassure himself that shes there with him. He’s taking her this time, not another girl. 

“It’s about time he got it right.” Manny says walking up behind the Mothers taking pictures. 

Shawn clenches his jaw and Y/n looks up at him, knowing that this conversation is making him upset. She moves her hand up to his cheek and he looks at her.

“It’s okay.” She whispers to him and he doesn’t respond.

“I was worried for a second, we might have a repeat of the middle school dance.” Aaliyah says looking at Manny. 

“Yeah when she showed up, I worried too.” Manny responds.

This time Y/n’s the one that tenses up. 

Lauren was here?

“Can you drop it?” Shawn snaps. His sister and father looking over, finally picking up on his attitude. 

“You guys should get going before you’re late.” Y/m/n says setting her camera down. 

“Can I have a second?” You ask, walking away before you get an answer.

“Fuck.” Shawn sighs.

“Excuse me?” Karen warns her son. 

“Thanks for that.” He glares at his sister. 

“What did I do?” She asks.

“You had to bring up Lauren?” 

“Sorry, I was just making a joke.”

“Well it was a shitty joke.” He sneered starting to go after his girlfriend.

“Shawn.” Karen says becoming angry. It was disrespectful to speak that way to his sister, or at all. 

“Not now Mum.” He waves her off.

“Don’t you dare wave me off, come back here.” She raises her voice.

“Let him go.” Manny says intervening.

“No he,” She starts.

“Karen, he’s going after Y/n, she’s upset.” Manny says quietly.

Shawn ignores his parents as he follows Y/n up to her bedroom. She’s pacing around her room, head in her hands. 


“What was she doing?” She blurts.


“Don’t play with me Shawn. What was Lauren doing at your house? Is there something that I need to know?”

“No, no. She came over, trying to tell me about how we should be together and that she wanted me to take her to prom. I told her to leave, and that I was happily taken.” 

“Shawn,” She starts taking a seat. 

“Stop, please.” Shawn says kneeling in front of her, taking her hands in his own. “Please believe me. I didn’t know she was coming over. She started talking before I could tell her to leave, when she did let me speak those were the first words out of my mouth. I promise you, please.” He was becoming desperate.

“What did Aaliyah mean then? She made it sound like you were excising the idea.”

“No never. Never, I screwed up a dance with you once before. Never will I do that again. I’m yours, all yours.” 

“Are you sure, because I see her talking with you in the halls and at lunch.” 

“Stop, please please.” He says holding her hands tighter. “We are friends with the same people, she’s just there. I don’t ever even look at her, let alone talk to her. She tries to talk to me but I ignore her. I promise you, you are the only one I want. Y/n you know that.”


“I love you.” He says cutting her off. “I love you, Y/n. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“There is nothing going on, Aaliyah was just trying to make some shitty joke. She’s got awful humor.”

“Yeah, that was a bad joke.” She laughs. 

“Are we okay?”

“We’re fine.” She smiles at him. 

“Can I go dance with you now? Because I can’t wait to get you on the dance floor.” He smiles at her. She laughs and stands up, taking his hand. They both walk down the stairs going straight for his car, not wanting to talk to anyone but each other. 


“That was so much fun.” Y/n exclaims as they exit the school, prom ending. 

“You look amazing.” Shawn says staring at her.

“Shawn you’ve told me that like a thousand times tonight.” She giggles.

“I know, but it’s the truth. I’m so lucky.” He says, lightly pushing her up against the door of his Jeep.

“Stop.” She laughs, blushing. He leans down and kisses her, deeply.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” 

“I don’t want to take you home yet.”

“Then don’t.” She dares him. 

“Wanna go to the park?” He asks smirking. 

“Always.” She smiles at him. 

They both jump into the jeep, giggling as they run off to the old stomping grounds. 

“Come here.” He says taking her hand and running to the field of flowers. He picks a single daisy and tucks it into her ear. “Beautiful” He whispers.

“Wait stop right there.” She says, she quickly fishes out her phone from her clutch and takes a picture of him in the moonlight. “You look so good like that babe.” She smiles as she shows him the picture. He just shrugs and kisses her cheek. 

“I have to tell you something.” He says pulling her close, swaying to some tune that’s in his head. 

“Ok, is it bad?” She asks looking up at him worried. He doesn’t meet her gaze. “Shawn, you’re worrying me.” 

“So I’m not going to college.” He blurts.

“What?” She asks in shock. 

“Um I’m uh” He doesn’t know how to say it.

“You’re what Shawn?”

“I’m going on tour.” He says softly.


“I’ve signed with a record company, I’m leaving to go to LA in a few weeks to go write an EP and then I’m supposed to go on tour.” He says as she takes a step away from him.

“Are you joking with me?” She asks. He shakes his head and stares at her. “SHAWN!” She jumps up and hugs him. He catches her and spins her around. “That’s amazing, you have always dreamed of singing! This is so exciting!” 

“You aren’t mad?”

“What? Why would I be mad?”

“I don’t know, because I’m leaving and won’t be able to see you.” 

“Awe Shawn no, I’m so excited for you. We can work out of the details of a long distance relationship later! Let’s just celebrate that you got signed!” She’s bursting with joy for him. So proud of him. 

So for the rest of the night they stay in their field and hold each other, enjoying the time they have together.

Sanvers/Supercorp/Katie recap

Hey folks ;) I thought I’d do a little recap ;) Tell me if I forgot something ♥

Matt Mitovich’s twitter

- Gonna be a big night in National City… @MelissaBenoist  @chy_leigh @florianalima   @JeremyMJordan @DavidHarewood #KatieMcGrath

       shhhh super-emotional scene being filmed…..

- 4 interviews down, 2 to go…. (Told ya. Late night!) #Supergirl

Q : so jealous. Can’t wait to read them . Hope sanvers stuff is in them

→    So much.

He interviewed Katie

Q : ask if sanvers did anal after 2x08

→   you spelled Lena wrong.

Q : Finally we are going to hear katie talk about Lena , i’m dying . send help.

→  We just finished. You aren’t ready.

Q :  I’m gonna die because of her am I ?

→   You will.

Q : You’re right I’m not I’ve been waiting a Katie’s itw about Lena since… Well forever so thank you for that

→  It was great. I may have blushed.

Q : So does this mean we can expect some comments on Supercorp? 

→  Oh yes. 

Q : hows Katie like? Spare no detail 

→  #Hearteyes

→  she’s also very saucy


→  When the Q&A eventually publishes, you can (easily) guess when I blushed.

Q : is it a video then?

→  Gosh no. But you will be able to tell. 

Q :  can you tell us when it publishes?

→  Pegged to her big episode. (aka ep 18 - April 3rd according to imdb)

Q : please… you can confirm that she knows about #supercorp and the followers she has? We love her so much #KatieMcgrath 

→  She tells a funny story about finding out about it….

Q : I love when someone got speechless and can’t find words to describe your fav actress  #KatieMcGrath

→   We spent the first minute looking at pictures on her phone of a puppy she had just met in the makeup trailer

He probably interviewed Chyler and Flo

Q : how was meeting chyler? is she prettier in person?

→   Oh, we go back to Grey’s. Delighted to see each other again. And she got me teary.

Q : How’s Floriana’s dimples™ in real life?

Amazing scene is coming in ep 19

@chy_leigh so great seeing you again and meeting @florianalima - and that scene

→  Chyler : SO great to sit with you! Glad you witnessed history with us

Q : can you tell us any more about the scene he’s referring to from last night? or any other sanvers moments in 219? @lemon_buzz

→  Lindsay : The scene is just too good to spoil! (her spoilers are reliable)

Q : Can you at least tell us if it’s going to make us cry happy or sad tears?

→  Lindsay :

Q : can you tell supergirl fans are huge and die-hard and love supercorp and Sanvers

→   Matt : I am picking up on that yes!

Annnnnd that’s a wrap on #Supergirl visit! Which on top of everything else featured puppies


Q : WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? Is it true there’s a bed involved? Someone said there is. Are they lying? (To the history post of Chyler)

Lindsay : It might be a hospital bed for all you know…….


MLSHR Anniversary Week: Day 8  — “When You Knew” Moment

I was pretty much disappointed after the first three episodes. The drama was too goofy, IU’s acting seemed quite flat and I couldn’t understand how Wang So and Hae Soo can be a couple when they’re so different and there’s no any connection between them. I decided to stay for aesthetic, historical drama’s prettiness and LJK’s acting. Let’s be honest he captured our attention as soon as he appeared on the screen. But then happened that slaughtering monk aftermath scene. Burning temple, red-orange palette, close up on Wang So’s face that expressed numbness and utter devastation, then they showed his bloody sword and everything with Gesture of Resistance in the background - I was absolutely amazed and shook, at that moment I realized that this drama is something more than just an ordinary sageuk. It was overwhelming.

Next week 4 ep happened aka life changing experience that was the beginning of mlshr trashiness for a lot of us. The first scene after So talked with his mother. He’s destroying all prayer towers in rage, for him  - symbols of mothers caring for their children, something he has never experienced
“Why you killed them?” - after this simple line, I went from “idc about this pairing” to “I’LL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”. The way she said it, the way she delivered this simple sentence and then Wang So’s astonished expression, full of disbelief, it was super emotional. After all death threats, rudeness and coldness towards her, Soo understands, simply understands him, maybe the first person who does that, what is remarkable, without any explanations and talks. It makes him cry, it shocks him and touches his heart deeply.

So simple, so raw, it was built on human emotions and it made me fall in love with this drama to the point of immense emotional attachment from which I can’t get rid off after even a year.

anonymous asked:

I for one am glad Sam is getting the screen time he deserves this season. He is doing an amazing job! Voyager, at the beginning, is Jamie's story. There were many times in season 1&2 that Sam was barely in an ep because it was Claire's storyline. Cait has had two seasons to shine and will be given many more opportunities. I'm guessing she'll be the focus of the coming episode and will have a heartbreaking goodbye with Bree that she will smash. I"ll be so glad when J&C are back together!.

I agree. Sam had a lot of episodes that barely had Jamie and it’s nice that he’s getting more screen time. As the books go on they become more about Jamie and Claire and are told from both of their POVs. We’re just used to the story being about Claire and from her POV. It’s a shift that will take time for the audience to get used to. That doesn’t mean we have to love it instantly or can’t comment on missing more of Claire’s story. Especially when there is more Claire story in the books and it’s not making it to the screen.

I finished watching Cheese in the Trap a couple of days ago. First of all, I am so in love with this drama, it’s excellent. It has everything - romance, humor, mistery, great acting, which is the most important, and character diversity. It’s pretty much dynamic, which makes it easy to watch, and not only that but 1st ep is more than enough to make you addicted…

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one of the things I hate most is rewarding bad behavior. so yeah, I’m completely enraged to hear that kc has become a series regular on arrow again. 

first of all, she’s a diva who thinks she’s above everyone and a rude person in general. I can’t tell you how many personal accounts I’ve heard from staff and fans alike that have had bad encounters with her. 

while yes I know she’s been bullied too and I don’t support that, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she encourages her fans to bully as well. she had repeatedly liked tweets/articles/fans that have shit on the show and the cast, specifically a certain leading lady. she supports their behavior.

she’s also selfish. when she used to read scripts, she only cared about her parts. she never read the entire episode. who cares about context and continuity? she also said so herself this weekend that she has not been watching any of the episodes this year. way to support her supposed friends and castmates. 

and let’s not forget how she originally even got this job- connections up at the tippy top of the cw. her career was built on nepotism. the fashion blog probably wasn’t paying the bills so she had to come crawling back. she can’t even act well. no merit at all. seriously when she came back for the 100th it was clear her acting had gotten even worse.

also remember that she constantly reduces her character to a love interest. all she ever wants to talk about is how laurel and oliver are soulmates lmao. not only is she wrong, but really? you don’t care if your character has anything else to offer? you don’t care that she kept running back to a man that repeatedly left her and cheated on her? you don’t have any self respect?

all the while emily and willa are asking for more female friendships and range…

surprisingly I don’t think we can blame this one on marc, wendy and the other EPs and writers though. they are spectacular assholes, but they didn’t really like her either lmao. but what the network heads say goes. she must have amazing lawyers…

well I guess one thing I can look forward to is more scenes like this

and now that I’ve ranted, I’ll just chill knowing that my fave got her spot on the show by pure talent, charm, and a genuine personality. she was only supposed to be in one ep but she was so impressive, she’s now the female lead.