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*tries to not smirk* Hey Sai! Uh, how do you use your tablet? Like is it on the side of the laptop oooooor before the laptop on your table? Like I have mine before my laptop and my mouse on the side of the laptop! Asking for reasons! (Almost done with all this secrecy, forgive me XD)


i usually sit cross-legged on my bed with my laptop in front of me and my tablet on my lap

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down

  • You: Oh hey
  • Me: Bodhi Rook died alone and terrified having only just managed to get word out to the rebels he died alone all alone just sitting there after his sigh of relief a fucking space grenade was thrown in front of him and he takes a moment to process what it is and what that means and then he's just gone no one hugged him while he faded no one grabbed his hand as they saw the grenade hit the floor no one locked eyes with him and shared that farewell glance or it's all right nod no one jumped up to shield him in vain he just died. alone.

I’m forcing my roomate to watch leverage and it’s great. She just had a head cannon though. its wonderful.

We’re watching the runway job right now and Parker turns around and has these fabulously French braided hair. But Parker doesn’t strike me as the type that would take time with her hair in the morning.

But! But! As the fandom has previously established, Eliot is. So can you imagine Parker sitting herself down in the floor in front of Eliot, and him doing her hair in more and more intricate styles? Cause I can. And now I want to draw fanart of that.

hey whats up i just did this thanks to that one post got me Thinkin also i havent written in like 2 years ok lets do it

The Great Reveal

Kara adjusts her glasses for what feels like the seventeenth time in the past five minutes. They don’t sit right today, they pinch the bridge of her nose in all the wrong places, and the cursor on her screen blinks in front of her, nothing behind it, nothing in front of it.

Last night was…a lot.

A little too much, if she’s being honest, and not for the first time since she took on her heroine identity does she find herself questioning everything she thought she knew.

Like, she thought she had a pretty good bead on Lena Luthor.

But last night was…

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Asuna and Kirito suck as a couple. I don't understand why people like them together. Asuna is always one way or another in trouble and Kirito has to save her allllllllll the time.

I’m going to to have to stop you right there because it’s obvious you haven’t read the progressive novels or any of the other novels. So please, sit back and relax as I teach you a lesson and hopefully burn this into your brain and anyone else’s who don’t get it. I’ll pull two examples from the show and then from the novels.


Episode 14 and SAO Season 1 

DOES THIS NEED ANY EXPLANATION? Nobody can give me any bullshit on how Asuna didn’t save everyone in SAO. She literally jumped in front of Kayaba’s sword to protect Kirito and she ends up “dying”. 

If she didn’t do that, Kirito would have died and everyone would have to beat all the levels to 100 and then defeat Kayaba.

But that didn’t happen. Kirito was so desperate to meet Asuna in death that he ended up getting himself almost killed, then felt he should go out defeating the game, and then DOES.

It was an emotional rollercoaster to go through but hey, we made it.

Episode 21 SAO Season 1

Does this need explanation too? Asuna escaped her cage on her own in this scene. Yes, she gets caught and has to go back into her cage but she wasn’t willing to wait for someone to save her. She took initiative to get out and see Kirito and her life again. 

And yes, Kirito does ultimately save her but I believe that if he didn’t come when he did, Asuna would have tried again until she got out.

SAO Light Novel 10


For some background with minimal spoilers: Kirito is stuck in a “game”. It’s not really a game.. you have to read the novels to completely understand and I don’t want to give too much away because it’s really interesting. 

But literally Asuna is a detective trying to find Kirito and SHE DOES. She skips school and lies to her parents so she can find him and stay with him until he gets out of the game and heals. This takes about 1 or 2 weeks.

SPOILER: She disguises herself to find out who stole Kirito away from his hospital in Volume 9 and placed him into the “game”. Why he is in the hospital is not for me to tell ..

She didn’t wait for him to turn up somewhere, so she is saving HIM.



Asuna has to go into the “game” Kirito is currently healing in because his soul is being destroyed. Kirito has so much guilt in his heart and is very depressed (about an event that happens that I can’t say because SPOILERS) and ultimately is destroying his own soul because of it. He can’t move or talk and so Asuna gets into the “game” in an effort to save him.


So, to anyone who still thinks “Kirito saves Asuna all time” please message me so I can give you the full extreme of my lessons.

I didn’t have enough time to write all of them but anyway.. hope you learned something.

Service Dog Appreciation Post 4/?

Not the most flattering picture of me but that’s not the point of this point so it’s fine.

I felt a seizure coming on and Daphne sat up and alerted me to let me know that I needed to sit or lay down in a better place. I walked to the front of the room with Daphne on my right and my cane on my left, and tapped my professor on the shoulder to let her know I was about to have a seizure and needed to step out.

I started to get really shaky and stumbled a bit so she opened and held the door for me. I managed to get down the hall to a couch with Daphne’s help and woke up about 20 minutes later with Daphne draped across my lap, only remembering the beginning of the seizure.

It’s not very often that I pass out or for that long but I’m so thankful that Daphne is my Service Dog and knows to watch over me when I’m vulnerable. I’m also incredibly lucky and thankful that she’s able to predict my major seizures before they occur because even a small heads up gives me time to get myself away from hard or sharp objects and off my feet.

Carry On Countdown // Day eight {November 30th} // ‘Front Seats Are For People Who Haven’t Been Kidnapped By Fucking Numpties’ Day

No matter how much I actually like Fiona, there have been countless moments that I have wanted to strangle her. Right now is most definitely one of those moments.

Fiona still makes me sit in the back of her car every single time, which is something I’m pretty used to by now, but she made Snow sit next to her in the front.

Snow had chuckled when Fiona had sent me to sit in the back of her car, but that laughter had quickly turned into horror when he’d realized he was expected to sit in the front.

Snow is restless and Fiona is feeding on it. I don’t need to see Fiona’s face to know her eyes are gleaming with enjoyment.

“So instead of killing, you’re dating my nephew now,” Fiona states.

“Uh, yes,” Simon answers stiffly.

“Interesting.” Is all Fiona says back and she’s quiet for a moment. I know that she does it purely to make Snow more nervous. (It’s working.)  “Why the change of heart?”

Snow just gives her one of his classic shrugs, and for once I’m thankful for that gesture of his. “I have always been obsessed with Baz. I don’t think I ever really wanted to kill him.”

It takes me some effort to keep the corners of my mouth from moving upwards.

“Obsessed like my nephew was—and is—obsessed with you?” Fiona asks mockingly.

Snow grins and looks at Fiona. “Tell me more.”

“Well,” she begins. “He was always talking about you and your—I’m quoting him—‘stupid moles’. Now please note that ‘stupid moles’ is Basilton for ‘cute moles’.” Simon chuckles and I roll my eyes.

“He was always plotting how he would take you down. Take you down to kill you, he told me. I knew that he did mean something entirely different than killing though,” Fiona says and she then chuckles at her own words.

“Plotting?” Snow asks.

“Plotting.” Fiona confirms.

“Knew it.”

I sigh deeply. “I can’t believe you two.”

it doesn’t kill me that you’re talking to her. it doesn’t kill me that she makes you smile the same way I used to. it doesn’t kill me that my phone isn’t constantly lighting up with texts from you anymore. that’s not what kills me.

what kills me is that I can’t look at you without remembering what we had. what kills me is that you could sit right in front of me and we still wouldn’t have anything to say to each other. what kills me is that your happiness can come easily while mine is still faked.

what kills me is that we had everything, and you act like it didn’t mean anything.

—  I couldn’t care less about her, but I couldn’t care more about you

I just submitted a few days ago, but I just remember another good story and now I’m on a roll. I work front desk at a gym, we provide a babysitting service here so some members bring their kids. So I’m at the desk, and a member walks up to me and tells me there’s a kid in the women’s restroom sitting down alone and eating. Children aren’t allowed in the rest room alone, so I went in to check it out. As I’m talking to the little girl asking where her parent is, the mother pops out of the sauna to tell me she was right there. So I told her that I was notified by another member and that children can’t be alone in the restroom. She got an attitude and told me that other woman “should mind her own business.” Whatever, she didn’t seem mad at me so its fine. Right after she leaves my manager comes up to me and told me the woman was complaining about me to him, she said I was extremely rude to her and never greet her when she comes in. Which is so laughable because one, I always say hi and bye to everyone, and two, in the past she’s literally told me I’m the friendliest front desk person. Lol bitch please.

Where shall we go today?

He sat in the chair, in front of his small excited niece and said the words she was waiting for,

“Where shall we go today Small?”

She knew just where and out line her whole day, to be spent with her bestest Uncle ever.

“First we shall go to that bread shop, the nice one and buy some fresh bread for mummy, for when she comes to pick me up tonight but Uncle we will also sit outside like last time and eat those bap things, and you will tell me tales of those that pass us by”

“Right, and next?” he said looking down at the eager young face who knew what she wanted and how to get it.

“Next we go off to the best shop in the whole world, The Book shop and you buy mummy a nice new book, as a present from both of us because she’d like that”

“Would she now, and you do you want a new book?” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes please and can we try out a few while we are there, just to check we get the right one?”

“Oh I think we could try out one or two” He smiled at her, last time it had been about twenty and he’d ended up with a ring of children round him as he tried them out for her.

“Anything else you’d like to do?” He said knowing full well the answer

“YES PLEASE UNCLE. I want to have dinner with you at that place we went to last time, the Pie shop with the mash potato and gravy you made in to an island and then told me all about the big Ape called Stan. The one who would not come out of his trailer to play his part, and how you got him to do so in the end by putting down a trail of sweets outside”

“And that’s everything is it, or would you just like to pop into the play park and go for a swing too?”

“Oh OK, just so you can have a go on the swings though, cos I know how much you like them”

And with that she stood up, pottered off and put on her coat and boot for her big day.

pictures not mine I just played with them

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So I finally decided to show my mom Yuri!! on ice. She actually dose like figure skating.

Mom: So this is the figure skating anime you’ve been going on about… And showed me the trailers to?
Me: Yaass, just watch (sitting her down in front of laptop)
Mom: (gets to ep3)….. wth?
Me: It’s beautiful right??!?!
Mom:…… I can’t even with you
Mom:…. (Gets up to leave)
Me: Nooooo wait come back!! It gets better I swear!!
Mom: You mean gayer?
Me:……. Maybe
Mom:*sigh* (walks away)


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A/N: In the next installment of “Things Leesh Has Started But Never Finished,” we remember that time I started writing an enemies to lovers au where Brooklyn, the OFC, tags along with Harry to his sisters wedding as his fake girlfriend. You’re also in luck because there’s also a part two of this one if anyone’s interested. Enjoy!

My mind is a jumbled mess of Broadway musicals and equal rights movements when I hear the front door open, soon followed by the grumbles of my flatmate entering the kitchen with an arm full of groceries. She furrows her brows the second she spots me sitting at the bench with my laptop open and a perpetual frown burnt into my skin. “Brooklyn, please tell me you’ve picked a topic already,” Liz says, placing the groceries on the bench nearby.

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Segregation never ended. It got subtler. The signs came off the bathrooms so anyone could use them, but segregation didn’t go away.

It changed. As hate often does.

I know am upper middle class woman. Call her Susie.

She told me she’s not racist. Pointed out her black friends. All two of them, so see? They’re not token black friends. (Yeah right)

But she sends her kids to a school in the upper blocks of the city. Good school. No shootings. No real violence. Class sizes about 13 per teacher.

No black kids in that school.

That’s where she’s racist and don’t even know it. She has the option to get her kids a better education. Because white men sit in front of ledgers and dole out piles of money to schools. The bare minimum goes to the lower class schools. The ones with class sizes of almost 40 per teacher.

But it’s not racism, right? Only so much coin to go around so someone’s always going to get the short end of the stick.


The decision is made to deliberately give thy short end of the stick to the poor schools because those ledger-men sit in their high towers and they think they are righteous and say “well you could’ve gone to a better school if you wanted to”

Because to a white man the Will to succeed is success itself.

So the poor schools get underfunded and the ledger men think it’s actually those communities’ fault for being poor in the first place.

There is a war on poverty being waged, every day.

It’s waged by ledger-men who only know their worth by the squalor of others.

It’s all racism.

It’s still segregation.

Pre- Christmas 2019 | Part 5

Taylor opens her eyes slowly. She looks at her husband disoriented and closes her eyes once more. Just when she was about to fall asleep again she realizes that he’s not in bed anymore, instead crouches in front of her side fully clothed. Her bedroom is still darkened but the light from downstairs shines through the opened door right behind him.
“Why are you..”
“It’s almost 11.30, love.” he says slowly, tries not to stress her out. “I just wanted to wake you so that you can say goodbye to everyone before..”
“Oh my god, why didn’t you wake me earlier?!” she says hysterically and sits upright sleepy. She rubs her eyes disoriented, feels hit by a truck but tries to ignore her weakness. The last thing she wanted was to not to be able to spend the last breakfast with their families before the Scots, as well as everyone else from St.Louis will make their way home today.
“I tried to wake you but you were so exhausted from last night. Your well being is more important right now, Tay.” he says sanely, places his arm on hers. She rubs her eyes sleepy. He stays like this for a few seconds, feels the nervousness inside him rise. It started this morning when he woke up. The fact that Taylor had preliminary contractions last night is a safe sign that Lily is definitely ready to be delivered in the next few days. And it drives him crazy. The fear for Taylor, how rough birth is going to be as well as the fear of being a dad in only a few days. Is he really ready for such a responsibility? He knows that he developed himself in so many positive ways in the last years with Taylor. Yet he sometimes still feels like the twenty year- old Adam Wiles from Dumfries with no self-confidence at all. Is someone like that even able to raise a little girl?
“Everyone’s downstairs already?” she asks him. He nods.
“They said I should let you sleep but I knew that you’d want to at least say goodbye.” he replies. She nods. She tries to crawl out of bed. Just when she managed to get herself onto the side of the bed she sinks her head and looks at her dangling feet. She remains like this for a few seconds, simply looks at her swollen toes. Today is different. She really doesn’t feel okay.
“Everything good?” he casually asks, massages her back softly.
She shakes her head.
“I don’t feel well.” she mumbles, turns her head to look at him with tired eyes. She is incredibly pale as well. Adam sighs worried, places a hand on her huge bump and kisses her forehead gently. Instead of rushing downstairs to say goodbye to everyone, she doesn’t stop him. He clearly feels that she really needs his proximity right now. He gently kisses her forehead again.
“I think she’s gonna come soon.”
He slowly lets go off her and looks at her confused.
“What do you mean?”
She takes a deep breath, rubs her belly a few times.
“I just feel this soft pressure. I don’t know, I mean it’s not hurting or anything. But I.. I don’t know, I just feel so uncomfortable today. Like never before. And my lower back is…” she sighs, lets her head fall down front. Adam quickly places his hand on her pelvic area and massages her a few times. She used to suffer a lot under immense pressure in that area since her bump has grown big, but she never seemed in as much pain there as she does now.
“It hurts so much.” she says quietly. Adam sighs. He can clearly see that she’s not doing good today.
“And somehow she has totally stopped moving. Remember when the doctor said that this is typical for when you’re about to give birth?”
Adam nods and thinks about everything quietly for a second.
“Okay. How about this. We quickly say goodbye to everyone and I’ll pull your mom aside and tell her to stay in L.A. for now.” Taylor nods. “And then we’ll spend the rest of the day on the couch and start watching the new season of House of Cards. With no kids running around or guests to take care of. Just you and me and the littlest one. No stress. Okay?”
She smiles at him and nods. Taylor then gets closer to him and gives him one quick kiss.
“Sounds good.”

“No we’re just at home.” she hears him on the phone, probably talking to Charlie or someone else of his friends. Taylor lays on her back in front of the tv. She has her legs straightened up and sleepily stares at the big flat screen in front of her. None of what she sees on tv really interests her. She just feels tired and exhausted, her back aches as hell and she feels a little bit nauseous also. The pressure in her bump hasn’t really gotten any better. Adam, who’s still on the phone seems to be cooking something in the kitchen but Taylor doesn’t care. After a few minutes of silence, he comes back into the living room with his T-shirt and his sweats, looking just as comfy as she does today since everyone of their families have left the house a few hours ago.
“Do you want something to eat?” he asks her.
She shakes her head.
“Baby, you really need to eat something.” he replies, looks directly to her while standing in the middle of the living room. She still doesn’t move.
“I can’t. I’m nauseous.” she says, doesn’t have the strength to discuss this with him.
“How about some yoghurt with fruits?” he asks, still remembers from her first months of the pregnancy, when her nauseousness was especially bad, that she was almost always able to get down some natural yoghurt with bananas.
“No, I think I could only eat some bread. Without anything. I don’t wanna puke today.” she replies, a hand always on her big bump.
Adam nods.
“We still have some cinnamon raisin bagels, love.” he replies. She nods. He’s glad that there is even anything she wants to eat. Adam disappears in the kitchen again and returns with a plate full of bagels.
He sits down next to her, hands her the plate. She says a quiet “Thanks” and stares back into the tv.
He crawls with his legs under her blanket as well to sit a little bit closer to her. Just when he’s about to let his arm rest around her, she looks at him a little grumpy.
“What?” he asks.
“The blanket is too small for two.” she replies a little more bitchy than usual. He laughs.
“We always use this one together.”
“No we don’t.”
“Yes we do.”
“No, Adam. We use the camel one together, not this one.” she gives back annoyed. He sighs.
“Are we really gonna fight because of a fucking blanket?” he asks annoyed as well. She just shakes her head, doesn’t move. Adam sighs and places his hand on her belly. He can already see on her face how her emotions were overrunning her a few moments ago. Her chin is trembling and she can’t quite look at him. He kisses her cheek softly.
“I’m sorry.” she mumbles, already on the verge of crying. He simply showers her face with kisses again. She really is an emotional mess today.
“I’m right here.” he whispers, simply holds her tight. She just enjoys him holding her so close, can feel his heartbeat under his shirt. She takes a deep breath. It’s one of these moments where she could not be more thankful to have him. She admires women who go through pregnancy or birth on their own. But she has no idea what she’d do without his warm and strong arms that make her feel alright all the time.
“I feel horrible.” she replies. He looks at her and strokes a strand of her bangs behind her ear.
“You look beautiful though.”
“I don’t.” she whispers. He laughs and kisses her cheek once more. She’s so cute sometimes.
“Eat your bagel, love.” he says and looks into the TV as well now. She quietly starts to eat her bagel while Adam still cuddles her and her bump.
“Sophie said this morning that you should move a little. It makes the baby come faster.” he says then. Taylor looks at him confused.
“Did you tell her about my contractions?” she asks but Adam shakes his head.
“No, I only told your mom.” Taylor nods relieved. She really didn’t want his whole family to worry about her being in labor while they’re on a plane back to Europe.
“I mean, I could try moving but I just feel way too tired.” she mumbles with a full mouth. Adam nods.
“If you don’t feel like going for a walk or something then just don’t. Do what your gut is telling you.” he says. She nods and let’s her head rest on his shoulder.
Just when she was about to say something, the doorbell rang. She immediately looks at him confused. Who’s visiting them on a Sunday afternoon?
He slowly gets up, peels the blanket from his legs and trots right into the hallway to open the door. After a few seconds she hears her mothers voice in the kitchen already. She then appears in the living room as well with a big pot in her hands.
“Honey, I really don’t wanna annoy you but I made you some chicken soup. That’s really healthy and important for you right now.” she says. Taylor smirks. She knew that her mother was way too excited to just simply stay at her own house for few hours.
“Thanks mom. You’re not annoying.” she replies sleepy as Andrea disappears in the kitchen. Adam just looks at Taylor with a smirk.
“It’s sweet that you say that but I know that I do annoy you guys. Which is why I’ll be gone again in only a few minutes.” she answers from the kitchen. Taylor moves a little, slowly gets up with her huge bump and walks into the kitchen barefoot. She doesn’t wear anything except for some comfy grey shorts and a white T-shirt.
“How are you feelin’ by the way. Did you have contractions?” she asks and turns around to face her daughter. Adam sat down on one of the bar stools in the kitchen and checks his emails while Andrea seems to warm up the soup.
“No, I didn’t. But I just feel really weak and…my belly’s pressuring so much.” she says, rubs over her baby bump a few times.
“That’s a good sign. I’m sure the contractions will start soon, honey.” she says, prepares the soup as Taylor walks over to Adam and stands next to him. He looks at her a little confused at first but smirks then and pulls her into his arms. While holding her with one hand, he keeps on checking his mails with the other. Andrea looks at them and smiles.
“I’m like a baby today. He’s so annoyed already.” Taylor says, makes Andrea laugh. Adam smirks.
“I’m not.”
Taylor looks at her mom.
“He’s not even allowed to check his mails without me.” she says dramatically, making Adam laugh a bit. Still focused on the laptop and having an arm around her, he shakes his head.
“They don’t tell you ‘bout that part when your wife’s turning crazy right before going into labour.” he jokes.
“I’m a mess.” Taylor jokes tiredly, still standing close to Adam.
Andrea laughs.
“That’s all normal. Sophie told me that when Charlie was born she cried the entire time.” she says.
Adam laughs.
“This weekend was so nice. Don’t you think?” Taylor says to Andrea with that familiar dreamy look on her face whenever she speaks of something she admires. Andrea nods.
“Definitely. We really need to do something like this again. Pamela invited us to come over to Scotland soon.” she says.
Taylor nods. She slowly lets go off Adam to walk up to Andrea. Just when she was halfway around the kitchen isle, a loud splash fills the room. She looks down on herself shocked, as well as Andrea. Adam, who was busy looking into his computer didn’t quite get where the noise came from.
“Oh my god” Andrea says, already rushed over to Taylor by now. She just looks down on herself embarrassed. The floor under her, as well as her shorts are soaked. Adam gets up immediately, just now realizes what has happened.
“Did.. Did my..”
“Yes, honey. Your water broke.” Andrea says. “How about I clean up this mess and you go change?” she says, already rushed back to the counter to get some tissue wipes. Adam now stands right next to Taylor. She doesn’t really move, still looks down on herself shocked.
“ does she come now?” she asks terrified all of the sudden, looks up to Adam. He seems a little overwhelmed with the situation and especially the terrified look of his wife.
“No, honey. That just means that we’ll slowly get into the hospital as soon as your contractions start. If they didn’t start until now, we can still wait a few minutes. No worries.” she says slowly, clearly more calm than everyone else in this room. Maybe it’s because of her age but more likely because of the fact that she, herself, has gone through this whole process two times already.
“Okay..” Taylor mumbles shaky. Adam grabs her arm and her back and helps her walk upstairs to change.
“C'mon babe. Let’s get you in some new clothes.” he says. Taylor nods, holds onto his hand that is on her waist tightly. While walking upstairs slowly, she looks at him.
“It’s.. it’s time now. Isn’t it.” she mumbles with a shaky voice. Adam just carefully walks her upstairs and presses a kiss onto her cheek.
“She’s gonna be here soon.” he whispers in her ear. Taylor nods.
“Oh god. I.. I’m so nervous.” she breathes out as they arrive in their bedroom.
“I know. Me too. How about these?” he asks, took out a pair of sweats and holds them up for her. Taylor just stands in the room, doesn’t wanna mess up the bed from sitting down in her soaked cotton shorts. She just nods.
“Ew, babe. I think I need to take a shower.” she says, as he helps her get out of the soaked pants. He nods.
“Okay, I’ll help you. But slowly, Swift. I know you. No rushing now.” he reminds her to stay calm and relaxed, even though she’s so excited now.
She walks into the bathroom with him. Adam turns on the shower and makes sure it has a warm, not hot temperature. Taylor in the meantime undresses herself completely, until she stands in front of the mirror fully naked. She ties her hair into a short braid and grabs a piece of toilet paper. She slowly wipes her entrance a little, doesn’t care that Adam is here with her. She’s going to push his daughter out of her vagina in a few hours. There simply is no space anymore for being embarrassed now.
“Gosh, it’s disgusting.” she mumbles. Adam looks at her.
“It’s all natural, babe.”
She nods and slowly walks into the shower. He helps her clean up her wet legs a little and then carefully wraps her into one of the towels.
“What if my contractions don’t start? Isn’t that totally weird that my water broke but I didn’t have any contractions yet?” she asks worried, looks into the big mirror in front of her and determines how Adam helps her get dry again.
“No, I don’t think so. But I’ll call Dr. Tenderson now to let her know.” he says. Taylor nods. Adam clearly is nervous. She notices that by the fact that he seems so focused while helping her, doesn’t joke around anymore, simply touches her as if she was made out of glass. He’s incredibly careful since a few minutes.
“Okay. I’ll.. I’ll just get dressed quickly.” she replies. Adam shakes his head, kisses her cheek from behind.
“Not quickly babe. Take your time.” he replies. Taylor smiles and quietly nods. Adam leaves the room and starts dialing Dr. Tenderson’s number. Just when Taylor got dressed up in her dark grey sweatpants and her Victoria’s Secret Pink sweater, she went right back into the bedroom to hear a knock on the door. She opens up and Andrea looks at her smiling.
“Everything okay?” she asks. Taylor nods, quickly leaves the room with her so that Adam can keep on talking to her gynecologist without being interrupted by them.
“Adam just called my gynecologist to let her know about everything.” she says. Andrea rubs her hands softly over her belly.
“Did you have any contractions yet..”
“No.” Taylor interrupts her sighing. “I didn’t. It’s so weird.” she says worried. Andrea shakes her head.
“It’s not weird. Some woman have hours until they’re in pain.”
Taylor nods, tries to be a little more calm with those words which doesn’t exactly work the way it’s supposed to.
“Honey, don’t worry too much. Just call the hospital and tell them that we’ll probably get in soon and then everything’s going to be fine. You have to stay calm. You’ve got Adam always by your side. And me as well. And Adam will probably make sure that you’ll have at least fifteen of the best doctors of the whole country standing around you.” Andrea laughs. Taylor can’t hide a smirk as well.
“Oh you have no idea.” she mumbles while standing in the hallway and laughing with her mom. Andrea looks at her confused.
“You’ll see. Adam booked us this hospital room a few weeks ago. It’s insane.” she just says. Andrea smirks. She was sure that Adam would only allow the best medical treatment for his wife.
“You see? Told you so.” she says and strokes over her daughters head to calm her. Taylor nods. The door opens suddenly and Adam looks at the two.
“So, Dr. Tenderson said that birth is probably still a few hours ahead and that we can either decide if we want to wait here at home 'til you got your first contraction or drive to the hospital.”
She looks at him unsure.
“I think it would be better to go into the hospital before the pain starts to get really bad. Especially with all the paparazzi outside.”
Adam as well as Andrea nod.
“Definitely! It’s better if you get there relaxed.” Andrea says. Adam kisses Taylor’s forehead.
“You’ve got all your stuff packed up?” he asks. Taylor nods.
“Yeah, it’s the black bag in Lily’s room.”
Adam nods and starts walking up to his daughters future room.
“Are you kidding me? Are we going for a three week vacation or..?” he asks laughing as he comes back with a huge black piece of luggage. Andrea starts laughing.
“Well, I do need everything that’s inside there so..”
He just smirks.
“Ok, fine. I’ll hand this to Brandon.” he finishes.

“Do you want me to fill this out?” he asks Taylor who’s sitting on the couch of the hospital room with her sweatpants all comfy and holds some paperwork for the private clinic in her hands that needs to be filled out. She shakes her head quietly and is way too focused on filling out all questions about her health condition than to notice Adam who walks around the luxury hospital room looking for something. After a few minutes have passed and Taylor suddenly noticed him running and swearing around, she looks up from the documents and finds her husband kneeing in front of something that looks like a little fridge. He must be looking for something, seems a little off.
“Babe, what..?”
“I fuckin’ told them to make sure that they have sparkling water here. I should’ve known that…”
“What are you talking about?” she asks him confused, doesn’t get an answer. By now, he seems to have emptied the entire fridge in this room.
“I filled out a list with things that are supposed to be here and since you’re not allowed to eat anything anymore after your contractions have started, I wanted you to have sparkling water here cause it stops you from getting all hungry when..”
“Oh baby.” Taylor sighs with a smirk. She knows now what’s going on. This time it seems like she’s not the one losing her nerves - it’s her husband.
Taylor slowly pushes her and her baby bump out of the leather couch that is close to a huge window and walks up to him slowly. When she has reached him, she places her hand on his hair, tries to stop him from hysterically clearing out the little refridgerator.
“Adam can you get up, for a second? Please babe.” she says seriously. He suddenly gets up and looks at her confused.
“Everything alright?” he asks worried. She looks into his eyes. There are pearls of sweat on his forehead. She grabs his ice cold hands that are sweaty as well. It seems as if it’s now her turn to calm him a little.
“Come sit with me.” she asks. He sighs, but let’s her drag him to the big bed with her. She lifts herself up onto the edge of the bed. So does he. She grabs his hand and simply smiles at him.
“Take a deep breath, Adam.” she says. Adam, who seems almost absent, can’t even hold still for a second and scratches his head. He’s on edge. She kisses his hand.
“Why are you freaking out all of the..”
“I’m just gonna go and get some sparkling water for you.” he says, was just about to get up again as Taylor stops him. He looks at her desperately but this time her facial expression is more serious.
“Sit down. Now!”
He stands there for a second, right in front of her. He looks at her, his breathing clearly increased. Taylor is seriously worried now. He looks like he’s about to have a real panic attack.
“I can’t, I have to go and get..”
“You don’t. Sit down.” she says and he does what she says. She immediately places her hand on his cheek. She kisses him one time. He doesn’t seem to really calm down. Her hand wanders to his heart.
“Honey, your heart is beating so fast. Oh my god..” she says quietly, hopes to calm him with her proximity.
“Why are you so..”
“I can’t mess this up, Taylor.” he suddenly interrupts her. She looks at him confused.
“Mess up what?” she asks so calmly. The absolute opposite of him right now.
“This. I’m a father now. I have a fuckin’ responsibility now and..” he feels her pull him closer by his arm so that he has to sit down next to her again. She makes him shush real quick by simply kissing him. After the kiss, she forces him to let himself fall back, so that he lays flatly on the hospital bed now. His chest still heaves quickly and he stares onto the ceiling. Taylor carefully lays next to him, her hand on his chest right over his heart.
“I want you to stop talking now. Just focus on me and my words. Breath in slowly and then breath out again.” she says, starts to breath with him. He only calms down slowly, suddenly grabs Taylor’s hand that was placed on his chest before. She has never seen him like this. He holds on to her hand like never before. His hands are shaking, she can clearly feel that.
“There’s nothing you could 'mess up’ here. You have been the most amazing husband and father I’ve ever seen in the last nine months and the fact that you’re here in this room with me, is enough. You are just here, the way you are. And that’s all I need, babe.” she says with her soft voice and tries to calm him. He holds onto her hand like it’s his lifeline. His behavior truly scares her.
She flexes down to him and kisses his cheek while laying there close to him. He has his eyes closed by now, seems to calm down more and more. She smiles while kissing his cheek again and again. She has to admit that even though she never expected him to have a panic attack, it’s incredibly cute to see him holding onto her like a little boy.
After remaining like this for a few seconds, Adam opens his eyes again. He doesn’t move, only looks at Taylor who’s sitting next to him. She smiles slightly and rubs his cheek. He doesn’t even know what to say. All he knows is that he has never experienced something as horrible as he did five minutes ago.
“Are you feeling better?“ she whispers quietly. Adam nods. He wipes away the cold sweat from his forehead. He breathes in and out once more, before he feels able to talk.
“I..I don’t know what..“
“That was just an old- fashioned panic attack, babe. It can happen.“ she says slowly. He sighs while laying in front of her.
“I’m so sorry. This.. this is supposed to be about you and I..“
“Adam, shut up.“ she simply interrupts him. He looks at her and she smiles warmly. He knows that she’s not mad.
“But.. I just wanna know, why were you so.. scared all of a sudden? Did I say something that..“
“No, Tay. You didn’t.“ he says. She has placed her hand over his heart again and clearly feels his heart pounding in an even rhythm again. Adam places his hand over hers and is thankful that she’s so comforting in this moment. He really needs it now.
“I..I’ve never..I’ve never experienced something like this.“ he mumbles, still overwhelmed from what happened in his brain a few minutes ago. He stares onto the ceiling and Taylor looks at him confused and a little worried as well.
“Tell me about it.“ she says. Adam pauses for a second before talking, can’t stop staring onto the same white spot on the ceiling as before.
“I..I really thought I was dying. I suddenly felt.. every emotion I’ve ever felt in my entire life. And there were so many images in my head. My parents fighting. Everything that totally went wrong in my childhood. And my wasted teen years. And me ten years ago. Fucking stranger girls when I used to be drunk in Vegas. And then there was you. And the thought of Lily. All those fears of what I’m gonna do wrong as a parent. Like..every single mistake that my father made and that I always swore myself I’d never do. I was just..“
“Adam. This is a big day.“ she simply stops him, “This is going to be an exciting moment. You were just nervous and everything came crushing down. I used to have those panic attacks too. But please give yourself a break, honey. Of course you’re panicked. Your little daughter, your first child is going to be born soon. And I get that you’re scared. But stop telling yourself all those lies, that you’re going to make the same mistakes or that you’re suddenly going to be the person you were before we met. You won’t. You are the most amazing dad already. So stop pressuring yourself. I just.. I don’t expect anything from you today. Really, baby. I just want you to sit in this room with me. That’s all you have to do. And that’s enough.“ she reassures him. Adam has looked up to her by now. He still lays on his back on the perfectly made hospital bed. He can’t help but smirk at her.
“I thought you were supposed to be the one laying in this bed today.“
Taylor starts laughing. He joins her and slowly sits up. He leans in to kiss her forehead one time. Adam definitely seems to be okay again.
“Are you sure you’re good again?“ she asks him. He still smiles, nods then and leans in to kiss her lips.
“Good. I’m relieved.“ she sighs, enjoys Adam hugging her slowly while sitting next to him on the big bed.
“I’m fine. I’m fine, babe. I’m glad this panic attack came now and not ten minutes before Lily’s birth.“ he sighs and she nods.
“Oh yeah.“
Adam pulls back, places his hand on her soft but pale cheek.
“Now the most important question.“ he says, stokes a strand of hair behind her ear. “How are you?“
“I don’t know actually. My tummy is pressuring even crazier than before but I guess that’s because my water broke. I don’t know. But I just don’t wanna think about having contractions now. I mean, they’re gonna come soon enough so..“
“Exactly. But you’ll do just fine.“ he says. Taylor nods bravely. “How do you like the room by the way?“ Adam asks and Taylor smiles at him.
“You know that this is crazy, right?“ she asks him with a smirk. Adam starts laughing a little and gets up from the bed to walk across the room right onto the big window that is facing a beautiful park.
“It’s not crazy to make sure that my wife is getting the best treatment possible in this situation.“ he says. Taylor smiles, leans back onto the bed exhausted.
“You’re so cute.“ she says and Adam walks back to her.
“So you like it?“ he asks and sits down on the little stool next to the bed. She smiles.
“It’s incredible. My whole family is going to rub it in our face until Lily is twenty- one.“ she jokes. Adam smirks.
“What? That her daddy made sure she´s delivered safely?“
“No, that she was born in a luxury private clinic in a room full of magnolia flowers and with a refrigerator full of champagne.“ she counters. Adam looks around. She is right. Fresh magnolia flowers are decorated on the big table at the end of the room.
“I’ll totally take the blame for that.“ he smiles and kisses her once more. He studies her face. She really seems exhausted.
“Babe, I’m sure that Dr. Tenderson will come soon. Why don’t you change and try to close your eyes for a few minutes?“ he asks. Taylor nods. She can’t even sit upright on this bed anymore, simply leaned against the back of the bed in the last few minutes.
“Yes. Am I supposed to wear this..“
“Yup.“ he says, holds up the light blue and ugly hospital dress that a nurse had just thrown over the armrest of the couch before.
“Great.“ she mumbles ironically and gets up. Adam helps her undress and leads her feet into the hospital gown.
Adam watches her get dressed and smirks.
“She’s about to give birth yet she’s wearing a lace thong. That’s my girl.“ he mumbles and makes Taylor laugh.
“Well, I forgot to change at home but everyone involved here will see my vagina anyway in a few hours so who cares if they see my butt first.“ she says. Adam can’t really counter that one. He pulls the sheets aside and helps her tug herself in. He carefully places the white sheets over her body.
“Do you want me to ask your mom If she can bring some sparkling water with her when she comes later or..“
“Adam, I don’t even have contractions yet but I swear if I hear the word ‚sparkling water‘ again today, I’ll freak out.“ she says and makes him laugh. In just that moment, the door opens and Dr. Tenderson as well as Taylor’s midwife enter the room.
“How are the future parents doing?” the fourty year old doctor jokes and enters the room. Adam as well as Taylor just smile at her. They’ve truly spent a lot of time with her in these last nine months.
“Good, thank you.” Taylor says smiling after Adam has shaken hands with her. Mona, Taylor’s midwife, gave Taylor a quick hug. She and Taylor have gotten to know each other pretty well in the last weeks of preparation and talking about all of Taylor’s and Adam’s fears.
“I’m so glad that there are familiar faces in this room.” Taylor says excitedly and makes everyone smile a little.
“Of course. We’re going to welcome Lily as one team.” the gynecologist smiles at the young couple. She truly is familiar to the nervousness that she can read in Taylor and Adam’s eyes. The first child is always a huge deal.
“Sounds good.” Taylor smiles at Adam, who sits on the stool next to her and holds her hand.
“So, Taylor. What we’re gonna do first is check how far you’re dilated yet. How are your contractions?” she asks and carefully lifts up Taylor’s blanket to check her belly. Adam just determines her lifting up Taylor’s dress as well to examine Taylor’s baby bump.
“I haven’t really had any yet. The last time was last night. But since then there’s only this pressure left and that’s it.” she says. Dr. Tenderson seems very concentrated but answers right away.
“Well, everything here seems very tense already.” she says, both hands placed on the side of Taylor’s bump. “So, I don’t wanna ruin the mood here but I’m sure the contractions will start very soon.” she says. Taylor nods bravely.
“Would you mind placing your legs here?” she asks politely, has lifted up two holders for Taylor’s legs from each side of the bed.
Taylor simply places her legs and leans back to take a deep breath. Adam strokes over her head one time, doesn’t let go off her hand.
The doctor examines her carefully.
“Well you are rarely dilated by one centimeter. I guess your little girl wants to take everything slow today.” she jokes and Taylor just laughs a little.
“Oh boy.” she mumbles, looks at Adam who smiles at her.
“So, I would suggest that we will now wait for you to have contractions and then we’ll see how things are gonna go tonight.” she smiles politely and starts to tighten a blood pressure monitor around Taylor’s arm. She looks up to Taylor as she waits for the results.
“So are you having any pain or anything..?” she asks, wants to make sure that she’s perfectly informed about Taylor’s well- being right now.
“Well, I have the worst back pain ever since this morning. And I’m constantly a little nauseous as well.” she says. Dr. Tenderson nods and finally takes off the blood pressure monitor again.
“Well, that’s all part of the deal. Nauseousness is absolutely normal and then back pain also. Although I can’t guarantee you that it won’t get worse as soon as the contractions start. But we’ll handle the situation. Your blood pressure is perfect. So I’d say you try to relax a little and if anything is wrong you can call me anytime.” she smiles. Taylor as well as Adam nod to her friendly as she and Mona both leave the room.
Taylor turns her head to him while laying under the white blanket and smiles at Adam. He still holds her hand.
“So I guess the waiting starts now, huh.” he mumbles. She simply nods a little more tired than before and smirks softly. He acts casual but she knows him too well to not think that he’s super nervous.
“Did your mom text you when she’s gonna come over?” he asks her. Taylor suddenly remembers that she totally forgot to check her phone in the last hour and turns around to grab it from the little nightstand.
“Uhm.. she’s gonna come over at 7. And she’s bringing Austin and my dad.” she reads, puts her phone aside again.
Adam nods and gets up after kissing her head once more.
“Are you okay with that many people being in this room?” he asks carefully while walking towards the round wooden table that’s placed at the end of the spacious room. Taylor just yawns but mumbles an incoherently yes.
“I mean, my dad and Austin will leave eventually. And I didn’t have any contractions yet so I’ll be fine.” she murmurs. Adam nods, comes back from the round table and hands her a glass of water.
“Here. You need to stay hydrated.” he says. Taylor laughs softly but sits up to take a sip. She loves this overprotective version of him.
“Sure, doctor.” she mumbles ironically and looks at him with a cheeky grin while drinking the water.
“I think you should rather call me daddy.” he answers and makes Taylor smile again.
“Alright then. Daddy from now on.”


TITLE OF STORY: Unforgettable


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Anna is doing a summer internship in LA with her friend’s cousin at an agency. She is invited to an interview and low and behold it is with Tom Hiddleston. Throughout the whole interview she is completely speechless that her favorite actor is sitting right in front of her.


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: I’ve been working on this since about March 2015, so this has been a harder fic for me to finish and honestly it’s not very good either, but for some reason I couldn’t give it up. This fic is old and probably shit like usual.



Keep reading

anonymous asked:

(1) hello! I don't know who I can tell this to because I'm not out yet and I need to vent about this or I'll explode. I wanted to vent to you because you're one of my favorite blogs and I absolutely love your page. I hope you don't mind. There's this girl in my mythology class and she's absolutely beautiful. She's got big beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. She's also got the greatest sense of fashion like it's impossible how she does it.

.(2) And I can’t help but draw her every class which ends up making me feel like a creep. She sits a desk above me to my right so it helps with my perspective drawings haha. She’s hilarious too and extremely down to earth. I don’t talk to her much but sometimes she’ll include me in her conversations when she talks to her friend in front of me which is so sweet of her. I end up sounding stupid though because she makes me so nervous and I think she might be my first girl crush.
(3) And I want to be her friend but it’s so hard to talk to her. Thank you for letting me vent a bit. I hope you have a great weekend ❤️😊

Oh my, Anon!

On one side I’m flattered you’ve found this space of  enough comfort to trust me with such story ♥ On the other side, I’m actually so useless when it comes to crushes I don’t think I can give you good advices on this lololol

Just try to keep things natural! It’s already amazing you share that space with her, so you have plenty of excuses for small talk that can lead to a nice friendship! Nowadays it isn’t strange to ask for people’s facebooks or instagrams, if you maybe feel more comfortable online ^q^

I’m actually the kind of people who confess her crushes and gets rejected and become so so embarrassed I end up making things awkward and I’ve already lost really good friendships that way, so doN’T FOLLOW MY STEPS AHAH;;;

You may get nervous and be hyperaware of your reactions, and her reactions, but there’s a higher chance she won’t notice unless you tell her (? So just go with the flow of things, embrace the feelings that having a crush entails (most of them are not nice, but oh well;;;) and see where that takes you ♥ You may realize it wasn’t a crush at all, or maybe yes, or maybe you don’t meet ever again (and it’ll be sad, but you can get over it and go on ♥), or maybe it becomes such a nice friendship you don’t need anything else, who knows! ♥

Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!