she was seriously my favorite x men when i was a kid


A/N: so i got three requests from @charlesgrey1875, @meep-meep22 , and @sebatianstanisbae and they all wanted a jealous bucky. the ending is based off of ed sheeran’s new song perfect. 

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word Count: 1689

C'mon Steve! That’s not fair!” Y/N yelled as she tried to reach for the bag of candy Steve was holding above her head. Steve chuckled as he watched her start to jump up and down, stretching her arm up as far as it could go but it never came near the bag.

Steeeve,” Y/N whined, eventually growing tired of jumping and crossed her arms over her chest.

“You stole my bag last time,” Steve answered, like it was the perfect justification for why he had the bag.

“It was an accident!” Y/N exclaimed, uncrossing her arms and throwing them in the air in frustration.

“Yeah well, should have looked more carefully before pulling something out of the cabinet,” Steve replied, still holding the bag above her head.

“What’s going on here?” Another voice entered the kitchen. Sam and Bucky had just finished their workout and planned to have a relaxing snack but instead found two bickering children.

“He stole my candy!”

“She stole mine first!” Steve slowly lowered his arm, cautious of Y/N and her fast cat like reflexes.

“Seriously?” Sam asked as he raised an eyebrow, “you guys are fighting over a bag of candy?”

“It’s not any bag of candy it’s my favorite,” Y/N responded.

“Which happens to be my favorite as well,” Steve added, opening the bag and watching Y/N squint her eyes in annoyance as she hears the crinkle of the bag.

“Unbelievable,” Sam muttered before walking towards the fridge. “Like an old married couple,” he said under his breath not expecting anyone to hear him. But two people did and both had super soldier hearing. Bucky grunted as he looked between Steve and Y/N, unsure of what to do or even say. He wanted to tell Steve off, to yell at him for teasing Y/N and to remind him that he had a crush on her, not Steve. But he didn’t, instead Bucky grabbed the bottle Sam offered him, clenched his jaw tight and left but not before giving Steve a quick side eye.

“What’s his problem?” Y/N asked curiously at the interaction.

“You,” both Steve and Sam said.

“Me?” Y/N could hardly believe it. The man that she had slowly started to fall in love with had a problem with her. She let out a sniffle and wiped a stray tear from her eye before excusing herself without letting her friends explain why Bucky had a problem with her.

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Naughty Girl

Title: Naughty Girl

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

A/n: 🔥🔥 sex, I’m so on fire today, I went all the way with this one, God I really hope you guys like it

Warnings: NSFW, explicit smut

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Your name: submit What is this?

It was almost eleven at night and the after mission party was still going strong, the lights were flashing and the ever so loud electro music was pounding loudly across the tower. You sighed, quickly downing your tequila shot, pushing it over to the bartender, signalling that you wanted another one.

“Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine” Natasha commented as she settled into the bar stool beside you , her Mai Tai in hand. “I’m bored, the guys are having so much fun” you replied blandly, gesturing to the men that stood at the other end of the hall, a few shots on the table as they continued with their pool game, the pile of money growing with each lost.

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Tag game-10 favourite characters

Tagged by: my dear buddy @renadragneel~

Rules:  Tell me your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) and tag 10 people! 

(Note: This list is in no particular order cause I love all my babies~)

1. Kurose Riku from Ten Count by Takahari Rihito (This is a BL manga)
Man….this character is so cool and so complex! This is especially seen with his relationship/interactions with Shirotani…I can’t really type out how much in awe I am whenever I read about him! Not to mention he fits all the physical traits I’d like to see in a guy huehuehue

2.Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler by Yana Tobaso
….Seriously? Does this ‘one hell of a butler need an introduction? He’s awesome! Badass! And will finish his duties before tea-time! :>

  3. Magnus Bane from the Shadowhunter universe by Cassandra Clare
Eyyyyyy everyone’s favourite freewheeling bisexual warlock is here! His sass is off the charts! Like seriously, the most ‘sober’ shirt he has is a black one with sequins that say ‘blink if you want me’. But, he does have a sensitive,caring side…and he was one character that helped me eventually come to terms with my sexuality

4.Rhysand from ACOTAR & ACOMAF by Sarah J Mass
*whistles* Ohhh this character! At first, he starts off seeming to be the villain or atleast a crony of the main antagonist….but as the story progresses…you realise that he is one of the most head-strong, feminist and caring characters…Like the relationship and trust he has on Feyre, the protagonist, is sooo refreshing! Considering that even in that universe, women are just treated secondary to men, as breeding cattle…Please read this book! I wanna have more people to fangirl about him!!!

5. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima
She used to be my idol ok?! still is lol Like, her magic is so cool and her loyalty and badassery and will to support friends is sooo high! Yet she’s so cute? Like….how?!

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6. Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic by CLAMP
Ahhh….one of my first female crushes….I mean….she’s so calm and serene…and makes everything around her seem cool? IDK there is just something really enticing about her, and the way she explains the supernatural occurences to Watanuki

7. Nakahara Chuuya from Bungou Stray Dogs by Kafka Asagiri
*giggles* Ohhh my spirit animal….so smol and angry and destructive when pissed….Need I say more about this overly Extra, super sassy, petite mafia?

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8. Killua Zoldyck from HunterxHunter by Yoshihiro Togashi
*chuckles* Oh boy…this kid is my precious baby ok! Don’t you dare lay a finger on him! Or….never mind….cause despite his cute, cuddly and energetic appearance, he sure know how to slay a bitch, literally….

9.Makoto Tachibana from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

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And last but not the least….

10. Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs by Kafka Asagiri
Self-explanatory blog title is self-explanatory lol  AHHHHHHHH I CANNOT EMPHASISE ANY MORE ON HOW MUCH I ADORE DAZAI! I mean, his looks, his cuteness, his intelligence, his battle strategies, his self-confidence….IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR THIS GUY TO EXIST CAUSE HE’S MAKING ME QUESTION MY MORALS AND MY SANITY!!!!

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Yep….both are the same person jfc

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The Road to Heaven is in the Arms of a Winchester

Characters: Reader Insert, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Wordcount: 1500

Warnings: Death, angst

Summary: The reader gets hurt on a hunt. Will she get help in time?

A/N: @trexrambling  requested, “Option A: He knew she was safe, and that was the only thing that mattered. OR Option B: All the words had been said, and now there was only a deep, aching silence.” I hope this does the trick :)

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The hunt was never supposed to end this way.

The world around you felt muted—you were barely aware of the light, warm trickle from your nostril, the cold wind coming in from the broken window, your various bruises and lacerations from the fight, or the splintered wood floor upon which you’d fallen to your knees.

You always got back up from being thrown, even when you hit your head so hard you saw stars in your eyes, or momentarily lost the ability to hear. No matter what, you always stood back up and didn’t fall back down.

Not this time.

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Tea time

Jefferson x reader

Request: Could you try and write an imagine with him and the reader is friends with Emma and she runs into Jefferson on the rare day he’s out and he’s attracted to her and invites her to tea and she learns his backstory and she promises to help him in anyway he can?

Author’s note: Ayee, it’s another request from @weirdnewbie, thank you for being so supportive! Gosh, I have almost forgot how much I love Jefferson. Requests are open guys, send me whatever you want!

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‘‘YOU are telling ME I need a man? You, the ‘don’t flirt with me, don’t look at me, I don’t need you‘ queen? Holy mother of God,Emma are you okay? Was that cocoa poisioned?‘‘ Y/N asked Emma with huge smirk on her face.

‘‘I hate you.‘‘ Emma answered with mout full of food.

‘‘You love me. Get up your ass princess, we can’t stay at Granny’s all day..And Emma, just to you know it, I’m maybe from Enchanted forrest, but my life wasn’t fairytale, I can handle it on my own. Now come.“

Emma gave her meal a last sad look and quicky walked outside.


‘‘No, Emma, don’t worry about it. I don’t wanna screw my mood. Can I go with you? Henry promised me I can borrow some his comics.‘‘

‘‘Nah girl, you need a guy SO much‘‘ said Emma with laughter.

‘‘Black widow disagrees.‘‘


‘‘Shut up, Swan!‘‘

‘‘Thanks Henry! May the Force be with you both! Bye!‘‘ Y/N called as she leaved. She saw Emma’s eye roll in other dimension and Henry’s grinn.

It wasn’t so late yet, so she decided to walk a little. Storybrook at night was one of her favorite things ever. She just walk past the library, when someone bumped into her.

‘‘Shit‘‘ she whispered since she noticed some comics laying on the ground.

‘‘I am really sorry! ‚‘‘the stranger said.

Y/N looked at him ‚‘well, shit again‘ she thought.

‘‘I’m sorry too. Did I hurt you? She said with worried face.‘‘

‘‘No, I am fine. The name is Jefferson by the way. And yours?‘‘ he doffed his hat.

She blushed a little on this gesture. ‚‘‘I am Y/N, friend of Emma Swan actually. She has told me few things about you..‘‘

‘‘So not my lucky day, huh? I must tell her to not say a thing about me around people I find atractive. It ruins all my chances.‘‘

Y/N’s cheeks were now red as a ketchup.

‘‘She wasn’t so evil, but the truth is I expected someone more insane..and less ..nevermind‘‘ she chuckled.

Jefferson smirked.

Y/N finally grabbed the comics from the ground. She made a confused face.

‘‘Are you alright?‘‘

‘‘Oh yeah, I’m okay, but Iron man has ruptured leg, which is kinda problem ‚‘cause I don’t know how long I can hide myself from boy that borrowed them to me.‘‘

‘‘Maybe you can hide yourself in my house for a while. What do you think about a nice cup of tea?‘‘

‘‘Well, this is the first time the handsome stranger I just met invites me to a nice cup of tea. But since you are now in the good guys squad and I obviously don‘t have self-preservation instinct, why not?‘‘ she giggled.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­‘‘Wow. That’s what I call a house. It’s way to big for only one person, don’t you feel lonely here sometimes?‘‘

‘‘To be honest, I do..‘‘ Jefferson mumbled quietly.

‘‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to-‘‘

‘‘Nah, forgot about it. Sit here for the moment, okay? I will make the tea.’’

Y/N sat in one of seats. She really like this house, it was kind of mysterious, but when Jefferson wasn’t coming back, she began to be bored. She moved herself into weird but comfortable position and grabbed a pen and piece of paper from her backpack. She started to doodle some stuff that went through her head.

“White rabbit, seriously?” asked Jefferson.

“Jesus Christ! Don’t scare me like that!” Y/N almost fell on the floor.

“Sorry. Here is your tea, ma'am.”

“What’s wrong with white rabbit anyway?”

“It reminds me of my daughter.”

“You have a daughter? Where is she?”

“I really want to know that too..”

“Oh. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to..”

“No, it’s okay. I need to let it out, you know? And you are the first person who actually listens to me.”

“Well, I kinda know how you feel. I didn’t see my  brother since we are in Storybrook. He is my only family. My mum.. she wasn’t really ‘husband and kids’ type and my dead became a drunk asshole when she left, so I was working all day long just to feed them. And now my little brother is gone too.

“My daughter’s name is Grace, she is such a sweetheart. You know, I wasn’t a good man a long time ago. I was working for everyone who paid me,but I stoped it, because of her. We had good life, but then Regina came for me. Thanks to her I ended stuck in fuckin’ Wonderland. I thought it will get better here, but it seems like Grace doesen’t remember me. Just awesome”

“Whoa, our lives sucks.” Y/N smirked.

“Wanna something stronger than tea?”

“Hell yeah.”

Jefferson was a good companion. Sun was rising when they finally decided to get some sleep. When she woke up on his sofa it was almost midday.

‘‘Oh God, I need to go’‘ she said to herself. She stand up quicky and went to find Jefferson. She found him fast, way to fast.. she was suddently poured with his tea.

‘‘Sleeping Beauty is in hurry, huh? I will give you something dry to change, okay?’‘

‘‘Thank you! You know I must move my ass before Emma starts statewide seeking. Oh, one more thing.’‘ Y/N quicky wrote her phone number on his hand.

‘‘In case you still find me attractive’‘ She said with playful smile.

Y/N grabbed her backpack, change her shirt and said goodbye to Jefferson. As she ran through the street she checked her phone. Four missing calls from Emma. ‘‘Well, I am fucked up.’‘

When she finally arrived to Emma she could barely catch her breath. Henry opened the door.

‘‘Can I come in?’‘

‘‘You sure about that? She is furious.’‘ Henry whispered.

‘‘You know I have to. Make me nice funeral please.’‘

She came in.

‘‘Y/N where the hell have you been?! I have called you!’‘

‘‘Well, my phone probably just turned off. You know, I was really tired, I fell asleep and didn’t put it on charger..’‘

‘‘We were worried about you!’‘

‘‘I am not five, mom’‘ Y/N smirked.

‘‘Don’t take that tone with me, young lady.’‘ Emma laughed.

‘‘Just don’t do that again, alright Y/N? C’mon, have some cocoa with us.’‘

Y/N thanked God it worked. She put off her jacket and sat happily across from Emma.

‘‘Hey Y/N, isn’t it a MEN shirt?’‘

‘’Oh fuck.’‘


Like when I was a kid I never saw the original X-Men cartoon and my first exposure to the existence of the X-Men at all was X-Men Evolution and I remember watching X-23′s introduction when it first came out and thinking that Girl Wolverine was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and to this day she is my favorite mutant and I just ajkdghdkjghda;kj

Dafne Keen is incredible the sheer amount of emotion she conveys just through her EYES and her mannerisms and how she’s so much like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but also so much her own person and all the different things she can convey just through wordless screaming and YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED I’M BACK TO BEING A PRETEEN GIRL WATCHING SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS IN THE BASEMENT AND ;ASHGJKASDHGKJDA

Also in the original story on X-Men Evolution, Laura was made by HYDRA and then in her first comic storyline she had these Winter Soldier-esque trigger words and basically she and Bucky need to hang out somehow

ALSO this girl looks exactly like cartoon X-23 come to life AND the movie even remembered that Laura canonically self-harms and just I just don’t have words for how happy this character in this film makes me

And now for some spoilers of things that bugged me below the cut

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thebowtieisnomore  asked:

I love your writing so, so much! Babydoll was my favorite! Could you possibly do a reader insert with Jerome for me? I was hoping for something like Babydoll but it's within the bus scene?

Not sure how great this is, but I hope you like it. If not I can always try again.

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Fear Factor

PAIRING: reader x avengers 


WARNINGS: slight graphic description, implied jump scared and swearing. 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! Now this is based on something that happened to me. I experienced my first walk through horror house, it was the best/worst thing that has ever happened to me and the thought of our fearless hero’s going through what I experienced was something I could not write! I hope you enjoy and I hope you all have a spooky halloween!!!! 


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From the age of fifteen you could boast a plethora of jobs you have worked over the years. Some of the were mundane as a grocery clerk, and an office assistant. But there were others such as dog groomer and of course your annual weekend job of working in a Haunted Horror walkthrough. The weekend of Halloween was by far your favorite time to work, who else could stay they had made grown men fold like a pack of cards just by your scream. You had worked that job for many years, mostly at circuses and fairground attractions; it was there you made the acquaintance of a certain archer.

It was Clint who had contacted you, your secret martial arts training and ability to slip into any role was the perfect biases of becoming a shield agent, and the rest they say was history. You had worked closely with the Avengers over the past few years forcing to give up your yearly job of scaring the living hell out of people. But this year was different, you had gotten an email from your old boss telling you that the festival was due to hit New York on Halloween weekend, she had also offered you as many tickets as you needed seeing as you were her favorite actor.

“Please guy, it will be fun I promise” you pouted looking around at your teammates. They all looked at you with a level of trepidation

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Aya's Hank McCoy/Alex Summers Fic Rec Starter Kit

The pairing is Alex Summers/ Hank McCoy (also known as Havok and Beast, respectively) from the movie X-Men First Class. This was written because I am in love with this pairing. Like literally, Cherik is good and all that but Hank/Alex? Stole my heart. I had to do a fic rec kit for them. All of the fics listed here are just so, so good and fully complete and just brilliant really. This kit is also a companion fic rec starter kit to my 00QJohnlock, MerthurJercy, Percico+Jaisco, SpiderflashSpirk, FrostIron, Larry Stylinson and Gallavich ones. All fics are below the cut and I hope you guys enjoy it. Happy reading guys!

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Heaven (Jason Todd x Reader)


A/N: This song just kinda reminds me of j. by the way its by The Talking Heads. Also I haven’t written for Jason in.. jesus. A long time. Hope you like it :-)

WARNINGS: alcohol, kind of sad??, cursing, sex implication

Everyone is trying to get to the bar.
The name of the bar, the bar is called Heaven.
The band in Heaven plays my favorite song.
They play it once again, they play it all night long.

It was odd. Everything in the world seemed a little bit brighter and everyone seemed a little happier. Nothing too different, but.. odd. There were fewer cracks in the street that Jason no longer needed to step over due to his hidden belief in superstition. His eyes squinted. He kicked a rock and it fell perfectly where he wanted it too. He lifted his head into the slow dimming sun and to the left where his favorite bar stood from the time he was a kid. Heaven’s bar and grill, since the prohibition ended in 1933. The door opened seamlessly, no drunken men getting kicked out to bump into him, nor any blatant smell of cigars. Just cheap beer and the chatter of the regulars. “Evenin’, Jason-” the bartender, his favorite bartender, waved at him, cleaning a glass with a past dirtied rag. He raised his hand in a silent hello before sitting his the usual barstool, his butt shape practically imprinted in its cushion. “What can I get for ya tonight?” he grinned, wiping his hands on his apron as he set down the glass to fill for Jason. “Draft.” he stated as routine, half-offended the tender had to even ask. “Hey, my buddy Jason Todd!” his ears perked at the sound of another voice, overbearing the music and the crowd’s murmur. “Hey, this is my best friend. All of his drinks are on me, alright?” the red-head sat beside him and Jason felt a small smile creep on his lips. “Roy.” he paused before speaking, the words flowing through his lips like music. They chatted for a few odd moments before Roy interrupted him. “You hear this song? They’ve been playing it all goddamned night. I’m starting to think it’s the only one they know.” he scoffed, taking another gulp from his glass. Jason looked over to the four-man band and he continued to smile. It was his favorite song.

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Girls Night 5: When the Boys Join Girls Night

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Your name: submit What is this?

Ever since I started dating Bucky, Natasha started dating Sam and Wanda had whatever she had with Vision, we haven’t been spending as much time together on girls night like we usually did. So instead we thought that tonight we’d let the guys join in on the fun. Therefore, we were currently all on Tony’s couch with me sat between Bucky and Pietro (who kept doing things to my like wrapping an arm around me to annoy Bucky), and the rest of the Avengers.

“So what do you guys talk about during your girls night?” Clint asks curiously.

“Mainly talk. Bitch about men while we drink wine.” I shrug casually.

“And gossip.” Wanda pipes up.

“Oh, and watching movies and shows with our favorite actors in them.” She says referring to Sebastian Stan, Michael Fassbender, Evan Peters and Chris Evans.

“What do you guys ‘bitch’ about?” Sam chuckles using air quotes around the word bitch.

“Like how guys say we’re complicated, but you guys are confusing as hell!” I explain and the girls all agree, naturally causing the guys to protest.

“We’re the easiest to figure out. What’s there to not understand?” Tony retorts.

“Well let’s see… not wanting to talk about your emotions.” I start off.

“Not admitting if you’re ever insecure about something and then get pissy if we unknowingly mention something that offends you.” Natasha continues.

“Or when you are in a pissy mood, rather than letting it out in a healthy way you either just get angry or brood.” Wanda finishes.

“Like what’s the point in all that?” I ask, no one in particular.

“They do have a point.” T’Challa agrees, nodding his head while Tony looks at him betrayed.

“But the most fun part of girls night is Fuck, Marry, Kill.” I say with a smile.

“What?” Poor Steve, Pietro, Vision, T’Challa and Bucky looked so confused.

“You’re given three people and you have to decide who you’d kill, marry or fuck.” Clint explains, surprising everyone.

“What? Guys sometimes play it too…”He trails off.

“Anyway. Me and y/n will show you. We make it more interesting by answering why though.” Nat says with a smirk, scaring me because I know she’s going to find some way to embarrass me.

“Hit me.” I say confidently, looking her directly in the eye and hoping my fear isn’t sensed by her.

“Clint, Steve, and Bucky.” She says simply and I glare at her as the three guys wait for my answer.

“Shit. I guess I’d fuck Bucky since well I already have,” Bucky smirks, while the rest of the guys either look disgusted or uncomfortable, “I’d marry Clint because he’s the only one out of him and Steve that I feel that could tolerate me for the rest of their life.”

“You don’t really think that do you, y/n?” Steve asks a little hurt.

Gee thanks Natasha.

“Don’t take it too seriously, Steve. It’s just that I think Clint is more patient with me and would be okay with me being really independent and being reckless from time to time.” I answer and then glare at Natasha since she put me in this position.

Steve looked as though he could understand what I was talking about but still didn’t care for the game.

“I want to try.” Pietro speaks up with a gleam in his eye.

I already have a bad feeling about this.

“Okay kid. y/n, me and Sharon.” Natasha says and Sam mutters ‘choose carefully’.

“Damn. Guess I’d kill off Sharon since she doesn’t like me anyway. Maybe I’d fuck Natasha since I want to marry y/n.” He says looking directly at Bucky while kissing my cheek.

The room is filled with ‘oh’s and ‘ooh’s while Bucky glares at Pietro who continues to smirk.

The room then suddenly silences as we wonder what’s going to happen next. Rather than lunging at the guy, Bucky picks me up bridal style.

“Is that so kid? Cos y/n knows just who she belongs to. And she’ll be screaming  my name all night long if you need a reminder.” Bucky drawls, turning on his heel and leaving the room with me dying of embarrassment in his arms.


Once a Year.

How could she be able to keep his location a secret for so long?

It had been 10 years since Kogami left.

It was really irking Ginoza Nobichika to no end that his former partner wouldn’t tell him where his best friend was.

She would leave for a few days every year, off to wherever Kogami was. They would spend alone time and -ahem- reconnect with each other after their time apart.

No one really suspected anything until she came back after the second year they had started to meet up. They had been careless. Akane was pregnant, and she had no explanation of who the father of the child could be.

Of course Gino knew. It was too obvious to him. Yayoi stayed out of it because she knew it was none of her business what her boss did on her days off. Mika had been a little overwhelmed taking control of Division One during Akane’s maternal leave. But in the end, they made it through. A baby girl named Ayaka made her way in to the world and things began to settle down.

Akane still took time off to go and meet up with Kogami on her own. She would leave her daughter with the only person she knew she could trust, and come back home as if she had just taken a business trip. Inspector Tsunemori only admitted what she had been doing after she had become pregnant again. Gino was livid, but he promised not to tell anyone.

Everything was fine for a while after she had her son, Shou. They grew up as well as any child could coming in and out of the department on a daily basis. Ayaka had a really sharp mind because of it.

Kogami was definitely aware of the fact that he was a father, and after Shou was born he and Akane agreed that they would be extra careful from then on.

Ayaka and Shou had never met their father, and it wasn’t until Shou had turned five that he asked about him for real. Eight year old Ayaka had already heard about him from the times she asked her mother and Uncle Gino about where he was. She was used to it just being the three of them.

They were sitting down eating dinner one night when Shou spoke up.

“Mama, did you know that babies are made because mommies and daddies love each other?”

“Yes, sweetie, I did.” Akane nodded as she took a bite of her food.

“So, you and my daddy love each other, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Then why don’t me and sis have a little brother?”

Akane began to choke at this question. After coughing it out and regaining her composure, she turned to her son.

“Shou… Where is all of this coming from?”

Shou sighed and looked seriously at his mother with the same gray eyes his father passed on to him.

“My friend from school said that his mama and daddy are going to have a new baby. He said that it’s because his daddy lives with them that they love each other. He also said that my daddy doesn’t love me as much as his daddy loves him because my daddy doesn’t live with us.”

“Oh, Shou.” Akane smiled and ruffled the small boy’s brown hair. “Your daddy loves us. He’s just got a lot of busy work that he has to do to save the world. That’s why he doesn’t come home.”

“But how was Shou made, mama?” Ayaka asked after quietly observing their conversation.

“Well… When a mommy and a daddy love each other a lot they-”

“Because my friend said that her mommy and daddy had sex.”

Akane gaped at her eight year old daughter, surprised at the words that she spoke.

“Well, it’s true, right?” She looked up, giving her a serious look.

“What’s sex?” Shou asked his big sister.

“Hey, Shou… Why don’t you go and check to make sure Uncle Gino has had dinner?”

“Okay, mama!” He grinned, forgetting his question, and went to go and call his favorite babysitter.

“Ayaka… Do you know what sex is?” Akane carefully made her voice sound steady as she asked her question.

“It’s when a mama and a papa get naked and wrestle each other around until they get tired.” Ayaka answered, sounding annoyed. “You know that, mama. You and papa do it when you see each other.”

Akane’s face became red from embarrassment. How did her daughter know this much?

“At least, that’s what I heard miss Karanomori talking about. She was using words that I didn’t know, though.” She casually took a sip of her water. “So, I asked Uncle Gino.”

“And what did he tell you?”

“The same crap you were going to say.”
She answered in the same blunt way that Kogami would have. “So, I asked my friend in grade three what it meant. She showed me some pictures she found on her tablet and told me.”

“Uh huh… So is there anything else your friend told you?”

“The tooth fairy isn’t real.” Ayaka looked at her mother and stood. “I’m still asking about Santa, but no one knows the truth about that fat man.”

Akane pursed her lips together, trying not to laugh at the seriousness in her child’s voice that reminded her so much of her lover.

“Do YOU know the truth?” She put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes.

“Sybil never catches him on the scanners or anything, but I hear his Psychopass is clearer than anyone I know of.” Akane said. “But we still need to get more evidence.”

“I’ll get it…” Ayaka quietly said to herself, not knowing Akane heard her. She turned and walked away, deep in thought, and left the sex talk with her mother. She had more important things to research.

Later that night, Kogami called Akane.

“Inspector Tsunemori here.” She answered like normal.

“Hey you.”

“Oh. Hey.” Akane answered, looking around to make sure that the kids were sound asleep. She quietly slipped out of the room so she and her former subordinate could speak more freely.

“What are you wearing?” Kogami joked, causing Akane to laugh.

“I miss that laugh.” His gruff voice spoke on the other end of their connection.

“We all miss you…” Akane whispered.

There was a long silence before Kogami spoke again.

“So… How are the kids?”

“We had quite an interesting conversation tonight, actually.” Akane chuckled to herself, going back to what her daughter had said.

“Oh? What about?”

“Well, our son asked about babies being made.”

“No way!” Kogami laughed. “What did you say?”

“I didn’t have time to really say anything. Aya started talking about sex.”

“… What?”

“She said that she had heard Shion talking about us having sex. So she had done research and asked Gino, who gave her an answer she wouldn’t accept.” Akane explained.


“She asked an older friend at school, who happened to have pictures.”

“Ugh. Oh god.” Kogami sighed. “So, what did you do?”

“I asked her about it… And all she really knows is that you get naked and wrestle around.”

Kogami began to laugh. “I was afraid you were going to say that she actually knew what an org-“

“Kogami!” Akane cut him off.

“Yeah, yeah.” He snickered. “You were saying.”

“Anyway… I think we have a future inspector on our hands.”

“Oh really?”

“She’s as relentless as you. She won’t stop looking until she gets an answer.”

“That sounds like you. You found me, didn’t you?”

“Yeah… I guess so.”

“Don’t give me all of the credit, Akane. You’re doing such a damn good job raising our kids.” Kogami reassured her. “I promise I will find my way around the System so I can be with you. Okay?”


“I have to go now. I’ll talk to you soon. Don’t go wrestling naked men unless they’re me, Inspector.” He chuckled.

“Very funny.” Akane rolled her eyes.

“Hey… It’s midnight.” Kogami noted. “We get to see each other sooner this year, so try to hold on a little longer.”

“You’re right.” Akane smiled to herself. “Happy new year, Shinya.”

“Happy new year, Akane.”

(A/N: Shoot me. I’m terrible!!)

Birthday Headcanons: Kurt Wagner

1. Warren wakes Kurt up that morning after the sun has risen and the blue boy lays dozing next to the angel.
“Baaaabbbbbe,” Warren draws out the whisper and kisses his ear.
“Mmm,” Kurt stirs and yawns, opening his tired eyes to stare up at Warren’s wide blue ones. “Vhat?”
“You know what day it is?”
“IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!” Warren is up and off the bed in a second- making Kurt jump and sit up wide awake. The angel kisses him hard and peppers kisses over Kurt’s cheek before pulling away and frantically getting dressed. “Come on, get up, we got plans!”
2. Kurt probably has never had a real birthday experience since a he was a kid.
So Warren totally goes all out for his love, right? He is a lot more touchy and happy and giddy through out the day- being sure to keep the teleporter happy and smiling every minute.
3. In the morning, Warren pulls out a brightly wrapped small box, and sets it on Kurt’s lap with a kiss to his lips. “Here,” he says quietly, and looks down the the present.
“Varren, you didn’t have-”
“Shush. Just open it.” Warren cuts him off with a stern look and smile, and Kurt hesitates before gingerly pulling the bright paper back.
He pulls out a large book that is old-looking, and a printed, glossed photo of the two on one of their first dates that Warren had snatched with his Polaroid.
“Varren!” Kurt takes the two object in his shaking hands, and looks at them in amazement and tears.
“You wanted that book, right? Said uh, you couldn’t find it?” Warren asks nervously, and Kurt nods frantically.
“Yes! How did you vind it!?” He laughs and kisses Warren, the winged mutant holding him close.
“I have my ways,” Warren giggles and winks at him, and Kurt turns back to the photo. There is writing on the back, and Kurt flips it to read, “To the love of my life. Happy birthday.”
His tears fall as he turns back to Warren and throws his arms around his neck; Warren wrapping his wings and arms around the boy and pressing him against his chest. “Come oooon, it’s not THAT special…” Warren huffs, but feels his own chest clench.
Kurt hadn’t gotten something so meaningful in all his life, and Warren can only imagine now how he will react to the rest of his gift.
“Pfsh, if you think this is special, just wait till you get the rest of your stuff.”
4. The gang greets Kurt as soon as he arrives downstairs, and confetti soon drowns the boy as Peter throws an entire bag over him.
5. The seven of them take the day off and spend it in town, taking Kurt to the movies, the mall for present shopping, the pier, and then out to eat. Kurt can’t help but feel that he doesn’t deserve all this, but accepts it anyway and laughs along with the rest of them as the day goes on.
6. Warren takes them all to an ice cream shop downtown, and walks in determined with his hand in Kurt’s. “Alright. Pick one.” He turns to the boy when they arrive at the cake section, and smiles when Kurt’s eyes go wide.
“But zhese are so expensive! I can’t-”
“Kurt, PICK ONE.” Warren kisses him again and looks back at the wide display of cakes, the gang gathering around them as the teleporter looks back and fourth at them all. 7. “Kurt, get that one!” “KURT YOU HAVE TO GET THIS RED ONE!” “Dude that one is so cool, get that one! Just look at it!” The team all points at different cakes and crowd Kurt as he stands confused, trying to pick one out and please everyone. “Will you guys just leave him alone already!?” Warren stands near Kurt, givung him space, and glares at all of them- reminding them that it’s KURT’S birthday, not theirs. 8. Kurt finally chooses a red, circle ice crean cake with blue swirls, and Warren easily pays for it. “I’m sorry you had to pay Varren, you should have told me so I could-” “Kurt, God damn it, it’s your birthday. I’m supposed to buy you whatever you want,” Warren stops them before getting in the car and looks up at him, smirking Kurt into silence and pecking his lips. 9. They all go back to the mansion to eat, and within an hour the gang has resorted to just leaving the cake out on the table and digging their spoons into it until it’s completely gone. “I can’t believe we just ate that whole thing.” Jubilee stares at the messy cardboard, and Warren smiles as he leans over to kiss Kurt slowly. “I can with PETER here,” Scott huffs and Peter giggles, knowing he was the one to eat at least half of it. 10. Warren and Kurt eventually depart from the tired team, and walk up to their room hand in hand. “You ready for the rest of your present?” Warren asks quietly when he shuts the door behind them, and gleams up at Kurt. “Varren, zhere can’t possibly be more-” “Well there is. And you’re going to love it.” The angel kisses him before moving away and bending down to reach under the bed. Kurt watches surprised as Warren pulls out an old record case, a letter, and another small, wrapped box. “Here, open this first.” Warren stands and hands the tiny present to Kurt, and the blue boy shyly opens it with careful hands. He gasps and freezes when he opens the revealed box, and covers his mouth as tears fill his eyes. “Varren…” Kurt breathes through his fingers as he stares down at the silver necklace in his hands. It’s a carefully carved and designed cross with a thin border and a black date written into it. It’s heavy and real in his hands as Kurt runs his thumb over it, and he can tell that whoever made it put a great deal of time and care into it. There’s a metal angel wing along with the piece, and it’s beautifully detailed and clasped at the top of the cross to hang down next to it. Kurt stares a moment more, and Warren wonders if it was maybe too much. “I uh, know religion isn’t really my thing and all, buuuuut I noticed you’ve only ever had that nasty old cross to wear, so I figured I would to get you a special new one, all customized and stuf… The date is actually when I met you…” Warren says the last part in a quiet tone, and looks at the necklace with wide, sad eyes, chewing on his lip. “It'z gorgeous…” Kurt whispers it, and finally looks up at Warren with crying eyes. Warren opens his mouth to say something, but Kurt cuts him off with a heavy kiss and a tight hug. He clasps the jewelery in his hand as he holds Warren close, and feels his tears brush off onto Warren’s cheek as he presses his face against the angels. “Zhank you Varren, I cannot ever tell you how grateful I am, just… Zhank you, I love you so much!” Kurt breathes when he pulls away, and smiles through his tears as he kisses Warren again. 11. Warren stands there with Kurt a moment, and then pulls away slowly to hold the record up between them. He pauses a moment, and stares down at it with oddly sad eyes as he is suddenly lost in thought. Kurt stands in front of him, and watches as the angel takes a moment to blink and sigh a silent breath.

“This was my mom’s old record…” He speaks quietly will total seriousness, and Kurt stares in confusion as he holds the large disc in the case up to him. “Its some stupid punk rock band from the sixties, but…We listened to it all the time together. I was just a kid back then, before my wings even grew…“ He pauses again, and Kurt thinks he might give in and fall to The floor. “There were more, but dad trashed them after she died… This was the only one that I made sure he never touched though. It was her favorite, and I’ve kept it with me this whole time ever since…” Warren’s eyes are distant on the record as he trails off, and Kurt moves his tail to rest the spade against the angels leg- bringing him back. Warren smiles at him through thin tears, and Kurt returns the gesture with an equal expression. “I don’t listen to it anymore, not really… I want you to have it now- maybe you can get as much fun out of it as we did.” Warren looks back down at the case, and finally holds it all the way for Kurt to take. The teleporter takes it in his hands it as if was glass- his fingers only gripping hard enough to keep it from falling to the floor. The paper case is old and dirty under his fingers, and the picture is faded and scratched off enough to be unreadable. Kurt stares down with watery eyes at such an object, and wonders what it must have looked like brand new when young Warren and his mom first listened to it together all that time ago. “Vhy vould you give me zhis Varren? It'z so special to you, how could…” Kurt doesn’t know how to finish, and his mouth hangs open in despair and sadness as Warren smiles through his own tears. “Because you deserve it. And I trust you with it, I know you’ll take care of it.” Warren composes himself again as Kurt let’s more tears fall, and takes the mutant into his arms when sobs suddenly rack his body. Kurt holds the record between them as he cries against Warren’s head, and the Angel huffs a tired laugh. “Geeze, this is your birthday, I wasn’t supposed to make you cry this much!” He smiles and rests his face against Kurt’s neck and ear, rubbing his back slowly as Kurt calms down again. “Oh Varren…” Kurt’s voice is cracked with crying, and the Angel shakes his head and finally holds the letter up. “Here, just, open this now, and we can cry tomorrow, okay?” He sighs and smiles as Kurt nods, and the blue mutant sets the record carefully on the bed. 11. Kurt opens the letter with shaky hands, and unfolds the paper to read it. ‘Kurt, You have made this past year by far the BEST damn year of my entire life. I don’t know what I would be doing right now if it wasn’t for you. Hell, I’d probably still be rotting in that stupid cage actually. When I saw you that day, I knew instantly- just like that- that you were mine. I didn’t know how the fuck I was going to do it, but I knew I couldn’t let you get away- I had to keep you with me. Too bad we were being forced to kill each other though.’ Kurt stops and huffs a laugh, wiping his eyes as Warren moves to pull him in again; Kurt continuing reading against the angels chest. ‘And when you destroyed my wing and left me broken just a few minutes later? That’s behind me. I don’t care anymore, and neither should you. I may have been angry and alone and left for a stupid God to take control of me, but I could never blame you for that now. You did what you had to that night, and I couldn’t respect you more. I think it was meant to be- meant for you to win and for Apocalypse to change me and make me fight with him. Because that’s how we really met, isn’t it? If I would have flown away from Germany and that cage to run back to the streets that night, you would be here and I’d be halfway across the world. I’m glad you guys won that day in Egypt. I’m SO glad I fucking died in that stupid jet. Because now, I get to wake up next to you, and now I know that these people here believe in me. I know now that I have a home- a REAL home- and that’s something I haven’t had in a very, very long time. (Sorry for punching you in the nose that day in the hospital when I first woke up, by the way. Still haven’t forgiven myself for that~) I know I can be a real hassle to deal with sometimes, (most of the time) but I also know that you will always be right there to get me back on track. I don’t deserve you Kurt Wagner. I’m a messy, angry, dangerous drunk fighter. But you can be sure as hell that I’m going to try to not screw this up. I’m right here for you, and I want you to know that you mean the damn world to me. I may not say it enough, but I hope you know it. Even when I do fuck up and make mistakes, just know. I love you. (But you probably get that already.) Happy birthday baby~’ Kurt has stained the paper and smeared some of the pencil with thick tears xby the time he’s done, and Warren sooths him with gentle kisses and slow hands as he cries and wipes his eyes. 12. Kurt goes to bed that night with the necklace around his neck, and the record on loop. The music plays quiet into the darkness as Warren sleeps curled up next to him, and Kurt smiles to himself as he pets the angels hair back idly. How did he ever get so lucky? He doesn’t know exactly. He’s not sure if he’ll ever know. But for now, he bathes in the day that is labeled as his, and holds Warren close through out the night until he too drifts off into sleep. *** KINDA SHORT BUT IT WAS GETTING DEPRESSING SO I HAD TO CUT IT OFF XD HAPPY B-DAY AGAIN KURT, YOU LITTLE RASCAL
Hey, Stitchers fandom!

Seeing as we’re about six days from the finale and the imminent (but hopefully not permanent) hiatus, I figured I’d give everyone a recommendation to get you through to the next season of Stitchers. 

You want a well-written, hilarious, heartbreaking sci fi show that has incredible plotlines and characters so well-developed you’d think they were real? Then definitely check out Warehouse 13. It’s got the same “ragtag group of nobodies come together to make a family” vibe, lots of banter and sass, and some moments even more sad than Cameron’s death (yes, that’s actually possible - Warehouse 13 does not mess around when it comes to sad episodes). 

The premise of the show: A secret government organization (sound familiar yet?) has a warehouse in South Dakota that houses dangerous artifacts that have incredible abilities. Agents at the warehouse are tasked with finding these artifacts and bringing them to the Warehouse before they can hurt anyone. Every episode is an adventure, and there are always little jokes, lines, or sarcastic comments that are bound to make you smile. 

A quick list of reasons to watch Warehouse 13: 

  • has two POC female characters that are badass and essentially run everything (ones runs the warehouse and one owns the B&B that houses the agents
  • has a mentally ill teen that was in foster care and abused in the past but gets a redemption arc and ends up being part of the agents/the warehouse’s resident tech person
  • has a Russian Jew as the head agents of the warehouse 
  • has a gay Buddist who defies the stereotypes of both what gay men are like and what Buddists are like
  • there’s so much friendship and family bonding it’s unreal (and so heartwarming to see)
  • each character gets their own development arcs and plotlines, whether they’re side characters or one of the two leads
  • the show touches on all sorts of important things, like mental illness, discrimination, the foster care system and abuse, different religions, disabilities, sexism, and so much more
  • it’s such a good mix of seriousness and lighthearted jokes, sometimes all at once
  • there are five decent sized seasons, and the show was cancelled but given a chance to wrap up all the loose plotlines in a way that’s actually satisfying
  • there are more female characters than male, and they’re all in lead or supporting roles (such a rare things even now) 

Not convinced? Below the cut are lots of gifs, quotes, and even more reasons why Warehouse 13 should definitely be a show you all try out during hiatus. 

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Deja vu

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Part three of Dream girl imagine.  Part Two: Dreams and Reality

Dean x Reader

Word count: 3202

Lines borrowed from All Hell Breaks Loose part 1 in bold

*A/N: I’m really excited with this story’s direction and I’ll try my best to get the next parts up as fast as I can. I really hope you love it as much as I do. :)*

You woke to the early signs of dawn through an unfamiliar windshield. A thick curtain of sleep dulled your senses but the new tight surroundings kick-started your nerves. You jerked and your feet slammed into what you slowly established was a door as the shocks zipped up your legs. A warm hand squeezed yours.  “Morning.”

Maneuvering around, you sat up and rubbed your eyes. A few precious seconds for you to recall where you were and why. Dean eyed you warily and you turned around, checking the backseat where Serena still slept under a blanket. “So, that wasn’t a dream?”

He cleared his throat, “not quite. How… Ah, how are you?” He rubbed the back of his neck then smothered a laugh.

“I'm… Okay. I guess.” He reached over and smoothed some hair off your forehead and tucked it behind your ear. “It’s a little weird.” You giggled despite the panic that just thrust you from sleep. You combed your fingers through the rest of your hair while staring out the windshield. “I’ve sat next to you wearing way less and yet, I don’t know what to do with myself now.” You took a peek at him from the corner of your eye with a rush of exhilaration at those memories. He was smiling but he looked exhausted. “Did you find out anything?”

He shook his head and scrubbed a hand down his face. “No. Heading to meet a friend and if I don’t hear back from any of my contacts by then, I’ll call them.”

Gazing at his profile, you were marveling over the similarities. Not that you knew anything about why it was even possible but there didn’t seem to be a bit of difference between this man and the one in your dreams. He stifled a yawn and stretched his hands without taking them off the wheel. You thought about all the stories he told about his younger brother and knew exactly what he would do to get him back. “You should let me drive. Just give me the directions.”

His head snapped your way, “what?”

“You heard me. Either let me drive or we should stop because you look like shit and I don’t feel like dying today.”

His mouth dropped open and flapped a few times before he screwed it shut and focused on the road again. His jaw muscles bulged and a wave of indecision rolled through you. He wanted to keep going but he was worried about you driving his precious piece of machinery that was more like family to him than most people could believe.

“I’m an excellent driver.” You placed your right hand over your heart and held up your left, “I swear.”

He watched you from the corner of his eye for a few moments then pulled over to the side of the road. “Just so I can grab a couple hours of sleep. That’s it.”

You smirked, “I understand you are not handing Baby over to me but only allowing me to drive momentarily.”

He pointed his finger but you caught the lift at the corner of his mouth that he was trying to hide. “No funny business.”

You nodded and slid across the seat. He watched you with his hands white-knuckling the wheel. You leaned into him and whispered, “you can trust me. I know how much baby means to you.” Were his lips this full in your dreams? And his eyes, were there ever this vivid green?

His gaze dropped to your mouth and in an instant, you were against him, tasting coffee and spearmint. His hand snaked through your hair and grasped the back of your head. He deepened the kiss and your body responded with electricity ricocheting from head to toe but a desperate need gnawed for skin to meet skin gnawed at your insides.

A loud throat clearing made you jump back and glance wildly around but you found it hard to concentrate on anything with your body still tingling and screaming for more. Finally, you gained some semblance of control and turned toward the noise.

Serena was sitting up in the backseat staring at you and heat rushed into your cheeks. This was not any dream of yours. “Morning.” Your voice was strangled and you turned to Dean to find he had already escaped. You narrowed your eyes as you tracked his movement around the front of the car. He winked.

Serena grumbled, “glad to see you taking all the weird shit like a trooper.”

You slid behind the steering wheel and had to move the front seat up to reach the pedals but didn’t know how. “It’s weird but not how you think. I know him.” It seemed strange to say but even though this was the first time you’d seen him in the real world, you’d known him for years. It was difficult to describe that to her because she seemed more freaked out by that fact.

“Do you really?”

You caught her gaze in the rearview mirror. Even in the dim light, you could read her like your favorite book. There were only a few times when she let her guard down completely and it caused you to pause, especially with the worry that creased her brow and the fear that pulled her lips into a tight line. The glaze in her eyes implored you to see reason and proceed with caution.

You’d only seen this page a handful of times but it was enough to know she was serious and caused the first real doubt to creep up. It was mere seconds in time and yet it felt like a full conversation had taken place before the passenger door opened and Dean dropped into the seat.

There were so many things you weren’t sure about, so how could you possibly tell her it was okay? You looked at Dean and everything disappeared. The worry, uncertainty, and the weirdness of it all melted away with one look into his familiar face. You couldn’t explain that either. “Can this move forward?”

Dean grinned, “yeah.” He leaned forward and grabbed something under the seat, “there’s a rod underneath you. We both have to push it up and then I can slide the bench forward.” You followed the instruction and the bench rolled you closer to the pedals. “Good?”

You buckled in, gave him a thumbs up, and rolled the car back onto the road before hitting the gas. You made sure to avoid the rearview mirror as much as possible until you could talk openly with Serena without making Dean uncomfortable.

“Nice.” He relayed the simple directions to the meet up with his friend Bobby then leaned back against the seat. “Just go easy on her.”

“Got it.” Your lips twitched upward as baby opened up on the highway. “Relax and get some sleep. You’ve got nothing to worry about.”

You took it as a compliment when he fell asleep within minutes. Serena was laying down when you glanced into the rearview. You figured she wasn’t sleeping but giving you the silent treatment. You spent the next thirty minutes trying to decide if you deserved it or not and never came to a solid decision.

Four hours later, you pulled into the motel where Dean was supposed to meet his friend. There were two other cars in the parking lot and a lone blue truck parked just off the highway.   

“Dean.” You shook him awake as Serena got out of the car and headed toward the motel office without a word. You didn’t want to think what she could be doing but you already started formulating an argument for why it was best to stick with Dean. You didn’t want to choose between them and hoped like hell she would understand.

Dean stirred, a sleepy smile crinkled his eyes as they fluttered open. “Hey, gorgeous.” He looked around and you watched as reality crashed in around him. No, this was not your dream world.  

“I think your friend is here.” You pointed to the truck and the older man heading straight for the impala.

Dean climbed out of the car then looked in at you. “You coming?”

You glanced at the man approaching. “Are you sure?”

“Remember the man I said my dad dropped us off with a lot as kids?” You nodded. “That’s Bobby.”

You turned to look at the man wearing the ratty trucker hat with new eyes. A few of your favorite stories Dean had told over the years had that man at the center of them. It felt like looking at a beloved uncle even though you never truly met him but this wouldn’t be the first time. Counting Sam and the familiarity you felt when you saw him, this would be your third time in twenty-four hours. “And I thought the dreams were weird.”

“What?” Dean leaned down a bit farther outside of the passenger door.

“Sorry.” You climbed out and followed Dean’s lead.

He introduced you with only a moment’s pause as a friend and even though Bobby gave you a curious look, he said hello and shook your hand. Then the two men talked about things that went over your head and you looked around for Serena, wondering what was taking her so long. Just as you started to worry, you saw her come out of one of the ground floor rooms. Your stomach dropped.

You strode across the parking lot to meet her hoping to smooth things over without Dean overhearing. “Did you get a room?” Voicing your worst fear then noticed her head. “Is your hair wet?”

“Yeah. Wait, what?” She glanced back at the room. “Oh no. I just… got a couple minutes to wash up.”


“Listen, I’ve been going along with this insanity and I haven’t really said anything.” She held up her hand before you could interrupt, “I really haven’t and I’m still not one hundred percent on board this crazy train but I will stay with you. I just needed to wash up to feel a little hint of normal. Okay?”

You threw your arms around her and squeezed. “Thank you, Ser. I know this is insane but I do know him and the reason for that is still making my head spin. The things I’ve learned from him about this stuff… We don’t want to be alone if the demons come back. I don’t want to leave him but I seriously couldn’t be this calm without you.”

She pulled away and braced her hands on your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “You’ve always been a little bit crazy but that’s why we get along so well. Our crazy fits and for the record, I will always have your back.” She let go and glanced at Dean. “Who’s the new dude?”

“Bobby. He’s practically been a father to the boys.” You glanced over and saw Dean on the phone. You were pretty sure Bobby had been watching you but you ignored it. “Wait, so how did you get in the room to wash up?”

Serena grinned at the yearning look on your face. She pulled the key out of her back pocket. “I traded for thirty minutes.”

You grimaced, “what did you trade?”

Serena laughed, “showed off my boobs for three minutes to get thirty minutes in a clean room. And I still have about ten minutes left.” You were still gaping at her when she threw her arm over your shoulder and turned you towards the room. “You’ll feel ten times better with clean hair. I guarantee it.”

You glanced over your shoulder, Dean was still on the phone but was starting to look agitated. “Okay, but you wash my hair and we can be out in under five minutes.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re lucky his brother’s cute.”


It was only a few hours drive to another meeting place called the Roadhouse but you had more than enough awkward moments that made you less sure about this whole ‘go with Dean no matter what’ thing. Bobby didn’t seem unfriendly perse, but he didn’t seem too happy that you and Serena were along for the ride or at least that was the feeling that you got. Dean didn’t seem to notice or just didn’t mention it.

Dean turned onto a dirt road and you gasped. Bobby sent another unreadable glance your way but stiffened when he too saw the smoldering remains of a building. Dean rolled the car to a stop in front of the building then both he and Bobby jumped out and walked into the smoking remains.

Serena looked at you, her brow practically at her hairline. You stepped out of the car and she followed close behind as you walked around the outside of the devastation. It was difficult to look at the building and know that people Dean and Bobby knew might be in there when it went up in flames. Then it hit you like a swift fist to the gut, something so thick and heavy it almost bowled you over. Your gaze searched for Dean and found him, letting go of something in a pile of charcoal debris.

Serena’s hand pressed on your back and you finally inhaled. “You okay?”

You had a hard time fighting the idea that some of these feelings that didn’t seem to belong to you were all in your head but you had no reason to feel such anguish. You stared at your feet and pulled in a few deep breathes. “I think I’m good. I just… I think I saw part of a body.” She definitely didn’t want to hear about your insane idea of shared psychic emotions.

Serena nodded, “yeah. I haven’t been looking too close. This shit is just…”

“More than cruel.”

“What was that?” Bobby’s voice carried and you both turned around.

Dean and Bobby were standing on opposite sides of the impala and looked to be in a heated discussion but then you saw Dean grimace before he clutched his head. You started toward them watching as their conversation continued. Then Dean groaned and bent over the hood of the car. Bobby called his name and rushed around the car but you were already running past him. You reached Dean and placed your hand on his back out of instinct. You bent down trying to see his face. “Dean!”

He looked up at you, pain contorting his features and an image flashed in your mind. You gasped and Dean tilted his head as if he was trying to figure you out. His face began to clear except for the furrowed brow as your hand continued to glide up the back of his neck to his head. He straightened and you let your hand fall away.

Could he really be so surprised that you would run to his side? How many times had you tried to erase his pain in the dreams? Even if you couldn’t do much, you could at least be there. He continued to look at you but your mind was racing with so many questions, you didn’t have time to figure him out.

“Dean, you with us?” Bobby asked, his voice gruffer than earlier.

Dean turned toward him, “I saw Sam.”

“What else did you see?”

Dean rubbed his temples and dropped his head. You answered for him. “A bell with a tree on it.”

Bobby’s gaze shifted to you, “what?”

Once again the hairs raised on the back of your neck and you wanted to shy away from him but you stood your ground. Dean glanced at you still with that inquisitive look. You caught Dean’s eye and continued. “An old bell with a large tree… Cast or engraved on it.”

Dean broke the stare and turned his gaze to Bobby. He nodded as he said, “Sam’s there.”

Something passed over the older man’s face that you couldn’t place. He pinned you with a suspicious look, “what are you?” His question hit you like a bullet and you stared at a loss for words. “How did you see what he saw in his vision?”

Dean took a small step in front of you and raised his hand to Bobby. “How Sam got that to me… it could have easily gone to you if you touched me. We don’t completely know what we’re dealing with here but she’s on our side. She’s human, Bobby. I trust her.”

You practically felt the emphasis he put on the word trust and something shifted inside you. Your gaze slid to Dean and then to Serena just beyond him and noticed the look on her face. Dean had just done something that no words from you could ever do. In that one action with those words, Dean had earned her respect and maybe some trust too.

“I know where Sam is.” Bobby didn’t offer anything else as he grabbed the map off the hood and walked around to the passenger side of the car. He opened the door then stared at the three of you still staring at him. “Well, get your asses in gear. I’ll give you directions.”

Dean glanced at you before opening the back door for you and Serena. He squeezed your hand as you passed him and you were caught by his gaze for a moment. It was as if he was trying to say something but you didn’t understand. He waited for you to climb in then shut the door.

You watched him through the window and saw something cross his face as he looked around then shook his head. It worried you even though you couldn’t quite pinpoint what it meant. The only thing you could think of was Sam and that you were pretty sure you’d seen that look before when he was talking about his little brother. That thought didn’t make you feel any better at the moment. Actually, it made you feel about ten times worse. So much for the uplifting clean hair.

You watched him as he looked into the rearview mirror but his gaze didn’t even waver your way like he was determined not to. The thought deepened the pit in your stomach. “We’ll find a motel on the way. You don’t have to get more involved than you already are.” 

Serena exhaled audibly and you suddenly felt sheepish for thinking the worst but Dean still wouldn’t meet your eye. He was concentrating on the road harder than you’d ever seen him. You decided to lean back and try to get some sleep instead of feeding the growing heavy mass inside you. You tried to believe it was just exhaustion but you haven’t been very good at lying to yourself for years now.

Serena touched your shoulder and patted her thigh when you looked her way. You twisted and lay down with your head in her lap. Her fingers brushed through your hair and you closed your eyes. You didn’t want to stare at the back of Dean’s head going over every detail until you crumbled under the weight of what could possibly be an overanalyzed reaction. You didn’t want to think at all and thankfully, your exhaustion once again took you away.  

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Breaking Out (Part 2/2-Final) (Pietro Maximoff/Tony Stark x reader)

Request: Ahhh I’m so happy I didn’t miss the requests being opened!!! :’D Okay so I decided to watch both parts of Kill Bill today because it’s one of my all time favorite movies and got the idea for this request. lol Could you write a Tony/daughter!reader where she was captured by HYDRA and once her memories come back, Tony sees that she’s become a total badass with a katana and he’s just really awestruck and a little scared as they fight their way out? Thank you and love your blog! 💕

Part 1

Pietro had been running for hours, for days, for months; it didn’t matter.  He would run until he found you, no matter how long it took.  He didn’t care what Tony screamed at him every day when his search turned up with nothing, or how tired his body had become, he would continue until he saw your face again and until your fingers were intertwined with his again as they were the last time he was with you.

“Pietro, you’re looking thin.  When was the last time you stopped to eat?  Do you even sleep anymore?”  Wanda asked worriedly, sitting across from him in the conference room as they waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

His frenetic energy coursed through him, anxious to get the meeting done and to get back to his search.  Pietro knew he could cover so much more ground on his own than with the team, and he wanted nothing to do with the Captain and Tony’s plans.  “I’ll worry about that later.  I can’t think about that right now.”  He began to wring his hands and nervously tap his foot on the floor, “can we get this done, already?  Where is everyone?”

“Calm down, they’re right there.”

Pietro straightened and watched as each of his teammates took their seats around the table, his eyes fixed on Tony, waiting for the familiar glare to be returned his way, but it never came.  Tony looked exhausted, more than usual, and now he wondered if your dad was starting to give up, though he would never really believe it could happen.

“Good morning, everyone,” Steve announced, gathering the group’s attention.  “About an hour ago we were called in to do a rescue,” he paused, loading the mission details on everyone’s tablets, “details are in front of you, and we fly in an hour.”

“I can’t be a part of this,” Pietro interrupted, “I have too much ground to cover today.”

Steve sighed and crossed his arms over his chest, “I’m sorry, Maximoff, but these are our orders.”

“Well, I’m not interested in orders, Captain.”

“We all know how hard you’re working to find (Y/N), but that can’t distract you from the job we have to do.”  Steve’s gaze shifted from Pietro to Tony with a cautious look, “we all want to find her.  But it’s been three months and we need to remember that we have these commitments.”

“Actually, Cap, I think I agree with him,” Tony said quietly but with an air of authority, “I’m not exactly interested in this either.” He tossed the tablet to the table with a resounding thump, “if my head isn’t in the game, then I should sit out.”

Pietro’s eyes brightened and his head turned to look at Tony, “perhaps…we could work together?  I have a strong lead for today.”

Stark shifted in his seat slightly, appearing uncomfortable, but when he thought about it he realized that it would be better to work together, since neither of you had made any headway alone.  “Sure, Speedy, I’m in.”

“Hold on, I don’t think I remember saying that you two were exempt,” Steve huffed.  “Did anyone hear me say that?”  He looked around the table at each of your teammates, challenging them to speak up against him.  “Anyone?”

Natasha cleared her throat and raised her hand slightly, putting on her most convincing expression, “actually, Steve, I think I might have heard you.”  She knew that if the opportunity for the two men to work together had happened, then it would be in your best interests to allow them to do it.  Being two Avengers rather than one would be a benefit in itself, but having your father and the man who loved you working together was rare to say the least.  Suddenly, other voices began to join hers.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, Nat, I think I heard him too.”

“Definitely heard something.”

“Cap, that’s really generous of you.

Steve couldn’t believe what he was hearing as each member of his own team gathered with the next to gang up against him.  “Insubordinates,” he mumbled, slamming his belongings together in a huff.  “Fine. Just fine.  I guess I’ll just go and re-write the entire plan.  Being the Captain apparently means nothing around here…” he trailed off as he stormed through the door.  

A small chuckle worked its way around the room as the team stood to prepare for the mission, each of them pausing to give small words of support to both Pietro and Tony.  Once they had all gone, the two men looked at each other and held their gaze for a moment, neither of them speaking up first, until their words spilled out together.

“Mr. Stark-“

“Ok, listen-“

They each paused again, waiting for the other to speak.  “Mr. Stark,” Pietro began and waited, making sure he was clear to talk, “I think I have a firm lead that I haven’t explored yet. But it’s far from here, and I can run, but if you’re joining me…”

“Don’t worry, kid.  I can meet you there with a jet.”

“You’re seriously going to make me run?”

A weak smile crossed Tony’s lips, but his eyes showed no humor, “hey, you’re the one who lost her.  I don’t feel like I owe you anything.”

Pietro’s shoulders slumped in defeat and acceptance of the words that reflected what he was already feeling, and had felt since the moment you were taken; it was all his fault, and it was up to him to make it right. “Yes, I understand, Mr. Stark.  I agree.”

“Damn, kid, I was joking,” he finally broke, “I might be pissed at you, but that’s just cold.”  Tony stood and made his way to the door, pausing to turn back before exiting, “suit up and meet me in the hangar.  Ten minutes.”


It was taking longer than you expected for your heart rate to slow, your breaths finally becoming regular and unrestricted.  You looked down at the weapon you held in your hand, covered in blood from a source that you couldn’t remember.  A quiet, choking cough began to build from behind you; turning slowly, your eyes fixed on a man who wasn’t fortunate enough to die during your first strike.  Flipping your katana over in your hand, you took a deep breath and made your way to him, pangs of regret growing stronger with each step closer that you came.


“It sure seems awfully quiet, don’t you think?”  Tony asked, peering out the jet window as he began the descent to land.  “I don’t know, Speedy, I’m not getting much for life signs down there,” he paused, tapping the screen as if it were malfunctioning, “maybe a couple, but nothing definitive.”

“Maybe my lead was wrong?”

“We can still check it out…oh, wait…hold on!” Tony yelled when he spotted a small missile heading for the jet, not sure if he had time to evade it.  “I think someone must be home!”

The jet rocked back and forth, but he was able to quickly steady it, though apprehensive about his approach now.  Tony glanced at Pietro a few times, his eyes nervous but his expression holding steady; his fingers began to whiten from the tight grip he held on the controls.  “Hold on, kid.  This is gonna be a little bumpy.”  

Pietro hopped into a seat and strapped himself in, only seconds before he felt the jet sliding across the ground, grinding and scraping the earth until finally coming to a stop against a grove of trees.  Once he felt secure he frantically released himself and opened the jet door while Tony put on his suit.  Before Stark could utter even one word, Pietro was in the wind.

“So much for working together,” he mumbled to himself and took flight behind him.


“(Y/N), stop.  You don’t know what you’re doing.  Clear your mind.”

You stood over the HYDRA agent, watching him beg for his life without a care.  He was one of the men who had trapped you here and experimented on you, making you into a killing machine meant to lead them to the destruction of the Avengers. They had definitely succeeded in making you into a weapon, but it was now a force being used against them.

“No, we aren’t going to do that,” you said flatly, “so you may as well save that air for your final breath.”  You moved to stand over him with a foot on each side of his waist, pressing his wrists to the ground as he looked up at you, his eyes filled with fear and his body trembling so harshly that you could feel it in your own.  You raised your blade up over your head and prepared to fatally plunge it into him.  “Close your eyes,” you commanded, “don’t look at me.”

“(Y/N)?  (Y/N), what are you doing?”

You turned your head towards the new voice, knowing immediately who it was.  “Pietro,” you acknowledged with a small nod, returning your gaze to the man on the floor beneath you, “if you could excuse me for a moment.”

The feeling of metal sliding through muscle and tissue is something you would never become accustomed to, and would never enjoy, but it was necessary.  This man didn’t make as much noise as the others, but he was also higher in rank and was expected to face his death silently.  You felt a strange respect for him in his last moments of commitment to HYDRA. With a deep breath, you bent down to wipe your blade, using the man’s own uniform to clean his blood away.  

“Did you bring dad?”

Pietro couldn’t do anything but stare at you in disbelief, watching a person who was nothing like the one he had lost months ago.  The change from the quiet, shy and adorable you into the assassin in front of him was too much to comprehend.  “Um…yes, he’s here…but (Y/N)…?” he trailed off and waved his hand around the room that held at least a dozen dead bodies, “I don’t understand.”

“It was time for me to go, so I had to make my move when the opportunity arose.”  You stood and secured your katana to the sling on your back and took a few steps towards him.  “Whatever they were doing to keep me in their control wasn’t working anymore.  All of my memories were released; the only thing I could think of was getting home, no matter what I had to do.”

“You’re so different,” he whispered, reaching up to touch your hair, “you even look different to me.”

“Well, HYDRA boot camp can do that to a person.”

Your head snapped towards the door at the sound of Tony’s suit landing just outside.  Running past Pietro, you were outside and in front of him as he stepped out of the suit. His mouth was agape and his eyes wide with a hazy glistening at the sight of you, but he paled as if he were seeing a ghost.  “I’m sorry I’m late,” he gasped.

“I should say so.”

“We’ve been together ten seconds and you’re already giving me a hard time?”

You smiled and leapt forward, throwing your arms around him and into a tight hug.  “What took you so long?” you sighed into his shoulder as he held you, “I was starting to think that you gave up.”

“Are you kidding me?” he whispered, “that would never happen, sweetheart.”  He pulled back from the embrace to look at you, giving your arms a small squeeze when he realized how different they felt from the last time they were wrapped around him.  “Been working out?”

“That’s hilarious.”  

A sound of dried leaves crunching beneath the guard’s shoes closing in behind your father caught your attention; you immediately pulled your weapon from your back and pushed Tony out of the way.  “Be right back,” you huffed and began your assault, struggling only slightly with the assailant’s efforts.  You recognized him as one of the men who trained you in your new fighting style, and even though he could anticipate your moves, you could do the same.

Pietro joined Tony, the two men standing by and watching as you held you own with no need for them to assist.  Their mouths hung open and neither had the capacity to say anything, completely shocked at the new you.  They glanced at each other a few times in wordless conversation and a little hint of fear.  When you finally finished the man and again cleaned your blade on his clothing, you rejoined the pair, only slightly fatigued but in remarkably good spirits considering what you had just done.

“So, fellas,” you said with a smirk, “I’d like to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.”

youandmeunthinkable  asked:

heya I was wondering what are some of your fave Darcy/ Bucky fics? (love your story for them btw cant wait for more <3)

Thanks for reading my story! There are some fucking FANTASTIC writers in marvel fandom and the Wintershock fandom in general. This list is going to be incomplete. I’m bad sometimes about bookmarking the shit I really like…but here’s what I have saved that I can offer that were some fic reads I found to be *ahem* HELLA!

1. Pizza Dog Chronicles by Pollydoodles
Summary: You’ve probably heard of it. A series of one shot/drabbles, centered around Bucky and The Avengers and Bucky/Darcy’s growing relationship.
Why I Like It: It’s just fucking good. Can that be a reason? She updates a lot–which is a treat!–and every time I see a new one shot either from the main story or the “wider” verse or what have you…I just fucking smile :)

2. Three Weeks, Ten States, and One Million Reasons to Fall for You by LeftyLain
SummaryWhen Darcy considers all the things she never planned to do, going on a ten state road trip with the Winter Soldier ranks right up there with jumping off the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier sans parachute. Falling for said Winter Soldier somewhere between New York and New Orleans? Never. Gonna. Happen. Probably, at least. I mean, he is pretty damn sexy when he’s not glaring at her. Whatever. She’s only in it for the taser batons.
Why I Like It: Lefty haunts my life in the best way possible for both Wintershock and Tasertricks. She’s one of my faves. This story is really great because it’s just fun. It’s a fun fucking read. Just two crazy kids, falling head over heels for one another. It also starts with one of my favorite tropes: I’m basically pretending I hate you to cover the fact that I’m already in love with you. Also, A++++++++ smut in this. Seriously.

3.l’appel du vide by leidoscope
Summary: A collection of Darcy x Bucky one-shots, drabbles, and prompt fills.
Why I Like It: I’m  p r e t t y   sure this was the first bit of Wintershock fic-age I dove into. A lot of great short drabbles and stuff. Highly recommending reading each and every one!

4. but let me tell you baby (i’m so crazy for you) by plannedserviceinterruption
Summary: Kissed by a stranger is not the worst that his night could have gone.
Why I Like It: Because I’m a total perv and a sucker for some smut. Also, a PWP with a bit of substance. I’ve read this one more than a few times ;)

5. Triumvirate by Caiti (Caitriona_3)
Summary: What do you do when you’re a recently deprogrammed assassin who is falling for the girl of your dreams? Especially when that cold-hearted part of you is still there, creeping in the shadows of your mind? This is the kind of thing Bucky had to worry about. Or does he?
Why I Like It: I quite enjoy the Bucky/Winter Soldier two men in the same body trope of this ship and exploring how the two love and rely on Darcy in different ways. And who doesn’t love a good rescue fic? I mean I guess we’re not supposed to admit to that because feminism but…fuck it. I love the rescue trope. And Darcy isn’t exactly a damsel in distress. She holds her own.

6. Easy Chair by AnnieMar
 "Love is either an easy chair or a tank … you sit back and relax, or you get in and go to war.“ In which Bucky Barnes develops a friendship with Darcy Lewis. Hijinks ensue. #wintershock
Why I Like It: Friendship to more. It’s a standard theme in Wintershock land and one that I never get sick of reading. A sweet, fluffy, but not so much that your teeth hurt, ficlet.

7.Five Times Wasn’t Enough by MoonandWinter
Summary: The first time James met her, she smiled kindly at him, even as he held the blade against her neck. He would meet her four more times and every single one would be as bizarre. James’ POV. The other story is from Darcy’s.
Why I Like It: This is actually a companion to another story, as mentioned above. This one isn’t quite done and I’m not sure how far the author intends to go, but basically you know the end if you read Darcy’s POV story. I just like this one a little better because it’s Bucky POV and I love reading the internal struggle, confused attraction, and adore the way this author has written Bucky. Read both though! Both are good!

8.And Wasteland All Around Us by whitesilence
Summary: Darcy had watched her share of horror movies and she knew how they ended. She was not going to end up dead like that, not if she could help it.
Why I Like It: BECAUSE ZOMBIES!!! Seriously, though. Unfortunately this is incomplete. Which makes me sad, because I like the set up. And the sort of non-relationship, but relationship Bucky and Darcy are in. And survival. AND ZOMBIES!!! I hope this author keeps going!

9. A Tourist in The Waking World (Never Quite Awake) by Captainwittyoneliner
Summary: He’s a ghost, you’ll never find him. Well, unless you’re Darcy Lewis. Then you don’t have to find him. He’ll find you. Or haunt you, as the case may be.
Why I Like It: It’s a really unique story with really good writing. It is frustratingly incomplete. I hope not abandoned but…it’s been a few months. However the first 8 chapters (I think that’s how many there are) and SUPER worth the read. And it doesn’t exactly leave off on a terrible cliff of angst or anything.

Okay I’m gonna go with one more…that’s honorable mention because it’s Wintershieldshock but I can’t help myself I love it so much…

10. Everything She Didn’t Know She Wanted by bluecurls
: Knowing she had two soulmates comforted Darcy Lewis during the toughest moments of her life.Then she met them.
Why I Like It: I said to the author in a review once “this fic is everything I didn’t know I wanted.” It’s a really AMAZING and complete long read. There’s romance and humor and a bit of adventure. It’s a good character/relationship study. And the soulmate trope gets me every time. If you even maybe a little bit by chance ship the ot3…read this!!!

Okay, this list is WAY incomplete, because as I was going through my read fics on Ao3 I realized my Wintershock list is waaaaaay longer than I thought. So I might update it sometime, because I can already think of a couple off the top of my head that I’ve missed.


Yet More StormPilot fic recs

Even more fic recs!  There’s still so many great fic coming out, and as my friend put it, I’m being a proper Ravenclaw by continuing to catalogue some of the best! (Well, best by my opinion at least).

A few of these are JediStormPilot, a few of these have a side of Jess/Rey.  A number of these are also on the longer side, so I’ve included word counts this time.

Previous fic rec posts:




Healing Through Flight

Summary: “Poe has always wanted to properly meet his hero, Luke Skywalker. He’s also been dying to meet Finn’s friend Rey. He didn’t think these things would be happening at the same time and he certainly didn’t think it would be so awkward.”

Sequel to the wonderful fic Naivety and Stupidity which I recced in my very first post, this one from Poe’s POV. (Also, part 3 is currently coming out!)  This fic also has Jess/Rey, and has Poe dealing with the after effects of his encounter with Kylo Ren

16075 Words in 6 Chapters.

“They hadn’t gotten any word that this would be happening. Damn, Poe wished Finn was there. He would have been ecstatic. As it stood, Poe supplied the excited nature for both of them. He’d seen Rey about once but from the transmissions between Rey and Finn and the stories he had heard, he was more than a little excited to meet the girl himself. He hadn’t even had a chance to properly thank her for bringing Finn back. He definitely needed to do that. And then buy her a drink because that’s what you did when people saved your not-yet-lover-but-eventually-lover.”

Supernova Tonight

Summary: “There’s probably a lot that Finn needs, now he’s conscious again, and probably half of it Poe is never going to be able to figure out, but at least he can tell him the stories.”

This beautifully written fic is probably one of my favorites right now.  Finn dealing with the effects of growing up a storm trooper, Poe dealing with helping him.  It follows Poe’s perspective throughout this, figuring out how not to speak without thinking so as to help Finn as much as possible, things like that.  There’s so many paragraphs I could pull to quote, but here’s a few that made me fall more in love with this fic towards the beginning of it.

It is rated Explicit, as it does have a few smutty scenes, but if that’s not your thing the story is still worth reading as the vast majority is.

9628 Words

“Finn says things, those times when he’s stuck back in the memories that never formed properly, that make Poe want to go out, gear up, get in his X-wing and basically personally kill every First Order bastard and go back again twice over just to be certain.”

“When he’d been young and stupid, he’d bought into the reputation flyers had for love-em-and-leave-‘em, and felt like it was something you had to live by, that it came with the role. His mother had been nothing like that, but since when did kids let parents be their models? He had one night stands round half his squad, and casual arrangements with most of the other half, and then there were all the off-world trips and the bars and the skin-sinks, and it was awesome until the night he was all on his own drinking banthan rum with no one who gave a shit to talk to about his Dad’s passing, and realised it wasn’t….

And now somehow it’s twenty years later, and he’s wound up in the longest relationship of his life – even though it’s barely been half a cycle - with a guy who probably views their interaction as familial, or at least would if he’d not been horribly kidnapped from his actual family and mind-wiped and exploited until any sense of how people might relate normally was stripped from him and…”

summer daze

Summary (and a great quote from the story):”Poe is a rescue pilot, Rey a paramedic.

While surveying a bushfire east of Melbourne Rey spots a man in trouble, and without any hesitation they save him from the fire. Noticing that her friend is checking out their recent rescue, Rey takes it upon herself to make sure Finn stays in their lives.”

This is a modern AU that takes place in Australia.

6340 Words

“Rey. Rey. What is wrong with me? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he isn’t gay? Or bi? What am going to do?” He groaned again and Rey rolled her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and took a sip of the red wine, contemplating her answer.
“You’re an idiot.” Poe sat up and stared at her, mouth open.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me! You’re an idiot. Seriously. Just bloody call the bloke. He likes you too.” Rey rolled her eyes again. “Men. Jesus Christ, I’m so glad I’m not interested in men.”“

Square Pegs

Summary: “When Finn asks Poe for Resistance propaganda to read in the hopes of catching up on what they’ve been doing, he doesn’t expect to find a certain calendar full of what could delicately be described as glamour shots of the Resistance’s greatest pilot.”

Finn is trying to find something to do while healing, and wants to learn more about the Resistance.  The above describes it really well.  

6937 Words

“The function of the calendar seems to be all but forgotten as most of each double page is taken up by a photograph. Photographs that could only be described as softly pornographic. Poe straddling the front of his X-Wing with nothing but his helmet protecting his modesty. Poe climbing a maintenance ladder resting against the X-Wing, thigh strategically angled. He may be hidden at the front but everything is on display at the back. Finely defined muscles that shine in the bright starlight, curves instead of lines that disguise the intimate control that Poe has over each and every part of his body. Finn’s eyes are drawn to one curve in particular.”

the beloved body, compass, polestar

“Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.”

Poe is trying to help Finn recover and find a place in the Resistance, while simultaneously trying to figure out how to balance his own feelings for Finn and his devotion to the Resistance.  Also, this has great friendship between Poe and Jessika.

6124 Words

“Finn makes his stomach swoop and his chest constrict and the back of his ears burn hot, but that’s not important in the long view of things. It’s not important when the First Order is still out there, and the Republic is beginning to wither after one key system was shot down out of the sky like it was nothing. Poe’s heard the stories about Alderaan–not from the General, always tight-lipped about her home planet, but his father had spoken late into the night about the fear that rippled through the village seeing a planet burst into an asteroid field, never mind five. The rain had been heavy, and as he spoke, Kes Dameron rubbed at an old blaster scar on his thigh that tended to twinge with the weather and with mentions of friends who had been left under knots of vines on Endor or in the dissipated fires on the surface of imperial star destroyers.”

number 3

Summary: “Whenever Poe thinks he might be about to die (which is approximately three times a week) he always wishes he had the chance to do three things:

1. Have a glass of the Coruscant blush wine that had been drunk by legendary rebel fighters before the Battle of Endor (a childhood dream, okay)
2. Thank the General for everything she’d done
3. Tell a certain jacket stealing, ex-stormtrooper that he’s in love with him

(The list was in the order that the points had been added, not the importance. It was embarrassing how quickly Finn had started to rank number one in importance in Poe’s life.)”

Poe works his way through some of his list.

3358 Words

““Don’t wait until it seems like the end, Dameron. Tell him when you’re safe and breathing easily. I waited. And then Han waited. We were always waiting until one of us was leaving or dying. Eventually that’s the only way you can love each other, when the world is ending. Stop waiting, tell him.””

reach me down

Summary: “Poe Dameron deals with the effects of having someone forcibly root around in their mind without permission. Luckily, he doesn’t have to deal with it alone.”

Can you see a theme in the fics I’m reccing? Poe has a nightmare, Finn and Rey come help.


1292 Words

Cover Boy

Summary: “Poe doesn’t find it funny. Unfortunately, everyone else finds it hilarious.”

Poe discovers he has ended up on the cover of First Order Propaganda: “His face appears under a bold, menacing headline that reads, “Don’t Let The Resistance Seduce You Away!””  He’s not so thrilled about this, especially the way they paint Finn.

2331 Words

“Jess is the only one who hasn’t fled from his sudden temper flare. Her face has softened, looking a little too knowing. He ignores her and scrolls down to the article, which is just as purple and stomach turning as he had suspected it would be, painting him as the sexual lothario who had preyed on a trooper’s weakness and Finn as… no one. As just another trooper, one with higher scores and more promise than most, but likely used and ultimately discarded by the Resistance. As though Finn’s choice means nothing. "They’re turning me into another boogeyman of the Resistance and making Finn seem like nothing special.””

Keep Your Eyes on Me

Summary: “Finn and Rey totally had a Moment (probably), Poe’s life is the hardest, Ben knows all of Mean Girls by heart, and none of them are going to survive Homecoming.”

Modern world high-school AU.  JediStormPilot.  I ADORE the fact that bb-8, instead of a little kid or an animal, is a genderqueer kid named Bibi.

2930 Words.

“"Them.” Finn waved a hand across the study hall room at the cluster in the corner. This being an unsupervised study period, the juniors of Jakku High were variously draped over, sleeping under, and teetering precariously half-on their desks, and engaged in a variety of excitingly not-homework-related pursuits. Finn and Poe had gone for the classic push-two-chairs-together-into-a-loveseat-and-sit-mostly-on-top-of-each-other maneuver, which had been a good idea in Finn’s opinion because Poe was warm and also had very soft, comfy hair. Jessika was sitting in her seat normally like weirdo. Bibi was lying across two desks with their iPod headphones in and a soccer ball balanced on their stomach.

And, in the opposite corner, Rey Kenobi and Ben Organa were slumped in chairs, Ben draped like a maiden on a fainting couch and Rey crouched with her knees pressed up against the desk and the chair wobbling on two legs but never actually in danger of falling. There wasn’t anything as dramatic as a space cleared around the two of them, people weren’t actually hanging back in reverence and awe, but it kind of felt like they should be. There was a glow, an aura, nay, an eminence about that particular corner of the classroom. It housed an angelic being after all, Finn reflected. Angelic in very much the flaming-sword sense, but still. “

In Fits and Starts

Summary: “Poe knows how Finn feels about Rey. But that won’t stop him from holding on as long as he possibly can.”

Poe knows Finn is in love with Rey, but is going to get as much out of his time with Finn as he can.  Then Rey returns.  Angst with a happy ending.

2093 Words

“People always think he wants it hard, fast, impersonal. And he does, he loves it like that. But not every time.

Finn is the only one who holds him in his arms, who pushes into him carefully – like he’s something precious, something to be cherished.

Poe doesn’t know what he’s going to do when it stops.”

But I’m a Stormtrooper!

Summary: “A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn’s not sure what the punchline is, but he’s almost certain it’s gonna hurt. (He’s wrong.)”

Seriously, this fic would be worth it for the drink names alone at the bar.

3269 Words

Galactic Dreams (Or lets fly birthday girl)

Summary: “Rey had to admit that she was sorely tempted and it really wasn’t like Luke could possibly sense her from all the way down here. It wasn’t like he could somehow stop her if he possibly did. It wasn’t like he could outrun an x-wing at any rate. Great motivations and suggestions from a supposedly even-headed Jedi in training but Rey had only ever piloted the Millennium Falcon. Opportunity like this didn’t just come flying in every day.

It’s Luke’s birthday and Leia’s idea to surprise Rey with a gift inspires Jess to do something similar.”

While still StormPilot, this fic is primarily Rey/Jess. and is cute fluff where Jess goes to deliver Rey and Luke birthday presents from Leia.  She decides to add her own presents to Rey to the mix.

5684 Words

The Adventures of Ace Dameron

This is an adorable little series, of three short fic so far.  Finn wakes up to a little boy named Ace, who over the course of the stories proceeds to charm the pants off Finn, to the delight of his dad.

Same Old Story with a Different Name

Summary: “Jessika has more important things to do than gossip about Dameron and Finn or daydream about Rey. Pity she’s not getting around to them.”

This fic is from Jessika Pava’s perspective. The pilots gossip about Poe and his relationship with Finn.  It’s also Jess/Rey

2662 Words

“The mood on base changes when Rey returns with Luke Skywalker. They’re not staying long—just giving an update, really—but both are treated like the celebrities they’ve become, Rey’s star shining slightly brighter since she’s younger and cuter and a whole lot newer, although Jessika’s never really let go of her childhood fixation on Skywalker as the galaxy’s greatest hero. Rey stops by the hangar sometimes, where Dameron’s been teaching Finn the basic mechanics of X-wing repair. (“He’d rather be working sanitation,” Snap tells Jessika at lunch one day. “At least, that’s what Dara said. It’s what he’s good at. But I think he likes Poe more than he likes working.”) The three of them have become something of a trio, and though Jessika treasures her friendships with Snap and the rest of Blue Squadron, she can’t help her jealousy—not of Rey, but of the others, the ones who get to occupy her free time. Jessika would be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed Rey, and not just for her heroics. But no one needs to know that.”

I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the others, and if you can help me get to over 300 notes (My 3rd one got to 270 notes) through reblogs and likes I will love you all forever!!!

Speedy ↠ Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female Reader
Prompt: The way you two met happened to be the most normal thing of Peter’s morning, despite the fact that you had practically slammed into each other and, to his surprise, nicknamed him Speedy.
Time setting: After the events of Civil War.
Word count: 2,109

Peter met you the way headlights did a deer. He, the deer, found himself surprised and wide-eyed, though, one of two differences between he and the real thing was that he hadn’t become roadkill within those few seconds. In saying this, it made no difference in the fact that he was still caught there, momentarily blinded like the sky had just opened up and swallowed him whole. He was, for the hundredth time in his life, utterly mortified. You would have found it funny; the way he tensed up and paled. But you hadn’t laughed at all, not even a little bit, given that you had the probability of appearing the exact same way.

The second difference in Peter (that anyone could have spotted) was that, unlike a deer caught in headlights, he was in no immediate danger. And this was, admittedly, an entirely new feeling for him. He was freaking Spider-Man after all, and danger was usually always handed to him on a silver platter, or, it was just something he happened to intuitively stumble upon.

This time, however, he stumbled right into you. You, the headlights, gleaming like a beam. You, the one who managed to keep her balance despite the teenage boy who had just slammed into her side without so much as a warning. Despite the surprise, this seemed to be a normal thing for you, almost as though it was a routine. It had even become a joke between you and the few friends you had made around Queens in your time of living there — so much so, they had deemed it to be some sort of not-so-super superpower.

It was stupid, really, how quickly you and Peter had collided into one another. The both of you were simply keeping to your own selves moments prior, only to come face to face (or more like deer to headlights) with one another immediately afterward.

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black-and-white-horror  asked:

have there been any crimes inspired by the movie Se7en (1995) or any seven deadly sins inspired murders?

I cannot think of any crimes inspired by Se7en although I could be wrong.  There are a ton of films that have inspired crimes and I enjoyed researching and making this list.  I grew up watching many violent films, and to me they were always just that…films.  So it always interested me when anyone would claim to have been inspired to murder or commit a crime after watching a movie.  Enjoy!
The Dark Knight - We all know about James Holmes and the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting.  However, this wasn’t the only case.  In 2009 a student in Indiana went to the bathroom to apply Joker-style makeup, and when she came back she tried to attack her teacher with a razor blade.  In 2010 a man in Wisconsin was sentenced to a year in jail after he broke into his cousin’s home and assaulted him (he was dressed as the Joker).  
Twilight - A young boy went around biting classmates; he bit about 10 in 1 month.  The boy’s dad said it was because of his love of “Twilight”.
A Clockwork Orange - Perhaps one of my personal favorite movies of all time inspired various crimes throughout Britain.  Some teen boys beat a tramp to death.  Another, dressed, like a droog, stabbed a younger boy.  A Dutch girl was gang-raped in Lancashire by a group while they sang “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Another man, John Ricketts dressed up as a droog and attacked a woman at an office party because “she was taking up too much time on the dance floor”.
Magnum Force - After seeing Magnum Force, William Andrews and Dale Selby Pierre committed murders that became known as the Hi-Fi murders, murdering 3 people.
The Deer Hunter - A man named Mickey Culpupper shot himself in he head while playing “Deer Hunter”.  Similar incidents occurred in the Phillippines, Finland, and Lebanon.
Natural Born Killers - This movie caused quite a bit of crime (a full list would probably be a mile long).  It is said that both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who carried out the Columbine High School massacre were very into the film.  Michael Carneal, responsible for the Heath High School shooting was also influenced by the film.  Perhaps the biggest “copycat” crime of all was that of 19 year old Sarah Edmondson and her 18 year old boyfriend Benjamin Darras, who went on a killing spree.  In Canada, 23 year old Jeremy Steinke (who now goes by Jackson may) and his 12 year old girlfriend killed her parents.  Also in Canada, Kimveer Gill carried out the Dawson College shooting, killing 1, injuring 19, and killing himself.
Dexter - The hit show inspired quite a few murders.  A British teen by the name of Steven Miles stabbed his girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas in the back of the head.  He then chopped up her body and put her parts into plastic bags.  Mark Howe of England killed his own mother.  In Canada, Mark Twitchell invited two men to his “movie studio” to be in his movie about a sword-wielding serial killer.  He murdered one of the men, the other escaped.  In Indiana, Andrew Conley who claims to have “felt like Dexter” strangled his 10 year old brother to death, afterwards putting a plastic bag over his head.  In California, Jessica Lopez strangled a woman saying it was as if “Dexter had spoken to me directly”.  In Sweden, a young girl plunged a knife into her stepfather and slit his throat.  In Norway, Håvard Nyfløt  claimed a taxi driver by the name of Shamrez Khan asked him to kidnap and torture a woman named Faiza Shraf for rejecting him.  Nyfløt felt Khan was a bad person who “fit the code like in the series”, so he dug him a shallow grave in the woods and planned to bludgeon Khan out there and cut him up.  He wanted Ashraf to witness him execute Khan, so he kidnapped her and put her in his trunk, bringing her out to the woods.  When he opened his trunk and tried to explain his plan to her, she tried to run away.  To stop her screaming he used an entire roll of duct tape on her, and tied a rope around her neck and put her back in his trunk.  When opening his trunk later, he discovered she had died, so he dumped her body in the grave he had made for Kahn.  
Queen of The Damned - Allan Menzies murdered his friend Thomas McKendrick, and he claims to have done it because a character in the movie told him to, promising to make him a vampire in his next life.  Menzies had watched the movie over 100 times.
Backdraft - I had never sent his movie, but it was made in 1991 and is an action film that is about a group of firefighters trying to catch a serial arsonist.  After seeing this movie, a man  really admired the firefighters and wanted to be just like them.  who was arrested for arson said he admired the firefighters in the movie and wanted to be just like them, saving people from burning buildings.  Instead, he lit a chair on fire in his girlfriend’s families home while everyone was asleep.  Strangely, he didn’t even put it out.  The family woke up, put it out themselves, and he was arrested for arson.  Luckily, nobody died.
The Town - The biggest “copycat” crime took place in New York, where a group of men committed a whopping 62 robberies.  The other 2 reported “copycat” crimes took place in Nebraska and Illinois.
First Blood - This 1982 action film portraying the damage of the Vietnam War on young American men.  The hero in the film, John Rambo, was played by Sylvester Stallone.  Apparently there were many police reports of men trying to imitate John Rambo, primarily in the Canadian Wilderness.  The worst case was of one man who was shot to death after a standoff with the police (he killed an officer). He was dressed in army fatigues and a red headband.
Nightmare on Elm Street - The biggest crime inspired by this movie was the one of spree killer Daniel Gonzalez.  In two days in London and Sussex, Gonzalez where he killed 4 and injured 2.  He was known as the “Freddy Krueger Killer”.  He was also influenced by Friday the 13th.  He ended up killing himself in his cell in 2007.  
Interview With the Vampire - A longterm couple named Daniel Sterling and Lista Stellwagen watched this movie together in 1994.  She woke up at 3 in the morning and found Daniel staring at her.  He told her “Tonight you’re going to die.  I’m going to kill you and drink your blood.”  She didn’t take him seriously and went back to sleep.  Later that day, Daniel stabbed her seven times and sucked the blood from her wounds.  Lisa survived.
Property X - While this movie hasn’t actually caused any murders, it has caused crime in the form of hardcore partying.  Mainly, just tons of kids partying and trying to reenact the movie’s portrayal of drugs and violence.  Incidents have been reported in Texas, Utah, and Florida. It’s said that Warner Brothers actually had to issue a statement telling kids to cut it out and that it’s just a movie.
The Collector - This old British film is said to have inspired the crimes of serial killer duo Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.
American Psycho - Not so surprisingly, this movie caused some brutal murders.  14 year old Mcihael Hernandez of Florida stabbed his middle school classmate to death.  He then admitted that he was attempting to model his behavior after the serial killers in American Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.  A 30 year old British Banker, Rurik Jutting, killed two Indonesian women in Hong Kong and kept their bodies in his fancy apartment.  
The Matrix - This is apparently a movie that Lee Body Malvo, known for his role int he D.C. Sniper Attacks, was obsessed with.  While he was in jail, he wrote “Free yourself of the Matrix” in his cell.
Saw - This movie really seemed to speak to the younger crowd.  In Tennessee, two 13 year old girls decided to play a little game after watching the movie.  They prank phone called a 52 year old woman by the name of Beverly Dickson.  They left her a voicemail saying one of their friends was in her home and it would be filled with toxic gas, and does she want to live or die?  Unfortunately, Dickson listened to their voicemail at perhaps the worst time.  She was at a funeral.  It caused her to suffer a stroke.  In Salt Lake City, a mother had turned in her own son and his friend, aged 14 and 15, after she heard them discussing their plan to to kidnap, torture, and murder.  The two had made an elaborate plan to set up games in the style of Jigsaw to teach people lessons.  On their list they had a police officer and two middle school girls.
Fight Club - Not so surprisingly, this film has inspired quite a few crimes.  The most well-known was the string of bombings in New York over Memorial Day Weekend in 2009.  They were linked to a guy named Kyle Shaw, who was a member of a local “Fight Club” himself.
Childs Play - It is said that the infamous case of the two young boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who murdered 2 year old James Bulger were influenced by Child’s Play 3.  It is also said that Australian Mass Murderer was obsessed with Chucky, the doll in the movies.
Money Train - This film had a scene in it where a thief robbed a subway toll booth, trapped the clerk, sprayed the booth with gasoline and set it on fire.  (In the actual movie, the clerk got away).  However, this isn’t how it happened in real life when 3 teens attempted it with a 50 year old clerk who suffered burns on over 75 percent of his body, dying in a hospital just 3 weeks later.  Strangely enough, there were 7 more more incidents over the following 3 weeks that utilized the same method.  
RoboCop 2 - Serial Killer Nathaniel White savored the violence portrayed in the movie.  He even killed a pregnant woman, Julianna Frank, in a manner identical to RoboCop.  He said “The first girl I killed was from a ‘RoboCop’ movie… I seen him cut somebody’s throat then take the knife and slit down the chest to the stomach and left the body in a certain position. With the first person I killed I did exactly what I saw in the movie.”
The Basketball Diaries - School shooter Barry Loukaitis entered his classroom in Washington in a black trenchcoat with pistols, ammunition, and a rifle.  He apparently said “This sure beats Algebra, doesn’t it?”  His shooting left 3 people dead.
Scream - This movie caused a frenzy.  A Belgian man by the name of Thierry Jaradin befriended a 15 year old girl named Alisson Cambier.  She was in his home, and after she rejected his advances, he went in the other room and put on the classic Scream costume.  He then stabbed her 30 times.  A woman named Gina Castillo was murdered by her own son and nephew.  The two boys needed money in order to go on a murder spree to reenact the story line of the first two films.  They needed money for the classic Scream costumes and the electronic voice boxes that they could not afford.
Taxi Driver- Ahh, Taxi Driver.  Another one of my favorite films.  After watching it, John Hinkley Jr. had blurred the boundaries between fantasy and reality.  He claims he felt Robert DeNiro was talking to him.  He grew obsessed with Jodie Foster, who played a young prostitute in the movie.  He figured that in order to impress her and get her attention, he would have to murder the president.  He attacked President Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C., only wounding him.  He was found insane and sent to a hospital, where he continued to be obsessed with Jodie Foster.
Wedding Crashers - Who would think that such a silly movie would inspire anyone to do anything violent?  However, student Olga Louniakova, put Visine in a bottle (the wrong bottle) and poisoned her supervisor.