she was really quick to change partners

tw: not explicit suicide, but some threats telling someone to commit suicide.

Names are changed so:

S – My friend, who is a sweet Chinese girl

K – My other friend, a Filipino male.

Weeb – The weeb.

Okay, so a bit of background first. So, K and I were part of a slightly larger group of friends that were pretty tight-knit. We were a just below the average of size wise in a high school, and, I don’t mean to offend anyone but this is how it was, there were literally three Asians at our school, so K was pretty popular, since he stood out from the crowd.

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The Assignment, Chapter 1

Prompt from @silverinsanity​: Ayla and Nino are conveniently (a little too-conveniently ;))) ) absent when project partners are being assigned, so Adrien and Marinette are partnered to create a presentation about Ladybug and Chat Noir

I’m going to make this one a multi-chapter! I’m thinking it’ll end up two or three chapters long, but we’ll see. Thank you for the prompt! spoiler alert alya and nino are totally just peeking through the window and cheering and high fiving i love their frienship

Adrien checked his phone one more time and sighed. It was odd; Nino was never absent, and yet he was missing from one of the most important days of the year. Presentation partner assignments. No one wanted to be absent on this day. If you didn’t make your own partner choice–and fast–who knew who you would be assigned to work with. Not that Adrien knew all that much about how it worked; Nino had had to fill him in on the details. The struggles of being homeschooled until only recently.

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