she was probably out to get her from the beginning

Why I Think Momo is Kickass and You should too

So with the emergence of the anime becoming more and more popular, of course the fan base is growing and growing, I would even say to heights like seen in Fairy Tail, Naruto, etc.

 However, with the series getting more popular, you are stuck with more….negative opinions about the characters that in my mind are sometimes just not necessary.

 Now, this blog is normally Ochako and Kacchako and I intend to mostly keep it that way but lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts towards Momo and frankly, I’m heavily displeased by this, especially since she’s one of the most well portrayed girls in the series and it’s really heartbreaking on my end to see posts that essentially dismiss her for more shallow reasons that don’t need to be here.

 I mean to start this off, are we going to simply forget that she came into UA on a recommendation and was a student that made even All Might shook when asked why Iida was the winner of the exercise

or how, even though the class didn’t know her, she was still voted to be Assistant Class President? 

 or how she was able to act calm and rational during the USJ villain fight?

 or how she still managed to get the top grade in the midterm exams and didn’t get it to her head but actually acted BENEVOTELY and helped her classmates who asked her for help?

or how it was HER plan that got Todoroki and her to win the exam that they were fighting in?

 But ya know, because of her BODY, we’re going to ignore that right? We’re going to ignore how amazing and how smart she is simply because of her body.  

I won’t lie guys, I’ve heard people complaining about her quirk and even saying how bad her quirk is designed when it’s like??? It actually makes a lot of sense why it’s like that since she does create large objects like shields, spears, A FREAKING CANON, like it makes sense for her to need to use fat call throughout her body to be able to achieve that look.

Which brings me to talk about her costume. Oh boy, this is the one that when I first entered the fandom, no one really said anything but now that the series is more popular, everyone has become experts on body proportions and quirk designs and apparently fashion design since her costume isn’t good enough for her.

I mean look at the costume design that Horikoshi put in for her and how he planned that all out for her

At some point, yes I understand, Horikoshi is a pervert, sometimes his intentions aren’t the best, I get that. But consider this, even though he had the ability to make Ochako’s and Tsuyu’s costumes completely perverted, he chose against that. He had the perfect opportunity to indulge in that yet he didn’t. What I love about Horikoshi is that he thinks about the practicality of the quirks and designs the costumes based on that as well taking into consideration the character’s personality and what they would want.

 So guys, at some point, reality check moment: Momo is comfortable with her body enough to wear a costume that she deemed necessary for the usage of her quirk. And she chose that design for that outfit and has not said a word about this entire series. She even had an opportunity to create it to be more closed and she chose not to. MOMO CHOSE HER OUTFIT AND VIEWS IT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER HERO WORK.

 In this moment too, I would like to share what even Midnight said during Episode 34 at the very beginning.

So another reality check: The only people who are saying it’s sexual are the people who are sexualizing her to begin with. Instead of viewing it as more of a practical thing that is designed for her quirk (which involves utilizing her fat cells and creating stuff through her skin), people begin to view as sexual and are condemning her for having a revealing costume. Which, to me personally, I find ironic since tumblr is filled with campaigns of free the nipple and the stopping of sexualization of breasts and female anatomy, yet look what’s happening here. People are taking her costume and saying she’s being sexualized for choosing a design that would give her optimal openness to use her quirk.

 I mean look at how she used it in the Aizawa fight

 Having that navel cavity helped her out immensely during this fight and she was able to create the alloy material in a much faster way with having access to areas where most of her fat is stored.

Which, I also heard people commenting on how Momo’s body doesn’t make sense and how skinny she is in comparison to her boobs (which I’ve seen that in real life, it’s not uncommon), but if you see in this spread

She actually isn’t the skinniest person in the world. Keep in mind that while she does use her fat cells to make stuff, she does also consume A LOT OF FOOD TOO to keep up with the level of activity too so she does get chubby sometimes so it’s a wrong assumption to think she has this INCRDIBLY PERFECT BODY WITH NO FAT when she does! Which only makes it only more natural and real!

Honestly, her entire arc in the beginning of the manga (or at least up into this exam point) has been so powerful, so realistic, and so amazingly well done.

I mean to consider, very similarly to Bakugou, while we haven’t gotten much of her backstory, given how she behaved in Season 1, we can have a somewhat assumption that she came from a great home and was well praised for her quirk. Obviously, her quirk isn’t one with a talent, she had to work immensely for it, but she must have been placed into situations where she was elevated and praised for how powerful her quirk is (like she was put in situations where she was able to be able to use her quirk to the fullest and not have much backfired).

Even Aizawa says this during their fight

Which does imply this isn’t a constant state she’s always been in, it’s one that has been gained since the sports festival (hence why the arguments that she should be shouldn’t be self confident are wrong). 

Yet, with coming to UA and being in a hero course, after participating in the festival, well she starts to crumble and kind of doubt her abilities against the others

 Like it starts off with her not getting a high ranking on the race

 Then she mentioned the issue with the cavalry battle later on but definitely the heavy hitter for Momo was her fight with Tokoyami where she was left in shambles since she wasn’t able to make much on an impact on the fight itself (which this was amplified more in the anime than the manga itself).

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Thus really bringing down her confidence. And now a lot of people screamed about how misogynist her hero training was and how demeaning it was which leads to 2 issues that some people forget about.

 1.     That there are multiple sides to being a hero. It’s not always the cookie cutter “fight villains, rescue people, rinse and repeat”. Even famous people in our society, even though their job is to act/sing/etc, they still go out and do publicity work and that’s what they do. It’s a part of being well known and using your abilities outside of the field you are in.

2.     This was all part of Momo developing. This was just another way to bring Momo down a couple more notches. It’s a bit cruel and hard but this was a way for Horikoshi to get her  out of her mindset and be exposed to something where her confidence could be lowered. Guaranteed if she was put into an actual hero training internship, she wouldn’t have been lowered as much as she did.

 Which could lead the argument that it wasn’t necessary to have any of that stuff happen to her but consider, would she have gotten in this state if she didn’t have those things happen and accumulate?

And would she have gotten her confidence back from Todoroki/Aizawa and execute an amazing plan without that encouragement from those moments?

Probably not.

 Ok this post is beginning to get way to long so I’m going to stop here before I go on and on and on about Momo. As much as Ochako is my best girl and I will forever sacrifice myself to her, even I have to admit Momo is utterly amazing and I only talked about what happened in the first 65 chapters. I didn’t even brush on how amazing she was during the invasion of the villains or how she managed to be a huge help in the rescue of Bakugou or even how kickass she was during the license exam (which she helped my princess Ochako and that pleased me so much). Momo is just more than the simple sexual object people are complaining her to be as, she’s an incredibly smart and amazing woman and Horikoshi put so much thought into her, more than what any of us could ever imagine. I am truly excited to see more of what she can do in the future and I hope she gains more fans since she truly deserves it.


I’m In Love With My Best Friend – Cody Christian Imagine

Requested by Anon: Could you write an imagine where you told your sister that you have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set you up with guys, but now she’s coming to visit for surprise and you need a fake boyfriend during your sister’s visit so you ask Cody (your best friend) to pretendbe your boyfriend and everything seems goes right until the act stop being act?

Word Count: 3,141

Warnings: None other than Cody saying a curse word, ha. Fluff?

Author’s Note: Y/S/N = Your Sister’s Name. I did this because in previous imagines where I’ve named a sibling or best friend, some of y’all have mentioned it was weird to read your own name. So I decided to let y’all use your actual sister’s name or come up with the name yourselves if you don’t have a sister.

Also, I sneaked in a line from Gilmore Girls. I wonder if anyone can point it out.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by bysamoylova

“Come on. Come on. Come on.” Y/N whispered repeatedly as the phone rang. She paced back and forth in her bedroom, hoping her best friend would answer. “Pick up the damn ph-”

The sound of her best friend’s groggy and sleepy voice interrupted her rambling. “Hello?”

“It’s about time! Why aren’t you answering your phone? I only called you like a hundred times! I could have been dying and-“

Cody noticed the nervous rush in her voice and rubbed this tired eyes. He cleared his throat before he interrupted her. "Okay, first of all I was filming all night and I just got home a couple of hours ago. Second of all, you’re obviously not dying so this better be good, because as much as I love ya, you know I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. Lastly, breathe. Just breathe,” he inhaled and exhaled, which Y/N mimicked, making her feel a little better.

“Now tell me what’s wrong?” He asked groggily yet genuinely concerned at the same time.

“I lied to my sister,” she started as she finally sat on the edge of her bed.

“About…?” He trailed.

“That I had a boyfriend. I only did it so she would stop setting me up with all these guys she knew. I thought my plan would work,” she continued.

Cody hummed, following along with her story with his eyes closed. “I remember you told me that. So, what’s the problem?" 

"The idiot decided to surprise me by coming into town without any warning! Now she’s on her way here, because not only does she miss me, but also because she wants to meet my boyfriend of two months…” she trailed for a second, silently praying Cody would agree to the favor she was about to ask him. “So, I was hoping if you could come over and play the part.”

Cody’s eyes flew wide open. He heard what she said but he still had a hard time believing it. “Come again?” He asked, needing confirmation.

“I need you to be my fake boyfriend for my sister,” she explained as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt nervously. “I promise you, I’ll get you a gift card for Chipotle that will last you for at least three months,” she bargained knowing Chipotle was Cody’s weakness.

Cody quickly sat up, “I’m getting in the shower right now and I’ll meet you at your place.”

Y/N smiled widely. “Seriously, you are the best. Thank you so much.”

“Hey, you know I’d do anything for you,” Cody smiled back even though she couldn’t see him. “What time will your sister get there?“ 

"She said she was about 2 hours away,” she answered.

“Alright, I’ll get there before she does,” he said as he walked into his bathroom. “Hey, Y/N?”


“Don’t forget the gift card,” Cody smiled as Y/N laughed.

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So I was rewatching S6E10 of SPN today, and of course I giggled about Castiel watching porn and being fascinated and turned on by it.  But something occurred to me this time that hasn’t the last 6 or 7 rewatches.

At this point in the show, Castiel doesn’t like Meg.  He calls her an abomination in the beginning of the episode.  It’s clear he doesn’t want to work with her, but is only putting up with her because of the circumstances.  Prior to this episode she hasn’t been helpful to Team Free Will; they were getting their Demon Help from Ruby, then Crowley.  Meg was always The Enemy, and this is the first time we really see her being of any help.  And she tries to smoke out as soon as the hellhounds show up, abandoning them to their (probably gruesome) fate, but gets stuck.

So she changes tactics and kisses Cas to distract him while she steals his angel blade.  You can see her sticking her hand in his jacket during that kiss, so it’s pretty obvious if you’re not shocked by the kiss.  I was on my first watch, but after that I always saw her stealing the blade.

Anyway, she steps back, she’s got the weapon, and Cas kinda gives her a squinty look and then glomps onto her and gives her a super steamy kiss.  Sam and Dean are O_O during the kiss and Meg is O_O after the kiss, and when she asks him what that was about, he sheepishly looks at the boys (probably Dean, but it’s not clear from the camera angle) and announces that he learned it from the Pizza Man.

This is prior to him thinking that Meg is a thorny beauty.  He has no emotional connection to her.  When she flirts with him earlier in the episode he looks flummoxed and distrusting, not interested.  No reason to kiss her after she kissed him.  They could have had just as funny of a moment if he hadn’t gone in for the second kiss and made some joke about him being confused about why she did that.  They could have even referenced the Pizza Man, something along the lines of “that’s not how the Pizza Man did it”.  But no, he goes in for a second, deeper, sexier kiss.  


Because he wanted to try what he Pizza Man did.  He saw kissing in the porno, and then had an opportunity to try it.  I think if anyone had laid a smooch on him after watching that movie, he probably would have reacted the same.

Castiel just wanted a kiss.  

How fucking cute is that?

Note: I realize the writers probably did it for the romance feels, because it’s exactly how het romances are built in the media.  Very little to show why they’re attracted to each other besides the fact that they’re both attractive and standing within camera shot of each other.  But I like my interpretation better, and death of the author blah blah.

I Still Exist

Requests: Omg your stories are awesome! I was wondering if I could suggest a newt x reader with the song “Where Do We Go” or “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling? Where the reader feels kinda neglected and depressed for quite some time and newt fails to notice because he is in a lot harsher mood and snaps a lot as a result of working on his book? And one day she goes “missing” and worries newt? Lots of angst pls!(Idk it sounded a lot better in my head)You can come up with the rest. Thanks!       AND      hi !! i really love your stories, and i was wondering if i could request an v angsty one where newt is under a lot of stress and snaps at reader? ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,701

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to one in

The workshop smells about how you’d expected when you crawl into the case. A burning mixture evaporates somewhere nearby, partly covering up the odors of the various feed bags for the creatures and the plate of raw meat rotting on the table. You shake your head, disgusted, and slip past the shed. Scanning the field, hand over your eyes to block out the blinding sun, you spot Newt next to a murtlap. He’s on his knees saying something to the snarling creature. You swallow down the heart breaking in your chest. He’s exchanging more words with that beast than he has with you in the past month.

“Newt. Newt!” You shout, crossing through tall grasses and kicking stones out of your way. For God’s sake, “Newt!”

He twists enough to ensure it’s you before turning his back on you. “One minute, love.”

Hands on your hips, you wait as he chatters with the beast. It’s not that you’re against his research, it’s that he’s trying to cram chapters worth of new material into the book. You’d supported his idea when he first told you a month and a half ago. Now, though, you’re not sure you would’ve been so encouraging had you known he would spend every waking minute in the case without you.

“I don’t have all day, Newt. I have to get to the bakery with Queenie before it closes.”

He shakes his head, facing you. “I’m busy, love. Can’t it wait?”

You can feel the tension in his voice, strengthened, no doubt, by the bags under his eyes. “I just need to know if you’d prefer apple or peach pie for dessert.”

He mumbles something that sounds like ‘that’s it?’ but when you question him, he simply says, “I said it’s your choice. I’m sure you’ll make the right one.”

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Hoping the ask box is still open! Could you do DAI companions and advisors reacting to the news that the inquisitors spouse and child were killed in the conclave even though the inquisitor acts so calm and collected? Bonus for romanced

Cassandra Pentaghast - When she finds out she apologizes immediately for her behavior. She had lost the divine, but they had lost so much more. The Inquisitor just gives her an icy brush off, telling her she is forgiven, and that they had other things to worry about now. After that, she tries her best to be their friend, not pushing the subject ever again, but letting it be known she’s there to talk whenever they need it. (Romanced) She’s a lot more hesitant going in. She does not want to be a rebound, or used. But she knows for a fact she loves him, so one day, she brings it up. As the Inquisitor slowly starts to open up about it, she would be there to comfort him during the more emotional parts, glad he is no longer internalizing their pain.

Solas - He finds out much later, and feels he doesn’t have a right to say anything on the matter to them, not when he knows it’s his fault. They are not close, practically strangers, though perhaps if they seemed upset he would offer condolences. But the strange thing was that they didn’t seem upset at all. If the subject was brought up, it was dismissed immediately. He doesn’t say much to them even after becoming friends, but in the fade, where they do not, can not hide their pain, he wards off demons who would take advantage. (Romanced) When approaching the subject, it is in the fade, somewhere scenic and peaceful. He tells her she does not have to say anything if she is not comfortable yet. He comforts her through it. Though, he did not do this entirely for her benefit. He may be doing it to punish himself, to remind him how much he has taken from the woman he loves and how much he’s going to take after.

Varric - He finds out later, and as soon as he sees them, he offers his condolences and asks if they need anything. Their lack of misery…is a bit off putting. Losing his brother had hurt, and losing Bianca hurt even more. Losing a child seemed devastating. He’d keep an eye on them, suspicious, and the slightest bit uncomfortable, but he would treat them mostly the same. Once they began getting closer, he would cautiously ask questions. Not about how they felt, no, more so about their life with their now dead spouse and children. If they opened up, he would eventually get to the other questions, and comfort them if they wanted it. A nice cup of ale and a shoulder to cry on helped Hawke through the loss of their mother, and he would offer the same to the Inquisitor.

Vivienne - She heard through the grapevine. Upon meeting the Inquisitor, she would offer her condolences, at this point saying it out of political reasons and not actual care. But seeing how impassive they are about it, she would drop it. That was an angle that wasn’t going to work. Once they get closer, she does start to genuinely worry. She knows the dangers of internalizing one’s emotions better than anyone in the Inquisition. Though she does not act until after the death of Bastien. Especially if they try to comfort her. She lets them know she’s willing to talk, but does not push the matter. And if they open up, they will be shocked to find the Enchanter does enjoy hugs, from those she trusts.

Iron Bull - He’s Ben-Hassrath. It’s his job to know these things. But he doesn’t bother the Inquisitor about it. But it’s odd, not seeing them outwardly upset. He isn’t sure on the idea of monogamy and having children, but if he lost someone close, he’d definitely be affected. But sometimes it was easier to keep all that shit inside. Otherwise it got messy. He understood. If they become friends, he does ask them about it over drinks. If they open up, he orders more drinks. If they don’t, he orders more drinks and lets them know he won’t pick at scabs again. Though, if the Inquisitor sacrificed the chargers, he’ll be the slightest bit irritated with them. (Romanced) Talking was hard. It was hard, and it hurt, and emotions were icky and suffocating. They internalized it, ignored it, and let it weigh on them. He was there to make the weight lighter. Each knot, each smack, every bite, every hickey was one step closer to them unwinding. And when they finally reached subspace, he would be there to comfort them, wipe their tears, provide the best aftercare and hold them until they fell asleep.

Sera - She probably doesn’t find out at all at the beginning. She probably overhears some nobles whispering about it when they get to Skyhold. She is the tiniest bit upset. Why wouldn’t they tell her? And she confronts them about it, only receiving the cold shoulder. Later, she realizes how insensitive she was and does her best to apologize. She doesn’t ever bring it up again, but she can be seen watching them sometimes, a frown on her lips. (Romanced) After everything she’s told her, she’d feel vulnerable. Why did she have to hear about this from someone else and not her? She’d approach her about it, but a lot gentler. If the Inquisitor opened up to her about it, she wouldn’t be able to give much advice, but she would be there for them.

Blackwall - Blackwall keeps to himself, so he doesn’t catch many rumors, but when he hears some of the blacksmiths at Haven talking about the Inquisitors dead family, he does get alarmed. He offers them his condolences immediately, and isn’t bothered when he is rebuffed. He knows what it’s like. He knows telling people things is hard, and it hurts, and it’s just not worth it at times. If their friendship deepens, he does make sure their not feeling bad, but he never presses them to talk. (Romanced) He wouldn’t say anything until the whole Thom situation was brought up. He’d ask them about it, late at night, if they couldn’t sleep, and if they open up he simply listens. Nothing he will say will bring back the first man she loved, or the child she lost, and he could never replace that, but he would do his best to make her happy.

Cole - (Trevelyan) “Small, screaming, wet and irritated. An addition to the family, a future addition to the templars, but for now mine, no one elses, they are so beautiful when they smile. Warm, safe, gone. Fire, brimstone, Maker why, nobody, no body, can’t bury them, lost forever. It hurts. Do not hide it. They loved you too. They do not want you to be sad.” (Lavellan) “Another child, another addition the the legacy, pure dalish blood, pure eyes, pure face, pure heart, pure lethalin, my baby. Ma vhenan, ma vhenan, no, no! Ma da’len, ma vhenan, Dareth shiral. You feel alone. Surrounded by shem, strangers. No clan to fall back on. I’m sorry I am not them. I want to help You are not alone.” (Adaar) “So small, so soft, fits in my palm, callouses tickling their cheeks. Little nubs, curled hair, lovely limbs, ten toes, two eyes, button nose. Living on the road is not easy but this makes everything fine. Little one, little love. Lost. Gone, gone, gone, vanish in the wind, like smoke. Why them, why them? I want to help. Let me help.” (Cadash) “Crime is no life for a child, no, this is stupid, I’m so stupid, how could I do this? Criminal, just like their parents, and the first thing they’ve stolen is our hearts. So small, soft, innocent, pure. Gone. I deserve this. A carta agent could never be happy. I’m sorry. They loved you. They did not think you were bad. You were trying to provide. And now you are here, doing good. I want to help.”

Dorian Pavus - He never got a chance to find out at Haven because things were so hectic, but in Skyhold he does hear it uttered by a few nobles. He is shocked, at first, because he hadn’t noticed anything wrong with them at all. They seemed perfectly fine! He isn’t the most tactful person, so he decides not to comment on it. Though, once their friendship deepens and the debacle with his father his over with, he does cautiously approach the subject. If he is not rebuffed, he tries his best to comfort them, though he does direct them towards someone who could help them better. (Romanced) He would not be sure how to approach the subject at all, but would end up mentioning it at some point. He’d be heartbroken to hear how much emotions his Amatus buried inside, and he would be there for him.

Leliana - She knew only minutes later after their unconscious body was delivered. When Cassandra snapped and shouted, Leliana made sure to pull her back. During the course of Haven, she would keep an eye on them, not saying a word. In Skyhold, she would not say anything. Even if they got close. Though, one day she does summon the Inquisitor and say that her scouts have found what she believes to be their spouse’s and child’s remains. A proper burial would be set up, and she would silently comfort the Inquisitor in ways only she could.

Cullen Rutherford - Makers breath. He heard from Leliana as soon as they returned to Haven. He wouldn’t be sure how to approach the subject, or if he even wanted to approach it. It was none of his business. If he and the Inquisitor got closer, he would ask a few questions, but upon being brushed off he would shut up and never mentioned it again. (Romanced) One night in bed, holding her close, he asks, and after a while, she answers. He gently rubs away the tears and kisses her softly, listening. He can’t replace what’s been lost but he will make sure she will never lose anything else.

Josephine Montilyet - When she hears, she’s instantly shocked at how much they have lost. When they enter her makeshift office in Haven, she holds their hands and tells them she is sorry for their loss and if they need ANYTHING, come to her. She doesn’t expect the discomfort in their face and the dismissive ‘Okay’. But after that, she watches her words and her actions. Once they become friends, she does try again, and if she gets a better reception she makes sure to get them all that they need. (Romanced) She can’t imagine losing her own family. Even the thought was painful. She couldn’t imagine how they felt, and she made sure to always be conscious of the topic. Eventually, I think the Inquisitor would come to her first, seeing how earnest and caring she is. She is there for them.

Requested by: @shirleyleylove

What they want: Stefan or Damon (I picked damon), #16 “You stood me up again for Elena.”, #35 “He’s my ex.” And add Kol Mikaelson into the mix.

Warning: ex bf Damon, kol mikaelson, ex gf reader


This was the sixth time Damon had stood you up for Elena, and you couldn’t handle it anymore. The dark haired vampire had pushed you toward your limit and even his excuses were starting to get even more ridiculous.
“Elena’s in trouble!”
“Klaus kidnapped Elena, I gotta save her!”
“Elena needs help with her studies!”
“Elena needs me right now she’s sick!”
(Y/n) couldn’t take this much longer the more her boyfriend spent time with Elena she could feel their relationship breaking she knew Damon and Elena were a thing before she had come along but seeing her boyfriend’s eyes light up every time he spoke about how Elena needed him killed her on the inside.
But today is what broke her heart the most, Damon had forgotten about their date. She had been planning this for a while now and to see him not even bother to show up showed her how little he actually cared for her.
Embrassed she paid the bill for the dinner some of the people their giving her pitiful looks, as she exited out of the restaurant hurried to her car not caring that it was raining or that she and her outfit was getting wet.
Seated in her car now (y/n) pulled out her phone and dailed Damon’s number, going to straight to voice mail she decided to leave him a voice mail.
“Hey damon, you forgot again”, she paused taking a deep breath to stop her self from crying over the phone before beginning again. “Your probably with Elena right now but i just wanted to say I can’t do this anymore.”
A small tear ran down her cheek as she keep talking, “You stood me up again for Elena, i…..damon i can’t keep doing this, this heartbreak. And I think it’s best if we see other people.” Ending the call, she started up her car and drove far away from the restaurant never once stopping as she passed her house, not stopping once she passed the Salvatore house. Not even stopping ss the passed the now leaving sign.


It’s been seven years since (y/n) had left Damon amd her hometown, it took one month for her to accept that Damon and her were over, six months for her to get over Damon and one whole year to finally move on.
Now having been in a new relationship for 6 years with an original vampire named Kol Mikaelson, (y/n) was better. She had meet kol when she arrived at a bar in New Orleans and he had treated her like a queen.
After 5 months of dating him she had met his family and they weren’t anything like her old friends. They were a wild bunch, Elijah and her often would sit in his study and read books to each other or in peace sometimes he would invite her out to go for a walk him, Niklaus would complain about everything to her either or them complained about his little rants but it was peaceful she even babysat hope at times. Hayley and Rebekah would have a girls day with her and go shopping or just relax.
Kol and (y/n) had just finished their morning breakfast at a cafe and decided to take a stroll through the park when Kol stopped half way. Seeing Damon staring at his girlfriend did not sit well with kol, “(Y/n) dear, do you have any reason on why Damon Salvatore would be staring at you?” He asked. (Y/n) turnt her attention toward het boyfriend and strug her shoulders.
“He’s my ex.”

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What are you favorite Voltron ships?

Hmmmm, well this is a hard question. I love a lot of ships in Voltron, so… Well, I’ll divide this answer into two sections. The ships I would like to see in canon and the ships I am just generally fond of, lol. 

Ships I’d be happy to see in canon (but I wouldn’t honestly be broken up if they didn’t happen. I don’t watch this show for the ships). These are mostly based on my own headcanons and are probably ships that most people don’t even think of, except for the first one. 

Klance: I think everyone who follows me knows I love Klance, lol. Especially in the advent of season 3. They work so well together and they’re growing so much in tandem. I think they could have really natural romantic development that starts from a place of deep friendship and trust. From rivals to partners to friends to best friends to lovers. I love it. I can’t get enough of them to be honest. They learn so much from each other and work so well as a team.  

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Pigtor (or Lotidge, I just learned): Yes. You read that right. I don’t even think this ship has a name? I may have just coined it, hahaha (I’m probably the only person that ships it)! But if it has a name, feel free to tell me. In any case, it’s Pidge and Lotor. “But Skay… what the fuck?” Just HEAR ME OUT, OKAY?! I already think that at some point Lotor is going to switch sides. It’ll be difficult, but I do hope he’ll come over to team Voltron, maybe as a result of something traumatic or learning the truth about his parents addiction, etc, etc. And no, I don’t ship them at the ages they are now–Pidge is 15, c’mon. And Lotor is clearly older. BUT in the future, I have a headcanon that as Lotor tries to rebuild the war-ravaged Galra kingdom, which has fallen apart as a result of no longer being an empire, Pidge is around being the green lion and generally doing genius things. She’s inventing things, working on nature/quintessence research, being awesome. Anyway, she and Lotor see each other once in a while and somehow maybe end up working together. Lotor has always had a deep respect for her intelligence and passion for what she’s doing, and as he watches her, he begins to fall for her. Pidge reminds me a lot of Honerva and I kind of like the idea of their story mirroring hers and Zarkon’s. But unlike Zarkon, Lotor has more self-awareness and sees when Pidge might be getting a little out of control. He loves her passion, but with any resource in the universe at her disposal, she begins to get lost in her work. Lotor could encourage her, but when he sees that she’s dabbling in the dangerous parts of quintessence work, he pulls her back. His own parents were destroyed by such things and he won’t allow that path to be repeated. Pidge and Lotor have formed a pretty close friendship at this point and she sees his point, realizing her own errors. It’s probably a very dramatic part in their story, but yeah. From there things maybe develop more romantically. And then Pidge becomes Queen of the Galra and she and Lotor kind of become everything Zarkon and Honerva could have been, leading their people and doing great things with their research, but knowing from Zarkon and Honerva when something is going too far. This is a huge development for Pidge because, as she is in the show now, I’m sure she’s of the opinion that learning anything and everything is what’s right, similar to how Honerva felt. But I think that, through Lotor, she’d realize that while knowledge is powerful and should be exposed for all, there are also some things that are, perhaps, best left unknown. I also headcanon that Lotor is the only one that calls her Katherine (because I want that to be her full first name) because he thinks it’s a beautiful name. When they were younger, it annoyed the crap out of Pidge, but as they got older, she didn’t mind. Honestly, I love this ship so much. YOU CAN’T STOP ME! PIGTOR FOREVER!  

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Hallura: I read a fic where Hunk and Allura were together and I was like, “huh, that’s interesting…” And from there the ship just got better and better for me. And now that they’re both legs, I’m like “okay, so let’s have some Hunk and Allura development where Hunk is like ‘and this is how you do this move.’” And I just kinda want them to become friends because I think Hunk will become more calm and levelheaded as he gets older, and that he’ll be a good, steady presence for Allura as she continues her diplomatic stuff. Like, she’ll get back from a meeting and Hunk will just be there, ready to comfort her and de-stress her and I just really love them, OKAY?! Like, Allura being upset about her people and her planet and Hunk is just there beside her, saying nothing but being there and just… letting her grieve. I also think his sense of humor would be really good for her. I need Hunk and Allura development so bad…

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Shiro/Romelle: Romelle doesn’t actually exist in the show yet, but I’m hoping that when the rebels get introduced, she’ll, like, be their leader or something. She’s from planet Pollux in the original Voltron, and I think was Allura’s cousin? Anyway, maybe the Polluxians are related to the Alteans, or maybe she is altean and is descended down from the lines of what few Alteans weren’t on Altea when it was destroyed. I don’t know. I just want her to be a badass rebel that saves Shiro and they fall in love. Maybe she’s a lot like Allura, but has a more battle-worn maturity about her, and maybe she and Shiro bond over that. 

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Sibling/Platonic!Sheith: I love sibling relationships, probably because I have a lot of siblings, lol. I love the idea of Keith and Shiro being half-brothers (which would make Shiro and Acxa half-siblings too, if she and Keith are twins, which I hope they are). I just… love the idea of them being brothers so much. And Keith finding his family, and having parts of that family on top of his Voltron family. I NEED IT! 

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Those are the ship I like best when related to what canon we have at the moment. But I also like all these ships to. 

Shallura: They’re both so mature and have their own demons, I think they’d be really beautiful together and balance each other out. They’d be the support the other needs in hard times and I think it’s just a really… bitter-sweetly beautiful ship. They’d become each other’s strength. 

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Hunk/Acxa: I basically like Hunk and Acxa together for the same reasons I like Hunk and Allura together, lol. I also think that Acxa probably has a lot of the same displacement issues that Keith does (if they are brother and sister, which I like to think they are), and that Hunk would be a really steady presence for her to come back to.

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Shance: I love a good “you’re my idol and I might be falling in love with you, but you’re so amazing I’m too scared to say anything” trope, lol. 

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Allura/Acxa: I dunno I just really like them. 

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Allurance: I like the idea of Lance having liked Allura, but then he kind of grows out it. But then Allura develops feelings for him, but doesn’t feel it’s appropriate to act on them. So it’s this long, drawn out back and forth that gets resolved when they’re older and fall in love again, this time at the same time.  

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Um… I think that’s all the ship that kind inspire me creatively? With the exception of a few, I like most Voltron ships, but I think these are the ones I like the best from a creative, personal standpoint, lol. 

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EDIT: I forgot the most important one!

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Sven and Slav XD

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My whole dash is Sana crying and my heart breaks every time. She needs some holy trinity time.

Right? I suggested earlier that this could be the perfect time for…okay you ready?

So after Sara and Sana talk, Sara messages Isak and apologises for believing it was him when it wasn’t and then Isak just like drops his phone turns to Even and is like 

“I gots to go” 

and Even looks up from the bed where they were watching a movie and is all “what babe?” 

so Isak sighs and flops down on the bed while pulling his shoes on and lets Even rub warm soothing circles on his back as he does. Isak looks up at him and says “Sara knows Sana was the one to leak her chats” and watches as Even raises his eyebrows and nods “oh”

“yeah” Isak replies getting up 

Even thinks for a moment  “would the girls?…” 

Isak shakes his head “nei, after the fucked up shit Sara pulled on Vilde? I wouldn’t be surprised if Sana is alone right now.” 

Even frowns “poor Sana” 

Isak nods and grabs his books “yeah which is why i’m going over there and making her help me study”

Even laughs and jumps up to grab his jacket “your sweet baby, but if you think you’re gonna comfort her with science you are gonna need some help.” 

Isak looks back in surprise “you sure? what if…you know the boys are-”

Even brushes him off “it doesn’t matter. lets go help our science buddy and friend” 

“um MY science buddy and friend thank you very much in fact did i tell you we are best buds?”

“only a million times baby” 

When Sana opens the door to see Isak and Even holding a pizza she doesn’t know what the hell to do. Usually her instinct would be to tell them to go away but she is too taken aback to register before Isak is smiling, calling her his best buddy and inviting himself in. Even pulls Sana in a tight hug and shows her the movies he brought over to cheer her up. 

both stories of basketball legends Sana doesn’t exactly hate…..

“So our television is broken so we were wondering if we could hang here?” Isak asks making himself comfortable on her couch.

Sana narrows her eyes “sure..” she does not buy it she knows exactly what they are doing, but as Even pops the movie in and Isak waves a slice of vegetarian pizza in front of her face… she can’t say no to it. 

She lets herself be sandwiched between the two boys as they watch the movie and bicker over it. 

Isak doesn’t understand a second of the basketball scenes and Even and Sana roast him for it. everything is fine for a while. Sana forgets it all but eventually it begins to come back and that’s when it happens. 

Sana’s body begins to shake silently as the tears roll down her face, she feels herself falling back into the empty feeling of loss and misery and she doesn’t know how to get out. 

but then she feels arms around her… from both sides. 

Isak is rubbing circles on her back and Even wipes away her tears with a tissue while telling her everything is going to be okay. They are here, she is not alone

everything is going to be okay

and as she lets her friends tell her this and listen to her cry

she just begins to believe it. 

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**chants** bar fight!Everlark!!

Anon…you have no idea how much heartache I went through to write this for you. I started something almost immediately after you sent me this message, back in November (cringes to the max). But I just didn’t have the will to finish what I started so I sat on it. When I finally returned to try again, the dreaded in-laws were sucking all the creativity from a one hundred mile radius. Two more scrapped versions until I finally managed this. I hope you enjoy my humble offering. My thanks to @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading to make sure I hadn’t completely lost my writing mojo. If it still sucks, blame her. I kid, it’s all on me. RATED E: Because it’s me. And I somehow found a way to turn this into porn with a little plot.

The jukebox will need to be replaced. It’s cracked in three places and stuck on “What’s New Pussycat,” a fact that took them about twenty minutes to realize before Thresh tried smacking the thing around to get it to shut up – with no luck. He had to unplug it. The tinkling of broken glass being swept up provides a fitting accompaniment to the questioning as Darius flips open his tablet and levels Katniss with a serious look.

“Can you tell me how the fight started, Miss Everdeen?” She scowls at his use of a formal name for her, like he doesn’t spend every other Saturday in here, knocking back beers with his cop buddies, flirting shamelessly with her, and avoiding whatever fight he just had with Glimmer, his girlfriend.

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Kink: Getting Caught

Request:  Bucky and reader getting caught by the team having sex , bucky doesn’t stop he keeps going ,he decided to give the team a show,he stopping once he fills her full of his cum

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex, anal sex, oral sex (both receiving) NSFW gifs

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If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Bucky is a kinky son of a bitch. It doesn’t matter where we are, who’s around, or if we’re even on a mission, if he’s feeling horny, he’ll fuck me anywhere. In front of anyone. I mean, we haven’t gotten caught yet, but I know it’s bound to happen. Just last week, while the team was just in the living room, literally 3 feet away, Bucky was fucking me in the kitchen, he had me bent over the counter with his hand covering my mouth. Something so thrilling about knowing you could get caught. Which explains where we are now.

Bucky has me bent over the arm of the couch in the living room, he is still completely clothed except he has his cock pulled out of his pants. I, however, am completely naked.

“Fuck, Bucky…” I moan as his fat cock thrusts in and out of my tight cunt at a blinding speed. He growls, quickening his pace.

“Fuck your ass looks so good bouncing off my hips like that…” I groan, and he reaches up, grabbing a fist full of my hair, and craning my neck back. He reaches around with his metal hand and grabs my breast, gently squeezing it. Even when he’s in the throes of pleasure he’s still mentally aware enough to be gentle with his metal arm.

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😏We Need to Talk (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: SMUT: You and Grayson’s daughter wants a sibling and so Grayson does what he needs to do not to disappoint his little princess.

Warnings: Smut, blowjob

A/N: Y/D/N- Your daughter’s name. Thanks for the request! I hope I got it right for you :) Also, I made this super fluffy at first i’M sORry I got cARRiED aWaY!

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I was cooking dinner for my loving husband and my adorable baby girl, Y/D/N. She was so adorable. She was going to be 4 next month and I couldn’t wait. Grayson and I were planning a Moana themed birthday party.

“But daddy! I want a baby!” I heard Y/D/N shout. I sat the chicken on the table and went into the living room to see Grayson lying on the floor in his white tank top and his dark sweats. He had just gotten back from the gym with Ethan and Y/D/N probably wanted to play.

“And daddy said he will talk to mommy about it okay?” He says grabbing our daughter’s small hands in his, giving them a kiss. “Has daddy ever disappointed you before?” He asks staring in her eyes as he moved closer to her. She shook her head no. “Then what makes you think he will now?” He asks kissing her nose which caused her to giggle. I started to smile at how cute they were.

“Hi mommy!” Y/D/N says waving. Grayson turns his head and smiles at me too. I couldn’t get over how attractive he was. 3 years together and that smile still drove me wild.

“Hi baby! Are you ready for some mac and cheese?” I cooed as I got on my knees.

“Yeah!” She says standing to her feet.

“But we have to go wash our hands first! A princess never eats with dirty hands.” Gray says as he picks her up and swings her around which she screams out of joy and throws herself into a fit of giggles. He runs off with her in his arms as they go wash their hands. I chuckle as I walk into the kitchen and start to cut the chicken for Y/D/N and pour her some mac and cheese. I then felt a pair of strong warm arms wrap around my midsection. Grayson’s lips then pressed against my neck. His lips against my cold skin sent shivers down my body.

“We need to talk.” Grayson mumbles against my skin.

“About what?” I asked turning to him. He then presses his lips against mine kissing softly. I’m slightly pushed against the table as his large hands find my waist pushing him into me. I could feel him trying to deepen the kiss, but we couldn’t. Not right now anyways. I have to push him back.

“Eww.” Y/D/N says causing Grayson to pull away from me. I started to laugh as Grayson’s face turned red.

“Princess! I-It’s time for dinner! Let’s see what mommy cooked!” Grayson says grabbing Y/D/N and picking her up bridal style which causes her to giggle.

“Daddy! I want cheese!” She says as Grayson spins her around. He always got like this with her whenever she caught us kissing. He wasn’t ready for her to see us like that. Finally he sits her down in her high chair and takes his seat at the table and we begin dinner.


“Goodnight princess. It’s time to go to bed.” Grayson says to Y/D/N as he lies her down in her crib. She was already out cold from uncle Ethan’s sons coming over and playing earlier today and Grayson rocking her to sleep probably didn’t help. I was getting ready for bed as I took off my t-shirt and pants leaving me in my emerald bra and black underwear. I went in our bathroom and washed my makeup off and took my jewelry off and I walked back in our bedroom to see Grayson in bed already. He was scrolling on his phone and he was shirtless. I took my bra and panties off and I grabbed my big sleep shirt and I crawled in next to him.

“Babe?” I decided to ask him. He sat his phone down and looked at me.

“I’m sorry Y/N I was texting Ethan about his boys. What’s wrong?” He asked taking my hands in his. I smiled at his concern.

“Wait, why are you texting Ethan about the boys? Did they put mud in Y/D/N’s hair again? I swear if Jason or Matt did–” Grayson cut me off by laughing.

“No no they didn’t do anything to Y/D/N, at least I don’t think so. Her hair was fine during her bath. Look.” I could tell he was nervous. “Do you ever, you know, think about having another baby running around the house? Like the potty training, the sleepless nights, the baby showers, a little friend for Y/D/N? Y/N can’t you picture it?” Grayson asked making me smile.

“Were you asking E how he does it?”

“Yes. I mean first he had Alison and then 6 years later he had Jason and Matt. Now Allison is 8 and the twins will be 4 this fall. Ethan doesn’t want anymore kids, but I do. I want to have a little boy to play football with and to defend Y/D/N or another little girl so Y/D/N can be an older sister and have someone to play dress up with.” I smiled at Grayson’s plea. I mean, of course I have thought about having another kid. I would love to go through all the little steps all over again and I know Grayson hates playing dress up now.

“Is this what you told Y/D/N you would ‘talk to mommy about’?” I asked and I see Grayson start to smirk.

“Okay maybe Y/D/N did mention it a few times.” He says shrugging his shoulders and we both laugh. Grayson then grabs my thighs and motions me to sit on his lap. I lean over as his hands guide me on his lap. “What do you think babe? Do you maybe wanna try for a Y/D/N number 2?” I think for a second before I wrap my arms around his neck. I scoot myself up against him and I can feel him hardening under me. I take his hands and place them on my lower back and I connect our lips together and Grayson lets out a sigh of relief as he pushes me harder into him. I let out a moan as his hardening dick presses against my bare heat, the only thing separating us is the fabric of his boxers. His hands slowly glide up my stomach and his finger tips gently caress over my stomach and around my nipples. His lips pull from mine and go to my collarbone as he sucks roughly.

“Grayson…” I moan against his ear as he moans back. The then slides my shirt off and he placed one of my nipples in his mouth. “Uhhhh.” I moaned as Grayson continued to suck and hum against my nipple. I could feel him hardening against me and I grinded my hips hard into him. I wanted him so bad right now. “Grayson. Do it.” I said and he had no hesitation. I placed my hand on his which was pulling his boxers down.

“What is it baby?” He asks wondering why I stopped him.

“I wanna r-ride you.” I said shyly and Grayson pulled his boxers off faster which made me laugh. His dick was standing straight up which gave me an idea. I scooted off of Grayson and he looked puzzled as hell. He face soon started to grin when he saw me bend down and stick my butt up in the air. “Lay back baby.” I said gently pushing on his chest. He slowly lays back as I spit on his tip and I slowly start to pump him in my hand I look up and watch his face as he sucks in a sharp breath of air as I slowly put my mouth around the tip slowly sucking the precum off his tip as he grunted. I soon stuck all of his length in my mouth and started to bob my head up and down on his dick.

“Fuck Y/N.” He moans as his hand finds the back of my head and he softly pushes himself deeper in my mouth. “Fuck baby you know just how to do it.” He moans as I take him deeper inside me. I take my hand and softly massage his balls and he grunts. “Babbeeee stop. I wanna cum inside of you.” He says and I pull him out with a pop. He helps me climb on top of him and slowly place him inside of me as I let out a moan of shock and pleasure. I slide on top of his dick as he lets out a moan. “Ughhh babe you feel so good.” I slowly bounce up and down on him while my hands grip his shoulders for support. Grayson thrusts upwards into me. His arm wrapped around my lower back holding me onto him.

“Grayson!” I moaned as his fingers rub against my clit making me moan again loudly. He takes his free hand and places it over my mouth.

“Shhhh you’ll wake Y/D/N.” He says as he slams harder into me causing me to claw my nails into his shoulder and moan into his chest. He slams into me a few more times before he cums inside me and I cum a few seconds afterwards still riding against him as the room is filled with our last few moans and grunts. Grayson helps me off of him as I lie on his chest. We both are breathless, but he gives the top of my head a soft kiss. “Gosh I love you Y/N. Like damn, that was hot.” He says as we both laugh. I look up at him and give him a soft and sweet kiss before cuddling into him.

continuation of this non-massacre au

one day mikoto is buying some vegetables at the market when she hears her youngest son asking her to buy more tomatoes. she’s in the middle of telling him they don’t need more tomatoes as they already have some at home, when she remembers her son isn’t with her right now. confused, mikoto looks to the side and confirms that her son is definitely there, still asking for more tomatoes, but it’s not her that he’s nagging.

“i don’t need tomatoes, sasuke-kun,” sakura says patiently. “the plant you got me is doing really well. i need to pick the tomatoes when we get back to my place, actually.”

“but those are cherry tomatoes.”

“don’t they all taste the same?”

“don’t they–don’t they–how dare you.”

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Tell Him

Summary: Emma has only one regret from her Back to the Future adventure with Killian. And when she accidentally goes back in time–again–she has a chance to fix it, and damn the consequences. CS AU Week: Episode Rewrite.
Rating: G
Notes: *slides in under the wire for day 5 of CS AU week* eyyyyy, I’ve had this idea for a while and finally got around to writing it. Huge thanks to @justanotherwannabeclassic​ for beta-reading!

Also on AO3

“Swan, we’re going to be late,” Killian warned.

“I know, just—” Emma sighed. “Look, I have to pee, okay?”

He blushed, but it was his own fault for pressing the issue when she said she’d be right back. “Very well,” he replied. “I’ll wait here.”

“Uh huh.”

It wasn’t easy to make her way through the trees and brush. It hadn’t been easy before she’d been magicked into a giant red ball gown, and the massive skirts really did not help. By the time she felt far enough away from Killian, she was completely out of breath.

She didn’t really need to pee, and thank god because how the hell would she in this dress? She just needed a break before she completely fell apart.

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all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | on-going

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valentine’s day is a terrible day to confess your love

“So,” Maki raises an eyebrow, one hand on her hip and the other playing with her hair in that annoying gesture she always, always seemed to do when unimpressed. “What’s this, exactly?”

Nico hadn’t really prepared an answer – with chocolate in both hands, she would’ve thought the answer to be clear as day. Then again, Nozomi had warned her that probably the only person more dense than herself (thanks, fucker) was the girl in front of her, so, well, perhaps she should have planned for that.

Not that any of Nico’s plans had been going right today, mind you, so what the hell was a plan anyway?

“Uh,” Nico stumbles over words and over herself as she struggles to maintain balance, realising she’s reaching out a little far and Maki still isn’t reaching back to take the chocolates. She maintains eye contact for another few painful seconds before the other girl looks away, turning up the left corner of her mouth and creasing her eyebrows. Nico sweats.

“Uh,” she repeats, hands all damn clammy now, goddamnit Eli why did you make this sound so easy – “Chocolate.”

Maki stares at the poorly-wrapped chocolate sitting in Nico’s palms. It’s probably melting, considering just how unfortunately moist her hands have become under the stare of the most unsettling first year this side of Akiba.

“Homemade,” Nico adds, as if it weren’t perfectly obvious to all who had functional eyes that yes, the slightly melty brown stuff was chocolate, and yes, the clumsy wrapping probably indicated it’d been wrapped by hands equally as clumsy. Maki’s eyes are disconcerting, glancing to the chocolates, to Nico, to elsewhere and back, again and again.

Eli never mentioned just how nervewracking this would be. Nico couldn’t even imagine confessing to that sneaky asshole Nozomi – then again, those two were so incredibly disgusting with each other they probably spewed rainbows from their mouths and made lilies bloom around them when it finally happened.

No, the only thing blooming was the anxiety in Nico’s stomach as Maki continued to be evasive, leaving her standing in quite the uncomfortable position, prostrating herself. Then again, maybe this was just her fault because she’d kinda just shoved them in the girl’s face instead of doing something normal like saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I’m deeply in love with you, please marry me” or “I am so desperate to get in your pants you’re so hot it kills me I’m begging you”.

“I can see that,” Maki finally says, nodding to herself as if yes, that cleared everything up. Which it didn’t. Probably. You could never really tell with redheads. Or Makis. Or redheads named Maki. Yeah.

Nico wonders exactly how she’s going to explain this to the terrible two she calls her buddies – how she’d completely thrown any semblance of The Plan out the window the moment she’d frozen up until a purple gaze. Then again, The Plan had sort of been a wash from the beginning, considering how every time she’d tried to corner Maki alone in order to enact The Plan, some annoying ginger had waltzed along and ruined her chances of enacting The Plan (Nico made a mental note to kick Rin’s ass, later).

“So…” Maki trails off, halfway between making eye contact and staring at Nico’s open palms, still. Nico jolts back to life, stumbling over words and trying to make sense of her oh so conveniently clumsy tongue before –

“Valentine’s Day – Happy Day. For you. Yes.”

Ah, perfect. Just how she wanted to say it.

Before she trails away to curl up and die somewhere in a hole, Nico debates how best to ask Nozomi to scatter her ashes.

Maki, bless her, looks about as embarrassed for Nico as Nico feels herself, and blushes some pink that probably pales in comparison to the apparent luminescence of the shorter girl’s face. Seriously, she should be charging for the light she’s putting out.

“These are,” Maki hesitates, “for me?”

Nico nods, thanking whichever merciful god decided to give her a helping hand in the form of at least one of them being able to form coherent sentences. She doesn’t trust her own tongue to do the same, considering her last shameful display.

“Oh,” Maki says, voice cracking and freezes. Well, no, freezes is probably a little soft – it’s more like she self-destructs in a gentle, contained kind of way. Her face blossoms into a pretty miasma of blotchy red, and her limbs seize up, hands paused in front of her and mouth just a fraction agape.

Nico would have laughed if she weren’t in the exact same situation, so she instead opts for mumbling “Here,” and storming off.

She finds Nozomi eavesdropping behind the school wall, who promptly guffaws.

“I can’t breathe, Nico,” she wheezes, five minutes later. Nico stands there in despair.

Ten minutes later, Nozomi still isn’t together enough to stand.

(Maki drops the chocolates three times before managing to regain function of her body.)

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Reiokkaaa!!! All the Tony feels with him thinking none of his kids want to spend time with him or do things he likes 😭😭😭😭

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tony is used to spending a lot of his time alone. It’s not like he wants his kids to be inactive. It’s not the children’s fault that Tony never really got into doing anything interesting. He may ride horses or spar but those… those are special things, just for him and Bucky or him and Steve. So he understands that the children would want to spend more time with Steve and Bucky, learning how to fight or ride horses or climb trees or play in the mud. He gets it. He wants his children to have fun.

So when Maria crawls into his lap one day to watch him do needlepoint, he thinks that she’s just not feeling well and wants contact with someone. That’s fine! He adores that his children come to him when they don’t feel well. It makes him feel important, like Steve and Bucky may be the fun parents but Tony is the one they go to when they need comfort. He presses kisses to her head and eventually sets his embroidery to the side so he can cuddle her, and she laughs and hugs him and they have a tickle fight, which Tony lets her win after a while.

But Maria keeps coming back. Tony surreptitiously checks for temperature, casually asks how she’s feeling, if she’s uncomfortable. He can’t figure out what’s wrong with her until one day she looks up at Tony and says, “Mama, will you teach me to do this?” Tony frowns awkwardly. No one… No one’s really ever asked to learn something from him before. Peter had done it because he’d had to and Harley had done it because he tries everything before deciding he doesn’t like it, but… but neither of them really liked it. He tries to laugh it off, says, “Why would you wanna learn something so boring, honey?” He thinks Bucky and Steve may have put her up to it when they noticed how disappointed Tony was when Maria started leaving him for more interesting things. He’ll have to tell them that it’s not okay to push things on the children. He’s done enough of that for all of them, after all.

“Maria wants to learn needlepoint?” Bucky asks in surprise. “Huh. I was wondering where she’s been running off to.” Tony blinks at him, confused. “But… didn’t you tell her to come spend time with me?” “Tony, when has telling our children to do anything ever actually ended up the way we want?” Steve asks, rolling his eyes fondly. Tony frowns and looks down at his feet, brows furrowing together. “But then why would Maria spend time with me?” Steve and Bucky pause, turning to frown at each other. “…Because you’re her mother and she loves you?” Steve suggests slowly. “Because she’s interested in what you’re doing?” Bucky adds. Tony looks so perplexed by the very idea that they stop undressing to come over and cuddle him. Tony had never made a big deal out of Peter and Harley not enjoying his hobbies, but they hadn’t realized that Tony had come to expect that his children wouldn’t be interested in what he did.

Tony apologizes the next time Maria crawls into his lap, explains that sometimes he’s just not used to people actually wanting to learn needlepoint. Maria listens with solemn eyes and nods at the end, accepting his apology as long as he actually teaches her how to do it. Her first few projects are sloppy and she gets frustrated and stops coming. Tony gets angry at himself for being disappointed. He knew from the beginning that Maria was probably just curious and would lose interest in what she was doing. She wasn’t going to stay. Why would she, when she can do something more interesting instead, like go distract the Commandos from training or get Harley to play with her? Tony’s just boring old mom.

When Maria comes back Tony can’t help but be confused. He’s even more confused when she attempts embroidery again. “Honey, what are you doing?” “I wanna be as good as you,” she says, scowling at her fabric, tip of her tongue sticking out with concentration. “Harley says I’ll never be as good as you if I don’t practice. Harley says you’ve been doing needlepoint for a billion years!” “I–I wouldn’t say a billion,” Tony says, offended, and sincerely hopes that the ‘billion’ is an exaggeration on Maria’s part otherwise he’s going to kick his son’s ass.

Like I Do-Daniel Seavey (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I am so sorry that this took so long but I think it’s worth the wait! ;-) Here is part one if you haven’t read it already!  :-) Also–I must warn you that the beginning is a little boring as Daniel is not in it (if you read the first part, you know what and why) but trust me, it is building up to something good! :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

You wave goodbye to the last of your friends as they go their separate ways in the driveway and sigh to yourself before turning back inside. Everyone had left the party by now and it was just you, Eric and your parents.

“What now Birthday Girl?” Eric asks, throwing an arm over your shoulder as you walk with him into the living room. “Now we clean.” your dad laughs as he joins the two of you, his eyes immediately darting to Eric’s arm around you. You laugh before agreeing with your father. 

“Basically. We have to put the food away, put the presents upstairs and then take out all of this trash.” you answer him and he nods in agreement before grabbing a few gift bags. 

“These go up to your room right?” he asks and you smile at him. A while ago you’d given him a tour of the house and you were surprised he actually remembered where your room was. 

“Eric you don’t have to help clean up.” you offer but he quickly rejects. “Not a chance. Besides, I’m taking you out tonight so its only right.” he says and your dad feels the need to chime in. 

“I like him!” he yells from the other side of the room where he was taking a few decorations down. “Oh goodness. Yes, all of the presents go upstairs.” you say and Eric shoots you a wink before disappearing with a few gifts. 

You leave to help your mom in the kitchen and grab the broom to sweep up some fallen confetti. “Here you go.” she says as she wields the dustpan and you clean for a while in silence, the two of you exchanging smiles every now and then as you worked. 

“I think that’s everything.” she says happily as she shoves the last container of left overs in the refrigerator. “Okay. I’ll go check on dad and Eric.” you chuckle before heading back into the living room to find Eric and your dad on the couch together. 

“Oh God. Is he lecturing you?” you groan as you stand across from them. “Only a little.” your dad jokes and Eric just smiles at you. “Okay well I’m going to get changed for tonight.” you excuse yourself before making your way to the stairs. 

“(Y/N)!” Eric calls and you pause for a moment as you listen to what he has to say. “I left the opened gifts on the floor by your closet and the unopened ones on your bed!” he says happily and you thank him as you ascend the stairs to your room, wondering what he was talking about when he said unopened gifts. 

Suddenly it hit you, Daniel kissing you, Daniel leaving in the middle of your party because he felt “sick”. You never got a chance to open his gift and now you weren’t sure if you even wanted to…It wasn’t that you didn’t want to exactly, you just weren’t sure if anything between the two of you had changed. 

And now, staring at the gift bag on your bed, you hesitantly dial Daniel’s number and wait for your answer, your hands shaking as you bring the phone up to your ear. “Hello,” he greets and your heart practically leaps at the sound of his voice, 

“Dani I-” your heart sinks as you’re cut off by the continuation of his voicemail and you sigh before leaving him a quick message. “Dani, I’m sorry. Please call me.” you say softly, your voice trailing off a bit before you continue. 

“We need to talk about things.” you mumble before reaching for his gift and setting it down on your vanity, playing with the handles on the bag before emptying the contents. 

A black jewelry box catches your eye and you bite your lip as you open it slowly, a gasp leaving your lips when a Pandora charm bracelet is revealed along with a tiny note from Daniel. Reaching for the note first, you fight the tears as you read Daniel’s message out loud. 

“18 years of memories and counting. Can you match each one?–Love, Daniel” You smile before taking the bracelet in your hands, memories of you and Daniel flashing back to you with each charm. 

A music note to symbolize the beginning of you and Daniel’s friendship when you met in guitar lessons, a panda bear to symbolize the time you Daniel got kicked out of the Oregon Zoo, a palm tree for the first time you visited him Los Angeles…

Last but not least, a silver heart that you guessed marked his feelings for you; the memory being your first kiss. It all happened so fast and a feeling of guilt hits you as you think back to the kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do!“ You remember Daniel yelling and you mentally curse yourself for pushing him so hard. Maybe if you wouldn’t have argued with him he wouldn’t have done what he did. 

“He doesn’t love you like I do. He can’t. No one can.” His words echo in your mind and you trace bottom lip with your thumb, remembering the way Daniel’s lips felt against yours, trying to sort out your feelings about the kiss as you did so. 

Did you really not like it? Your hand moves to your stomach as you remember the way you felt as Daniel got closer to you just seconds before the kiss. You’d never been in love, and you weren’t even sure you knew what love was. 

Your hands reach for your phone and you dial Daniel’s number once more, your finger hovering over the call button for a few seconds before a knock in the doorway pulls you out of your thoughts. 

"Hey (Y/N), you going to be ready soon?” Eric asks softly as he takes in your appearance and you remember that you originally came upstairs to get changed. You mentally face palm yourself before stuffing the bracelet Daniel had gotten you into the vanity drawer and get up to face Eric. 

“I actually don’t feel too well. Would you be angry if I asked for a rain check?” you frown sympathetically as you lie to him. “That’s okay, its been a long night. Happy birthday, (Y/N). I’ll call you tomorrow.” he says understandingly and gives you a hug before leaving you alone with your thoughts. 

You felt bad for suddenly canceling on Eric but he was right, it had been a long night and you were ready for tomorrow already, even though it was full of its own pros and cons. 

Pros: you were going to get to see the boys’ concert, meet their sweet fans, and get some quality time in with your friend Aspen. Cons, well con: you didn’t know how you were going to face Daniel. 

Not wanting to think about that yet, you begin getting ready for bed and after a long shower, you throw on some pajamas and hop in bed with your phone, checking your social media for the first time today. 

Since the fans found out about you and Daniel’s friendship, your social media following grew immensely and although you were extremely grateful, it was impossible for you to keep your notifications on all day if you wanted to focus on anything else. 

The second turned them on, your phone instantly blew up, all of the mentions and birthday messages from today coming at you all at once. As you were scrolling through Instagram, a tagged picture caught your eye and you clicked on it immediately, sighing when you saw it was a picture of you and Daniel together. 

It was taken just after a long hike on the Angel’s Rest Trail, you and Daniel sweaty and smiling with pride as you faced the camera hand in hand. Your eyes scan the caption quickly and you discard your phone before you have a chance to react to it. 

@seaveydaniel: Happy Birthday (Y/N). I love you more than you will ever know. His caption was the last thing you read before falling asleep.


“You coming (Y/N)?” Aspen asks softly as she leads the way back to the tour bus. “I don’t know if I should, I am kind of tired.” you lie and she frowns before linking your arm with hers. 

“Oh come on, you can at least hang out with us for a bit before we go to the hotel. I can’t stand being the only girl around these morons!” she laughs and you join her. 

“Okay, okay.” you agree and you walk arm on arm to the bus, the two of you in no hurry as you would probably be waiting on the boys for a bit anyway. “So did you enjoy tonight?” Aspen asks when you’re able to finally sit down. Your mind begins to swarm and you nod before answering. 

“Yeah it was a lot of fun. Nice to finally get to see the boys on stage.” you smile and she nods before whipping out her phone. The second Aspen diverts her attention from you, you let your face fall as you go over the events of the concert and the after party. 

The concert was great. The boys did well and you were delighted to meet some of the sweet fans. The only thing you wish you could have changed was Daniel’s attitude on stage. 

You could tell he was hurting and even though he kept his signature smile, his eyes told another story every time they met yours in the crowd. The after party was better, you and Aspen got to relax a bit and watched as the fans talked and laughed with the boys. 

Every once in a while though fans would approach you, bombarding you with questions and comments about you and Daniel’s relationship, asking things like “Are you and Daniel dating?” and “Can the two of you just make it official already?”. 

You answered them with a forced smile, hoping that Daniel couldn’t hear them from his spot across from you. Overall though, it was a great experience and you were glad that you didn’t back out; and you hoped that Daniel felt the same way.


“Here they come!” you hear Bill exclaims and you sit up to see the boys through the bus window, waving their final goodbyes to the fans before finally making their way onto the bus. 

“Hellooo ladies!” Jack greets, waving to you and Aspen before making himself comfortable on the seat next to Aspen. “Hey Jack.” you laugh as he pushes Aspen over to make more room for himself before greeting the rest of the guys. 

“Great job tonight, you guys blew me away!” you cheer and the boys all thank you before sitting down as well. “I’m so sweaty its disgusting.” Jonah groans before excusing himself to the bunk area to put on a new shirt. 

“So what was your favorite song of the show?” Zach asks as he and Corbyn sit down to join you, Corbyn’s eyes don’t leave his phone and you assume he’s talking with Christina. 

“Hmm. It’s hard to choose, but I would say ‘We The Party’.” you tell Zach with a smile. “I like that one too.” Daniel pipes up from his spot in the doorway and you notice that he’d been keeping his distance. 

“I know you do.” you smile at him but he doesn’t quite return it. Instead, he silently sits across from you in the spot next to Jack. “What was your favorite?” you ask softly, turning your attention back to Zach. 

“I would have to say 'All My Love’. I love that one.” he says and before you have a chance to continue the conversation, Daniel is chiming in again. “Mine’s 'Free’.” Daniel says loudly and you smile at him as he continues. 

“Are you going to ask me why?” he asks and you hesitate before doing so. “Why is 'Free’ your favorite Daniel?” “Because it reminds me of this girl I know.” he mumbles, sitting back on the couch and you roll your eyes at his childishness. 

Petty Daniel was definitely your least favorite Daniel. “Hey someone scoot over so I can sit.” Jonah whines from just a few feet away from you and you’re glad he could stop the conversation between you and Daniel before it got as heated as last time. 

“You can sit here Jonah. I should get going anyway.” you say as you stand up and grab your purse, earning a few whines and waves from the rest of the group. 

“Bye (Y/N), I’ll text you in the morning!” Aspen beams and you smile at her before saying your goodbyes to the boys. “I’ll walk you out.” Daniel says suddenly and you try to hide the shock on your face as you nod softly. 

Aspen shoots you a look and glare at Jack immediately, of course Daniel told Jack about the kiss, and of course Jack had told Aspen. You grit your teeth as you and Daniel get through a group of fans who were still outside. 

“Hey guys I can take pictures with you in just a minute, just let me get (Y/N) to her car safely.” Daniel says sweetly as he puts a hand on the small of your back, something he always did when you’d been caught in a crowd. 

When you finally reach the car, he pulls away and you turn to face him as you unlock your car and throw your purse inside. “Thanks Daniel.” you practically whisper, fiddling with one of the belt loops on your jeans as you wait in silence for him to respond. 

“Of course. And am sorry I didn’t call you back (Y/N), Its just-” he starts but you finish for him. “Its hard for you. I get it.” you smile softly and he nods before rubbing the back of his neck.

After a few minutes of standing in silence, Daniel speaks up. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow before the flight?” he asks and you smile before giving him a small hug. “The show was amazing Daniel. Thanks for inviting me.” you say before getting in the car, Daniel sending you off with a thump on the trunk.


The next morning, the incessant buzzing of your phone wakes you and you answer it with a yawn. “Hello?” you say groggily and Eric’s voice greets you on the other side of the line. 

“Morning (Y/N!)” Eric beams and you return his greeting as cheerily as humanly possible. “I’m sorry did I wake you?” he asks sarcastically and you can tell he’s smiling. "Seeing how its currently ten in the morning, yes.“ you groan. 

You’d never a morning person and it was something that took Daniel a while to get used to. You smile to yourself as you think of Daniel but quickly turn your attention back to Eric. 

"So what do you want to do today?” you ask, finally getting out of bed for the day. “Breakfast?” he asks and you sigh before correcting him. “Brunch.” Eric’s laugh echoes over the phone and you join him before the two of you agree to go to brunch at eleven. 

Once you’re off the phone, you head to the bathroom to shower and do your makeup. After that, you rummage through your closet and settle on a v-neck spaghetti strap dress with a floral pattern and a cardigan to match. 

Twirling the ends of your hair in the mirror, you sit down at your vanity and deal with it too, fixing it just how you like it. Opening up the drawer of your vanity, the sparkle from Daniel’s bracelet catches your eye and quickly take it in your hands. 

As terrible as it may sound, a part of you wishes you were spending the day with Daniel instead of Eric. That didn’t mean that you loved him though, did it? A knock on the front door snaps you out of your thoughts and you slip the bracelet on before grabbing your purse and heading downstairs. 

“Morning.” Eric greets you at the door and you smile at him as he leans in for a kiss. For some reason, though, you dodge him and his kiss lands on your cheek. “Good morning.” you say awkwardly before heading to his car side by side. 

“Okay so I was thinking that we go to the cafe and get our food to-go and then head to the lake for a picnic?” he asks and you nod slowly. An off feeling goes through you as you think about Daniel’s flight and you try to brush it off but the motion of the car isn’t really helping. 

“(Y/N)?” Eric questions and you turn to him with a small smile. “Did you hear what I just said?” he asks, his own smile fading as you shake your head. “No I didn’t sorry. What were you saying?” you ask and he repeats himself about taking you on his parents’ boat sometime. 

“Yeah that sounds cool.” you lie as you fiddle with the charm bracelet on your left wrist; you hated sailing ever since you were young. You weren’t sure why, but for some reason, you always got seasick and even thinking about it now made your skin crawl; and if Daniel were here he would laugh at Eric even mentioning it. Daniel… 

“Eric, wait.” you surprise yourself by interrupting him mid-sentence and he listens as you continue. “I need you to take me home.” The words were jumbled coming out of your mouth and you weren’t even sure if you meant them, but Eric was. 

“This is about Daniel isn’t it?” he asks and you nod shamefully. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s coming over me but I-” “You love him.” he finishes for you and you fall silent at the certainty of his words. 

“I don’t know.” you admit softly. “I saw you guys at the party…the kiss.” he almost whispers and your heart sinks. “What? Why didn’t you say anything?” You had no right to be angry with him–what Daniel did was practically all your fault–but you wondered why he would keep this from you, why he would act like nothing had changed between the two of you since that night. 

“I know you told him you didn’t feel the same way. I could tell by his reaction. At the time I was glad that you didn’t kiss him back. But now…” he trails off. “Now?” “Now, I don’t know. Its obvious that you have feelings for him, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.” he says and you can’t help but feel sorry for him. 

“I’m so sorry Eric. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” you apologize but he just smiles. "Its okay. I like you…I really, really like you but Daniel loves you. And a hell of a lot from what I can tell.“ he smiles and you can’t stop the pink from running to your cheeks. 

"What now?” you ask, your brow furrowing as Eric drives past the cafe you were supposed to get brunch at. “Well its about 11:17,” he says as he looks away from the road for a moment to check his watch. “And Daniel’s flight leaves at what, 11:45?” he asks and you nod slowly, still unsure of what he’s getting at. 

“Yes, and?” you question, a smile creeping onto your face at the mention of Daniel’s name. “So we’re going to the airport.” he says matter-of-factly and your smile grows. “Are you serious? You would do that?” you beam at him from the passenger seat. 

“For Daniel, no. For you, yes.” he speaks with a smile but you can tell it hurts him to do this. “Thank you so much.” you say, excitement flooding your system as you see the road signs leading to PDX.


As the distance between you and the airport gets smaller and smaller, your stomach turns and you swallow hard to settle it. “Are you alright?” Eric asks and you nod before trying to sort out your thoughts. 

If Eric was right about you loving Daniel, why was it so hard for you to grasp the idea? You think to yourself and your excitement turns into pure nervousness as the car comes to a stop in front of PDX. 

“You can do this.” Eric says and you smile at him before reaching for the door. “Do you want me to wait or?” he asks and you shake your head. “I can find my way back but thank you. For everything.” you say softly and after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, you exit the car and begin for the main lobby of the airport. 

You’re greeted by a sharply dressed woman with a smile and it hits you that you had absolutely no idea where Daniel would be. “Hi how can I help you?” she asks perkily and you return her smile while you think of how to word your next question. 

“Yes, um, can you tell me where the flight from here to Los Angeles boards?” you ask and she looks at you in confusion before you clarify. “It’s scheduled to depart at 11:45.” you add and she looks through a few papers before grinning at you. 

“You’re here to see that boy band aren’t you?” she asks accusingly and you decide its better to look like a crazed fangirl than an idiot in love. “Yes. I love Why Don’t We so much!” you play along, laughing to yourself at how she rolls her eyes playfully. 

“Down that hall and up the stairs. You better hurry before they’re swarmed with girls!” she says and you thank her before following her directions, the butterflies in your stomach getting stronger as you ascend the stairs to see a group of girls huddled up in a circle, the boys’ heads just barely poking out of the crowd. 

As you watch Daniel with the fans, your heart swells and it finally hits you that you are madly in love with this boy. Everything about him is just so perfect–the way he acts with his fans, the way he is passionate about everything he does, the way he makes you feel–all of his amazing qualities hit you at once and you decide its time to make your move. 

Walking slowly, in an effort to blend in with the crowd, you hope that he can’t see you as he poses a few pictures and as the few fans who were your armor leave to make their way toward Jonah, you inch closer to him, staying behind him before speaking up. 

“Can I get a picture as well?” you ask innocently and he turns around quickly, a big smile on his face. “(Y/N)!” he exclaims, pulling you in for a bear hug. “I was just about to call you but then the fans got here and I-" 

"It’s fine, I understand.” you cut him off, eager to get him alone so you can finally tell him how you feel. “Are you in a rush?” he asks worriedly and you shake your head before pulling him off to the side, a handful of fans gawking at the two of you while another handful give you the death glare for stealing him away. 

“No I just need to talk to you alone.” you say as you continue to lead walk with him, your hand pulling him closely behind you before you stop in an empty hallway. 

“What’s going on?” he asks once you’re finally alone and you sigh as you think of how you’re going to say this. “Daniel I…” His eyes search yours and you swallow hard, your heart pounding as he patiently waits for you to finish. 

“DanielIloveyou.” you say and his emotion is unreadable for a moment as he processes the words that just came out of your mouth. His brow furrows and you realize that he may not have even heard you. 

“Daniel I-” before you can repeat yourself, Daniel’s lips are on yours and even though its second time your lips collided, it felt like the first and the feeling in your stomach told you that it would be like this every single time. 

“Say it again.” he begs as you part from him, and you smile before before repeating those three magic words. “I love you too (Y/N). So much.” he says before pulling you in for another kiss. 

The fans begin to flood the once vacant hallway, their chatter and phone screens filling the room but you don’t mind. For now its just you and him…and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 51: There For Her

Jensen Ackles x Reader


Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s POV

The fantasy football had gone faster than I had planned, and truthfully I was grateful. Of course I had a blast with Jared and the guys. There was something about drinking beer and talking football that made you forget about all of your worries.

But at the back of my mind I knew something wasn’t right. That I should be heading home to Y/N, and see how the interview process was going. Sure, Cliff was there to make sure everything went okay, but I still didn’t like having to rely on anyone else to keep Y/N safe.

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(Dis)connection: Analogy of the Gods as Long Distance Friends

The gods are like long distance friends. The kind of friends you meet online and come to love despite that you’ve never seen them in the flesh. Maybe you can’t prove they’re real (or especially that they’re who they say they are), but you’re willing to bet that they are. Once in a while, someone will ask you suspiciously, “How can you ever really be sure?” But you just ignore them. It’s hard to explain. You’ve got your reasons. Or maybe you don’t. But you just know. And you don’t have to justify that to anyone.

How did it all begin? Well, you were probably just scrolling through social media one day and saw an interesting profile. Man, that guy had all kinds of cool stories. He stole what from who?! Wild. You send him a message. No response. Oh well. You check out another profile. Wow, she’s beautiful. You wish you had that kind of confidence. You send her a message. No response.

Wait a minute. She did respond. You almost missed the notification. Oh wow, she wants to get to know you. Well, alright! You start to chat. Learn about each other. Eventually, around the winter holidays, you donate to a charity for battered women on her behalf. She’s so touched, she wants to do something for you in return. You have no idea how she pulls it off, but one day, out of the blue, someone walks up to you and hands you a gift card to a day spa. The mission statement reads: “You deserve to feel beautiful.”

One day, you’re having the worst luck ever. You get home and you can barely hold back your tears. You get on the computer and write to your friend, whose status shows Online. Only her words will bring you comfort today. “Hello, are you there? I really need to talk to someone,” you type out. No response. “Please answer,” you plead. “I need you.” No response.

You’ve held your breath for five minutes when it happens: “✔ Seen 9:35 PM” Instantly, your heart flutters. You wait for a response. Nothing. You fall asleep waiting. When you wake up, there is still no response. You stop hoping.

That morning, you sit down with your coffee and think to yourself, “This is it. We’re over. Why did I even care? Everyone was right. For all I know, my so-called friend is an elderly scam artist from another dimension.” You sigh.

A week goes by and you’ve really truly given up hope. You haven’t even seen your friend come online. Let’s be honest, they probably blocked you. Figures.

But wait. A notification draws your attention. You stare wide eyed at your phone. The new message reads, “I’m so sorry, there was a family emergency. I couldn’t get away from it, but I swear it’s nothing personal. I’ll make it up to you, alright? I hope you understand. Are we okay? How are you? I missed you!”

This is the moment of decision. You swallow your pride and type back, “Hey, that’s okay. It happens. I missed you, too. You would not believe what this guy at work said to me yesterday…”

Thunder rumbles outside your window. The internet connection starts to flicker. You frantically hit “Send,” but it’s too late. Your provider sends an automated message: “There was a problem sending your message. Please try again later.”

Grumbling, you get up and cross the room to glare at your router as though that will fix the problem any quicker. A twinge of anxiety eats at the back of your mind. You really, really hope your friend will understand. These things happen. It could be worse. It could be like that one time you disappeared online because your computer crashed and your phone fell in the toilet in the same week. You grimace at the memory.

Yeah, you think to yourself, the internet will be back when the storm’s over. No sense fretting over it. Maybe it’s time to read that really cool book your friend told you about ages ago. They would be so happy to know you didn’t forget.

And day after day after day, so it goes…

does this make sense? | 07

pairing: min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi  
genre/warnings: angst, drama, (slight mention of vomit, so beware if you have a phobia – I know I do!)
words: 10,229
summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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