she was perfect despite her 'lack' of looks

First Impressions - Peter Parker

Prompt: Y/n Stark is left alone for the weekend as the Avengers are out of town. Her dad decides to send a good friend of his over to spend the day with his daughter although forgets to mention anything to Y/n about it leading her to find an intruder in her kitchen. Not all first impressions are great. 

Words: 5,391

Warnings: Maybe three swear words

Rain kissed the filthy sidewalks of Manhattan in a baptizing fashion. The water droplets rid the city of it’s sin by simply showering over head. Y/n Stark watched the mesmerizing scenery from her bedroom window seat, in awe of the beauty. An old throw blanket was snuggled to her body as she leaded her head on the wood of the sill capturing the view below. The rain picturfully had no effect of the daily life of the city goers as they all continued rushing around, the only change was the addition of umbrellas. Most were black, few clear and a rare bit of yellow. The color of the tarps pulled Y/n in allowing her to calculate the amount of vibrant souls and those unlike the rest.

For the moment being she could see thirty or so dark coverings, three rainbow patterns, one red with black polka dots, a child umbrella resembling a frog, and two summer sky blue umbrellas.

With squinted eyes rain boots were still not visible but that was alright. This was her favorite weather and Y/n Stark had the intention of watching the show all day. Well that was until her stomach growled in agony.

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stop slutshaming bra/bulla 2k17

i have a lot of love for this character and i don’t think she deserves any of the disrespect she receives so often from the dragon ball fandom so in honor of her recent birth in super i decided to do some fleshing out of the one and only daughter of bulma and vegeta.

(note: her birth was bumped up to year 780; she’s younger than pan) but this was the bit of information we were given for vegebul’s youngest child: a precocious girl who has a bit of impishness to her

she’s first seen at the end of z alongside her mother at the world martial arts tournament and appears to be a sweet, well-behaved, and gentle girl. she doesn’t appear to be a fighter, but is only about three years old, and eagerly cheers on her friend pan and marvels at her father’s strength

there is potential

not many people seem to have a problem with this bra, and why would they? she’s an adorable little girl who received very little screen time.

the real hate is usually directed at “teenage” bra in the non-canon spin-off dragon ball gt.

so fun fact! bra isn’t actually a teenager here. if it wasn’t obvious by her underdeveloped build in comparison to her mother’s in dragon ball, then you can simply do the math. gt takes place 5 years after the end of z, making bra 8 at the start and 9 by the end. she’s not even a preteen!

this is a common misconception and the dialogue in the english dub which many of us watched growing up isn’t very helpful either. vegeta never scoffs ‘teenagers’ in the original episode. he, in fact, says ‘nonsense’ in response to his daughter’s dialogue while out on their shopping trip.

so bra is unfortunately a victim of jessica rabbit syndrome, y’know, ‘i’m not bad, i was just drawn that way.’ and while i agree her attire is highly inappropriate for her age, it’s totally unfair to judge her character because of it. this wouldn’t be the first time a young girl was unnecessarily sexualized in the series.


in the few scenes we get to see bra, she’s always either with her mother or her father. the one time she’s seen interacting with males is when she is hit on by two much older creeps while in the car, and she’s unbothered when vegeta proceeds to rip off their steering wheel and send them flying off the road

another common assumption about this character is that all she does is shop. well, in the subbed version, bra happily states “papa, this is the first time you’ve taken me shopping in my whole life!” she may have gone a little overboard, and might like to indulge in material things, but again, she’s not the first

it would be ridiculous to assume that her only interest is shopping

my favorite bra scene would have to be when she’s watching as chi-chi and videl prepare for battle. the look of amusement is a vegeta look if i’ve ever seen one, and a glimpse of that impishness we’re told about in her character bio. despite her lack of screen time, you see the perfect blend of both parents.

there have been plenty of other complaints about her being “bratty” and “entitled” but i don’t care to address them. what i hate seeing is the “slut” and “whore” and “hooker.” it’s baseless and rude. 

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Batmom x Cassandra Cain Drabble

A/N: I know Cassandra is mute in some of the comics but I’m not sure if that is still canon so I gave her a few lines.

Warnings: None


Unbeknownst to you, Cass held you in high regard and would worry about you getting kidnapped due to your closeness to the Batman and Bruce Wayne alike. She may be the silent and deadly type, but secretly she was always looking out for you just in case she needed to protect you.
The master assassin even looked up to you in a way, how you were kind, thoughtful and did your best to help the family despite the lack of powers.

Cassandra stealthily made her way to you, your back was facing her as you lounged in the study, stopping behind you in perfect posture.
“(Y/N), can you come to the gym wearing appropriate clothing?” The deadly female clearly stated, the sudden sound startled you to which she admittedly found cute.
“Sure, Cass. I’ll be there in 10.” She found it assuring that you didn’t question her, it made her feel trusted - all the more reason to go through with this.

You arrived at the gym within 9 minutes, best not to keep Cass waiting after all.
“I’m going to teach you basic self defence, and if you’re adequate more advanced techniques.” The woman explained, positioning herself opposite you. Cass wanted to give you a way to protect yourself, if there was ever a chance of danger it reassured her to know you would be capable of defending yourself to some extent with her training.

Though she had taken you down with ease multiple times, she admired your spirit to get back up to try again asking for advice on where you went wrong. It made her all the more willing to train you, throughout the painful experience you found it useful and fun to bond with Cass but you were starting to get tired.

“Thank you so much Cass - but I - not as fit - as you a are - so so - tired.” You commented between exasperated breaths, sitting on the mat as you finished your statement.
Cass merely nodded, she was never one to talk much, wearing a minuscule smile she sat down next to you pleased with her work.

You made time to train with Cass every week, sometimes daily if you could both manage it which Cass was secretly overjoyed with. She noticed that your skills were slowly improving but became a little possessive when Bruce offered to take over your training, the assassin arguing “I am her trainer, I know how (y/n) prefers to train as well as her current limits much better than you. I am the best teacher for her given the circumstances.”

Though Bruce could see that Cass was in fact enjoying the time spent with you, once when observing he found Cass had let you pin her with a move she could have easily countered, as well as the discrete smile Cass wore while you celebrated your victory. To be fair, you were working well and were much more capable in the arts of self defence.

“Working much this week?”

Worked with this guy, classic fuckboy, attractive as hell though. He developed a little crush on me and I, lacking attention from my boyfriend, developed a little crush on him. 

Last message sent was from me (I had the roster, I knew he wasn’t working much - how embarrassing). He never replied despite texting first. I was trying to make conversation with his dead-end ass because I liked his attention. I look back now months later and judge my past self, but I also feel bad for her. Must have been pretty insecure to crave attention from an actual dropkick with two words in his vocabulary when she had the perfect guy to call her boyfriend. 

I remember once after finishing a late, hectic shift, we went to the playground. Swinging on that swing set with him made me feel impulsive, spontaneous, reckless; things I was not known to be. Getting into an argument with him over why I wouldn’t date him made me feel wanted in ways I hadn’t before. This fuckboy saw me for my appearance, he didn’t care about my personality, which for some fucked up reason sent fireworks free in my stomach.

Funny how, during that argument, I never mentioned the whole “I’m not single” as an argument for why we couldn’t date. I’ve never told my boyfriend about the playground visit, or the other times I dropped fuckboy home/stayed later at work to chat, either. 

I never, ever crossed a line but the thought was there. That old thought still makes me feel guilty, even though I am a different person now with a different mindset. I’m just glad I never went that step too far.

I actually used to go back over texts before sending them to him so they didn’t sound too “mature” or “proper”. How disgusting it makes me feel that I changed myself for a boy that wanted nothing more from me than to add me to a list of other girls.

7 - Carmilla Sharkmaid! AU - S.O.S

~ Beginning

< - Previously / Next ->

“Uh…Carm…? What’s that?”

She looked up as Laura shifted through what was left of the seagull she jumped on earlier. Which was mainly a few bones and a lot of feathers, partially due to the quill pen breaking under her concentrated grasp and feathers were still better than sticks to draw with.

Within the pile, Laura spotted a strange triangular bone and upon closer inspection she gasped; it was a shark tooth.

Carmilla stared at it for a moment before opening her mouth and poking around the front her teeth with her tongue, finding a sudden gap on her right side.

“Huh…Thought that bird was particularly crunchy…” she shrugged and went about sorting the feathers while Laura just sat there in silence, staring at the tooth.

It looked exactly like an ordinary shark tooth, just smaller to fit the mershark’s mouth, which isn’t by much as Laura discovered she can unhinge her jaw for bigger prey.

As a child on the docks she would drag her father by grasping his finger and pulling him to see brave sailors return from shark hunting and selling their sharp incisors meant for ripping and shredding. They always terrified her, she had seen what they can do to even the strongest of men. It didn’t help that her father reinforced this fear, it was the only way to keep her off a ship and away from the dangerous ocean.

Obviously that didn’t do much to stop her.

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anonymous asked:

Akashi, Aomine, Mauyuzumi and Kuroko's reaction to seeing their respective gf's in a bikini when they go for a trip to the beach together?

I was actually wondering when I’d get this scenario thank you friend

Used female pronouns as requested.

Kuroko: he’d be a bit breathless and would surely blush a bit, looking tenderly at her. “You look beautiful”, he’d say, as he wraps his pale arms around her figure and gives her a kiss on the nose. Since he’s a secret perv, would often glance at her without her even noticing.

Aomine: he’d definitely whistle lowly and roam his eyes up and down her body appreciatively, almost eating her with his eyes. If he saw he was making her feel self-conscious, he’d wrap an arm around her and bring her closer to him, grinning and whispering in her ear exactly what he thought of her attire.

Akashi: he’d smile at her with half-lidded eyes, just barely containing the predatory look that threatened to surface. He’d be the perfect gentleman and rest his hands on her waist as he compliments her, though, saying she looks gorgeous. He’d probably sneak in a few kisses on her naked skin when “no one is looking”, though.

Mayuzumi: his only outward reaction is to raise both eyebrows into his hairline, but internally he’s probably imprinting the image into his brain. When she asks him shyly “how do I look?”, he spends a few seconds just looking at her, then nods appreciatively. “Nice.”


Fringe AU: Altlivia finally saw the rainbow in her universe again

It was year 2015 in the alternate universe. Our!Lincoln and Altlivia were just assigned a new Fringe case after returning to the Fringe Division from their wedding and honeymoon. The new Major in the Division requested surveillance and the couple were in downtown Manhatan, sitting somewhere to monitor the scene.

Altlivia was bored after being idle for over an hour and an overcast has gotten her clothes wet. She sighed and casually looked up to the sky and that was when the unimaginable happened - a rainbow appeared, albeit in faint colours.

“Keep looking up, after it rains, keep looking up,” Olivia’s words echoed in Altlivia’s head. Then she had an epiphany - something miraculous must have happened on the other side and some sort of order must have been restored as the parallel universes were still inextricably linked despite the lack of the Bridge. Altlivia was simply wordless and awe-stricken, it was almost like déjà vu to her. Lincoln looked at his wife and realised this had always been the sign of utter happiness, perfection and hope Altlivia was waiting for.

Little did they know, on that very same day, Peter Bishop received a mysterious letter with a white tulip in it.

Yesterday when I was trying to sleep and thinking of touken, I realized how beautiful their relationship would be all because of Kaneki. He’s the sweetest guy ever. If something ever happens between them in the future, he’d literally treat her as a queen. He’s the romantic type, the sweet guy, he would not hesitate to tell her how beautiful she is (and I find this extremely sad/romantic considering how she felt when Kimi told her that she looked beautiful). He would wake her up every morning with butterfly kisses and a mug of coffee by her side. He would rest his head on her tummy while reading a book. He would brush her hair with his fingers and pretend that he likes the new haircut she did to him, smiling and saying “it looks perfect, touka-chan” even if it’s a disaster. I think he would try to make her life as human as posible. I don’t know, despite how stupid he can be sometimes, I find in Kaneki the perfect lover. Always caring, always patient, kind, thoughtful, indulgent. Cuddling her in his arms in the most random moments, like taking her by surprise and resting his chin on her forehead (he’s way taller than her now huehue), the lack of love in Kaneki’s life would make him give his heart away all the time. I think Touka is so lucky to have him, and he’s lucky too because she’s always so pure and honest and raw and she never hesitates when it comes to tell him the truth, to put his feet on the ground again, both complement each other so well. 

But I notice Disney Princesses are following the “trend” of how “ideal woman” perceived during their time.


Ideal woman are those who are calm, lovely, motherly, typical housewife-ish and more passive. The princesses from this era are the actual portrayal of Damsel in Distress, who give the impression of “unable to help themselves” or “need someone to save them”.

Princesses from this era:

1. Snow White: hard-working, lovely, motherly, kind. She never showed to harbor rebellious side against her step mother even though she was treated badly, and got her happy ending by being saved by the prince.


2. Cinderella: While she indirectly voiced her complaints, she didn’t confront her step mother and sisters and diligently working as their maid. She was saved by Fairy Godmother, her mouses, and married by the prince to escape her terrible life.

3. Aurora: Despite her sassy version in tumblr, canon Aurora is basically a lovely naive girl who cried a bit too much and slept through the fun part of the movie and woken up by Phillip.

1980s-early 2000s

The appeal toward bold, independent woman who stand for their own beliefs is high in this era. Princesses from Ariel to Tiana have rebellious strike within them. They’re the “out of the box” princesses who are “unlike other girls”, have more active role in pursuing their happy ending.

Princesses from this era:

1. Ariel: rebellious, naive, fearless and a bit reckless. She is the first princess who literally chased after her prince instead of the other way around.

2. Belle: the odd bookworm who is so subtly promoted “brain before beauty” (even though she’s still beautiful), and who actually talked back to the men who disrespected her.

3. Jasmine: a princess whose frame of mind is way more developed than her era. She stood against tradition of arranged marriage, wanting to prove that a princess is more than just pretty girl with pretty clothes who can do nothing but blink and smiles.

4. Pocahontas: the song Color of the Wind speaks a lot about her perceptive personality. She is, in a way, is more open minded than her tribe and John Smith.

5. Mulan: she disguised herself as a man and saved China while the other girls brought honor by “bearing sons”. If that didn’t scream “extraordinary heroine” I don’t know what is.

6. Tiana: a hard working girl who made a breakthrough despite racial discrimination and one who didn’t really care about finding a man. 

Late 2000s

These “modern” princessed are similar from the previous ones, only with added trait: clumsiness, lack of grace, and basically everything else a princess shouldn’t have (Mulan and Ariel also fitted with these traits even though they came from different era). The exception of this is Elsa, who is the embodiment of perfect princess, but even she had rebellious strike in her.

Princess from this era:

1. Rapunzel: childish, brave, spirited, she looked more like a wild child rather than a princess. And she saved her man instead of the other way around.

2. Merida: Boyish and painfully lacked of grace that it exasperated her mother.

3. Anna: Clumsy, naive, a bit socially awkward; and yet she managed to save the day and find the man of her dream in the end.

4. Elsa: as I said, she was the only exception to the “modern” rule, even though her Let It Go sequence proved that she could be as wild as her sister if she wanted to.

My point is that, while Disney makes their heroine to suit the mindframe of girls in respective era and makes them more relatable, they also make a strong, indirect doctrine on how “ideal woman” should be, which is both encouraging and poisoning at the same time.   


Musings on Madam Secretary 2.16

HISH-ree-ah. HISH-ree-ah. HISH-ree-ah. If anything comes from this episode, it’s that I now know how to pronounce “Hijriyyah.” I’ve spent weeks wondering how you say that damn word.

We begin with the latest news brief from CNN, or what feels like it. The center of this week’s always-timely Madam Secretary is a rescued boat full of refugees. Watching Elizabeth, Conrad and Russell discuss what to do with the 200+ people who were willing to risk their lives for the remote hope of simple securities in a foreign land was like watching a presidential debate. Do we keep them? Do we send them back? What if they’re terrorists? Is it worth the risk? Granted, this incident had special circumstances because of Moussa al-Mukhtar’s claim to know where Jibral Disah is, but in general, this is a debate many countries are being faced with. Throughout the episode, Elizabeth dropped several truth bombs, including the extensively exhaustive asylum vetting process, the fact that only a minute fraction of refugees admitted to the U.S. have ever been arrested on terrorism charges and that the dirty bomb from 2.14 was perpetrated by an American-born citizen. She also brought up the plaque on the Statue of Liberty (give me your tired, your poor, etc…) and basically shut down any argument with “These people matter and they’re not going back.” BOOM. That’s my Elizabeth! Yes, I’m an unapologetic social liberal.

This situation leads to quite a first day on the job for Henry. Can we talk about how I cheered in a room by myself when he walked into “Murphy Station” and I saw not only Jill Hennessy but Molly Price, as well? Talk about a room of badass chicks. Of course like everything else, my excitement was literally blown up about 10 minutes later, but what a glorious 10 minutes that was. Henry, tasked with finding Disah, spent most of the episode trying to determine if al-Mukhtar is a true informant, a jihadist or is merely trying to buy more time. With his background, it makes sense that Henry should be in that position, but the jury’s still out about how I feel regarding this career change. There’s something slightly off about it. When Jose said, “We do our job right and a whole bunch of men are gonna die” and Henry responded with “All in a day’s work,” I wasn’t buying it. The religious scholar and ethics professor can’t simply shake off the death of anyone at his hands, despite their potentially violent intent. Russia proved that. He takes everything to heart, failing to separate his personal feelings from the professional lines that need to be drawn. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It actually makes me appreciate his character. However, it’s setting up more mental ping-pong for a dude who has yet to deal with repercussions of his former job. Or radiation poisoning. Or his father’s death. You get the point.

Further proving that point, when Mimi met an untimely yet predictable death (why can’t we have nice things?), Henry took it to heart. Who wouldn’t, honestly? Before flying over for the interrogation, Mimi personally asked Henry how confident he was in his assessment that al-Mukhtar wasn’t radical. Jose even chimed in with “You better be right, professor.” Of course he wasn’t and Molly Price is off to guest star fabulously on yet another TV show while Henry beats himself up. He obsesses about what happened so much, even Elizabeth tried to reason with him. I counted at least 3 “babes” that came out of her mouth, and we all know that word is only used when she’s desperately trying to connect with or reassure him. Like with Russia and Dmitri and Ivan, Henry is internalizing his guilt, even keeping Elizabeth at an arm’s length. She could be an invaluable resource for him emotionally not only as a wife, but as a former CIA operative. She knows how he’s feeling, relates to why he’s obsessing and understands the toll it takes on a person. They briefly hit upon it while snuggling in the windowsill during “Catch and Release,” but he’s still not fully opening up. She even tried to take him to bed (FOLLOW HER, HENRY!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??) and instead was left to watch her love beat himself up by looping a traumatic video countless more times. Even though they can finally talk about their work with each other, they’re not truly communicating about it and the ramifications. They’re close, but there’s still distance between them. Can I just get a Henry breakdown before the end of the season? And Elizabeth joins in? And they just sob themselves stupid about all they’ve encountered and lost? Is this too much to ask? *taps mic* Is this thing on?

Of course the dynamic duo working together does provide some aww-worthy opportunities. Whether in the Murphy Station or the Situation Room (still odd to see Henry in there, by the way), the two gravitate towards each other like magnets. Yes, I realize a lot of it has to do with camera blocking, but let me have my fun. Elizabeth sweetly touched Henry’s elbow before she left the room. They grasped each other’s hands while watching the live stream of Mimi. Little touches that almost appear automatic, grounding each other, reassuring each other. It’ll be interesting to see how Elizabeth reacts to Henry heading overseas… because we all know a McCord getting a stamp in their passport is never a good thing.

The McCord kids had some play this week, mainly Stevie and her quest for love. Admittedly, as long as Stevie isn’t causing issues for her parents, I’m fairly ambivalent about her dating life. However, even Jareth and his British accent won me over…. despite his name. (Apologies if you or someone you love is named “Jareth.”) With this guy, Stevie is proving true the stereotype that people date someone who reminds them of their father. Jareth gives off serious Henry feels. He knew how to prod and lead Stevie about what was bothering her without pushing too hard, much like Henry does when Elizabeth is upset. He was gentle and comforting and didn’t run when their relationship got a bit messy. He even made her laugh when she was crying and promised a brighter tomorrow. If that isn’t the swoon-worthy Dr. McCord at play, I don’t know what is. My only criticism of Jareth is that he didn’t realize Henry and the kids were at the conference during the bombing. That would’ve been front-page, lead team coverage, top of twitter, trending on Facebook news. He just…. didn’t know? I’m not buying it, but I also don’t care enough to focus on it. As for Alison and Jason, there’s something bugging me about them. Alison seemed uber stressed, more than even a perfectionist student should be for midterms. Jason continues to be a bit on the angry/hostile side. I think the entire townhouse needs to burn some sage.

Even as the world is literally blowing up around them, Elizabeth and Henry prove that first and foremost, they’re parents. While watching an extremely tense operation go down live halfway around the world, Elizabeth asked, “Did you remember that Jareth dinner tonight?” to which Henry replied, “That was tonight?” Just another example of how two people are trying to make it work, despite their stressful, high-profile jobs.

Can we have a moment of appreciation for the perfection of Elizabeth McCord in the kitchen? Perhaps I’m overly invested in the constant nod to her lack of cooking skills because I’m a disaster in that room myself. The way she smashes eggs? Me. Dropping stuff all over, creating a bigger mess than what’s needed? Me. Tossing food on a plate and not giving a crap about presentation? Me. It was like looking in a mirror, so much so, a friend (you know who you are) even texted me: “Elizabeth was all you in the first shot.” My lack of skills are that notorious. “Should I cook? Of course not. What should we order?” I’ve personally had that little one-woman conversation countless times. If someone dies or is in the hospital and needs meals, I’m the person who donates money instead of food. My approach is that if you already feel like death, my cooking doesn’t need to push you over the edge into the abyss. You’ve suffered enough already. However, in Elizabeth’s world, she’s making an effort as a wife and mother. “Make sure your father finishes his breakfast.” I adore her for it.

“Is it still our sacred duty to protect the American way of life or am I missing something?” Russell, I’ve never liked you more… except when you opened up about PTSD in the McCord kitchen.

Senator Morejon: “I’m guessing you know the answer to that.”
Elizabeth: “Of course I do. I’m the Secretary of State.”

Elizabeth: “Hell, your boat made it here. What do you care, right?”

All the bloops in Bloopville at those two exchanges. Elizabeth single-handedly took down the senator much like she did the governor of Texas last season: slyly, expertly, peacefully. She even ended their exchange with “You have a great day,” which I like to think is Elizabeth speak for “Eff off, jackass. We all know who just won this.”

Other things:

–Elizabeth’s British accent. It was so bad, it was good. Add that to Elizabeth’s face when Stevie asks if Henry is coming to dinner, the way she closes the wine refrigerator and how she mouths “He’s hot” to Stevie. Téa’s slight comedic touches during drama bring such realism to the show and her character.

–I laughed at Jane’s and Henry’s faces when he snarked about not having to take orders from her anymore. Slight smirks and knowing grins. It felt like a Tim and Jill moment, rather than Jane and Henry.

–“So code names, not your gift.” – Henry

–“It’s press conference o’clock.” I’m stealing this and using it at work. Thanks, Blake.

–The coloring of Stevie’s shots on campus seemed blue-ish. I understand this show has a major love affair with that color, but the poor girl looked frostbitten or on the verge of death. Or maybe my TV coloring needs adjusting.

–Was there a kiss cut out or am I just desperately making this up? I’m talking about when Elizabeth and Henry were in the kitchen after they discussed dinner with Stevie and Jareth. I swear they were leaning in and it cut away to the next scene. Now I spend my entire day rationing every second with reporters and editors, so I understand how critical every single one can be. But don’t cut a kiss! Cut out…. anything else. I’m sure Conrad sighed and looked quizzically off into space at some point. Cut that instead.


Because I have to start writing again at some point, so why not write a Jily fic loosely based on my supreme lack of directional skills, but mostly based on my musings while walking around the city today

Lily should have known where it was. She had been going to university in Boston for nearly three years. She had traveled to every end of campus, mastered the T, and even perfected her American accent. If it weren’t for her supreme lack of direction, she could have easily faked it as a native. But, no. 

She held her hands out in front of her. One in the shape of an “L,” the other- not quite. But despite the elementary school tactics, she was no less lost. Her phone was dead. And her internal GPS had never been properly assembled. She knew it was close. Maybe two blocks. Left or right. But which one? 

There was an information booth across the street, but she was decidedly not a tourist. That and the man behind the booth looked like a mix between her ancient (the man, not the subject) history professor and her aunt’s hairless cat- not particularly attractive.

A boy in a Harvard sweatshirt caught her eye. 

Lily sped up so her strides matched his and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey, I’m utterly crap at directions. Any chance you could point me toward the Prudential Center?”

He stared at her a moment before turning his head to the left, then the right, and back again. He gestured vaguely toward the information booth, a question on his brow.

His accent betrayed him, but he was no more a tourist than she. “On your left. But I’m curious. Crowds of people here, so why ask me?”

Lily shrugged. “Because you were cute.”

She didn’t blush or look away. Instead, she held her gaze. And damn, if they weren’t the most striking eyes he had ever seen. 

Missing half a beat, he replied with a grin, “Well, in that case, I’ll walk you there myself.” He weaved his arm through hers. “It’s James, by the way.”

She smiled. “Lily.”

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