she was only trying to help jade

Hey would any artists around be down to help me with inspiration? I’ve hit a wall and havent written in months. I want to continue The Monster in the Room, but i just get so down and out every time i try, its really frustrating. But i feel like making momentum by continuing to write even if it isnt an original work will maybe help me keep working. Art really helps me and was like the only reason i managed to finish the weight of jade. So if I made a short list of prompts, if anyone found them interesting and had read the monster in the room and wanted to help i’d really appreciate it, genuinely! 

-I’d love to see werewolf!nino trying voluntary shapeshifting for the first time with Carter, and how you think Nino would react to being of present mind while in wolf form. 

-Nino and Marinette sitting down at her home, having a normal pleasant conversation where she is mostly just reassuring him that real, normal friendships can still exist and his life isnt completely ruined by this thing

-Nino randomly chatting with some dog behind a fence and his friends are staring at him like “Woah wth werewolves can actually talk to dogs thats crazy rad”

-’normal’ class and how Nino is wildly thinking to himself “wtf none of this is normal god damn potion making wtf”

-Nino staring at weird ass magic something in like a potions class thinking “I never thought i would rather be in physics class”

-actual full moon wolf Nino that is the size of a grizzly bear

im just really stuck and i hate not writing. if anyone had the time and wanted to help me out of a slump i’d really appreciate it!