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I quit writing Homestuck meta a long time ago, but I guess the pre-4/13 fervor is infectious, because this popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. So here’s some musings on Homestuck, the ending, and its portrayal (or rather, erasure) of character identity and agency.  

Let’s rewind back several years and a few subsubacts, to the meteor and battleship crews’ not so triumphant arrival in the combined session. Two of the kids’ number have been mind-controlled and forced to work for the Empress. Two have been thrown in prison. One has been banished to the outer reaches of space. The rest have been divvied up and placed on various Lands, given different tasks to be completed for the Empress. Even in beating SBURB and winning the game they have no escape, because she intends to rule the new universe they create… until it spawns Lord English and is destroyed.

Things look bleak. And things look even bleaker when Game Over rolls around, and most of the cast gets exterminated. But wait! John Egbert, Heir of Breath and leader of the Beta session, has gotten his hands on a miraculous artifact supposedly useful as a weapon against Lord English. He now has the ability to travel throughout time and space and to change things that usually cannot be changed. While his friends get wiped out, he fights the “tyrannous author” figure who has been telling their story wrong and wins. Surely with his newfound abilities, he will set things right and lead them to freedom.

Except.  Not really.

Oh sure, John “saves the day”. He uses his retcon abilities to create a new timeline where everyone lives and wins the game. But is it a victory? And did everyone really live?

I’m going to argue that the ending of Homestuck is a tragedy where characters’ identities are frequently ignored or overwritten in order to serve the utilitarian aims of the narrative (and Skaia). I do not make this argument believing Hussie intended it. I think the dip in quality and coherency at the end of Homestuck was the product of an author who was tired of his project, had lost track of a bunch of plot points and characters, and just wanted to be finished. But I do think its treatment of identity is drastically different from the rest of the work and sends some disturbing messages about how “happy” that ending really is.

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anonymous asked:

Why do u think Ashi is 17 why would they pair a teenager with an adult that makes no sense, she's at least 20

You’re the second (Third?) person who has said that Ashi must be over 20 because the show wouldn’t do this story with a teenager.  Unfortunately, our society has a huge problem of sexualizing teenage girls and pairing them with grown (Or ageless/immortal) men.

Take almost any vampire story.  From the well-made (Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Buffy begin a relationship with Angel when Buffy was 16 and he was over 200) to the poorly-made (Twilight had Bella begin a relationship with Edward when she was 17 and he was over 100), many of them pair off young girls with men old enough to be their ancestor.

Sometimes – like with Buffy and Angel – the man was too old even before they became immortal.  Angel was 26 when he was sired, which is too old to be dating a sixteen-year-old even without adding on the 250 years spent as a vampire.  At least Edward was only 17 when he was turned….and this is probably the last time I’m going to compare Buffy and Twilight to Twilight’s advantage.

Stepping away from fantasy, there’s plenty of dramas and “romances” (I shudder to use the term here) that feature high school and college teachers having affairs with their students.  Many of these often try to portray this as a positive relationship: If the student is a boy then he is “getting some”, and if the student is a girl then she is usually helping her jaded mentor recapture his youth.  Very rarely do they realize that this a disgusting abuse of power unless they are specifically tackling the subject.

Heck, just this past year the animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke portrayed Batman as being in a sexual relationship with Batgirl.  Not only was this not in the original comic (Which has its own problematic elements), but this adaptation used the teenage version of Batgirl which has been used for most cartoons, whereas in the comics of the time she was an adult woman.  The comic character had even been a member of Congress, which has a minimum age of 25 for candidacy.  They specifically changed her history to de-age her character along with putting her in a relationship with Batman.

The specific age of “17″ might not be accurate for Ashi – it’s already been pointed out to me that there’s no canon source for that precise number –  but “They wouldn’t do this story with a teenager” is sadly not an argument that can be made.  Other works have already shown that they will make these stories with teenagers, and cluelessly not realize how bad it can be.

C here~

I know A is making her own goodbye letter so I will type mine as well. 

Thank you for sticking with us even when this was going on, even if you guys didn’t know what was going on behind the screen. Most of the time it was either us yelling at each other through the phone trying to remind each other on a message we forgot to answer or a pm, other times it was us laughing and others it was us seeing the other being so busy and trying to help out. 

I can’t imagine the kind of pressure Lynn must be in because as I’m looking at her through the screen, wiping her tears and trying to calm down. I can see her shaking and with fear in her eyes. Poor thing is whispering to herself that she’s going to be fine and Alexia broke down again trying to assure her that she’s strong and she can do it. 

You all gave me a kind of confidence I could only dream of having, so thank you. 

Jade, Tae, Michelle, Kellam, Sakura, Lexee, Em and all the anons and new and old followers and those that talk to us on a daily and those who talk to us on their free time, thank you. 

I love you guys so much and I cannot express into words how thankful I am and how much I love you guys. 


Everybody’s so angry about body types and race headcanons on Cherubplay, but nobody pays attention to all these mental ideas that could be really neat, not even to explore, just as an offhand thing.

Like, Roxy with ADHD. She types fast and that’s why she makes typos, just vomiting all her ideas onto a page. Gaming or hacking makes her go into hyperfocus, she does it for hours and hours.

Karkat with anxiety problems. He’s so scared of people funding out his blood colour and culling him (even though most of his lawnring buddies wouldn’t even mention it next time they talked to somebody, they’re kind of chill) that he never leaves the house. Nobody can stop him from having the least sharp everything. And yet he constantly beats himself up over this to try to get out of the house.

Jade with executive functioning disorder. She can’t keep anything straight, and even her colourful reminders can’t help. She needs to get John to organize her things for her, which is a mess because he can hardly do it either.

I dunno man, physical headcanons are important, but I think that things about characters that aren’t just their appearance is so much more interesting.

Hey would any artists around be down to help me with inspiration? I’ve hit a wall and havent written in months. I want to continue The Monster in the Room, but i just get so down and out every time i try, its really frustrating. But i feel like making momentum by continuing to write even if it isnt an original work will maybe help me keep working. Art really helps me and was like the only reason i managed to finish the weight of jade. So if I made a short list of prompts, if anyone found them interesting and had read the monster in the room and wanted to help i’d really appreciate it, genuinely! 

-I’d love to see werewolf!nino trying voluntary shapeshifting for the first time with Carter, and how you think Nino would react to being of present mind while in wolf form. 

-Nino and Marinette sitting down at her home, having a normal pleasant conversation where she is mostly just reassuring him that real, normal friendships can still exist and his life isnt completely ruined by this thing

-Nino randomly chatting with some dog behind a fence and his friends are staring at him like “Woah wth werewolves can actually talk to dogs thats crazy rad”

-’normal’ class and how Nino is wildly thinking to himself “wtf none of this is normal god damn potion making wtf”

-Nino staring at weird ass magic something in like a potions class thinking “I never thought i would rather be in physics class”

-actual full moon wolf Nino that is the size of a grizzly bear

im just really stuck and i hate not writing. if anyone had the time and wanted to help me out of a slump i’d really appreciate it! 

Serendipity Next Door - Shinobu Narita Main Story Review

Have you ever been deeply hurting and then someone says something so positive and cliche to you that it strikes a nerve and you want them to feel the same pain that you feel? If so, then you have something in common with Shinobu.

I’ve seen a lot of strong hate for Shinobu, so much so that I’m kind of scared to write this review. I feel like people hate him so much that they will say I should be ashamed for liking him or there’s something wrong with me if I do.  He’s absolutely a problematic character, and it’s completely okay to not like him.  I’m guessing most people won’t.  However, I feel if you really try to understand what he does, then you can see his reasons. It doesn’t excuse what he does and it doesn’t make it okay, but it does explain it.  And it’s okay to like him.  It’s okay to acknowledge something problematic and still like it.  If people didn’t, Diabolik Lovers would never have been as successful as it is.

In order to explain him and some of the issues with the route, this will probably be a more spoilerish review than I usually write.

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Frustrated by the state of their relationship, Jade figured that trying to appeal to him might help. She’d considered making dinner or having a dessert there, but opted to go with the sexy dress on its own. She didn’t want to seem like she was pushing or trying too hard - then again, go big or go home. With that in mind, she picked one of the more revealing lingerie dresses, something she’d likely never wear out of the suite, something intended only for Warren’s eyes, having selected it with him in mind. Waiting for him to arrive, she stood in the kitchen, pouring them each a glass of wine. Hearing the door, she walked over, holding both glasses, sipping on hers.

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nightpool  asked:

John as court dragon slayer in training and Karkat as the damsel in eldritch-weirdness-related distress.

Jade kicks at the log and, when she’s satisfied it only shakes a *little*, she starts drawing a wide circle around it with a stick. “This is my fortress!” she announces, and then continues by drawing a second circle around the first. “And this is my moat!”

John is sitting cross-legged in the gravel, teetering vaguely from one hip to the other like a recovering wobble doll. “Cool,” he says.

“And I’m an ifestiovore! Which means…?”

“Uhh… lava eater?”

“Yeah! But the name sucks, because I don’t actually *eat* lava. I just swallow it and spit it back–”

“–at anyone riding in to rescue your captive princesses at your dragony mercy–”

“Uh-huh. So you’d better ride in *fast*, mister shiny pants! Do you remember my weakness?”

“The eyes, right? Because you don’t keep them open under the lava, so they are not protected.”

“Yep! Aaaand… cutie patootie princesses in ruffly pajamas, obviously!”


“All right, that’s it, halt. I am calling a time out until we clarify one *particular* item of procedure for this incipient clusterfuck.” Karkat says. “Why does Jade get to be the monster?”

“I called dibs!”

“She totally called dibs, bro.”

“Yeah? So when the fuck did these alleged ‘dibs’ happen? She just got here!”

Jade says, “Last time, remember? We were arguing about it, again, and I called dibs times infinity. Is infinity *over*, Karkat?”

“Every time I have to listen to the din from your buck toothed wordhole a subjective infinity passes before me. Atoms fall to chaos, then silence, and then the angels come and dance a writhing and disturbingly sensual apocalypse waltz.  A new universe, rebirthed from a childhood god’s forgotten lunch meat, crawls itself to stinky bologna sentience. Jade Harley opens her mouth for a second word.”

John laughs. “I don’t know, Karkat. I think we should trust Jade on the mathy stuff. Besides, she’s a more convincing monster.”

“What?! No, she’s not!” His words had begun to echo, but now they crackle and fall apart completely: a chanting choir of voices carried through midwinters’ night on the buzzing of flies: I am Ka'arktavh'ntas, summoned forth from the underdarkness to consume your souls and feed your destinies to your enemies. Your blood will turn to a river of ants under your skin, your thoughts to hornets, your screams to razors in your throats. Your suffering will last ten thousand thousand millennia, until the last human is extinguished while cursing your names.

Shadows from nearby trees twist from their axes. They seep over the gravel towards him, like thick ink towards a gravitational centre.

John rocks over too far, until his temple hits one of Karkat’s shoulders. He gives the tentacle a fond pat. “We knoooow. You are very terrifying, I promise.” Karkat’s closest eye narrows at him in suspicion; John offers it a winsome grin and barely any giggles whatsoever. “But in the mean while, do you want to help me practice for the knight exam, or do you want to complain some more?”

“The second one, obviously!”

“That’s fine!” Jade comes over and pops a cone of gold construction paper on top of him, balancing it in the space between a few fanged mouths. She - literally - ruffles some of his feathers, to hold the princess hat in place, and Karkat buzzes at her half-heartedly but doesn’t smooth them back. “Just do your complaining from the top of my fortified dragon stronghold, okay?”

Karkat lets Jade guide him towards the log, although he carries himself with pointed primness over each of the inscribed circles. “I don’t know why you’re so gung ho about this fighting thing anyway,” he says to John. “You’re a fragile meat balloon whose only talents are as banshee bait, and you swing your sword like it’s a gong mallet and you’re trying to summon the Vast Shut The Fuck Up.”

“Thanks, buddy!” John calls. “All this stuff is great and helpful feedback!”

“Here,” Jade says, once Karkat’s clambered up. “Since you won’t be moving around….”

She tosses him the glamour orb. Karkat extends a tentacle and snaps the orb safely in a set of pharyngeal jaws, but the movement makes him warble on the log. “I can tell you how this scenario is going to end already. It will be me tumbling down to a soft landing in flesh-broiling lava.”

“No, it won’t!” John says. “Don’t worry, it will be my job to catch you.”

“How is that supposed to reassure me!?”

“Aurgh.” Jade flicks a piece of gravel at Karkat and then, perhaps in the interest of fairness, flicks another at John. “Turn it on already!”

Karkat rolls every single one of his eyes in unimpressed synchronicity. He twists the orb, and glamour waves suffuse the clearing. Reality warbles and shifts: the log Karkat’s balanced on shoots up, rocks flying in and mortaring themselves into a wall. John is pushed out and away as the clearing expands into a harsh, ashy tundra. And Jade screams - then screeches - with the unfurling of her scaled, crimson and orange tail. The gravel underneath her sizzles and turns soft between her claws.

When the world settles, Karkat has been blocked into a small room. He walks to the window and looks out; John is trotting his way down a path towards them, small in the distance. As a novelty, Karkat offers him a rude gesture with one of his temporary hands, five fingered and grey below golden sleeves. John waves happily back.

anonymous asked:

why is Jade your favorite character?

Oh boy.

You have just unleashed a monster.

Honestly, my first impressions of many of the kids were not too great. I saw Jade, who was excited and peppy and supportive of everyone, and my initial reaction was >_>. Is she just really annoying or is she plotting something?
But she grew on me, as did everyone. And there are lots of reasons why I think she’s great.

First of all, can we just bask in a female character who can like science and marksmanship right along with fashion and cute stuffed animals? In a lot of media, it seems like you either have to be a ‘girly girl’ (whatever that means) or a ‘strong female character’ who enjoys nothing and only cares for bloodshed. Jade’s character - and many other female characters in Homestuck - totally ignores that division, and it’s really cool. The fact that I think science is super neat, even as an English major, also helps.

As I paid more attention, I started noticing exactly how screwed up Jade’s past was and exactly how much she was suppressing. The fact that she was able to keep it together, that she could encourage other people and keep going and try to be the best she could be despite all that, really impressed me. She doesn’t wallow. It’s really understated, and I think that made even more of an impression on me. She’s been through a lot. She doesn’t always have the highest opinion of herself. But she’s going to keep fighting and keep a smiling face on because her friends are important and they’re going to have a better future, no matter what!! It’s not always the healthiest mindset, but it shows how dearly she holds her friends and how strongly she hopes and hopes that things are going to get better - and she believes she has to play a role in making that happen.

Also, she works really hard. She organizes a lot of stuff in earlier acts. She pushes through trauma and death and assorted wacky hijinks. She whips the trolls’ timeline stunts into submission (while not taking any of their shit) and manages to successfully breed the Genesis Frog. She pops back from the dead, gets a game guide, a billion year old dog, and a self dead for years downloaded into her brain, and immediately leaps into action with a smile on her face. She put up with two probably very tiresome boys while climbing God Tiers and picking up new weapons. She is, if you have not noticed, totally badass. Even when the Condesce steals her will, she can’t make her super villainous. She can’t even be mean to people for very long. 

Also she’s completely adorable. I mean really. 

I will probably think of more things I should have added later, but this is long enough as it is.

Jade is so popular she knows people from the future.

I thought we would have seen her dreams so that I could have confirmed or disproved my theory that she gets visions while she dreams but NOOOO. Also…umh. I think her bed is reacting to her sleeping in it??

And transmitting some sort of signal to this thing, that is probably going to explode in a few moments.



She’s dreaming… of being dressed in golden pajamas. The same she had in the photo on the fireplace…. Or maybe this IS a prediction. Of when she is in The Medium? That’s way too bright to be in The Medium though.


Mystery arm, I will figure you out later. Now I have other things to worry about, don’t be jealous. And why is she dreaming of her room but without any poster on her walls? She replaced it with a cute pink pattern. 

Why would you try to sleep when you’re already sleeping. It’s dumber than when you told John to wake up when he was already awake! Listen, I get it. There is something incredibly weird going on with Jade and the way she sleeps/dreams. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DON’T GET THE WHAT, THE WHY, OR THE HOW IT IS WEIRD. 

Is this REALLY a dream?? If the arms have an owner who has been creating some sort of portal in various places (Witch of Space, anyone?? Sounds like something they could do.) they will only show up in places that DO exist. Not in screenshots, not in other webcomics inserted (The characters of The Midnight Crew turned out to be characters of Homestuck), NOT IN DREAMS. But the point is that Jade IS dreaming. So basically I don’t know what I’m getting at, here. I NEED MORE INFORMATION. 

Also, this conversation/monologue offered by one Dave Strider:

I suddenly understand everything. And by that I mean even less, but at least I know what he meant. If she switched on her laptop and began texting someone, she would be doing this while sleeping. Or… her dreambot thingy would. But being narcoleptic she falls asleep suddenly and if she texted someone while sleeping she wouldn’t know if she was asleep in that moment or not.

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Summer Camp is For Kids || boywiththegoldeneyes

Jade had spent a good amount of her morning helping small children carry bags bigger than themselves into cabins. The next two weeks were going to be filled with them screaming about bugs in the cabins, some of them eating the bugs, and others dropping bugs on each other. Those were only the cabin and bug related problems that she had with the kids. Still the summer camp was fun, letting her be a temporary mother to the children.

There were only twenty in each session this year so it wouldn’t be too hard to manage once the new counselor showed up, apparently he was foreign. Hopefully he would be able to help her manage the unruly kids.

Until he arrived Jade was sitting around the camp fire with the complete set of kids, holding her guitar and strumming it. She was trying to teach them the camp songs. Hearing a crunch of leaves and sticks behind her she turned around. “Hello, I’m assuming you’re Merlin?”