she was only 44



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Do not EVER romanticize the relationship between Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. Not only did he OWN her, she was also only a 14 year old girl who the 44 year old Jefferson forced himself on. She was not his mistress. SHE WAS A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL. There is absolutely NOTHING romantic about that and the fact that some people try to justify Jefferson’s actions towards her is utterly sickening.


If anyone ever wondered what I did when I was 16 here is your answer. 

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she saving her people is not out of character, what is it is she going all genocidal out of nowhere. That bunker can save 1200 people, skaikru probably doesnt reach 700. Only 1000 depart to earth in s1, many stations get destroyed before landing, farm station survives the landing but azgeda and mt weather killed them, and at the end of s3 only 44 delinquents are alive counting br/aven. She can save all her ugly people AND at least 500 grounders, but she is choosing not to.

I do think that after developing and growing throughout S2/S3 this decision backtracks everything for her.

The point tho remains the same, they made another ugly decision and ppl who could be saved are not going to cos they are selfish af. To choose children at least would have been heroic and yet here we are, painting mass murderers as heroes. Sad that this is what has come to be on TV these days, glorifying genocide as groundbreaking TV.

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These kids have history! Drama! This is all very intense. Also, did Violet not see what Jeff was acting like? I cannot remember at what point she went back in the room, was it only after the battle? I think her not having that context is why she's so confused by everyone else's position on Jeff's behaviour. What're your thoughts on all this

Below the read more I go over Violet’s perspective of the Hitball game. What the reasons could be behind Cody not wanting to face Jeff at the current time. And how all of that came together in today’s update. It’s probably a mess. I apologize in advance.

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