she was one of my favorite characters in the game


“Fighting is better than this waiting,” Brienne said. “You don’t feel so helpless when you fight. You have a sword and a horse, sometimes an axe. When you’re armored it’s hard for anyone to hurt you.”– “Knights die in battle,” Catelyn reminded her. Brienne looked at her with those blue and beautiful eyes. “As ladies die in childbed. No one sings songs about them.”

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I'm planning out a "short story" where my main character is a rich girl with a dad who buys her golden cars and stuff and she's an incredibly talented cheerleader and is super smart but I'm having trouble making her less 1 dimensional. I want her to be more than just the rich-bitch and I want to give her flaws but I don't know how to approach it. Any advice?

Hello there!  

This is one of my favorite types of characters, so I’m really glad you asked.  First and foremost I’ll direct you to my Traits of a Likable Hero post, as it talks about the foundation stones that I’ve observed almost all protagonists have.

For this particular archetype, however, here are my personal rules of thumb: 

1.  Make sure she cares about others!  

Think Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.  Nothing screams “rich girl with a heart of gold” more than one who unabashedly plays mama bear to all of her friends, particularly ones less privileged than her.  

Let her care about their feelings, treat them to lunches they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, ride her ponies, go for joyrides with her in her expensive cars.

Also, allow her to extend empathy and friendship to people of a lower status than herself:  let’s say there’s a new chubby, nerdy, or socially awkward girl who’s being bullied.  A person of your character’s status could easily make that character’s life a lot better, so allow her to do so.  It will instantaneously make your character more sympathetic and likable.   

Just be sure said less-privileged character is an equally three-dimensional and lovable character, otherwise it will come off as a charity case. This will also give your readers a lovely friendship that they can root for.    

(On a side note, Rich and Privileged Character who Openly Cares About Her Loved Ones is legit one of my personal favorite tropes of all time.)

2.  Show how hard she works.

One of the main obstacles to making wealthy, privileged characters likable is the fact that they can come off as entitled, lazy, and often spoiled.  To combat this, show how hard your character works to get where she is. 

Cheerleading, for example, is a difficult sport, at least as much so as the football games they cheer on.  Pyramids, backflips, synchronization, etc. requires a lot of time and effort to master.

So give your readers a glimpse of your character while she’s practicing!  Be sure to describe the sweat, sore muscles, and fatigue that goes into doing what she loves.  This is also great, because female-dominated sports such as cheerleading are frequently dismissed as being less chalanging, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show the reader otherwise.

Similarly, you mentioned your character to be smart.  So give the reader a glimpse of her studying!  Better yet, show her tutoring other students in her free time, as this will also make her more likable to the reader as well.

Other ways to make her more sympathetic would include her doing volunteer work, for example, contributing to charities, killing vampires, et cetera.  The more you show your character earning her status, the more likable she’ll be.

3.  Remember your character doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Thus far, we’ve established that your character is beautiful, wealthy, accomplished, and kind.  

This does not mean, however, that she’s automatically perfect;  your character will make mistakes, and these mistakes are integral both to creating a compelling plot, and to making her sympathetic and personable to your readers.

Maybe she makes slip ups based on her status, and then has to learn from them (e.g. assuming poor people are lazy because she heard it from the adults around her), or perhaps they’re completely unrelated.  Either way, don’t be afraid to let your character make gaffs, big or small;  just so long as she learns from them and emerges a better person because of it.  

This not only allows the audience to relate to your character, but may just help them grow as well.

(I had to include at least one Asami gif, as she’s one of my all time favorite Rich Girls With a Heart of Gold and also my gilfriend.  Don’t tell Korra.) 

Aside from that, treat her like any other character.  Her archetype doesn’t necessarily need to impact her quirks, her likes or dislikes, and it would probably be boring if it did (you know those cheesy old sitcoms where all the jokes revolved around the character’s “type?”  Yeah, you don’t want that.)

So for further reference, I’ll direct you to my How to Get to Know Your Characters post here, and my Female Characters to Avoid Post here.   

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

London Film and Comic Con | Game of Thrones Panel : Natalie Dormer

Here’s what Natalie Dormer said on the panel. 
All the credit to and @colin-shea - Natalie’s favorite costume was the one she wore while Margaery was in prison. A nice change from the previous corsets. - If she could, she’d like to introduce UNICORNS as mythological creatures in Game of Thrones. - She wanted Margaery to meet nothern characters from the show. - She used to want Dany/Jon on the Iron Throne but now, watching the show from home, she’s not so sure. - Margaery’s death did not depend on her. - Everytime she plays quizzes like “who would you be on Game of Thrones ” she results ARYA STARK (one of her favorite characters) - She wanted Margaery burnt by dragonfire, but wildfire was a nice alternative. - Most wanted death? Joffrey - On the characters she wanted to bring back to life, one was certainly The Hound and she was very happy to have Rory McCan back. - One of her favorite actresses is Bette Davis. - She wanted to do a project but she had to refuse because of her contract with #GOT. Nevertheless she was warned about Margaery’s death and she was basically the only one who knew about her departure. Thanks to that she could start the project of a lifetime: In Darkness. - Natalie almost fought with David & Daniel because Margaery was becoming too similar to Anne Boleyn from The Tudors and she wanted to part away from that kind of character. - She said that fame can change you but, ultimately, it’s up to you how to react to it. - Game of Thrones  gave her a lot of wonderful opportunities and popularity; she thanks mostly the fans and their support for that. - She thinks Margaery should have stayed single. All of her problems came from the marriages. - She thinks that Margaery truly cared about Sansa. Her kindness to her wasn’t just to take advantage of her. - Natalie is truly and happly surprised by Sophie Turner growth and she likes Sansa’s evolution.

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I just wanted to say that Wanda is one of my absolute favorite characters in all of fiction and to thank you for writing her. For me at least, her portrayal is spot on, and she's actually an enormous part of how I discovered I was trans. I reread A Game of You at least once a year. So yeah, I just wanted to thank you for writing Wanda since she's been hugely inspirational to me

You are so welcome.

I hope we get to see Lillie return in a future Pokemon Game!! She is definitely one of my favorite characters in the Pokemon Series!! ❤️

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Fantastic Lesbians and where to find them (FemSlash February)

It’s FemSlash February so at least once a week every week this month expect some lady on lady love to be filling your eyeballs. Now that isn’t rare content on my blog at all I write about this stuff all the time but my FemSlash February I will attempt to make it a super positive month (Positive from me, we’ll see).

America Chavez from Young Avengers:

America Chavez is one of my favorite characters of all time. Young Avengers is where we get to see her really shine although she doesn’t get to be in a romance I think it’s important that we have stories were queer people are queer but that’s just their orientation like the heteros get. So Young Avengers really works well with that and makes her just this awesome action hero that on further readings actually has a lot more depth in everything then when you first read.

Undyne and Alphys from Undertale :

One of the very few games to have actual lesbian characters inside of it. Undyne and Alphys in nearly all their interactions (at least in the mercy run) mention their things for one another in subtle (and not so subtle ways).  Anyway in the game you can get them to kiss so there is that. It’s a really cute romance and honestly I can’t think of another lesbian relationship in video games that aren’t with your self insert character (and they are super limited normally). (Edit: Several people pointed out Alphys is Bi, I never saw that inside the game this post was made from my experience with the game. )

Raven and more from Raven the Pirate Princess

Raven (as of issue 4) is the only real confirmed lesbian in this series but I mean she is the lead of the book, with the series named after her so you know expect other lesbians. There is already lots of romantic tension between people and Raven is a fantastic character. Raven is the rightful heir to a pirate dynasty but was sent off to a tower to be rescued (In Princless she is then rescued by a princess and amazing adventures happen for a volume). After going free she swore vengeance on her brothers for convincing their father to send her off. So she is building a new crew, has a new boat and is off to claim what is hers.

Kimber and Stormer from Jem and the Holograms

This is a romance I hadn’t expected but it’s truly outrageous how quick I feel for this couple. They are not treated like Misfits for being gay although their Romeo and Juliet esque love affair from Rival bands does cause tension.  These two are the leading romance in this book for sure even when you do have a cast of other awesome ladies.

Connie and Carla from Rock and Riot:

Rock and Riot is a webcomic so you can go read that for free at set in the 50′s about  LGBTQ people. It’s a romance comic and it’s pretty new it’s first volume only recently went to print. This is a series that is really worth supporting and really worth reading. There isn’t a whole bunch of drama but right now our Lesbian couple and our gay male couple are both hiding their relationships from their gangs and we’ll see how that plays out.

Angela and Sera from Angela Queen of Hel

Angela and Sera are Marvel’s power lesbians. Angela is a goddess raised as an Angel who is in love with a magical trans woman who is also an Angel. She then has to dive into hell to rescue her lover from death because Sera is so clever she managed to let Angela know what had happened. They are both these insanely powerful lovers who are taking over freaking Hel. It’s this amazing Adventure Romance and these two’s love is just so amazing inside this comic. You don’t need any previous context to become totally committed to to these two’s deep love.

Maybe everyone from Lumberjanes:

No one in the janes is confirmed to be straight but we do have lots of gay hinting and straight up gay characters.  Mal and Molly are a cute couple that is there in the comic from the start. Jo seems to be at least at times romantically interested in April. Speaking of Jo Jo is trans and has two dads so that is awesome too. Hell even Roise the leader of the camp seems to have had some sort of close encounters of the feminine kind at some point.

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All space rocks except for the bi one from Steven Universe:

I’ll start by saying I’ll just go ahead and block anyone who wants to be like “The gems don’t have a gender so not lesbians.” Moving on from that disclaimer you want lesbians Steven Universe is gay girls the show. Some of this gayness in blunt and other is just so gushing out of the subtext you have to be homophobic or at least not know gay people not to get it. Spoilers but Garnet is a fusion of two people in love meaning we just always have little lesbians dancing around inside of a main character. Even Steven is pretty gender non conforming so even though he seems straight you never know how straight that is. This show is just so amazing in general and if you haven’t watched it you should do yourself a favor and do it. From it’s brilliant soundtrack, acting, and animation to what it means for kids animation Steven Universe is A+ all the time.


hey guys its ya girl sara and for my first review i will be reviewing everyone’s favorite new guns game about killing your friends called Over Watch

over watched is a hot new video game made by blizzard inc. about watching over your friends to make sure they dont die as well as watching over your enemies to make sure that they do die. its a personal view gun shooter with guns and shooting. there are many cool, fun, and goofy characters who love to kill and also to have fun and the game is neat and good to play if you are person who loves to die and not die.

graphics: you look at the pictures in this game and think “hey this is very good”. it is smooth and everyone has a face and you can see all of the guns very clearly. its very pretty-looking.

gaming: this is a fun game to play but is also hard. you are going to die and its best to accept that. i often bring my rosary to recite hail marys while i wait for it to load. because i am going to die lots and i seek forgiveness. there are lots of guns to shoot with and they all do something different. the levels are big and good. the game is fun, though it might not be as fun as my favorite game, ecco the dolphin

characters: this is the best part of the hot new videogae ovenwatch in my opininion. they are all nice and sweet and have a lot to say. some of them are mean but it’s ok because they are made up and not real. here’s some of the characters now

this one is called tracy. she is a time traveler. tracy likes to play future video games and eat pizzas. she is a good character.

i think this guy is named….. joke rat? i think he is joke rat. as you can see he has a big gun and wears sun glasses everywhere he goes. he is cool and like to tell jokes but he also made me die many times.

winston! here’s the big ape man everybody is talking about. he loves to eat bananas and shoots coconuts at the enemies to bonk their heads good. i especially love it when he shouts “ook! its your friend and monkey, winston!”

this is is the revolting and mean gun man who is made entirely of guns called Bastard. he shoots and it is all he knows. god has forsaken him and his inventor was excommunicated from the catholic faith. which is good because he is very mean and from hell and he laughs at you when you are dead.

and then this one is named mccreed. a cowboy. i think this is the wrong pic but it might be the horse he rides in on at the start of every round after saying “howdy partners, bum me a smoke?”

music and sound: i didn’t hear any so i can’t say anything about that. it was just “boom!” and “bang! bang!” which is very exciting but then i took the headphones off to listen to the clean sounds of my favorite baroque composer, George Frideric Handel.

overall: overwanch is a really fun game that is exciting to play and makes you learn valuable lessons about friendship, guns, and having a talking ape as a friend. i wish there was a dolphin hero in this game like the dolphin hero of my favorite videogame, ecco the dolphin. maybe if i write to the game makers about it they will add ecco the dolphin to the game. a girl can only hope. i recommend overwatch to anyone who likes guns, being a girl, or losing but sometimes winning. thank you


PSA: Mass Effect & PTSD

Hey guys!

I’m here today to talk about one of my favorite things….and one of my least favorite things. Both have a pretty big effect (heh) on my life. 

Mass Effect is probably my top video game of all time. FemShep is one of my top characters in any medium. You know why? She suffers from the same mental illness I do and she STILL saves the galaxy. She doesn’t give up. It’s really inspiring. I’m proud of Bioware for showing the human side of her, especially in ME3. We get to see her crumble a little, and we get to see her deal with her symptoms in ways I imagine a lot of soldiers do. (My PTSD isn’t combat related, but I do have several close friends and family members with combat, and non-combat PTSD.)

It’s also super awesome that you guys are writing about PTSD in your fanfics! I love that fans are willing to explore that part of Shepard’s story. With everything Shepard has been through (regardless of their origin story), it makes sense that it would have an effect on them, no?

But I also think we can do better. Here’s some things to keep in mind: 

1) PTSD is more than just nightmares. This trope is understandable, as this is the symptom Mass Effect features throughout the third game. Don’t get me wrong– a lot of people with PTSD suffer from nightmares, but there are more symptoms than just that. Nightmares are actually kind of rare for me. Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: shaking, muscle tension, trouble communicating (unable to form complete words, phrases, or sentences), flashbacks of the event, avoidance behaviors (isolating yourself or avoiding certain people or places connected to the event, or having trouble forming relationships in general), nausea, loss of appetite, dry-heaving, and hyperventilating (feeling like you can’t breathe.) The last one especially would be difficult for Shepard, as you know…they died by suffocating in space. 

2) Post Traumatic nightmares vary person to person. When I do have them, they aren’t always directly connected to the traumatic event. Maybe it’s just the way my brain works. My dreams tend to take on more symbolic forms based on my underlying feelings surrounding my mental illness. (This week they have all had themes around my inability to communicate or feeling trapped in my situation.) The way I tell the difference between a regular nightmare and a post traumatic one is how I feel afterwards. Post traumatic nightmares leave me feeling wide awake and unable to fall back asleep. They’re harder to wake up from (I lucid dream a lot.)

3) Post Traumatic episodes are EXHAUSTING. This is probably the most misunderstood thing in Mass Effect fanfiction. I see it a lot. You know, Shep has a fucked up day, they lose a dear friend and/or nearly dies, and/or something they experience brings up trauma from their past. Their love interest finds them and they bang. Everything is a–okay. WHAT!? During a post traumatic episode, your body is on high alert. You’re experiencing the purest forms of fight or flight. Your heart is racing. Your adrenaline is up. All your muscles are tensed up and ready to run away or fight for your life. You have tunnel vision. Keep in mind this can happen at any point after the event, and often in contexts that are only mildly stressful to the every day person. Your mind/body isn’t concerned with what happens afterward, only that you survive what it thinks is danger. You probably aren’t going to be up for sexy times afterward. You will probably only want to sleep, but that might not happen because your fear of post traumatic nightmares, or your mind is still keyed up even though your body is exhausted. Also, all that emotional energy is going to be used up. You might feel numb or depressed. You might have thoughts of killing yourself, or fearing for your future. Now, I’m not saying Shep won’t try for sexy times after an episode, but it’s going to look different than normal sex. Maybe they’re using it to distract their partner from their pain. Maybe they use it to ground themselves in their current reality. Timing matters. Is it in the middle of an episode? Is it after? Does Shep mind being touched when they’re experiencing symptoms? These are all things to keep in mind. 

4) Coping mechanisms differ person to person. Some people drink. Others have sex. Some push themselves into their work. Others make art. Some get counseling/therapy. Some exercise. Others take prescription medication. How your Shepard copes and to what degree really depends on how well educated they are about their condition and the emotional support system they have. How well they cope probably changes for better or for worse depending on what point they are in their story. 

Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to reply with questions. (I’m not a mental health professional, but I can speak to my own experiences and that of my loved ones.)

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As an external observer, I'm curious: what's something you really enjoy about Critical Role?

Oh dang, this is a big one. The really big thing for me was, weirdly enough, holy shit there are women in this. There’s a lot of “geeky” media I consume that I really enjoy, and a lot of it goes seriously above and beyond in terms of caring about people and having a good attitude… but it still hits a barrier of inclusivity for me (just as I’m sure CR hits other folks’ barriers for different reasons) because holy moly, holy mackerel, holy jeez oh man oh gosh, there are almost never any women in ‘em. More to the point, there are practically no women over the age of 30 in ‘em.

I’ve been semi-keeping tabs for a while, now, and I’d say the folks who follow me on fannish social media probably average in age around 18 or 19—probably pretty typical for fandom spaces. The “mutuals” I follow on tumblr, by which I mean the folks I interact with frequently, are generally in their mid-30s (I’m 29—lots of us grew up through fandom together over the past decade or so). One of the reasons I came back to fandom as an older teen after dipping my toe in as a wee one was this feeling of, holy shit, women in their 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and beyond have hobbies

I mean, older dudes get hobbies. Older dudes get “mancaves” and hang out playing video games and having a beer and being goofy and, yeah, acting like kids. But that image of the future is just a big ol’ void of “well, you have to grow up eventually” for a lot of women who genuinely enjoy geeky stuff, and there’s this unfortunate rippling effect where many teenage fans on spaces like tumblr regard older female fans with pity or contempt… at the same time as they fan themselves over the 40-something inoffensive stubble-bro du jour who watches the same geeky TV shows they do. I love finding older women in fannish spaces for the same reason I relish running into the incredibly rare older women in my field of work: for a shining moment, I see a future that looks a lot like who I wanna be.

This is all a roundabout way of saying how much it meant (and continues to mean!) to tune into this incredibly geeky premise of a show, where the participants weren’t just playing D&D, they’d been playing for years together and the cameras were a recent addition, and hey, what the heck, there’s women my age and older getting all excited over a good roll of the dice and telling an amazing story and just plain forgetting the cameras are rolling. Being goofballs! Do you know how hard it is to find media in which women over the age of 25 are allowed to be goofballs? Not written that way to impress the dudes on set or the dudes in the audience, just straight-up being goofy? The aggressively unscripted nature of this show brings that out so nicely.

Zahra remains one of my all-time favorite CR characters in large part because, hey, here’s Mary Elizabeth McGlynn playing D&D for the very first time in her late 40s… and she knocks it the heck outta the park, returns in a recurring role over the years, gets her friends hooked, and starts playing a game at home. That means something to me in a really, really visceral way. Not only are women older than me allowed to have hobbies, they’re allowed to pick up new ones. It shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be the most ordinary thing in the world.

But damn, that feels good to see.

Six Times Voltage Inc Tugged at my Heartstrings

I’ve been playing Voltage games for about four years now, and I have to say, there were moments in certain routes that made me Feel Things™. Generally, Voltage games aren’t really known for being cynical or overly emotional. Heck, their games, while having some mature content, mostly have an optimistic feel to them. However, there were some moments in particular that stood out to me—those scenes were written powerfully enough to shake me to the core.

I have to admit, it was difficult for me to select a few moments from hundreds of routes, but I tried my best to narrow it down as much as I could.


  • I limited it to one character per game to avoid repetition.
  • I haven’t played every Voltage game (or route for that matter). The moments I’ve chosen only come from the games I’ve played.
  • I didn’t include SLBP because I only started getting into it recently (plus I don’t know too much about the other lords to make solid conclusions about them lmao).
  • This is all my personal opinion, so that means you probably won’t share the same views as I do, which is cool (I’d actually appreciate it if you told me what your favorite moments were :D).

Anyhow, let’s begin! (long post below):

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Hey Doodle! This is Sophia aka the Guildmarm from MH4U, my favorite MH and favorite game in general :) I also like her a lot!

I’ve always liked to imagine  a “vs Capcom” game where you can choose two characters from the MH franchise. One is a hunter/huntress that uses different weapons to deal combos. The other is Sophia, and she would play similar to Jill from Marvel vs Capcom 2 but instead of zombies she “summons/is attacked by” monsters. Also, her supers could be something like a Brachydios dealing a massive exploding punch, or  Dalamadur firing its super beam of death, or Teostra’s Nova, or, or…ah! the possibilities! please Capcom!

Outlast 2 spoilers discussing Val

I’m looking through Val’s tag considering they’re my favorite character from the game, and I think many players missed a vital part of her character. Many seem confused on Val’s gender, considering there are letter about Val that use male pronouns.

In her first journal entry, Val discusses having more than 40 orphans under her wing, they love her and she loves them. Val later goes on to say that she will never have children of her own, and this upsets her. This is the reason for Val’s transformation. To say that Val is a male because of past letters that refer to her as one is a mistake. There is literally a chapter called, “Val’s Rebirth”.

I wanted to discuss this because many were confused and focused on this. To make it completely clear, the big reason Val wanted to be rebirthed as a women was to be able to have children of her own.

I don’t post on here that much, but portraiture is always something I love doing. It’s always a joy playing around with colors in the face, it’s so complex, and I have a great time laying down color after color.

I painted Maisie Williams as she appears in Game of Thrones as Arya Stark, one of my favorite characters (among others)..yet I haven’t painted a portrait of her until now..not sure why.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to sit down and really work on something personal. I just… have no energy lately…..I really needed this.

I’m decently satisfied with how it turned out, but the grind never ends. Maybe I’ll do another character in the near future now that season 7 began airing.

question: why is all the shit that happened to Garcia early on basically looked over?

spoilers everywhere. I wrote this at midnight powered by cherry seven up. read at your own risk.

obviously there’s the stuff with Penelope’s parents that fucked with her, but that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about how in The Fisher King she believed she was responsible for the near deaths of nearly all her friends because of how information was stolen from her system. about how Gideon yelled at her when all she needed was reassurance, because she truly had good intentions. about how her teammates made her feel inferior for the whole thing. about how much she must’ve hated herself for letting the people she cared about get hurt. this affected her so much that over a year later, she still references how terrified she became when Elle got hurt and her team was threatened. think about how hard she must’ve worked to change her coding to protect the team better. all the time that would’ve taken.

think about how she finally finally finally gets a random guy asking her out and making her feel special. think about how all of her friends (who admittedly had good intentions) made her feel like she was probably just being used. and how it turned out that they were right - she was being used. he wasn’t interested in her. not only is that the kind of thing that destroys years of working to love yourself, it just so happens that she nearly died in the process. she was an inch away from getting a bullet to the heart. she saw a light at the end of the tunnel. she jokes about it, but god, we all talk about Reid’s near death experience haunting him, don’t you think it haunts her to know she was that close to being absolutely gone? she had her hopes shattered and was on the verge of losing her life. the whole experience seemingly teaches her one lesson: you cannot trust anyone to genuinely love you. do you know the kind of issues that come with that shit? her meeting Kevin directly after and jumping right into a relationship pisses me the fuck off. no way anyone has the confidence to do that, not even my badass baby. I’m sorry, I love Kevin, but no. so it wasn’t dealt with instantly after. when? was? this? dealt with? when did we see her struggling through this? oh right. we fucking didn’t. her rejecting Kevin because she’s afraid of commitment is not fucking good enough.

not to mention what she had to deal with when she left the hospital. she was forced to wield a gun in her own home. that alone is something that would tear her up her inside, but imagine that right after she had that near death experience. imagine that while she’s convinced one of the people she cares about most, Morgan, is out there, facing the person who tried to kill her, and she has no idea if he’s safe or not, if he can protect her or not. she has to come to terms with the fact that she pointed a gun at him and he pointed a gun at her. these are the kinds of things that don’t go away. these are the kinds of things that come flashing back to your mind every time you go to that place. that place was her home. it’s supposed to be her refuge, her fortress where she brings nobody. she probably couldn’t even go to her favorite coffee place for months after.

think about how just as she must’ve learned to feel safe again, she finds out a network of extremely skilled hitmen is after her. the refuge in her home that she was trying to rebuild is once again ripped to shreds. she can’t even go there anymore. she’s stuck in the place she associates with fear and terror and gore, and no amount of fun colored glasses or card games can take that away. not to mention the terror that has to constantly run through your veins when your life is under such a great threat that there is no safe house safe enough. this was dealt with better I feel, but I still wish there had been some tie in with all the shit she had gotten over previously.

answer: I don’t fucking know why all the shit she faced was looked over, but I’m fucking pissed about it. Penelope Garcia is one of my favorite characters of all time and honestly, the fact that she tried to resign does not surprise me after all the shit they put her and her family through. and as much as I would miss my baby, I do want her to at least take time off. if they sweep this under the rug and say “well, Reid is back, she’ll feel better and won’t want to leave anymore” I’m gonna fucking scream. that is not how feelings work. for the love of god, if they keep this up where they only give her feelings when it’s convenient to make her look like a softie, I’m gonna commit murder worthy of the first five minutes. do you hear me?

and if you dare insult my baby I will fucking deck you.


More commissions of @shenanimation‘s characters! The first one is Gina as commissioned by @zirocoh. The second is Sally as commissioned by anonymous. 

And so I am also forced to participate in the same challenge I gave my friend @rierru: the bishonen challenge, as she named it XD I’m supposed to draw one of my favorite guy characters for each day of June. But since I started late, I’ll have a lot to catch up D: This is Cliff from Harvest Moon! He’s my first favorite guy and the first bachelor that I ever pursued in a game when otome games aren’t a thing yet XD I always remember him as that aloof, shy guy you always find inside the church. Perhaps my bias towards the silent types started from him. Who else picked him in their games??? He’s such a sweetheart! Drawing him makes me miss playing this game D:

Bishonen challenge: x | 2 | 34



A scene I drew form this clip: The clinic controversy where Cliff got kicked out of the hospital bed to make room for the fainted MC! It was so funny so here’s the next doodles I made in regards to what happened next:

*dun dun dun* that’s a dark twist on the Doctor and Elli’s personalities XD could be developed into an au where the doctor just tries to eliminate the other bachelors in order to secure Claire’s feelings for him hahaha. But seriously though, I feel so bad for Cliff! D: