she was not the evil queen

About that Split Queen arc resolution...

I saw an interesting graphic here: that shows why people didn’t like the resolution for the split queen arc and I wanted to present an alternate perspective for your consideration.

This is how I see it:

The Regina we have now has both the light and the dark in her, just as before.

So I respectfully ask the dissenters…what’s missing? If you contend she is still incomplete, what needs to be added? Because the only differences I can see is 1. Regina Mills now loves herself and believes she is worthy of love and happiness, 2. There are two Regina Mills ready for love and happiness and 3. The fairy tale story version of Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) is gone and now she’s just Regina Mills, but happier and at peace with herself like never before.

No pressure or anything but I’d love feedback from these folks, whose opinions I respect: @mel35 @ouathinktank-metacommentary @colyssa @freifraufischer @sgtmac7 @anothershadeofgreen

Anonymous Asked: OUAT - Pilot

Short opinion: Amazing pilot, shame the series went to pieces.

Long opinion: The OUAT Pilot is actually one of my favourite series pilots, as it does everything a well-thought out and well-written pilot should – introduces the core characters while establishing their characterisations, opens up ongoing threads for the season, sets the tone of the series, contains a great narrative and ends with a mild sequel hook. It’s really no wonder that the show initially attracted so many viewers.

The show establishes its original subversive take on fairy tales as early as the second scene of the Pilot. While the first scene is the well-known awakening of Snow White by her True Love’s kiss, the second scene quickly establishes that Snow is not someone who needs rescuing, as she rather than Charming draws a sword and threatens the evil Queen (who is wonderfully presented as an outright villain and played with wicked delight by Lana). This scene does a great job of showing the direction the show initially took with Snow’s character and firmly establishes that this series will be telling a different version of the fairy tale than we are used to.

Back in the real world, Emma Swan, fierce, amazing, resilient pre-pod Emma Swan gets a wonderful scene firmly establishing her original tough-as-nails character, as she chases down a criminal who has slipped bail (and in sky high heels, no less, I love when women push through the ridiculous footwear society forces us into). We are then shown how multi-faceted Emma already is, even at this early stage in the series, as she returns to an empty apartment and lights a candle on a rather sad looking cupcake, indicating the isolation and loneliness in her life. Henry’s appearance and her subsequent panic attack in her bathroom show even further depth to her character, showing how her tough bravado in her first scene is partially a front and hinting at deeper issues lurking beneath the surface.

Henry’s home life and mentality are also firmly established, with Regina, once again, being presented as an outright villain. Words cannot express how bitter I will always be over Regina’s half-assed redemption and the show’s refusal to allow her to just be a villain, especially given her initial portrayal in the first season, with the series clearly presenting her as the Big Bad of the show, with Lana playing up her diabolical side for all it’s worth. The Pilot in particular shows how threatening, evil and scheming she can be, with her threats towards Snow in the past and Emma in the present. Henry clearly has an unhappy home life (no ten year old runs away without damn good reason) and Regina’s darkness and villainy is a wonderful foil for Emma’s light and Saviour status, this dynamic being established as early as this episode.

The rest of the main characters are introduced wonderfully, with subtle hints towards their continuing arcs and characterisation. Mary Margaret’s meek personality is beautifully juxtaposed with Snow’s fiery disposition back in the Enchanted Forest, Gold’s sinister and somewhat malevolent presence offsets Rumple’s maniacal mannerisms back in the magical world, and David’s steadfast personality is well established by the time it’s revealed that he’s in a coma in Storybrooke. It is of course revealed to the audience that Emma is Snow and Charming’s daughter, wonderfully setting up the course for her discovery of this fact, and setting up the friendship between Emma and Mary Margaret.

The storyline of the Pilot moves at a nice pace, the scenes in Storybrooke effortlessly interchanged with the scenes in the Enchanted Forest. The premise is interesting and fresh and promises a new take on old fairy tales. The characters, even in this early stage, are rich and multi-faceted, promising in-depth characterisation (which has, unfortunately, all but disappeared from the show). All up, this is just a gorgeous episode, beautifully establishing the narrative, plot, characters and themes of the show. It’s just one of the biggest disappointments that the writers allowed what was once a creative, fresh and inventive show to become a lacklustre, convoluted soap opera, with a minor character stealing focus and changing the show’s heroine into someone completely unrecognisable from her original self.


#queen rhea being done af with kara zor-el and her bleeding heart

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Who is talking smack about our Queen C??!!???😡 That post written by diggsy is perfect beautiful spot on ! Caitriona is pure Goddess Beautiful Smart Talented Humble and so much more Thank you for having her back against these nasty evils #LoveforCait Always

Noonie, I have NFI who’s talking smack about Cait. But I will always back her. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I can certainly see why Sam adores her.


Shit!! I knew I was doing this writing thing all wrong.

Scrap part three. Throw that shit in the garbage.

New chapter:

Emma’s gonna knit the crew a sweater and go live with Happy the Dwarf, who is now evil because, reasons. Hook leaves her first though, for the Evil Queen. Who is still alive, btw, not for any reason I’m gonna explain, she just is okay.

Also there is only one dues ex machina magical object for the rest of the story. I just have to remember to keep changing the mechanics to suit my plot purpose.

And there’s a new guest star! Omg I won’t say who, but he’s gonna take up almost all of Chapter Four for no reason whatsoever, is based on a literary character of a very specific race and ethnicity but bah I’m just gonna cast a white dude, and he’ll only be tangentially related to anything else.

Also, *insert agency stealing mechanic here* sex happens A LOT. No one is ever sorry about it. It’s not a big deal you guys.

It’s a story about hope. Pinocchio is really the heart of the story.

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Do you think we're going to see the Queen again this season? Her last interaction with Snow felt a bit unsatisfying imo. Their conflict is so important in this story and I was expecting something that would more clearly say that things are balanced out now, with Snow accepting her past and forgiving the Queen. But all that happened was the Queen apologising and Snow nodding and it looks like some things are still left unaddressed between them.What do you think?Do you expect the Queen to be back?

Oh, I expect to see so much more Queen! We have three versions now. There is always flashback Queen. Then we have banished Queen somewhere in the wish verse… and split Queen’s story may not be over either. They’ve lots of options. This was about Regina’s story with the Evil Queen, but there’s Emma and Snow’s story left. She’s connected to everyone. She’ll be back in some form or other. Plus, there are spoilers… we just don’t know which Queen it’s gonna be.

The Evil Queen got what she deserved. . .

… because David wished for it.

So, yeah, there were plot/logic holes in the entire process, but I’ll accept it for the beautiful moment it was …

Think about it. David went to save his daughter from EQ and wished for the EQ to get what she deserved. When Aladdin did his thing, nadda. THEN, we have the suspicions - Robin hasn’t aged, Robin crossed over, and so on. So, what happens? Her counterpart helps her to develop the ability to love again. Henry writes some vague, inelegant sentence in his book, and BAM! EQ is outside the tavern. 

So, yes, the Evil Queen go what she deserved. 

Since I was curious, I watched last episode and I didn’t hate it. Can’t say that I like it either, but I thought it was going to be much worse.

I liked the Tinkerbell scene (btw, that was a weird looking scene, it looked like she wasn’t really there, like she was CGI or something). I liked that Tinkerbell said the Pixie Dust only showed a possibility (even if that’s not what she said in season 3 when she was guilt tripping Regina for not going inside the tavern).

I almost enjoyed the scenes with the Evil Queen and Wish Robin. Didn’t expect that.

There’s nothing more boring than Hook’s manpain and I miss Emma.

Now to what matters, the Split Queen resolution. I mostly liked the scene between Regina and the Queen and the Queen with Henry. I was hoping they would merge, and I think that would be much, much better than what they did. To me it looks like they did this to give OQ a happy ending in the AU, and to make it so Regina is not responsible for whatever the Queen did while they were split. And I get it, they are not half people since they merged the light and the darkness, but I don’t like it. I think it’s confusing and looks a lot like fanservice. The merge would be much better.

I have a few questions… When they mixed the light and dark, they turned into the same person? Or are they different? It seems to me they’re different. If they are different, why is that? Is it only because of the last few weeks? It doesn’t make sense to me that they are so different just because of the last 2 weeks. They have the exact same memories for more than 60 years, and they both have the light and the darkness, what makes them so different that the Queen wanted to go alone to another realm without any of the people she loves? I don’t see Regina doing that.

Why does the Queen wears the EF clothes and Regina Mayor clothes? Is the Queen more connected to the EF that SB? Do they simply have different fashion styles? Why, if they are the same?

The Queen has all the memories of raising Henry, she’s his mother just as much as Regina, how could she leave him?

And if they are different, are they also different from our original Regina? It seems to me they are.

I don’t know, to me it seems like the Queen had other traits of Regina, not only darkness, and since they didn’t really merge, they are still different people, so they are also different from original Regina. I read a lot of people’s opinions and I’m still not convinced this Regina is just like pre-Split Regina 2 weeks older. Anyway, just random thoughts. I’m completely willing to talk about this and be convinced I’m wrong.

@tvfandomfaves replied to your post Page 23

So what did you think?

I thought it was a good ending to a storyline and a ship that they completley screwed up.

They did manage to keep the essence of Page 23. The idea that there are multiple ways a story can play out, that hope is always important.

I loved that Regina accepted all parts of herself, that she finally realised no one is wholly good or wholly evil. That actually we need the ability to love and hate, that the line is blurred. Lana’s acting both as the Queen and Regina was phenomenal you could see it go from determination to somehow destroy the other, to confusion, to fear, to realisation, to love. It was such a beautiful scene and while part of me wishes they had recombined- I think that having them both separate but still learning to love the other was a really good end to the split queen arc.

The hug between the Queen and Henry was touching and sweet, I love Regal Believer in all its forms. I also think that it showed the power of the bond between a mother and son- that one word can mean so much, can create such a sense of pride.

The Outlaw Queen/Wish Robin aspect I liked but it was never going to be perfect. I think it was only after watching the episode I finally accepted that. There will be no closure for Outlaw Queen that was taken away in the disaster that was 5x21.

However, I think that the conversation with the Queen, showed that Robin did truly understand the Queen in a way we didn’t get to see when they were ‘the same person’ .

I kind of wish we had got a goodbye scene with Regina and Wish!Robin but then part of me (now after not being emotionally compromised) almost liked that there wasn’t one because I think it would be Regina saying goodbye to a different man, and Robin would be saying goodbye to a different Regina and that I think would maybe hurt more. I don’t know I’m conflicted.

The Queen and the thief finally got their drink, and by god they need it, and I am happy that there is a version in canon in which they can be happy.

I think that in terms of Robin’s character we haven’t got closure. We never will- not in canon. I think though that page 23 did provide a degree of closure for Regina. I think that now she can finally, truly grieve. I think that now as OQers we can enjoy fanon, and the moments we got without worrying if something will be taken away. 

I hope this makes sense, I’m not very good at articulating my thoughts.

The Evil Queen - Regina’s Scapegoat

As much as I rolled my eyes at the Evil Queen getting a second chance, there is something interesting to consider - that Regina has found the ultimate scapegoat for her actions.

Regina has always blamed the Evil Queen for her misdeeds and acted like they are two separate entities. With their separation, Regina not only can continue to blame her past on the Evil Queen, but the Evil Queen ended up in a realm where she will be blamed for Regina’s crimes.

Regina killed Snow and David in the wish realm, but the Evil Queen will face the blame. The Evil Queen will be blamed for something that her other half did, just like Regina has always blamed the EQ for her actions. Ironic isn’t it?

The real question is what happens the next time Regina screws up? She can’t blame the Evil Queen any longer. Unlike other characters, she hasn’t learned that villain tactics don’t work. And as we saw in 6a, even sans the Evil Queen, Regina isn’t all that improved as a person.

Some fractured fairy tale ideas...

- Cinderella went to the ball to kill the prince.

- “All hail Alice, the Queen of Hearts.”

- Rapunzel is the witch’s illegitimate daughter, and she is being kept safe from a king who would have her killed on sight.

- The Little Match Girl is a now phantom luring people to their deaths.

- Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf.

- “So… You’re the Pied Piper, eh? I thought you’d be taller.”

- Princess Snow White and the evil Snow Queen? One and the same.

- “If you value your life, my life, the lives of everyone in this city… you won’t wake the sleeping princess.”

- The land of the Twelve Dancing Princesses is falling apart at the seams, and the rest of reality with it.

- A witch who made some bad decisions in her youth is forced to adopt and raise a child.

- After Jack the Giant Killer ruthlessly murdered their king and threw their world into turmoil and war, the inhabitants of the Sky Kingdom must rebuild their lives.

- “What… what is it?”
“A firebird – the last of her kind.”

Requires Fantasy Novel Things (feel free to add more)

- Title contains the words “Wolf/Rose/Sword/Dark/Crown/Throne”
- Unexplained white haired girl
- Evil Queen that is definitely a red head
- The one black haired guy that dresses in all black but his eyes are blue and beautiful
- Special Eyes™
- Someone turns into an animal and exactly one (1) person might question it
- The Blacksmith
- The mysterious hooded woman in the woods (bonus points if she has a fancy stick)
- Barn sex
- The fastest horse in the land that gets shot by an arrow on page 215
- The one soft spoken healer that gives life changing advice and then is never mentioned again
- A truly excessive amount of dead parents
- Everyone is British except for one inexplicable Irish guy