she was my favorite cosplayer ever

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If you receive this you make someone happy. Go on anonymous and send it to ten of your followers who make you happy or someone you think needs cheering up. If you get some back, even better! And have a lovely day :-)

I don’t feel the need to respond to this anonymously because my followers make me happier than even the steamiest Ignis fantasies I find myself mired in; all of you have breathed new life into my writing endeavors, and I am simply unable to limit my shoutouts to just ten people. I will, however, try to organize them into some semblance of reason; without further ado, I want to give a special thanks to the following people:

[ISEB Author’s Note: There were several other followers I had hoped to include whose tag function had evidently been disabled; I went ahead and omitted them from this list for privacy reasons, but I’m sending my eternal gratitude out into the internet ether!]

At the risk of sounding like I’m giving an acceptance speech at an awards show, I genuinely want to thank each and every one of you who have thrown your support behind ISEB, whether I tagged you or not. Ever since I picked up my first Final Fantasy title in 2001, I’ve been in a state of perpetual awe at how welcoming and inclusive the community has been; FFXV in particular has offered us an unprecedented amount of fan involvement via the internet and social media, and even my cold, dead, thirty two-year-old heart has been thawed by the collective experience of driving four beautiful boybanders around in a convertible.

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8, 12, 16 for the cosplay asks!

  • 8: Do you have any favorite cosplayers?: My bf @the-wetham is who I look up to most (he helps me with all my armor and most props. Bless him.)
    12: What is your worst cosplay “horror” story?: Not really a horror story, but it scared the hell out of me. So I was 12 years old, at my second con ever and I was cosplaying Fear Garden Rin Kagamine, and I notice a girl following me around (She was a lot shorter than me, but definitely much older, late teens probably) And she screams “OHMYGOSH RIN-CHAN I DIDN’T EXPECT TO SEE YOU HERE” And literally GLOMPS me to the fucking ground. I was never the same after that.
    16 has already been answered :c

“I will fight in the name of Rose Quartz and everything that she believed in~”

So, I went to the book fair in Frankfurt, Germany and cosplayed Pearl for the very first time ever in public. It was such an honor to me to actually walk around dressed as my very favorite Character, my lovely Pearl!

People took pictures of me, which I’m absolutely not used to. But when I met a Steven Cosplayer who carried Rose’s shield around, I couldn’t help myself! I had to take pictures with it and that’s my favorite one.

I can’t wait to cosplay Pearl again~


I saw a lot of super cute Steven Universe cosplays at Animazement in Raleigh. These were my favorites, because who doesn’t love super cute canon couples cosplay?? The Rose in the last picture has to be the best Rose cosplay that I have ever seen, and she even had a tiny floating whale! And I gotta give props to the Amethyst cosplayer for representing my birthstone! You were all gorgeous and perfect! Message me if you’re here and I’ll tag you :) So about a year later I’ve learned that @souleatingninja was cosplaying Amethyst and honestly what more could I have asked for today. Thank you, lovely lady!


Okay, lemme tell you a little story about these two shop owners at AX11.  I have no idea who they are, but I met them while I was walking around around the Exhibit Hall and I happened upon a booth selling cosplay wigs.  Of course, since Ouran is my favorite anime, I deeply wanted to get a picture of the two shopkeepers as they were dressed as the duo of Tamaki Suoh and Kyoya Ootori (favorite BroTP ever, I might add).

As I approached the booth, the Tamaki cosplayer/shopkeeper was making a sale, and she was making the sale COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER.  There were “this wig would look stunning on you, princess; though, why would you want to cover up that beautiful hair you already have–ah! such is the price of good cosplay!” and “It’s currently priced at $50, but for a lady such as yourself I could discount it $5."  Honestly, the Tamaki was flitting around from customer to customer selling way more than just wigs.

The Kyoya cosplayer/shopkeeper was near the register counting receipts, so I approached her and asked if I could take a picture of the two of them, and her reply was, "Of course, but only if you don’t mind waiting until the moron over there finishes making me–I mean us–a sale.  These wigs don’t sell themselves you know.”

I kept my composure and waited, then the two of them took forever to pose because Tamaki wanted to take one hugging Kyoya, and Kyoya, of course, wanted no part of that, so they ended up settling on striking their own poses, and I took the picture, thanked them both, and moved on.

It was probably my most favorite thing that happened at AX11, and that’s what memory is making me laugh on Day #8.