she was my bff

Gabe seems so smiley and nice. But too many puns are too many puns.

Or something lol. Can´t think of anything to draw.

EDIT: Forgot to draw Gabes Fucking scars. I´m so sorry Gabe you absolute prince, guess it´s another round of wearing the cone of shame for me

Emily: “So, Winston. Lena was telling me she used to not be able take off her chronal accelerator, in the old days.”

Winston: “Ah-ha-ha, yes. How embarrassing; those older models were so shoddy. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to perfect a localized temporal stabilization field over a wide enough area that would allow-”

Emily: *grabs his arm* “THANK YOU.”


every westallen scene ever (124/?)

Fake Chats #129
  • Jimin: are you drinking coffee? Why are you drinking coffee? You hate coffee.
  • Taehyung: sometimes you just need a little caffeine in your life.
  • Jimin: maybe other people do, but you sure don't.
  • Taehyung: yes, I do!
  • Jimin: okay, whatever, but why are you drinking it black?
  • Taehyung: 'cause I figure when the aliens come, they'll never get anything out of me because I'll have fortified myself by drinking this disgusting liquid.
  • Jimin: ...did you come to this conclusion before or after drinking it?
  • Taehyung: after. Kookie said it would be yucky, I just didn't listen.
  • Jimin: he tell you he told you so?
  • Taehyung: I told him what I told you and he walked away without saying anything.
  • Jimin: you're so weird.
  • Taehyung: but that's why you like me.
  • Jimin: that's why I like you. Dump that coffee out now.

Just a reminder I don’t care what canon dictates but there is no way in hell Allura sleeps without a silk cap on.

You can attempt to fight me on this but you will lose everytime

As a black girl myself who’s hair gets straightened to Allura’s ‘regular’ texture and who’s hair is way shorter than Allura’s I can tell you right now no way in hell is that woman sleeping without a silk cap on. Especially with that much hair.

@christinacheree is truly out here risking her life to save my ass

(watch in hd for better quality)

Treat her like a princess, caress her cheeks, stroke her hair, kiss her softly, look at her like she put the stars in the sky and melt her heart the way no one ever would.

what have you done


“I’m really glad
we had this conversation.
Because, honestly, you are so much more
than just a friend to me.”

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Guess I can join the pining over ur best friend train w/ rich n mike, I am so gay 4 my bestie, but like idk if she's even into girls and I wouldn't wanna ruin the friendship

//Don’t worry anon the ‘Pining For Ur Bff’ club has cookie and blankets they accept u with open arms!

Latte au (part 2)


Matt comes back from college for the summer and is ready to congratulate Pidge on graduating high school. Unfortunately, she didn’t graduate, having failed her foreign language class. She was able to get the teacher to let her retake the final at the end of summer, but she still doesn’t really know what to do to pass it. Matt knows that Pidge is very smart, but she also has trouble asking for help, so he secretly plans on getting a tutor to help her. He looks through tons of reviews, but doesn’t really see any that he knows won’t baby Pidge or will hinder her own way of thinking. That is until Shiro calls him, saying that he knows a guy that would be great in tutoring Pidge; says the guys name is Lance and he’s majoring in foreign communications. Matt doesn’t really have any other options so he gets the number from Shiro and calls the guy up and sets a date for Pidge’s first session.

Pidge is pissed that Matt got her a tutor without even consulting her, or that he thinks that she needs one. But she can’t really deny the help, since during the entire two weeks Matt was looking for a tutor, she hadn’t made any progress on learning the language. So they meet up with Lance at the college library and pidge begrudgingly sits down and flip through her workbook, ready to just get it over with. Matt sits nearby and starts looking through his phone, only looking up when he hears his sister laughing; the tutor is waving his hands around describing something to her and it seems that Pidge is actually enjoying herself learning from Lance. He listens in to their conversation and finds that Lance is helping Pidge understand the language in a fun and unique way that works with how Pidge usually learns. Matt can’t help but smile, mentally reminding himself to thank Shiro.

They meet up three times a week, and Pidge seems to be doing great with learning the language, as well as making a great friend. And Matt unwillingly starts to fall for the guy. Soon, the entire summer flys by and Pidge does great on her final, as well as have made a great friend out of Lance. Before school starts for Matt and Lance, Matt finally get up the courage of asking Lance out on a date. Lance happily accepts.

After the date, Matt is upset because he doesn’t know where Lance goes to college and he might not see him again Gil next summer. That is, until Matt walks into one of his classes and sees Shiro talking with Lance, who waves him over. Matt asks why Lance is here, and both men just give him “are you serious?” Faces. Of course, that’s when it finally clicks in his head that Lance goes to the same school as them. Shiro’s laughs and tells him that “for being one of the smartest guys around, you can be pretty dumb!”