she was missing for about 3 months


For Women’s History Month, this teacher recreated vintage ads to call out sexism

  • In honor of Women’s History Month, Union High School teacher Nicholas Ferroni wanted to teach his students — and people all over the world — about the history of the advertising industry’s blatant sexism.
  • So Ferroni teamed up with 2010 Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, who made headlines after revealing she was told Donald Trump didn’t like black people, to recreate sexist vintage ads. This time, however, the gender roles were flipped. Read more. (3/15/2017 2:15 PM)

On the Coastal Tip of Jamaica, actress Candice Patton stands barefoot in a sheer yellow dress before settling turquoise waters. Her arms sway back and forth as the Caribbean air billows through the thigh-high slit. She gives the camera a small smile as the sun radiates off her skin and the tide tiptoes towards the shore. The Instagram boomerang I’m glancing at has now been viewed over 200,000 times by her 1.2 million-user following.

It’s mid-June; a median between two milestones in Candice’s life - two weeks before her 29th birthday, and two weeks after the Season 3 finale of The Flash aired in homes nationwide. The superhero fiction show, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, stars Candice as Iris West, opposite Grant Gustin as the titular hero, Barry Allen. In the last three years, The Flash has garnered over 15 awards, with Candice herself most recently winning a Saturn Award for “Best Supporting Actress on Television”. It makes sense that CBS Watch! Magazine would send her over to the Caribbean for a photoshoot. 

The CW star calls me from her residence in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon, after her trip in Jamaica. I expect her to sound exhausted from her jet setting, but she’s not. To my astoundment, there’s a lot on her mind. I come to realize that, unlike Iris West, Candice Patton is equipped with a power of her own.

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Love - Names (Drabbles Series)

Bucky | Barnes | Buck | Sarge | Jamie | Soldat | Love | James | Epilogue

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: She calls Bucky by many different names. Each one portraying a different emotion, motive behind her words changing and telling with every utterance off her lips.

WC: 1180

A/N: TAGS ARE CLOSED! Please stop asking me to make an exception for you, it isn’t fair to everyone else. I want to keep the tag list short and I can’t keep track of everyone anyway. But I really appreciate all the positive feedback!

A/N Pt 2: As soon as all the chapters are published, I’m going to make a master list of this series in chronological order so if you’re into that kind of weird time organization thing like me, you can follow this story a little more easily.

Love was a tender blessing from her lips. It was used when he needed some comfort, when the softness of her soul was the only way to soothe him. It was her way of taking care of him, when he himself wouldn’t.

Love, you need to stop worrying. The doctor said everything is normal. It’ll happen when it happens. And are you really complaining about having crazy amounts of unprotected sex?”

“Shhh Love, it was just another nightmare. Come here and I’ll hold you.”

She arrived back at the tower in the early hours of the morning after a mission with Clint. Bucky had been on his own mission with Steve and she’d missed him during the days they’d been apart. Just a few months into this relationship and she already felt like she was missing a part of herself when he wasn’t near.

She bumped into Steve on her way into the living quarters.

“How is he?” she asked

“Bad. It was a really tough one.” the super soldier shook his head

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Back to You


// In which Harry’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she can’t handle the distance anymore. 

“Harry, I can’t do this anymore.” Just one little sentence had destroyed him, “what is it you can’t do anymore babe?” Trying to calm down his girlfriend. He knew what she meant but couldn’t bear to think about what was about to come. He wanted her to see it; he needed it. “I’m so tired of not having you around. So fucking tired of being second to everything. What even is the point of being together if you’re gonna make me feel more alone than when I’m actually alone?”

(Y/N) knew she was being selfish when she asked Harry to do such a big requests but she needed the truth to be told. “It doesn’t even change when you’re home. You’re always doing your own thing. It’s like you’re never even here and I’m sick of it.”

She wanted to be a normal couple, doing normal couple things.

(Y/N) always had stood by Harry’s side through everything; from the Larry conspiracies, hate, cheating rumors, the list could go on and on. She promised him she would stay for the long haul, but how can she keep her promises, when Harry doesn’t even keep his?

 "You don’t mean that, y/n..“

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check list for the shit su critics will say about room for ruby!!!


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3.lauren zuke sucks and we are glad she is gone!!!!!111

4.lapis lazuli once again  mistreats a TOTALLY INNOCENT CHARACTER!!!!



7. they made the characters act in ways they dont so lapis/pearl could be developed in the way they wanted!!!!

8.’protect navy at all cost’ squad zine!!! pre order for 25$$$$ (dont hear a peep about it for 6 months)

Doctor Me Up (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

A/N: HEYYYYY EVERYONE! I’M BACK! And of course, in tradition, my first post back is about my man Bucky. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

p.s the time stamps are not accurate forgive me let’s just role with it 


“Are you sure we should unfreeze this guy?” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at the king. “With all do respect, last I checked, he tried to kill you, your highness. And he has a murder history. Like longer than Rapunzel’s hair.”

T’challa looked at her confused, “Who is Rapunzel?”

“Y’know, blonde chic, long hair, trapped in a tower until she’s 18 by an evil witch?” 

“We don’t care for white people fantasies here. Besides, it sounds idiotic.” He shook his head. “But yes, I want him unfrozen. Captain Steve Rogers will return here tomorrow to speak with him. I want him to be up and awake by tonight.”

“How about his arm?” Y/N asked, walking around the glass to examine Bucky’s metal arm, or what was left.

“The team has been working on a temporary replacement. He will have to get used to it but do not force him to try it until he’s ready. Let him know that his friend will be arriving shortly, it will make him panic less.”

“Okay, your highness.” Y/N obeyed, slowly shutting down the programs to unfreeze Bucky. “Your highness, sir, if I can ask, um can I have someone here with me? You know just in case he attacks me or something?”

“He will not be under HYDRA control when he wakes up. Unless you know the words to trigger him, I’m sure you’ll be fine. He’s a great guy. I will be foreseeing other things tonight. Let him know I’ll be here first thing tomorrow.” 

Y/N and the king became close as her training progressed. Of course she still respected the king because well, he is the king, but he wanted her to be comfortable with him as well. 

As T’Challa walked away from the lab, Y/N let out a deep sigh as the systems shut down before her. She was taken away from her surgical internship to work as a trainee in the King of Wakanda’s secret facility. When she agreed to it, she didn’t realize she would be babysitting a man older than her grandfather who’s frozen in a tube, the whole time. She’d never spoken to Bucky in the past three and a half months. He’d just been known as the Winter Soldier. She read his files, saw his pictures pre-war and everything but she didn’t know the guy. She must admit, he looked so beautiful back then. 

Steve came by a few times to ask her how Bucky was doing which of course leads her to respond with the same sentence each time.

“Hey Dr. Y/N, how’s Bucky?”

“Still starring in the Titanic.”

At first Steve didn’t understand her reference to the 1997 hit, blockbuster, now classic cult favorite movie, The Titanic until his third visit where he and Y/N watched it together. He was quite emotional for an old man. 

She wondered if Bucky was the same. He looked so rugged all the time. With his long hair and his scruff and his metal arm, she wondered if the infamous Winter Soldier had a soft part about him. 

Well maybe now she’ll find out.

“Hey Mr. Barnes, good morning.” Y/N tried to smile as the man looked around confused. “Actually it’s 7PM here, it’s technically not morning but I don’t really know what timezone you’ll be in when you wake up after 3 and a half months. I ju-”

“Who are you?” His deep voice startled Y/N. Though she expected his voice to be similar to that, it’s just so shocking to hear someone talk for the first time. “Where’s Steve? Where’s T’Challa? What year is it?”

“Well, it’s 2017. You missed out on a New Years and Cap’s birthday. He spent it here with you by the way. I made the joke ‘cracking a cold one one with the boys’ but um he didn’t get it.” Y/N gulped nervously. “And you probably don’t either considering the fact that you were practically in hibernation so I don’t know why I mentioned that at all.”

“Where is Steve?”

“Captain Rogers will be here tomorrow. He’s flying in tomorrow. Well like not flying flying but he’s gonna land on a plane tomorrow. H-he’ll be here, sir. Um, yeah.”

Bucky stepped out the machine, stretching out his human arm. “Where’s the King?”

“Oh, King T’Challa had other things to do so he left me in charge.”

“Why did he leave you in charge? How old are you? Aren’t you like 12 or something?”

Y/N scoffed, “Okay man, just because you’re like what? 209 years old doesn’t mean you can call me 12, especially because you spent more than half of your life frozen so. Doesn’t count. In all honesty, I think we’d be close in age if you take away your frozen years.”

“We’re not close in amount of experience though.” Bucky cracked his knuckles as he spoke to her. “How old are you?”

“I’m 23.” Y/N responded, picking up her stethoscope. “I’m Dr. Y/N, the doctor who’s been overseeing your care for the time you were under. Pretty much, I was here to make sure you were still frozen. But now that you’re alive, I gotta make sure that your heart is beating.”

She motioned for him to follow her to the exam table across the room. He followed her and held up the questionable clothes that were picked out for him on the corner of the bed. 

“You expect me to wear this?” He asked, holding up the size medium white tank top.

“Okay in my defense, I’ve only seen your pre-war pictures and that glass thingy makes you look smaller than you are.” 

“Haven’t you ever seen me in the news?” 

She looked up from her clipboard, looking at him directly in the eyes, “Isn’t it better that I haven’t?”

Y/N took his BP and took some blood samples in an awkward silence. 

“What? You’ve got nothing to say now? You were rambling a few moments ago.” He commented.

“I figured you can use some peace and quiet.”

“I had it for over three months. I would like to hear someone talk to me for once.”

Y/N smiled at him, “You’re friendlier than I imagined. Steve did say that you were friendly. But that was back then. He said you’ve changed and became more quiet once you know, it all happened, and he found you. ” 

“I guess I’m friendly to you because you talk so much that I have to say something so you’d shut up and not be talking all the time.” Bucky leaned over, grabbing the water bottle beside him and taking a big gulp. “So, Dr. Y/N, what did you think of me? Before I turned into an assassin and all?”

She laughed, placing the stethoscope against his heart, “I saw what Steve meant when he said you picked up the ladies. I definitely saw why.”

“Well compared to him, yeah I did.” He shook his head, reminiscing about the old times. “What do you mean you saw why?”

“Oh come one, don’t make me say it!” She scribbled down notes on the papers, clicking and un-clicking her pen as she filled in the blanks of Bucky’s medical chart.

“Say what?”

“Mr. Winter Soldier-”

“Bucky. Call me Bucky.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “Bucky- you were a beautiful young man back then.”

“Back then?” He asked, pretending to be offended. “Why not now?”

“Well let’s be honest, you look homeless. You could use a haircut and a razor.” 

“Wow, I’m offended.” Bucky laughed.

“I really didn’t think you’d be this warm towards me.”

“Was that a frozen joke?”

Y/N laughed loudly, “No seriously. You’re making jokes and laughing with me. I figured you would just take your clothes and go and leave me here. You know? I didn’t think you’d actually talk to me, much less joke with me.”

“There’s something about you that makes me feel comfortable… it’s like I’m back home in Brooklyn and I’m sitting across from you in an Italian restaurant talking about our aspirations in life.” He looked at her, his eyes glistening.

“Did you just compare my job, your physical, as your doctor to one of your player boy dates from 20 B.C?”

“No,” he blushed. “I mean.. there’s something about you that feels like home.”

His words made Y/N’s heart melt. Her cheeks mimicked his as they both looked away from each other, too shy to cross paths. Y/N did the one thing she knew how to do. She made a joke.

“Admit it Bucky, you like me.” She smirked, playfully winking at him.

“Honestly, in the past ten minutes of knowing you, I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t.” 

Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, stopping her grin from showing. She looked at him, placing a hand on his knee. “I’m actually glad they unfroze you.”

“So am I.” Bucky said. “Now come on, Dr. Y/N. Doctor me up!” 



BTS reaction to their child refuses to call them dad because they were away for so long

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when they haven’t met their child for years and when they finally see each other, she/he (their child) doesn’t want to call them appa and how can they fix it, please :)))) I love ur work so much, keep working hard 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too >< .

Jin :

All he was thinking the way home is his little kid .The last call he had from you was about his little boy’s first birthday ! ..he went to the military when you were in your second month his biggest dream was to see his child for the first time ! ..when he knocked at the door he expected his child to come running like a little pinguin and hug him ..but what happened wasn’t as he expected the meeting to be ..his little child showed up with his diaper and smiley face ..which has changed the moment he spotted his father ..Jin was in heavens that time ..untill his baby ran fast inside ..screaming and calling for his mom ..and you were already on your way to the door stopped the moment you saw your dear husband ..smiling as if you have never smiled before ! ..but your child ? he was behind you ,hugging your leg ..begging for protection ..and that was the last thing Jin wanted to see papa ? appa or even daddy ? ..that broke him from the inside ,so the hug wasn’t that tight ..he was sad deeply …which didn’t make him sleep that night ..he was thinking of a way to change the way his baby sees him he decided to spend more time with him ,till he -with no control- called Jin (appa) because how strong their relationship was !

Suga :

A 7 months girl won’t remember her father ! ..especially if he left for tour for about another 8 months ! ..that would make it even more complicated..he heard his girl saying her first word when you recorded it he was so excited to hear it live ..when she is calling him! ..calling him (appa)!! ..he came home at 4 am ..after hugging you and showering you with kisses, he dashed to his girl’s room to see her sleeping in her one peace pijama ,with an angelic face and silk brown hair .He sat next to her and kissed her face ,two seconds and she was staring at him ,and his smile never faded away ,till she started crying so hard …calling her mom (AMMA!! ..I’M SCARED !!) ran to her room and saw Suga staring at the wall ,in an another world . You hugged her till she calmed down ,and Suga still didn’t make any reaction !.. you said ,trying to save the situation “..ohh baby ..this is your father !..why are you scared ?”..she kept crying “NO! ..HE IS NOT MY APPA!! ..HE IS NOT!” ..and buried her face in your chest .. you looked at your husband as you could clearly see him tearing up ..but before you could open your mouth to say a word he carried his body out ,and disappeared in his studio .In the next day ,you saw Yoongi for the first time ,so cuddly and caring ..he tried his best to make her feel protected and comfortable when he is around ,and that worked ! the end of the day ,after a family trip to the amusement park ,he was sitting with her on the carousel..she was laughing so happily in his arms when he was smiling till his ears ,she said in a loud voice between her giggles “YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER!” .

Rap Monster :

You and your little boy were waiting for your husband at the airport ,when he was away for one year with his mother ,trying to do some surgeries for her because she had two kinds of cancer,and you couldn’t leave with them due to your job .Your little boy was one year and a half ,so he had only few unclear memories about his father ,he looked at you “mom ? ..when was he all the time ?” smiled and looked down “our grandma was sick so he was helping her !” ..he pouted “but ..when I was sick he didn’t help me !” remembered when your child once had a virus and he was at the hospital for two days ,you knew that would affect on him because his father wasn’t there ,but you hoped nothing negative would happen .When Namjoon appeared you smiled brightly and pointed at him “look ! ..he is there !!” and you ran to him ,hugging him so tight ,and your boy? ..still standing where you left him ,and when Joonie took few steps toward his child ,the last one took another steps back ,there Namjoon was shocked ,and you knew how much that distance had affected on him ,even though the first conversation between them two was “you know that I asked about you everyday? ,your photo in my wallet ..and I take it everyday and I kiss it !” ..” ohh ..thanks seem as a good man grandpa Max in Ben10 !!!” ..and that moment you knew that Namjoon was broken ,as a knife stabbed him so deeply or as his heart was broken into peaces ,but what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger ! ..he took a vocation for a month to spend it with his boy ..and , it has beed successful ! .

J-hope :

His military service had to end today ,so you waited for him at the balcony with your little kid ! ..till he arrived with his soldier’s vest ..your boy cheered “mom look ! ..a soldier! “ smiled brightly “yeh baby ..he is your father !” ..and you ran downstairs, when your boy stood still and mumbled “my father ?” .You hugged your husband as if it was the first time to see him after 100 years ,so you shouted at that kid on the balcony “COME AND HUG YOUR DAD!” ..but he didn’t move ,so Hobi just kissed you and whispered “I’ll go for him!” ..and when he was two steps away from his child ,with the happiest face ever ,your boy said “so you are the hero my mom told me about ?” ..he nodded and pulled him in a warm hug ,but your kid broke it Hoseok pouted “what’s the problem my baby?” ..your kid simply shouted and ran away “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU !!!” ..Hoseok with no control started crying with no sound and you couldn’t do anything but hugged him, when he refused “you didn’t show him my photos ? ..didn’t you tell him the messages I wanted him to hear ? ..didn’t you tell him that I love and miss him so much ? ..why he hates me ?!!!” .After days he was trying his best to get closer ,but we cant deny that he had some difficulties to deal with ,his boy was a closed one ,not like his father ..but ,they made it at the end .

Jimin :  

Another one was away for tour ,but he suffered from another problem , a member was sick and he had to be next to him ,which made him be away for 9 months ,and that wasn’t so accepted by his little girl who he left when she was 3 months old and now she is one year old .He asked the driver to drive the fastest so he would see his daughter, he missed her till he couldn’t control himself .And when he was in front of her ,he came closer and hugged her as if it was the first time ..and she couldn’t make any reaction..all she was thinking about was (is he really my father?) ,and he didn’t notice that till he was taking a shower and you making the dinner ,when she moved in hesitated steps and knocked at the door of the bathroom “umm said the dinner is ready !” ..he opened the door with the biggest smile and carried her on his shoulders .When they were on the dinner table ,Jimin kissed you and mumbled “you are the best mom! ..I was afraid she would enter the bathroom so I locked it !” smiled and looked in a teasing way at her “ohh..that’s weird ,because she usually doesn’t knock ,but enters with no warnings !” ..your daughter looked at her plate in a guilty way “but you taught me to be polite with those I don’t know !” ..and that moment Jimin choked and sank in his blank thoughts ..that his daughter is no longer his  ,but just a girl he loves and she doesn’t ! ..that made him cry in his room alone at midnight ,also made him make a plan to let his daughter knows that he is not a stranger , but a person who loves her more than she thinks .

V :

It wasn’t his choice ,he had to leave for some business and you couldn’t go with him because you had to take care of your parents and your work ,so he left for a year and a half to complete the deals with many modeling companies ,he was a lit! ..after he realized that his family has the right to see him ,he canceled any new deals and went right back to his hometown .He was outside of his huge house’s garden ,when he saw his little girl running after her dog ,she was wearing ballet skirt with wings of a fairy ,till she stopped when she saw him ,he opened the gate and ran toward her ,picked her up and swung her in the air which made her giggle ,he pulled her in a hug and let her down ,so he sat on his knees ,admiring her beauty and how much she grew up without him ,that thought made him tear up ,till she shocked him saying “you are a cute like my joje (her puppy) …and you look like my dad~” she said with an accent of a cute little girl ,which made him smile brightly “ohh your father is cute ? about I AM your father ? …your TaeTae ?” ..she giggled “ohh no you are not ..bye stranger !!” ..and she waved ,left him there looking at her running after the dog again ,stranger ? ..that was the last thing he would like to hear ,for a family man ? ..that was a living nightmare ..and u knew that when he entered the house and his face covered with tears .But ,that didn’t stop him ,he got out of that scary hell and started all over again ,playing and chasing the dog with her ,till they became bestfriends ,till he became her TaeTae .

Jungkook :

That scholarship he had for the most famous music school in the world ,he dreamed of having it ,and when he got it ,he waited no second to accept it ,and when he knew he can’t get his family with him ,he had to risk ..two years he could only see you on FaceTime, but what really made him break down every night ,that his kid refused to FaceTime with him ,as he was that shy around strangers ,he didn’t have the courage to talk to that man who called his father and never saw him before ,that made Jungkook give up the rest of his scholarship and go back home .Out of his kid room he stood there ,afraid as hell ,will he accept it ? ..he knocked at the door and that three years boy opened it with his pijamas on ,the moment he saw his father his eyes went wide and slapped the door ,as if he slapped Kook on the face ,his feelings were down as he was holding himself not to cry ..”babe ,open the door ..I’m your father you were FaceTiming with ! ..I came but will never go again ! open the door and let me hug you ..!!” ..but that didn’t affect on the insecurity of his kid ,but made him shout out loud “NO ..!!” .After that situation, Jungkook tried everything to get his kid’s heart ,from watching his favorite cartoon with him to playing with him his favorite games needed time but ,it was successful too !.

GIFs are not mine

Requests : opened for texts only !

-Admin M

Abused Part 1- Twenty One Pilots

Request- Hey I know you won’t be able to write this for a little bit but I just wanted to tell you so I won’t forget about it. Could you do one where the reader works for top and are good friends with them and Jenna. And one night the readers boyfriend sexually assaults her and she goes in to work the next day and is a mess and they yell at her. She just breaks down and they find all the marks from him. SORRY IM A SUCKER FOR ANGST!

You were able to cover the smaller bruises and you would take the day off when they were too big to hide. 2 years of being in an abusive relationship you were no longer scared to leave, you were petrified. Every time you threatened to leave your boyfriend Conor he would ‘make things right and get better.’ It never changed. Fight after fight,punch after punch, bruise after bruise. It was an awful cycle and you hated going home, but if you didn’t you were scared he might really hurt you, or even kill you. It wasn’t just the constant yelling. There was unwanted sex, broken bones, and awful words through at you.

“Y/N me and the boys are going out after the show. Do you wanna come?” Jenna asked you as you set up the stage for the boy’s show tonight.

“Um, no. I have to get home tonight.” you said.

“Oh come on. You haven’t been out with us in over two months. What is Conor keeping you hostage or something?” Jenna joked and you laughed it off not knowing how to reach out for help. “Please. We miss our best friend.” she begged.

“It’s been a long day. I really need to get home, Conor and I are going out tonight.” you came up with an excuse.

“Fine, but I’m taking you out tomorrow night. I’ll pick you up at 5 tomorrow.” Jenna said then left you to finish your work.

You had started working for Twenty One Pilots about 3 years ago. You grew extremely close to Jenna, Tyler, and Josh. You loved hanging out with them, but Conor prevented you from being near them besides at work.

“Y/N, you’re seriously ditching us for Conor. You’re a loser.” Tyler joked.

“I’m sorry. We have a date planned I think.” you lied again. “Look I really need to finish up here. I’m heading out right after the show. I’ll say bye before I go.” you said going back to work.

“Okay, but tomorrow it’s all of us without Conor at the club. We’ll pick you up at 5.” He said then dismissed himself.

You finished your work and the show started. You stood on the side stage with Jenna listening to Tyler and Josh play. You loved watching the shows, you were able to feel free. You knew you were going to have to lie and get out of tomorrow night. Conor didn’t let you go out without him unless it was to work.

You felt a pair of arms snake around your waist and pull you aggressively against the body.

“I thought you said you would be home at 8. It’s 9, why did you lie?” Conor’s voice whispered in your ear sending fear throughout your body.

“I-i’m sorry. I just wanted to watch the show. We can go home now i-if you want.” you stuttered.

Jenna looked back at you as you smiled in Conor’s arms. It was fake of course, but you had to sell your happiness. You sold it pretty well, they all thought you were happy and safe in your relationship. They weren’t Conor’s biggest fans, but they supported you. Only if they knew what you went through once you go home every night.

“Yeah we are. Let’s go.” He said pulling you out of the building and to his car.

“I’ll drive myself. I have my car here.” you said as he opened the passenger door to his car for you to get in.

“I can’t trust you. Get in now.” He said sternly and you got in with a shove from him.

His voice was bitter and you knew not to fight back. He had control over you and he knew it. He used his power over you against you. He got in on his side and drove away fast.

“You disgust me. You lie to me and go watch other guys. What are you cheating on me?” he yelled as he drove.

“N-no it’s my job. I’m supposed to be there to make sure nothing goes wrong. I’m not cheating on you.” you defended yourself, but he wasn’t listening.

You felt small, defenseless, stupid. His harsh words and tone was only half of it. The physical abuse was the other half. You knew what was going to happen when you got home. There would be a fight, he would scream at you as you fell to the ground in tears, then his hand would strike your body. Sometimes only once others it would feel like hours as you lied numb on the ground as he hit and kicked your body.

When you pulled into the driveway you went to get out of the car, but Conor grabbed your arm hard.

“Slut.” he muttered under his breath in disgust before letting go and getting out of the car.

You met him in the house where he was sitting in front of the tv. You sat on the other end looking at him. You were waiting for his reaction. He would soon erupt, but right now it was a waiting game.

“Um, can I go out with Jenna tomorrow?” you asked sheepishly and Conor’s eyes met yours.

“Are you really asking me that? After you decide to cheat on me you want to go out with them. Why? Is it that drummer, because I’ll beat his ass if he comes near you. You’re mine.” he said standing up from the couch, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to your feet aggressively.

The first slap came and your breath stopped in your throat. You looked back up to him as he stared coldly at you. His jaw was clenched and is grip on your wrist was tight.

“Bedroom now.” he demanded and you went straight there.

This happened at least once a week. You never wanted it, but your body always just froze and you didn’t get help. You begged him at first not to do it, but it was no use. The more you begged him to stop and said no the more her hurt you.

As you laid naked on the bed still on your back you felt so numb. Tears fell from your eyes without you knowing. Although you were still Conor wasn’t. He was busy using your body. Once he finished he walked out of the room leaving you to cry.

After you got enough of yourself together you crawled under the covers of you and Conor’s shared bed. It was silent as you stared up at the ceiling, the only thing breaking you from your gaze was Conor sliding under the covers next to you.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered bringing you hand up to his lips.

You flinched at his touch and he sighed.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m so sorry I’m like this. I promise I’m working on it and I’ll get better. You can’t leave me I love you.” he told you, just like every time.

“I know. I love you too.” you said rolling over and closing your eyes.

“You can go out tomorrow if you want. I trust you, just don’t break my trust and be home by 10.” he said turning you back over to face him and kissing you.

“Thanks Conor.” you let yourself relax into him.

When Conor wasn’t hurting you he was your best friend. You hated him, but you loved him. He was addicting and you couldn’t get away from him, no matter how bad he hurt you.

The next day you didn’t have work. You and Conor woke up and everything was like a normal couple. He drove you to get your car at last night’s venue and you even went out to lunch. It was one of those days when you really believed he meant what he said, that he was getting better. It was later when you were getting ready to go out with Tyler, Jenna, and Josh when Conor’s attitude changed.

“You can’t go anymore.” he said as he came into the bathroom where you just finished your makeup.

“Conor please. I’ll be home at exactly 10.” you tried to convince him.

“I said no.” he took a step closer to you and for some reason you challenged him.

“I got all ready and now you’re telling me I can’t go. I really thought you said you were gonna change.” you said turning around to meet the angry eyes of Conor.

His jaw was clenched, fist at his side, and eyes boring into yours.

“I’m sor-” before you could get the rest out you were push hard against the bathroom sink and your wrist in Conor’s tight grasp.

“After all I do for you, you’re going to challenge me. You’re a fucking slut and you know it. You never give me anything you bitch. I do everything myselt and for you.” he yelled in your face.

You let an ‘ouch’ escape your lips as he yanked you to stand straight. You heard him lightly chuckled under his breath. His fist came in contact with your cheek and you were knocked to the ground where he kicked your ribs, legs, and shouted hateful words. You were covering your head with your arms as you sobbed through the pain, words and regret.

“Don’t worry about telling them you’re not coming. I took your phone earlier and told Jenna that you weren’t feeling well and that you would be staying home.” he stopped and said.

You watched as he walked off leaving you on the floor. It was the same every time. You now had to pick yourself up and clean yourself and the blood off the floor.

You looked yourself in the mirror. Shame was written all over yourself. You use to be so strong, but Conor had a power over you. You cleaned your bloody nose and the floor. You went to the kitchen to grab ice to put on the quickly forming bruises on you sides and legs. You noticed Conor had left. Probably to go get you flowers and some groceries. If it was earlier in the day when he would hurt you he always did chores and got you something as a ‘i’s sorry’. You were so use to it all. You wanted to run, but where would you go? What if he found you? He was getting more aggressive and you feared for your life.

Your phone was ringing from the table beside you. It was Josh calling. You answered it as fast as the pain would allow you to. You winced in pain as you held the phone to your ear.

“Hey Y/N. Why did you leave so soon last night? I never got to say goodbye” his voice was filled with concern.

You could tell you were on speaker phone, probably Tyler and Jenna in the same room as him.

“I was feeling sick so Conor came and picked me up.” you followed Conor’s lie from earlier.

“You didn’t look sick when we were together.” Jenna said. “Are you still feeling down?”

“I’m coming by to drop off your purse you left here. Also some soup.” Josh said and you quickly reacted.

“No, no you can’t.” you said.

“Why?” he asked.

“I mean. I’ll come over tomorrow and get my purse. I’m fine, Conor is at the store getting soup right now and I’m headed to bed anyways. Good night you guys.” you said then hung up.

You took a deep breathe which only caused more pain in your chest. You hoped they believed you and that you could just forget this all happened.

From Jenna

We’re stopping by to drop it off now. To bad if you don’t want us to. We’ll be there in 20 minutes.

Received 5:14pm

You knew they weren’t taking no as an answer. You went to the bathroom to see your one arm basically all bruised. You had a black eye and your shirt had blood stains. You grabbed a sweatshirt and painfully put it on. Your ribs felt broken and your breathing was heavy. Your lungs felt like they were going to collapse.

There was a knock on the door and you went to answer it hoping Conor wasn’t close to being home. You put the hood over your head and open the door looking down to hid your face.

“There she is.” you heard Tyler’s voice quickly fade from happy to concern.

“What are you hiding Y/N? Look at us.” Jenna said and you picked your head up just a bit, but they could see the black eye.

“Holy shit Y/N, did Conor do that?” Josh quickly asked in shock.

You couldn’t hide it anymore so you nodded letting a tear fall from your eye.

“Oh my god Y/N. Where’s Conor? I’m going to beat the shit out of him.” Tyler said getting all defensive.

“He’s at” before you could finsh a car pulled up and Conor got out with flowers and a few bags.

“Y/N?” you heard him call, sounding innocent. Fear shot through your veins.

He probably thought you called them for help, or that they were going to take you. They saw the fear written all over your face as you stuttered over your words. You saw Conor stepping closer and with each step your body felt weaker. You couldn’t think straight as Josh helped you out of the house and over to Jenna. Tyler and Josh were approaching Conor and you were shaking.

Jenna helped you to their car and sat in the backseat as Conor and you made eye contact the entire time.

At this point you were a shaking mess, tears streaming from your eyes as Jenna held you. It hurt to cry but it hurt even more hearing the screaming from inside your house. You knew it was Conor’s voice, you would know that from anywhere. Time slowed and the screams dulled and the car started moving. The movement and feeling of being safe lulled you to sleep in the backseat with your head in Jenna’s lap.

monamemonetoile  asked:

Hi Wil! A few years ago, you accepted my friend request on untappd & it made my day. I was quite into the craft beer scene & met people who are among my closest friends now. I stopped drinking about 18 months ago. I was finding that my depression and anxiety meds weren't working as well as they could be. I was in a dark place then, however, life is brighter now. I have a 3 month old daughter and she is everything. Do you miss beer & all it's fun? Do you think you'll return to brewing? Thanks :)

I quit drinking almost 18 months ago, too! Some days I miss beer, but mostly I don’t even think about it. I’m not an addict, so it was more of a life choice than a sobriety choice, but I have stayed away because I also noticed that my meds were less effective (and I just wasn’t able to lose the weight my knees and hips were telling me I needed to lose).

I miss brewing, but I’ve been baking bread and roasting coffee and brewing kombucha, so I’m pretty much scratching the same itch as I did with brewing.

Congratulations on being a parent! Remember: it’s supposed to be challenging, and that’s okay.

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (1/15)

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AU: New series. yay. This one takes place after Ultron BUT Pietro is alive. Yes. Sue me. I like Pietro and I think he had potential to develop further as a character. Also, Fury is still Director of SHIELD because he’s probably the only one who can control the avengers so yea. Anyway, I’m not sure if this would be a StevexReader or a BuckyxReader or maybe someone else. You guys tell me. Enjoy!

Part 1 | Part 2 


The bomb blew up. The place was getting destroyed.

“Go! Run away from here! Find your family!”

Their faces almost a blur in her mind. Another explosion. This time more powerful. The equipment in the laboratory crashing to the ground one by one.

“You’ll live. Don’t worry. You’ll live long, Y/N. You’ll be okay. You’re strong.”

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News of your disappearance spread like wildfire, your parents didn’t know how to react, they didn’t know how to tell those back at home that you were now missing. But they weren’t the ones to spread the news, sadly the news spread quicker than expected. Headlines blew up the United States, “Young Girl Missing in Europe.”

There was only a picture of the girl, and a small story. Peter had soon read the story, his new friend, Ned, showing him the headline. “That’s-s Y/N… “

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ned quickly handed his phone back to his mom, “do you think they’ll find her?”

“She promised she would be home on August 13.” Peter had been broken from the news he received, he didn’t want to talk about the fact that his best friend was now missing. “Hey Pete, I just heard the news, I’m sorry honey.”

Peter didn’t react, he only sat there, looking at the purple popsicle that sat on his bedside desk. “She’ll come back.”

Aunt May wanted to hug her little nephew but all she did was sit down next to him, putting her arm around his shoulder.

3 months had soon passed, it was now 3 days into the school year, Peter knew you weren’t coming home. Her parents came home from Europe, and Peter wanted to run over to see if his best friend was there, but she wasn’t.

Peter turned to the table, sitting down and now doing his homework, a knock came on the door, May stood up from the sofa, pulling the door open to see Y/N’s mom standing there, a red cup of popsicle sticks in her hands, her cheeks stained red.

“Y/N would want Peter to have these.” Peter stood up, walking towards the door, watching as Y/N’s mom handed him the cup, it was full of the multiple popsicle sticks, each one a different color or some have the same. “Oh.. um.. Thank you..”

She wiped away a tear from her cheek, and turned to look at May, she gave her a hug, and walked out of the room. Peter set the cup on the table, looking at the facts he had given to his best friend, each one better than the last but it was undeniable that his favorite was either about the turtles or that coca cola was originally green.

“Time for school, Peter.” Aunt May placed her hand on Peter’s shoulder and they both prepared to leave for school.



“Time for school, Peter.” Peter nodded, following Aunt May out of the apartment, your mom sat there, reading the mail in her hand. “Good Morning May.”

“Morning, how are you today?” She smiled and put the mail down on her side, “I’m good, almost done packing.”

Ever since Y/N disappeared everything changed in your family, your parents started to fight, blaming each other for you going missing, but they eventually split up, and now your mother is moving out of the apartment. Peter wanted to help every opportunity he got, he would sometimes help her take out the trash or bring her for lunch.

Peter looked down at his phone, today was August 13,more than 3 years since you went missing. “Peter, you gonna come and see me at the new house?”

Peter snapped back into attention, “oh, yah, uh of course.”

“You guys better get going. I’ll have to invite you over some time soon for a housewarming party.” A smile traveled onto her face as she pulled the apartment door open. Peter nodded in agreement and followed Aunt May downstairs as they prepared to leave for school.

“It’s gonna be your first day of school!!! You ready to be back?” Aunt May was more excited that Peter got to get out of the house, and she got to be alone.

They walked out to the car, Peter got in the side and waited for Aunt May to start to drive him, once she was in, she started the car, pulling out of the small parking garage and into the crowded road. “I’ll see you when you get back home, just take the trolley, yeah?”

Peter nodded and jumped out of the car and walked up to the school. He saw his best friend Ned, standing there fiddling with a hat on his head. “Calm down Ned, you look fine.” A smile traveled to the young man’s face, “let’s make this year good.”

“It’ll be great.” Peter’s eyes traveled to see Liz walking into the school, her best friend Michelle at her side, they were giggling along as they walked into the school. Liz looked towards Peter, she moved her hair behind her ear, smiling at him.

“It’s going to be the best year yet.”


Black Widow had control on the large rover, Hawk Eye shooting arrows from the back, they sped through the snowy woods, the same rover following behind them with the enemy in it. One of the enemies came flying up from the side, almost in an Iron Man suit, but instead he only had a jetpack on his shoulders.

Black Widow reacted quickly, pulling the door open and kicking the man in the chest, causing him to fly back in the air. Iron Man came across the front, hitting someone off the rover, and soon Hawk Eye had to do the same, kicking someone off the back of the car. The car drove up to them, Hawk Eye couldn’t react in time, they started to fire an alien gun at the car, Black Widow swerved the car, confused on what was happening.

“Get it under control!” Thor was soon in on the action, jumping on the other car ad destroying the large gun on the top of the car, with his large hammer he soon hit the person in the driver seat, causing them to swerve.

Thor jumped off the car, landing on a watch tower and fighting 4 people. Iron man was doing the same, but circling the area around the car, Captain let out a scream from the back of the car, his motorcycle coming to the side of car.

Cap passed the car and joined Thor on the front lines, grabbing people and dragging them by the car. He soon through him at another one of his comrades, and his shield was thrown at a small base, causing a small explosion. He grabbed his shield from the ground, following behind Thor as he hit his hammer on the end of a vehicle causing it to flying upwards in a explosion.

Black Widow followed closely behind, Hawk eye still firing arrows into the enemy sidelines. Hulk let out a scream from the side as he picked up a vehicle, throwing it into another vehicle. They jumped over a large barrier, causing the avengers to now run into the forest without the car. Tony running ahead, scoping the area for other enemies.
He flew up in the air, looking at a large building plastered to the mountain, he started to locate a weak point where they could enter. He hit the side of the building causing him to bounce off as a blue holographic shield appeared. “SHIT!”

“Hey! Language.” Cap yelled on the other end of the line as he drove into the deep woods. “Jarvis what’s the view from upstairs.”

Jarvis focused on the building, looking at it from a space shuttle, “the central building is protected by somme kind of energy shield.”

The Avengers sighed as they watched Strucker’s men charge at them, “Strucker’s technology is well beyond any hydra base we’ve taken.” Thor started to fight a few of the enemies, “Loki’s scepter must be here. Strucker couldn’t mount this defense without low loss.”

The enemies behind Thor soon disappeared, he caught his hammer and waited to approach more people. The alien guns started to fire at the Avengers, Black widow threw a grenade towards the car of people, they flew up into the air, screams coming from all of them.

“Long last is lasting a little long boys.” Black Widow stated as she looked at the situation around her, Hawk Eye joined her, firing an arrow into a tank, killing the main shooter, “think we lost the element of surprise.”

“Wait a second, no one else is gonna deal with the fact that Cap just said language.” Tony stated from atop the building, “i know..”

Cap let a smirk come onto his face as he drove into the oncoming traffic, he jumped off his bike, throwing it forwards a car that was charging towards him. “Just slipped out..”

“Sir. The city is taking fire” Jarvis spoke lightly, “Well, we know Strucker’s nothing to worry about civilian casualties. Send in the Iron Legion.”

“Sir. There is a enemy causing mass amounts of energy.” Tony acknowledged Jarvis’ comment, “send in Scarlet Witch.”

“Already on it Stark.” Scarlet Witch approached from the side, circling the supernatural energy. She looked closely, it appeared to be a girl, her hair moving in the vicious winds she was creating, eyes glowing a bright blue as she stood in shock.

Her eyes traveled to see Scarlet Witch, she stood and watched the girl. The young girl’s hand flew up, a vehicle now flying towards Scarlet, she ducked quickly, landing in the melting snow. “Stark, she is like me.”

“Hawk go help her.” Tony kept circling for a vulnerable way into the building, but he was still stuck, “wait. She might be the one we are here for.”

Scarlet stood up, looking at the girl once more, her eyes still glowing. “I dont think she knows of her actions.”

“What do you mean?” Cap spoke lighlty, heading towards Scarlet Witch, “I didn’t exactly know what I was doinng. There is no sure way to find out what side is good and what side is bad if you’ve only fought for one.”

“Jarvis measure her vitals.” Jarvis did as Tony said, measuring the young girls vitals, “sir, she appears to have an immense amount of electric voltage coming from her neck.”

Tony flew back towards the radioactive currents, “is it running on a certain time schedule? Shocking at certain intervals.”

Jarvis focused in on the girl’s neck, there were no steady shocks for a certain amount of time, as the girl resisted attack someone, a generated shock was sent through her body. “It appears that when she resists attacking, the shocks are generated.”

“Get the collar off of her Scarlet.” Scarlet looked at the thick lined collar on the girl’s neck, “how am I supposed to do that?”

Jarvis spoke lightly, “there is a vulnerable point at the back of her neck?”

Scarlet Witch reacted quickly, but the young girl was quicker, she looked at the girl and lifted both of her hands up, causing Scarlet to fly in the air. She let out a scream as a swirl of wind started around her. It started slow but it moved faster, the tornado grew in size, ripping the trees from the ground, picking up the white snow fom the ground.

A scream escaped the tornado of whirlwind, panic reacting in Scarlet as she didn’t understand the emmence power coming from the girl. “Jarvis. Identify who she is.”

“On it sir.”

The tornado started to move, picking up a vechile with it, the girl was in a panic, her eyes turned back to their regular color. She looked into the tornado, almost as if she was looking for something, she reached her hand into the whirlpool of wind, her hand latched onto Scarlet’s as she tried to pull her out.

Scarlet looked at her with twrror on her face, her heart racing outside of her chest, “you are okay-y.” She spoke with a cracked voice, “I’m gonna help you out.”

The girl had a reassuring smile on her face, trying to comfort her as she reached for her other hand.. But a loud buzzing came from the collar on her neck, sending a current through her, her eyes shot back to the blue color.

“No.. No..” Scarlet spoke as the girl let go of her once more, throwing her into the swirl of wind and snow. In a moment, everything stopped, the earth slowed down, the tornado disappeared, causing Scarlet to fall from an unbelieveable hieght, Tony catching her.

Behind the girl stood Cap, the collar in his right hand, her eyes slowly fading to their previous color, she started to fall backwards, soon being caught by Cap, “I got you, I got you.”

Tony set Scarlet down, all of them soon staring at the girl, each one of them shocked. “I’ve identified her.”

“Who is this girl?” Cap looked up at Tony as Jarvis displayed a file of the girl on Tony’s screen, “her name is Y/N Y/L/N. She went missing from London around 3 years ago.”

“Where is she from?” Cap stated as she stared at the girl, hoping he could soon return her to her proper home. The young girl stirred a little, her eyes slowly coming open as she mumbled a word, “Queens.”

Who is ready for a reunion in part 3????

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #28

I Duplicated A Box Of Magic: The Gathering Cards

I have a deck of Magic cards themed around Elves that I dusted off to show a friend last night at my local game store. I haven’t opened this box in almost 2 years. It was my first deck. Before I left, I opened up the box and looked at the deck list that I had put in the box, and checked to make sure all the cards were there, which they were. 

I went up to my LGS and played some (with a different deck) and my friend had to leave before I could show him the deck, at which point I left too and came straight home. When I got home I played on my computer and went to bed, the deck remained in my bag.

This morning, I woke up and the deck box was sitting on my desk. I thought it was odd, but brushed it off figuring I had put it there last night and forgot to put it on my shelf where it sits. Well, I went to my bag to grab some cards I got last night to put in a different deck and there’s that box. It’s the same box. I thought that I had accidentally picked up someone else’s box. And so I look through it and it’s the same deck. Down to which cards are foil and what version it came from. No one but me has seen this deck since the last time I played it, 2 years ago.

Credits to: crushcastles23

Someone Was Missing

Me and four other friends of mine were hanging out after school because there was pizza or something- I don’t really remember why we stayed. We were bored and wandering the hallways when one of our guy friends excused himself to go to his sports practice. The locker room for that particular sport is in the basement, a place well known for its title, “The Dungeon”.

Now it was me and three other girls and we were just messing around the stairs, going down into The Dungeon, when one of the faculty members began coming down to where we were. We freaked out and got the hell out of there (because four girls messing around the guy’s locker room isn’t exactly “OK”).

As we were about to go back to the main part of the school, my friend stopped and said “Wait, somebody’s missing.”

At that point I got horrible goosebumps, like not the “oh that’s creepy haha” goosebumps, but the “something is terribly wrong here and we need to go NOW” goosebumps. The air just seemed dangerous and off and it still gives me goosebumps to this day.

We never figured out who was missing because it had been us four girls since our guy friend left, and we couldn’t figure out why we felt that way. I can only think that somebody had been with us and they were kind of “erased” from the universe, and we don’t remember.

Credits to: keikabug

Flash With Silhouettes

I must have seven or eight years old. That’s somewhere in the early 90′s. it must have been 11 pm or so and I was getting ready to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. I could see the dark sky out of the window. The lights were off. I was staring at the sky, when suddenly I saw 3 simultaneous and separate flashes in the sky, equidistant from each other, and a godlike figure in each of them. 

From what I can remember they looked like 3 Indian gods- Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Just one flash and they disappeared. I cannot give you the exact description of the figures as it was long time ago and whenever I try to re-see it in my mind, I can see just 3 silhouettes. The reason I’d call it a ‘glitch’ is because I can clearly remember my eyes were wide open at the time (I wasn’t dreaming).

Credits to: tekenaki

My Clothes Keep Duplicating

A little backstory about me. I’m a male 23 year old who lives with his parents, brother and grandmother. The washing, putting away of clothes etc is done by my mom.

One day I noticed that one of my favourite pair of pants was missing. Black sweatpants with cuffed ankles that were the comfiest pair of pants to wear. At first I thought my mom had placed it in one of the other wardrobes in the house or was hidden away by my grandma who seems to move items into seemingly strange places due to her dementia. 

After about a month of searching, I thought the pants were a goner - alas I was wrong. As it turns out, I found the pair in the boot of my car buried under bags and other items that i kept hoarded in the back of my car. When I placed it back in my wardrobe for a split second I was confused. An exact pair of the same pants was in my wardrobe. I don’t recall ever buying a second pair nor did I recall ever picking someone else’s pair up from a party, nor does anyone else in the house wear these same kind of pants. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was more happy at the fact that I had a second pair of my favourite pants. 

After a month however, another item of clothing went missing- a denim button up shirt. Again after about a month of searching, the shirt popped up in my closet… twice. The first time I saw it, I assumed my mom had finally found the shirt (there are 3 bathrooms with 3 separate laundry bins in my house) and after questioning her, this theory turned out to be correct. 

However, that day when I arrived home, threw the shirt in the laundry bin, showered and came back to my room, the exact same shirt was there. I questioned my mum about it and she recalls only cleaning one (albeit there are a lot of clothes my mum cleans and sometimes gets my grandma to help out as it helps give her a bit of structure with her illness). This however hasn’t stopped there. 

In the past two years I’ve had socks, a t-shirt, a jumper and a pair of underwear duplicate with each time just as perplexing as the last. I have a coat that has been currently missing for the past year (I might have genuinely lost that one) and am totally perplexed as to what’s been going on.

Credits to: roprobro

150 Steps To Get Over A Breakup (Wonwoo)

a/n: very different from what i’ve written before so I was initially iffy about posting this but i wanted to put my judgement aside since i probably feel like this because i wrote it


  1. Don’t react to the break up, she’ll know you love her a lot if you react
  2. Don’t cry when she says “Let’s break up”, she’ll find you weak if she sees you crying
  3. Watch her walk away
  4. Watch as she walks out of your life
  5. Watch as she disappears around the corner as if the past year was nothing
  6. Ask yourself why she broke up with you
  7. Ask if you’re a horrible human being
  8. Skip number 7 unless you want to go down that path
  9. Ask yourself if you could have done anything
  10. Go home
  11. Take work off tomorrow
  12. Ignore your roommate Mingyu when he sees you closing your door for the first time since you started dating her because she liked the door open since she was always scared of the dark
  13. You didn’t lock the door so Mingyu came in
  14. Ignore Mingyu
  15. Keep ignoring no matter how much he keeps talking to you
  16. Go under the covers when he tries to touch you
  17. Wait until Mingyu leaves
  18. Cry
  19. Fall asleep
  20. Wake up to Mingyu knocking on the door saying he ordered pizza
  21. Don’t answer
  22. Wait until he stops knocking
  23. Stare at whatever
  24. Think
  25. Think about her
  26. About everything she gave you
  27. Love, warmth, happiness, comfort
  28. Now get angry
  29. But not too much because you still love her
  30. Stare at whatever for hours
  31. Think for hours
  32. It’s past midnight now, you heard Mingyu go into his room, you can go out now
  33. Take a bite of the cold pizza
  34. Only one bite because without her your stomach feels terrible so you can’t eat anything
  35. Go back to sleep
  36. Wake up to the annoying sun that was so wonderful yesterday because you were still dating her
  37. Repeat steps 18 – 35
  38. While doing those steps, don’t forget to look at your phone wallpaper that is still of you and her that you made Mingyu take because you loved her so much
  39. Don’t forget to stare at her phone number because you want to message her, call her, just hear her voice again but remember step one: Don’t react to the break up, she’ll know you love her a lot if you react
  40. You’ve repeated all the steps for a month now
  41. Mingyu found out during the month and tried to cheer you up but don’t let it phase you
  42. Because it still hurts to think about her
  43. Check your messages every 5 minutes in hope that during the first month, she missed you
  44. Check her social media
  45. See that she’s sitting close with another guy
  46. See that she’s smiling
  47. See that it’s all without you
  48. Cry alone
  49. Let Mingyu force you to get out of the apartment
  50. Let him drag you to the coffee shop
  51. Watch him try to cheer you up
  52. It doesn’t work
  53. Watch Mingyu’s face become concerned
  54. Don’t let it show that seeing his face like that actually hurts
  55. Mingyu goes home with you
  56. Mingyu suggest going out that night for drinks with the other guys who you haven’t seen in a month
  57. Say no
  58. Keep saying no when Mingyu insist
  59. Get angry at Mingyu
  60. Yell at Mingyu when he yells at you
  61. Keep screaming
  62. Throw a punch when he calls her a ‘bitch’ for breaking up with you
  63. Break down crying
  64. Because even after having her shatter your heart, you’d still protect her name
  65. Tell Mingyu you’re sorry when he hugs you
  66. Listen to his assuring words
  67. Fall asleep on the couch because you and Mingyu stayed in the apartment watching movies in silence
  68. Remember you don’t have work today so you stay home like usual
  69. Realize you have a few messages from the guys
  70. Ignore them before your conscience gets the best of you and you reply
  71. Only reply with a few words
  72. It’s three months now since she ripped your heart out and stepped on it
  73. It doesn’t hurt as much
  74. Pick a book up and read because you haven’t done it in 3 months now
  75. Read the whole book in a few hours
  76. Realize you missed reading and now need new books
  77. Start getting ready to go out
  78. While you’re at the door, watch as Mingyu stares in astonishment since you’ve haven’t freely gone out by yourself in months
  79. Say you’re going out
  80. Enter the bookstore and go to your favorite genre section
  81. See the pretty girl in the aisle
  82. Get awkward and shy when she sees you and gives a polite smile
  83. Try not to stare
  84. Get a few books
  85. Forget about the pretty girl when you’re going home
  86. Finish all the books in a week
  87. Go back to the bookstore
  88. Remember the pretty girl because she’s there again
  89. Try not to laugh when she drops the entire stack of books that’s in her hand
  90. Help her
  91. Laugh along with her because she knows she’s clumsy
  92. Notice one of the titles of the book is one you’ve read
  93. Talk about it
  94. Keep talking
  95. Don’t remember how you exactly you ended up at a coffee shop with her
  96. Don’t remember how you got her number
  97. Go home late that day because you ended up staying with her until closing
  98. Ignore Mingyu with a smile when he ask you why you came home late
  99. Think about the girl
  100. Text her
  101. Text her every day
  102. Go out with her occasionally but only as friends
  103. Fall in love with her
  104. It’s been a month since you’ve met her now
  105. Don’t want to be with her just as friends anymore
  106. Confess today
  107. Well you didn’t confess today since you got scared
  108. Wait a week
  109. Confess
  110. Confess
  111. Confess
  112. Just do it
  113. You finally say it in the middle of her sentence and she’s staring at you
  114. Get ready to be rejected
  115. Let your heart race when she says she likes you too
  116. Hold her hand
  117. Kiss her
  118. Do everything you use to do with the woman who broke your heart with the new girl
  119. Forget the woman who broke your heart because now you can only focus on the most wonderful girl in front of you
  120. Love her
  121. Love her a lot
  122. Love her more than you can ever imagine
  123. Let her see all your insecurities
  124. Let her kiss them all away
  125. Let her run her fingers through your hair as you forget everything and everyone else
  126. Love her
  127. Watch her sleep when you wake up before her
  128. Laugh when she wakes up and catches you
  129. Ignore Mingyu during breakfast when he complains about the noise
  130. Introduce her to the guys
  131. Get protective when the guys start talking about how pretty she is
  132. Don’t forget to kick a few of them under the table
  133. And then glare at the guys
  134. Watch as your ex comes to the table
  135. Get nervous when you see your current girlfriend’s expression
  136. Watch as your ex introduces herself as ‘Wonwoo’s ex-girlfriend’
  137. Realize that while you’re looking at your ex, you feel absolutely nothing for her
  138. Make polite conversation with your ex
  139. Watch your ex leave with no attached feelings to her
  140. Realize that you’ve been over the break up longer than you’ve realized
  141. Realize that the girl next to you is the girl of your dreams
  142. Look at her like she’s your whole world
  143. Give her a smile
  144. Kiss her
  145. Ignore the guys as they whine about the lovey dovey crap
  146. Walk her home
  147. Tell her you love her
  148. Say it because you mean it
  149. Remind her every day that you love her
  150. Don’t let her forget it

Transcript of the 911 call made by Casey Anthony

Cindy Anthony: “I called a little bit ago to the deputy sheriff’s and I’ve found out that my granddaughter has been taken – she has been missing for a month. Her mother had finally admitted that she had been missing.”

911 Operator: “What is the address you are calling from?”

Cindy Anthony: “We are talking about a 3-year-old little girl. My daughter finally admitted that the baby-sitter stole her. I need to find her.”

911 Operator: “Your daughter admitted that the baby is where?”

Cindy Anthony: “She said she took her a month ago and my daughter has been looking for her. I told you my daughter has been missing for a month and I just found her today. But I can’t find my granddaughter. She just admitted to me that she’s been trying to find her by herself. There is something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

911 Operator: “OK, what is the 3-year-old’s name?”

Cindy Anthony: “Caylee, C-A-Y-L-E-E, Anthony.”

911 Operator: “How long has she been missing for?”

Cindy Anthony: “I have not seen her since June 7.”

Cindy’s speech is then inaudible.

911 Operator: “Can you calm down for me for just a minute. I need to know what is going on. Is your daughter there? Can I speak with her? Do you mind if I speak with her?”

Casey Anthony: “Hello.”

911 Operator: “Hi. Can you tell me what’s going on a little bit?”

Casey Anthony: “My daughter has been missing for the last 31 days.”

911 Operator: “And, you know who has her?”

Casey Anthony: “I know who has her. I tried to contact her and I actually received a phone call today from a number that is no longer in service. I did get to speak to my daughter for about a minute.”

911 Operator: “Did you guys report a vehicle stolen?”

Casey Anthony: “Yes, my mom did.”

911 Operator: “OK, so there has been a vehicle stolen too?”

Casey Anthony: “No. This is my vehicle.”

911 Operator: “What vehicle was stolen?”

Casey Anthony: “It’s a 1998 Pontiac.”

911 Operator: “We have deputies on the way to you for that, but now your 3-year-old is missing – Caylee Anthony?”

Casey Anthony: “Yes.”

911 Operator: “You lost her a month ago?”

Casey Anthony: “Thirty-one days (ago).”

911 Operator: “Who has her? Do you have a name?”

Casey Anthony: “Her name is Zenida Fernandez Gonzalez.”

911 Operator: “Who is that, the babysitter?”

Casey Anthony: “She’s been my nanny for about a year and a half or two years.”

911 Operator: “Why are you calling now? Why didn’t you call 31 days ago?”

Casey Anthony: “I’ve been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try to find her – which is stupid.”

Don't kill my wife



Prompt: the reader is Hotch’s daughter and Spencer’s girlfriend. She has to go under protection with her family because of George Foyet.

A/N: happy to write it because Foyet is my favorite UnSub ever.


You were sitting in your living room alone. It was about six months that you had to move to another state because a serial killer was threatening your dad, the chief Aaron Hotchner.
You missed him as much as Spencer. You met him 3 years ago and it was ‘love at first sight’: when he saw you at Rossi’s, in your red dress and black heels, he had to find the courage to talk to you.
He did, and now you were the happiest woman in the world.

Six months were long without the people you loved, but you had to be safe, these were the words Spencer told you before you left.
Not a call. Not a message. Not a letter. It was like they didn’t exist. It was hard.

You were thinking about them when someone arrived home.

“Are you mom?” you asked.

No reply.

“Mom, c'mon!”

You stood up, but your legs lost any energy when you saw who was.
Yes, there was your mom with your brother Jack, but behind them there was a man with a gun.

“Hi (y/n), you don’t know who I am, do you?”

“N-no, sir… sorry about that.”

“Not a problem doll, I am George. I am the one who will kill you all.”

An hour had passed since the moment he told you that sentence. You were scared, angry, terrified.
You wanted your dad, your boyfriend, you wanted to be good, but you couldn’t because a serial killer was pointing a gun to your head.

“Listen, George, I know you are mad at my dad, but we didn’t do anything.”

You wanted to speak. You loved to talk to the people and you thought that maybe it could be a great thing to do in a moment like that.

“But the best way to make him suffer is to kill his family.”

You were thinking about what to do when a phone rang.

“Aaron, it is good to hear your voice.” he said putting on speakerphone.

“How are they?”

“You know, your ex-wife is beautiful, but your daughter… She looks like a goddess.”

You felt his hand touching your hair.

“I think that we will have some fun before to kill her…”

“Please, don’t touch her!”

“Spencer!” you screamed.

It was his voice. It sounded so sweet, his beautiful voice.

“Oh, doctor Reid. Nice to hear you too.”

Foyet were saying horrible things when Hotch told something Jack.

“Jack, love, do you remember when you helped me to solve cases?”

“Yes daddy!”

“Then go, go to solve them.”

And so he did, he ran upstairs, leaving you and Haley alone.

“So, doctor Reid, how long you and (y/n) have been dating?”

“3 years. She is the love of my life.”

A tear fell down on your cheek.

“Do you want to hear the story?”

“Go on.”

“I was at my colleague’s home for a party when she arrived with Hotch. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life. I went in her direction to tell her ‘hi’, but when I saw her eyes on me, I turned red and went away. A friend of mine said ‘just go, she will love you.’ He was right. We love each other, you know? I love her so much that…”

He didn’t know if it was the case to say it or not, but Foyet forced him to finish the phrase.

“The week before she left, I asked her to marry me.”

Your mom smiled. It was a good news to hear in a terrible moment like that.

“And? What did she said?”

“Yes, she said yes. So please, don’t kill my wife.”

“And don’t kill mine too.” Hotch added.

George listened to all the story, but he came for just one thing: to kill.
The FBI arrived just a second before he could kill you, but your mom were gone. You couldn’t save her. You saw her falling on the ground. You saw her dying.
You were crying on the living room when Spencer wrapped his arms around you.

“(y/n), shh… shh… everything is finished. I am here, don’t cry.”

“Spencer, my mom…”

“I know, I know…”

“I wanna go away Spencer.”

“Ok, go home hun, we can go home.“

Some days later you were sitting on Spencer’s legs at his desk in the Bureau when your dad arrived.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that proposal?”

“Dad, we wanted to tell you, but then we had to leave.”

“Where is your ring though?”

“Spencer didn’t buy it. I am not that type of girl.”

Hotch watched Spencer deeply. It scared you a bit, but then sweet words came out from Aaron’s mouth.

“Thank you to saved her that day. Thank you, Spencer. Welcome into our family.”

Brave Soldier - Tommy Shelby

Request: Love love love your writing! Was wondering if you could do a peaky blinders with Tommy where your brother is in the peaky blinders and there was a big fight and he gets killed and Tommy has to come back and tell you and he is super sweet and comforting. 

Brave Soldier - Tommy Shelby

Your brother had been a Peaky Blinder long before the war started. He had been a member of Tommy’s gang when there was little to be part of. You had watched the organisation grow into a business. The war came and, in your best patriotic war effort, you helped Polly with the business while the boys were fighting in France. They came back, the three Shelby boys and your brother, all alive and physically not too damaged. Your brother went right back to work for the Shelby’s and you distanced yourself from them. There was no obvious place for you anymore.  

Despite your move to the inner city of Birmingham your brother still made an effort to keep in touch. He sent you letters every month, money enclosed to help you. The money you sent back and the letters you tucked away in a box underneath your bed. You lived with a well-to-do family, caring for their children while the mother hosted parties and the father worked. It was less exciting than Small Heath had been.  

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I work for a small family owned specialty shop. When I say small, I mean it’s only me and one other woman working in this shop and the other woman is the owner’s daughter. I hired in because the 2 women who had been running this shop for 15 years just “up and quit ”. The boss’s daughter, Mary, told me all about how those women were mean to her and called her boojie and all sorts of stuff (this woman is nearly 50). Anyways she was so happy to have such a nice, helpful person to work with and she appreciates me working hard blah blah blah. That was nearly 3 years ago and I can 100% see why those other women quit. Mary is mean and selfish, lazy and manipulative. And this shop is a joke. Mary gets to make my schedule and never asks if I care about my hours being changed. Last winter I failed out of 2 college classes because she kept changing my schedule so I missed exams. There is literally no one else to take shifts, especially during the winter because her parents go and live in Florida for months so I am totally at her mercy and she refuses to pay for the babysitter she thinks she needs for her 12 year old son.

So 2 weeks ago she tells me she’s going to Florida for a week (even though she complains about being poor all the time) and tells me I have to work the full week (I usually work ~20 hours a week). She left me with 46 hours. And she left in the middle of a pay period so those hours were split between 2 checks and I didn’t get any overtime.

When she got back she would not shut up about how thankful she is for me and how helpful I am. She said I could have some days off. I never take days off becuase 1. I need the money and 2. She always punishes me for actually taking time off ( she made me work a whole shift for her the day after my wedding and made me move my honeymoon because the dates didn’t work for her). So I was hesitant to ask for time off. But I had one Friday coming up that I really really needed off because I was overbooked for my second job (cake decorating ) and I needed the extra day to fill my orders. So I text her and tell her I need that day off and she tells me no! So I ask for Thursday off and she tells me that whole week is bad and I can’t have any of it off. Then she texts me the “new schedule ” and she gave me a full shift on the one day I wanted off. She usually takes days off so she can take her child somewhere fun for the summer or something else that is not a legitimate reason to push the shift on me.

Not to mention the fact that, since there is no one else here, I work 8 hours straight through with no breaks and no lunch. I can’t leave to get food if I forget to bring something in and I have to try and guess when we will have a customer lull if I need to use the bathroom. There’s also no one to get me change if my register runs low. I hate it here so much.

Don’t go- Josh Dun


He hadn’t answered his phone in over 5 hours. This wasn’t like him. He always answered your calls and texts almost immediately.

Did he meet someone else? He probably didn’t care about you anymore, he won’t even be here for our 3rd anniversary. He could get anyone in the world, so why did he settle for you? You we’re a piece of crap. You we’re far from perfect, you had an ugly smile, and your laugh was so annoying.

Those thoughts had been haunting you for the past 3 months but when Josh didn’t answer your calls for the last 5 hours, that was enough for you to believe all of them. You just wanted to push all the voices out. There was only one way though.

You walked to the bathroom sobbing, knowing that both you and Josh would be free again. You from your misery and Josh from you. That’s what he wanted wasn’t it?

You opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills. You heard a knock on the door as you took a big swig of water swallowing the pills then your phone rang out from the counter. It was Josh.

That’s when you fell to the ground and everything went black. You wanted to go back but it was too late.

Josh P.O.V.

I met her just over 3 years ago. Her smile pulled me in. The way she laughed made my heart skip a beat. She was freaking beautiful and she was so talented. From the first time I met her I felt a special connection to her.

Fast forward 3 years and we’ve been dating for 2 years, 11 months, and 29 days. Yes I kept a count because she meant so much to me. She always knows exactly the right things to say and do. I couldn’t help but think she ended up in my life for a reason. She was perfect.

Tyler and I just got off the plane from finishing our tour. Y/N doesn’t know we’re back yet. She thinks I’ll be home late tomorrow night, but I wanted to surprise her for our anniversary tomorrow.

I had a lot planned for us and I couldn’t wait to see her reaction when I proposed to her.

Once Jenna and Tyler dropped me off at Y/N and I’s apartment I started towards the door.  Was so excited to see her again. It has been 2 months since I got to see her in person.

I knocked on the door and waited for it to open. There was no answer. I decided to call her and I got a little nervous when she didn’t answer. I went to the neighbors to get the key they had of our. I could help but fear the worse. Y/N has battled with depression and when I went away she wasn’t in the best state of mind.

When the door finally opened I called out her name. That’s when I came across the bathroom to find the love of my life on the ground with an empty bottle of pills next to her.

I called 911 while trying to find a pulse. I was a little hopeful when I felt it but it was weak.

“Stay with me baby. I love you Y/N, don’t go. We were gonna get married. Baby I need you.” I just kept talking in hopes she could hear me.

The ambulance showed up about 7 minutes later. I had to call Tyler to meet me at the hospital because I couldn’t do this alone.

“Hey Tyler. Meet me at the hospital right now. I just found Y/N on the ground,she took some pills and I’m scared.” I could barely breath, my chest felt heavy with worry.

“We’re on our way now Josh stay strong, she’ll be okay.” Tyler’s voice was filled with fear and concern but he was trying to hide it.

She was taken away right away once arriving at the hospital. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Tyler. My tears just feel and I collapsed to the ground.

“I knew I should have told her I was coming home. I knew I should have never left her in the beginning.”

“Hey Josh She’ll be fine. She’s a fighter, she loves you and if she did hear you before then she’s gonna get herself better.” Tyler and Jenna stayed with me until the doctor came out.

“You must be Josh Dun, correct?”

“Yes. How’s Y/N? Can I see her.”

The doctor let out a sigh the started to talk. “She’s doing great. She overdosed on sleeping pills. Once we got her back there her heart stopped but we have her stabilized now. We have hopes that she will be awake tomorrow. Thank god you found her when you did. She wouldn’t have made it if you had waited all of 3 more minutes. You can go see her now.” With that the doctor lead all of us to where Y/N was.

She must have not eaten in a few weeks. She was at least 25 pounds lighter and her arms were covered in scars.

“Oh my god. Josh how long has she been this bad?” Tyler asked kneeling next to me as I held her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“I-I don’t really know. I got so wrapped up in the album and tour I guess I didn’t even notice. Fuck this is all my fault. I love her so much and I didn’t even realize that she was hurting herself. I don’t deserve her.”

“Don’t blame yourself for this Josh. Just be there for her.”

Tyler and Jenna left about 3 hours later after they knew I was okay. They offered to bring me home but I wasn’t leaving Y/N’s side.

I pulled a chair up next to her bedside and just held her hand. I drummed a little beat with my thumbs on her hand and I must and fallen asleep. I was awoken by yelling and a loud beeping noise. The nurses removed me from the room quickly as I tried to fight my way back to Y/N.

“Sir we need to make sure she’s fully stabilized before you can go back in.” The nurse explained to me as I asked to go back in after sitting in the waiting room for 20  minutes.

It was about an hour later when I could go back in. She looked like she did before except this time her eyes were open. She was just staring down at her wrist crying.

I placed a hand on her leg. She jumped “Are you a nurse?”

I looked at her with a quizzical face. Before I could reply the doctor came in and asked to speak to me.

He explained how she had some sort of seizure when she woke up. He then explained how she will have some memory loss for the next few hours but she should be okay by tonight. He had full faith in her which made me feel good.

“Hey Y/N, do you remember me?” I entered the room again.

“Umm… Yeah don’t you play in a band or something? Like the drums?” I thought it would be best to go along with whatever she said for now.

“Yeah. Are you a fan?”

She smiled and it made my heart skip a beat like always.

“I think so. Can I hear a song?”

“Of course.” I said pulling out my phone playing her favorite song.

As We Don’t Believe What’s On TV played I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was so beautiful, how could she ever how doubts about herself?

When the song ended she asked to hear more. We listen to the whole Blurryface album and I gently drummed my fingers on the bedside again. She watched me the whole time.

“You must be really talented. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I do actually.” I smiled and then it faded when I realized what she had asked me.

“Wow she must be very lucky to have you.”

“No I’m lucky one.”

“Josh, will you tell me about her?”

“Well for starters she’s beautiful, talented, and her smile. Her smile makes me the happiest man alive. I could go on for hours about everything I love about her. She’s perfect for me.”

She smiled down at me.

“I feel like I know who you are. Are we friends?”

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

Y/N P.O.V.

“I would say more than friends. What do you remember about me?”

I sat and thought for a moment. My thoughts and memories were all cloudy and I wasn’t sure what was real or not.

“Well I remember that there is Tyler he’s the one who sings those songs.A blonde girl. Gianna, possibly. I think we’re all friends right?”

“Close, her name is Jenna. Tyler and I play in the band twenty one pilots and Jenna is one of your best friends.” Josh said reassuring me.

With that a man and a woman walked in. they looked to Josh as if they didn’t know what to say.

“Hey guys. Y/N woke up a while ago and she’s getting some memories back.” Josh told them what I remembered. After talking a bit about our friendship Jenna asked if Josh wanted to take a walk with her. I wondered why he said yes, I thought we were getting along so well. I wanted to know more about his girlfriend,he sounded so madly in love with her. Something I only dreamed a guy would do about me.

Once they left the room Tyler sat in the chair next to the bed that Josh just left.

“Hey Y/N. How do you feel?”

“Good I guess. Tyler can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Is Josh happy with Jenna? I mean he deserves the best and I think she would be great for him I guess.”

He chuckled and looked at the ground. “Well I hope they don’t get to close. After all she’s my wife.”

“Oh whoops, I thought they were dating. Sorry. So who is he dating?” You felt sort of embarrassed but you felt comfortable around Tyler like you did with Josh.

“Well she’s this funny girl who I introduced him to over 3 years ago. Today is their 3 year anniversary actually and he was gonna surprise her, but something came up. She’s my wife’s best friend and she was her maid of honor in our wedding. We all missed her being on tour with us, but she had work so she could join us the past 3 months.” You sat and listened to Tyler go on about this girl for a while.

Josh P.O.V.

“Thanks for getting me out of there Jenna.”

“No problem. I saw the tears in your eyes and knew you probably needed a minute to breathe.”

“Yeah. It’s just so hard not being able to wish her a happy anniversary or kiss her. I mean she doesn’t even know we’re dating. I had all these plans to propose today and I just feel so bad for her.” I wanted to cry but just held the emotions in. I wanted to stay as strong as possible.

“The doctor said we could show her picture and videos and things like that to jog her memory but I don’t want to mess with anything, you know?”

“I get it, but i think she’s getting a lot of the memories back she just needs a little more push to get the rest.” Jenna said pulling out her phone. She showed em a few pictures she had taken of Y/N and I when we were on tour together.

“Show these to her and maybe it will help her.” She said handing me the phone as we walked back into Y/N’s room.

Y/N P.O.V.

Josh and Jenna walked in and Josh sat next to me again. He handed me the phone and scrolled through a few pictures of him and me. It was when he got to the 5th or 6th picture that it clicked. I was his girlfriend. Tears filled my eyes and Josh looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?” Josh said wiping away a stray tear that must have fallen from my eye.

“Happy anniversary babe.”

The room went silent. Everyone’s jaws fell open. Then Josh stood up and put his lips to my forehead.

“I love you Y/N. Happy anniversary baby.”

Josh handed Jenna her phone back. Then they left leaving only Josh and I in the room. I moved over on the bed so Josh could sit next to me.

Not that he felt like a stranger but I still didn’t have full memory back so I still didn’t feel like I’ve known him for 3 years.

Josh’s P.O.V.

It had been a few hours since she remembered who I was. I know there were pieces still missing from her memory but the next morning she would have it all back says the doctor.

It was early in the morning when I woke up and saw her sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to leave but I hadn’t taken a shower in over 3 days now.

Once I returned 3 hours later she was awake.

She greeted me with the biggest smile.

“Hey Josh.”

I was so happy to hear her voice again with a happy tone.

“Hey babe. How did you sleep?” I asked as I sat down on the bed with her again.

“Great.” There was a moment of silence as the cuddles close into my side. “Josh I’m so sorry. I-”  I cut her off before she could say anything more.

“Y/N there’s nothing to be apologizing about. Just please promise me you’ll come to me about this if there’s a next time.”

She nodded her head and I kissed her on the top of her head.

“You missed.” She said as she came up to met her lips with mine. We were interrupted by Tyler walking in.

“Woah didn’t know I was getting a show with visiting my best friend.” Y/N pulled away and chucked. I just stared down at her. I can’t believe I almost lost the love of my life to her stupid demons.

6 weeks later

Y/N and I just left having a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant. We were walking along the river path when I stopped and dropped to my knee. Y/N didn’t notice for a few seconds and when she turned around to see me pulling out the small velvet box she started to cry. This was it. The moment I’ve been anticipating since our first few dates.

I planned a whole speech but I couldn’t get the words to form so I simply just said “Y/N make me the happiest man to ever live and marry me.”

She stepped closer to me and shook her head yes. I slipped the ring in her finger and then pulled her into a hug.

She was finally mine. I was never letting her go again and something told me she was thinking the same about herself and I.

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Josh.”  

The SLBP Lords Missing MC: Headcanon (Requested)

In this headcanon MC has ggone to Kyoto for a month in order to take care of the family restaurant while her mother is ill.  

Nobunaga: He’s grumpy and eating the surplus of desserts that MC prepared for him before she left

Mitsuhide: Being the worrywart he is, he is constantly worried about you.

Inuchiyo: When he misses MC he drinks, a little too much.

Hideyoshi: He is so bored without his mc.

Mitsunari: Mitsunari didn’t even notice MC was gone until 3 days after the fact, he noticed when it had been so many days since you interrupted his reading.

Ieyasu: he’s like a child, and his mood is sour the entire time MC is gone. 

Kenshin: It’s a big deal to him. He hates it so much.

Shingen: The gif says it all

External image

Yukimura: He’s constantly complaining to Saizo about how much he misses her

Saizo: He’s watching over MC from a distance

Masamune: He has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning without her.

Kojuro: He’s not very productive while he misses her

Shigezane: He isn’t his happy go lucky usual self when MC isn’t around.

BONUS!!!! The Magistrate: Creeper be creeping

DOUBLE BONUS!!!! MC Missing her Samurai: 

make a wish

Fandom: SKAM
Ship: Noora x William
Summary: Noora and William have only been dating for a few days when she turns seventeen. (Set during the season two hiatus.)
Notes: Thank you so so so much to the amazingly kind @alltheshadesofblueleft and @ronbbiliusweasley for their feedback on this <3


skam month, fanfiction week, day 4: a missing scene from any season


YOU’RE 17!!!!


HAPPY BDAY, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Her friends’ group message had started beaming from her phone a minute after midnight, and still hadn’t stopped. Rolling over in bed, Noora raised her eyes from the blinding screen and wondered how much of a buzz kill she’d sound like if she reminded Eva, Vilde, Sana, and Chris that it was a Wednesday—never mind if she admitted that she didn’t actually care about celebrating her birthday.

Noora had just run a hand through her shower-damp hair and decided to pretend that she’d slept through her buzzing phone, when another name flashed across the screen. Willhelm. (She should probably change his contact info to William. At some point. Whenever his frustration with the name stopped making her grin.)

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