she was made for b&w


Paladin Swap → Pidge as the red paladin 

The red lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It’s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. It’s pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instinct than skill alone. 

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….


the olicity q: [16/?]

also just fyi, the student athlete au isnt something i came up with entirely by myself!! @stellaisgay brought it up to me and then we started talking abt it which then shaped it into our au so like im not the only person to approach/reference concerning it :0c


one time i wore this outfit and my roommate told me i looked “artsy but in the effortless kind of way… you know, like there are people who look Artsy but seem like they try really hard to seem artsy and you just… Look Artsy” and honestly it was the Best Thing

By Royal Decree (Part 13)

Summary: Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?

Word Count: 1,770

Warnings: None.

“By Royal Decree” Masterlist

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Bucky blinked and found himself staring at an unknowing Steve. He glowered at him. Imagining himself punching Steve had been great, but he knew that if it weren’t for the fact that they were in the middle of a meeting, Bucky would have Steve sprawled on the floor already.

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from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)

I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE so here is my version of the mural my Lavellan used to work out some of her issues. She basically attacked her bedroom wall with paint. Not fresco, because she does not have the skill or patience required for that. I’m pretty sure she gets over bad days by working on her family and/or lying on the floor painting foliage. Tiny happy flower, ignore the fact that you don’t know how to convince your boyfriend not to murder everyone you’ve ever known, tiny happy flower, ignore the desire to throw idiots off the battlements, tiny happy flower. Bob Ross therapy did not actually work for her, alas.

me sometimes: i mean maybe im just faking this whole bi thing??? girls are pretty but so are boys right and maybe im just admiring the girls in a platonic way????? i?? dont know

me the other day out watching a musical with a large group of friends, totally distracted because i’m trying to not think about kissing the girl im sitting next to: well if im not bi then wtf??? is this???? oh my god