she was lost


Don: “- You have to talk to her! She’s drinking all day long, she lost her job and she only goes out to buy more nectar and one day, she is going tell your mom. I can see it in her face”
Dina: “- I hate this! Why are you still in our lives? Why don’t you just leave?!”
Don: “- You know I love Katerina. I don’t want to hurt her. Not after all she’s been through”
Dina: “- And now it’s my problem?! Because you have to woohoo every single sim you meet?”
Don: “- …don’t forget, we have secrets too..”
Dina: “- Get out of here Don! …you promised we would never talk about it!”
Don: “- Alright, I’m leaving… but you should go visit her… by the way, congrats to the new baby.”
Bjorn: “- There you are! You had fun?”
Dina: “- I’m tired… I’m gonna take a shower. Can you give him his bottle?”
Bjorn: “- Sure!”
Dina: “- I’m going to visit mom tomorrow, we might stay over… is that ok?”
Bjorn: “- No problem.. I have a lot of work to do.”


Working on some redesigns of StarClan Battles characters. These will hopefully be the last redesigns I make before I start the storyboarding for the first episode. I really like how these are turning out. These are some WindClan and ShadowClan cats. 

(top) Hawkstar is leader of ShadowClan. She’s on her last few lives as leader, and her time has brought many hardships. She’s lost an eye, her mate, and all her children, but she continues to lead her clan with strength and wisdom. ShadowClan will miss her when she’s gone.

Wildfur and Poolpaw are also ShadowClan cats, Wildfur is sort of a self made outcast of the clan, and Poolpaw is his reluctant apprentice.

Spottedshadow (Spotty), Goldenpelt, Stonepaw, and Peachpaw are all WindClan cats. Spottedshadow and Goldenpelt have a complicated past with each other and have opposing ideologies, but together they sort of strike a balance in the clan. Peachpaw is Spottedshadow’s apprentice, and Stonepaw is her good friend with a lot of potential.

ONESHOT: We won't forget

PROMPT: Reader miscarries Newts child

Y/n gasped, a powerful feeling of nausea washing over her. She was currently 4 months pregnant with her and Newts first baby, and had overcome the morning sickness stage during the second month. Her head was spinning, and she couldn’t stay upright for longer than a minute without her vision blurring. This was concerning to her, but she didn’t want to tell Newt, worry him further. She got ill all the time, so she was sure she could handle this. Suddenly, she lost her footing, and fell over, her vision going black as she hit her head on the kitchen counter.

Newt stopped reading over his manuscript as he heard a thud coming from outside the case, his mind instantly going to Y/n. He shot up, and scrambled up the long, rickety ladder, loosing his footing more than once. When he got to the top, he forcefully shoved the lid open, the hinges were getting old and rusty, needing to be replaced. “Y/n”, he whimpered, seeing her unconscious, lying in a pool of her own blood. He felt a movement from his collar, as Pickett peeked out, shrieking at the sight, and burrowing back in instantly. Newt shook his had forcefully, willing him back to the situation at hand, vowing to check up on the traumatised bowtruckle later on. Shakily, he picked Y/n up, ad apprated to St.Mungos instantly.

When Y/n woke, she felt like Frank had trampled on her multiple times. “N-Newt” she rasped out, throat protesting painfully at being used. “I’m here my love”, he responded. “Is the baby ok?"  Newt let out a chocked sob, his hand seeking out hers. "My love, you had a miscarriage, I’m so sorry”. Y/n felt her eyes becoming blurry with tears. “We can always try again Newt, but we will never forget our Angel, I promise”

Y/n and Newt curled up on the magically enlarged hospital bed, their tears mingling, and remembering.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this oneshot, and as always, send me any requests that you have :)

Just a Soldier

Pairing: Robb x Reader

Note: Someone liked when I did alternate Westeros concepts so I thought it would be interesting if Robb wasn’t born a Stark and the heir of Winterfell was actually a woman. 

Summary: Robb is nothing but a soldier from Bear Island who has been dragged into the Battle of the Bastards to fight for House Stark. Y/N is the oldest child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark making her Queen in the North. With the help of her half-brother, their direwolves, and an army of Wildlings, she’s planning on taking back her home from Ramsay Bolton and try to find the happiness she lost years ago. 


Winter was coming. 

It was the phrase every Stark knew by heart. Though, the constant reminder from both her mother and father of their house words had easily become an annoyance as she was growing up. Yet, now that she was older, she understood their importance. 

Not only that, but with the faintest of smiles she only reserved for herself in the privacy of her tent, she would silently admit to her father that he had been right all along.  The air was growing colder, the snow was falling harder, and the wolves seemed to howl more than usual at the soon to be Winter sky. 

Winter wasn’t just coming anymore, winter was almost here; and that meant she needed to get home before the storms would start. 

What once were just words had become the fuel that ignited the growing fire of rage that burned deep in her belly that tried effortlessly to break free and set the world aflame. 

If only Arya could see her like this; she wouldn’t even recognize her big sister, but Y/N knew she would be proud. It had been years since she last saw her little sister, and if it wasn’t for Arya being Arya, maybe they could have been reunited by now. Brienne tried, she told Y/N the story of her, Arya, and The Hound. Y/N already knew how the story was going to end before Brienne had even made it there. 

The point was, Y/N was far from what Arya could remember and she was ready to prove that. Of course, she was ready for a reunion with Bran and Rickon as well. After she had helped them escape off with Hodor and Osha, she had counted down the days when she’d see her boys again. For now though, Y/N had Jon and that was enough. Actually, it was way more than enough. 

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To young

15 years old
She wasn’t supposed to be that cold

To young to be depressed
To young to be stressed

To young to understand
To young to withstand

To young to have demons
To young to have reasons

To young to care
To young to bear

Was she too young when she died
Every night she cried

Was she to young to want breath
Until she wanted death

Was she to young to hang the rope
She had lost all hope

Was she to young to be buried
Her choice never varied

Was she to young to live? - A;





Nice routine from Luo Huan! I was nervous about the double pike because she almost crashed it during PT, but it was fine (a bit low). She went for 6.2:

ring leap(D)+bhs(B) +0.1CV

roundoff(B)+layout 2 feet(E)+stag ring(B) +0.3CV

full turn(A)

front aerial(D)+split jump(B)+Onodi(D)+switch leap©+wolf jump(A) +0.4CV

side aerial(D)

roundoff(B)+double pike(E)

ACRO - EEDDD = 2.2

DANCE - EDC = 1.2

D-score = 2.2 + 1.2 + 0.8CV + 2.0CR = 6.2

She didn’t connect the layout to the stag ring, so she lost .1 for the E+B and another .1 in series bonus that she would have received if she connected all three skills. She lost another .1 for not connecting the Onodi to the switch leap, but she kept the series bonus associated with the three skills before the switch leap. So in total, she lost .3 and was awarded a 5.9 D score.


I lay here, watching her gently breathe while she sleeps.

And I can’t help but smile.
She is the definition of perfection.
The way the dimmed light caresses her skin.
The way her hair falls over her shoulder.
I see no flaws.

She’s lost in her dreams,
As I’m laying here staring at mine.


Okay. It is completely unrealistic that Mary would wants to work with the Brit Men of Letters after what they did to Sam. She is his MOTHER. And not only is she is mother, but Sam is her youngest. He was the one she died protecting. Right now Mary is on my shit list. However, she told the Brit she almost lost one of her boys, and as Cas was the only one who came close to that, she is at least behind Destiel. Still doesn’t redeem her in my eyes but it helps.

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Today my mom told me a kind of funny story. Yesterday she called me and said she lost her new glasses which cost over $500 to replace. She cannot afford another new pair of glasses and is only eligible for a free replacement every five years. She said, “Looks like I’m blind for five years.” 

With hopes of seeing their return, she said she was going to pray to St. Anthony. She also said she would give up temporarily drinking, though her day yesterday was crummy, if it meant she could be reunited with her new glasses. This is the type of Catholicism I have observed my whole life from my parents - their bartering of habit for favor, or enactments of self-betterment as a sort of public-spiritual practice. St. Anthony is the only saint I can remember praying too and one of the few whose patronage I understand. 

Today while my aunt was gardening she found my mom’s glasses. My mom determined this was a combination of her own efforts and saintly grace. She told me she was going to drink two beers tonight (maybe toasting to the Saint) and that “the universe does not run out of ways of working.” Obviously how my mom uses religion is opportunist but I do not think it is empty, just treating vision with sacrifice. This treatment is kind of optimistic, surrendering to a faith away from dwelling, toward a semi-mystical trust supported by arbitrary breaks in daily habits. I have not lost anything recently but there are some less arbitrary things I would like to find. The universe, I guess does not run out of places for opportunity as I am sure, there are saints for better jobs and romantic love. I think it is on my end, as it was with my mom, to create an earthly way of working against waiting, or overthinking about things and perhaps find a new saint, who does not hear so much from my family. 

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Follow up to the 20 year question, do you feel like it was necessary for claire to go back to frank during that separation?

As before, the writer in me says “Absolutely.” It’s like a science experiment almost; the only way to see just how much Jamie has changed Claire is to be able to compare her relationship with Frank before and after Jamie. She isn’t aware of how much her relationship with Frank lacked until she had found it––and lost it––with Jamie. The themes of trying to recover from such a loss and how one goes about moving on and living with that kind of grief also lend themselves to a reunion with Frank––though they don’t make it completely necessary. When Claire’s world turns upside down in the loss of Jamie and the world she had inhabited for three years, it makes psychological sense that Claire would try to recalibrate herself by returning to a state that is at least remotely familiar to her; Frank and her marriage with him would be that state. Once she finds a new sense of self again, then she’d be in a position to choose what to actively do next; go to medical school, leave or stay with Frank, etc.

As for whether that relationship needed to last as long as it did in the books, I think it’s in keeping with both their characters that they did but I could also see that relationship falling apart sooner. But I don’t think there would be any way to get around at least a meeting with Frank after her return; he would still be her next of kin and given the situation surrounding her disappearance, circumstances would necessitate a meeting if not more. 

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LMAO this is fun-- Jihyo is the one I think has the shortest fuse, like she and Jeongyeon look scary when they get serious,, I dont think JeongMo actually 'fight' cs Momos too chill, same goes to Mina- too chill. Chaeng and Tzuyu just get moody af and dont leave their room for 3 days. Sana seems like she 'goes' off if needed 👀 Dubu's the good kid. Nayeon...Idk but I feel like she's actually a softie, she'd just be like "Boyah.." and go cry in her room. 2Yeon must actually fight all the time btw

I feel like Jeongmo’s “fights” would be Jeongyeon complaining about Momo’s untidiness and then Momo would just shrug and lie down on the bed to go back to sleep. I haven’t seen Jihyo angry before, she seems quite gentle with her members and even when they step out of line she calmly sets them right, but I imagine if she lost her temper it would be terrifying. Nayeon would pretend to be tough, when in reality she’s too soft. I feel like the most intimidating members would be Jihyo, Sana and Jeongyeon. Fights in the Twice dorm would be rare, mostly there would be just disagreements and the younger members would immediately bow to the older members. But if a fight did break out it would probably get messy, especially is Sana and Jihyo were involved. They probably butt heads a lot, based on that one time Sana mentioned that she and Jihyo fought.

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1/2 Becks, you always give such good answers so forgive me for using you as a sounding board. I've loved and admired Gillian for so many years but right now I feel I don't *like* her very much. It's not based on PM or DD or any of that. Just that...I dunno, she seems as though she has no regard for her fans anymore and only engages when its for self promotion or charity. I feel like her book is a bit of a farce - its easy to empower yourself when you have unlimited resources but not so easy for

2/2 a normal woman living a normal life who is blighted with financial problems, low paid jobs, lacking in opportunity etc It’s as though she has lost touch with the normal people and some of her tweets have been so cold. I feel like she sees her XF fandom as being an embarrasing teminder of whete she started and that she is now above all that. I want to love her again. But I just can’t. And it makes me so upset

okay you are not the only person coming to me with those kind of thoughts and i get it I really do know what you mean… But I think at the moment she is trying to find a “new public persona”. A more serious one… 

I think she really tries to put more attention to topics that are important to her and those aren’t funny ones so her tweets are more business-like… Also another problem is if she is funny and goofy she gets ppl calling her inappropriate so there is no way she can win either way ppl will be upset…

And i have to tell you that my first thought was like yours too… I mean what does a woman with millions of dollars know about how the rest of us normal people live. But the thing is money cant buy you happiness, health or can make all your emotional problems go away. Being a happy, having self-esteem and finding a balance within yourself has nothing to do with how much money you have. Also how to cope with struggles in life isnt depending on your money either you can have the same struggles and questions about life if you live on the streets or in a mansion….So I will give her the benefit of a doubt and read the book and than I’ll see if it’s sth I like or not :) 

Her seemingly cold attitude towards XF may come from getting fuck over and over from FOX. I mean honestly I would be pissed to if the offered me half of my co-star and that in 2015! I think she will do s11 i have no doubts about that but I think she also wants to see the FOX suits sweating over if she does it or not. And she also knows that they are depending on her and they also know she isn’t depending on them… So she plays hard to get and all and it’s okay because FOX really needs to learn their lesson….

If you cant love/like her at the moment that is okay step back and dont worry about it. I’m sure you will appreciate her again sometimes we need to get away from things or persons to see what we miss…. :) I know this was a rather long answer but I also hope it helped ;)

Breaking Fourth #6
  • Me: sometimes I think...
  • Namjoon: sometimes you think what?
  • Me: don't interrupt me.
  • Namjoon: you're not talking.
  • Me: I'm thinking. Can't stop the flow. Can't fight the current. Can't grab the wind. Wait, come back!
  • Jungkook: she's lost me.
  • Taehyung: you're always lost.
  • Me: stop. Talking.
  • Namjoon: no, you started this conversation. Sometimes you think...?
  • Me: a bunch of stuff. What if I actually wrote down that idea of colorful squirrels and how they affect different stages of your life, would people think there's something wrong with me? Yes, Kookie, there's plenty wrong with me. And what about my prince Jimin story? I really like it, but I haven't touched it in a month and it's only supposed to have three chapters anyway. And people are super happy that I FINALLY updated better than tears and I want to work on that and also, do I really want to go see Lego batman with Jaime, since I don't actually prefer to watch movies in theaters but he wants to see it and doesn't want to go by himself and I like spending time with him, but gosh, that is going to be an exhausting Sunday. I too easily commit to things that I am not prepared to deal with.
  • Jungkook: oh, are you done talking?
  • Me: were you not listening?
  • Namjoon: we were. Just...
  • Me: what?
  • Jungkook: were you thinking about all that at once?
  • Me: yeah. I'm a girl, remember. We have spaghetti brains.
  • Taehyung: I don't want to be a girl, ever.
  • Me: I hate you.