she was like wanting to still feel the touch of his lips on hers

Later that night....

“Oh, so now you want me to kiss you?”

“Swan, please,” Killian begged unashamedly, sprawled out like a starfish on the big bed. He was completely nude and his hips rocked upwards, desperate to feel her warm mouth on his hard and aching flesh. She’d been tormenting him for what felt like hours, warm breath teasing every square inch of his skin but never actually touching him with her pink tongue or her pink lips…and this was his punishment for his quip in the vault.

“You’re not worried about snake tongue breath?”

She looked up, tongue poking out from between her teeth and a gleeful smile crossing her face at his low curse. Still, it lightened his heavy heart to see the curve of her lips instead of the worry line that was ever present between her brows these days. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, rings tangling in the long, golden strands, “Emma. Kiss me with that mouth.”

His head fell back to the pillow and a shudder ripped through him when she finally did.

“Besides,” he choked out, cupping the back of her head as her hair spread across his hips and ticked the tops of his thighs, “It’s nothing a little rum wouldn’t fix.”

Under the Same Sky

Prompt: Goodbyes were never easy for the both of them.

Word count: 504

Walking along the village had always been Sakura’s favorite pastime with Sasuke, whether they’ll spend it in silence or chattering about the things they’ve missed. But this kind of walk along the village wasn’t something she favored. She loathed every moment they bade farewell to one another.  It always left a bitter taste in her mouth. Time spent apart with one another felt like millions of light years away.

Reaching the village’s gates, Sakura stood still as Sasuke showed his papers to the shinobi on duty. She started fidgeting with her fingers, feeling the uneasiness curling up her stomach. She was lost in her train of thoughts until she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“Sakura,” Sasuke said. She loved hearing her name escape from his lips. A deep raspy baritone she’ll never get tired of. She could listen to his voice all day, but this wasn’t the kind of ‘Sakura’ she’d want to hear. This ‘Sakura’ was dipped with ache and longing.

Sakura turned her gaze at Sasuke and found herself completely lost in his eyes. They stood there in front of the village’s gates, staring at one another with longing; until tears started to trickle from Sakura’s eyes. She tried to hold back her sobs, but she couldn’t. Departures were always her weakness.

“Sakura,” Sasuke had repeated, but this time pulling her closer to him. It pained him as much as she was feeling. But this is a must. He had to continue his atonement for this was not only for him, but also for the village’s. He couldn’t reside there without putting the village into harm. As long as he has those eyes, he has to keep going.

“….Sasuke,” Sakura mumbled. She clutched Sasuke’s robes tightly as her tears continued to pour.

“I don’t know what to say,” He said looking abashed. He could never find the right words to say to Sakura. He was at a constant loss for words when it came to her. His feelings often brought turmoil into his system, disrupting whatever composure he had of himself.

“Goodbyes were never really our forte eh?” Sakura had started out, “I’d usually end up crying thus failing to create coherent sentences.”


“Take care of yourself alright? Don’t forget to eat your meals. Don’t exhaust yourself too much. Learn to rest. Be cautious of your surroundi-“ Sakura was cut off from her reminders as Sasuke had placed his lips on her forehead.

“You talk too much,” He teased. Little moments like this would often keep him up at night as he gazed at the night’s twinkling sky. Little moments like this gave him a reason to go on. He had a home. Someone was waiting for his return.

“As long as we’re under the same sky,” he reminded. With those words he poked her forehead. Indefinite may the duration be, but as long as they were under the same sky they won’t ever falter. His heart would always be with her as her heart would always be with his.

She took note on how his hand kept gently brushing over hers, how his finger would rest softly on the top of her own. How his arm would be draped loosely over her shoulders. She tried to memorize the feeling of him lightly tracing circles onto her forearm. She wanted to still be able to feel the electric spark she got when he touched her. And picture his face simply, dark brown hair and eyes that looked like they could hold galaxies. She desperately wanted to record his voice, to hear the way he spoke only to her. To forever know how it felt to have his lips on hers. He didn’t know how hard she was trying to take in every inch of him, he could not see all that she was trying to do. But she’s trying so hard, because she knows that when he realizes that she’s nothing, he’ll leave. And he’ll take with him every good thing about her, and while she’s breaking, she’ll at least have the memory to hold onto.
—  A.P

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But can we talk about how Daryl literally threw his arms around Carol the instant the word “no” escaped her lips?

Because it was like he wanted to hug her the moment he burst through the door, but he wasn’t sure if he could. He was so desperate to touch her, that when he grasps her shoulder, he’s restraining himself. Restraining himself from embracing her right then. When he touches her chin, his thumb quivers because he’s about to brush her skin but then he stops himself. Tentative. He doesn’t know if she wants him to touch her.

But when she tells him that she’s not okay, that’s it. That’s all the encouraging he needed. He steps forward and throws his arms around her, and the desperation in his actions was palpable.

The point is, it is still canon that Daryl loves touching Carol, and feels a very strong need to touch her when circumstances grow tense and when he needs to reassure himself that she’s okay, that she’s still here. As soon as she gave him “permission”, he went right for it. Like he had been holding back and waiting until he knew he could.

For future reference. :)

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                                            she tasted like jon and coffee. there was something inherently sweet and so sinful about it at the same time. jace’s lips had barely left jon’s and they still had a plump mark, as his knees met the floor, and he leaned in for sera, gently. his heart was thundering in his chest, so hard, so fast, he could feel it strain, like it only did after HOURS of forced training under valentine’s hand. 

he’d always cared about her. always loved her in a way, always felt bound to her by their shared angelic blood. but he had never looked at sera quite like this until he’d barged in through that door. the moment their lips touched, something went off inside of him, like a bright EXPLOSION and jace sucked in air through his nose, whole body tensing. his lips wrapped around her bottom one, and it was sticky as he sucked it in carefully, it made him shudder with want. he pulled back softly, looking at her some out of breath.

                                                ❝…you’re beautiful, sera.’ he whispered as he opened his golden eyes into hers. and he meant it, no matter how much of his blood had instantly rushed down to between his legs, the moment he stepped inside jon’s bedroom. he felt a hand on his golden hair, and looked up. when he looked back at sera, he was panting, and he felt and watched them both be guided into a new kiss. his heart nearly falling out to her mouth as he took her with every bit of will inside him this time.


“Hm?” Valon glanced over his shoulder, feeling the blonde’s skin against his neck causing him to quiver slightly at her touch. It still seemed unreal that she had accepted his invitation to come over his house, having as an excuse that they could always go to the beach if she wanted to. He needed a little distraction after all; things weren’t as good as he’d like them to be and after his little disagreement with Raphael, Valon felt even more alone now than ever. Thankfully, he had Mai around.

A soft chuckle skimmed his lips; slowly removing her arms away from him so he could turn around and hold her, burying her face against his chest as he took deep breaths, thinking over what happened with his friend.

“Thank ya, Mai.” He muttered, pulling her a bit closer against his body. “I-I’m glad ya could come over.”

She just held him for a moment, continuing her soft nuzzles to his neck before Mai felt Valon began to remove her arms and turn around to face her. Of course, she closed her eyes in content for a moment as she leaned into his hold, cuddling closer towards him.

“Of course, Valon.” She looked up at him and gave him a smile. “I’ve been so busy with everything, that it was nice to be invited here and I gotta say…” She placed a sweet kiss on his cheek. “I do love your beach house~”

Mai absolutely loved being somewhere near the beach, so Valon’s place was just so perfect. It will give her a chance to be close to him and… Maybe find out what was really going on. But that was far from her mind, right now… She’s with him.