she was like

The first victim of my character revamp sale. If you recognize this character then you’ve known me for a hell of a long time.

This is a wip…and I’m only uploading it to ask for suggestions. I’m wondering if I should dump these all on tumblr…or maybe wait until I start uploading to FA again?? (Which will be soon, I just have a few more commissions to finish so I can have a nice first batch to upload.) Cause idk how much to price these and my usual way of getting around that is just auctioning these off and there doesn’t seem to be a proper way to do that via tumblr haha. If I were to sell these here though…how much should I price them at? I’d probably make them all like this. Like somewhat of a ref I guess.

oh my god GUYS 

we’re learning about symbiotic relationships in my ap environmental class and we were taking notes on fucking parasitism but THEN

she asks if anyone knows how the parasitic wasp takes control of its victim and of course i know the answer because of parasitica. So i explained to the whole class how the venom takes over the host’s brain and controls it to take care of the wasps’ eggs- AND SHE WAS REALLY DAMN IMPRESSED SHE ASKS WHERE DID YOU LEARN THA TFROM? AND I JUST “well yea um you know..   ninja turtles”

and you didn’t think i could learn anything from these assholes

Did I ever tell you guys about the time that I accidentally convinced someone that I came up with an incredibly famous line from Shakespeare?

So when I was an undergrad, I was working on a research project that had a programing component, which involved building numerical models in MATLAB, which is maybe not the best platform for that. I spent the better part of a year building and rebuilding this model, and just when I thought it was done it stopped working, because of course it did.

The thing was nearly 5000 lines long at this point, full of giant loops and shit, so it was a bitch to debug. So I asked the grad student overseeing my project to help me, because she hadn’t spent a year staring at my code, and fresh eyes and shit.

Here I should probably mention that the grad student was a very nice, very earnest girl from Michigan who had a tendency to not understand sarcasm or puns, much to the consternation of me and another student, because we would go back and forth making fun of each other, and she would be like ‘are you guys okay?’ and ‘I think you’re both great scientists.’ It was sweet.

Anyways, she’s helping me debug my code, and we finally find something that’s not doing what’s expected, and I, being me, say “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” assuming that every American who is well educated enough to be pursuing a PhD at least knows that line is from Shakespeare. I was mistaken.

She repeats it, and is all ‘that’s great, I love that’ and I’m just like, of course it is, it’s hamlet, but I am her undergrad so I don’t want to be condescending about it and assume she doesn’t know it’s shakespeare. And then she’s like ‘you’re so clever, I’m going to use that.’

The other student overheard this and started laughing, which just confused her, so I had to explain to her that I did not, in fact, invent one of the most famous lines in the english language. It was a fun day.